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This, That, and
The Other
Mrs. Needham Pitts told me
that she never found hepaticas in
the woods around here and that
she has put in a good bit of time
looking for them. I am sorry, for
they add so much beauty to any
place they grow. By the way,
their other name is liverwort,
which is. not pretty, and I think
•m they are related to sal hepatica,
Jf too.
Erwin, Ellis to Be Wakelon Finab Speakers
At the teaching hour at the Bap
tist church last Sunday Mr Pitt
man Stell made a report of some
proceedings of the National Tem
perance organization, which con
ference he attended recently in
Florida. He also emphasized the
necessity for citizens of this com
munity to arouse themselves for
action to defeat liquor propaganda
which would tend to make easier
the procuring of liquor in and near
The worship service was presid
over by Dr. L. M. Massey who
the devotional, stating as the
y’s theme, Romans 12:1. A quar
—D. M. Cashwell, P. H. Massey,
illace and Jack Temple—sang.
2. V. Wh tlev spoke briefly on
ly I Go To Church and was fol
ded by E C. Daniel, who explain-
Why I Support My Church Fi
What the Church Means as a
ul-Saving Agency was the sub
•t for a talk f>y Mrs. W. N. Pitts.
C. Dawson defined What the
ayer-Meeting Means to Me, as
• which John Broughton said a
x personal words about What the
urch Means Co Me. In conclusion
mice Bunn told What My Rel g
o Means to Me.
Pastor Herring linked the mean
g of the “Safety Sabbath’’ as em
asized by mayors’ proclamations,
th work of the church.
Northside and Central Circles of
? Baptist W. M. S. will meet on
nday of next week-
In the account of the
Ladies’ Night, printed last
ek, the Record reporter fail
to make mention of some
the most important workers
(reparation for the occasion.
V. B. Bunn, Dr. C. E- Flow-
W. L. Simpson, and E. C.
~niel were a committee of ar
angement. Needless to say the
omen of their households
ere called into servfce and re
tonded willingly.
The committee desires this
itement made because they
sh credit to be given to those
serving it. They are grate
for the full co-operation ac
ded them by the member
-> and especially fchank the
es who did so much of the
ting in their homes.
>sene spray will kill dande
)r the kerosene may be ap
irectly to each A -
The Woman’s Club met on Tues
day p. m. with Mrs. J. C. Wilson
directing the program. Margaret
Bunn, Evelyn Carroll, Ruby Brid
gers, Charles Flowers and Charles
Winstead delighted all present with
their presentation of a comedy
which had been prepared as a part
of their work in the dramatics
club at Wakelon.
Dur ng the business session it
was, decided that the club will spon
sor library work in the summer as
has been done several years prev
iously. Bookshelves are badly need
ed in the club house and any friend
who can and will give or lend these
is asked to communicate with Mrs.
A. N. Jones. Mrs. C- E. Flowers
reported for the Garden club that
plans are progress ng with regard
to the cemetery work, about which
definite announcement will be made
The club voted to sponsor and
cooperate in a clean-up campaign
for Zebulon.
Mrs. J. E. Gill and Mrs. J. C.
Wilson, hostesses, served refresh
ments a s the ciose of the meeting.
M* E. Church At Wake Forest
Work is beginning on a Metho
dist church at Wake Forest. Its
membership will include those be
longing to the Methodist church at
Rolesville. The build ng at Roles
ville will be remodeled and used as
a teacherage for the school. It is
an old building, but in a fine state
of preservation.
Tuesday in Washington saw the
reading of President Roosevelt’s
message to congress in which he
asked for a relief fund of $1,500,-
000,000. Many people regard his de
mand as exorbitant, but the gov
ernors of Pennsylvania, New York
and Illinois, all Democratic, an
nounced that if this sum for relief
were not forthcoming their state
governments would be forced into
bankruptcy. The relief bill will
probably be passed at an early
date with comparatively few
changes. Passing the bill will prob
ably also mean new taxes.
Although American citizens are
hard hit due to New Deal taxes*
they are not alone in their misery.
Englishmen too have to dig down
to pay their government accounts-
New- English tax plans call for in
creases in all collection departments
to the extent that now Englishmen
mus-t pay as taxes one dollar out
of every four that they earn.
? lean-up Drive Next Week
e Woman’s Club and other civ
janizations in Zebulon are
for the town to have a clean
mpaign next week. Mayor
?rs promises that all gar
*nd trash in the town limits
promptly carried away. But
s great need for the cleaning
nd beyond the corporate lim
no doubt property owners
he community will join in
ement to make this a more
The Wakelon Schools will have
their graduation exercises on May
5, 1937. Supt- Clyde A. Erwin will
give the address at 10:30 o’clock
Wednesday morning.
The other closing exercises are
as follows:
Apr 1 28
Music Recital,
April 30
Society Night 8:00 P. M.
May 2
Annual Sermon
(The sermon will be preached by
Dr. Hugh P. Ellis, Pas>tor of the
First Baptist Church, Wilson, N. C.
Dr. Ellis is a preacher of distinc
tion, and our people should give
him a large congregation for the
Sunday Evening service )
May 3
Senior Class Exercises 8:00 P. M.
May 5
Senior Class Play 8:00 P. M.
All the old Wakelon graduates
are invited to attend the Commence
ment Exercises on May 5, to make
this a grand Home-Coming day.
This Home-Coming Day has been
talked of a great deal during the
year. We have definitely decided
to make an effort to get as many
s possibel of the old graduates,
and old Wakelon School students
here fr the commeneeent exercises.
They will enjoy the reunion, the
exchange of hand shakes and greet
ings. They will enjoy seeing the
progress that the school has made,
and swapping experiences with all
of the newer graduates. Will all of
the local graduates, who read this
notice in the paper, please commun
icate with the graduates they know
who live elsewhere, and invite them
to our Commencement Exercises
on May 5. for a great reunion of
all the oM Wakr’on pupils
In the primary election in Ral
eigh last Monday Mayor George
Iseley won over Rep. Clarence Mit
chell by a vote of 5,000 to 2,000.
The office of mayor carries with it
the position of commissioner of fi
nance. Safety Commissioner T. K.
Fountain was re-elected as was
City Judge Wiley Barnes- Ed Bar
ton, candidate for Public Works
Commissioner Ferguson’s post, was
second to Ferguson in a field of
four and is entitled to a second pri
mary if he desires one.
Until after the seventeenth cen
tury belief in witchcraft was al
most universal. During the reign
of Henry 111 30,000 "witches'’ were
burned to deatfTln France. It is es
timated that in all Europe 9,000,000
persons have been put to death as
sanitary and more beautiful place
in which to live.
One reason for the date set is that
many will come on May sth to
Wakelon’s commencement and it is
only natural for residents to wish
that all premises may look their
best at that time. Let the “old
grads” who are specially invited
see that Zebulon has, grown more
attractive with the passing
Don’t forget April 26- May Ist.
doodle fjjjfjy
8:00 P. M.
As most folks know, I’m not at
all what you might call brilliant.
No scintillating rays of knowledge
radiate from this lowly one’s brow.
Since everyone knows this, they
pay me no mind when I make any
remark. Hence—
I have tried three times to wade
through Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone
With the Wind”. The first two
times, I went to sleep, the third,
well, to be frank, I didn’t have the
heart to begin again. Such as it
was, was all right. But Scarlett
O’Hara always seemed to be try
ing to get out of the slowness of
the plot. Like twenty pounds of
sugar in a twelve-pound bag.
At places the book seemed to be
written in the— “I’m gett ng two
cents a word for all I write and the
more I describe this, scene the more
money I will be able to put in my
pocket, or purse, or pocket-book, or
billfold. I must go now, I must be
on my way, I must travel along, I
must say adieu, I must aw nuts—”
I’ll adrffffc that that is more like
Gertrude Stein, bjt after all, even
with Miss Mitchell’s wonderful
flow of description, I tire of going
into a room and having every sin
gle speck of dust described to me.
I like better to move into a room,
take a hasty look, close my eyes
and then pick out the outstanding
objects from the picture formed.
If I recall correctly, the late Ar
nold Bennett’s “Imperial Palace”
spent the better part of two chap
ters preparing you for and taking
you through the great market place
While t was all wonderfully writ
ten, yawns were perceptible on my
8:00 P. M.
Perhaps, like the poor swimmer,
when I get in water above my waist
I become nervous and am quite
ready to change to tennis, golf or
anything else to get out of the
deep water.
Nevertheless, ‘Three Smart Girls’
failed to reg'ster with me, and yet
it received the motion picture
award, as did “The Great Ziegfeld”
at which my seat became quite
hard and the picture quite long-
Pretty much the same as some
scenes in “Gone With The Wind”.
You know, sometimes I envy the
Roosevelts, the Einsteins, the Mus
solini’s, even the high society, and
then I think that maybe they don’t
think things are as hot as they’re
cooked up to be. Even our own dear
Bob Reynolds showered scads of
publicity on our state when he kiss
ed the puckered lips of Jean Har
low. Os course Robbin did it for the
love of his country, but I always
will have a sneaking suspicion that
there was an ulterior spark of en
joyment on the part of our Senator.
Or was there? If there wasn’t, the
old boy had better see his physi
Well, that’s off my chest and I
can’t tell any difference. Which on
ly goes to show that I’m even worse
off than I thought. The more I say
the less I know go before it’s too
The Swashbuckler.

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