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None Better
The Above is
300 Boys' I CMWren Suits,
1000 Fairs mens' Pants.
CSTTUe alove must be disposed of
what they cost:' Many at LESS Til AX
Clothing Department on our second floor.
the pest assort-
Carolina Racket.
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Too True.
befbre the
season ends, regardless of
Avail yourself of this sale.
Showing of Past Year's Report of
Southern Railway,
An annual report of Mr. Frank
S. Gannon, vice-presideurajicl gen
eral manager of the Southern Rail
way Company, has just been made
to President Spencer. It states
that the number of miles operated
during the past year .was about
5,337, an increase of a' little more
than 404 miles. There has been
added during the same period, by
purchase or contract to purchase,
equipment as 'follows: Thirteen
locomotives. eleven passenger
cars, four combination cars, six
express cars,, one postal car,; 970
freight cars, one steam tug j and
two barges. f
From April 20 to June 30 about
65,000 United States troops were
handled in special trains. This
was done without accident aridon
satisfactory time schedules, not
withstanding that in many in
stances the' trains were operate
on extremely short notice and on
fast time. This does not include
such detachments of troops as
were handled on regular trains, 'i
? During the year, it was stated,
over 200 new manufacturing es
tablishments of various kinds were
wholly or , partially constructed
at points upon the company's
lines. The aggregate cost df these
plants, together with the cost -of
additions to existing plants made
or begun during the year, is j esti
mated to be over 4,000,000.
These new plants include thirteen
cotton mills, which together j with
additious to previously existing
mills, will contain about 258,000
spindles and about 2,200 looms.
There have, been constructed
during the year by the company
over twelve miles of additional
sidetracks : to new industries,
whose, business is, or will be,
tributary to the company's lines.
These improvements are accepted
as an indication of a steady and
substantial growth of manufactur
ing industries in the South.
The North Carolina Car. : i
Capt. W. H. liauisenr leaves for
Lancaster, Pa., to-day, says the
Charlotte Observer, where the
North Carolina car is now stop
ping for a week. Before leaving,
Mr. liamseiir had very encourag
ing news from Lancaster. The
farmers are thronging to see the
fruit and farm products exhibited
in the car They are interested in
North Carolina. s "; -
In October Messrs. Ramseur &
Moore; will bring the car to ' the
State fair to Exhibit it and to re
fill it with fresh products of the
North Carolina soil. . The man
agers of the car request 'that "liny
body in the State who has farm
products, fruits, etc., of tine, qual
ity to exhibit;,: send them to the
State fair for the ear at the; px
pense of the managers. i C
Few people5can appreciate Ayhat
the North Carolina car is doing
for the State. It is a" fine adycr-
tisetnent. . . . S s - .
Some beautiful patterns in ligfit
outing. Carolina Racket.
Bucklen's Arnica' Salve : i
... The best salve in the worjd ,for
Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcer& Salt
Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped
Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and Skin
Eruptions, and positively curei-Piles,
or no pay required. It is guaranteed
to give perfect satisfaction or .money
refunded. Price 25 cents per box.
For sale hv Klut.r.7. A, On.. drue-arists.
i -
Musical training in every.branch
thorough, in every respect. Methods,
arid their details, adapted to tlie needs
of differing individualities, all based
on truth, clearly demonstrated to
every mind. As there can be rib liter
ary education without ability to read
fluently at first sight, so, numf tmphai
IcaUt, is this'true in musical Induing.
We have every appliance -3md use
every facility to achieve thisTxw quti
won from the first lesson and on.
Teaching music "on Piano, Organ,
Violin and all other orchestral instru
ments. Musical composition and voice
culture are in our curriculum; our
terms are as heretofore, arfd.tbose not
knowing these can obtain them on
application at our school, cor. Hank
and Church Streets. . -
Mb. & Mrs. W. II. NEAVE.
--.-.. .-. -
That Lawn Party.
. Perhaps not in the history of
Franklin township has a more en
joyable occasion presented itself
than the lawn party "generously
given by Mr. James A. Hudson,
at his residence, on the night of
the 24th inst. Everything seem
ed to conspire to make it a season
of enjoyment long to be remem
bered by those who attended it,
and if every one did not return to
his home wiser and better the
fault was not in the place, nor its
Mr. Hudson's residence is hand
some and the lawn in front of it
is exquisite. ;
Approaching it just at nightfall
one was impressed with the beauty
of the lights shed by numerous
Japanese lanterns appropriately
hung in the lawn in front of the
house. A large crowd of young
ladies and gentlemen assembled.
Excellent music was rendered by
four or five different young ladies,
(mostly, if not altogether, in solos).
The young ladies, in the rendering
of these pieces; exhibited not only
assiduous culture but a high de
gree of natural talent, for each in
her turn would,
" "With searching art,
Feel for each tone,
And speed it to the heart."
Soon we were called to the rear
of the campus, where a longjtable
was spread with watermelons of
the finest flavor, such as Mr. Hud
son never fails to raise. 1
There happened to be an old
churlish philosopher present, who
never was known to love anything
so well-as the hating of himself,
after taking a few mouthfuls of
the 4 'savory pulp" turned to the
throng of youthful beauty around
him and said, "well,
The girls are pretty, :
The melons are sweet,
And all exceedingly hard to beat."
The feast of melons being over,
a stampede to the campus took
place', and promenades , across and
around the I, lawn, in the mellow
lights of the "Jap lanterns," be
gan.. It was manifest that the sly
TulltPgoltr cupid y was" "no w -coiii"
mauding the hosts, for the old
churlish philosopher' - cuuid per
ceive l hut -darts were rlyiug and
that tiie citadels of many loving
hearts were ! - being stormed. This
old philosopher perceiving all
this, turned lo a young lady con
spicuous fr her beauty and said:
'This lawn puts on a dueler hue,
You skies assume a clearer blue,
Because you arc here."
Sometime having been spent
in this way . the crowd was sum
moned back to the table where a
sumptuous feast of ice cream, lem
onade and cakes was spread, of
which all partook 'with good cheer.
Guests wjere there from various
parts of Rowan, as also from
Davio-and I!)a.vidson. There Were,
by estimation, some eighty or
njuety persons present. X. JT. Z.
' . v ,' fV;. ; V: . '
Colored Deserter.
A colored sohiier who had de
serted from the front and, had
been captured, was taken through
this morniiig for Moiitauki He
was in charge of two white offi
cers and the three were Very
chummy, playing cards and takiug
meals to gether.
Dead Soldiers
The Western train brought down
six bodies of dead soldiers from
Tennessee j this morning. This
train nearly every day has from
one to four dead soldiers aboard
but six at a time is something un
usual. jThey were alt being ship
ped north,! two in the baggage car
and four, by express.
Lost Between Salisbury and
Spencer Pearl handle, 32-calibre,
nickle plated Smith & Wesson pis
tol." Finder rewarded if returned
to this office.
Dr. $. II J Wakefield, of I Cliarlotte.
"N. C, will be in Salisbury, 4t the Cen
tral Hotel, on Friday, Sept. 2nd, for
this one day. His practice is limited
to Eye, Ear Nose and Throat.
' Room over office for rent. L. S.
Overman. !
is is to Hni b
i that the latest
' ' j ''': '-'
styles in collars, cuffs
--''' v'.- . . . . " -
and other furnishings
i - v
- '
- - ) - .
are always to be found
here as soon as they,
make their appear-
ance oh the market.
' ' - .
Those who are
: ' .
anxious to dress cor
should make a
point to come in here
often ;
we always have
something new and
stylish to show.
on5t FaiS
to call on undersigned and secure your
Coal at loweht prices- before August
closes to be delivered later en.
The best burning Coal, the cleanest
Coalj no soot or clinkers, no slate or
slack, the
most desirable Goal known,
and every ton guaranteed to please
you as we
1 as prices. Also
(All sizes.) ' ;
(ggr Full -weight, guaranteed.
r. the.wheelmari.and wheelwomari
are both unanimous Jn their decision
to wear only shirts, shirt wa'sts, col
lars and cuffs done up by our perfect
methoas. las they retain their fresh
ness without wilting or soiling longer
than when launderfd anywhere else in
Salisbury. Summer is the crucial test'
of good laundry work, and ours will
always stand the test. '
A nice! seven room house in East
Salisbury;, with modern improve
ments. Terms easy. Write .j
L. E. STEZSKi:, j
; Winston, N C
Don't fail to put in one of Barkley's
Terra (.'otta Cemented Wells; also
good line-Pumps. Reference: II. Lee
Wriglrt KcrrCraige, Dr. Trantham,
P. D. Roueche. .
Brown Gloflufiff co.
' p 8 ALU or
To Make Assets
By virtue of a decyee of the Supe
rior Court of Rowan County, empow
ering atid oi recti ng nic administra
tor of .lamesiB. Lnnicr to sell certain
real estate tf ;i id deceased . to make
assets and appointing nie as commis
sioner for that pur ose, 1 w ill sell at
the court house door in Salisbury at
public auction to the highest bidder
for cash at the hour of 12 m. on
TEMBER, 1898,
the following described town lots in
Salisbury and lands in Rowan county
Lot No, 1, fronting the N. C. R. R
passenger depot 40 feet, running back
with Council street 127 feet. Upon
this lot is situated a largewarehouse.
Lot No. 2, fronting the N. C. R. R.
passenger depot 120feet, running back
to an alleyway 127 feet. Upon this
lot is located an office and large ware
room lately occupied by the said J. B.
Lanier, deceased. !
Lot No. 3, fronting the N. C. R. R.
passenger depot 240 feet, running back
to an alleyway 127 feet. Upon this
lot is situated the large distillery and
warehouse formerly operated by the
said ,1. B. Lanier.
Lot No 4, fronting 100 feet on Lib
erty street and running back 200 feet
to lot No. o. upon this property is
located the canning factory of the late
J. B. Lanier.
Lot No. 6, fronting 100 feet on Coun
cil street and running back 200 feet
to lot No. 4, Upon this lot is situat
ed the large buildings used by the said
J. B. Lanier as a machine shop, now
occupied by J. M. Burrage for that
purpose., , ,
L.ot No b, situate on the corner oi
Long and Council streets, running
back with Long street 200 feet. On.
this 1 t is located a large brick foun
dry building.
Lot No. 7, situate on the corner of
Liberty and Long streets," fronting
100 feet n Liberty and running back
200 feet with Long street to lot No. 6.
A map of the above described pro
perty can be seen at my office.
One lot in tne .East ward or trie
town of Salisbury, beginnig at a
point about 153 feet from Lee street;
thence 153 feet to the W. N. C R. R.,
thence with said railroad 100 feet to
B. F. Fraley's line; thence North 153
feet to a stake; thence East 100 feet to
the beginning, containing about a
half of a town lot, including the right
to the alleyway leading into this pro
perty. Upon this property is located
the -warehouse or rectifying esettj
lishment of the said J. B. Lanieir. A
Ono 'In-f. Vunrinninrr at. a atalz'o 1 S f
feet from Lee street, thence JSlout ft). -east
50 feet to a stake, thence Shut ' .
west parallelled with Lee street 4bo
90 feet; thence Northwest 50eet
thence Northeast to the beginning.
Upon this lot is located a small dwel
ling house. " ; r
All the -above described lots are - '
c ted neat the centre of the town V.? . - '
Salisbury "Und lying on the N. C. and
W. N. C. K. It., and axe very valuable
and well adapted for industrial, man
ufacturing and business purposes. '
Also two lots in that parti oi
the great North ward of the .tow v oV
Salisbury known as Jersey CityJiny
on Caldwell street, known as lots Nd.
6 and 7 in the Haden plot. i v
Also one lot in Jersey City, kriVxwn-.
as lot No. 4 in the Haden plot, lying
on Caldwell street, about 50 feet front
by 173 feet back.
Also one lot in Jersey City, known
as lot No. 5 in the Haden plot, front
ing aboOt 50 feet on Caldwell street
and running back about 173 feet.
one tract or iana containing aDout
I acre on t he South side of l he Bringle
Ferry road, near Taylors distillery,
known as the brick yard lot. " . ,
One tract or land, situate in the su
burbs of Salisbury, adjoining the
lands of A. L. Johnson, containing
about 43 acres. ,
One tract of land at South River,
Franklin township, containing about
2 acres, upon which is located the store u
house formerly occupied by Miller and
Atractof lnnd containing 43 acres
lying on the Y;idkin river, about six
miles from Salisbury, known as the old
St. John mill property.- Upon this
property is a large flouring and corn
mill, and -valuable water power suita
ble for manufacturi ng purposes. .
I will also at the same time and .
place sell to the hihet bidder for
cash the distillery apparatus, machin
ery and fixtures of the said J. B. La
nier, Consistingof one 100 horsepower
boiler; one 40 power engine; 1
beer pump; 1 continuous copper beer
still capacity 500 gallons: one copper
doubler capacity 500 gallons; li steel
mash keel capacity 1,000 gallons;"
2 copper worms 400 feet long; four beer
tubs capacity 1,000 gallons; 1 water
tank capacity 1,000 gallons; about
1,200 feet of iron return pipe with an
inner pipe of copper; platform scales,
grain elevators, meal bolter, shafting,
pulleys, indicator boxes, 6 cisterns,
500 gallon capacity each, and various
other fixtures, connections and at
tachments, necessary for a first-class
distillery. This is one of the .latest,
modern improved dist illeries. , '
July 25th, 1898. -V
.Under and by virtue of deeds of trust exe
cuted to me by Robert S. Rives and wife.
Mary R. Rives, on the 31st day of . May 1WK)
and rerrded in book 6 of deeds, page 329 in
the ofHre of Reistr of Deeds for Rowan
county, N. C, and on the 1st day of May
tsu4 and recorded in lKok 9 of deeds, page
;V74 in tlie office of Reristr of Deeds for
Rowan county, N. C. 1 will sell at public
auction at the. -ourt house door in the citv
f Salisbury. Rowan County, N. O.. on Satur
day the .ird day of Septeinljer, tW, at 12
o clock M, all that certain piece, parcel and
tract of land lyim? in the city of Salisbury.
Rowan county, N. C, bounded and described
as follows, to-wit: Beginning at Lord and.
Henderson sold corner, now Osborne's runs
s,t''W p1, Wltlt West street )0 feet'to a
stake, lrice and Goler's corner, thence
southeast parallel with Horah street 200 feet
to a stake, Price and Goler's corner, thence
northeast parallel with West street U0 feet
to Osborne s corner, thence northwest with
Osborne s line parallel to Dorah street 200
feettothetKKinninfj. The same is in West
N aid of the citjrof Salisbury, near Livinjr ollege. Terms of sale cash. This Hrd
day of August, lsyx.
Tn a-xi t AV- - MAXWELL. Trustee.
tee H. J. Overman, Attorneys.

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