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- . )
THIS WEEK, openings goods, packing"
) . ' . I . i ; . .
them away and selling them.
We are too busy
tisement now, but
stock later.
Do you want to buy groceries? If
you do you should not fail to call and
see me. 1 carry a full line. j
I have also the best shad, &c,
brought to this market. j
Fish Days-FRIDAY and SATUR
DAY. Call and see me. . - ,
Yours truly,
did eyes sparkle with the
light of health, unless its glow also
rented upon the checks. Are you
afflicted with
blemishes of
Remove them
i by. usins: the
'simplest, most
eiiective, yet
harmless rem-
'cdy which is
know5 to civili
zation. Thous-
ands freely attest the virtues of
Madame A. Ruppert's Face Bleach
and none beve never used it who
do not pronounce its actum won
derful. All of her preparations
are universally extolled. We are
now offering them in our toilet
and perfumery department. Face
Bleach is $2.00 for a- single bottle.
Lute !
A Complete Lino of Building Material
- , o ,.
When you want a house you will find
everything necessary to its j
' completion within our j
Tvo "verv necessary adjuncts to our
FLKET is the Famous Limetonj
(Va ) lime wood-burnt and the I
best on the market, now on j
sale. Also the exclu- '
sive sale of- the j
manufactured by H. W. John's Mfg.
Co., New York, which is now in stock.
Cordially, -I
C. A. RICK, j
1 T V J
to write an adver
will tell you of our
COLD WORLD this would be if
ure hadn't supplied us with the
her material to heat it. lhis world
ran on a coal basis: It is a necessity
verybody. There are all grades,'
we keep nothingJut the very best
our superior
i (okioinal)
Qjhe best burning Coal, the cleanest
OoaL no soot or clinkers, no slate or
siadk. tlie most desirable Coal known.
anq; every ton guaranteed io piease
you as well as prices. Also a superior
grape oi
(All sizes.)
dFull weight, guaranteed.
P nc Apple Snow,-
all the popular drinks now on
. sale at
Cuthrell's Drug Store.
'OSITORIKS, Capsules of Ointment and two
; rf Ointment. A nevrr-failincr rnr. frr Piloc
fery nature and degree. It makes an operation
me Kinie, wmcn is painiui, ana otien results
disease? We pack a Written Guarantee in each
i do. ino ur?, io ray. 50c. ana si a box. 6 loi
$5. pent by mail. Samples free y ".
OINTMENT, 25o- and 50o.
CONST I PAT 1 0 N ?afn;jlf:tv',?if.d
LQOD PURIFIER". Small, mild and pleasant
especially adapted for children's use. so
losqs 25 cents.
EE. A vial of these famous little Pellets will
ven with a $1 box or more of Pile Cure.
for sale only by e
if JjJimiss, Druggist , -
Boundary Lines
oALilfcJliuK Y TOW NSII11 .
Pursuant to the provisions of Sec. 5
of the election law of 18ij as amend
ed by the session of 1897 it is hereby
ordered that an election precinct to
De Known as spencer precinct be es-
taoiisned in Salisbury township with
boundaries as follows, to-wjt:
Beginning at the cross i ner on theN.
C. ' liailroad at John I. Trexler's,
thence in an southeasterly course with
the road or cartway to the old Spring
Hill ford across Town creek -near the
residence of Thomas Holmes, leaving
said residence in the East Ward pre
cinct, thence down Town creek to its
ntersection with Crane creek and the
line of Providence township, thence
with theine of Providence township
to the Yadkin rFver.Uhence with said
river to the mouth of Grant's creek
tnence up said creek to the mouth of
Sugar Springs branch, thence up said
praucn to the bugar spring and thence
east to the N. C Railroad, thence
with the center of the said railroad to
the beginning.- 1
The polling place of said Spencer
precinct to be at or near Sledge's drug
store. .'
The boundary lines of the North
Ward precinct are changed and es
tablished as follows:
Beginning at the fountain in the
center of the public square of the
town or Salisbury, thence with the
center of Main street in a southwest
direction to the center of Fisher
street, thence with the center of
b isher street to center of Ellis street,
thence southwest with center of Ellis
street to center of Horah street,
thence northwest with center of Hor
ah street and its extension until it in
tersects the Statcsvillc public road,
thence with the center of Statesville
road to Grant's creek, thence down
said creek to the mouth of -ugar
Springs branch, thence up said branch
to Sugar spring, thence east to the N.
C. Railroad, thence with the center
of said railroad to the center of the
Bringle Ferry road at the railroad
crossing near John S. Henderson's,
thence with said Bringle Ferry road
to its intersection with the old Lex
ington road, thence with the old Lex
ington road to the Lee street crossing
on the Western N. C. Railroad, thence
with the center of said railroad to
Main street crossing, thence with the
center of Main street to the begin
Polling place at Court House.
The boundary lines of the South
ward precinct are changed and estab
lished as follows: ,
Beginning at the fountain in the
center of the public- square of the
town of Salisbury, thence southwest
with the center of Main street to the
cemetery branch, thence down said
branch to Town creek, thence up
Town creeK to L,itaKer townsuip line,
tnence witn tne nneoi LataKer town
ship to Providence township line,
thence with Providence township
line to the Stokes Ferry road, thence
with the center of said road and the
the center of In-niss street to the be
Polling place at City Hall.
The boundary lines of the East
Ward precinct are changed and estab
lished as follows:
Beginning at the fountain in the
center of lhe public square of the
town of Salisbury, thence in a north
east direction with the center of Main
street to the center of tlie W. N. C.
Railroad, thence in an 'asterly direc
tion with the said railroad to the Lee
street or Lexington road crossing,
thence with the old Lexington road
to its intersection with the Bringle
Ferry road, thence with.the center of
the Bringle Ferry road to . the center
of the s. U. Kailroad, thence with
the center of the said N. C. Railroad
to the crossing at John I. Trexler's,
thence in a southeasterly course with
the road or cartway to the old Spring
II ill ford across Town creek near the
residence of Thomas Holmes, taking
said residence m the East Ward pre
cinct, thence down Town creek to its
intersection with Crane creek and
Providence township' line, thence
with the line of said township to the
Stokes Ferry road, thence with tlie
Stokes Ferry road and Inniss street to
the beginning. .
Polling place to, be at or near T. L.
Swink's store.
The boundary Uine of the West
Ward precinct are changed and estab
lished as follows:
Beginning in the- middle of the
street at the intersection of Main and
Fisher streets, thence with the cen
ter of Fisher street1 northwest to the
center of Ellis street, thence south
west with the center o:c Ellis street
to the center of Horah street thence
with center of Horah street and its
extension to the center of the States
ville public road, thence with center
of said road to Grant's creek, thence
up said creek to Locke ?io.wn ship line,
thence with said line to Litaker town
ship line, thence with Litaker town
ship line-to Town creek, tnence down
Town crerkto the mouth oi tne cem
etery branch, f ence up said branch
to Main street, thence northeast with
the center of Main street to the be-
trinhincr. .-. '
Polling place at or near Baker's tin
Given under my hand Sept. 3, 1898.
Clerk Superior Court
I have just thoroughly renovated and
newiy iiilcu up tne
3 blocks from detot on Main street,
near fountain, and am prepared to
accommodate 20 regular boarders at
$3.50 TO $4.00 A WEEK.
Transient boarders '
$I.OO TO. $1.50 A DAY.
Salisbury N. C. Proprietor.
Don't fail to put in one of Barkley's
Terra Cotta Cemented Wells; ; also
god line Pumps. Reference: B. Lee
Wright, KerrGraige, Jr. Trantham,
P. D. Iloueche.
The Spanish Woman Takes Love
Very Seriously.
Boston Herald. '
The Spanish I women are ardent
.' ! . . . . .
m tempernient, less so in their
northern provinces than in cn-
ral and southern Spain, and they
are jealous and devoted. . They
take love very seriously It
would be impossible for them to
eomprehenii how a girl could pass
through many engagements. When
they marry they are faithful, and
they exact -like ' - loyalty of
their h usbands, but are noj al
ways so sure of it. ' . J , ..
But, on the whole Spanish
households are happy, and the
sense of" home is verv stronsr in
Xhe hearts of
the masses of the
To say that there
0 j
Spanish nation J
are no frivolous women in Spain,
no coquettes, no faithless women
would be to say that Spain is
paradise and has a carefully se
lected population; but it is a fact
not to be set aside that Spanish
women are noted for their virtue
and their passionate devotion to
the man of their choice.
The Andalusian goes abroad to
see and be seen she could not un
derstand that her beauty her
great and eloquent eyes and her
pretty feet were not to be ad-
mired of menJ
Biit she is just as
as if she fed on
gfooa a woman
prunes and kept a prism in her
mouth. Whenlshe was moqlded,
the Bon Dieiix was contented;
here was something exquisitely
feminine, enchanting and a -great
gift for man. If Adam had mar
ried an Andalusian be would
never have got off so easily after
his cowardly! performance. His
black-eyed Eve would have given
him a piece of her mind, andper-:
baps have transfixed his heart
with a little shining dagger, and
so we should all of us have been
saved the .bother of this world
and the swarm of theologians who
have gone mad interpreting the
riddle of the universe, laboriously
cracking empty nuts. j
Henry Wendboff, of Mauch
Creek, Aa., is perhaps the only
armless and legless millionaire ,on
earth. He was dismembered in a
railroad accident 20 3'ears ago.
Mr. Wendboff ba if our artificial
limbsf which cost him $25,000, and
with these he manages to get along
very well. He weighs 200 pounds
and is of an unusually cheerful
disposition. . -
DeWittV Witch Hazel Salve
has the largest sale of any Salve in
the world. This fact and its merit
has led dishonest people to attempt
to counterfeit it. Look out for
the man who attempts to deceive
you when you call for DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve the great pile
cure. James Jrlummer.
A stubborn cough or tickling
in the throat yields to One Minute
Cough Cure. Harmless in effect,
touches the right spot, reliable
and just what is wanted. It acts
at once. James Hummer.
'Tis autumn now that glorious
time when woods are clothed with
bright-hued leaves and- politi
cians take the stump and calmly
call each other
(Va.) Observer.
More than twenty million free
samples of DeyittV Witch Hazel
Salve have been distributed by the
man uf act u rers.
proof of their
merits do you
What better
confidence 'in it's
want? It cures
piles, burns, scalds, sores, in the
shortest space 'of time.' James
One Minute
Cough Cure
prises people by its quick cures
and children may take it in large
quantities without the least danger.
It has won fpr itself the best rep
utation of any preparation used to
day for colds, (proup, tickling in
the throat or obstinate coughs.
James Plummer. f
. Truth wears well. People have
learned that DeWitt's Little Early
Risers are reliable little pills for
regulating the bowels, curing
constipation ""and sick headache.
They don't gripe. James Plummer.
Gone to tlae STorthe
Fall and Winter Goods
CoIIeptiag' Agents
Dealers m Lime,
J. S. McCubbins," Jr.
Southern Railway.
This tt)ndensert schedule is published as
information and is subject to change- with
out notice to the public."-.
Trains leave Salisbury, N C
8:45 p m No 35, daily for Atlanta and Char
lotte Air Line division and all points south
and southwest; carries through Pullman
drawinjr room buffet sleepers between New
York, Washington, Atlanta and New Or
leans, Charlotte and Birmingham. ; Pullman
tourist car for San Francisco Wednesdays
via New Orleans and Southern Pacific.
H:17 p m No 'S7i .daily, Washington and
Southwestern Limited lor Atlanta, Birming
ham, Memphis, "Montgomery, Mobile and
New Orleans and all points South and South
west ; through Pullman sleeper New York to
New Orleans and New York to. Memphis ;
dining car, vestibuled coach between Vash
ington and Atlanta. - ,
T :10 a m - No 8, daily for Richmond ; con
nects at Greensboro for Raleigh, Goldsboro,
Morehead City, Norfolk and Winston.
10:30 a m No 11, daily for Atlanta and all
points South ; solid trains Richmond to At
lanta; Pullman sleeping car Richmond to
Greensboro; connects at Spartanburg for
Ashevllle. ' . - -
10:47 a m No 3G daily for Washington,
Richmond, Raleigh and all points North ; car
ries through Pullman drawing room buffet
sleeper New Orleans to New York; Jackson
ville to New York; Birminghani toCharlotte;
Pullman tourist car from San Francisco
Mondays via New Orleans and South Pacific;
close connections at Greensboro for Raleigh,
Goldsboro and Morehead City. -
9:34 p m No 38, daily, Washington and
Southwestern Limited for Washington and
ail points North ; Pullman sleeper Charlotte
toliichmond ; close connection at Greensboro
with through sleeper for Norfolk. . .
8:00 p m No 12, daily for Richmond, Ral
eigh, Goldsboro and all points North ; con
nects at Salisbury for Ashevllle. Knoxville,
Chattanooga and Nashville; connects at
Greensboro with train carrying Pullman car
for Norfolk,: ' .
10:05 a m No 11. W N C, leaves for Ashe
ville and points West.
8:50 p m No 15, W N C, leaves for all points
,12:30 p m Yadkin train leaves for Nor
wood. First sections of all scheduled freight
trains carry passengers between points at
which they are scheduled to stop.
Frank S Gannon, 3d V P and Gen. Mgr.
' , Washington, D. C.
John M Culp, Traffic Manager, ,
, W A Turk, Gen, Passenger Agt.,
S 11 Hardwick, Ass't Gen. Passl Agt..
:, N Atlanta, G a.
SL Vernon. Travelling Pass. Agt.,
South Tryon Street, Charlotte.
New Enterpi'ise.
. Wc have opened a wood yard and
will cut and furnish wood to custo
mers any length desired at 50c. per
one (1) horse load.
Yours to please,
r . '"
1 1
Cement, Hair, &c.
Chas. B. Jordan.
D I A R R !! 0 E
Family Ten Cent
Diarrhoea Remedy,
Prepared and for sale only by j
T. F. Kbittz & Co.
Hey, There !
this is the place you want !
We have all kinds of
All our meats will be found
rich and tender, and being
in the prJmest condition
when, dressed contains
great nutritive qualities.
Our prices are less than
such meat is sold for else
. where,

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