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of all kinds,
fresh baked
.call on
50 Loaves for W at
DECEMBER 28, 1898.
10 Cents Per Week
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A Number Jf Young People Delight
fully Entertained.
One of the most thoroughly en
joyed sociables which Salisbury-has-
of late years had was that giv
eh by Miss Edna McCubbins last
evening at the home of-her father,
Mr. J. S McCubbins. The lovely
home was thronged by an animat-
. ed crowd of boys and girls, Und
during tjie fleeting hours of their
stay, from S to 12, genuine Christ
mas joy and happiness held sway.
After some time had been spent in
games and pleasant social, inter-;
j course, the young people were in
vited to the dining room,.' where
delicious refreshments were serv
ed. Both the dining room and
the parlor to" which; the guests re
. turned, were tastefully decorated
with the holly and mistle.-toe of
yule-tide. Upon their departure
the guests unanimously voted the
evening one of rare pleasure, arid
returned hearty tnantvs tvnereior
to the lovely young hostess. These
were present: ' - j
in Qio vlrrnjfirV A 1
Kendlemah, E., 'McCubbins, 1.
Hall, J. , Shaver, J. Gaskill, K.
iSlcCanless, H. Davis, M. Davis
L. Brownv S. Kluttz, M. liainsay,
M Shaver, C. Smoot, B. Evans, j
'- Messrs. J.' Russell, R. J. Co it,
, T. Brown, W. Murphy, -W. ISIcT
Canlcss, V. Ervin, B. Stewart,
C. Stewart, W. Kluttz, J. Davis,;
II. Clement, E. Clement. i
Given By the Young Gentlemen of the
City Last Night.
Here Spending His Christmas
Holidays Lived Three Hours
After Being Hurt by
the Train.' - .
icre was an accident
at Spencer
; The annual; Christmas dance
was given by the young men of
the city in . the opera house last
night. 'There were about twelve
couples present.
The dance was led by Mr.
est Mclxenziej assisted by
Ida Meronev. Dancing -was
tinued until about 1 o'clock. : .
fThe crowd was small onapcount
of-several ladies being sick, and
others were out of 'town. The oc
casion was a very enjoyable affair.
Local Items
in a Few
Still on the Road
a n
rday evening which proved Infant Baptized.
; to
one young man, Oscar
"I "t .1! M t
scar clerked in tne store 01
Lomax & Young at Jubilee, Dav
idson county. He was a son of
John Grubb of Davidson, and
sphew of Mv. Rob Gobble,
William Smbot Lichtenstein, the
infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Louis
Lichtenstein, was baptized at the
home of .its parents yesterday af-
ternoon. a. lew irienus were in
vited to witness the ceremony.
Previous to .the baptismal service
L. H. Clement has two notices
of trustee's salfes in the SfJN to-day.'
Mr. Ed Gaips and mother have
moved from Council to Cemetery
"Queen Quality" - ladies shoes,
new styles ' mst received. ISurt
Shoe Co.
There will be no prayer meeting
service at the Lutneran cnurcn
Dr, J. N. Stiallings will preach
at Pisgah church on Saturday ev
ening at 7 O'clock.
Revenue officers made a seizure
here SaturdayL a notice of which
appears in this issue. .
Miss Maggie Heilig, who hat
been quite sick for several days
is intich improved to-day. ...
bwain mves an
A Number of Holiday Visitors Are Interesting News Condensed from the
Papers pi the. State.
A big Boston syndicate has
bought the Blue Wing coffer mines
in Granville cQunty.-
Three of the members of Jim
Young's negro regiment, the Third
North Carolina, are to be tried for
murder of members of the
lives at Spencer. The oung the friends were invited to a din- Miss Clara
had been spending his Christ-J ner which was a most sumptuous apron party at her home on South
holidays in this county and repast. After dinino-. the child wTas Main street tormorrow nisrht.
Salisbury and bought a linger ring The Rough Riders in the County. . the Burt Shoe
fr.oih Swiceofuod's ie weir v . store.
He rode' to Spencer" on the "shop" back at his work this baptised, Revi Dr. J. H. Weayer
performing the rite
wras in
The famous
traih expecting to spend the night nas eeQ seen
In the neighborhoods of Sumner
and St. Paul's for j the past week
A Fine Residence. .
Mr. A. H. Moore, contractor,
was yesterday given the contract
to build a line residence for Mr.
P. W. Brown. The building will
be a handsome one, finished with
hardwoods, and will be erected on
the lot, corner of Church and Fish
er streets, where Mr. Brown now
lives. His present residence will
be removed at once.
there. He was rising on the, front
end of the. Hat car iust in front of
the "pngine when the front trucft
of the Hat ran throucrh an open
switch near tlie round house.
Yoilnir Grubb was thrown in front
ic uat and was caiiirtit ov tne
i - rn a -
or brake snoe. ine wneeis
hot pass over him but he was
a company of dis-
of t
aboiit half past
unfortunate young man lived until
To Marry.
E. L. Foster, of Woodleaf,
Willie Cauble, of Franklin,
this morning for High Point where
Mr. Foster will be married to
MissMinnieCranford,of that place.
. After the marriage the bride
and groom will return to 11. LI
Foster's, the father of the groom
at Woodleaf, where they will spend
the remainder of the Christmas
holidays. " ;
guiscd boys, i They are known, as
the rough riders. -The boys are
completely disguised and are seen
most every night visiting the homes
in the neighborhood and entertain
ing the people with their clownish
ways, speakings and recitations.
ladies snoes are
creating a. sensation all over the
country. For sale in Salisbury by
- The Salisbury Shriners have re
turned from Xjharlote where they
attended a meeting o,f Shriners last
his furniture
Winston wher
Mr! G. W. Smith is packing up
C. F. Ritchie, of Concord, is in
the city. . t
W. C. Wright, of Winston, is
here on business.
Worth Murphy is Spending a
while in Asheville.
Mr. and Mrs. Besant, of Jerusa
lem, are in the city.
Mrs. A. .11. Boyden went
Asheville this morning.
Warren Kluttz went
Charlotte this morning.
,'Saturdav afternoon W. M. Kino-.
, ... 7
v deputy marshal, shot and killed
Will Saunders, in Rockingham,
down to The two men wTere fiorhtinor over
an old account. .
David R. Shields is spending the
week at Rutherfordton. '
Miss Kate Murphy went
States ville this morning.
Mrs. Will Fries returned
Greensboro this morning.
j Scott Trott arid" sisters came
from Charlotte this morning.
Miss Mayno, of
A 15-year-old. boy named
Wrightsell was killed in Winston
Monday afternoon. Another small
boy shot him in the head with a
flobert rifle. The killing was .de-
clared accidental. . '
Xhe revenue officers havre since
tilleries in Bladen county, one in
Norwood, is Harnett and three in Orange.
visiting Mrs. Louis Lichtenstein. One in the latter -county they got
week at
Poole is spending the
' ladkmville, visiting
Miss Elma Burton, who has been
sick for several days, has about
recovered. .
at 11 o clock Christmas morning.
It was in full blasts but the moon
shiners who were operating it ran
like rabbits.
The death watch was to-day set
upon Jim Booker the desperate
nero who. murdered Mahala
xn&. ik y. rvei.y.came m nom White. Booker is watehincr like a
Charlotte this morninsr to visit
y, beaten and
the hips.
. torn in his body
This happened
o'clock and the
Got Even.
i Concord got even with Char
lotte and Salisbury last night.. She!
saw the eclipse.
and hhippinjr it to
e he will go to re
side. His family will- leave1 Fri
day for that place. .
Mr. II. C. Trott, who has been
conducting two barrooms for some
time, has consolidated them, hav-
He was about 1 0 years
The interment was an
nounced to take place this after
noon. ,
Wave Predicted.
Tpe regular weather forecast for
the next twenty-four hours is:
Fkir to-night and Thursday; propriate and good for the occa
colder to-night.
Items From Yost, and Others.
' IV II t 1 -it'
and the exercises spoken of in last
week's Sun were held in Ebenezer
;i 1
and Organ churches, consisting-of
recitations, dialogues, acrostics,
etc., an oi wnicn wTere very ap
ing moved all
furniture into
The funeral
Nancy Verbl.e
the Lutheran
at 10 o'clock.
made in the
of his whiskies and
the old.Ritch stand.
of the late Mrs.
was conducted from
church this morning
The interment was
Salisbury cemetery
where Mrs. Vjerble's husband
buried the tirst of the month.
hawk for a-chance to escape. The
jail is crowded, among the. prison-
Dr. and Mrs.1 J. T. Wright ers being four other murderers.
have returned from a visit to rela- The jail is small; so small that
tives at Newton. - : . white arid negro men have to bo
Miss Lily Lentz, of Stanly, Put together Rtdeigh correspon-
county, is visiting
Brown at Woodside.
Miss Joe
dent Charlotte Observer.
ut a special forecast was sent
this morning. It reads as fol-
wae for North. Carolina. Tem
perature will falls sixteen to twenty day evening.
degrees by Wednesday night..
Solicitor Rush. j
. J. Q. Ilolton, Esq., was here
this morning on his way west. He
is out of the office of solicitor in
this district now. Mr. Rush will
have his first work as solicitor
next Monday when court opens
at Troy. j
Several defendants,
with being drunk, were tried by
the mayor this morning. They
wereet off with small fines. 1
New Advertisements. ,
T. M. McCulloh.
Burt Shoe Company-Calendars.
sion. jz tne close or tne exer-
cises at each church gifts of va-
rious kinds were distributed county. Mr.
A Good Sunday School.
The St. Paul's Sunday school is
one unsurpassed oy any in our
Geo. Page served as
oist cold wave
Dissplution. .
The firm of W. P. Carpenter &
at China Grove, has been dis-
jed by the retirement of W. P.
enter. Th,e firm is succeeded
W. G. Patterson &Co. See
be in this paper.
among the children and donors.
S !-''
nere was a double marriage
near Organ Church on last Satur-
Misses Nettie and
Maidie Barger, sisters, and daugh
ters of Moses, Barger, deceased,
were married to Messrs. Mac
Wilhelm and ! Jacob Fisher, Rev.
i 7
Geo. H. Cox,1 officiating.
rsq. aN. v nite iuenius, oi near
Bostian's 'Cross Roads, who. built
and commodious
last summer is
Wister Padgett, of the
force, and brother, Claud,
visitincr relatives in Virorinia.
. ' beard
l?v .T T nr tYia Tr?tti ovnn.
' vm 1 ' crow s
gclist, was in the city this morn- taytej
mg , on his' way north. He has
been ; at work in Georgia for the
past year.
C. II.- Smith, of the Southern,
one of the passenger train inspec
tors, is off for a few days and is
visiting relatives near j China
a new,
Mr. R. L. Lingle and Niss Ida
Bosk both of Manning, this coun
ty, are to be married to-morrow
afternoon. The ceremony will
be performed by Rev. Mr. Trex-
now having it painted which adds
much to its appearance.
Carolina Racket for Xmas goods
a faithful superintendent of this
school the past season, which was
one of the best in its history. The
average attendance throughout the
season was 10 and the average
contribution was $1.11 each Sab
bath. It was deemed necessary
by the school several weeks since
to celebrate Christmas with a
Christmas tree. Quickly thirty-
odd dollars were cheerfully con
tributed. An!d at noon on Satur
day preceeding Christmas, all as
sembled in th6 church where a very
enjoyable sen ice 'was conducted,
and each scholar was r resented
resent; Sunday f ol:
lowing marked the closing of our
school for the
season. It is to be
in March. Mav its
AVOOD1 Finger & Anthony's wood
yard is now well supplied with good
wood, and they can accommodate, all
customers. , j
: ' I
Carolina Racket for Xmas goods'.
Tpe eclipse of the moon last
night was seen by nearly everyone.
It was a total eclipse and came on
at r:45 yesterday evening, con
tinuing for about two hours.
Stiiayed or Stolen. One
dium-sized black dog, short hair.
swers to the name VMaj " One yel
low shenherd bitch, verv friendly.
white ring around neck, long hair, bunday schoo
Answers 10 nameui -yueeu.' jmuer xA moxr ;f r; u r "
will be liberally rewarded by return- And may 11 remain as it has been,
ing to the Salisbury Liquor Company, superior to any in our county.
An-, next session be superior to the one
ust closed, and may this oreat
continue to prosper.-
and fevrr is a Ixitt lo of Okove's
Chiu, Tonic. Novt fails tocurt4; then why
pxprimrnl with worthless imitations? Price
50 cents. Your money back If jt fails to euro.
Spring Lamb, fat Mutton, Liver
Pudding, Head Cheese, stall fed Reef,
corn fed Pork and all kinds of Sausage
and other fresh meats at J. S. Ma Ta
ble's. j
When you ask for Do Witt's
Witch Hazel Salve don't accept a
counterfeit or imitation. There
are more cases
bined. James Plummer.
That is th.e way all druggists sell GROVE'S
Chills and Fever. It is simply Iron and
Quinine in a tasteless form. Children love
it. Adults prefer it to bitter, nauseating
xonics. rrice 50 cents.
Presented Their Teacher a Bible.
One among
Suggestion for Your Cox-
foist. ii our town customers will
conle from 8 to 10 in the morning
from 3 to 6 in the afternoon
at night they can deal more
please, we will wait on you as fast
as we can.
J. R. C. Brown, Jr.
the most prominent
classes of St. Paul's Sunday school
is thni nf Prof. T. nivtrm R
t? - it. . . ru 1 J
.veijuouyi in me COUnW Can ortnKiRtino- nf fnnrtAon vnnnrr mn
otat. ivficorf o i -frxv .-.11 Ii W " j
f-" i-vuvuiu.i (ill U.K vji, ii . mi 1 . 1! ,. l ..:iL. ii
Wriffht's., Go to hnfidnnarters. AUf& uu,& ueu iciimnuiy
served throughout the
Go to headouarters.
I he Kockers, j Tables and Pictures
factonly, as they will ayoid are exflui.sile and will please the the above named teacher and
rush: but come when you most fastidious, and at prices in class, as a tokn of their love
ic.4. reacn oi an.
season by
respect, presented the Prof, with
a fine morocco-bound bible at the
close of the school.
Ijeli.ow I ever in town is fear
ed by all, but it is a pleasure to
visit the mammoth store rooms of
George W. Wright and see the
De Witt's Witch
the implacab
burns - and
mi i sooner a cougn or cola is
cured without harm to the sufferer
the better. Lingering colds are
1" T T 1
dangerous. iiacKing cough is
distressing. One Minute Cousrh
Cure quickly cures it. Why suf
of, '-Piles beino- grand selection of Xmas and bridal fer when such a cough cure is
cured by this, than all others com- presents-to be had at his Empo- within reach? It is pleasant to fails to cure Piles. You may re
i . . j i in ! i ii
riutu. i iu Laste.- j auies x lummer.
xlazel oalve is
e enemy or
wounds. It
rely upon it.
James Plummer.
Chatham Record: Mr. William
v IT" ".c T:n: i u:.
although he is 4o years old, has
never shaved, and has a heavy
very silky and. black as a
wing. And he has never
any kind .of. intoxicating
liquor, never smoked or chewed
tobacco, never taken a dose of
medicine, and has never been fish
ing or blunting. He attends strict
ly to his business, which is farm
ing and merchandising, and al
ways votes the straight Democrat
ic ticket ' -
Well Remembered.
Patrons of the Salisbury ; Tele
phone Exchange contributed to
wards filling a Christmas purse
for Miss Nina Clark, the clever
and efficient 4 "central" of the ex
change. The purse, when pre
sented to Miss Nina, contained
over $28. ,She also received a
number ofuseful presents from
Miss Nina desires to publicly
thank all who contributed, and
especially Mr. C. II. -Swink who
got up the contributions'.
Mr. Swink asks us to state that
f 1 1 ' i ' e. i-
ocj cnnio rT tmr nn.T.rnnK nT rnfi
svstem could not be seen all thoseH
who wish may leave something at
his store or the Sun office or eith
er of the drug stores and ; it will
make a new year's present.
We Won't See It.
The comedy, 4 'As We See It,"
ws announced . to appear, at the
opera house here to-night, but the
company has not yet arrived ,; arid
it is likely that we will not see it.
Found Lady's handkerchief
and unstamped letter addressed
to Mrs. Charlotte Haden, Wash
ington. Owner dm get same by
paying for this notice. ;
Busted all to pieces: The
prices on Lounges, Couches, Ex
tension Tables, China Presses,
China Sets and Book Cases ! at G.
W. Wright's. - ,.--.!
. ' j r
Late to bed and early to rise,
prepares a man for his home in
the skies. But early to bed and a
little Early Riser, the pill that
makes life longer and better and
wiser. James Plummer.
Lenoir News: There are only
ten counties in North Carolina that
are not touched by railroads
Ashe, Allegheny, Wautauga, Clay
and Graham in the wrest, and Dare,
Tyrrell, Hyde, Greene and Pam
lico in the east. The longest rail
road in the state is probably the
Carolina Central, 'from Wilming
ton to Rutherfordton, nearly 300
miles, and the shortest the Mur
freesboro, from Murfreesboro to
Pendleton, only a little over six
Monroe Enquirer: A few days
ago a wTidow of a soldier of the
Mexican wrar offered throno-h a
f?riend her husband's medal of
honor for sale on the streets here.
The medal wras given by the Uni
ted States government for valor
ous service in three different bat
tles on Mexican soil. A purchaser
for the medal could not be found,
and every one to whom the piece
of metal wTas' offered for sale re
fused to purchase . on the ground
that the lady should keep the
medal, which should be of more
value to her than to any other per
For Rent:-
Chestnut Hill.
4-room cottage on
W. R. Woodson.
FOR RENT.' Two nice twotory
dwellings, and J) rooms'resprctively;
corner of Long and Depot streets, on
South side of North switch, Spencer,
N. C. Apply to Chas. B. Jordan. :
1899. ' ; j .
old wheels$40. Shclhy Ideals,
These wheels are fitted with G. vv: J.
tires. The best high-grade wheels at
a fair price. Wheels guaranteed.!
' W. R. BEAN, Agent.

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