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Zebulon, North Carolina
TIIEO. fl. DAVIS, Editor
Entered aa second class mail matter June 26, 1925, at the
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Should the Dry forces win 81 battles they
will be just where they were two years ago.
There will still be 19 liquor strongholds scatter
ed over North Carolina. We have often wonder
ed why the prohibition forces threw up their
hands in apparent defeat following the violent
liquor legislation near the close of the Legis
lature two years ago.
Candidates announced, primaries were held,
legislators elected for another General Assem
bly seemingly without question as to where they
stood on the liquor question. If a strong effort
had been put forth at that time we believe that
not only would the drys have held what they
had but also have regained what they lost. After
three score county elections on A B C stores
we believe many counties will remain dry. But
in spite 'off all that can be done withini a few
nionths our state will be dotted with liquor
stores from the mountains to the sea.
If the Drys (and we do not mean the so
called temperance folks) will now begin an ed
ucational campaign with the people of the state
on the evils of drink we shall have a dry North
Carolina within a few years. It can be done and
we believe it will be done. But force and fanati
cism will not keep liquor out. Law will not make
this a dry state, but law and the right kind of
education will do it. Germany well-nigh whip
ped the world by preparation and education.
Norths Carolina may win against drink in the
same way.
\ 000
We have about decided that there is no oth
er matter of public concern that leads men to
show a littler, meaner spirit than politics. The
recent bill offered by certain members of our
General Assembly to prevent the majority oT
3 Children “Going Places”
On last Friday morning, Bettie
Jean Phillips, Lawrence and Lowel
Liles wertt hiking on a sight-seeing
tour. The children were all on Mrs.
Phillips’ porch playing while she
was cleaning the house. Soon after
ward she missed them and went to
see if they were at Mrs. Liles'.
A tour of all neighbor’s homes
revealed no trace o fthem and ere
long the whole neighborhood was
frantically searching for them, but
all in vain. After an hour or more
as searching, someone called the
police who did little better than
those before him.
Near noon Mrs. Earl Horton and
her daughter, Dorothy, joined the
search and through their efforts
the children were found in a near
by cow pasture wading in an icey
branch, holding their shoes in their
hands and scaterred here and there
were their socks. Very wet and ve
ry cold, they returned to their var
ious homes and informed their pa
rents they were merely looking for
Easter eggs and weren’t lost at all.
Bettie, the youngest daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Phillips seem
ed to think she was going to see
Shirley Temple, while the two boys
sons of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Liles,
just shivered and shook and said
The oldest of the three was three
and Bettie, the heroine, two.
Liberty has never come from the
government. Liberty has always
come from the subjects of it. The
history of liberty is a history of
resistance. The history of liberty is
a history of the Limitations of
Governmental Power, not the in
crease of it.—Woodrow Wilson.
These are among modern rarities
A Purse that contains pennies
for the sales tax; a club speaker
who acknowledges that she has
had plenty of time to prepare her
paper; a farmer whom the weath
er suits exactly; a girl who admits
she has plenty of clothes; a “mod
erate drinker” who can take his
liquor or leave it, and who does not
take it; a boy who does not thrill
to the pull of a kite-string in the
spring of the year.
Allude formerly meant to make
fun of; but has lost this meaning
and now is used in the sense of
hinting or suggesting without men
tioning a name.
the people of Madison county running their
own local government is an illustration of our
statement. Just because the republican party
happens to be in control of the county’s af
fairs is no reason for the democrats to step
in and regulate the peple’s business. To our way
of thinking such a step strikes at the very heart
of democracy and manifests just about the
meanest spirit possible of one citizen to anoth
er. It is worse than doing him “dirt”; it is doing
him to death.
The present Legislature proposes to spend
in the operation of North Carolina’s govern
men some $75,000,000 next year and as much
more the following year. An 800,000 office
building is in prospect. Each year our govern
ment costs more and more. New buildings must
be built or others rented to house the multiply
ing employees working for the “peepul”. The
cost of running the government mounts higher
and higher each year. The greatest need of our
state and our country is some one at the helm
who will make an honest effort to reduce both
the number of employees and the cost of gov
ernment. We are for any man regardless of
party who will make this the first plank of his
With pear, plum and peach trees in bloom
jOnrfc is reminded that spring is here whether
its time has come or not. Gardens will soon be
broken and the first seed planted. Grass is be
ginning to show green. And all this awakening
in nature reminds us that we should lend a help
ing hand in laying aside the gray somber of win
ter and putting on the gayer colors of spring.
For beauty’s sake let us prepare flower
beds for the front yard, but for health’s sake
let us get rid of all cans, broken glass, and oth
er rubbish in the side and back yards of our
homes. If the people of Zebulon will see that
their premises are made clean, we believe the
town authorities will see that the trash and
rubbish lying over vacant lots will be removed.
The junk dealer has aided greatly by hauling
off old cars and pieces of casting and iron.
We hope Mayor Bridgers will not only ask
the citizens of this community to remove all eye
sores from their premises, but that he will re
quire it of property owners and residents. Let
us make Zebulon a clean town and then plant
flowers and set shrubs till it will also be a beau
tiful town.
Teacher—Give the three classifi
cations of men.
High School Girl Rich, poor,
and good-looking.
Some excuses are as poor as that
given by the man who shot at a
turtle and missed. He said he “al
lowed for the crawl.”
, Teacher Note the verb in this
sentence: “Take the cow from the
lot”. What mood?
Pupil The cow.—Ex.
The man who borrows trouble
Is on a dangerous track;
He can find no one who wants it
When he tries to pay it back.
Balboa, Canal Zone The sea
men’s strike which ended February
sth cost Uncle Sam $2,000,000 in
lost tolls for steamship passage
thorugh the Panama Canal.
Washington, D. C. This week
a fund of $50,000,000 becomes avail
able through the Farm Credit As
sociation for loans “actually need
ed to grow crops or maintain live
stock until pasturage or forage
crops are available.” The maximum
loan will be S4OO at 4 per cent.
of the
Peiping', China —Out of 2,000 op
ium addicts arrested in the Kiang
se Province in the national drive
against the drug, it is believed that j
at least 70 wll be shot as incur-,
able. Since the application of the
death penalty to hopeless, opium
users it is estimated that a thous-.
and have been executed. L
Berlin, Germany Since 193J®
when the Hitler regime decided tfl
increase the population by
cing marriages, government loan®
have helped nearly 700,0()0
productive of 485,000 children.
year alone 171,391 marriages we®
financed, nearly 10 per cent moi®
than the previous year. H
Dallas, Texas ln spite of a®
efforts to reduce, Patrolman B. ®
Gardner’s 393 pounds seem to a®
cord him first place as the nation®
bulkiest policeman. Sergeant
rick J. Keely, of Summit, N. J®
nosed him out for a time with 42®
pounds, but after dieting at a
pital the Jerseyman fell away t®
a wraith of 388 pounds, thus
storing the Texan’s preeminence. H
Washington, D. C. With th®
proceeds of a series of Nations®
Victory dinners to be held oi®
March 4th, W. Forbes Morgan®
treasurer of the Democratic Na®
tional Committee, hopes to liqui®
date the party's deficit of
which remained after the last na- <
tional campaign. (
Manila, P. I. When Paul V. I
McNutt, of Indianapolis, Ind., ar
rives here as High Commisioner (
to the Philippine Islands, succeed- *
ing Governor Murphy of Michigan, 5
he will find awatng him as his new 1
official residence a palace over
lookng Manila Bay, now nearing
completion at a cost of $750,000.
Dover, Del. Members of the
General Assembly are debating a
bill introduced by a Sussex County
Representive designed to levy an
annual tax of SSO on every bache
lor in the State past 30 years of
age. Proceeds of the tax would go
to St. Michael’s Day Hospital at
Wilmington. Three members of the
Assembly would fall within the tax
Goderich, Canada The arriv
al of a newcomer in the home of
Mr. and Mrs. James Masse was no
novelty to the parents—she was
their 21st child. All are living, the
oldest at 26. Marie, 20, bakes 40
loaves of bread each week and
makes twenty pounds ol butter
for her hungry brothers and sis
Ft. Knok, Ky.—A heavily guard
ed, ten car train arriving here ov
er a secret route marked the re
sumption of gold shipments to the
nation’s treasure house, which
were interrupted by the Ohio River
flood. The present consignment
came from New York, and consist
ed of 480 boxes of 500 pounds each,
of a total valuation of $120,000,000.
Further shipments are expected
Pleasant Hill
(Too late for last week)
On. Feb. 10 little Miss Francis *
Pearce entertaned a number of her
friends at a birthday party honor
ing her sth birthday.
Miss Bonnie Bell Weathers of
Millbrook returned home Sunday
after spending some time with
Mrs. Lester Jones-
Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Puryear and
children and Mr. Bob Tant of Wen
-1 I I M < v \ H ■ *
slipped into the drivers seat, pres?
ed the starter button and drove the
car off the line.
An exchange contains an item
saying that banana skins have a
fiber that may be converted into
yarn for weaving into a fine soft
cloth. For years we have known
that banana peels thrown on the
sidewalk cannot be beat for slip
Under and by virtue of the terms
and conditions contained in a cer
tain deed of trust from Josua Jones
and wife, Joanna Jones, dated the
Ist day of January, 1927, and a re
sale order, the undersigned held a
resale on the 6th day of Feb., 1937,
and the bid having been raised & a
resale ordered, I will, at the Court
house door, Raleigh, Wake County,
N. C., at public auction on Sat
urday, the 6th day of March, 1937,
at 12:00 o’clock noon, offer for
sale and sell to the highest bidder
for cash the following described
tract or parcel of land lying and
being in Wake County and being
more particularly described as fol
Adjoining the land of B. H.
Richardson on South, C. V. Whit
ley on West, B. P. Finch on North,
J. W. Strickland on East contain
ing 29 1-2 acres more or less. Be
ginning at a stake in J. W. Strick
land’s land. Thence N. 84 25 min
utesi 1645 feet to a stake in road:
Thence N. 113 W. 782 feet to stake
in road Claud Whitley’s corner:
Thence S. 80 44 minutes 1562 feet
to a stake in Leemon Chamblee’s
line: Thence S. 4 45 minutes 871
feet to the beginning containing
twenty-nine and 3-4 acres more or
less and known as a portion of the
J. E. Gill Land.
A. A. JONES, Trustee.
This 18th day of February, 1937.
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