North Carolina Newspapers

VOL. IY. NO. 9.
lO Cents Per Week
' 'iyf-::' !". . , '; v
M. H. H. Caldwell Speaks Several
Candidates Called Upon and j
Made Short Talks
Others Talk.
The Populist-ltepublican com
mittees appointed by the recent
conventions of; the.- respective
county' "conventions mefc in the
court house about noon to-day. ;
' The meeting was called to or
der by Capt. Jno. Beard, ;Mr.
J. W. C. Kluttz, was by request;
made secretary. . . i
The following ticket was named:
For House of Representative
H. C. Peeler and J. A. Holshouser.
For Clerk of the Court C. J.
Bingham. "
For Register of Deeds L. H.
For Sheritf S. A. Earnhardt.
For Treasure R. L. Brown.
For County Surveyor J. C.
For Coroner Chas. F. Atwell.
Fnr Cotton Weitrher J. D.
For County Commissioners-
Jno. A. Hedrick,,Jno. Beard and
Vm. C. Rose.
M. H. H. Caldwell, candidate
for Congress in the 7th Congres
sional district was called upon and
made a speech. He was intro
duced bv Capt. Jno. Beard. :., He
made a wild harangue; against the
Democratic party. He talked
like he was "willing to trust the
tipcrro " Tie made afT effort to
defend J. R. Smith, 'superintend
entof the ienitenUarynduhtad a
jcopv of his report present.
.He made a regular Populist-Re-
1 publican speech. After his speech
several of the candidates were
called upon and made short talks
The meeting then adjourned. j
Yellow Fever Quarantine.
Yellow Fever Bulletin, No. 1,
lias been posted at the Southerns-
depot. It shows that trains run
iiintr between Birmingham. am
Memphis have been taken off.
ioc:pn(Tfir.i; Vill not be allowed to
o-o through Memphis unless they
live there and have proper papers
signed by physicians of the city.
Those going beyond Memphis wii
be taken around another way. i
Greenville and many other
points Mississippi are - quaran
The State of Alabama has quar
antined against a number of places
in Texas Imd other States. Per-
m -m m 1 "1
sons nor baggage will be aiiowei
on freight trains in the State of
Capt. Long on Politics. j
Capt. Ham C. Long, formerly
of Rowan county, is here to-day.
He says the nomination of Jen
kins in. the Metropolitan district
is a mistake. He is the candidate
of Dan Russell, Logan Harris and
others. His nomination was
ready-made by the ring by order
of Logan Harris, who appeared
in Pittsboro, at the picnic of the
First Baptist church at Pittsboro,
some months since. Pat Massy,
of Johnson county, can be elected
on a straight Republican ticket.
Long is a good judge of politics
and says Jenkins will never re
cure a majority of the votes in
Chatham. Capt. Long has been
for years chairman of the Repub
lican executive committee of
Chatham. I
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All Ir"Kj;ists refund the money if it fails to
cure. 2o cents, j
FOIl RENT: The livery stable op
posite the court house. Apply to J.
A. Thomason, Agent. j
Mr. Louis Correll Died Suddenly With
Heart Trouble. -
Mr. -Louis Correll, of Mt. Vern
on, jthis county, died suddenly
Tuesday of heart trouble.
TTt 1. 1 A. A LI. A.
xie uau-gouo out to lue sludiw to
hitch un his horse for the purpose
of . brinofinsr his daughter. Miss
Fannie, who stays at Mr. G. W.
tlock's, to town when he drop
dead. He had been in good
health and on the morning of his
death was as hearty as ever.
The interment was made Thurs
There will be a T)icnic at Mill
Bridge on the 17th. On that day
Maj; Graham speaks at that place
antfla large crowd is expected.
The Last of the Season. t
AVest's excursion to Asheville
remember the date Wednesday,
Sent. 21st. Fare, round trip, on-
ly if 2. Two full days to spend in
i i
Asheville. Train leaves Salisbury
at 12:35, c
central time.
Robertson Sick.
! Mr. IL. E. Robertson, of Mocks
ville, who is well known in Salis
buiy, has been sick with fever, is
now in a critical condition- and not
expected to live. His son, f C. E.
Robertson, was wired to come
home and he and wife arrived yes
Concord Presbytery., , 1
Concord Presbytery meets at
Newton on the 16th of September.
For this, occasion the Southern
will sell reduced rale tickets.
They will be on sale on the" 15th
and 10th. "rood- retuniincr on the
21th; .
Meeting and Baptizing.
A: series of meetings has been
conducted at the Trailing' Ford
Balvtist church this week. The
pastop has been assisted by Rev.
L Sheets, of Davidson county.
e meeting closes to-morrow and
re will, be a baptizing at St
.Inhn's nn at ):3 ) o'clock in tue
J - . . ..!.'.. . 1
Thfe Third Virginia.
The Third Virginia volunteer
itneiit is off on furlousrh. A
number of the boys came in this
irnJrninfr. some of them being
from Rowan and Salisbury. W.
A. Lamb was one who came in
mnrnincr anil .Tiin Ifaden is
exbected to-night. :. The regiment
is off for thirty days and has been
ordered mustered out or service.
Mr i Wyatt. of Faith, Not in It.
The last man to enlist and shoul-
deij his gun in the Confederate
service and wno ieit ana uisieu
some of the bitters of war is now
a commercial salesman on
road and a native of Salisbury,
He enlisted April 12th, 1865.
He met the enemy, was captured
and his 15th birthday came while
he was a prisoner of war in the
United States Prison at Cam p
Chase, Columbus Ohio, and he has
in His possession a greenback 10c.
shinplaster, which was given him
by Lt. San key f who was the offi
cer of the day on that day, as a
birthday present.
His sir name is the same as that
of the" President of the Confeder
;it. is t hn v:i.v rlriifforlsts stll OKO V bj a
TELKss CHIIjL. J ONIC for Malaria,
s and Fever. It, is simply Iron ana
Ine in a tasteless form. Children love
Adults prefer it to bitter, nuuseaiing
Tonics. Price 50 cents.
FDR RENT: A furnished room:
one bed; apply to Miss Emma Hutcn-inetin.
Pardoned from State Prison this Week
Came Home This Morning. .
John D. L. Kluttz,' of this couri
y, who has been serving a term in
he State prison, was pardoned by
Governor Russell this week and he
arrived at home this morning.
Last December Kluttz and W.
H. Huff, both guards on the coun
ty chain gang, became involved in
a difficulty in which the latter
named was killed. At the Febru
ary term of court Kluttz was tried
and found guilty of manslaughter.
He was sentenced to a term of
five years in the penitentiary. .
Soon after he began his term of
service a petition was gotten up
for his pardon. ,
On Wednesday of this week Mr.
V. L. Kluttz went to Raleigh and
appeared before Governor Russell
and asked for a pardon. His ap
peal was granted and the authori
ties at the Fayetteyille camp were
notified to turn Ml
. He arrived in Salisbury this
morning on the Yadkiia train.
Gospel to be Preached at the City
Churches on the .Lord's Day. .
No arrangements have been
made for services at the -Baptist
church, Rev. Mr. Parrish being
absent. t
: . '...'.. ..,.
There will'be the usual service
at the Church Street Methodist
church at the morning hour. :
: i ; '.'!,. . : ..',!
! t v ':
The Christian Endeavor, Society
will hold its regular meeting in
the Sunday school room of the
First Presbyterian church, open:
ing at 7:15 p. m. Subject Self
indulgence, or, self-denial? A
leraporance topic. are in
vited to attend.
At the Catholic church , High
Mass will be celebrated at 10:iiO
o'clock a. in Evening (levotions
at 8 p. m.
Communion will be celebrated
at the First Presbyterian church
to-morrow , morning. Rev. Dr.
PWharey, of Mooresville, is in the
city and will preach to-morrow.
He will also preach to-night. The
evening hour has been changed to
8 o'clock. "
At the Spencer Methodist church
Rev. Tate will preach at 3 oclock
and Rev. Reed at night. Sunday.
school at 2 instead of 10 o'clock.
At Chestnut Street church Rev.
Tate will preach at 11 in the morn
ing and at night.
- To-morrow night Rev. Roach,
of High Point, will preach the an
nual sermon to the Junior Order
at the Methodist church.
There will be no service at the
Lutheran church , to-morrow
At 8 o'clock in the evening Rev.
C. A. Rose will preach.
Falling Into Line.
A gentleman from one of the
Eastern counties says they organ
ized a White Government Union
in his precinct on the 31st of
August with fifty members, and
that by the 5th of September the
membership had increased to one
hundred and fifty. On the day
the Union was organized, he says,
the fusion Populist held a con
vention at the same place, only
four persons attending. The
union sent a member over to the
convention with an invitation to
the lonely four to join, ' and
one of them accepted the invita
tion and had his jpame enrolled as
a member of the Union. Raleigh
News and Observer.
Passed Away Early This Mora in g-
the Funeral To-morrow.
. This morning at half past six
Mr. A. M. i Sullivan, surrounded
i " I'll i 0
ny nis cniuiren, passed away irom
this world ! after a residence of
over seventy-five years.
Mr. Sullivan has been in bad
health since'' February. Before
that time he enjoyed good health
for a man of hisase. During his
time he had been one of Salis
bury's best known business men
He had also engaged in gold
mining. .
Jle had a remarkable memory
and often interested his friends
by telling experiences and inci
dents of the old Ions: ago.
The deceased leaves three sons
and a daughter. His age was 75
years and 7 months.
(The interment will be made to
morrow afternoon at 3:30 o'clock,
in the old English graveyard, the
funeral being preached from the
Church street Methodist Church.
Steamer. Recently. Attacked by a
' Force of French.
; special dtspatch to the sun
: .' : , .- -I "' " .- - i
Omdurman,Sept. 7th (delayed)--An
important J incident occurred
this morning. It appears that
Kalifa Abdullah a few days be
fore the arrival of the Anglo
Egyptian army heard that a force
of white men occupied Fashoda,
a town on the j west bank of the
White Nilei, the capital of a very
fertile and densely populated dis
trict. : Fashoda is about four hun
dred miles1 south of Kharoum.
Khalifa immediately sent two
steamers to investigate the report.
One of them returned this morn
ing and the other surrendered.
Gen. Kitchener commander of the
steamer reported that on his ar
rival at Fashoda he found that it
was occupied by a force. of whites.
The latter opened a heavy lire on
the steamer which narrowly es
caped annihilation, the crew losing
many killed and wounded.
From the bullets embedded in
the hull of the steamer it seems to
be ' certain! that the whites at
Fashoda are a force of French
troops. The British commander
will send a flotilla of gun boats up
the White Nile to investigate the
affair. i i
A Rare Opportunity.
To buy at a great bargain, a
most desirable residence, beauti
fully located on Main street. An
ply within 5 days to McCubbins
& Jordan. i
A Cow's .Ride.
j j , r. . '
Yesterday's Asheville Citizen
says:- . - ; j ' t ' - ':
George W. Jayne, of Washing
ton, D. C.,jis a guest of the Ar
cadia. Mr. Jayne says that in
making the trip to Asheville the
engineer of the train on which he
rode saw a i cow on the track to
the east entrance of the Swannanoa
tunnel. There was no escape for
the animal, any more than for the
train, as the cut was deep. The
engine therefore struck her at
high speed. i
When the train emerged from
the tunnel j the cow, apparently
unhurt, rolled from the cowcatcher
and moved off in the even tenor of
her way, chewing the cud of re
flection and! the grass that grew
about the mouth of the tunnel.
Washington Post: "The yel
low journals continue to assert
that some one has, blundered.
The chances are that the readers
of the yellow journals are the only
From Insurgents Troops Arriving
Hospital Ships.
special dispatch to the SUN. 1
, , Wikoff, Sept. 10 The hospital
ship Missouri arriyed offshore
this morning with thirty-five men
of the Seventy-first who had been
left in Santiago. All are doing
well and all are in good condition.
.Shortly afterward the Vigilancia
was sighted. , : i
New York, Sept. 10 The Mis
sissippi, with Gen. Miles and the
famous fighting troops A, of Man
hattan, and B, of Brooklyn, ar-
;ved this morning. Ten soldiers
died aboard the ship during the
voyage. i
The transports also carried bat
tery A, first city troops of Phila
delphia, Sheridan's troops of Ty
rone and Governor's troops of
Harrisburg. . '
Tugs carrying -New Yorkers
and Pennsylvanians went out ' to
meet them and give Ihem a royal
welcome , - , :
Havana, Sept. 10 Ten ' thous
and insurgents under command of
General Hayia Roderiguz and Gen.
Diaz, have surrounded Havana
and wilL attempt to enter during
the stay of the commissioners
there. " , 1
With them are many reconcen
tradoes who are suffering from
hunger. . - I.
Thus far they have remained
several miles from the Spanish
lines and threatened no demon
stration, but persons in authority
fear serious trouble will result if
an attempt to; enter Havana is
made. . ,
- The -insurgents, however, de
dare their coming is with no war
like intention. They think they
should be allowed to enter Havana
peaceably. The greatest suffering
is said to exist in the villages of
the province.
Queen Returns.-
Amsterdam, Sept. 9 Gueen
Wilhelmina and mother returned
to The Hague to-day.
Mr. Bayard's Condition. i
Dedham, Mass., Sept. 10 Mr.
Bayard is av trifle weaker this
Empress Assassinated.
Geneva, Switzerland, Sept. 10.
The Empress of Austria was as
sassinated at Hotel Beaurivage,
this afternoon by an anarchist who
was arrested. He stabbed Her
Majesty to the heart with a stilletd.
The Dreyfus Affair.
Paris, Sept. 10. There is a lull
in the Dreyfus affair. It is be
lieved that the real difficulty in the
way of a revision is that the only
documents really relied upon are
those said to have been obtained
illicitly from the foreign embassy.
The government is beginning to
doubt their authenticity. i
Turkish Troops Must Go.
Canea, Greet, Sept. 9 The ad
mirals of foreign powers, replying
to the protests of the Cretan ex j
ecutive conitaittee against the
massacres, have declared that they
will recomend to their respective
governments to solve the question
definitely by the removal of the
Turkish troops from the island of
Crete and the appointment of a
governor selected by the powers.
It Would Not Require a Great
Amount of Work as There are
i a Number of Side
Tracks Now.
Some time since there was talk
of a double track being built be
tween Salisbury and Greensboro.
The track was not built at that
time but it is now stated that he
Southern is about to build this
proposed double track. ' . '
The following concerning the
matter is taken from the Winston
correspondent of the Charlotte Ob
"Ycjur correspondent is assur
ed that the Southern Railvvav
wTill either' build a road from
Reidsville to Kernersville, con
necting: with the line to Moores
ville" or double-track the present
main line between Greensboro and
Salisbury or Charlotte. A gen
tleman who holds an important
position in the maihtainance i de
partment of the Southern is in
Winston making some investiga
tions. He was in Kernersville
yesterday. While he declines to
talk for publication, enough was
learned from him to state that
the Southern officials are now , in-,
vestigating to see what is the best
thing to do. The proposed" line
from Reidsville via Winston would
shorten the line from Washington
to Atlanta several miles, j While
this is true, the present main line,
via Greensboro, has so many side
tracks that it would not require' a
n vast amount of nioney to con
nect them, thereby making a dou
ble track." I
A correspondent of the Raleigh
News & Observer, writing on the
same subject, after speaking of
the large amount of traffic done
by the Southern and the demand
for quicker -moving of trains,
says: -v.1 . ' j :
"And it is this, I am informed,
that is the most powerful reason
for building the Reidsville-Kernersville
and Mt. Mourne-Gaston-ia
links. If they are not built,
then the Southern will be com
pelled, if the Legislature will per
mit it, to build a double track to
at least' from Salisbury to Greens
boro. So enormous has become
the freight and passenger business
on this section of the main lino
that one track, will not accommo
date it. Only one night last week
there were on this track of forty
miles length twenty two trainsl
This congestion must be reliev
ed, for it will grow greater from
year to year, as the country j de
velops. The question with jthe
road and the only question is
whether it will be better to build'
the two links of forty miles, there
by shortening its line that much,
or parallel the forty miles of track
from Greensboro to Salisbury,
and 'possibly to Charlotte."
That is the wav all drusirlsts sell fiROVF.'S
Chills and fever. It is simply
Quinine in a tasteless form, Chil
Iron I and
ildren love
it. Adults nrefer it to bitter, nansntlnu-
Tonics. Price 50 cents. . i
one wishing grading done should ap
ply to me at Spencer. I have a good
outfit ready for grading and improv
ing lands. J. T. PRUDEN.
For Rent A nice 4-room cottage
on Caldwell St. Apply to Mrs. Annie
Harris, or H. J. Ovcrmanj Ag't. I
If you want nice slaughtered meats
go to Jackson's market: If you don't
want to be slaughtered shave at the
Climax. t,
Up-to-date silks at the Carolina

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