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FOR CAKES Vy' - 1 Tl' . . . '
irsr. .- fen M mmm$yirir
'yf ;v .:.'J
10 Loi7E2 for at
10 Cents Per "Week
VOL. I Y. NO. 60.
In a Head-End Collision on the West
ern Near Hickory This Morning.
There was a head-end collision
four miles this side rof Hickory
this morningv about 2 orclock in
which Engineer T. Y. Walton was
killed and several others of the
train crews were injured.
Mr. Walton was in charge of a
light engine No. 224, going from
Spencer to Asheville. On the
main line four miles east of Hick
ory this engine collided with east
bound freight train, No. 74, En-
srineer John Cline in the cab. . "
Renorts from the scene of the
collision are that the two engines
and six cars were demolished En
gineer Walton was killed and two
brakemen were injured.
The track was blockaded and
the east-bound fast train due here
at 10:30 tins morning was delayed
several hours.
Mr. Waltor was' unpopular en
gineer He lived at Spencer. Mrs.
Walton and Charlie, brother of
the deceased, accompanied by Rev.
D. P. :Tate and Mrs. Gambol and
Mrs. Eagle left this morning for
Hickory. Mr. Walton's- remains
will be interred at Morganton, the
home of his relatives. '
It is learned that iFireman Os
car Moody, of the freight train,
was also killed.
Echoes of Yesterday's Election.
' We lost the State" remarked
one negro to another at the depot
this morning. Itwasf truly a tight
of white against black and the
i . -
whites were victorious. .
I carried Boone township by a
majority of 100" is the report M r.
Phillip Sowers, a heretofore Re
pudlican, brings from Davidson
county to the Democratic head
quarters -W hen such influential
men as Mr. Sowers come over to
the Democratic, or white man's
party, it is no wonder there was a
landslide in the State.
It can be j truthfully said that
the Populists in the county . con
tributed very little towards the
Democratic majority, but the Re
publicans in good numbers voted
the Democratic ticket helping to
raise the majority to J he number
of 1450. ' ; "
Real Circus Ariels-
. - " ''... - ,
Flying, with or yithout wings,
bas hitherto been deemed impos
sible to man; i but the worderful
and daring male and female Euro
pean, Asiatic arid American aerial--ists'
with the combined great Ad
am Forepaugh-Sells Brothers cir
cuses appear to have artistically
solved the problem. At all events,
many of their tremendous . flights
dives, leaps, evolutions, catches
and buoyant movements in mid
air seem far beyond the physical
limitations of wingless creatures.
Such a .sensational ami startling
exhibition by such a number of
great artists is without precedent
or parakll.
All; tiicin I ers of 4 lMy Friend
from India" will please meet at
Pythian Hall to-night for a full re
hearsal. It is especially desired
that each member be present
promptly at 8 o'clock.
- FOR RENT A nice comforta
ble six-room cottage, near corner
Fisher ami Lee streets. Apply to
R. V. Lanier. .
Fou Rent Two story brick store
house on Fisher street opposite Bos
tian and Atwell. Apply to Robert L.
Shaver. . 4
; Dr. W. II. Wakefield,' of Char
lotte, N. C, will be in Salisbury,
at Central hotel, on' Friday,. Nov.
25th for this one day. His prac
tice is limited to Eye, Ear, Nose
and Th mat. !
I 1 . . ri - I I V
I 11;
Democrats Got Everything
?hey Voted for Yesterday.
The Rowan Democracy is iubi-
lant tp-day, and wby should't thoy
be. (They won every thing thoy
voted, for yesterday. '
Returns show that Wiley Rush,
Democratic candidates for solictor
in this district is elected.
Hon. TF. Kliittz is elected to
the r ouse of representatives, ; as
gathered from returns last night.
Messrs. Glenn and Thomas, De
mocratic candidates" for State sen
ate were elected;
lie urns from the county are all
in. The two precincts not iucti
tione 1 in this morning's! editibn of
the Sun are gi ven ImjIow. .-. Dem o -crats
carried every township in
"the county but one -Steele and
losttiat by only a shiall vote.
' Sc tch Irish gives a Democratic
majority, of 28.
. Ia: eke township gives a Demo
crati i majority of 25. f
Tennbssee Synod. ;
The Tennessee Lutheran Synod
meets - to-morrow, at DanuTs
church, Lincoln county. Rev. C.
L. Miller and a party of five dele
gated from Davidson county passed
through this morning on their way
to attend the synod.
Rev. W; A. Lutz also passed
ugh this morning on his way
to the ynodf He will represent
the N. C. Synod.
Child Burned to Death.
A little child of Mr. L. M. Hols
hous3r, who lives , near Rockwell,
was jurned to death yesterday
even ng. The child was left on
the bed 1 while its parents were
picking cotton. The bed clothing
caugpt tire and the result was tjhe
child "was burned - to- jeattr. The
interment was made today at
Lower Stone church. -
Derailed. '.
Fram the Charlotte Q'server
we see that the Southern passen
ger tram wnicn ,ieip nere yesier
day at 10:30 going: south, was de
raile at Belmont, and was, as a
consequence of the accident, de
laved trve hours. JNo one ; was
The Arctic region is so heavily
blocked with ice that Pearey's
steamer Winward, has no possi
bility of getting out this season.
Uncle Sam wants Cuba, Porto
Rico and the Philippines but what
the American people desire4 above
all aid will have is "Grape" sun
cured tobacco. , ,
THE FIGHT: You can get 50
loaves of Bread for $1.00 at A. Parker's.
Soothing, ' healing, cleansing,
De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve is
the implacable enemy of sores,
burn 4 and wounds; It never fails
to cure Piles. You may rely up
on it James Plummer.. ' ,
THE beSt prescription for chills
and feVer is a bottle of Grove's TASTRkEes
Chill Tonic. Never fails tocure; then why
experijnent with worthless imitation? lrjce
50 cents. Your money back If It lain to cure.
' Thai Is t he wav all druggists sell GKO VI . H
Chills-land Fever. It is simply Iron and
Quinirte in a tasteless form; Children love
it. Adults prefer it to bitter, nauseating.
Tonics.: Price 50 cents. . ;
W ien Spain blew up the Maine
she v ras insane and can never re
tain the high opinion of the Amer
ican as Grape Tobacco. '; y
Overcome' evil with good;
- t - . a
Overcome vour coughs and colds
IT " ' - .--
is so
One Minute Cough Cure. It
good children cry for it. It
cures croup, bronchitis, pneumo
nia, srrippe -and all l throat and
lungkliseases. James Plummer.
FOIl RENT, a nice 5-room cottage,
convenient to schools, churches and
business, comer lnniss nnd Caldwell
StsM a blocks from public square. Call
on Wl II. Overman & Co.
What about a torchlight pro
cession : . '
El kin shoes received' to-day.
Burt Shoe Co.
Weather Forecast: .Rain tonight
and Thursday. Colder. :
The 44 My Friend from India"
cast will have a rehearsal to-nigbt.
Dr. J. R. Brooks preaches at
Spencer Methodist church tonight.
; Oysters at the Flutter Show
Thursday evening served in any
style.,' ' . -
! The Euridice Club will meet
with Mrs- Thomas Murphy, Thursday-evening
at 4 o'clock.- " i ..
: Big. lot jf samples, mostly coarse
shtes, receive! and opened up to
day." Burt Shoo Co. ' . !-
Rowan, Mecklenburg, Johnston
and Halifax counties apparently
lead in the race for the Democrat
ic banner this year.
, Gentlemen take your oysters
at toe Flower- Show Thursday
night. . You can, patronize the
restaurants any time.
1 Dr. J. N. Stallings will preach
at Faith next Sunday sit 11 a. m
at China Grove at 3 p. m. and
Spencer at 7:30 p. m.
The Flower Show will open
60 Thursday evening. Oysters,'
Chicken ' salad, Ham sandwich
Cheese straws, Pickles, Beaten
biscuit, Tea, Coffee, Ice Cream ,
Cake will be served. '
All members of the Young Peo
ple's Society of Christian Endeav
or are urged to be, present at the
business meeting toe ight after
prayer meeting in the lecturo
room of the Presbyterian 'churchy
Flowers will not be ithe only ob
jetet of attraction at tfcte; Chrysan-
There will be lovely maidens to
serve a most tempting supper -and
it is Loped the gallant youths will
not be wanting. v " '
' A. H. Moore went to Charlotte
today. 0
." -
Mrs. W. J. Woodrum left this
morning for Virginia to visit rela
tives and friends.
, Mrs. Alice Coogan, who has been
visiting in the city left this morn
ing for Greensboro.
1 Mrs. J. H. Moore, Mrs. W. M.
Wiley and Miss Carrie McCanless
went-to Hickory this morning to
visit Mrs. Abenathy. .;
KluttrBy 5,000. v
; Hon. T. F. Klutlz has heard
from the ten counties constituting
this ; district. The- returns show
that he has a majority of . ,5,000
over Mr. Caldwell. Mr. Klnttz
carried every county and his ma
jorities run from 200 to 1,50Q. -
Caldwell had no showing, at all,.
loosing even his home county by
several hundred.
f Go to MarabloV ; Satu rday for
fine select ovsters. Also fresh
meats of all Kinds.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
AU Druggists refund the money if it fails to
cure. 25 cents.
Contractor and Builder.---! have
moved into the Overman building on
Main' street. My office is in the rear
room formerly! occupied by R. L. &
VV. H. Crawford Insurance Agents.
Those who propose building would do
j well to see me. . Will, be glad to wait
" - ' A tt - r
'- The sooner a qough or cold is
cured without harm to the suflferer
the bettor. Lingering colds are
dangerous. Hacking? cough is
distressing. One Minute Cough
Cure quickly cures it. Why; suf
fer .when such a cough cure is
within reach ? It is pleasant to
the taste.! James PIuDimer.
A Sweeping Victory from One End of
-; the State to the Other.
Below is given a synopsis of the
returns from i all counties in the
State: ; - " ' : " - ''' ,; y
Alamance The entire Demo-
cratic ticket was elected by a big
ger majority than was expected.
Alexander Democrats, qarry by
majority of - 100 or 200. Demo
cratic legislative ticket elected.
Anson Every precinct has gone
Democratic, i- f . . h '
Ashe Doubtful. Democratic
gains in some towuships.
V ;Beauforl Undoubtedly Demo
cratic -:k . :
Brunswick jLroes fusion by
small majorityj' :
Buncombe Democratic by about
' Jiurke -Democratic legislative
ticket elected. Majority for judi
cial arid Senatorial candidates.
Cabarrus Democratic by several
hundred. f
, Camden Gone Democratic.
-u Carteret State, . Congressional
and Senatorial ticket wins by 150
to 300. i ' ' ; -J" r r
Cas wel 1 Indications favor De
mocrats, but nothings definite. ' .
Catawba Democratic by several
hundred. ; 1 ' ' j
Chatham Outlook for Demo
cratic ticket favorable but county
has probably gone fusion, t i
Cleveland Democratic ' majori
ty of 800. .
Columbus rFtisionists acknbwl
edge their defeat. J
Craven Fusion by greatly reduced-
majority. " '
- :,Cumberland-r-Safely Democrat
Currituck-f Senatorial ticket
winlby 500"riiaj:ority: '; 7 -: -, --- -1
Davidson Entire Democratic
ticket elected. Majority about
200; !''' ; '
Davie Democratic sheriff and
Register of Deeds elected. Fusion
legislative ticket by about 200.
Iredell- TOO majority for Dem
ocrats, i
. Johnson Democratic majority
2,000. ' . , ' '
Lenoir Entire Democratic tick
et elected. . . 1
Lincoln Indications are j that
the county has gone Democratic.
Martin loi majority for Dem
ocratic ticket. , . !
MeDowell Democratic, 4
Mecklenburg Democratic by
1,600.. .
Sloore r Democratic candidates and senate elected, i
i ? Nash Democratic.;
New Hanover Large Demo
cratic gains and a majority in the
county. j
Orange 3p0 majority for De
mocracy. ' Onslow Democratic-by 375.
Pasquotank Republicans con
cede defeat.
' Pender Democratic v by small
majority, it is thought.
Perquimans Both sides claim
victory. Not certain
Person Indications point to
Democratic victory,
Pitt Entire Democratic county
ticket electeI.
Polk Chances in favor of Den
ocratic. ticket. .
Randolph Very close. Milli
ken concedes Democratic legisla
tive ticket. -
.Richmond 700 majority! for
Robeson Democrats win by
Rowan Democratic by 1,450
majority. , .
Sampson Result in doubt.
Stanly Average i Democratic
majority; 550. . ' r -
Duplin No doubt of the coun
ty being safefy Democratic t
"Durham Majority 700 for
Democracy. 1 ;
Edgecombe 1000 majority for
the Democratic ticket.,; Demo
cratic senator and two represen
tatives. , Forsyth Republican majority
isgreatly reduced. Insures the
election ; of Glenn and Thomas,
state senators. .
v Gaston About 400 majority for
Democracy. ,
Granville Democratic ticket
Greene Too close kf claim.
: - Guilford Everything safely
Democratic. Majority probably
500. -
Halifax Majority of 50 to
iobo. .
Harnett Indications point to
Democratic victory.
Henderson Republican- major
ity irom 200 to 300.
Surry Democratic by small
majority. 1
; Transylvania Democratic by
small, majority;
Ty r rel 1 Probably Democratic.
Union 1000 Dena ocratic majority.--'
v. - v. v- J-'y
Vance Small Democratic gain.
Elect part of the ticket. '
Washington Large Democratic
gains. Fusion majority reduced.
Wayne 700 to 900 majority.
Wilson 500 Democratic. -
-v Wilkes County ticket Repub
lican by small majority.
Nearly all of the above returns
were sent in during last night- and
there will be some change, but not
enough to admit of the terming of
the election as anvthinjr but a De-
Tmocrattera15dslioTe7 1 . r . T.r
-..,.' 1 T . - v
r Mr. J. E. West s this morning
received the following dated - yes
from Newberne:; Every?
. quiet. The Republican
majority in the county is reduced
to about five hundred.:
Returns Received To-day.
Louisville,Ky.,Noy. 9. Repub
licans et one and Democrats ten
Congressmen, 1
Milwaukee, Wis. Nov. 9. The
State is Republican by twenty
thousand. Legislature is Republi-
can, . -w, ;
New pfork, Nov. 9i Legislature
is Republican in both branches and
will elect a Republican to suceed
Murphy, senator.' j ;
Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 9. Belated
returns indicate Republicans car
ried the State by twenty thousand,
Legislature is close and probably
Republican. Two Republican and
two fusion congressmen two in
doubt; !i
New' York, Nov; 9. Congress
man Slone, of Pennsylvania, chair
man of Coinage, j Weight ; and
Measu res com mi ttee, and Wal ker,
of Massachusetts, chairman .of
Banking and Currency committee
were defeated. ! v
New York, Nov.. 9. Croker
says he hasn't . given up hopes.
He still pins faith to later returns.
Nashville, Nov. 9.- Democratic
governor will have twenty five
thousand. ' Eight "i Democrats and
two Republicans to Congress.
a Minneapolis, Nov. 9 Lind,
ten sion, elected governor by
thousand; five out 'of seven con-,
gressmen are , Republicans; other
two are doubtful.
A complete line of ladies and chil
drehs underwear at the- Carolina
Racket. ' ' : j- 'J:P:---';-:
LostI A bunch of keys. Four
m ' 1 :
on ringL maer will please leave
same at Sun office.
Republicans 'and Democrats Claim
, Majority in Congress.
New- York, Nov. 9 The Even-
ing Sun says the House will be
safely Republican though the
present .majority of fifty-five over
all will be greatly reduced.
The Republicans lost ' in New
York and Illinois'but gained chief
ly in Nebraska, Kansas and Cali
fornia. The, Democrats claim J.he House
ty a small majority.. .
Washington, Nov. 9 Chair
man Babcock, of the Rej)ublican
Congressional Committee, says his
estimates to noon to-day ; indicate
at the very least twenty-five or
thirty majority in Congress.
Secretary Kerr, of the Demo
cratic Congressional Committee,
says his latest figures indicate
thirteen majority in Congress over
all. ' '
Governor Roosevelt.
New York; Nov: 9 The latest
returns say Roosevelt carries the
State by 16,000.
Republican Succeeds Gray. .
Wilmington, Del., Nov. 9 The
Delaware legislature is Republi
can and will elect a Republican to
succeed Senator Gray. The Re
publicans elected Congressman,
and State officers. ,
Mining Harbor.
Halifax, Nov. 9 -Cupt. Kent,
of the submarine, mining depart
ment received orders to-day from
the imperial authorities to have
the harbor v mined thoroughlv.
Every available man in the royal
engineering department will take
part. '
Advertised Letters - 1 .
Remaining in the Salisbury, N.
p.,postofiice for the week ending
November 9th, 1898. Persons
calling should ask for advertised
letter j and will be - required to pay?
one cent for each letter; . ,
I Males Rev. H. W. Aller, A4 IX
Bruton, R. L. Cannon, James;
Gaines, W. F. Hubby, W. B.
Howell, Elie AlcWing, R S.
cott, S. A. Straus, Mess. Ram
seur Moore. ,
I Females Miss Annie Flem
ming, Old Davidson, 2, Mrs. Mol
le Valestine, Mrs. Judy Harris,
Mrs. Mamie Harris, Mrs. Kate
Brown, Miss Lila Brown, Ida.
$teecT, Miss Ida Ross, Mrs. Nellie,
Rankin, Mrs. Overcash, Mrs.
Lizzie Mickey, Mrs. M.Lucy, Miss
W. O. Hudson, Mrs. Susan Gat
ling, Miss Lon Cochran, Cora C0I7
man, Lilio Boyden, Julia Baker.
J. H. Ramsay, P. M.
Yellow Jaundice Cured.
Suffering humanity should be
supplied with every means possi
ble for its relief. It is with pleas
ure we publish the following:
"This "is to "certify that I was a
terrible sufferer from Yellow
Jaundice for over six months, and
I; - - -
was treated by some of the best'
physicians in our city and all to no
avail. Dr. Bell, otii druggist,
recommended Electric Bitters; 'and
after taking two bottles, I was en
tirely cured. I now take great
pleasure in recommendinjthem to
any person suffering from this ter
rible malady. I am- gratefully
Ky." Sold by Theo. F: Kluttz &.
Uo., Uruggists.
When you ask for De Witt's
Witch Hazel alve don't accept a
counterfeit or imitation. There
are more cases of Piles being
cured by this,' than all others com
bined. James Plummer.
UOTICE: Clordon Lodcre No. 1fi8. I
O. O. F. meets every Monday night at
o'cincK "on 3ra hoot or James
Plummer's drug store. All visitors
are cordially invited.
Jacob jj-KLiUMAjN, Fin. Sect.

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