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Had a Small Audience But Made an
Excellent .Talk. -
Maj. W- A. Graham, ot Lin;
coin county, tilled the first of his
several engagements to speak in
Rowan tlnveeW, at Faith yesterj
day afternoon. He had only a
small audience but made an excel;
lent ''speech.-.. He took up State
matters education, the penitent
tiary andelection law and dwelt
upon thein in an interesting man-
ner. . f.
His talk was a splendid disser-
tation upon the present conditions
in the State, it was devoid of any
"inflammatory remarks, it was con
ciliatory, it was passive, mild and
k;n,i mi tho. snrnn time it was as-
sertive 'positive and convincing
Maj . G raham shwuld have been
heard yesterday by every Topu-
list in Rowan.
He was a prominent Alliance-
man in the State for several years,
is still a member of the order, we
Ko1;p.vm a.m has for some time
.jsa.M. -' - j
been trustee of the business agen
cy f iind of the State Farmer's At
liance. Unlike many other prom
inent men in the Farmer's Alii
n t- ti Af r.nih:un did not TO to
auw j
the Populist party. He remained
in the old ship and is a good pern
ocrat. . j
We trust ho may do some gooc
in Rowan by bringing to the Dem
'ocratic party some of the goo(
men who were led into the Popu
list party deception. j
A Head Cut.
A soldier who was coming down
WAutnrn this morning was
Tin i r fnilv hurt hv trlass cuttinsr him
in the head and face. He went to
nut his head out of the window
K..f tho 'window beinir down he
17111) U'V " ' f-i
broke the glass and injured him
self badly.
The Gospel Tent. j
Dr. J. N. Stallings went to Mr.
Ahner HalPs this morning to
erect the gospel tent under which
he will begin, at S p. m. to-day J a
series of meetings which he ex
pects to continue for ten days or
more. Services will be held there
to-morrow at 11 a. m. and at 8 p
Snnrliiv sil ? and 8 i). m. The
evening exercises will begin ever
dnv at 8 o'clock. The time for the
j ,
day service, after Sunday, will be
fixed and announced bunday.
1?fo-nlnr services will be held at
Calvary Saturday
at M n. m. and
Sunday 11a. m
Services at Spen
cer, inSmith's hall, Sunday even
ing at 8:15. i
Shaken. Up. j j ;
A part of the negro regiment
which passed here v ednesday
niht and which raised so much
disturbance were badly shaken
near Asheville. Ttfe following
dispatch from Asheville tells of
the accident: , j
"The Third North Carolina reg
iment passed through here this
morning on its way to Knoxville-
Th second coach on the second
section jumped the track and fell
on its side, near Azalea,- a few
miles east of Asheville. Corpor
als Watson, Law and Wm. Milton
and Private George Jones, all of
Company E, of Greensboro, were
injured, but not seriously. About
a dozen others were slightly bruis
ed." : - ' I
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as the finest made 2100 linen
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milch cow.
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H. A. BkrnhaijdtJ
FOR REN T: Five room house on
Fulton street: water and stable. Ap
ply at Sun oflice. j
Boom over
office for rent. L. F.
Caused by the Bursting of an Oil Can -
The Old Story, i
little girl, a kerosene can, a
b with tire in it, a death this
is the story that comes from Lex
ington this week
rom the Dispatch we get the
AVhile building a tire iri a stove
with kerosene oil on yesterday
morning, Undine, the little eight-
year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
A. L. Smith, was so badly burned
as to cause her death at 10:40
olbclc last night.
She was pouring' oil on a blaze,
when the oil in the can became ig
nited and the can burst, catching
heii clothing on tire ami almost ins
moment she was in a mass o
flames. The little girl ran out of
thd house and her screams attract
ed ihe mother, who rushed to ber
Her clothes were entirely
ned off, her body badly
rched, and her hair was on tire
when Mrs. Smith reached her.
lne mother s hands were se
verely burned .in endeavoring to
extinguish the flames, and the lit
tie daughter was found to bein a
horrible condition.
A physician was immediately
summoned and dressed the burns,
anil did everything possible to re
lieyc the sufferings of the little
gil. It was all in vain, however.
She had inhaled the flames and,
alter sunering agonies tor many
hours, death mercifully came to
her relief. . U
rhe funeral of Miss Undine wil
take place from the residence this
afternoon -at- 4 o'clock and the
body will be laid to rest in Lox
ington cemetery.
i - - - .
Ihe sympathy vf the . ..entire
town and community go out to
M. and Mrs. Smith in their sa(
Robbery at Spencer.
ihursdav mornmr some one
entered Mr. Joe Severe's house a
Spencer and helped themselves to
several articles, some noney among
ler things.
Hotel Closed. .
lne uonnelly oonnors place nas
been closed for the season and Mr
ard Mrs Williams, whp have been
conducting the hotel, came down
lafet night.
rine veal and forty
sale at Jackson's.
spring lamb
The Stanly Bond Case-
From the Geensboro Record o
recent date we get this:
D. Schenck, Jr., received no
tice from Judge Simonton
is morning that his appeal in
e now famous Stanly county
bond case had been granted am
triat November 8th had been
fixed as the date of the hearing
before the Circuit Court of Ap
pealsit Richmond."
The Salisbury correspondent of
the Charlotte Observer says:
lAnother move has been made
in the now iamous otanly county
bond suit. A copy of the order
made ' by Judge Simontpn, ap
painting Hon. Kerr Craige, of
Salisbury, receiver of the funds
ncjw in tjie ossession of County
Treasurer Snuggs, of Stanly
county, was served upon Mr.
Snuggs yesterday by a deputy
Dnly place in town where you
caji buy 2101) linen collar for 10c'
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It- Adults prefer It to bitter, nauseating
Tonics. L'rice 50 rents.
H -SIC: Miss Addie E. White
cher of vocal aud instrumental
imlsic. Terms on application.
Nurse at Sanatorium
Miss Hortense Long, of Slates
ville, ha's accepted a position as
rained nurse at the YY hitehead-
Long sanatorium, in this city
She arrived here last right,
Jewish New Year.
The Jewish New Year begins
this evening at sunset. To-morrow
is obseryed as a holiday by all
P the Jews, but only what are
known as the orthodox Jews
principally the Polish and Russian
Jews otherwise obser ve the day.
The Last of the Season.
West's excursion to Asheville-r-
remember the date Wednesday
Sept. 21st Fare for round trip
from Salisbury only J.UO. Two
days to spend in Ashe ville. The
train leave?
Salisbury at V2:'oo
o'clock next
Wednesday evening.
Ep worth 'League Service
The regular devotiooal meeting
of the Ep worth League will be
held in the Sunday school room of
the Methodist church this evening
at 8 o'clock. Led by. Miss Lucy
elilev. oumect, ine -laborers
in the vineyard. Matt.eXX. 1-10.
A cordial welcome is extended
to all.
To Preshy tery.
Dr. J. Ituuiple and Mr. O. I).
Davis left this mornimr for New-
- i
ton to attend the Concord l'resby
: -t i "
tery which convenes at that '.place.
to-night. !
There will probably be no ser
vice at the First Presbyterian
church Sunday as Dr. Rumple will
not be here, j Tie may secure some
one to conduct service, however;
Kev. John Wakefield also went
up to Newton this- morning to at
tend presbytery. , .
"Strange Adventures of Miss
Manager Marsh has seetji
something gomi to open the seasoi
at the opera house this . year. jAt
least it is something fuuny and
will no doubt be enjoyed by a
isircrp. jinlipnfi. l no . comeo v i to
be presented on the 10th of next
month is the otrange Auven-
tiires of Miss Brown." Of it the
Richmond Dispatch of a recent
date says:
"Miss Brown,", whose strange
adventures entertained a very ap
preciative audience at the Acade-
my last night, is about as uncon-
ventional and exhilarating a young
lady as has been here lately. If,
as her managers claim "Charley's
Aunt" has ; encirclel the globe
with a laugh,
close on her
"Miss Brown"
trail, and her
markable escapades kept the au-
diencein a roar last night.
The comedy deals with a man
masquerading in feminine attire,
and although delicate ground for
playwright and comedian, it must
be said that oth keep within due
bounds, and derive all the amuse
ment possible from the situation.
There is nothing risque about jit,
but there are ..numerous ludicrous
scenes which throughout amuse.
The company which is presenting
the farce is large and thoroughly
competent, so that taken as a
whole the "Strange Adventures of
Miss Brown" will Drove a laugh-
producer of the first class.
. i .
Pretty line of baby cloaks and
cans and a General line of infants
and children's wear just in at Mrs.
B. D. Hurley's, the Fisher street
milliner. . , ; I
i . .i -i
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ready ior your liispecLivjii.- Kjmy"1-!
1 . ! . lmnr.t I
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All Druggists refund the' money if it fails to
- . . . . I
Take Laxative Bromo QJuinlne Tablets.
Silkaline and drapery
just in
the Corolina Itacket.
.0tton is bringing 5c. on the
Salisbury market.
Weather forecast: Showers are
probable to-night and Saturday.
Will Ballard,
who died .Wed
nesday, was buried yesterday af
ternoon. I
A train of Pennsylvania soldiers
passed through
last night. The
boy were going
' J ' !
If quality is your guide in buy-
inglshoes, otir
Queen Quality"
interest you.
line can t fail to
Burt Shoe Col
The bird
season : will
soon bo on and
it is reported na
there are more partridges this
year than usual.
A sociable was given last night
at Mr. Clarence Shuman's on Fish
er street. A number of young peo
ple were present. .
Our man's Scotch Shoe for
$2.00 is a value more tempting
than a shady retreat on sultry Ju
ly day. Burt Shoe .Co. ,
L. S. Overman left this morning
for Goldstonj where he speaks to
day. An excursion was run from
Greensboro to that place, taking
down a number of people. -
An extra ar was placed on the
i -
northbound train here this morn
ing to accommodate the extra
travel. - Thd regular day coach
was about filled with soldiers.
S. H. Ilearne returned this
morning from
turn home, j
Charlotte on his re
ivir. xiearne says
Stanly ' "-county
will give Kluttz
several hundred majority in the
; i U ' "
coming eieciipn.
John W. lostian, of Holmes
storewent down to China Grove
spend a short vacation.
clerking in Salisbury
century and his
few and far
s now on the sick
ebine recently as
sisteil in a meeting at 'Mathew's,
r.wn mi ip.s Trnm n .an en. hftrfi is
a meeting held at that place an-
nually. It was in the long ago a
camp meeting but the camp part
has been abandoned. . The-meeting
this year was very successful.
A Fire.
There was a fire in the lapper
room of the Kesler mill yesterday.
Some cotton was burned and a
lapper was damaged.
Convention Tc-morroWi
Ihe convention tor this sena-
torial districtj Rowan, F Davidson
and Forsythe counties, will be held
at Lexington to-morrow.
A number of names have been
;poken of iri connection with
is no telling who will be nomi-
The Rowan delegates
will leave
on the early
morning, at 7 ucIock.
purc p0rk, Bahk'na. Weiner, -and
Mixed Sausage at Jackson's market.
Pretty line of Army Hats just
in at Mrs. BI D. Hurley's, the
Fisher street milliner.
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quinine in a lasieiess iorm. uniiaren love
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i nco .fv ecuis.
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n i ' 'it i ...
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without board. Apply at Sun
ofhce or P. (JJJ box 113.
! f
FOR RENT: The li very stable pp-
posite the court house. Apply to J.
A. Thomason, Agent.
Rev. Stub :
Last of Miles Porto Rican
Arrives Spain's Troops to be
Withdrawn from Porto
Rico at. Once. ,
' . -- - 1 1 .
Madrid, Sept. 16 General
ral, the Spanish commander,
surrendered the Spanish army at
Santiago to the American forces.
arrived on the Vigo, from San!
tiago to day. A great crow
awaited the arrival of trie vesse
and when the general showed! himf
self he was greeted vvitli storms of
hisses and abuse. The demonstra
tion became so violent that Gener
al Toral returned to his shii and
1 It AM I 1 1 '. ' '- II
ueciuea not to jana at present.
Now York, Sept: 16 Th
detachment of Miles' Porto
4rmy arrived to-day on the
ship Alamo. There was. no
ness or deaths on the way.
ship carried three com pan
es of
Wisconsin volunteers, engineer
of Company II, First District ot
Columbia; battalion G, Penn
uia volunteers.
Madrid, Sept. 16 It is reported
to-day that the Spanish peace com
mission will bo composed of Presi
dent of the Senate Rios, Senor Vi
laruttia, General Cere ro, General
Azarra, Zenor and Urzai, Furthei
changes, however, are possib e.
San , Juan, Sept. 16 At I their
meeting yesterday the Spanish
evacuation commissioners agreed
to begin the formal withdrawal Of
their lines within two davs. Thdv
will first visit Larez,' San Sebas-
tiah and Aguadilla, in the north-
west of the island, withdrawing
towards the capital.
Under the armistice they cou,Id
not withdraw the outposts without
- ' .. . I
Frankfort, Ky., Sept. 16.--Ma
Gen. Breeken ridge and staff ar-
rived to-day and are the guest of
Governor Bradlev. During the
day Gen. Breckenridge will, go to
Lexington where he will remain
liermanently in charge of the
troops in camp.
New York, Sept. 16. The Firsl
section of the ourtcenthl New
York volunteers, from Annistori,
of the sick were dangerously ill,
forty were confined to their berths
and the other seventeen were con
A Revision of the Case.
Paris, Sept. 16. Newspapers
say Minister oi justice oarricn
has completed the examination of
documents in the Dreyfus case
nhrl will raimmunirjit.'1, tn -t,ht. min
, - ,JL:i
. . . ..
morrow his intention to refer the
. . r
mauer io a commibsiou competent
to undertake the revision the
proceedings, ihe opinion is that
the cabinet will adopt the
LAl ttntviVmn flinoo ;
Millinery and Notions just re-
ceived at Mrs. B. D. Hurley
s the
Fisher street milliner.
Shingles at my place to-morrow.
. ' P. II.-Thompson.
House Wanted Size four
Address box I
in a desirable locality
264, Salisbury, N. C.
This Idea is Growing Disposition of
the Islands.
Washington, Sept. !. The
impression is growing that when
the terms of peace with Spain are
hnally concluded they will be
found: to include provisions for
the practical ownership or certain
control of the Philippines by the
Americans, although nothing offi
cial can be learned fnithor than
the statement of Judge Day last
A member of the administration
said, regarding the control, of the
"There is no escape from it.
I'he American 'people '"demand it
and the conditions are such as
there can be no alternative."
Senator Freye said the idea of
holding all land secured by con
quest is growing. ;
It is believed the instruction to
the commissioners will be hard
and fast except as to the general
policy. They have the discretion
to deal with unexpected develop
ments as they occurr.
General Merritt will meet them
in- Paris. It is ex pected he w i 1 1
give the commission much infor
mation which will largely deter
mine their action. Chairman-. Day
and Senators Davis and Freye will
go to New York this afternoon
and there join Gniy and Reid.
I Poisoned Food.
'. r- '!'''
special DisrATcn TO THE sun.
jeoul, Sept. .16 It is reported
that a nigh official of the palace
named "Ko" has made a confes
sion that he ordered food poisoned
and intended ,for the king and
crown prince.
' Anarchists Arrested.
Brussells,Sept. 16 Two French
men were arrested late last night
for posting placards gloryfying
the murder of the Empress of
Austria. Jkth declared that they
were anarchists. -
Ship in Hurricane.
Philadelphia,Sept. 16 The Hiiir
ricane which recently swept the
Windward islands, was encoun
tered Sunday by the Norwegian
steamship Ayena, which has just
arrived here. Capt Frostad said
the storm lasted twelve hours and
then there was a calm. Then the
renewed storm for twelve hours.
The captain believed many vessels
that were unable to live in the sea
were foundered and never will be
heard from.
Nine Drowned Last Night.
Boston, Sept. 16. The steam
ship Gloucester, of the Merchants.
and M iners transportation com
pany, which arrived this after-
noon from Baltimore reports that
on last night she collided with j the
schooner, Alice Jordan, off Mar-
thiti vinnviird Xinrt nf fhf .Tri-
, , . r , .c
were saved.
The Aurania Safe-
Oueentown, Sept. 16. The
a .
yau.a aiw,.u x,u v,,
this morning in tow of the steamer
Marino, Montreal for London.
The Marino reports that she
, - tiL.a
Her main shaft was broken on
tne 13th. All were well aboard.
Go to Jackson's market to see and
buy some of that tine beef he has
Saturday's trade.
"Keep your pants on with
wood suspenders." Sold exclus
ively by bmoot Bros, cc Kogers.

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