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The Other
Last Friday about mid-afternoon
I stood at the edge of our front
yard waiting for my son who was
going to Raleigh, and I waited for
some time before he came along
from the shop. In the meantime my
attention was held by the unusual
number of cars that passed going
west. Many of them bore license
plates of eastern towns. At first
' it puzzled me; then I remembered
the Victory Dinner scheduled for
that night, and began staring at
the cars and their occupants as
they sped by.
The went swiftly as on high em
prise; eyes straight ahead, with the
brave stern look of men who purge
history, correct records, eat barbe
cue, pledge themselves to see that
the president is properly praised,
count the times his name is called
I in an address and boldly bang bot-
I ties on tables each time they hear
■ They looked not to left nor right.
■ heir faces were steadfastly set to
-1 rd Raleigh. It was impressive.
Zebulon - Rocky Mt. Road Opens August 1
At the meeting of the Woman’s
Club on Tuesday afternoon it wapC
decided to contribute to the Solie
Southall Cotten Loan FjMrl
also to the Brogden Fjmfl, wjrfen
will eventually be yrpwtX. the
same loan as the farm«\/'
Mrs. J. F. Coltyne Mng two so
los—Trees and fwety and Low —
with Mrs. G. S.lßacpee at the pi
ano. I fl
Mrs. F. L. Pfcg/lwas in charge
of the program |i/ Haetry.
Mrs. C. G. "\Watliersby conduct
ed a contest, rndirv the titles of
25 poems, clubfliemlers listing the
authors. The lotie nuking highest
score was awiitled k prize. Mrs.
F. E. Bunn g»l quStgxions from
poems with a pttze
one recognizing nke source of the
greatest number.
Mrs. E. H. Moser
from the Past, readS|g extract?"
from the poems of ShaHsgDeare,
Scott, Wordsworth, TennysonT
Browning, Rosetti, Lowell, Bryant,
” , ' a iittier, Longfellow, Hollad, Ca-
Irs. E*jnn spoke on Gems of the
ienL-xnfitttioning Kipling, Mase-.
!, Noyes, Whitman, Markham,!
;t, Sandburg.
le final feature of the pro
n was the reading, of favorite
ns by those present.
The Garden Club/of Zebulon met
i the home of Mrs W. C. Campen
,n Monday morning of this week.
Mrs. Isabel Henderson of Raleigh,
speaker for the meeting, asked
hat the date be changed because of
■nother date on her calendar. She
poke on Flower Arangement, her
tudy and training as artist and
ortrait painter giving her wider
ange of knowledge than she
light otherwise have brought her
earers, and her message was
luch appreciated and enjoyed. The
istess, served light refreshments
all present.
'ln Thursday afternoon of last
*k Mrs. James Temple went
h her son, Mahlon Temple out
i the country to a house he is;
ding. While there she stepped j
on the porch, when a plank
had not been nailed down,
ed and threw her shattering
bone in one shoulder. She was
ght at once to the home of
son, Lorenzo Temple, with ;
n she makes her home, and •
cal attention was given. Mrs.
lie’s age will make her recov- j
lower than would be the case :
a younger person, but her '
tion seems to be fairly sat
or at this time.
" t> ty tells of a mqn who
a col-
Pastor w in ) * avo a g P“~
cial servio>r*f|ppnf popple
SujxWy morning at the
Church. The choir will be composed
of -r-jfirn" iiirriVari nf the congre
.fffttion. The public is in- ;
vited to attend.
V 1
The Y. W. A. of the Baktist
Church met last week at J the
home of Mrs. J. B. Outlaw’ Jbr a
meeting of unus.ual interest#
• 1.. ■ m
Ey mistake the meetimf of the
Northside W. M. S. Q\x& was an
nounced in this eolutfm last weebj
as being set for the 15fFi.
The correct March
place of is the Jtome of
Mrs. Whitley, Les-
is program leader, jr
1 The of
tist will Mft.
on Mopiifiy at
t 8:00 p. ILJfflssey will
iluei ( t!U |l prograt^ -^
on back page).
At the Wakylon School Au
ditor'um, Friday night of this
Week at 7:30 a Farmers Meet
ing put on by our State Col
lege. The National Farm I>oan
Association, The Productive
Credit Bank, The Grange and
The F. C. X. will have repre
sentatives at the meeting.
Office of the Superintendent
Zebulon, N. C.
March 16, 1937
Mr. T. B. Davis,
Zebulon Record, 1
Zebulon, N. C.
Dear Mr. Davis:
Mr. Joseph Kornfeld, former U. S. Minis
ter to Persia, is to be our Forum leader on the “
night of March 26. Mr. Kornfeld is not only an
experienced diplomat and a keen observer of
economics, and political conditions, but he is
interested in the social trends of the United
States, and is also a forceful speaker. Mr. Korn
feld was educated in the University of Cincin
nati, University of Chicago, and McGill Univer
sity. He will probably talk to us on this topic,
“When we are Educated”.
1 should appreciate the favor if you will give
this notice as much publicity as possible. Some
how I feel that this community has not waked
up to the fact that this opportunity for adult in
terest in education, under the direction of the
type of people who are coming to our cmmunity,
is one of the finest things that has ever been
offered through the Wakelon School. With your
ability to get things before the public in an at
tractive manner. I am sure you will do all you
can, and the advance notice in this week’s paper
should help us greatly in getting a larger crowd
for March 26.
Very truly yours,
E. H. MOSER. j
\[he new highway from Zebulon
I to \ocky Mount byway of Stan
| hop<\we are informed, will be com
pletetfkibout August 1. The paving
is beingkdone with funds furnished
*by the toderal government. Most
houses, barns, filling sta
ti<*nsSnd Vores are being moved
bac\ sixW ket from the highway
where theV *e now close by. We
were Mold flhs* sixty or more of
these pave bk<* or will be moved.
The expense tomes out of the road
funds i When Ills, road is complet
ed, me distant* from Zebulon to
Roj#y Mt. wllllbe shortened six or
s«#en miles/iJirer than the pres
et route jbyf Spring Hope and
fNashvilW’ /
1 Gail the baby daughter of the
Eugene Privettes, is in Rex Hospi
tal where she was taken for treat
ment after being burned on Mon
day night. The little one had been
put to bed and a bottle of hot wa
ter was tucked in with her for add
ed warmth. The bottle broke and
Gail was painfully burned on the
lower part of her body and legs.
W'hile seriQUs, her injuries, are re
sponding to treatment.
Mrs. Helen DeFazio of New York
cut her baby’s, throat because it
cried too much. The year-old baby
died’and the mother has been sent
to a sanatarium for observation.
With a supreme effort this week
I take my linotype in hand and
forcibly make my mind ramble on
for the length of about sixty-four
or more ems. I am greatly afraid
that if this week’column had to be
set by hand, my hand, it would not
be sat.
For nearly five years I have at
the last minute, with no malice
aforethought, seated myself at the
same machine and without copy or
thought (as has been easily dis
cerned ) set enough to 'fill the re
quired space.
I really don’t see why sensible
people have put up with it when,
after all is said and done, they
have a place with padded walls in
Raleigh for people like me. I just
suppose I’ll keep writing this col
umn until some public-spirited in
dividual blows out my gray matter.
The legislature over Raleigh
way greatly reminds me of the way
this column is conducted. Anything
that comes up is okay, just so long
as it doesn’t come up on an empty
stomach. I can easily understand
how they can get a couple of drinks
under their belt and say yes to any
thing We who have little or no
brains are all that way.
The legislative positions in this
state don’t pay enough to really in
terest highly intelligent business
men who understand the workings
of the law-machine.
There are a few philanthropists
like John Sprunt Hill, of Durham
who give their time for the fun, the
name, of something else. E*ut tak
ing the general run, they aren’t
any more capable of making laws
for the good of the people than
you or me or any other person who
hasn’t made a study of the social
I believe that the reason there
are fewer lawyers this year in the
House and Senate is because busi
ness conditions have improved to
tha 4 they can make more
money in the lawyer business than
the law-making business.
I should be glad to vote for any
man, regardless of name who would
do his best to away with all laws
which had been Introduced by some
representative who thought that
introducing lots of bills would
make his voters, think he was “do
ing something.” The only things
most representatives do are the
This week’s column is dedicated
to the Legislature without reason,
and to “Mister” Billy Pippin for
sentimental reasons.
The Swashbuckler.

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