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This, That, and
The Other
Fifty Dollars Given In Prizes
New Town
Board Organizes
The new Mayor and Board of
'inmissioners of Zebulon met and
?anized Monday night. After
ranization various matters were
ier consideration. As to just
' much discussion and division
harmony prevailed, only the
ibers themselves know, since
ne else was present and so far
known no one has read the
ds of the meeting. We under
that the town clerk will give
5 to the full record only on or
rom the board itself,
s paper was referred to the
* by one member of the Board
e in turn referred us to the
clerk. Below' we give the in
tion obtained. The town's
nment organized with Wal
'hamblee, mayor; J. L. Hor
ivon Privette, W. B\ Bunn,
Kilpatrick and F D. Finch,
lissioners. R. V. Brown was
ointed Town Clerk; D. E.
was retained Chief of Police
ne month and may continue
it position. Alva Bunn was
•omted night policeman to suc
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ne Busy Bee Class of young
of the Methodist church will
sor an appearance of the
ing Billies” in Wakelon audi
im on Thursday night, June
Admssion will be 15c and 25c.
program will feature music,
instrumental and vocal, acts
e percentage of receipts com
o the class wrill be used for
activities. Your attendance
>e appreciated.
?akelon Takes N. C. Service 18 To 8
and Features With Homer
"hree-Base Hit. Green Slug*
*ut Three-Bagger Too.
game Sunday with Raleigh
Service, Wakelon slugged
ay to an 18-8 victory.
! Strickland batted out a
II for a homer in the third
vith three men on base. A
igger later on brought in
re while Green, pitcher,
o men over the plate with
;-base hit in the fifth,
and Weathersi pitched for
while the visiting hurlers
eph Smith and Peatross.
unday curfew law caught
3 at the conclusion of the
>n begins their league se
ngier on June 10th. They
•e again Friday and then
e Saturday and Sunday,
’s game is called for 4:00
Sunday game begins at
w grandstand will be up
r for the Saturday game,
tire itinerary will be found
The merchants of Zebulon,
Wendell and Spring Hope in
co-operation with the RECORD
sponsor a letter-writting con
test in which Fifty Dollars in
prizes will be given to the per
sons in Wake and adjoining
counties who write the Record
the best letters telling why it
pays to trade with the merchants
represented on the contest page.
This contest is open to every
man, woman, and child except
employees of the paper and the
firms represented on the contest
page. The purpose is to create
additional interest among the
people of this section in the
merchandise offered for sale by
these merchants. The letters
will be judged and prizes award
ed by the first of July. Every
one has an equal chance and all
are urged to participate. You
may write about any or all, or
any number of the merchants,
hut not collectively. Each let
ter must be about one merchant,
but a contestant may write as
many additional letters as he or
she wishes about other adver
Rules of the contest are:
1 — No employee of the paper
or participating firm is eligible.
2 Letters must be limited to
100 words.
3 All letters must be sent to
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JUNE 10 (Thursday
Erwin at Clayton
Wakelon at Angier
JUNE 11 (Friday)
Wakelon at Clayton
Erwin at Angier
JUNE 12 (Saturday)
Clayton at Erwin
Angier at Wakelon
JUNE 13 (Sunday)
Clayton at Erwin
Angier Wakelon
JUNE 16 (Wednesday)
Angier at Clayton
June 17 (Thursday)
Wakelon at Erwin
JUNE 18 (Friday)
Erwin at Wakelon
• Clayton at Angier
JUNE 19 (Saturday)
Angier at Erwin
Clayton at Wakelon
JUNE 20 (Sunday)
Wakelon at Clayton
Erwin at Angier
JUNE 23 (Wednesday)
Wakelon at Clayton
JUNE 24 (Thursday)
Erwin at Angier
JUNE 25 (Friday)
Erwin at Clayton
Revival Meeting
Baptist Church
Beginning next Sunday evening,
June 13, at 8:00 o’clock, Pastor
Bradley of the Methodist Church
will preach Sunday night. Rev.
Carl M. Townsend of Hayes Barton
Baptist Church, Raleigh, will come
for the Monday evening, 8 00 o’-
clock, service and will preach twice
daily, 8:00 a. m. and 8:00 p. m ,
during next ween and on Sunday
June 20th. There will be a dedica
tion service of the church building
in connection with the services on
Sunday, June 20.
A cordial invitation is extended
to all to attend these services.
Cale Burgess of Raleigh made a
forceful address on Temperance at
the Baptist church on last Sunday
morning, with special reference to
Die county election so near at hand.
There were more than twenty ad
ditions to the Wakefield church as
a result of the meeting there which
closed last Sunday. Pastor Ousley
was assisted by Rev. L. R. Evans
of Knightdale, who gTeatly pleased
his hearers with the message he
Rev. Theo. Davis is in a revival
at Kenly this week with Fred N.
Day doing the preaching and Ted
Daughtry leading the singing.
Library Open
For Use Os All
Mrsi. A. N. Jones desires the pub
lic to know that the library at the
Womans Club is open to all, and
not merely for school children. A
special invitation is extended to
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JUNE 26 (Saturday)
Clayton at Erwin
Angier at Wakelon
JUNE 27 (Sunday)
Clayton at Wakelon
Angier at Erwin
JUNE 30 (Wednesday)
Angier at Clayton
JULY 1 (Thursday)
Wakelon at Erwin
JULY 2 (Friday)
Erwin at Wakelon
Clayton at Angier
JULY 3 (Saturday)
Angier at Erwin
Clayton at Wakelon
JULY 4 (Sunday)
Erwin at Clayton)
Wakelon at Angier
JULY 7 (Wednesday)
Wakelon at Clayton
JULY 8 (Thursday)
Erwifi at Angier
JULY 9 (Friday)
Erwin at Clayton
Wakelon at Angier
JULY 10 (Saturday)
Clayton at Erwin
Angier at Wakelon
JULY 11 (Sunday)
Wakelon at Erwin
Clayton at Angier
doodle raft®
We of the lesser mind, in our
news do each day find, things that
make us worry. And as we scan
the headlines bold, we read of how
this world is sold, on buying war
stuff in a huTry. Now as you read
each line like that, just count it
out asi idle chat, they can’t soldier
your sweet brat, nor disturb the
family cat, nor find out where the
mop is at, let them scurry.
Now if we take the big shots
first, and with war we quench their
thirst, oh let’s not tarry. They
shout out their patriotism, and all
the other kinds of zizism, of the lot
be wary. For with all their milk
and honey, all they want is filthy
money, and death’s bone hand to
parry. Pay no mind to their great
boasting, to their wining, dining,
toasting, their money-carts down
hill are coasting, and in hell they’ll
soon he roasting, just be wary.
Cader Brannon, of the Sinclair
Service, versatile mechanic and
utility man had an ideal job on
Tuesday last. The front wheel brake
on a 28 Ford needed relining and
Brother Cader drew up a cushion.
Or rather, he drove the car up to
the cushion and seated himself at
his work as any other hrtist would
have done- I am sure even the
great Paderewski would have en
vied the courtly manner in which
Mr. Brannon began his, labor, es
pecially the many-springed seat
upon which his utmost was resting.
I’m ready to bop the next bird
on the head who makes that cute
remark about it only being ”208
or so days before Christmas.”
Lewis and hi& CIO are probably
one of the many things we Ameri
cans have to put up with. Some
man has to feel the pulse of the
people and feed them digitalis tab
lets to hold it down until they’re
ready for some office then give
a quick shot of stricknen to pep
i up the voting booth. Boy, you have
to hand it to Lewis, Mulcleinney,
and Hitler. All leaders naturally
are able to feel the Tise and fall
of the human emotional tide.
Horace, of the McMullen variety,
said he had been told that women
used to use perfume in lieu of tak
ing to the bath tub. He furthers
his comment that so far as he can
perceive, THE STILL DO!
What about it, ladies?
Who was the young lady (good
looker that she is) who was pun
ished for mussing up a table by be
ing kissed thoroughly by a drag
store cowboy ?
Upsy daisy, thar podner.
Horace says he was standing be
tween two love-birds recently and
that their looks of love passed thru
him. The sensation, he continued,
was like unto flushing a covey of
partridges in his chest. In other
words (his words) his very soul
vibrated to their emanating emot
Yoo-Hooinglv yours. f

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