North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. IY.-NO. 22.
lO Cents Per Week
A Pistol is Fired at Mrs. Lively A
Negro in Her Room Mrs.
Winders Assaulted.
Spencer, our rapidly growing:
neighbor is becoming- noted as a
law-breaking place. j
The record this morning marks
two negro outrages of .a blood
curdling nature. - - J
Mrs. 15., F. Lively, . who now
lives at Spencer, had stepped out
of her" house this morning and on
her return found a big, black
burly negro in one of her roomsJ
On coming in contact with her he
drew a pistol and ri red upon her;
then iumped from a window and
made his escape. Officers were
put in pursuit but at last accounts
had not caught him.
Fortunately Mrs. Lively was
not hit by the bullet from the pis--tol
of the negro. ' j
An hour or so. later Mr. John
C. Winders, well-known as Cal
Winders," a good Populist, and who
lives at Spencer, came to town
and swore out a, warrant against
Laura Mitchell and daughter,1
colored, for assaulting his wife
With tears in his eyes he told his
tale. It came about ' by , stabbing
or staking a cow out to graze.
The cow had turned over a stack
of corn in a field. There was a
dispute, when the negro woman
Laura Mitchell, grabbed Mrs.
Winders and choked her and at
the same time the negro's daugh-j
ter came up and struck Mrsv Win-;
ders with a stick. 1
i Officers will endeavor to uppre-j
hend the offenders and bring them
to justice. Violations of this kind
are quite common at Spencer. j
There was a difficulty between
some white and colored men- at
Spencer Saturday night. No one
was seriously injured, we learn, j
Meeting. j
A Series of meetings was begun
at the school house near the Vance
mil Mast night. Services will be
held each evening this week at
7:45 o'clock. . Mr. Campbell, of
Spencer, will assist in the meeting.
Mrs. Burgess' Condition. ?
Wre are indeed sorry to learn
that Mrs. Cbas. S. Burgess, who
has been in bad health for sonic
time, is now in a critical condition.
She is at the home of her father,
Mr. M. L. Uitch. Her.; husband,
father, brother and sisters are
kept near her bedside. j
Mr. Claude Ramsay to Marry. 1
The Seattle (Washington) Post
Intelligencer, of the 18th inst.
has this notice:
"The engagement of Mr. Claude
C. Ramsay arid Miss G race Elea
nore Anderson has been announced
the wedding to take place some
time before the close of the year.
Both parties are well and favora
j bly known in Seattle society cir
cles, Miss Anderson being a daugh
ter of Mr. A. C. Anderson, one of
the oldest residents in the city,
and Mr. Ramsay is a well known
member of the Southern set." i
Mr. Ramsay is a son. of Dr. J.
G. Ramsay, of Salisbury. He
and bride are expected to spend
Christmas in this city. j
Go to Brown Clothing Co., and
see the elegant line of samples to
morrow and-Wednesday. i
FOR SALE A cheap turnout, gen
tle black horse, not afraid of trains,
and buggy and harness. Price $55.00.
Apply to T. E. Johnston at ticket
i i -i i - 7 -.
Three Large Ones to Pull the Passen
ger Trains over this Road.
The Southern received at the
Spencer shops Saturday night a
largi j engine which was made for
the road by the Baldwin; Locomo
tive Works. . In speaking oT"this
and other new engines to be - put
on Ly the Southern, the Greens
bore Record of Saturday says:
People may "cuss out" railroads,
but we all admire the pluck and
enterprise displayed by them, es
pecially the Southern, which
."keups its lamps 1 trimmed- and
burning. "V" "-'J. .
A P the ;demand- increases for
bett 3r facilities for : handling; its
freight and passenger traffic the
company meets it in fact often
anticipates it.
Not long since . three or four
large new freight engines were
added, the largest ever used on a
roac down South. Now they will
soon: have three new passenger en
gine s of the same kind. The en
gine itself weighs 150,000 ( pounds
witlout the tender, the latter tip
ping the beam at 88,400. The
drivers are six feet and the steam
ing capacity is 200 pounds. They
will draw thirty-two Pullman cars,
which is almost equal to double
the number of ordinary coaches.
They have a draw bar pull of 5,450
torn whatever that is, and two of
then were made by the Baldwin
Locomotive Works and one by the
Richmond works.
Tpey are expected tknvn next
Li I t 1 1 i a f j
week anuwiu oe put- to worK ai
Cottbn 4 90.
ft.v bales of cotton wore
on t
le Salisbury. market. Saturday,
ruling price , was 4. W.' For-
ty-seven bales were sold Friday.
Sudden Death.
Isaac Mot lev.
in old colored
I chopper,
of the city, died
at 1
btime during Saturday night
is home in Dixon villo. He
found tleatl yesterday morn-
Tho body was taken to the
county home yesterday evening
buried there to-day.
Cart of Thanks.
T lose interested in the avoirdu
poig i party given last Friday night
by the Epworth League desire to
thank thus publicly those who as
sisbsd them in giving the party.
They desire to thank especially
Mr. Marsh for tendering the use
of -tie room, and those who fur
nisl ed refreshments and did the
work neccessary to make the affair
Populist Legislative Candidates,
essrs. II. C. Peeler and John
Lyerly, the Populist Legislative
candidates were in the city Fri-
Mr. Peeler was asked wheth
er they would have a joint canvass
with the Democratic candidates
for the Legislature. He said he
had written the county chairman,
Capt. John Beard, in regard to the
matter and that it was. left in his
han Is. Mr. Lyerly says he has
not yet accepted the nomination
and could not say Friday wheth
er cr not he would. Very little
could be gotten from the gen
Don't forsret the nice "Tailoring
Display" at Brown Clothing
Tuqsdav and Wednesday.
otice. Having closed out the
fness of the Salisbury Grocery
ipanywall persons indebted to
firm are notified to call on the
ersitrned at once and settle the
jiiiKbunls due. All liabilities of
company will also be settled
me. Kespectiully,
W. F. Flemming.
few goods in dress patterns on dis-
pla? at the Carolina Kacket.
The ! Democratic Club Meets Again
To-night at the Court House.
The Democratic club, which
was organized here last Wednes
day night, meets at the court
house to-night at 8 o'clock sharp.
Besides the transaction of such
business as may arise 'short speech
es will bo made by members of
the club. .
s It is earnestly .desired that
every Democrat whose name was
uot enrolled at the last meeting
will come out to-night antl have
his name" included among the
supporters white supremacy.
EcryDenioQjtat is invited to come
out. " ?
Miss Hairs Condition.
i IVliss Delia Hall, who was some
time since appointed head nurse
of , the government hospital at
Fort McPherson, antl rwho con
tracted fever while at that place,
is improving ,and it'is hoped will
sotn be out again. She is at tRe
hqme of her sister, Mrs. J. Sam
McCubbins, in this city.
Fish Car.
The U. S. Fish ; Commission car
No. 1, is in the city and will re
main here until to-morrow, any5
wray. This car is now in North
Carolina for the purpose of stock
ing some of the strcanis. of the
State with rainbow trout and large
mouthed black bass. The river
near New London is to be stocked.
Funeral Yesterday.
I The funeral over the remains of
Mr. R. L. Mills was conducted
yesterday afternoon from the
Chestnut Street Methodist church.
There whs. .ajarge : altenoanoo of
frientls. The Junior Order, oi
which Mr. Mills was a member
turned out in full forcej there be
ing 117 in line.
Bert Rutledge Alright.
i News was received hero last
week that Bertie Rutledge, of the
First N. C.,iat Jacksonville, was
very ill, and his friends here were
anxious about him. A telegram
was 'received -by Lieutenant Goltl
ston ; while hero Saturday night
stating that Bertie. was up and at
camp and that he would be at
home soon. He arrived at home
yesterday morning.
Prohibition Ticket.
i The Prohibition convention met
Saturday at the call of the com
mittee to nominate a county ticket.
Edwin Shaver was chairman and
.. .
T. P. Johnston secretary of the
r ihe following ticket was nomi-
i ...
nated: ' .
s legislature Haywotxl Harper,
Radford Bailey.
Sheriff E. F. Eaton.
Probate Judge S. M. Peacock.
Register of Deeds John Bailey.
County Treasurer Solomon
v - .. ;
Teaguel ,
( Coroner Pinkney Ludwick.
i County Commissioners George
Seyffert, Jonas Lippard, Joseph
is your last chance to sret erood
photos cheap. Fine Cabinets only
$i-.5U per dozen at Moose s car
near ireignt depot. Ims is ray
last week so come at once. Wre
will r leave here Oct. 6th. All
work made this week will be fin
ished before 1 leave the city.
i W. J. Moose, Photographer.
p.nd fever Is a bottle of Gb:ove's Tasteless
Chiu, Tonic- Never fails 1x cure; then why
experiment with worthless imitations? Price
&v cents, x our money hack if it fails to cure
I A NEW FEATURE ! Fresh Bread
and Cakes. Look out for tomorrow's
advertisement. Ed. H. MARSH.
i Come and see our 'up-to-date goods
in dress patterns. Carolina Backet.
Weather forecast: Fair to-night
and Tuesjlay. j i
The Carolina Racket has a new
atl in their space in this paper.
The First National Bank has its
quarterly statement in to-day's
paper.-:' v:; h;;, ; ;H ; Vr ;
The Democratic club meets to-
There should be a good
turn-out. ! !
SergL" James Watson . has had
his furlough extended and will re
main heje a while longer.
A special tailoring display is ad-
.vertis..3 by the Brown Clothing
Contpohy in to-day's paper.
4 "BdrtVOwn Make" children's
. i. . - . j...1.. j i.'it i : 1 1
snoes are warranieu an leaiuer tr
your i money n oack. Anotner lot
of them just received. Burt Shoe
The Democrats of Watauga have
nominatedWi" B. Council, EscjJ,
for the "House. Mr. Council is a
brother of Dr. Council, of this
city, v' si
J.R. C. Brown left this morn
ing.for New York . to purchase a
stock of goods for his store. - He
will move into his new store room
in the Horah building when he re
turns'. ; . ' 1" ' . '
."Queen Quality" ladies' shoes
are the leading styles all over the
country this i season. Sold here
by Burt Shoe Co.
Mr. Joe Fisher, of the county,
who recently i had his hand hurt,
was'iu the city this morning. He
has his handi wrapped in poplar
leaves which,' he says, make a
splendid antidote for bruises .and
sores, '
lZv. V, B; Oney preachetl yes-
tertlay to the largest congrega
tion that ever "assembled at St.
Matthews church, in the county.
This was the pastor's last sermon
here as he leaves soon to take
charge of a pastorate in "-Cabarrus
county. i
liev. bilas JMcnee was in tne
city Saturday night.
Lieut. Goldston returned tt)
Concord Saturday night.
W. K. Meroney went to Wash
ington Saturday night.
-' ; . ! .. - -' :. t
J. L. Kendleman, F.sti., went
over to Lexington this morning.
Capt. J. H. Cameron, Jr., of
Asheville, was in the city this
morning. i i
Capt. Robinson, of the Murphy
volunteer company, was in the
city Saturdayj night.
J. W. Holland, of Greensboro,
is in the city. He grave the Sun a
pleasant call this morning."
Hugh Daggett 'left this morning
for Columbia! to join his regiment,
the First S. C, which is ordered
II. M. Wright and sister, Mrs
Ellen Heilig returned Saturday
evening from a visit to relatives in
Wilkes county.
Do not allow yourself to be
persuaded into paying big middle
men's profit by ordering your
garments through an agent, but
trade direct with your tailor who
can and will advise you as to your
best interests, and who will give
you the. only genuine tailor made
Custom Tailor.
Salisbury, N. C.
That is the way all druggists sell GROVE'S
Chills and Fever. It is simply Iron and
Quinine in a tasteless form. Children love
it. Adults prefer it to bitter, nauseating
Tonics. Price 50 cents.
MUSIC: Miss Addie E. White
teacher of vocal and instrumental
music. Terms on application.
France Will Look Upon the Philip
pines, as Such, It is Said.
, - " - , ' . ' j : . ji
Washington, Sept. 26V All
members of the war investigating
cdmmittee assembled promptly at
10 o'clock this mornino- in the
room at the State, War and I Navy
building. General Dodge, chair
man, arrived after a majority of
the members. Dr. Conner, of
7 ,
Cincinnati, arrived this morning
and had a conference with the
President previous to attending
the meeting. !
At the opening of the meeting
the deliberations of the investiga-i
tors were taken up where' they
were left on Saturday, when the
preliminary sessions were' held. I
The real work of the commission
will not begin before to-morrow, i
the meeting to-day being occupied
in the discussion of 'methods of
procedure. "
The commission will shortly
change its quarters to the iiemont
building within a short distance
of t h e 'W a r De pa r t m e n t.
PUBLIC. London, . Sept.. .20. A Globe
despatch from Hong Kong says it
is learned from a trustworthy
source that France has promised
to recognize the Philippine re
public. It is reported that nego
tiations on the subject are now
proceeding at Manilla where there
are thrge French war ships.
Washington. Sent. 26j The
story of the coming French! recog
nition of the Philippines repub
Re is not believed here.
The London announcement
causing rriuch uneasiness, however.
Nothing can be learned I atv the
French Embassy, i
Commission so Decided at Paris This
, .,. Morning.
Paris, Sept. 26 After a short
and final meeting this mbrning,
while Paris waited in such sus
pense as had not hung oyer the
city since the Franco-Prussian war,,
the Dreyfus commission ( made
public its report for a revision.
The whole city quivers as the
message is en route to the lonely
pestilential island where Dreyfus
is.; " ':" ; :y ' ' :-tf-. J -' v'
Killed Over Spanish Gold.
Camp Wikoff, Sept. 2C-iPrivate
James Twisby,. colored, of troop
F. Tenth Cavalry, died this morn
ing in the regimental hospital from
gun shot wounds inflicted by a
fellow trooper of the same com
pany. The shot was the result of
a quarrel for the possession -of a
Spanish gold coin. ,
Forepaugh Circus Train Wrecked:
. Huntington, W. Va. Sept 26
Forepaugh's circus train vas reported-
wrecked and two men
killed at Wilsondale this morn
' Forest Fire.
Cheyenne, Sept. 26 Serious for
est fires threaten the besU of the
Wisconsin timber, land,'j several
hundred acres have already been
destroyed according to thq latest
reports. , T I
Bayard Very Low.
Del ham, Sept: 26 Mr. Bayard
is now failing rajiidly. iHe can
take no nourishments and his
death, it seems, must occur with
in a few hours.
i .-: '
A Notoriously Bad Man Killed Satur
day Evening at a Church An
other Killed by The Train.
Saturday evening at a colored
church near Woodleaf, this coun-
ty, Wash Lucky, a notoriously bad
negro," was stabbed and killed by
Will Hall, also colored.
A phone message to-the Sun
stated that Lucky was stabbed
once iii the neck with a knife and
that this wound caused his death
in several hours.
Hall made his escape. The
cause of the difficulty which led to
the murder was not learned. The
coroner went up to Woodleaf to
investigate. '
Lucky has a bad character and
has figured in Rowan courts for
years. '"
Officers have been' hunting Hall
but up to noon to-day Sherill
Monroe, had not heard of his cap
ture. '
Yesterday a negro man was
killed near Kim wood, on the West
ern, by a freight train. He was
lying beside the track with his
head between the ends" of the
crossties and. when the train ap
proached he raised his head. The
engine struck him and he died
shortly afterwards.
Rowan's Bicycles. ' ;
Tax returns are now coming at
the auditor's office. They contain
some interesting statistics in re
gard to bicycles. Of the counties
so far heard from Mecklenburg
leads, with 606; Wayne comes
second, with 324; Cabarrus third,
with 203, Rowan has 143; Cumber
land, 119; Randolph, 82; Duplin,
78; Caldwell, 59; Burke, 44; Davie,
33; Carteret, 29; Yadkin, 10;
Cherokee, 2. r Raleigh News.
Fire Averted An Accident. i
The Hill was very much stirred
up. by a lamp bursting , in the
house of Mr. Rome Gant, which
came very near being a big lire,
but for. the timely aid and presence
of mind of Mrs, Sewell and Tarrh
Esq. All is well at this writing.
Mr. Jim Horn was thrown from
Mr. Roy Lof tin's wagon at Spen
cer Saturday and received several
severe bruises. He struck on the
'wheel with'his back and side and
landed on his head among the
shingles. He seems to-be resting
very well to-day after taking some
nourishments. -
Mr. Brant Hall is nursing a very
sore hand caused by impure blood.
Mr. W. H. Wood seems much
better after the surprise on last
Friday, On entering his 5 dining
room what was his surprise to see
Mr. Pleas Wise, of Lock, and
F. M. Tarrh, J. P., of Salisbury
township, comfortably seated at
his forty-eighth birthday dinner
table. It was a great surprise to
him and what they did to his good
rations was a plenty. WeL will
look with longing eyes and a crav
ing desire to see another one like
it. May we all enjoy many more.
Old Joe.
Chestnut Hill. Sept. 26. j
Lost Gold ring with tiger-eye set, ;
and initial F. to I). inside. - Liberal
reward for returning to David Mauney
at Burt's. ' . I :
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All Druggists refund the money if it fails to
cure. . 25 cents, i
FOR RENT Four desirable rooms
on West Fulton street. Address P.
O. Box 252. .
If you want nice slaughtered. meats
go to Jackson's market. If you don't
i want to be slaughtered shave at the

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