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of all kinds, and
call on !
VOL. IV. NO. 30.
10 Cents Per "Week
I ' i i : ' ' ' " '. '. ' - . i ' ' k ' '' I ' ! : : ! : 1 .
Mr. Wilson Writes of the Big Storm
Which Visited That Place. j
The following was received from
Mr. E. A. Wilson by the Sun this
morning: j
! Brunswick, Ga., Oct. 2, '98.
Salisbury Sun This city has j ust
passed through the worst storm
and tidal wave it has ever experi
enced. I suffered very little loss.
The Southern ! Rail way lost prob
ably ten thousand in wharf prop
erty and buildings and about 2,
500 bales of cotton. Very few
people who had anything to lose
but lost something. j
The wind reached a velocity of
70 miles an hour and the water
flooded the city. J
Many vessels broke lose from
their moorings and are high ai d
dry today, one being across a
track to their dock 4 miles from
the city. The waves were 10 ft.
high in the river here. j
One man was killed, and several
MA ren drowned. The loss to
city and shipping is estimated
E. A. Wilson
Tax Collecting. j
Sheriff Monroe will start on his
tax collecting round on the 17th of
the month. ) His first place
visit will be Mt. Vernon.
Annual Conference.
pfinfp.rp.nce of the
. J.UO ilui-luM ' - ., j
Methodist church in the Western
part of North Carolina will , be
uaii k;c vonr at Winston, begin-
ning on the 17th of next month.
The stewards . of the Church
Street church met last night and
will meet again to-night at Whit
lock and Rainey's. They are ar
ranging to settle up their pastor's
salary. This is Rev. Mr. Marr'slast
year at this place as he has been
here four years. j
Its Terrible.
This expresses the condition j ofc
Council street from Main to the
depot. Between Main and Lee
streets there is no travel possible
as the way is blocked with lumber
and an open ditch in which the
gas pipes are being placed, and
f rvny-Lce uC to the depot it is im
"possible for two vehicles to pass
on account of the ditch and dirt
which has been taken out of it.
This causes much inconvenience as
Council is one of the principal
streets of the city.
Bright Comedy.
Cohan and Graham take great
pleasure in presenting to the, citi
zens of Salisbury next Monday
night one of the brightest comedies
intheir repertoire, "The Strange
Adventures of Miss Brown."
The' play deals with a young
army officer, in disguise of a
school girl, sojourning in an Acad
emy for young ladies while in
search of his wife, whose guardian
separated them on the eve of their
marriage. j
The complicated situation puts
the audience in one continual roar
of laughter; from start to finish.
The Company is said to be one of
the best on the road, numbering 20
Fresh Pork at Marablo's.
For Rent A nice 6-100111 cottage
convenient to Main Street and depot
near corner of Lee and Fisher St.! re
cently vacated by M. L. Ritch. j
11. V. Lanier.
and fever is a bottle of Orovr's Tastkt.ess
Chiii. Tonic, i Never fails tocure; then why
experiment with worthless imitations? Trice
50 cents. Your money back if it fails to cure.
COME AND SEE my new Milli
linery. AH the latest novelties in
Ribbons Feathers, Velvets and Hats
On lo.r cast of postoftice.
Williams and Lewis Address
Railroad Men.
R. railroad men's meeting, as an
nounced in the Sun . Monthly and
Tuesday, was held in the' court
house last night. Messrs. : H. O-
Ulillianis, one' of the secretaries of
thb International' Association, and
Wu M. Ixjwis, State secretary for
North and South Carolina, ad
dressed .the men. There was a
fair crowd present at the meeting.
Both speakers awakened much in
terest in the audience and were
listened to attentively. ;
The object of the meeting was
to place the matter of erecting a
Y M. C. A. building at Spencer
before the shop people and to en'
lit t the railroad men in the cause.
The Southern Railway ; Com
pany has already been asked to
donate $5,000 towards the associa
tion building and to set apart $100
por mohtli to hejp conduct it. The
rs ilroad men are asked to join the
association, each member to pay a
due of $3.00 yearly.
Already, we learn, about 200
names have been secured. Sever
al were added last night. It is be
li ived that when a sufficient num
bi r of names have been sccu red
and sent to the Southern, that the
company- will comply .with the re
q lest of the association and give
the mOney for the building. 5
We learned from Mr. Lewis
that the Southern Railway Com;
piny looks upon the establish
ment of railroad associations with
favor, and he spoke pretty con
fi lently that the Southern would
h ip the men erect a building and
sustain it.
Reduced Rates. 1
On account of the first annual
Statefair of Virginia at Norfolk
the Southern will
one fare for round
sell tickets at
trip, tickets on
side Oct! 4-0. i!u
iA) cents for one
mission to the. fair.-
ngerous Di
John Cor
Correll, a colored .r dray-
itian. drove iiis team into trie ras
pipe ditch near the I'assenger de
1 7 " '
dot last night. There was no dan
sio-nal un at the end where
John drove in. Fortunately no
m r- a.
amaffe was done.
Col. Cowles Here
Lieut. Col. A. D. Cowles spent
'fisterdav in Salisbury and left
last night for his home in States
Slle to snentl a short while. The
bloncl is about recovered from
he effect of his accident in Raleigh
stSme few months ago by which he
broke his leg. He is able to walk
sbme without the aid of a cane.
Boy Drowned in the Yadkin.
j News has reached Winston, says
the Sentinel, of the drowning -of
(paries Bolin, aged 17 years, in
the Yadkin river near ! Panther
(Creek, on Sunday afternoon. It
appears that young Bolin and four
qr five boys, with that number of
Voung ladies, went to the river for
A boat ride. The boys went across
I . 1 111 1 il A
ih nn o r hoat. All OI Uieui 1TOL
Jut but Bolin vhen
gan to leak and go
bovs tried to save
boat be-
down. The
their friend,
too deep and
but the water was
their efforts proved futile.
llodv was recovered. ' V-
Fresh Oysters at Lloyd Swieegood's
ti)-day, 30c. per qt. j I
i Millinery, notions, wraps, in-
tahts o-oods. silks, satins, ribbons
find everything else pretty. The
prettiest line of baby caps in town
tit Mrs. B. D.TIurleyV, the Fisher
street milliner.
m. . i- . ..II .1 - 11 niMTl.irL!
in ax is ine way an urussisissii uivvj j - -j
t hills :md Fever. It is simply Iron an,d
,uiuin in a tasteless form. Children love
it. Adults prerer it to inner, nauseating
Tonics. Priced) cents.
. . , . - , , ,
-l - - -'
l(,r v 'S
The Sun is pleased to lje able to present to its patrons to
day the picture of Hon. Theo. F. Kluttz, the Democratic
candidate for Congress inAthe Seventh Congressional District,
lie was nominated for this honorable position on July the
20th, by the '.Democratic convention of -the. jSevcnth District!,
at Statesville. Mr. Kluttz is a most excellent gentleman
He is now in the field making a strong canyjass, and is also
making friends for the Democratic party, j lllis election, as
representative from the district
garded as almost a certainty.
liss Jennie Sapp canie up from
Concord last night.
Kev. S. S. Bost returned to
Durham this morning. :
Contractor Probst, of Concord,
was in the city to-day. ( ,
Mrs. W. K. Barker returned
last night from Concord. j
Deputy Collector Mills returned
last night from Asheville.
v S. L. Can up and daughter went
to Asheville this morning to spend
a day or two.
Clarence Kluttz left to-day for
Philadelphia to resume his studies
in the University of Pennsylvania.
A. S. Heilig and mother and
Mrs. J. G. Heilig left this morn
ing for Washington and Balti
more. '
John Hedrick, who went to Ken
tucky with the cattle of the Mea
dow Stock Farm, returned to
city last night.
Mrs. W. A. Tubbs -and
grand-daughters, of Washington
City, are visiting Mr. Thos. P.
Johnston and Mrs. Alex Parker.
Public Speaking.
There will be a public speaking
at Chestnut Hill
school house
Friday night,
October 7th, at
which time Walter Murphy, Esq.,
will address the Democratic club.
Kluttz and Caldwell.
: Hon; Theo. F. Kluttz, Demon
crat, and, Hon. M. II. II. Cald
well j Populist, candidates for Con
gress in this district, will speak at
Salisbury, Saturday, night, Octo
ber 8th. Everybody is respect
fully invited to come out and hear
these gentlemen.
. 1 '
FOR RENT A lame 18 room house.
Conveniently situatednear 11. R. de
pot. Suitable for manufacturing, or
other purposes. " -
Mrs. P. A. Fiiercks.
Good Things to Eat Cocoa
'nuts, Chestnuts, Bananas, Grapes,
Apples, Cakes, Crackers, Dried
Beef, etc. just in at Young's store.
FOR RENT: My store hear
Shober's bridge.
C. W. Poo
1 Take Laxative . Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All Drnjrgists refund the money if it fails to
cure. .25 cents,
to the next Congress, is re
The cit3' is
being; billed for the
State fair.
Messrs, Kluttz and Caldwell
T will speak -here Saturday night.
Another shipment of shoe bar-
received to-day. Burt
Shoe Co. j
Weather forecast: - Threateli
mg weather trnight. Fair, cooler
Thursday. !
The opcniiis; at Harry Brothers
last night and to-day' attracted a
large number
of people. !
Rev. W.
II. Stubblcbine wTill
conduct prayer, meeting at the
Baptist church to-night.
After the grayer meetihg at the
Lutheran church to-night 'there
will be a council meeting.
George Goodyear is out looking
for a good home for rent. George
is not married but he wants a
Revenue Oj nicer Britt has seized
t w o m o re . pack ages of w h iskey
since the seizure he made at the
'ii 1 .
depot yesterday morning, j
Mrs. M. EL Parrish was called to
Johnson, S.l C.V by the serious
illness of her brother. She left
fpr that placo last night. -
The teachers of the county held
an interesting meeting here Satur
day. Theirnext meeting will be
held on Saturday the 29th. j
1 We have
of phonogr
just received a big lot
ph records. If you
want any, better ?make .your se
lection at once. E. W. Burt & Co.
I. Lichtenstein has a nev ad in
the Sun to
have the pre
day. He claim to
tiest line of fall and
. -. . ' 1
Winter goods ever seen in Salis
bury. f '
The regular monthly business
meeting" of 'the Young People's So
ciety of Christian Endeavor will
be held to night directly after
prayer meeting at the Presbyte
rian church.'
The county
dates and Messrs. Overman and
Julian, candidates for the j Legis
lature, willbe with Sheritf Mon
roe at anunjber of places during
his round of j tax collecting..
Cotton Vests for ladies 15c.-
Carolina Rac
Mr. Cauble Caught Alex Barger ! In
ills Hen House Last Night.
Last night about 12 o'clock Mr.
Louis Cauble, who lives in the
western part of the -pity, caught
old man Alex Barger colored, in
his chicken coop.. Barger was
ordered to come out ? but he was
reluctant and a pistol ball was
fired into the coop.' The negro
then came out and started toward
M r. Cauble but several shots from
the same pistol made! him change
his course.
lie jumped a - fence but was
caught by Mr. - Charlie Overcash
lock-up. It
the bullets
pistol had
to the city
was found that one of
from Mr.. Cauble's
through B
La rare r
shoulder. . ' t
. This morning Mayor Linn bound
Barger bver to court! The negro
said he lisitl started to walk to China
1 - - --"'- if
Grove and had gone into the coop
to spend the night. The chickens
began making a fuss and he was
preparing to leave, he said, when
some one ordered him out and be
gan shooting at him. !
Barger's house was' searched to
day by officers who found a num
ber of stolen articles. !
Mr. Cauble and his neighbors
have recently had a large n um ber
of chickens stolen and they ! were
on the watch-out for the thief.
Invited to Meet at St. James' Church,
Concord, Next Month.
The State Luther
League meets
next month. This
be the
second -annual meeting of the
, 11 . ...'. (
League of the. State, the first hav
ing been held' in Salisbury last
be he
will probably
d in Concord as the St.
congregatiori'Of that place
1 -
lias ex
tended an invitation to the
committee to meet with them.
City School.
1 -
Work on the city! graded school
building is progressing, and it is
thought that the next session J of
school k;an be commenced on Mon-
r ' . . i i.
day, the 21th of this month.
To the Normal.
Misses Myrtie Scarboro and
Alice Rcndleman left last night for
Greensboro where they will enter
the State Normal School. j
I- - ' 't- .'.-' 1
A number of young ladies passed
through to-day going to the Nor
mal, and several went' from here
this morning. They were Misses
Henrie McNeely, (Sadie Kluttz,
Bessie Bost, Mary Ramsay, Elea
nore Watson, and Kate and Rosa
Bailey, of Woodleaf.
No Telephone Service To-night.
1 i!
There, will be no service of the
telephone system to-night from 8
to 12 o'clock, on account of the
central office being; moved. j
E. O. HeinsJ
Railroad Notes.
( ...
four: engmgs, 1 recently over
hauled, were turned out at the
Spencer shops last week. ,
Freight traffic is quite heavy on
the Western, now.
The shipping of
chestnuts from
the Western part of the State has
T. J. Brown, of Compnny L,
First N. C., came home yesterday
on the late train j from Jackson
ville.! He reports that there was
quite a storm at' Jacksonville Sun
No great damage is report-
' ijome ana .vsee my pretty nats
anil bring your Ifriends " with you.
Yours to serve, Mrs. B. D. Ilur
JeyJ the Fisher, street milliner, j
Negro Taken From Jail in Maryland
Early This Morning.
special, dispatch to TnjE sun
Annapolis, Maryland, Oct. '.1'
Smith Wright, a negro accused
of assaulting Mrs. John Morrison,
was taken from jail early j this
morning and riddled with bullets.
Brings Sick Soldiers and Discharged
Teamsters From Santiago, j
Norfolk Oct. 5." The transport
Panama arrived from Santiago at
Hampton Roads this morning.
She was detained at 'the quaran
tine. I
The Panama has a hundred and
sixty-eight sick; soldiers from
Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois
regiments, a few passengers, dis
charged teamsters and a few army
officers. -.They, bad a pleasant
voyage. - j
Death rate is comparatively
small at Santiago, which' has un
dergone complete transformation.
The sick will be placed in the hos-
pital at Fort Monroe.
To Sell the Remnants.
Madrid, Oct. 5. The Govern
ment has authorized Capt. Aunon,
Minister of Marine, to sell the
Spanish war vessels in Cuban
waters to Dominican and other re
publics desiring to purchase.
Canvass of Philippine Situation.
j 1'aris, ci. o.' ' ine uniieu
States Peace Commission held its
usual session from 10 to 1 o'clock
to-day. They continued in con
ference with Geri. Merrit, practi
cally concluded and extended the
canvass of the Philippine I situa
tion. Members refused to dis
cuss the views of Merrit or
Dewey in regard to the iolicy to
be pursued toward the people of
the Philippines.
Nothing could be learned as to
whether they recommended the
retention or evacuation by Ameri
can forces.
It is learned that Dewey handed
Merrit a communication setting
forth his judgment on the sub
ject which is submitted with the
report of the American military
officers at Manila, touching the'
condition of the island.
The Sixth Moving.
Wikoff, Oct. 5. The Sixth cav
alry, under command of Maj.
Lebo,sJeft camp this morning for
r-r ti a 1 "I
riuntsvuie, Aia.
Fitz Ha Sad News.
special, DisrATcn to THE sun.
New York. Fitzsimons, prize
fighter, received a cable from New.
Zealand this morning announcing
that his father died td-day.
Demands Withdrawal of Troops.
special, dispatch to sun.
Constantinople.' A - collective
note from England, FranceJ Italy
and Russia, demanding the with
drawal of troops frm the Island of
Crete was presented to the Turkish
GovernhienCtbis morning.
- New Mills.
N special, dispatch to the sun
Weldon, N. C, Oct. 5. Two
new textile mills are soon) to be
built at this place. -
Fine line of capes and jackets to
be seen at Mrs. B. D. Hurley's,
the Fisher street milliner.
All wool yd. wide dress flannel, 25c.
Carolina Racket.

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