4 7 m me 4 21 J ENGEH. Vol. XI . So 9 IV A vjiir YUT v V i ' It a v i . i m nm ivr" ir. ... z T7r. rrr . 4, LARGOS I CONSIGNMENT Or' I Ever btought to Washington. iil llacket Store. Spender Bros. Props. 17 e VifjT youfi Business. Grimed and McLean. How-to Save a Doctor's Bill. x licii c ticat luau.y uiraa u i L things said of CoU J. Brvan umb l?Fe we oeaQ usm Grimes of Pi't county by visi tors to Ra'eigb, in connection Daily Edition! with the nomination for Secre Chamberlain's Courh Remedy in our hqrne. We keep a bottle open all&he time and whenever tary of State, and these endorLt-1 any of q&y family or myself be- ments are not confined to iop- j giu to qajtch cold we begin to resentatives from any particu lar section, though he naturally finds mie supporters in the east where his home is and where he is so generally and li vorably Known personally. I do not think it will be improper to quote just here some of the kind words used by one of hisplerchant and Farmer, Mattie, liedtord county, Pa. For sale friends from a Piedmont county in talking with me on the subjeci: "It would be a most graceful, and certainly a most sensible and astute thing for the conten tion to recognize the oupj: democracy of ihe State yhd tre interests of the planters tfy nomi nating Col. Grimes, an,d certain ly no stronger man could be selected for the position, either before trn people of in brii.ia )t discharge cf the jtIh ties of office o4: Secre'ar ot State. "'Bryan Gnmfes!' How the old he use theM ough Remedy, and as a result we tiever have to send awayfor a doctor and incur a large doctor bill, for Chamber lainrs Cough Remedy never fails to cure. It is certainly a medicine of great orth. D. S. merit aad Alearkle, General by all druggists. Mr. Nat Griy knows a good thing when he sees it and wheu he takes it and he says: "I have used Mrs. Joe Person's Remedy for the blood, and found it had no equal for Asth ma and chronij bronchial trouoles of long standing. As a I morning tonic, I dc not think it has an equal. If one. will take itbefor. breakfast, they will cer tainly have an appetite to eat and ability to digest their loud. vv nen i commenced, taking tue Our New Designs Irj Neckwear for the Spring Season have re ceived the approval ot the most critical and conservative buyers and we invite an inspection of our line. A. Large Assortment Of soldiers love that name, and how 'Remedy, I weighed 118 pounds now my weight is 140 pounds, aud 1 attribute my general How about that East er Suit! Haven't order ed it yet, most likely. VV3 i re turning out some marvelous beau ties in fashionably tailored prina: Suits, Pants, etc. uhat we are doing: ior others we can do for you and what others have been Comg for you in past seasons we can dc as well and save you any where from $5 to $1C on ct suit. We mean it too. Step around and take a peep at pur ele gant array of new spring Pheviots, Cassi- mer s and fancy suiting s j generally, in foreign and dom-stic weaves. Try us we will do you good. Respectfully, IS. F t BUCKM&N; every ex-Confederate would ral ly to Irs support! and the far mers (the .tobacco growers es pecially) how heartily they wouid work for the ticket, wiik ,that name on it. "A brilliant man, a fine cam paigner, an indefatigable party worker, a Democrat of the fiiu type who deserves every good thing that can come his 'way. he would indeed add strength .o the ticket and contribute towards its success as much as any name that could be placed upon ! it. Toil will find when the conven tion meets that his following will be second to none, and we cer tainly expect to see him nomi nated, both on his ovn account and for tbe good of the ticket and the party." . The race is evidantly between Col. Bryan Grimes and Hon. Dan Hugh McLean of Harnett, tbe latter a brilliant lawyer who has many strong friends who will press for his nomination f and a most excellent gentleman, withal, all who know him: wi i agree But of him I have spoktn at length in a previous letter. Correspondent State Pi ess. In commenting on the above, jCings Weekly of March 2nisvs "Our Raleigh letter ends with cry highly c mp!imentar c -lie of Mr. Grimes for Secretary ;i: :S ate. It is a fine and dc - e v ed i r i b u " . Th e you n g m ? n 1 . t ! ..va t-e ;iop--j a n Otll w lli'ics i)t re'.roi -iitivMj is ii alth altogether to the use of .Mrs Person's Remedy. NAT GRAY, Charlotte, X. C, Dec. 20, '95. NOTICE TOWN TAXES Ail persons Wing town taxes aic hereby notified that unless paid by March 15 1900, evy will be made upon property for pay ment of same. Jxo. R Ross Town Tax Collector. Imperials, .Four-in-Handa, Puffs, Bat wings, String Ties, and B md Bows i a Exclusive Patterns and Fabrics. A great range of colors, and many new shades of Red and Blue. See our Red Window, the east show window of our men's de partment. Popular prices prevail throughout. U. K. HOYT, Perfect Fitting: Clothier. tile i: tv but jast und pvopr. " itho'it thf m tc purtv woui :. be noth ing an-i the so 3 nar the pr-nfc-sioral '.litivM.-ui learns he is not the p- i ty the fooner . he p.ity wiil becou-.e what i is .ouadeis intruded it should be. Young Tiea must ba recognized. Mr. Grimes isrra true representative of the young democracy and in him too the people- farmers, business men and the trade?, have an earnest, able champion. The people know him to be a man of sterling worth and in tegrity. That is the man wanted. An Editor Finds a Cure for Rheumatism. A. R. De Fluent, editor of the Journal, Doylestown, Ohio, suf fere for a number of years from rheumatism in his right should er and side. He says: "Myj right arm at times was entireh useless. I tried Chamberlain n Pain Balm, and was surprised to receive relief almost immedi ately. The Pain Balm has been a constant companion of mine eversinceand.it never For sale by all druggists. fails. War in the Transvaal ! War ill tlltt Philirminoa T --- "A.iAJJl.lJ.dJ War Avith Hih Prices ! LIS TEX! Hirrell & 0 ., has parcha53l the entire stock of the Washington li.ickt Store and for th-3 next TSIIRTYDAYS heyv:lll V 1 1 at V'v;ly r'lil pric3. Ma's saiU fo n $1.7 1 to 8'S.OO. Othof goods j:ni as eao.xp. R):u3:nh3r we carry a C3malet3 line of c'uico gro eeries Mr. T. G. Lit ia'n, of tie Hi-k)t Stor3 is still with uvr3ily to serv3 his many, friends. Does OflES Yolin's GtjE Rheumatic 1 -ET.IXIR- Is a sure cure for Rheu i& matism. Lumbago an1 f Gout. Price 2 cents. Dr. J. M. Gallagher. 9 $P. O. Box 93. U avshington, Js. ( . m you oaa VJ 1 .nil ) 00 is i mony to buy w'. k. E. lie Piaoe. ffjflfJE$$Wq::i vh iJ V 1 -" o ..'3 O Y ,' 3h: V 3. K-Uy Market St. 2 Doors From Special Attention Given to Making Fi:.-- HARNESS. Will keep cheap Harness in stock and Harness cleaned and oiled. Repair ing done and all parts of Harness made. 79 ;Oiii 3 3 3 5 u J c ' 1 ?- v7a :1 oai oa 5ia i:i -oO 110 I V i3 no-.v. : i -or ' WONDERFUL are tne cures Hood's barsaparilla, and yet thev are simple and natural. Hood's Sarsai carina makes DUPE BLOOD. and th333 at low pnce3. W3 stiall noD bsg aa oneto mxk3 a parc'aasa otU3. Tha groodsara b.3re aad at pric33 aot found any- wiiere else. This is you opportunity. High Grade Pianos aad 0rgaa3 for Jxsh or on easy Payments. j i s J I h 1

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