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    ©he Zrlmluu 2li*rnrii
Leon Smith of near Hia
who was driving the car that s*.
and killed three pedestrians
Clayton Saturday night, wa.~
dered held under a SI,OOO boi.
ter a hearing before a core
jury Monday afternoon.
3 he accident occurred almo.
posite the Bertex Mill on the
eign road west of Clayton. Ihi
Johnny Hamm, lb, Clayton,
James. Blizzard, Jr., 13, Da
, Va., died instantly when stru
t, e car, which was attempti
puss a truck driven by Robert
thorne of Raleigh. Miss Lauri
liams, 19, of Clayton, Biiz
aunt, was taken to Rex Ho
where she succumbed M
Smith asserts that he di<
see the three young people
almost on them. He swen ed s
ly to the left, leaving the roa
crashed into a power pole thn
a 2,300-volt electric line aeros
highway which halted traffic
Evidence at the inquest was
Dieting as some said the p«
triads, were on the shoulder o)
road while Cawthorne declare
saw them walking well on the
ed portion of the highway.
With a new solution recently
fected and Called “Pyrenthrum
directors of the Virginia Dare
ebration on Roanoke Island
away with the troublesome mo
tos during the evening portioi
the celebration. It is estimated
5000 persons were kept mosi.
free each night for an approxi
cost of $3.50.
In dilution the Pyrenthrum, v
is sprayed in a fine mist dir
to grass, grounds, trees, shrubs
anything else, is harmless to
water fowl and plant life. It i
so harmless to humans unless t
internally. It has a pleasant
and can be used during the c<
of an evening at meetings in
the first spraying gives out.
Erwin Defe*
To Take
Erwin Gets B*7 Win; Fuller (
Three Hits as Angier Be:
W. L.
Erwin 12 7
Wakelon 11 7
Angier » 8 11
Clayton 5 11
Erwin, July 11.—Erwin's,
Birds went back on top in To
State League standings with &
victory over Wakelon today. L
dropped Wakelon a half-game
of the Birds, in second place.
The Red Birds got off to a
lead behind steady hurling by J
key O’Quinn, but the veteran
Wakelon Teachers Named By Prof. Moser
cn mj DELUGED’
Wakelon School, Zebulon, North
Carolina, has completed the facul
ty for the year 1937-38:
'. H. Mosi r, Pi-in., Neil Hartly,
'h School English Mrs. J. C. Wil
, High S hool Math and Latin;
s Esther Lee Cox, High School
tli.'h and French; Miss Mary
y Palmer, Home Economics;
ss Mary Glazener, High School
story; Dewey Hinston, High
iiool Science; D. R Renter, Agri-
Iture; N. 11 Pepper, History and
i/ficai Education; Miss Grace
ue, Commeicial;
Giammar Grades:
Seventh Grade: Mrs. F. E. Bunn,
s. Wallace C hamblee.
th grade: M s Ena Dell An
on and Mi's. Rayo Seiner,
ifth grade: Mrs. J- C. Greg- •
and Miss Annie Lou Alston,
ourth grade: Mrs. E. 11. Moser
- Josephi e Dunlap and Miss
Lee Sitton.
ii 1 grade: Mis. Jessie Spencer
Miss Clarice Fowler,
olid grade: Miss. Ruby Stell i
Mrs. Preston Smith,
tst grade: Mrs. Mildred Daw-1
and Mrs. Eva Page,
ss Lois King, Public School I
and Mr-. G. S. Barbee, piano,
hool opens September 8-
E. 11. Moser.
?sday and Wednesday sixty
s from the U. S. S. Lexing
canned the South Pacific in
antic “last chance search for
sign of Amelia Earhart and
J. Noonan, lost 12 days off
nail Howland Island.
navy has spent more time
loney in search of these two
than it ever has on any other
g the two days the planes
ed 57,000 .square miles of
vater in the two days they
out. The second days being
m and clear that they could
l from a height of 500 feet.
iwyers meeting in Lillington in
Fourth District Bar Associa
meeting on Monday, elected
. Wellons of Smithfield as their
president and re-elected D. H.
id of Goldsboro as district coun
r on the State Bar Council,
le annual meeting of the dis
bar, with Harnett County law
as hosts, was well attended
an invitation from Chatham
for the 1938 convention was
pted, the exact date to be set
ep hearing them speak of va
Keep wondering what they can
i I am all out of patience
although it may sound quite
SKnust be confessed a vacation
Hjomething I never have seen.
Richard B. Telfair, leader among
Raleigh and county advocates for
legalized liquor stores in the recent
successful Wake County campaign,
was arrested on North Blount St.
in Raleigh and charred were
lodged against him for drunken
State Highway Patrolman W. C.
Carter arrested Telfair and also
his companion, C. E. (Bunny)
Newsom. Telfair, the officer said,
was opera ing the ear. Newsom
v. as charged with drunkeness and
disordeily conduct.
Creation of a new Agricultural
and Industrial Development De
partment within the Carolina Pow
er and Light Company was an
nounced this week by S. P. Vecker
who is the company’s general sales
The department was. set up to
further development of natural
resources in the various territories
served by the company’s lines.
Mr. A. L. Monroe has been de
signated as head of the depart
The Company has for years co
operated with agricultural, com-j
mercial and industrial bodies and
civic organizations, but no depart
ment had been sVt aside for that
purpose alone.
The lowest daily rate in history'
is now in effect for travel on the
Seaboard Railway —a cent and a
half per mile.
Flea beetle attacks in Forsyth
County have slackened and tobac
co has improved considerably, ac
cording to R W. Pou, county farm
Patronize our advertisers.
First Tobacco Exposition
Will Be Held In Wilson
By George L. Wainwright
The first annual North Carolina
Tobacco Exposition and Festival
will be staged at Wilson on August
19th and 20th.
As outlined in the plans for the
two day affair, the first day’s
program will include many activi
ties for the most part of which
those participating will be awarded
attractive prizes. A window judg
ing contest, band concert .tobacco
exhibit and street dance will fea
ture the opening.
The second day will include the
selection of a King and Queen,
street parade, awarding of prizes,
coronation ceremonies ,and corona
tion ball.
Secretary of Agriculture Henry
A. Wallace has been invited to,
Addresses by prominent me and
women will be a feature of the
i Farm and Home Week program to
be held a( State College, August
! 2-0.
Among the speakers announced
1 by John W. Goodman, assistant di
-1 rector oi the State College exten
: si on service, are;
Harry L Brown, assistant Seere
j tary of Agriculture, and Governor
( lyde R. Iloey, Thursday evening.
Congressmans Harold D. Cooley,
J. B. Hutson, assistant director
°* the Agricultural Adjustment Ad
ministration, and Louis It. Bean,
economic advisor to the AAA. Wed
t\ .W. Fitzpatrick, manager of
the Quail Roost dairy farm; O. E.
Pollock, hay specialist of the U. S.
Department of Agriculture: and
Hugh Mcßae, who has built up an
outstanding dairy near Wilmington
Perkins Coville, of the U. S. For
est Service, Thursday- The Rev.
L. P. Burney, ruial minister near
Charlotte, Tuesday. Congressman
Marvin Jones, chairman of 'the
House committee on agriculture,
has been invited to speak during
the week.
Speakers on the special program
for women will include: Mrs. Bess
Rosa, of the Women’s College of
the University of North Carolina;
Miss Rice of Louisville, Ky.; Miss
Louise Weaver, Franklin County
home agent.
M iss. Willie N. Hunter, extension
clothing specialist at State College;
Hugh Roberts, of Atlanta; Dr. Jane
S. MeKimmon, assistant director of
the State College extension service;
L. R. Harrill, 4-H club leader at the
college; Miss Barbara Van Heulen,
of Washington; Miss Marjorie Beal
of the State Library Commission;
and Miss Rose EHwood Bryan, Dur
ham county home agent.
“Dere goes dat slattenly Mandy
Jackson wid her ten pickaninnies.
She sho’ do look repugnant.”
“Land sakes! Again?”
come to Wilson on these days and
speak to the thousands expected to
The Honorable Clyde R. Hoey,
Governor of North Carolina will
be extended an invitation to be
present, as will several other prom
inent persons, including Congress
man John H. Kerr and other Con
gressmen and Senators from this
The Exposition and Festival will
be under the supervision of the
Executive Committee that will have
complete charge of the vast a
mount of detail arrangements that
are planned to make the event one
of the most outstanding affairs in
the state during the year 1937.

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