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VOL. III. NO. 149.
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Freight Train Goes Into One at Gas
tonia There Were Others.
There was a' washout on the
Southern at Gaston ia Friday night
and as a result traffic was somewhat
delayed Saturday. No. 36, the
north boun1 fast mail, was several
hours' late.
No. 74, fast freight coming
north went.into the. washout, about
thirteen cars iroing down.
We learn that a white ramp
on the train was hurt hut no one
The second section of the South
ern's fast freight train, No. 73, on
its way south ran into a washout
at a branch two miles from Con
cord early " yesterday morning.
. The engine and two 'cars cleared
the washout, when the track swayed
down, breaking the coupling be
tween the second and third cars
from the engine and dividing the
.train into two parts. As the col
ored fireman felt the track giving
away, he jumped from the engine,
and escaped unhurt. The engi
neer held on to the throttle and
was knocked against the side Of
his cab, sustaining slight bruises
about the head. , . ,
Neither the engine nor the cars
composing the train went down.
This morning's Charlotte Observer
says the injury to the track proved,
upon examination to be such that
it could be easily and quickly re
paired and the cars all put back
on the track in running condition.
So the wrecking train, which was
making its way from Gastonia,
was telegraphed for, and started
immediately to the scene of the
The wrecking train proceeded
cautiously from Charlotte toward
Concord and met with no serious
obstruction until it reached a long
till near Coddle Creek, about three
miles south of Concord, and one
mile from the washout mentioned
above when another washout was
discovered which , proved to be
about 80 feet long and GO feet
deep. Rocks weighing more than
a ton were carried down the ravine
some 200 yards. This washout,
being much more serious than the
one nearer Concord, was (set to
work on first.
As a result of these washouts,
all passenger trains over the
Southern, both from the North
and the South, have been running
by way of Statesville since yester
day morning. An extra passen
ger and mail train was operated
between Salisbury and Concord
yesterday and today.
It was thought that the track
would be repaired so trains could
be running between Salisbury and
Charlotte this afternoon.-
Miss Johnson Married. '
Announcement has been received
of the marriage of Miss S. Alice
Johnson to Mr. Henry Clay Pstep
which was solemnized on Thursday
ISth. Miss- Johnson is a sister of
Mr. H. I vey Johnson, of the
Southern, and has a number ofi
friends in. Salisbury. She has for
the past two years been iu a train
ing school for nurses in Philadel
phia. Her husband was once a
patient under her care. ,
The marriage was solemnized at
the, home of P. W. Ziegler, at
Clifton Heights, a suburb of Phil
adelphia. Dr. W. II. Wakefield, of Charlotte,
N. C, will be in Salisbury, at the Cen
tral Hotel, on Friday, Sept. 2nd, for
this one day. His practice is limited
to Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat.
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tic, absorbent and durable. You can
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iJyou want nice slaughtered meats
golto Jackson's market. If you don't
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Committee Named John
M. -Julian County Chairman' 1
Magistrates Nominated
Large Gathering. ' l
Tlie Democratic county corven-
I- I ' v
tion held Saturday,' on account of
lack of time and"snace was report-
ed only in
part, by the Suk Satur-
ifterrjoon, the main features
t rrlv.n T'hn fnrttipri Tir-
ceedings of the business ione is
given to t
e fol
owing are the executive
committee appointed'' for the dif
ferent precincts in the. county and
different wards in. the: city:
Sfilisbuj-y North Ward: I). A.
bll, M. C. Quinn, Thos..,Van-
r., Jas. Moyle. South
T. Brown, M. F. Ran-
WarRl: C.
I). ML Miller, M. C. ' RuftV,
J. 0
I McCanless, J, -M Julian.
Wajd: J. C. Low, S. C.
ie, G; H. Shaver, F. K. L.
ShaqfJer, i'G. A. J ackson. AVest
Wartl: II. C. Corriher,' W. A.
Brandon, L. K. Heilig, C. A.
gomery, R. L. Shaver.
, Frank I i i Jas. C. Miller, H. A.
Fish jr, II C Lenlz, A.M. Cruse,
J. A, Hue son. .
UilityJ .11. L. Uice, B. W.
Freeze, G. 1. Wetmore, ;J. H.
Mingus, li. L. Elliott.
- Scbtch fish U C. Kerns, W.
A, Steele, 1). J. Fleming, T. N.
T. C. Cli-k.
Clbvelli id--rijol." lloliard, R.
B. I
s, J.
:l 7
T. L. Thorn son, J. H.
V. Lyerly.
a Jno. K. Goodman,
A. 1
F. J
:. UU
f. She1
rrill; J anics II. White,
laiii, C. C. Miller.
Stbale Sam Baker, Joe Hall,
LeRby Kibe, Burt Harrison, bcott
L. M. Lippard, D. A.
Silidi-d,-J N. Cress, E. H. Henly
E. M. Sifferd.
Bradshaw R. L. Weddington,
P. A Sloop, J. A: Sloop, J. S.
Lipdj J. F. Goodinan.
Enoch ville J. W. Deal . C. A.
Smith, E. C. Lentz, C. P. Valler,
.1 A!1 Tvnrrikfr
China Grove C. A: L
inn, l.
L. . loss, C. G. Blackwelder, J
L. l eal, Dr. Kamseur.
j; Hnlig's Mill G. ai. Page, A.
W. . lusher, G. M. Misenheimer,
E. I;. Koers, J. A.,Sloo.
Bcstian's X Roads H. T. Grae-
ber, John L. Kendleinan, . M. A.
J. K6seman, C. M. Kimball, J. A.
Edd einan. '
Gold Hill John W. Noe, W.
T. R Jenkins, W. R. Misenheimer,
F. I: . Mauney, L. II. Roth rock.
Be nj haijdt's Mill J . L. Shup-
ing, A. W. Kluttz, A. L. Hol
shouier, Jrjhh Foil, David Lyerly.
M irgan Sam uel Bame, James
Wyatt, I. C. Shaver,' W. C. Lisk,
'J. At Miller.
Hitter Shops P. D. Linn, J.
A. Heid, Ervin Pool, G. L. Lyer
ly, (5. W. Bringlo. K
Rmvan ' Academv L. It ' Lin-
Tobiak Lyerly, Julius Frick,
A. M. Ilolshoiiser, Augustus
THe lollbwitig'.are ihc nanies of
the liiagistrates nominated for the
different wards in the city and for
the different precincts in the coun
SlisburV North Ward: D. M.
Milli'r, P
Waiii: A.
P. Meroney. i South
M. Brown, M. F. Ran-
" i : ' '
le. v East Ward: S. C. Ketchey;
R. Ai B rd. : West Ward: IV M.
Tarrh, Antfrew Mufphy. At
Large: John Horah, O.. W.
Spencer. '
Franklin J. C. Miller, . H, C.
Lentz, J. A. Thomason : ;
Unity W. A. Tbomason, j. M. 1
C. Penninger, A. 1. Rice; j
i Scotch Irish J. L. Moore, -C
Js Fleming, T. C. Bkker.
j Cleveland Willie Barb: Ed
ward A. Barber, T. L. Thompson!
Mt. Ulla R. C. Knox, A. E.
Shenill, D..E. Overcash, , .4
S Steele S. F. Baker, J. S.'Hallj
D. C. 'White. I
I Locke W. j L. .Harris, J. B
Lingle, R. H. Cowan.
Bradshaw's S. A. Carrigan, R.
L. Weddington, Henderson Over
cash. ' '.''' ' - " "
I China Grove 0. A. Linn, J.
L. Sifferd, George H. Lipe. j
j Litaker George II. Page, M.
A. Roseman, R. A. Rainey.
i Gold Hill W. T. R. Jenkins,
A.tW. Kluttz, J. L. Shu ping.
AI organ Leroy Linn, ' James
NWyatts Joseph Miller. V
Providence George W. -Brin-gle,
Joe A. Pool, II. L. Lyerly.
. The , followrng resolution was
passed, after, discussign, byj vote
of the city wards and by. the
county townships: , j
f VResolyed, first, That it is the
sense of the Democrats of Rowan
county, in convention" assembled,
that hereafter no person oug
hold any office for more
three terms consecutively.
it to
'Resolved, second, That
resolution shall take effect from
and after this election." I
After the nomination of candi
dates was ? completed Mr. L. E.
Heilig- presented the following
resolutions which were unanimous
ly adopted: . 4
t Resolved first, That the Demo
crats of Rowan, in convention as
sembled, re-affirm their allegiance
to the established and iiiiuiortal
principles of the grand old Demo
cratic party. ' 1 1 '
". ''Resolved, second, That in or
der to insure the triumph of these
glorious principles, we do, collec
tively and imliyidually, ; pledge
our most earnest and active
port to the noniiuees of this
yen tion,' and also to the talented,
polished, rind brilliant nominee of
our Democratic congressional con
vention, the Hon. Theo. F. Kluttz,
who will add honor and dignity to
the high office of Representative
of the seventh once again. We
also pledge our support to the
Democratic State nominees-f our
t-ewardin their election being a
redeemed State and white supre
macy.'' .- r - , . j '.
The convention .was a large and
enthusiastic gathering of pemo
cjats truly representative! of
Rowan's Democracy. . !
r After adjournment the execu
tive conimittees of the various
v oting precincts met and elected
Mr. John M. Julian county chair-man-quite
a compliment to Row
an's young Democracy. !
.!; ,
Mr. Krider Brought Home. 1
s "
Mr Wood Krider was:' brought
to Salisbury from Chicaniauga
yesterday and is now at the iiome
of Mr. J. M. Brown. Mr, Krider,
it is remembered, recently became
insane. He was color bearer of
the First S. C. Regiment at Chica
mauga when he tried to commit
suicide. He is still suffering from
t tut ; attempt he having cut his
throat from ear to ear..
5 Lost Between Salisbury and
Spencer Pearl handle, 32-calibre,
nickle plated Smith & Wesson pis
tol. Finder rewarded if returned
to this office. !
Red Star Nursery Cloth is finished
by an Improved process and is non-ir-ritant.
Go to the Carolina Racket for
McKinley Rewards Him for Hero
ismRelatives of Sailors -
i Eager
to See Them.
Montauk, Aug. 22. The new
hospital annex erected yesterday
gives ample room for all the" sick
and wounded. Transports arriv
ing since Saturday brought three
hundred anil tifty-four sick who
are not yet landed although there
is plenty of room, for them.
Colonel Fore wood lelieves he
will have al the troops in quarters
in ffood condition before night
r An order
has been received by
l?)rewood to
send the
with one hundred and ninety-four
sick aboard to Boston. Addition?
al stores of fresh food have been
loaded and will probably start for
Boston thisaftexnoon.
Large quantities of fruit and
delicacies are being received "by
the troops. .
All are in gjaod hunior :and are
rapidly recovering, from the ef
fects of the
Santiago campaign.
San Francisco, Aug. 22. -Tniris-
porls now here are the Scandia,
Australia and City ;of .-"Sydney.
The City of
Peking is due to far-
rive from Manila.
Troops w
be sent to llonolu
avr station in case
lu as a half-w
they needed- by Gen.
Menitt in t
troops will
lej Philippines. These
be made up of two
The tirst brigade under
Gen. M iller consistsof the Seventh
and Eighth California, third bat
talion of heavy artillery, " troop
A, of Nevada, cavalry detachment
and a hospital corps.
The second brigade under Col.
Funston is composed of the Twen
tieth Kansas 'First 1 Tennessee,
Fifty-tirst lpwa and a detachment
of Oregon recruits. ,; . 1
Troops under Gen. King who
sailed on the Arizona will be held
at Honolulu under Mariani. King
will be second in command in the
new camp mobilization; at Hono
lulu.. , u '
Mariam has instructions to
spend thirty-five thousand dollars
for a hospital with the site at
Barracks for at least thirteen
hundred troops will also be im
mediately erected, Mariam hav
ing been authorized to expend a
hundred and ninety thousand dol
lars for the erection of the same.
Officers' quar
also be built.
ers at Honolulu will
Norfolk, Aug. 22, -The cruiser
Detroit towing the torpedo iboat
destroyer Yankton and gunboats
Uncas and
Jones, arrived at
Roads this morning.
The place presents a lively scene
the crjaisersewark and Sah Fran
cisco gunboats .Stranger and
Tecum seh, Torpedo boat Talbot
and several loaded Colliers being
at anchor, n
In the port are the Hudson, Ma
ple, Hamilton, Merrill and torpe
do boat Ericsson.
AH revenue cutters are to have
their armament taken off and they
will then return to peace stations.
Over two hundred Virginia and
Buffalo naval "reserves that have
been on the receiving ship Frank
lin were , discharged as first-class
New York, Aug. 22. The man-of-war
landing at Tompkinsville
was crowded as early as 8 o'clock
this morning with persons eagerly
awaiting the time that visitors
would be admitted aboard the
The early crowd was made up
mostly of friends and relatives of
the sailors, many of whom came a
longdistance. '
Sampson has decided that the
freedom of the ships will be ex
tended every one between the
hours of 10 in the morning and 5
in the evening until further notice.
,New lrork, Aug. 22. The bat
tleship Oregon left her anchorage
at Tompkinsville; shortly after 10
o'clock this morning for i.the
Brooklyn navy yard for over
hauling and repairs.. '
Washington, Aug. .22. Presi
dent McKinley has advanced Cap
tain Sigsbee, of the cruiser St.
Paul, three numbers on the ground
of extraordinary heroism.
A Pistol, a Knife and a vPlank Used
Several Hart.
There wts a tight at Gold Hill
Saturday evening which was par
ticipated in by several prominent
citizens. , . . '.
A friend .sends us particulars . of
the affair. Those participating in
one way or another were .F. H.
Mauney, Sid Mauney, W. L.
Shaver and, Dr. Shimpock. .
The trouble arose about the tel
ephone line from the depot to Dr.
Shimpock's house. . !
Among the weapons used were
a; pistol, a knife and a plank.
Sidney Mauney was cut across
the bowels but the wound was not
a very serious one. The Dr. was
struck over the head with a plank.
F. IL jMauney received two stabs
in the arm from the Dr's knife.
Mr. Shaver had his nose bruised.
Two or threepf the participating
parties came to Salisbury this
morning. . ' '
Ten-hour System.
. A bulletin was posted at the
Spencer shops Saturday stating
that all men would work ten hours
a day. Some time since an order
reduced a number of the employes
to anine-hour system.
Another Heavy Rain. '
- Salisbury and vricinity were
visited again Saturday night by a
heavy rain, as heavy but not of
the duration of the one that visited
us last Saturday. Streams were
swollen considerably and places
in the city were badly washed.
The rain was heavier south of
this place, the centre of the storm
being at Concord.
Mr. Willis has resigned his po
sition with the Salisbury Steam
Laundry and goes to Ashe ville to
take up the position he left five
years ago when he caine to take
charge" of the laundry at this
place. '. -
. Mr. Willis is an excellent laun
dry man and understands his busi
ness thoroughly. He and Mrs.
WTillis willsoon leave for Ashe
Don't fail o put in one of Barkley's
Terra Cotta Cemented. Wells; also
good linePiimps. Reference: R. Lee
Wrightf Kerr Graige, Dr. Trantham,
P. D. Roueche.
Twenty-six Seriously Injured Two
of Them Have Died. Since -
. uiners are expect
ed to Die.
special dispatch to the sun.
Sharon, Mass.; August 22 The
latest reports show that six : per
sons were killed outright and
twenty -six seriously injured in a
rear-end collision here last niht.
The dead are:
Franklin M. Waters, of Somer
ville.. Mrs. William J. Fitzpatrick and
her two grandchildren of Boston.
Mrs. Watson, of Westerly,
R. I.
Mrs. C. 1. Briscomb:
C. B: Frey.
Revere Frey.
j The two last named died after
reaching, the hospital in this city.
Two Men Killed, Six Wounded Mill
j Burned.
special, dispatch to the sun.
Chattanooga, Aug. 22. The ex
plosion of the plant of the Chat
tanooga" . Powder. Company just
outside of the. city, killed two
men and . seriously wounded six
others. , . '
The plant was afterwards de-
I t ; . - 1
stroyed by fire. , i
auu x, xs xiiuugiib rv ts . Aaiieu uy
Her Husband.
Rome, Aug. 22. Much sus
picion has been aroused by the
death of the wife of Ernest Pqssol,
ajerman,.whose body was found
beneath the cliffs near Florence.
Her; maiden name was Eleanora
Beckett and she was either an
American or English.
? Both have been staying in Flor
ence sine e.July 1st. Possol re
turned home alone after a long
drive and the woman's body was
found shortly afterwards.
Authorities ordered the body
exhumed. The husband is under
bail.. .
j According to reports the woman
is insured for $50,000. . !
Ships Collide. 1
I . ' ' "
; London, Aug. 22; British
steamer Ransea and the Gloamin
collided during a thick fog in
Gotham sound. The Ransea was
partially sunk but her crew es:
caped. ,
j Algiers, Aug. j22. The British
steamer Pectan was sunk on the
18th near Cape Teneze from col
lison with the French steamer
Pruenthia. The crew was saved.
Eighty Drowned.
London, Aug. 22. A dispatch
from Budapest says yesterday
while a regiment was crossing a
j6ntoon bridge over the river
Marets near Hoad the bridge' col
lapsed and 300 men were 'j im
mersed Eighty are believed to
be drowned.
Populist Convention,
meets here Saturday. Capt.
Beard said this morning that: the
convention would only appoint a
conference committee to confer
' " j
with the Republicans. "We must
do anything to beat the Deoip-
crats" says the Captain.

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