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VOL. IV. NO. 75.
10 Cents Per Week
Convened This Morning Number j of
Criminal Cases to be Tried. I
The November term of Rowan's
Superior Court convened this
morning,. Judge Allen presiding.
The grand jury chosen for the
term are: i ' I
C. T. Bernhardt, foreman ; E. K.
James, P. A. 1). Peeler, Alexan
der Parker, 11. B. Harris, K. F.
Carter, David Beaver, AW A. Mc
Corkle, Dayid M. Bean, John ,C.
Bringle, Ijaiiies R. Rufty,
McNeely, O. T. Rankin, Jonas
Lippard, Geo. Whitlock, Craw
ford A. Miler, J.M. Brown, J.
B. Goodnight. i
No cases were tried during the
morning session which was sber,
court adjourning .at'.' 11- until J 2.
The fighting case from. Gold Hill
was called this morning but was
postponed until after noon. j
The grand jury was hard j at
work this morning hut. had; not
sent 'up anyj true bills before court
adjourned for the morning.
There is the usual crowd, in at
tendance. . j !
A number of criminal cases ni0
to bo tried at this term. . j
Farewell Sermons.
This is a scaso'u of farewell ser
mous by preachers who are mem
bers of the Western North Caro
lina ." Conference w Yesterday Dr.
Weaver, w ho comes K here tljis
year, preached hisfarewell ser
anon in Grqensboro. ? Agent
Crutch ticld, of the' Southern, wjio
was in Greensboro yesterday,
tays there i is general regret
jimong all denominations, in the
city over Dr. Weavers departure.
Dr. W. II, Leith, who has been
in Moruanton for the past four J
yearsy-was in the city andjeft this
morning for'Randleman, where ho
will serve this year.
Decision To-morrow. . . .-
The Supreme Court is expected
to tile to-morrow its decision in
the James case, in which attorneys
for the plaintiff asked the court to
issue execution direct against the
Western North Carolina Railroad
and to enjoin it from further pro
ceedings or from interfering with
the execution of the judgment.
No Excitement- .
The Winston Sentinel, in speak-;
ing of the earthquake shock last
week says "much excitement was
created in Salisbury.'" Thin I a
mistake. There was no excitement
here. The shock lasted less than
four seconds and we have not seen
any one who was excited.? j .
, A most enjoyable occasion was
that of the meeting of Mrs. Annie
Ldvengoo.d's music class Saturday
evening with Miss Alma. Whit
lock. Each of the performers did
themslves credit and the evening
was one long to be remembered
by them. i , !
felt hats, infant's enpo and army
hats at cost. Finest line of Milli
nery i n t h e c i ty . All g i n g v cry
cheap. Small lot of iufauts Catli
mere cloaks to close. j
Mrs. W. R. Baukkk;
Woodmen charter soon closet li
Liver Pudding at Jacksrjn's.
Nothing is so unfitting as a bad! tit
ting. suit. Try the Busy Hee Tailor
and get otic that will lit at Hwicoguiod's
Jewelry SlorcJ j
Plaster Paris consumers. Just
received a car of fresh white
Marble Lime, full sized barrels and
weight guaranteed for l.'00.per.
barrel. Plaster Paris $2.25 per
barrel. A trial onler will am
vince yoti f its quality. ,
A. II. Moore.
Good Woman Gone to Her Rest
Funeral Service To-morrow.
Mrs. J;. W; Kerr is 4ea( I
The sad news .was' sent out 3'es-
rday evening from her limine
lore loving relatives had been
ministering to her. She died at 5
block in the afternoon.
Mrs. Kerr was fOrty-four years,
ree months and twenty-two day sj
1. She was born in Saxes, Co-
buirg," Germany, and when she was
ly five days old her parents left
th "her for America. Of the
iity-five children on board the
vessel she was the only child that
rvived the voyage. Her parents
Ideated at Raleigh, this State, from
hich place they removed; to
bldsboro where she grew up to
imanhood. They 1 afterward-
I -t . Tir-i j - M TT ? I
ovi-d to vv nmineton. ivirs. xverr
lidt-u name was Hennie Preiii -
rt.. i
She was married to Mr. John
. Kerr on the 7th of January.'
7S. Shortly after that time Mr.'
and Mrs. Kerr moved to Salisbury.
liiey have since made their home
. 1'-.
inj tins city.
Several children have been tlx
rasuit oi tue union n omy di.
Caster Remmie, now nearly 1 i
vears old, survives.
Mrs. Kerr was taken nick with
tAlnhoid fever seventeen weeks
agt vesferdav. wrek
to show signs of mi I
ovement. She was ihen opeiv
atbd upn.for a tijmor. She stoxl
operation nicely for tu.rco
lieks. Then she became partial-;
ly)aralyzed from which time she
gradually sank until yesterday
eninr when death relieved her
Mrs. Kerr was a'mobt generous
ly, giving to all whoi sought her
. She courted hzfyZ-fziviHl ItJ-
tbie hundreds. She was indeed a
loyinsr friend to all who knew her.
Her place in the neighborhood
which she resided can never be
ed. She was indeed a remarks.
bib woman, dispeiHng Liifts With
avish hand
The funeral -service will take
ace to-morrow aiternoon at
cloclv from St, Luke's Episcopal
urch, conducted by her pastor.
Rev. Dr. "F. J. Murdoch.
The interment will be in Chest-
mht Hill cemetery.
rw I 1 1 t i "1
lueouN loses a jiinu menu in
her death and extends its deepest
svmpatny to tne oereaveo nusoanu
and son.
Oyer Four Hundred Performances.
The Forepaugh & Sells Brothers
circus which was here last Monday,
commenced the past season at Co-
lumbus, Ohio,on April 25th. From
that time until the close of the sea
son last week 2,711 miles were
traveled, and 430 performances
w ire eiven.
French heel Patent Leather
SI oes for ladies in Queen Quality
m ike just received Burt Shoe Co.
Goto Burt s
I -:
for bargains in
will find them
f ol?t- w ear y o u
thtre. .
p.ork Sausage at' Jackson's.
New lot El kin Blankets at Wal
lace's. . pinovst beef on
Jackson's to-day.
the market at
When Spain blew ui the Maine
snp was insane anu can never rp-,1
tain the high opinion of the Amer
ican as Grape Tobacco.
arpet's and
Eugs atthe Carolina
tat Is the IV O v all ipinrirJt. vnll rtMl IV.'S
pt-ruats fJkllL.L, TON
yuinine in a tasteless form. Children love
Adults prefer It to bitter, nauseating
ToAics. -Price 50 cents
The Thompson-Hall Nuptials on the
23rd List of Pr esents.
. Married, at the residence of the
bride's'mother, Mrs. M. E. Hall
on Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock,
Miss Sallie ! Wells- Hall tov Mr.
W.r Frank Thompson, both of
Cleveland, the Rev. J. A. Ramsay,
of Hickory, officiating. .
The wedtling march (by'Chopin)
was 'played by- Miss Murphy, of
Tomohan, NI C . ,
. During, the ceremony, which
was ; rendered in an impressive
manneV,- a sbfttone of music on the
piano was being played. After
the ceremony the parties repaired
to the dining rooms where was
spread a supper that would take the
eye of anyone. ' Miss Hall is one
of Cleveland's charming belles .and
was held in high esteem by all
who knew her. Miv Thompson is
one of Cleveland's popular young
men, having been raised in Cleve
laud, and has a host of friends who
wisli him and his lady a long and
pleasant life, and Sambo joinsj in
congratulations. There were. .a
number of presents,, all very use
ful and some very valuable.
The following are the presents:
Picture, . by Mr. W. A. Good
man; wedge Woojd vase, Miss Ger
trudc Hall;haiid painted plate, Aliss
Mn; Wtiod; rocking chair, Mrs.
Jj Hi. Hall: wedge wood picture,
ind Alps.r Cnalnier Hall; pair
to we
a, Mrjs. Caublej spread, , Air.
and Mrs.J. A. Lyerly; vase, Miss
Fannio 'McNeely ; water pitcher,
Mis4 Carrie Thorn pson ; vase, . Miss
Catherine McNeely; tea. spoons,
Mr. and Mrs. T. N. Hall; two sil
ver salt cellars, Mr. and Mrs.
C. A. Johnson; after dinner cotlee
spoons, J. E. Alexander, of Bai rd,
Texas - Lieckirly"ii:ndM
T.Nl'Hali; of Pittstield, Illinois;
box of flowers, by Mr. Ike A. Ly
erly, of Enniss, Texas; cream
ladle,, Geo. W. Hall; pictnre, Miss
Gussie, Knox; wash sfa.nd set, Mrs.
Alice Graham ; music rack and
$ab)p, by Mrs. H. H. and Miss
Mary McNeely China pitcher,
Jieyj S. Sr. Bust; C,b ilia plate, Rev.
lhlr Owens: I)uiTas works, Jerry
'Uedpess, of Chattanooga, Tenn.;
sugar spoon, INIr. and Mrs. Henry
Brown, of Ashoville; pickle castor,
Mr. land Mrs. J. V. Brown ; but
ter knife, G. L. Baker; berry dish,
A. Heilig; two salt and two
pepper boxes, cut glass and -ster-
silver, by JNliss Muqdiy; silk
rella, by II. 11. Harsrraves
1 -i
sister, of Carlotte; money, by
and Mrs. J. K. Goodman;
table napkins, Mr, and Mrs. Joe
Jail; towels, Miss Emnia Graham;
pudejing (Jish, Mr. anil Mrs. 1. M.
Rosebi-o; check by sifter, JViss Mfl.--ry
Hall; bed. room set, by mother
I'be couple expect to leave for
Asbeville in a few days where they
will spend Cb ristroas with relatives.
' v Sambo. I
Next Session in Stanly County.
The North Carolina M. P. con
ference, in session at Liberty last
week, has accepted an invitation
to hold the next session with
Friendship church in Stanly coun
ty. The time is Wednesday after
the i third Sunday in No vernbor,
You see your clothing -..muile," ' you
try,tliem on befom cornjilete, jTou are
guaranteed a tit or no charge, at the
Bisy Bee Tailor's, Swicegood's Jewels
ry Store. ,
jfrifles-U kinasthe
very lDest the- markeafforda don't
tail t o-can at ,l . t. iVlarable's, I1 ines
Oysters received every day.
Half dozen fine young por kers
at Jackson's for to-day's trade.
FOB, REST, a nice 5-room cottage,
convenient to schools, churches and
business, corner Jqnjgg and Caldwell
St"., 5 blocks from public square. Call
oo W. II. Overman & Co.
Mr. W. C
Bovd. 4 'Bill v" Boyd,
arne was well known, cueu oatur-
d$y evening pit his home in Con
cd, death being caused by heart
'trouble. Ilejhad been in bed only
a coiijde of days and his death was
unexpected. He was a wood work
man and was known, in Salisbury
by-a number of people.
Sunday n orning Mr. Boyd's
uiother-ihdav, Mrs. Leonard Kri
der, died at the home of Mr. Frank
Barrier, in Joncord. Mrs. : Bar
rier vas her tlaiighter. ' Mrs. Kri
ler' was a widow and lived in
lranklin township, this county.
!Bhe was in Concord visiting her
t hildren.. The. interment, we un
Jergtand, will be made in Frank
lib. The. body was to have" been
brought through '' the country to
Court Notes-
This iif So
icitor Hoiton's :last
court in 'Rowan.
His successor.
Wiley Rush, will be in office before
tne February term.
4 B. F. Longliisq., of Statesyille,
it attending court. :
' Sheriff Dor sett; of Davidson, is
tiwisitor at court. i ? r f fjA
The horse traders have notiyret
Reduced Bates for Christmas Holidays
ft AH railroads in tlie' - State have,
agreed to sell ykots for theChrist
itjasi holidays between "points at
ground, tri pirate a fai ad'a third.
Students returning home for. the
bididays will bo given the same
rite, but their tic'-ts will be. lim
ited to the day 1 the various
l-ohools close : i day after
they are opentu ,
bnraAd"lce;f "
There is snow' and : ice on the
cars of the vestibule which passes
here these mornings. ' This morn
ing the snow was a foot deep on
one of the cars.
One of the
sleeping- car men
w was over a foot
stated that sno
deep when the train left New
Lecture To-Night,
To-night at
the Faith Reform-
ed church RevJ
Miles O. Noli, of
will deliver a hu
Carlisle, -Pa
morous lecture on "The Hvffene
of Cheerfulness, or Pills for the
Liver." - I '..
Rev. Mr. No
11 is an orator and
those who attend his lecture
be highly entertained.
Fell From a Tree. n
Yesterday a yoimg man, John
Turner, was jr the country and
was showing a relative, how he
caught a possum last week. He
climbed in a tree as he had done to
get the possum, but a limb broke
and be fell to the ground, dislo
cating his hip. He is resting very
well to-day. !
New Advertisements. '.
Lichtenstein & Teiser.
Carolina Racket.
Economy Clothing Store.
Don't sutler from cold. Buy
you r winter Underwear from Wal
lace, It wijl keep you warm.
t bencjtitshe who has been fitting
others and been satisfactory, is bene
ficial to ix)th parties. Busy Bee Tail
ors at hwicegood'Mewelry Store,
Foik JBent Tyvo story brick, stores.
house bh Fisher street opposite Bos-
tian and Atwell. Apply to Robert L.
Shaver, I
and fever is a Ijottlej of Grove's Tasteless
Chill. Tonic. Never falls to cure; then why
experiment. with worthless imitations? Price
50 cents. Your money back if it fails ta cure.
WT 1 O " ' ' i si t S . I
uuce i3am wanis vuoa, iono
Uico anu tne rnnippmes nut wnat
the American people desire above j
all anrl will hn.vt is tfTrrnrA" nn I
all and will have
cured tobacco.
The stores, are taking on a holi
day attire.
Weather forecast: Rain and
warmer to-night and Tuesday.
A silversmith shop has just been
opened up in Faith at the Faith
Supply Store. : ' :
The event of the week is the
comedy by home talent at the o
era house Friday night. . - v,
Mrs. Qi- E. Simmons,, who has
been quite ill for several -weeks,
is somewhat improved today.
The . -Litaker free school has
juststarted up for the winter with
Mr. Henry Agner as teacher. t V"
The coal famine is ended. Mr.
J. it. McNeely hasj' just received
five car loads of coah Send in
your order.
. rhfe,Iioqk Club meets with Mrs.
Edwin R. ' Overman Tuesday af-
ternoon at 3:30 o'clock. Author,
Felix Grose.
Mf. liughes, wh
p was injured
by a . gas explosion
at the Mt.
Vernon hotel several weeks ago, is
able to be out again!
At 7:30 to-hight "the 'lecture wilt
be delivered in the Reformed
church by . Key. Miles Noll-, on
"Hygene of . Uhoeriiilness.
The long distance tele phono tide
is to connect
the balisbury
and Charlotte Systems; isneurly
completed. he-line : wasv" wthiiv
two miles of Charlottelast week.
: Kv.' JMilas O: Noll, ofVear lisleV
Pa'preached to large congrega
tions at the Reformed church yes-
terday.; jHe lectures at the same
church to-night, i
The injtaht daughter of ISXr- J. f
A. M il lor, f f Cleveland, lied
Thursday, the iMth. The inter
ment took place at Third Creek
cemetery the same day.
The Kindley cotton mills at Mt.
Pleasant have lately commenced ta
burn coal instead i of wood, the
amount of wood on the market not
being sufficient to run thein. '
Dr. and Mrs. J. R.
Brooks lire spending
few days
with their relatives, Mr. and Airs.
Garland Jones. They go to the
Conference at Elizabeth City
Monday. Raleigh Post.
There was a most pleasant and
enjoyable "hop" at the residence
of Dr. Henderson, cjf Cleveland,
given in honor of his grandson,
Mr. Fred McKennie, of IJich
mond, Va. , who was Jn the 3rd
Virgoia regiment, and was recent
ly mustered out at Richmond.
Sergeant Albert Prempert, of
the First N. C. Regiment, and Mr.
Remmie Prempert arrived in the
city this
having been
called here by the death of their
sister, Mrs. J. W. Kerr. Mrs.
Arthur Prempert, of
will arrive to-night.
A leading railroad
official tells
the Raleigh correspondent of . the
Charlotte Observer that the re
tention of the present system of
first and second-class fares will
settle the negro problem much
better than the "J iui Crow" car
plan. He says South Carolina
will have the two-fare
rate system
and drop the "Jim Crow" car.
Woodmen, Woodmen,
men, 1
Souee meat at Jackson's.
nue voujions ai vvaijace s.
Price 50c. to $2.50.
A large line uf Blankets and Com
forts at Carolina Racket
Finest Oysters on the market at
.I:ik sunn's trwlsiv :
You have no trouble, vou havA Vm
fear, you get a perfect fit and you get
uriMr mrnA inifk - r r-
your money's worth at the Busy Bee'
.R. Eaines, of New ' London, is in
the city. , . . .
iSlrs. Arthur Shaver is visiting
relatives in Georgia.
Rev. W. B. Oney; of Concord,
was up Saturday to see some of
his friends. f
Miss Ressie Corriher, of Mill
Bridge, is visiting her friend, -Miss
Ora Cowan. .
Mr. Tand Mrs. Charles Beadles
have moved to ! Spencer and are
boarding at that . place.
Joe D.. Lee, of the Greensboro
Wilkesboro R. P. O., was here to
day ph his way to Norwood.
Rev. M. jp. Parrish has gone to
F'ork Church, Davie county, to as
sist in a series of meetings this
Mr. and Mrs. George Brown
came up from Concord last night
tosee Mr. John Verble, who is
quite ill and has been for several
da vs.
Mr. Will Shumaker spent yes
terday in Concord, lie will not
move his family from that place to
Salisbury iust vet. '
'M ink' Josie Craig6, jf JSal isbu ry,
has been spending several; days . in '
the" city; at the homes of .Messrs.
A. B Yon ng and J no.. . A I lrs )ii .
ConcoYd Standartl.
Corporal Walter Linto'n return
ed to Savannah; ' Ga. , last night.
He bad'Jbeeh here on 'furlough to
lake-Vpart m tUe Damon and
Pyttilas play last week.
Miss , Vanderford's
. ; cital.
Graduating Rc-
- The Sun has receiveil an an
'n9uncementof the graduating re
cital of Miss Edna Vanderford, of
this city, student Of Piano, Har
mony, and History of Music of the
Brockmann school of . music,
Greensboro, Thursday evening,
Decern her 1st at 8 :30 o'clock.
The program of the occasion is
given below: . .
BeQthovcn Sonata, Of). 1l
No. 2. Adagio - Allegretto .
Presto Agitato. V
Wagner-Liszt Spinning. Song.
Mascheroni For all Eternity.
Mr. R. V. Taylor Violin Obli
gato, Mr. Brockmann.
; Weber Polacca Brillante.
Paderewski Song of Voyager.
Chamihade1-Spanish Dance,
La Morena. .
Mendelssohn Andante and Fi
nale from Violin Concerto. Mr.
Brockmann. x .
Chopin Valse, Op. 18. - Ma
zurka, Op. 33, No. 4. Nocturne,
G. Moj.
Presentation of Diplomy, Mr.
To Make a Map.
Mr. W. E. Vest, civil engineer
of Washington, went to Mocks
villeThursday evening. He will
make a map showing every post
office within 2 miles of the new
Mocksville and Mooresville rail
road. iThe government requires
this every tilne a new i road is
built.'. v '
Join the Woodmen now.-
" Wan led at once 200 able bodied
iuen to buy $4.00 pants at the Uusy
Bee Tailor, at Swicegood's Jewelry
.Tie I'StXHtivo HronK) Quinine Tahlr(s.
All I)niKis! refund the money if it falls to
cure. 25 cents. .
W hell you ask for be Witt's
Witch Hazel Salve don't accept a
counterfeit or imitation. There
are more cases of Piles being
cured by this, than all others com
bined. James Plummer.
Late to bed and early to rise,'
prepares a man for his home in
.the skies. But early to bed and
aLittle Early Riser, the pill that
makes life longer and better and
wiser. James Plummer.
- f

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