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1 .
I of all kinds,
fresh baked
call on
SO Loaves for 8,w at
VOL. IV. NO. 101.
10 Cents Per Week
y s ' j
Plans of the Transfer Shed are Here-
More Engine Pits; "
Mr. E. A. Wilson, contractor,
of this; city, has the contract to
build ten new engine pits at the1
Southern's Spencer shops.
Mr. Wilson also has the contract
to build a new depot at Hay Mar
ket, Va.
The plans for the large transfer
shed to be built here soon, as men
tioned in the Sun recently, are now
in the hands of a contractor in
Salisbury for a bid. Work on the
shed will probably ' commence in
the near future. The contract has
not yet been awarded.
The City Cigar Company.
The city cigar: company will
open a business in the room re
cently occupied by Mr. H. C.
Trott, as a saloon, on Inniss street,
next door below the. Climax barber
shop. The room is now" being
remodelled and repaired for the
company. Cigars and fruits will
be handled. Mr. J. K. Harris,
of Person county, will manage the
store. "
Genuine Smallpox. -
A gentleman who came down
the Western this morning tells us
that the case of smallpox several
miles out from Marion is genuine.
The victim is a man who has just
returned from San Francisco.
Since he arrived at his old home
he has met many friends and it is
feared that there will be a spread
of the disease. '
The Covered Bridge.
Complaints are made every now
and then by citizens living beyond
the covered bridge of the condition
of that bridge. It is the wish of
all, we believe, that, it be torn
away and one put up similar to
the other bridges over the main
line of the Southern near it.
Hon. L. S. Overman, adminis
trator of the late J. B. Lanier,
has a notice of re-sale in this pa
per. The Lanier property which
was sold some time since is to be
sold again on Monday, the 6th of
Nearing Completion.
The walls of the new Sunday
school room of the St. John's Luth
eran church are nearing comple
tion. Contractor Harbin is to- day
having framed and putting up a
portion of the rafters.
Ankle Sprained.
Mr. C. M. Brown had his ankle
sprained badly yesterday morn-ing.-
He was on a box placing
some, goods when it broke and he
fell with the above result.
Pastor Moved.
Rev. P. H. E. Derrick, who for
some time has been the pastor of
Bethel church, in Stanly county,
has moved to Sandy Run, S. C,
the home of his wife's relatives.
Fancy feathers at cost Friday
at Mrs. Barker's.
Spring Lamb, fut Mutton, Liver
Pudding, Head Cheese, stall fed Beef,
corn fed irkand all kinds of Sausage
and other f rcsli J. S. Mara
ble's. Foil Rent: 4. -room cottage on
Chestnut Hill. ;
W. R., Woodson.
I--. - . .w uitc ij vv u- iui jf
dWellintrs. fi and tt nwxno
I. ' lUOCUllYClJi
corner of Long and Depot streets, on
Umtfli ! ,1 "XT i 1 . .
,WUUI OJUe xortn switch, bpencer.
ia. v. .luuiv lo inas. K Jnrdan.
- w n ivil
tld fpVPl- ia a V.-it1 V . .
hnur Tn,i7 in ukuve'8 XA8TJSLKSS
, ionic. Never fails to cure: then why
Experiment with worthless imitations? Price
r v --"wi Mivucjr 11 it fans to cure.
Night at Mr. Rendleman's
Those Present.
Anjother; of those delightful
sociables tor wmcn fcans bury is
noted was that given lit the home
of Mr. J. A. Rendleman last night
by Miss Alice Rendleman.
, From 8 to 12 mirth and laughter
held sway. The parlor was deco
rated with holly and mistle-toe.
The. sitting room was draped in
After some time had been
j in social intercourse the
s were invited out to the din-
mg rpom. ine dining room was
draped in blue. After the re
freshments were served the guests
returned to, the, parlor. In spite
of the efforts to retain him, Father
sped swiftly on and all too
the time came .to saV
following, were present:
Misses Myrtie Scarborough, Kate
McCanless, Bell Rendleman, Alice
Rendleman, Edna McCubbins,
Mabel Hall, Cora Smoot, Helen
Davis, Miriam Davis, Beulah
Haden, Sadie Kluttz, .MaryRam-
j Nellie Vanderford, Lillian
Kizer. Messrs.
. M. Russell,
Hadeu, Rob Coit, Haden
Holmes, Bruner Stewart, Travers
Brown, Sidney Heilig, Clarance
airy, W ill McCanless, Prof,
Care For Confederate Graves.
Auditor Ayer is in receipt of a
lette :! from the Chief of the Re
cord office, General Marcus A.
Wright, requesting the names of
the Confederate cemeteries in the
State and the number of j veterans
buried in them.
Ai ditor Ayer hasn't the infor
mation and he desires that those
persons who can give the facts
desired by the War Record Office,
write him at once. . .
While General Wright did not
state his object in requesting the
infoi mation, it is believed that he
is fo lowing up President McKin
ley's utterance at Atlanta, in which
he declared that the time had come
when the government should care
for the graves of the Confederate
Ti e gathering of this informa
tion is very likely the beginning
of a movement on the part of the
admi nistration to carry into effect
the President's suggestion.
Dotibie Quicked.
Tt ree men were before Mayor
Line this morning charged with
beincj tramps. Two of them were
soldiprs, regulars, and one was a
farmer boy. The three were given
10 minutes to get out of town and
they j went down the street at a
double-quick pace.
Supposed Horse Thief.
Last night at Mr. Elliott's, at
Woopleaf, his family thought they
heard a horse thief in the barn.
ard was set and neighbors
called in. When they oxiened
oor they found Mr. Elliott in
the liarn. It was quite a joke.
The Sun this morning received
names from Camp Columbia,
to be placed on the sub
ion list. The Salisbury boys
camp will be enabled to
themselves posted on the
Special Sale of felt hats Friday
at Mrs. Barker's.
prices on Lounges, Couches, Ex-
tenSUJll J.UU1CO, vuiua. x ivoovo,
CHina Sets and Book Cases at G.
Carolina Racket for Xmas goods
WOOD I Pinger & Anthony's wood
fis now well supplied with good
and they can accommodate all
customers, -
Young Lady's Awful Fate at High
I Point Yesterday. 4 .
?A,horrible accident occurred at
High Point yesterday shortly, af
ter noon, in the railroad jard in
front of the Jarrell hotel.
A correspondent of the Char
lotte Observer writes of the acci-
Miss Eleanor Stanback, daugh-
of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Stanbach,
of Trinity, was struck, and instant
ly killed by the Asheboro train as
it was backing in the yard, getting
ready to leave on .its afternoon
trip. .
Miss Stanback, in company with
two young lady " friends, was go
ing towards the waiting room,
when a freight train, north-bound,
came in sight. The young ladies,
at the sight of the freight , train
stepped to the left. This put
Miss Stanback on tho Asheboro
track. The moving cars were
close behind her and many people
saw her danger, but the noise of
the moving trains prevented her
hearing ihe shouts of alarm. She
was struck on the shoulder by a
flat car, knocked forward and one
of the trucks passed over her head
and arm. , The other ladies had a
narrow escape.
The deceased was a student of
Greensboro Female College and
has many friends - in the State.
She is a niece of Mrs. F. A. Wood
ard, of Wilson. Our community
has never had as great a shock,
and the sympathy of all goes out
to the sorrow-stricken parents.
! The young ladies who were
with Miss Stanback were badly
shocked by the accident.
Superintendent Arendell. , '
1 A change has been made in the
office of superintendent of the pen
itentiary. J. M. Mewborne hav
ing resigned, the governor has ap
pointed Capt. W. II. Day.
litis understood that the new
superintendent will give Mr. F.
B. Arandell, formerly' of Salis
bury, a place. In speaking of
this the Raleigh Post says:
: Capt. Day stated that he would
tender the next appointment to
Mr. B. Arendell, of this city.
It is understood that Capt. Day
will appoint Mr. Arendell superin
tendent and warden of the central
prison in this city. Capt. Day's
determination to select Mr.' Aren
dell wras all unknown to that gen
tleman, and of course a great sur
prise to him. The fact that he
was thus selected is a tribute to
his ability and fitness to manage
such a large institution. Certainly
Captain Day could make no better
selection if he should search the
Mrs. Verble's Will. .
The will of the late Mrs. Nan
cy Verble was read yesterday
evening. The first term related
to ber burial expenses. She leaves
her'great-grand-son, John Powers,
$500; John's sister, Winf red, $400;
their mother, Mrs. Powers, $300;
Mrs. J. H. Butner, $200; Mrs. J.
B. Kerns, $200.
Mr. J. B. Kerns was named as
"r Mrs. Verble's dowry of personal
property was not willed.
Mrs. Buchanan Dead.
Mrs. Isabelle Buchanan, wife of
A. L. Buchanan, deceased, died in
Charlotte yesterday morning. Mr.
and Mrs. Buchanan formerly
lived in Salisbury having moved
from this place to Charlotte some
years since.
I Special Ribbon Sale at Mrs.
Barker's Friday. Rare bargains.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All Druggists refund the money if it faits to
cttre. 25 cents,
Local Items Condensed . in a Few
Only two more days of 1898.
Snider, is quite
Charming weather for this sea
son of the year.!
Mr. Joe McKenzie, of Buer
baum'srs on the sick list.
The cold wave predicted for last
night failed to reach Salisbury. :
. The passenger trains continue
to be crowded with holiday .trav
ellers. ' .
Mr. W. Lee ;:Iardin, contractor
and builder, has an ad in to-day's
paper. See it. C- . f ,
Cotton is selling hero for 5.85'.
The market has remained at this
price for, some time.
A sale of the personal property
of the late Johb II. Verble takes
place to-morrow.
- . I
Please note correction of prin
.ter's error in Burt Shoe Co's.,
"ad" to-day.
John HollyJ
colored, reports
13-monthrold hog
the killing of a
which weisrhed
443 pounds.
R. Lee Wrisr
bt, Esq., will bo a
candidate for n ayor at the prima
ries before the next city election.
The brick sidewalk, on Main
street, near Foreman Bros, livery
stable, is sadly in need-: of ro-
C. A
4 '
the lumber man.
sends New Year's greetings to the
Sun's readers. See his ad in this
paper. ;
Mr. P. F. lledrick is spending
the days now lijunting. His term
as clerk at Harry Bros, has ex
pired. Oscar Grubb, who was killed at
Spencer Tuesday night, was bur
ied yesterday evening at Piney,
Davidson county.
Officer Mowery, of. the police
force, is off duty, being on the
sick list. His star is worn by Mr.
Walter Earnhardt.
Mr. W. G. Watson is settinff
along nicely with his broken arm.
He is as cheerful as a, man could
be under the circumstances.
Mr. Gannon Ilose died of con
sumption in ocksville Tuesday
at the age of thirty yearg; He
had been in bad health for several
months. r j
Telegraph Operator I Benson,
who was for a short while opera
tor of the Western UnioiiJiere in
the summer, is now with th
Southern at Spencer,
Miss Hattie Goodman sent the
Knox family -tree to the last State
fair. Her address is Wbodleaf,
N. C. An inquiry as to her ad
dress appeared
in yesterday's pa-
Amid the columns of crime re
Xorted as happening - in other
cities durinsr theChristmn
Salisbury comes up smilinsrvith
not a sinjile law
less act and no ac-
Mrs. Tolbejt moved, to-day
from the corner of Fisher and
Long streets into the house on
East Council st reet recently vacat
ed by Mrs. Gaines. ,
Mr. 'Theo. Atwell's
pup was
stolen Tuesday
night. This morn
ing the pup was found on the cor
ner at Kluttz and Co's drug store
with its left fore foot either shot
to pieces or crushed by the train.
j h
Miss Bessie Henderson, who is
visiting in ChaJ-lotte, attended a
ger man last nigjht giveh by Miss
Ethel and Will Holt. The Observ
er says 4 'the dance was one of the
largest as well as most beautifully
conducted ever seen in the city.
A Number of Holiday - Visitors Are
Still on the Road. '
J. O. Benson returned to Con
oyer yesterday.
Clarence McNeely has returned
from Mooresville.
Warren Kluttz returned from
Charlotte last night. '
L. A. Misenheimer yent to.
Charlotte this morning. :
lrs. P. B. Kee, of Statesville,
spent yesterday in Salisbury.
Miss Lindsay, a charmingyoung
lady of Greensboro, is visiting at
Dr. J. II. Weaver's.
Mrs. Bettie Earnhardt came in
last. night from Richmond where
she has been for several years
Postal Clerk Bernhardt, of the
Yadkin, is off taking Christmas.
Mr. Barringer is subbing for him.
P. II. Bernhardt-returned this
morning from Gastonia. His sis
ter, Miss Mary, remained at that
place. V . ; v'
Air. Keller, of the ice f actory
returned this morning from a bus
iness trip to' New York arid Phila
delphia. ,
"Willie Wade and brother and
sister, of Tyro, and Miss Willis,
teacher at South River, are at Dr.
J. S. Brown.
Rev. W. II. Stubblebine Jeft
this morning for Ohio, in which-
State he will spend a week in
evangelistic work. - ' s ,
Dr. J. Rumple a,nd O. D. Da
vis were in Charlotte yesterday
where they attended a meeting of
the executive committee of Jba-
vidsott College. V" 1
Miss Annie Kraus and Miss
Harti of Columbia, S. C, passed
through here this morning enroiite
for Washington and Baltimore to
spend . a few day s. Miss - Kraus
was formerly of Salisbury. V
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Fentress re
turned from a short visit to Char
lotte this morning. - They will
leave to-night for Norfolk, Va.
From that place they will go to
Tunis, N. C, where they will
make their home. These young
people were married about five
weeksjigo in Baltimore and have.
.been here visiting, relatives.
Mrs. Charlotte Wyatt, of Faith,
N. C, has just received a letter
from a young lady who has been
teaching in the free schools in
South Carolina inquiring to find if
she could, get a free school to
teach, or a subscription school, or
shewquld teach in some private
"T4ieohsecration of Rev. J. M.
Horner as bishop of the missionary
jurisdiction of Asheville, occurred
in Asheyille yesterday. A num
ber whdj were in attendance from
the - eastern part of the .State,
passed tnrougn mis morning re-
urning home. '
Another lot of the "Famous 200
Shoes" to arrive to-morrow. Burt
Shoe Co.
Everybody in the county can
get presents for all at G. W.
Wright's. Go to headquarters.
The Rockers, Tables and Pictures
are exquisite and will please the
most fastidious, and at prices in
reach of all. I
That is the way all druggists sell GROVE'S
Quinine in a tasteless form. Children lore
it. aquiis prerer it to Ditter, nauseaung
Carolina Racket for Xmas gotds,
e . ' - ' ' j
Yellow Fever in town is fear
ed by all, but it is a pleasure to
visit the mammoth store rooms of
George W. "Wright and see the
grand selection of Xmas and bridal
presents to be had at his Emporium.
Interesting News Condensed from the
- Papers of the State. .
Lincoln Journal: The increase
in business of Lincolnton post
office has been so large duriner the
past year as to place it in the list
of "presidential" offices, and on
Saturday last Postmaster F. A.
Barkley received his commission.
His salary is now $1,000 per year,
with an increase allowance for
clerk hire. x
News was received here Mon
day night that a grown daughter
of Mr. Reuben East, living near
Walnut Cove, had committed sui-
i 7
eide that day by taking- poison.
Her mother, it is learned, by mis
take, got hold of some 'of the pois
on and. ate it and it was thought
for a time that she could not ' live,
but the last report was that she
was out of danger.- Winston Sen
tinel.. . - ;
s - . v .
. Four children were playing
around a fire in the yard at the
home of Mrs. Jenkins, at the
water works, popping firecrackers
and shooting a-toy cannon, says
the Greensboro tTelegram. They
were in a small play house, and in
attempting to throw a lighted fire
cracker through the door, it struck,
the post and fell into a box of
powder, which exploded, badly
burning three of the children,
Fayetteville Observer:, A Fay
etteyilleian has a tqueer. clock in
his room . It is a family heir
loom and ha3 for eight years re
mained on his mantlepiece with
out running. Last night at 1 1
o'clock heywas startled by hearing
the clock strike eleven times, and
pn examination, fonnd the clo,ck
running regularly. No cause can
be assigned for its strange caper. .
The enrollment of Mont Amoena
Seminary,Mt. Pleasant, is now 90.
It represents the States of Vir
ginia, North Carolina, South Caro
Hna and Georgia. It represents
the Maryland Synod of the Gen
eral Synod North, the Virginia
Synod, the Tennessee Synod, the
North Carolina Synod, the South
Carolina Synod and the Georgia
Synod, besides other branches of
the Christian church, ..
Between 8 and 0 o'clock Mon
day night, there was a; terrible ex
plosion in Henderson, which shook
every house in the town, the jar
breaking many lights in adjacent
buildings. The wrecked house
was a -small brick building, con
taining three rooms in the rear of
stores occupied by Beacom Bros.,
and R. L. Teiser,' used by them as
warerooms. The cause of the ex
plosion seems a -mystery, , opinion
being divided. In the room oc
cupied by Teiser was a keg of
powder. This is what caused the
damage. i -;
The second annual session of
county supervisors, of public
schools was held at the capitol in
Raleigh Tuesday night. C. H.
Mebane, State. Superintendent,
delivered an address. He said
that during the present year there
had been changes of 19 supervi
sors, one of these having been re
moved for unfaithfulness to duty.
The Superintendent said he was
laboring to secure separation of
public schools from politics, car
rying out the idea of the late Cal
vin II. Wiley. He. also urged
separation of public schools frj)m
church schools. He paid very
high tribute tp the press of North
Carolina as uoing grand work tor
public schools. j :
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The best salve, in the world for
Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt
Rheum, Fever Sores, Tettfcr, Chapped
Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and Skin
Eruptions, and positively cures Piles,
or no pay required. It is guaranteed
to give perfect satisfaction or money
refunded. Price '25 cents per box.
For sale by Kluttz & Co., druggists.

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