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VOL. IV. NO. 99: I j SALISBURY, N. C, TUESDAY EVENING, D5CEMBER 27, 1898. 10 Cents Per Week
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' Given by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Price
Number of Marriages Solemnized
Will be Presented at the Opera House
v To-morrow Night.
Mr. John Reeves Shot in the Leg-
Girl Causes Distress By Leavprg With
v a Colored Preacher.
Interesting News Condensed from the
Papers of the State.
.Within the Week.
Mr. Cornelison Hit
M- .. ! : . ; ! : . :r.: y- " ' :!..-
A delightful entertainment was
given by Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Price at their elegant home on
Fulton street yesterda' afternoon,
r. complimentary to Mr. .and Mrs.
Toy, of Chapel Hill. Miss Toy
was formerly Miss Jennie Bing
ham, of this city. . - j
Profs. Cain and Henderson ren
dered some elegant music. Miss
Addie White and Mrs. Dr. Mur
1 doch also added to the pleasures of
fc the occasion by sweety usical se
The home was beautifully deco
rated with ivy. j
The occasion was a most bril
liant affair and was presided oyer
by Mrs. Price, the charming host
ess, as only Mrs. Price can. j
Dinner to John M. Beall 1
Philadelphia Times: The Phila
delphia Political Writers' Asso
ciation gave a dinner to Colonel
John M. Beall, of the Southern
Hail way , at tho Hotel Belle vue,
last evening. Colonel Bcall per
sonally conducted the tour through
the Southern States recently en
joyed by the
as a. mark of
political scribes, and
appreciation a hand
some loving cup was presented to
him and the bet of engrossed reso
lutions adopted by the associa
tion. James A. Campbell was
chairmar of the dinner. The ta
ble was magnificently decorated
and for several hours mirth and
speech and song reigned sjiipreme.
In Mayor's Court. ! ,
Several cases were disposed of
in the mayorjs court at sessions
held yesterday and this morning.
Fines of several dollars each were
imposed on some of the defendants,
and one. or two, were sent to the
ganr. ' 1
This morning a little colored
boy was up for tantalizing a
smaller white boy and taking his
watch which had been brought by
Santa Claus. Mayor Linn ordered
that the boy be whipped by his
mother. - . J .
St. Paul's Tree. !
" . j
The Christmas tree service at
St; Paul's, in the county, was held;
Saturday at noon. There was; a
large tree, and the church was
nicely decorated. Among the
presents was a special one to the
pastor, llev. C. A. Rose a well
filled , purse. The pastor went
home with a light heart. We can
testify to that for we saw him when
he passed through town. . j
A Quiet Christmas. , j
The decision of the city fathers
not tQ suspend the ordinance pro
hibiting fireworks no doubt kept
the number of accidents to .a
mimimum during Christmas. No
one is reported as hurt in the city
yesterday and but very few acci
dents are reported from the coun
ty. These few were caused by
hunters. !
Fine Dogs Sold. J
Mr. Leon K. Seay has sold two
bird dogs for $500 to Mr. Geo.
N. Clemson, of Middletown, N. Y.
The dogs were a little over three
years old: j
- I -
Busted all to riEcis:- The
prices on Lounges, Couches, Ex
' tension Tables, )hina Presses,
China Sets and Book Cases at G.
W. Wright's. T I
WOOD! Finger & Anthony's wood
yard is now well supplied with gopd
wood, and they can accommodate all
customers. j
Carolina Racket for Xmas goods, j ;
ahd fever is a bottle of Grove's Tasteless
Chill. Tonic. Never fails to cure; then why
experiment with worthless imitations? Price
50 coats. Your money back if it fails to cure.
Mr. Lewis I. Cauble and Miss
jgie Oddie, of the county, were
married Fridav.
Mr...Fred Coggins, of this city,
and Miss Lillie Warner, of Greens
boro, were married Saturday in
At 10 O'clock, the 25th of Dec.
9S, at the home of the bride's
parents at the Salisbury- Cotton
Mills, Miss Delila F., Poplin 'was
nj irriejt? to Mr." lialph P. Bor
rqughs, of Stanly county, by F.
M. Tarrh, Esq.
The party started for a bridal
ur feouth on -the early tram.
The couple have ' the Jbest wishes
or their many friends. V
Mr. John Lyerly, manager of
a store at oodlear, ana iMiss
Annie Brown, daughter of Mr.
ilenry M. 15rown, were mar
ried at the -home, of the bride,
n ar this city, Sunday morning at
11. o'clock. The . ceremony was
p rformed by Rev. J. M. L. Ly
erly, of Crescent, Only a few
friends of the young people were
piesent. Mr. Lyerly is a worthy
ar d industrious young man. Mrs.
Lverly is a charming young lady
ard will make a good help-meet.
Toe SuN,e'xtends congratulations
Married, at the residence of
Mrs. Rittie M. Brown, Chestnut
H ill, Christmas eve,Dec. the 21th
at 10:40 o'clock p.. m., by the Rev.
S. J. M. Brown, ' in the presence
of only a few friends, Mi. Thomas
E j Williams, of Danville, Va., to
Miss Willie E. Sloop, of Chestnut
Hill, daughter of Abram II. Sloop.
They leave this week, for Pan
vi le, the present home of Mr.
W illiams. ' These young people
are, well known on Chestnut Hill.
iNIany will be surprised to hear of
tneir marriage. But the best
wishes of their many friends will
follow them to their distant home.
Mrs. Verble Dead.
i " . j - r f
Mrs. Nancy Verble, widow of
tne late John H Verble died last
night at 9 o'clock at her home on
North Main street. .'. She was about
88 years old and had been quite
feeble for some time.
The funeral ! will be conducted
toKmorrow at 10 o'clock from the
Lutheran church by Rev. L. E.i
Bjisby. :
Mrs. Verble's husband died on
b 2nd of this month, it will be
Flig Baising.
The Juniors had a flag raising
at Concord yesterday. A delega
tion of the Salisbury Juniors were
in attendance : . '
Yellow Fev eii in town is fear-
by all, but it is a pleasure to
visit the mammoth store rooms of
eorge W. Wright and see the
A selectiou of Xmas and bridal
presents 'to be had at his Empo-
rinm. .' ' ; - ' J
Spring Lamb, fat' Mutton, Liver
Pi dding, Head Cheese, stall fed Beef,
Co 'n fed Pork and all kinds of Sausage
and other fresh meats at J. S. Mara
bl :'s. . ;
rVVhen Spain blew up" the Maine
she was insape and can never re
tain the high opinion of the Amer
ican as Grape Tobacco. V
at is the wav all drueorists sell BROVK'S
Chills and Fever. It is simply Iron and
Quinine in a tasteless form. Children love
it. 1 1 Adults prefer it to bitter, nauseating
Topics. Price 50 cents. .
Everybody in the county can
t presents, tor all at G; VV.
right's.' Go to headquarters.
e R6ckers Tables and Pictures
exquisite and will please the
6st fastidious, and at prices in
reach of all.
Somewhat unexpectedly comes
the comedy hit of the season
"As We See It" at the opera
house to-morrow night. The
company which presents this
most laughable piece has appeared
in several towns of the State re
cently, and has been given very
complimentary notices by the lo
calpressV In speaking of the comedy an
Augusta, Ga., daily says: ' '-
"As We See It" at the Grand
last night opened to a good and
very appreciative audience keep
ing the mirth: and merriment up
to fever heat j all through. The
piece' has just enough plot to keep
up interest, and affords splendid
opportunities; for some very funny
situation and introduces very
clever specialties. The company
is large and strong. Billy ' Allen
as Barney Maginty,-the Irish at
torney had the house with him
from the startl The fast, bicycle
riding of Harry Mixwell is not
only one of the most novel , fea
tures ever i seen in Augusta,
but is difficult and dangerous he
making a speed of a mile a minute
on the stage in a five-mile race.
Mr. Mixwell has issued a chal
lenge to all comers for' to-night
and some interesting riding is sure
to be seen. ,
: Miss May Cook, the famed vo
cal and cornet soloist, completely
captured the audience, answering
repeateq! enchores., Her work.' is
the most finished. A crowded
house is sure to vgicet As We
See It" to-night, as it is one of the
best shows seen here in some time.
A Sad Christmas ;
Mrs. John .Safrit, who lived
near Sumner; died Monday morn
ing shortly after 11 o'clock. iMrs.
Safrit, several weeks since was
compelled to take her bed from the
effects of a bealing in her head.
She remained in a very critical
condition until Christmas eve
when her physician informed her
she was suffering from meningitis.
Mrs. Safrit lingered until 'Monday
morning when she passed away.
She leaves a husband and four
children, the younger of which is
only a few weeks of age, besides
many friends who will be sadly
bereaved to learn of this sad
Christmas. ;
The interment was made to-day,
the funeral being conducted by
Rey. C. A. Rose from St." Paul's
church, at 0 o'clock.
En route to Europe.
Mr. and Mrs. George Vander
bilt and a number of their Christ
mas guests pa'ssed through , here
this morning on the 4 'Svvannanoa,"
going from Biltmbre to New
York. Mr. Vanderbilt and wife
will sail in a day or two for Eu
rope and will spend the winter in
Italy. At tlie depot here Mr.
Vanderbilt made a couple of news
boys happy by presenting them
with, a number of oranges.
The Mystic Shriners have their
annual meeting and banquet in
Charlotte to-nigh t.rl.M essrs. W.
J; Woodrum, E. W. Koontz, W.
G. CrutchfiId, J. E. ilennessee
and WR. Crawford went down
. i - . - ..
from Salisbury, this morning to
Strayed or STOLEN.--One medium-sized
black dog, short hair. An
swers to the name "Maj " One yel
low shepherdj bitch,- very friendly,
white ring around neck, 3ooe hair.
Answers to name of "Queen." Finder
will be liberally rewarded by return
ing to the Salisbury Liquor Company.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine : Tablets.
All Druggists refund the money if it fails .to
cure-. 25 cents, - ,
Our Chestnut Hill correspond
ent, "Trampj" writes:
Mr. John Reeves got shot yes
terday; morning. While out hunt
ing in -company with D. A. Lentz
and Henry ieazer, the latter en
deavored to jump a ditch, in which
he fell, the hammer of his (Lea
ser's) gun striking the bank, caus
ing the gun to go off, sending its
consents in Mr. Reeves' leg, below
the kne, causing a painful wound.
No bones were broken. Dr. Mc
Kenziel waited on the wounded
man. '
Mr. F. M. Tarrh is very thank
ful to receive the sympathy of his
many friends on ' account of his
being siiot recently, which was
not much to him. But his'friend,
Mr. J. W. Cornelison, did not
come off so well. While hunting
with some friends in Unity town
ship hisbrother-in-law shot a bird
on the wing. Several shot struck
Mr. Cornelison on the head and
face, knockinjg several, holes in his
derty. Mr. Tarrh says that' a
two-barrel gdn is n gun at all; he
was shot withf a cannon ball. He
seems to know how to thicken up
his skin.
Christmas at the Catholic Church.
At the Catholic church, the ser
vices of the feast of tjie Nativity
of the Savipur were 9 conducted
with" particular beauty. The
building had been decorated with
. j i
elaborate care and taste with ever
greens and a hundred lights. But
what attracted most attention was
the realistic representation of the
birth of Christ at the. stable of
Bethlehem, reminding all that the
day was not a day of frolic but a
feast set aside to commemorate
God's greatest love-deed towards
The Catholic
particularity of
of the Nativity
the celebration
consists in the triple ' repetition of
the Holy Sacpfice, offered to com
memorate the threefold generation
of Christ: liis eternal procession
from the Father, His human birth
in time and Ejis continued entrance
into the hearts of , Christians
by His saving grace. Another
singularity consists in making this
day an exception from- the rule,
that Mass shall only be celebrated
during the daylight hours of
morning. On this day, the Church,
as if impatier t to begin the festi
val, orders t ie first Mass to be
said before daybreak, the. second
at sunrise and the third about the
middle of the morning The cere
monial was carried out in its full
ness perhaps
for the first time in
this city, this year.
Before the
girls arrayed
with wreaths
first Mass, the little
in white and crowned
of flpwers, the boys
and surplices as
worn byjiltar boys, and the priest
in complete, . vesture of his office
entered tho church, and arriving
befpre the manger; .the scene was
solemnly unveiled, and the beau ti -ful
group dedicated to God with
prayer and benediction. The child
ren in the meantime were singing
a charming Christmas , choral. ,
At the first!
Mass the pastor ad
words appropriate
dressed a few
and a large number received tne
God-child, hidden under the Euch
aristic veil, ipto the humble sta
bles of their hearts. The day was
in reality a day of joy for old and
young of the small Catholic flock:
but that Christmas' joy and Christ
mas blessing night come down on
all the people of our city, was one
petition which the present bumble
writer, laid before the manger on
Christmas morning. '
Carolina Racket for Xmas goods
Postmaster Brown, of Rock, this
county, is in the city to-day, and
tells us of the elopement of a white
girl of his neighborhood with, a
negro preacher.
The girl is, Sarah Jolinson, aged
about 18. Sunday evening-late
she left home ahd in company with
C. B. Kimball a negro preacher
went off her people know not
Mrs. Johnson, the girl's mother,
soon discovered that her daughter
had left home and she advertised
the, fact and set out iq search of
the daughter, going to China
Grove. Butthe runaway girl had
not been heard' from when Mr.
Brown came !
The Little, Ones Were Made Happy
in Many Ways. ' ! '
Christmas is over but the little
boy and girl will not soon forget
it. They were made happy in
many ways by the older ones.
Those who are members of some of
the Sunday schools were interested
in the exercises which were given
during the holidays.
At the Baptist church a pretty
cantata .was rendered Saturday
night. A number t)f the children
took part in it and the entire piece
was carried out perfectly. The
arrival of Santa' Glaus and the
distribution of presents were" two
of the principal events of the
The children of the Lee Street
chapel had their entertainment last
night and the chapel was crowded
with -friends? The-Hlittle-ones did
well. ' "V, :!!
Saturday night two exercises
were given oa Chestnut Hill, at the
Methodist and Episcopal churches.
A large number of the wee tots
of the city were surprised Christ
mas morning by finding small well
filled trees in their rooms. This
kind of surprises for the little ones
is somewhat superseding the old
Santa Claus and stocking system. "
Railroad Notes.
Reduced rates clergymen's per
mits issued good to December 31st,
1$1)8, will be honored until Jan
uary 31st, 1890. New blank ap
plications can be secured at the
ticket office in a few days. :'
'. Holiday rate tickets are off sale
till the 30th when they will be on
sale again with . final limit Jan
uary 4th. '
A Card.
The statement in the Sun about
a month ago that Twas to be mar
ried on Christmas day was zl mis
take. I desire to say to my
friends who have sent congratula
tions that I am not " married and
have no intention of doing so. '
Mrs. Fannie E. Howard.
For Rent: 4-room -cottage on
Chestnut Hill. ' ;:r '
W. R. Woodson.
FOR RENT. Two nice two-story
dwellings, 0 and 4 rooms respectively,
corner of Long and Depot streets,, on
South side of North switch, Spencer,
N. C. Apply to Chas. B. J ordan.
Uncle Sain wants Cuba, Porto
Rico and the Philippines but what
the American people desire above
all and will have is "Grape" sun
cured tobacco. .
Late to bed and early to rise,
prepares a man for his home in
the skies. But early to bed and a
little Early Riser, the pill that
makes life longer and better and
yviser. James Plummer.
Soothing, healing, cleansing,
De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve is
the implacable . enemy of sores,
burns and .wounds. . It never
fails to cure Piles. You may re-'
rely upon it. J anies Plummer.
. . . . - t
A cablegram from Havana to'
James Wolfe, of Asheville, an
nounces that his son Harry was
drowned yesterday. No particu
lars are given. Young Wolfe was
a member of Company F, First
North Carolina and enlisted in
June. He had applied for a dis
charge from the' service, but it
didn't reach him before the regi
ment left Savannah
Judge W.'P. Bynum has been
commissioned special attorney for
the United States, by Attorney
General Griggs, to prosecute .the-'-Aslieville
bank wreckers, as the
case is called. It comes up at a
term of the United. States Court
in Asheville called especially to
try the ease. Judge Bynum will
go to work the first of the month
preparing for it. Greensboro
V Miles Biggers, colored, was shot
and killed Sunday by Chief of Po
lice W. S. Orr, of Charlotte.
The policeman went to arrest Big
gers when the latter run. The
race was kept up for a quarter of
a mile when Biggers turned as if
to shoot. Mr. Orr: then aimed at
the negro and shot, the bullet tak
ing effect and making 'a wound
which prbved fatal. . A coronerss
jury's verdict was that it was jus?',
tifiable homicide.
Alex. Allen, colored, of Raleigh,
Saturday morning reported that
when he woke he found., his wife
dead in bed. An examination by
the neighbors showed that she had
been choked with a rope and blood
had been running from both ears.
Thejcorcmer,, summoned a jury and
an inquest was begun. When Al
len was called, as, the first witness,
lie broke and ran. The coroner
sand the jury pursued, firing, and
Allen-received a flesh wound. He
was captured and immediately
sent to jail without bail. ;
A daring burglary occurred a
few days ago in Durham. Some '
one entered the residence of L..D.
Roberts and his sister, Miss Mar
tha Roberts, and broke , open a
door with an axe. After getting
inside the burglar split open a
chest and took therefrom . $540,
half of which was in gold coin.
The - money taken was pension
money paid to their late father,
who was a veteran of the war of
1812. : Mr and Miss Roberts heard
the burglar, but were powerless
to do anything, as both were quite
Thanks. . s
The spontaneous and liberal con
tribution of good things by our
parishioners on yesterday after
noon places us under obligations
to the donors. s ;
The generous supply of many
things in the line of eatables will
set at rest all anxiety in that direc
tion for some days to come. Such
unsolicited gifts are tangible evi
dences of the goodwill and appre
ciation of the people to whom we
have been called to administer in
holy things. A happy Christmas
and prosperous New Year to all
our parishioners ! Thanks and
good cheer. - ' j
Pastor St. John's Lutheran
1890. - ' V
old wheels, $40. Shelby IdealsJ $30.
These wheels are fitted with G. L& J.
tires. The best high-grade wheels at
a fair price. Wheels guaranteedL
W. R. BE4N, Agent.
Overcome evil with good.
Overcome your coughs and colds
with One Minute Cough Cure.
It is so good children cry for it.
It cures 7 croup, bronchitis, pneu
monia, grippe and all throat and
lung diseases. James Plummer.

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