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50 Loaresfor B.m at.
for; 'CAKES'
of all kinds,
fresh bakod
call on
VOL, IV. NO. 1 03.
10 Cents Per Week
- ?
Arranged By the Pastors' Association
Services to he Held. The
Day's Directory.
Local . Items
in a Pew
A Number of Holiday Visitors Are
Interesting News Condensed from tth e
for Next Week.
Still on the Boad.
: - i - - '" ' - :. . r - v w . V
Brothers iWere Unsuccessful and Were
Given a Good Flogging. j j !
Mr. Will Lisk, of Morgan, Who
is here today, tells - us of the at
tempted assault on a lady living; in
his township. The attempt was
made two weeks ago by two men
named Cranford, brothers, on
Mrs. M. C. Parks. . I ;
She gave an alarm which brought
her brother-in-law, Mr. James
Basinger,to her rescue The Cran
ford men wTere drinking and be
gan "sassing" Mr. Basinger, He
forthwith gave them a good flog
ging, since which they have not
been seen in that part of the coun
try. ; " j' j.
Cranf ords lived across ! the river
and were in Morgan cutting cord
wood for a distillery. j
Mr. Kluttz's Ided '
We get this from the Raleigh
News & Observer:
t4I have great faith in the Leg
islature which meets here next
week," said Congressman-elect
Kluttz, at the Yarboro. "I don't
know exactly what they'll jdo
about an election law. I've not
read the Louisana law as carefully
as I should, but it seems to me
it's abeut the only law we can
have by which we can eliminate
the negro vote without at the same
time depriving many isrnorant
white people of the right of suf
frage. I don t think we can stop
short of a constitutional amend1
ment." 1
Miss Rintels to Marry.
Invitations have been issued! to
the marriage of Miss Bessie Vic
jtoria Rintels, of Charlotte, who is
to marry Mr. Emanuel N. Campe
on Wednesday evening, January
11th. I
Miss Rintels has visited Miss
Ray Wallace in Salisbury and has
a number of friends here. f
Horse Thief. j
Thursday night some one stole
a bridle from Mr. A. W. Wine
cofFs stable, put it on a horse
. r
which he orot out of Mr. R. 1L.
Shaver's stable and rode the ani
mal several miles in the country.
The horse was returned yester.-
day by a friend of Mr. Shaver,
who had found it straying about.
The animal showed that it had
been run hard. 1
Church Dedication. .
The dedication of Christiana
church, Lutheran, in the county,
takes place to-morrow.
The dedicatory, sermon is to j be
t)reached at 11 o'clock in the morn
ing by Rev. L. E. Busby, of this
city.;-; . !
Corporal Cahill. . ? 1
Mrs. F. Cahill has received a
letter from her son, John B., who
is with the First N. C. Regiment
in Cuba. )
John has recently been appoint
ed corporal in Company L. 1
Marriage. j
December 22, 1898, at the home
of the bride's father, Mr. Lewis 1
Cauble and Miss Agnes C. L. Od
die were united in the bonds of
matrimony by Rev. C. A. Brown.
NOTICE: Any one wishing Brick
can see Mr. John Ilanna, or leave or
ders at Lud wick & Black's stable.
That Is the way all druppists sell GROVE'S
Chills .and Fever. It is simply Iron and
Quinine in a tast eless form. Children love
It. Adults prefer it to bitter, nauseating
Tonics. Price 50 cents.
Busted aij, to pieces: The
- prices on Lounges, Couches, Ex
tension Tables, China Presses,
Chma Sets and Book Cases at Cx.
W. Wright's.
The Pastors' Association has ar-J
nged the following program for
the week of prayer, begining next
onday: .
Monday, 7 p. m. 'Confession,"
Rev. Craven, at Reformed Church.
Tuesday, 7 p. in. "Power of
Ubited Effort," Rev. L. E. Bus-
y, at Presbyterian church. j
1 Wednesday, 7 p. mi' 'Nations
and rulers," Rev. Dr. Rumple, at
Methodist church.' :
Thursday, 7 p. m. "Home and
preign i .Missions," Rev. D. P,
Tate, at Baptist" church.
Friday, 7 p. m. "Families and
phools," Rev. Dr. Weaver,'' at
Lkitheran church. -
The choirs will conduct the mur
Jc at their respective churches.
Slht he-people are earnestly invit-
id to attend the services. Each
ght's service will consume one
burs time.
Died on the Train.
;Yesterday morning Judge F.
Carroll Brewster, one of the best
known' jurists of Pennsylvania,
died on board the south-bound
vestibule while- that train was be
tween Greensboro and Salisbury.
He was on his way to Florida to
spend the winter, having been in
bad health for some time. Death
was caused by paralysis of the
heart. ,
The body was taken off at Char
lotte and'prepared for burial and
sent back to Philadelphia last
e iioriaa Trains.
The Southern's fine Florida lim-
Ued trains will be put on January
1 5th. Superintendent W. B. Ry
der to-day received a telegram
conveying this information. The
schedule sroinir north will be the
same itwas last year. The schec
ule going south will be ten min
utes faster. The same superb ser
vice wilt be given that distinguish
e l these trains last season. Char
Jotte News.
ew School House.
The frame of the new school
buse for the colored children is
up. ne nouse is being Duiit on
West Inniss street below pheriff
Monroe's, and will be used by Rev.
(; eorge Shutz, missionary of the
Missouri Lutheran Synod.
etition for a Bridge.
We understand that a number of
farmers will petition! the county
commissioners Monday to place a
b ridge over the branch in West
Point. It is badly needed and one
will no doubt soon be placed there.
Tb Build Here.
Mr. Eli Barks, who works at
Spencer, has sold. his property in
South Carolina. We understand
he will soon build a residence
The Grip Here. - v
'v. t
The grip has invaded Salisbury.-'
There are many- cases reported in
the city. . .
Fresh lot of Jime just received.
R. J. Holmes. ?
Yellow Fever in town is fear-
l by all, but it is a pleasure to
visit the mammoth store rooms of
George W. Wright and j see the
f arid selection of Xmas and bridal
esents to be had at his Empo-
um. . , . ' . -f
Spring Lamb, fat Mutton, Liver
Pudding, Head Cheese, stall fed Beef,
corn fed Porkjand all kinds of Sausage
and other fresh nieats at J. S. Mara-
r - . . , -. 'i
i ' . s :
For Rent: 4-rooni' cottage on
Chestnut Hill. s-
W. R. .Woodson.
Chestnut Hill Regular services
at the Methodist church.
i Methodist-r-At 11 a. m. and 7
" tii ..1'
p. m. mere win oe .services at tne
Church Street Methodist church.
Episcopal Regular services will
be conducted at St. Luke's and St.
John's, St. Peter's and St. Paul's
chapels. . '
Reformed There will be no
services at Faith Reformed church,
owing to the absence of the pas
tor. Catholic Church The usual Sun
day services will be conducted to
morrow. High mass at 10:30 a.
m., evening devotions at 7:30. All
are welcome. . ;
Spencer At the Methodist
church there will be services at
11 a. m. and 7 p. m., conducted by
the pastor. The subjects will be
apprbpriate to the day.
Dr. Stallidgs, missionary of the
N. C. Baptist Stato Convention,
,w ill preach in the academy at the
IT 1 rn 1 1.
vance Willis at 11 a. m.4 anu in
the academy at Chestnut Hill at
7fp. in.
Presbyterian At the First
Presbyterian church there will be
the usual services.
Christian Endeavors The (Y. P-
S. C. E. will hold its resrular meet
ing Sunday niffht after service.
Subject '-The Angel Presence, f or
the rsew lear. A full meeting
is desired. Members please re
member to send verses, if obliged
to be absent. Visitors heartily
welcome. '
- .
jutneran nurcn iNo services
in the morning owing to the ab
sence of the pastor in preaching
dedication sermon of Christiana
church. Thq, pastor will, how
ever, return in time for night ser
vice. Sunday school will meet at
3 p. m., and be reorsrahized for
the ( year. Every teacher ant:
scholar is urged to be present.
A Young Peoples' Union.
An entertainment was given by
Mrs. B. H. Owens last night at
her home six miles in the country
in the shape of a young peoples
union. A dozen or more guests,
mciuamg some irienus irom bans
bury were invited. The occasion
was most delightful and enjoyable.
Alt -.
ad eiegant supper was served
about TO o'clock, presided over by
Mrs. Owens and daughters. '
. After supper an, hour or more
was spent playing when those for
tunate enough to receive an invir
tation departed with expressions
of appreciation for the hospitality
of the hostess and her interesting:
An Elegant Tea.
Miss King Lindsay gave an. ele
gant tea at her home; -at South
River last night. Winston, Dur
ham, Statesville and other point's
were represented. The guests
were highly entertained and spent
a most enjoyable - evening. They
departed at a late hour with
many earnest expressions of pleas
ure for Miss Lindsay's hospitality
. . .
Boarders Wanted Apply ' to
ivirs. ur. oiaiungs, irars Avenue
Salisbury; . ;
Pi an oj? FOR- Sale A good, sec
ond hand, old style, six and a
half octave Stein way. A bargain-
Apply to JJr. - btalling's, Park
Avenue, balisbury.
Carolina Racket for Xmas goods
Farewell, 1898!
Mrs. Ellen Heilig is sick with
the Salisbury market.
The postoffice will observe Sun-J
day hours on Monday.
See Harry Bros. ad. They have
made a big cut in prices. '
The white graded school will re-
sunie work Monday after a; week's
holiday, : - .
The Spencer postoffice will be
closed Monday, it being a legal
Weather, forecast: Rain;, clear
mg to-night: fair Sunday; Cold
wave. V ' . I
The-anks of the city will be
closed Monday, it being a legal
holiday, ' ! '
Wright and chil
dren,. who have been sick, are im
This is the last day of the week,
last day of the month and last day
of the year.
The young men of the city w.ill
in the opera house
Monday night
A full, line of Burt's Own Make
ladies and children's shoes just re
ceived. Burt Shoe Co. '
Prof. Luther Darr is back at
Harry Bros, after recuperating in
the country for awhile.
Miss Sal lie
Swicegood had the
burn one of her
misfortune toi
hands this afternoon.
Lichtenstein & Teiser have a
new ad. in the Sun to-day. , You
should not fai
Mrs. Coit's
to read it.
school reopens Mon
day. The
her schools of the
city will also open Monday.
Mrs. Linn, of Trading Ford
wnose mness was mentioned yes
terday, is reported some better.
Mrs. Sechler Correll, who lived
near China Grove, died last, night.
Death was caused by heart trouble.
1 '
School shoes that are leather
inner soles, outer soles, heels and
1 1
counters guaranteed Burt Shoe
It is feared that a little .child at
Crescent vvill die from the effects
of having a , piece of peanut lodge
in its throat.
Nearly all of the boys and girls
who are " spending the holidays
here will return to their! books
next week.
"Five interments were made in
the city cem eteries during the
month ending to-day, and (one in
the cemetery on Chestnut Hill.
Martin E. Miller, of Rockwell,
reports the killing of another hog
about seventeen months old. last
Monday. It weighed 506 pounds.
It is quiet in police circles now
Evervbodv seems to have 1 settled
down since
were no cases
!f or trial this
The brick sidewalk near .Fore
man Bros, livery stable, on Main
street, should be repaired at once.
Strangers that see the condition of
this street will hardly b impressed
with the- fact . that Salisbury. is a
live, progressive -city.
The cost sale at J. R. C. Brown,
Jr., still goes on. The crowd
yesterday was' much larger than
the day before and the people
were enthusiastic oyer the low
prices and nice goods ; j ' '-V ...
Everybody in the county can
get presents ! for all at G, W;
Wright's. Go to headquarters;
The Rockers, Tables and Pictures
are exquisite and will J please the
mrtetfacf i1mno orwl of Yin'nna ir
reach of all. I .
Prof. Burton Craige is spending
the day in Charlotte. ,
Capt. and Mrs . T. F. Haughton ,
of Asheyille, are in the city to
day..; .: V- : ;V
David Mauney returned this
morning from a visit at Yadkin
Fails.' :, :
W. M. James, who formerly
lived in Salisbury, ' was here this
morning. ' '
L. V. Brown, of Asheville, a
former Salisburian, is visiting J.
Allen Brown.
"Dood" Poole returned home
from Richmond last night, where
he has been spending Christmas.
Miss Kate Newell, who has been
visiting Miss Mary Mpwery, re
turned to Asheville this morning.
Rev. S. S. Bost returned to Dur
ham this morning. v He had been
in this county several days visiting.
Mrs. N. B. Yeager, of Plymouth,
N. C, js visiting her son, J. S.
Day, this week, also his niece,
Katie Loano.
Mr. Maurice Col in sky, of the
Economy Clothing Store, Jias. re
turned from 'a trip to Washington
and Roanoke.
blaster Ed Heins, who has been
visiting at Ridge way, S. C, re
turned home yesterday, accompa
nied by his uncle, Mr. S. S. Coop
er. "' ''.),
Rev. Henry Dunham, colored,
formerly a student of Livingstone
college, chaplain of the Third
North Carolina regiment, is visit
ing Bishop C. R. Harris.
Miss Lallah Hill, of Concord
has gone to Jacksonville, Fla., to
visit Miss Robinson, after which
she will sail for Cuba to visit; her
brother, Capt. Edward Hill, of
Co. L, First.N. C. regiment. .
L. P.. Bolick and sister, Miss
Tennie, of Denver, N. C. , who
had been visiting relatives here,
returned home this morning.
They were accompanied by Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Bolick, who will
spend several days in Denver. '
Miss Leslie Watkins, the charm
ing young guest of Miss Adelaide
Looney, leaves for her home in
Birmingham, Ala., to-night. Af
ter a stay of two weeks here many
new acquaintances regret her( sud
den departure. She will be ac
companied home by her charming
hostess, Miss Looney.
Young Man Died as a Result of Fall
ing in a Fire. "
Jake Arey, a young man f of
Morgan township, this county,
died Wednesday of this . week
from, the effects of burns received
by falling in a fire.
Mr. Arey was a victim of
epilepsy and while in a fit fell in
the fire at his home on Tuesday.
He was so fearfully burned that
death ensued, on the following day.
Young 'Arey was twenty-five
years of age and unmarried.
The news of this awful death
was brought in to-day by Mr.
Will Lisk. v " : '
The If own Charter. . , -
Last night the city commission
ers met and heardi the proposed
new charter of the city read. It
required a couple of hours for. the
reading of it and the board then
ad jourped till next Thursday night
their regular meeting, night, when
some action will be taken upon
the document changes made, if
deemed necessary , - ;
Carolina Racket for Xmas goods.
rapers ox me otaie.
i ' . .
Marshall Dunlap, a half-witted
negro boy of Anson county, ac
cidentally shot and killed him
self while handling an Unloaded"
pistol. J
O. H. Dockery, K
Sr., will con-
test the election of
lamy , of the
elect John D. Bel
Sixth Congressional district. All
reports to the contrary are wild
conjectures. Raleigh Post.
Mr. W. T. Henderson, who was "
elected treasurer of Gaston coun
ty in November, died at his home
in Dallas a few days ago. He was
sick when elected,' but qualified.
He was about 35 years of age.
Sam Miller, of lower Hominy,
in I5uncomoe county, was acci
dentally shot by his brother Wil
liam while the two were hunting
on Wednesday. Miller's wound is
believed to be fatal,
At Forest City, Rutherfod coun
ty, last week, two little boys were
playing with a revolver when the
weapon was discharged in the
hands of one of them. The ball
lodged in the body of the other,
five years old, causing his death.
At Marion Saturday night per
mission was given by the muni
cipal authorities to explode fire
works, and while the fun was in
progress Thomas Parker was bad
ly burned in the face. One of his
eyes, it is said, is out and the oth
er one almost out.
. Mr. O, P. Sowers suffered a se
rious loss Monday and one which
took the joy from his Christmas.
He lost from his pocket a purse
containing $90 $35 in gold and
the remainder in bills with a small
amount - of change. Stateavillo
Willie Ferrall, a Durham boy
14 years old, hasn't missed at:
tending Sunday, school a single
Sunday in ten years. He com
pleted his tenth year record last
Sunday and Mr. B. N. Duke gave
him a $20 gold piece. He deserved
it. ' ' -
Thomas Lucas, a m ulatto negro,
25 years of age, was shot from
ambush by an unknown person
within speaking distance at his
own home, near Eagle Cock, Wake
county, Thursday night. Lucas
was a peaceable citizen, and no
motive for the cold-blooded mur
der can be assigned.
A big haul of counterfeiters
was made atArgo, Nash county,
on Thursday, by Deputy Collec
tor Perkins and several gentlemen
connected with the Secret; Service
Department of the government.
Four members of one family
were arrested and they - were
brought to Raleigh yesterday by
Deputy Marshal Hammock and
placed in Wake county jail.
The Herald says old man Gillis
Holt, who liyed near Milton, Cas
well county!, died Tuesday morn
ing of last week. He had been
drinking heavily for some time
and the'nigjit before his death he
drank whiskey and walked the
floor all night in a perfect de
lirium. Tuesday morning he was
sitting with a bottle of whiskey in
his hand, still drinking, when he
fell Over and died.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The best salve in the world for
Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt
Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped
Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and Skin
Eruptions, and positively cures Piles,
or no pay required, . It is guaranteed
lo give perfect, satisfaction or money
refunded. Price 25 cents per box.
For sale, by Kluttz & Co.. druggists.
and fever is a bottle of Grove's Tasteless
Chili. Tonic. Never fails to cure; then why
experiment with worthless imitations? Price
50 cents. Your money back if it fails to cure.

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