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    SEhe Zebuiun Slrrnrb
It has been hinted for several
ays that plans were under way
y the city fathers to enlarge the
>rporate limits of Zebulon. A vis
to the town board meeting a few
ghts ago confirmed this report,
weral reasons seem to enter in
the proposal.
The people living within jhfe town
lits say that those livjji just
tsdde the corporation and wiling
siness in Zebulon ought to share
the expense of government,
that these people profit
most of the advantages of the
vn government and share none
its expenses. Incidentally if the
izens who own property without
• town limits come inside, the add
taxable property will reduce
iir present tax rate in town. It
also claimed that t he present
pulation of Zebulon will be in
cased probably 50 per cent by
Church News
The Circle of the Methodist Mis
inary society met at the home of
rs. Foster Finch on Monday,
arch first, at three-thirty. 14
embers were present. Mrs. J. W.
radley and Mrs. Charles Flowers.
>nducted the program, Mrs.
radly reading the devotional, con-
Jcting the prayer, and carrying on
le discussion of the first chapter
f John. Mrs. Flowers concluded
le program by discussing the
econd chapter.
At the close o fthe business ses
ion the hostess served delightful
The Central Circle met last week
.ith Mrs. Philip Massey, Mrs. F.
1. BiCin having charge of the pro
ram. Also taking part were Mes
ames R. E. Pippin, Allan Pippin,
nd Williard White.
The Northside Circle of the Bap
st W. M. S. met on Monday after
ion with Mrs. T. E. Blount. The
•ogram was directed by Mrs.
leo. B. Davis with Mesdames Vic
ria Gill, R. R. Creech and A. N.
nes. taking part.
The general meeting of the Bap-
W. M. S. for March will be
I on next Monday afternoon,
•ch Bth, at 3:30 in the church.
. C. V. Whitley, in charge of
program, announces that Mrs.
y Valentine will address those
nt. This is to be one of the
ams for the Week of Prayer
'me Missions. All Circles are
o attend.
this enlargement. All this will ad
vertise the town and be an induce
ment to progressive business men
and others to locate in Zebulon.
On the other hand those opposed
to being brought into the corpo
rate limits of the town say the
town is heavily bonded—more than
SIOO,OOO with accrued unpaid in
terest of around Should
they permit themselves to become
citizens of the t own, then their
property would come under the ob
ligation to stand for the town's in
debtedness. They claim that no
material benefits would accrue to
them. But an additional tax of
51.85 per hundred dollars would be
added to that which they are now
paying the state and county. Some
of the largest tax payers to Zebu
lon live outside the town limitst.
They claim that they are sharing
equally with other business men in
all the expense of the town's gov
Forum Will Continue
Though a smaller crowd w r as
present at the Open Forum last
week than the previous one, yet
more interest was shown by those
present than at the first. Dr. Bar
clay of Wilson was the speaker. He
discussed the three forms of gov
ernment now dominant in the world
and the relation of Christianity to
them. He seemed t’o think that
the outlook for Christianity in Rus
sia and Mexico and in a few other
so-called Christian nations is very
dark. In our country the people
are more deeply interested in re
ligion. The State and church co
operate and there is the best of
feeling between the two.
After the address there w r as a
very lively discussion of the sub
ject. Many asked questions, show
ing their deep interest. The next
forum will be within two weeks.
Some prominent speaker will be
present and the subject will be of
general interest. It is hoped a
large number of people will be
present. We believe these open
forums are valuable to our whole
community and that our people
ought to take a deep interest in
them. Some one suggested that we
them a permanent thing.
We believe it could and should be
done and we hope the present
forum sponsored by the govern
ment will be the beginning on which
our community may build a per
manent open forum.
Recorders Court
Just eleven cases came before
Judge Rhodes in the Little River
Recorder’s Court Wednesday but it
ook up the day as one attorney
1 except an hour out for lunch.
» Price was before the court
sault with a deadly weapon.
■Might it would be best for
let his attorney do his talk
him although he had to pay
to do what he has been,
ost a 11 of his life for noth
is lawyer said Joe used the
? iron. The court said one
i the State highway, with a
choice: To pay all costs,
mtinued on back page.)
ernment by paying privilege and
other taxes on this property the
same as those living in the city
Objectors also claim that:
New sewer anu water lines would
have t o be run, streets improved,
police force enlarged and other ex
penses incurred to give those now
living outside the town limitsi the
same advantages as those living
inside so that the tax rate could not
be reduced as claimed by the meas
ure’s. proponents.
It is understood that a bill is be
ing prepared to enable the people
living in the proposed addition to
vote on it. The proponents say it
will carry with a good majority
when submitted to the voters living
in sections to be added to the pres
ent limits. The opponents claim it
will be overwhelmingly defeated,
even as high as 90 per cent voting
against the proposition.
Club Column
The March meting of the Garden
Club will be held in the home of
Mrs. W. C. Campen on next Tues
day, March 9th, at 3:15 p. m. Mrs.
Isabel Henderson of Raleigh will
be guest speaker and will discuss
Flower Arrangement as judged by 1
artistic standards.
The Study Class sponsored by
the P. -T. A. and other organiza
tions of the town met on Tuesday
afternoon in the Home Economics
Room at Wakelon with the P. -T. A.
as hostess organization.
Mrs. A. S. Bridges, who directs
the class, preented Supt. E. H.
Moser who spoke or the Everyday
Problems of the Everyday Child,
with special attention to Destruc
tiveness, Delinquency and Inferior
ity Complexes. Mr. Moser’s analy-1
sis of these problems was most
helpful to his hearers and was fol
lowed by a round table discussion.
Mesdames Philip Massey and R.
E. Pippin served cookies and coffee
during the social hour. The atten
dance was' unusually good.
On Thursday , Feb. 11, at 3:00
p. m. the Zebulon Gardeners met
with Mrs. C. G. Weathersby hos
tess. The Club was most fortunate
in having as guest speaker Mrs.
Ben Lawrence of Raleigh. Mrs.
Lawrence is a charming speaker
and brought the Zebulon club much
worth-while information with Per
ennial Borders as her subject. Each
hearer felt that the message
brought special help to her, wheth
er her garden might be large or
The hostess greeted the guests
at tljp door and they were then
introduced to Mrs. Lawrence and
her mother, Mrs. Holloway, by Mrs.
C. E. Flowers, Club president. Tht
Weathersby home with its lovely
arrangement of forsythia, spirea
and jonquils made an appropriate
setting for the meeting.
Assisted by Mrs. Fred Page the
hostess served strawberry short
cake with coffee, mints, and nuts.
Memebers present were: Mesdames
F. H. Mcguire, F. D. Finch, C. E.
Flowers, J. L. Stell, Jack Hinton,
C. V. Whitley. E. C. Daniel, H. C.
Wade, J. K. Barrow, R. H. Herring,
Someone sent me another little
sketch in rhyme this week and it
Quality vs. Price
Don’t try to buy a thing too cheap
From those with things to sell.
Because the goods you’ll have to
And time will always tell.
The price you paid you’ll soon for
And the goods you get will stay:
The price you will not long regret—
The quality you may.
Hear ye, hear ye. Ere long I
shall be changed from a Country
Gentleman to a City Slicker, if I
am to go by the extension plans
of ur local board. A present I’m
half-’n-half. Sleeping out and loaf
ing in.
The Charlotte News supplies me
with the following—
A lady of high socTal standing
w’ent to the local hospital for a
minor operation and after a few
fomalities 6f filling out entrance
blanks, cards, etc., she was in
structed b> a nurse to disrobe and
get up on a rolling table. This, she
did in the room provided and pres
ently the nurse returned, rolled
her into another room and left.
Presently the door opened and a
man in white came over and rais
ing the sheet which covered her,
looked searchingly over her. With
out a word he left returning present
ly with another man in white. They
both lifted the sheet and inspected
her. Without a word they started
to leave.
“Oh doctor,,” called the some
what impatient lady. “When will
I have my operation?”
“We ain’t doctors,” returned the
first man in white, “We’re pahnt
We have among us, dear citi
zens, one Pistol Pushing Papa from
Petersburg, Pennsylvania, as ft
were. If I am reliably informed, as
I think I am. one Jimmy Graye,
pronounced Jimmy Graye, of ye
olde firme Stedman’s Stores is a
lady-killer of the first degree.
According to one JH and BS the
boy merely has. to whistle and
they come a-rqnnin’. His slightest
wish is their command.
Photographs of Jimmy in action
cannot at this date be obtained.
Oh, to be a Romeo, swish, swish.
I have been threatened by one
person. And I feel that if by warn
ing my fellow-citizen against the
armorous young man, f do my peo
ple and my country good, I will
go down as a martyr. Sobeit.
So long buddies,
The Swashbuckler.
A. N. Jones, J. F. Coltrane, R. H.
Bridgers, W. C. Campen, F. L.
Page. Prior to the meeting Mea~
dames Lawrence & Holloway were
luncheon guests of Mrs. Flowers.
A gift jar of grapefruit marma
lade from Florida was presented to
Mrs. Lawrence by Mrs. Weathers
hy. J

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