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    We have just received
me beafcrittal Part-
terns lis-
and would
to come
. i i
None Better At35?
The Above is
300 Boy s'J CMldeii Suits,
1000 Pairs mens' Pants.
S3TThe above must be disposed of
what they cost. Many at LESS THA N
Clothing Department on our second floor.
I; - '
se for you
Carolina Racket.
Too True
the season ends, regardless of
COST. Avail yourself of this sale.
T I . '
' For White Supremacy.
J. N. London, Esq., of No. 5
township, orfngs encouraging re
ports from his sectionvof the coun
ty. He says , Populists and old
line Republicans are go in or to
vote the Democratic ticket- They
are for "white supremacy and are
tired of fusion rule. No. 5 will
do better this year than she has
ever done before Shelby Star.
The Nation's Mission.
j The mission of the United States
regarded .in its broadest aspect,' is
not to undertake to right the
wrongs of the entire world.. Great
as the American people are, they
will run the risk of making a con
spicuous failure if they spread
their influence out so thin as to
(ftover the ; case of distressed hu
manity all over the globe. There
is enough to do within the natural
scope of our national influence,
and we are! doing it as well as we
can. Something has to be left to
other nations, and w.e shall not
shirk our duty in leaving the Phil
ippines. Boston Post.
The Outlook in Beaufort.
There is ample ground for the
belief that old Beaufort county
will swing again this year into the
Democratic column. There is-not
a 'precinct in the country from
what we have heard in which the
honest Populists would not aid the
Democrats this ft ear'. 'Washing
ton Gazette. -
) Two car-loads of nick soldiers of
the Ninth New York Volunteers
arrived in New York yesterday
f cpm Camp Thomas,Chickamauga.
The men were convalescent from
rheumatism, malariaand typhoid
fever, and were In faily good con
dition. Orderly Robert Stanley
in whose charge the men were,
was especially bitter against some
of the surgeons at Chickarnauga.
He said they did not show any
respect for the dead. The order
ly declared that when Charles
Nunn died, between 7 anl( 8
o'clock last Saturday evening, his
.body was not permitted to rest in
q net. He declared that before
10 o'clock p. m. the surgeeons
were at work cutting up his body
to perform an autopsy. The or-
lerly also cited the case of Private
Graham and declared that' an au
topsy was being unide on his body
an hour after his demise.
Democratic Senatorial Convention.
The Democratic Convention for
the 2(th Senatorial District, com
posed of the counties of Rowan,
Davidson and lorsythe will be
held at the court house in Lex
ington, Davidson county, on Sat
urday the 17th day of September,
1898, at 12 o'clock for the pur
pose of nominating tw o candidates
to represent . said district in the
next General Assembly and for
the transaction ot such :other
business- as may properly come
before it. '
4 By order of the Committee.
F. C. Robbins, Ch'ni..
Ai 22, 1.898.
Beats the Klondike. '
Mr. A. C. Thomas, pf Marys
ville, Tex., has found a more val
uable discovery than ha"s yet been
made iii .the Klondike. For yars
he suffered untold agony from
consumption, accompanied by
hemorrhages; and was absolutely
cured t?y Dr. King's New Discov
ery for Consumption, Coughs and
Colds. He declares that' gold is
of little value in comparison with
this marvelous cure; would have
it even if it cost a hundred dollars
a bottle. Asthma, Bronchitis and
all throat and lung a ffections are
positively cured by Dr. King's
I Now Discover' for Consumption.
I rial bottler free nt Iheo. h.
Kluttz & Co's drug store. Regu
lar size 50c. and 151. Guaranteed
to' cure or price refunded.
See the new silks at the Carolina
Racket. !
If you want nice slaughtered meats
go to Jackson's market. If you don't
want to be slaughtered shave at the
Climax. . -
Spencer School. !
Miss Bessie Freeman, of, Albe
marle, arrived this morning and
will assist in teaching the pay
school at Spencer during the next
session which! opens Monday.
Prof. F. E. Shuford, -of Shelby,
who had charge of the school last
session will have the same position
this year. ,
Brings Home a Bride.
Mr. Chas. W. Thomas, who
went to Jonesville, S. C, Sunday
morning, returned home last night
andsurprised his home people and
friends by bringing with him a
He and Miss Mary Hale, of
Jonesville?, went out riding Sunday
and drove to the home . of Miss
Hale's brother. Nearby was a
minister and the two were married
and then they1 returned to Jones-
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas will live
in Salisbury.
Operation Performed.
Dr. Clark, of Old Fort, was here
last night returning from Philadel
phia to which place he had accom
panied Clyde, son of Engineer W.
P. Terrell. Clyde's brother, Albert,
also went and is still with him in
Philadelphia. !',
Two years and a half ago Clyde
was struck in the" head with an axe
but the wound was fixed up and he
done very well for some time.
But lately he had suffered consider
ably from the effects of the injury
and it was thought best to have
him taken to a jhospital in Phila
delphia. The operation was per
formed Tuesday and Engineer
Terrell received a message last
night stating that the boy was do
ing nicely.
Disgusted With Negro ! Supremacy.
In M'irtin-county 'there- is such
change among decent white
folks as has never been seen.
From every section of the county
comes the most encouraging news,
for the people are disgusted with
negro supremacy. t Never before
hnvc uesrroes sat m judgment - on
our si-IhjoI boards to say to whom
our children should go to school.
We never thought we would live
to ee a negro .magistrate in Mar
tin countv. In some. -.'townships
that east over j forty votes last
electiou there is not one white
anti-Democrulie vote now. They
are coin in sr home, to their first
love," the white man's party.
Greenville Weekly,
Don't fail to put in one of Barkley's
Terra Cotta Cemented Wells; also
good line Pumps.: Reference: R. Lee
Wright, Kerr Craigc, Dr. Trantham,
P. I), lloueche. I
Southern v "
THE . . I
The Direct Line to All Points.
Strictly F1JST-CL ALL equipment
on all Throughjand Local Trains:
Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars on all
Night Trains: fast and safe schedules,
Travel by the Southern and you
are assured a 8afe, Comfortable
and Expeditious Journey.
Apply to Ticket Agents for Time Ta
bles, Rates and General Information,
Or Address
T. P. A., C. P. & T. A.,
-. Charlotte, N C - Ashe vi lie, N C
No trouble to answer Questions.
I. M. CULP, ; v W.A.TURK,
3d V. P. Sc Gen. Man.
Traf. Man. G. P. A.
ODe 6-room cottage 'on East Main
Street, two 4-room cottages on Monroe
Street, and several vacant lots. Also
two houses, two ! stories high, with 6
rooms, it would oe aa visa Die to see
me before renting store rooms or dwel
lings. R. L. SHAVER. ..
To Make Assets.
By virtue of a decree of the Supe
rior Court of Rowan C(unty, empow
ering and directing me administra
tor of James R. Lanier to sell certain,
real estate of said deceased to make
assets and appointing me as commis
sioner for that, purpose, 1 vlU sll at
the court house door in Salisbury at
public auction to the highest bidder
for cash at the hour of 12 m. on
mondayI the 5th day of sep-
T KM BER, 1898,
the following described town lots in
Salisbury and lands in Rowan county,
Lot No, 1, fronting the N. C. R. R.
passenger depot 40 feet, running back
with Council street 127 feet. Upon
this lot is situated a large warehouse.
Lot No. 2, fronting the N. C. R. R.
passenger depot 120 feet, running back
to an alleyway 127 feet. Upon this
lot is located an office and large ware
room lately occupied by the said J. B.
Lanier, deceased.
Lot No. 3, fronting the N. C. R. R.
passenger depot 240 feet, running back
to an alleyway 127 feet. Upon this
lot is situated the large distillery and
warehouse formerly operated by the
said J. B. Lanier.
Lot No 4, fronting 100 feet on Lib
erty street and running back 200 feet
to lot No. 5. Upon this property is
located the canning factory of the late
J. B. Lanier.
Lot No. 6, fronting 100 feet on Coun
cil street and running back 200 feet
to lot No. 4. Upon this lot is situat
ed the largeibuildings used by the said
J. B. Lanier as a machine shop, now
occupied by j J. M. Burrage for that
purpose. j
Lot No 6,situate on the corner of
Long and Council streets, running
back with Ikng street 200 feet. On
this lot is located a large brick, foun
dry building.
Lot No. 7,; situate on the corner of
Liberty and Long streets, fronting
100 feet on Liberty and running back
200 feet with Long street to lot .No. 6.
- A map of the above described pro
perty can be seen at my office. :
One lot in the East ward" of the
town of Salisbury, beginning at a
point about 153 feet from Lee street;
thence 153 feet to the W. N. C. R. R.,
thence with said railroad 100 feet to
B. F. Fraley's line; thence North 153
feet to a stake; East 100 feet to
the beginning, containing about a
half of a town lot, including the right
to the alleyway leading into this pro
perty: Upon this property is located
the warehouse or rectifying estab
lishment of the said J. B Lanier.
One lot beginning at a stake 153
feet" from Lee street, thence South
east 50 feet to a stake, thence South-
west parallelled with Lee street about
90 feet; thence Northwest 50 feet,
thence Northeast to the beginning.
Upon this lot is located a small dwel
ling house. ; .
All the above described lots are lo
cated near the centre of the town of
Salisbury and lying ou the N. C. and
W. N. C. R. R., apd are very Valuable
and well .adapted for industrial, man
ufacturing a n d b u s i n t ss p u r poses.
Aljo two lots in that, part of
the great North ward of the town
Salisbury known as Jersey City lying
on Caldwell street.-known as lots No.
(5 and 7 in the Haden plot.
Also one lot in .Jersey City, known
as. lot xso. 4 in tne llaoen plot, lying
on Caldwell Hreet, about 50 feet front
by 173 feet back. '
Also one lot in Jersey City, known
as lot No. 5 in the Haden olot. frontr
ing about 50
feet on Caldwell street
ind running
back -about 173 feet.
One tract' of land containing about
i acre on t hel South side of the Bringle
Ferry road, near Taylor's distillery,
known as the brick yard lot.
One tract of laud situate in the su
burbs', of Salisbury, adioininsr the
Hinds of A. L. Johnson, containing
about 43 acres. ' -
One -tract bf land at South River,
Franklin township, containing about
2 acres, upon jwhich is located the store
house formerly occupied by Miller and
A tract of
and containing 43 acres
lying on the
Yadkin river,, about six
miles from Salisbury, known as the old
St. John mill property. Upon this
property is a! large flouring and. corn
mill, and valuable water .power suita
ble for manufacturing purposes. 1
"I will alscf at the same time a"hd
place sell to the highest bidder for
cash the distillery apparatus, machin
erysand fixtures of the said J. B- La
nierconsisttngof one 100 horsepower
boilef; one 40 horse power engine;, 1
beer pump; I continuous copper, beer
still capacity 500 gallons: one copper
d(5ubler- capacity 500 gallons; 1 steel
mash keel capacity 1,000 gallons;
2 copper worms 400 feet long: four beer
tubs capacity 1,000 gallons; L water
tank capacity 1,000 gallons; , about
1,200 feet of inm return pipe with an
inner pipe of copper; platform .scales,
grain elevators, meal bolter, shafting,
pulleys, indicator boxes, 6 cisterns
500 gallon capacity each, and various
Other fixtures, connections and at
tachments, necessary for a first-class
distillery. This is one of the latest,
modern improved distilleries. -.
J Administrator and Commissioner.
July 25th, 1898.
Under and by virtue of deeds of t rust exe
cuted to me by Robert S. Klves and wife.
Mary R. Rives, on the 31st day of May 1W
and recorded in book 6 of deeds, pape J29 in
the office of Register of Deeds for Rowan
county. N. C. and on the 1st day of May
19 and recorded in book 9 of deeds, page
574 in the offlce of Register of Deeds for
Rowaii county, IN. C. I will sell at public
auction at -the ciurt house door in the city
of Salisbury, Rowan County, N. C. on Satur
day the 3rd day of September, 1W, at 12
o'clock M, all that certain piece; parcel and
tract of land lying in the city of Salisbury,
Rowan county, Ni C, bounded and described
as follows, to-wit: Begrlnninff at Lord and
Henderson's old'eorner, now Osborne's, runs
southwest with (West street 60 feet to a
stake. Price and Goler's corner, thence
southeast parallel with Horah street 200 feet
to a stake, Price and Goler's corner, thence
northeast parallel with West street 60 feet
to Osfiornc's corner, thence northwest with
Osborne's line parallel to Horah street 200
fet to t he bejrinninjr. The same is in West
Ward of the city of Salisbury, near Living
stone Col lesre. Terms' of sale cash. This 3rd
day of August, ism.
W WJ C. MAXWELL, .Trustee.
Lee S. Si H. J. Overman, Attorneys. '
The Prices
Are Small,
; i ;
but it's a way we
have of making our
store everybody's
store. We mean the
I I . .... . ; . . . .
prices for men's and
boys' caps. There is
a little profit to us at
that price, but not
much. You can find
here almost any kind
or style of hat you
Want. The best mak
ers make them, and it
ollows that the hats
y .
are the best.
1 Brown Clothing coJ
Oomi Fall
ti call on undersigned and secure your
Coal at loweht prices before August
oses to be delivered later on. j
The best burning Coal, the cleanest
(oal,f no soot or clinkers, no slate or
slack, the most desirable Coal known,
and every ton guaranteed to please
you as well as prices. Also :
(All sizes.)
1 i Full Weight, guaranteed. !
i the wheelman and wheelwoman
are both unanimous in their decision
to wear only shirts, shirt waists, col
lars and cuffs done up hy our perfect
methods nsv they retain their fresh
ness without- wilting or soiling longer
than when laundered any where else in
Salisbury. Summer is the crucial test
of good laundry work, and ours will
ways stand, the test.
Under and by virtue of a warrant of seizure
to me directed, by H. S. Harkins, Collector of
Internal Revenue for the 5th District of
North Carolina on the 22nd day of Julyl98.
and against one Thos. M. Click, I will on the
21st day of September, 1S9K, at 12 M. sell at
the court house door In the town of Sails
bury, State of North Carolina, to the
highest bidder for cash all interest of said
T.j M. Click in atjd to the following property
to-wit: 2 copper stills, 1 copper worm. 1 in
dicator and pipe, 4 barrels 1X3 gallons corn
whiskey, distillery building, warehouse and
land upon which these buildings are situat
ed metes and bounds as shown in survey on
tile in Collector's office at AsheviAe, N. C.
Said sale is made for the purpose of satis
fying said warrant of distraint and costs.
This the 22nd day of Aug, lUtts: - -
Deputy Collector.

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