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VOL. IV.-NO. 23.
lO Cents Per Week
'. 5. . . : - J V:. j
mm m
Erat&cgular Meeting Held
Last Night.
Li A. Peebles, Mi C. Quinn.
Soutii Ward. L.' E. Heilig,
N. B. McCanless, C. H. Swink.
East .Ward. Jl S. Henderson,
J. S. Bboth, 1). L. Arey..
Wk Ward. S. F. Lord, F.
M. Thompson, W. A. Brandon.
The meeting then adjourned.
Were in the Church Festival Scrape in River pnla Big Rage Higher Than
Which one was Killed. in Several Years.
I - -S .
Roosevelt Ahead of Black The 'Chi- A Part of it Arranged Dewey Seizes
Committees Appointed-Members En
thusiasticWill Go to Work
in Earnest.
Card of thanks. :" :C -
1 1 to thank all my neigh-'
bors who were so kind to me dur
ing my recent affliction in the loss
of my husband, and also the lodges Ha Will xucker, Br vant Parks, ferrvmau's house'
t : i tv i ? i -.1 i ' ' - ' i r " i
Five of the nesrro men who fir- A large number of Salisburians
ured in the church festival fight at visited the Yadkin j river Sunday,
a colored church in the upper part It was reported that this river was
of the .county Saturday evening hi higher Saturday than it had been
which Wash Lucky lost his life, in seven!, years, . and it was still
were brought down to -the city raging Sunday. ' '
last night aud placed in jail to Crossing was impossible" at any
await the next term of: Rowan's of the ferries and at one or more
court. 1 heir names Are Frank places you could not sret to the
At Sower's
The Salisbury Democratic iu,i), and others wuo ottered aid anci yv;si Crawford and Jim Taylor. Saturday the backed water was
which was organized last Thurs- comtoit. Mrs. lion ert aiills. The fight seems to have been over half mile from the bed of
dav Yiicrht held its first regular ; : ; - a general free fight, in which a the river There was a raise of
lt mVht. The meeting A C,ffe ' number of the men participated, fifteen feet straight np at the
t jT i t- or(er hv the presi- L I Mrj jllenry Tatuui has resigned The 'wound which caused Luck y's Southern's railroad bridge and
t m. w w Gmnnt The club position at the Salisbury Steam death was made by Will Hall, a the water reached the floor . of
' 4:, nrnopdod tolL'aundry and is succeeded by Mr. Salisbury negro, who left immedi-1 the Tailroad pumphouse.
. .' Erhest) Kufty. Mr. Tatum is now ately and has not yet been cap- Saturday. evening
Th w, a cryod crowd present witn tne lirown Mounng om- tureu. Hay wood ;i ticker, wno was sun rising and a,Jarge number 01
also charged with being in the articles could be seen tloating
and the members were enthusiastic pany
for Democracy. They will go to "
work in earnest for a great victory Cutting Down Hills.-
in Ralisbiirv township and in liow- ! The
an. , - ' . "
Ca)t W. G. Band, of the Spen- North
cer shops, was called on and made cuttin
a talk. A number of new names Salisb
were added to the club. Capt. these
tight, was tried yesterday before down
Esquires Henley and'Gutfy and Sunday a saw mill passed the
county chain ,'gang is still with the others bound over to railroad oridge. A wagon bed, a
enoufffed in doing good work on court, but he was able to give hay stacks and nun-
down the hills
liry and Spencer.
W. W. Lowcry moved yes
terday from Fisher street to Spen
a Democratic club in a county in this w
the State of Wyoming for sonic
time, was called on a second time Movin
and told how nis cjuo wortvuu uuu jrj
tuet with success in that State.
On motion the club then ap
pointed a committee of five on
each'ward. The following are the
North Ward John Moyle, is bui
R T.. Finder. T. H. Vanderford, of Fo
Jr;, L. C. Mitchem, L. Peebles.
South Wtard M. V..B. Caips, Episcopal Convention
L. E. Heilig, John Cauble, John j xhd General 'Convention
W. Glover. J. P. Weber. rCpiscbpal Chinch - of
Main street.
was able to
They are bond. There are three others yet dreds of pumpkins ' were seen go
between to be caught and tried.
One of
hills has been cut down and Cows Shipped.
J a 1 : II . I I
Baird, who had been chairman ot the gang goes to work on another The heard of Jersey cows from
the Meadow Stock Farm were
shipped to Kentucky yesterday.
People who saw them- say they
were undoubtedly the finest lot
of cows they ever saw.- John
Hedrick accompanied the herd.
The .Concord Standard says:
Mr J. M. Burrage is moviug
his wood working machinery from
Salisbury back to Concord. He
V ....
ing downthe river.
A minjber of people were water-
bound . at the ferries. A party
from Davidson who had been here
were suizprised to find on reaching
the rivecon their way back homo
that they could not cross.
Froimthe Winston Sentinel o
oaturday we jret a report that a
- - " ' . i
third of the Mocksville-Moores
ville railroad had been washed
cago Democrats."
Another Vessel.
New York, Sept. 27 A hundred ) Gloucester at new - york.
and seventv "Chicao-o olatform i Mo
Democrats" started for Syracuse auxiliary cruiser Gloucester, coin-
to-day over the West Shore Rail-J mander W'ainwritrbt. arrived from
road. Lney expect every county New England coast this morning.
in tneoiate to be representetl at
. . i
to-night's meeting. i
They expect to take radical ac
tion if the Chicago-platform is not
endorsed. '
Fifteen hundred Tammanyites
went by s)ecial train to Syracuse
to attend the Democratic Stai
convention. '
Albany, Sept. ,27 A poll of the
delegates before the convention
Washington, Sept. 27. Major
General Lee leaves Camp Cuba
Libre to-day for Washington to
consult with the President on the
occupation of Cuba. Gen. Lee is
on leave absence.
New York, Sept. 27 Maj. Mon
ey, of the Fifth 'Mississippi volun-
Millcdge ville was damaged.
The Winders Case. 1
The case of the fight: between
Mrs. Winders and the colored
ding a shopon the east side woman at Spencer yesterday was
est Hill. . di s missed bv Magistrate Murphv Hydrophobia. ,
in the evening. The evidence was) Last March a li
Eldorado I cotton mill at
opened this morning showed that teers, and son of Senator Money,
Roosevelt had seven hundred and was brought from Wikofi. He is
fifty-two delegates, and Black had sick, with malarial fever and has
beep taken to Roosevelt hospital.
pamp WikotiV Sept. 27 The
Ninth cavalry, colored, left to-day
for Fort Grant, Ariz. The First
cavalry goes to-morrow.
Washington, Sept.27 The Navy
. . i g .i ' Dopartment has received a cable
nut his name to go before the con- , t1.- . . , - ,
verition T vom Admiral Dewey that an
e r., o i.o riu. 'i American vessel manned by Fil-
of . delcRates to the Democratic ''T"8 "v' f."' !.n .the "Kl
(onvp.ntinn is fho.Kiiiiin an rin vrfss
4i. . i i 'i McKinley and ' Long conferred
terday, waiting. Nobody pretends T . J , 1
. u i a' i L- over the matter and notified .Dew 4
4 i . 4i ' ey of their approval of his course.
rrinrr lit hnniian in ttio fnnrnntinn 1 I I
Nothing will occur until Croker the army of occupation.
arrives late this afternoon. , Mijr- (Washington, Sept. 27. A pari
phy, Hill and other well known titjl organization of the army of
loaders are on hand, but are not occupation of Cuba is given out in
two hundred and. nineteen.
This means that Roosevelt w 11
be nominated on the first ballot
unless something unforseen oc
curs. ,
Some of Black's friends stiy th
after an alb night's conference
many admirers were in a mood to
nave mm wnndrawn and not Tur
tle dog .-passed
such as to warrant the magistrate by Mr. Louis Hess' near the Vance
of the in turning the colored women who mill and bit one. of his hogs. Last
the United were charged with assault loose. Wednesday night this hog became
East Ward J. R. Kluttz, R. G. StateJi will meet in Washington - affected with hydrophobia and
Kizer, J. N. Maxwell, B. b. P" City on the 5th of October and Capt. Glenn to Speak Here. died on Ihursday jnight after hav-
lan, Peter Carroll. wTill remain in session for about a From the Winston Sentinel of ing bitter another ; hog badly.
WrEST Ward C. A. Montgom- month. Dr. F. J. Murdoch, of yesterday we get the following:
m - T" . i WJ Ctmn nor I . i li mi : . . 'i' il.!.. ,.iL. I V'. - i V . htm
ery, x. r. rrowu, kj. ..m. i mis ciiy, win aiicim uu vouvcu- c-apt. it. n, uienn went to vv h- To the Home
Dr. J. Rumplej one, of the re
gents of the orphans' home at Ba
rium Springs, went up this morn
ing to look at the home and see
the new building! which is now in
course of erection. This building
is getting along nicely, the build
ers being to the second story.
J. H. McNeely, W. Murdoch tion
of CH
On motion a committee on reg
istration was axipointed for each
ward. The following are the committee:
TnRTn Ward T. D. Roseman, fare f
.T H. Movie. T. H. Vanderford,J tion.
Sr., 'P. P. Mcroney, C. W. Pool.
Sottttt Ward J. W. Hunsuck- Miss
er, E. K. James, J. Rowan Davis,
R. L. Shaver, W. T. Fulk.
East Ward J. C. Lowe, R. L.
W right, G. II. Shaver, W . L.
Rankin, Capt. W. G. Baird
West WariH. J. 'Overman,
Capt. Coughenour, A. H. Boy
den, F. M Ward, F. M. Tarrh.
several ladies. Mr. John Wilkes, to-night. After this week Capt.
lie will bo acconipanied by? mington to-day. He speaks there
A $12,000 HAUL.
smiths and says "ta ta"' to object-
The question of selecting a work- ing parents, got in some work
inr committee at and for Spencer here
next arose and caused considerable souls
P.mharrassment owing to me mord
wealth of good material from onc.
arlotte, is the lay delegate Glenn will devote his ti hie to this
this part of the country. Senatorial district, he being one
The Southern Railway an- Qf the Democratic nominees for
nounfces a rate of one first class the State Senate. He stated to a
or round trip to this eonven- Sentinel man this morning that
the Democrats in the Eastern' part
of the State are thoroughly alive
Follenwider Married. to the situation. lie will speak
Thh Monroe Enquirer has the at Salisbury .next Saturday and at Exchange of Property
On last Saturday a trade was
the bride being well known in Sal- ;- perfected by which Mr. Win. I.
ft where she has lived and Changing of Millers. Howell exchanged his house and
wherba number of relatives re- A W. Trexler, of Mocksville, ,ot Mam st,eet for a
side: : una .wlnft,M with piantation in Kowan county,,says
Kt love which laughs at lock- lT a oti Tcr.iu rl,r m;n the Concord btandard. Ihe prop
with twelve thousand dollars.
Cashier William Lenon
announcing their plans. th0 following order:
(With the approval of the acting
Secretary of War the following
organization of troops is an-
Bank RobhersTIake Away ' With nouncedr Division composed of
inat Amount.' tnn. Mvnlrv nnrl 'tujiv infnnti'v
brio-ades. temnorarilv commanded
, by senior olhcers until permanent
Flora, Ind., Sept. 27 Robbers division commander is assigned by
blew open the safe of the Farmers the president, as follows: i
Bank this morning and escaped Cavalry brigade, Seventh and
Eigth United States cavalry, coml-
was manded by Brigadier General Cail-
which to choose. The following
names were finally selected almost
at random, the club feeling that
in view of the energy and loyalty
of their fellov Democrats at Spen
cer, it would be almost impossible
to make an unsafe appointment at
that place:
Thos. Carroll, Charlie Piper,
W. E. Beadles, S. J. Poarch, G. H.
Dickert, W. L. Bridges, Ed. H.
It was decided to call this the
Spencer Democratic Working
Committee and Mayor Linn in put
ting the motion took occasion to
pay a graceful and well deserved
tribute to the party fealty and in
tense devotion to Anglo-Saxon Su
premacy which in so emiment a
characteristic of our neighbors at
On motion an executive com
mittee of three was appointed in
each ward to work in connection
with the county executive com
mittee. The following are the
her c
ty of
, , r :u 4i, erty now belongs to Miss Wilma
has accepted a position with the f rt i
' i Gnihn, of Monroe. Both parties
Moranton Milling Company and ' 1
last Sunday and two more ... f. e chfl rft . new , I interested in the exchange are yet
were made happy and two QU 0ctol)er lst
undecided as to whether they will
hearts we made to beat as j Q wh() lias . occupy their new property.
1 1
night miller for the North Side
last Sunday morning Miss Roller Min will leave for Concord Oldest Engineer.
Jn n v 1 ; t I . ! I
Roxi i , Fullenwider a charming October 3rd where. he has accept- Mr. L. S. A ldrich, formerly of
youn y lady of this place, left her e( a Position as head miller. lifiWv hnf now of Ahill.
homq. ostensibly tor- bunday rr. ,, c,ot.ti l I ; , !. i t .u:i n.:..
I I Ti I, IV I I V v JL L X 'UW III III Vlllll'l . I I I I B-M ' I I I W
w ' v UUO 1U 111V V11JHM UUW(U If U11V VUltJ
schodl, but she failed to appear in miin business at the
same time morning returning home from
ass to tell about the captivi- nnlot. Air. H. G. Benson, who is w.wn ur,iZ ua v;uif0,i ;n
the Jews, for her heait had now runnin the roller mill at Salisbury and at China Grove.
talucu MX- A South i River and who is one of the Mr AblnV-h i 74 VAr old n,l .m.
a popular salesman in the Cotton best miHers in the yutet llo" has til. recently was connected with
store, auu u u vvaiuu wu turned out two of the youngest the Southern railroad, being the
reet for Miss Jmllenwider, fillers in this nart of the countrv i,w 0nmn.r on ih
k niarriage license in his poc- htlt tKp hn v hn in tK xjurt0rtu. 1.,
nearly all their lives. his time in visiting or at his home
We are sorry to see John leave in Asheville which place he likes a
Salisbury but wish him wTell in bis great deal.
new nome.
and fo
Come and see our up-to-date gotds
North Ward. T. D. Roseman, in drlss patterns. Carolina Racket.
the s
ketr As soon as they met Mr.
Davis and Miss Fullenwider went
to the residence of J. G. Coying
Ssq., and were united in the
arable bonds of matrimony.
Aftef the. marriage Mr. and Mr
LaVIK Jell Hi lllOJiUUiii o uuio
at Olive Branch.
Do not .allow! yourself to be
PICTURES! PICTURES!! This persuaded into paying big middle
is your last chance to get good men's' j-. profit by ordering' your
photos cheap. Fine Cabinets only garments through an agent, but
$ 1.50 per dozen at Moose's Car trade direct with your tailor who
THE BEST PRESCRIPTION FOR CHILLS near freight depot. This is my can and will advise you as to your
Ur is a bottle of grove's tasteless J last week so come at once. . - We best interests, and who will give
will leave here Oct. 6th. All you toe only genuine tailor made
work made this week will be hn- jrarraents.
ished before 1 leave the city.
.W. J. Moose, Photographer.
Tiixir Novor fstils tocure: t hen wny
hi. .it, with worthless imitations? Price
50 ceiitjs. Vour money back if it faiis to cure.
A S1EW FEATUUK ! Fresli Jiread
and Cakes. Look out for tomorrow's
' Take Laxative Rromo Oulnine "Tablets.
All Dmgrsists refund the monejf if it fails to
cure. 25 cents,
Louis Lichtenstein,
Custom Tailor.
Salisbury; N. C.
New goods in dress patterns on dis
play at the Carolina Racket.
probably fatally shot.
Bloodhounds are on the trail teers.
penter, of United States Voluni-
of the robbers.
First infantry brigade, Fifteenth
United States und Fourth Volun
teers, commanded by Brisradier
General Snyder, of the volunteer.
Second infantry brigadier, com!-
An Imperial Edict.
Pekin. Sent. 27. An Imoelial
edict issued to-dav nracticallv Ped of First U. S., andSixth voI
rescinds the recent reformatory unteers, Brigadier General Wilson,
edicts. It orders thatChang Yen of!lhe volunteers commanding.
Ilawn a former member of the poops allceied by this order
Chinese foreign office, and oppo- other than the Fifteenth infantry
nentof Li Hung Chang be con- and cavalry are under orders to
fined until further notice. prbceed to Huntsville and not
. . . t.i ... ,.4:,. :i..e....At
The edict, however, absolves " 6rUWUB uuu,';llHlU01 Ul
him from complicity in the alleged eFs.
plot to assassinate the Emperor. Brigadier commanders will ac-
. i l '... ' ' . .
uaiut tnemseives witn lue con-
1 if in Aointmnnf n rt t S V jh T
their commands. -
Ship Owner Dead.
'I Vro tit ill Kn cnii r 1 1 rf-wl mT i Vi
W 1 L O 'A : C 'A m I i- V IO Hill W DUl T A tH
Ixndon, Sept. 2i. Sir Arthur j. . , 1 . .. . 11
' . I ciiitn h a flnthinrr
II il 11 1 . I OIllvwMlv uiwtliili
iower, uie wen t Known snip
owner is dead.
t Yellow Jack.
Washington, Sept. 27 Surgeon
General Wyman received the fol
lowing from the State Board of
Health afrNew Orleans: Twenty-
six cases of a niilJ type of yellow 54. f
equippage, especially conical tents
with board floors for one to twelve
men, stoves, cots,- medical sup
plies, ambulances, tentage and
other field hospital equipment,
complete in accordance with ex
isting orders with one half the al
lowance of wagon transportation
it ' V - t 1 Y
autnorized oy general orders jno.
fever at WTilson, Louisiana. The
town and parish have been quaran
tined. The source of infection is
New Ads.
If you eat bread or cakes
By command of Major-General
Miles. -
II. C. Cokbin, Adj't-Gen.
in rnnryn bav
hi wwnb nw ri
That is the way all druggists sell GROVE'S
Chills and Fever. It Is slinnly Iron and
Quinine In a tasteless form. Chi
. l 1? tt Tit 11 1 vuinine in a laswiess iorm. nuuren love
ShOUid read tt. ti. Marsh S ad in it. J Adults prefer it to bitter, nauseating
Tonics. Price 50 cents. i
this paper. He has secured the
services of a first-class baker land
is prepared to furnish his custo
mers and the public with the stall'
and the luxury of life. i v
FOR SALE A cheap turnout, gen
tle black horse, not afraid of trainjs
and buggy and harness. Price $55.00,
Apply to T. 12. Johnston at ticket
Louis Lichtenstein, the tailor, ottipe
has a new ad in this issue,
does good work.
Chas. M. Stieff Pianos.
MUSIC: Miss Addie , K. .White
teacher of vocal and insLrurnental
music 'I prrns ftn ;nn iraMfiri.

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