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Pecan Scab C
Annual I
Hundreds of pecan trees fall '
tim to the farmer’s axe each y
because of an unproductive coi
tion caused by a number of •
However, this is unnecess
since pecan diseases can be cont
led through a systematic sanr
and spray program on suscep
varieties, according to Dr. Lu
Shaw, extension plant pathoh
at State College.
, There are several diseases w
develop on pecans in North (
lina, bdt the most prominent
and the one that does the
damage is known as scab. Thi;
ease is distributed throughou
pecan growing area of the i
It is caused by fungus org:
which attacks the leaves, t
and nuts. Symptoms of the d
are practically the same o
plant parts. The lesions are i
ly small, olive-brown, or gr
first, and later turn black.
Since the scab spreads r:
from old diseased parts to
growth, it is advisable to d<
all infected leaves ar.d shuck
ter they fall to the ground,
can be accomplished by plo
them under during the winte
f»y raking and burning them.
Spraying with a Bordeaux i
ture of three pounds of copper t
phate, four pounds of hydra
lime, and 50 gallons of water h
proved to be the most satisfacto
spray material for the control
pecan stab. Copper-lime dust
recommended for those w-ho a
equipped to dust their trees.
Treatment should be started it
mediately after pollination has U
en place and repeated every tiir«
In addition to the loss of hi
wife, George Putnam, husband o
Amelia Earhart has had to dea
with an attempt at extortion fron
a man who claimed that the avia
trrx had been rescued by the crev
of a smuggling boat, and offering
to deliver her to her husband foj
$2,080 The would-be profiteer haj
been arrestad and ’has confessed.
Word has gone forth that Wake
County’s first ABC store will oper
this week m Ealeigh. H E. Litch
ford, chairman of the board state:
that they do not wish to see hov
much liquor can be sold, bu*
A life-saving demons'
be given at Lake My*
3:00 p m. by instr
dents of the clas
been in progr
month. All
(emp, who was fatally in
an automobile accident last
ed on Friday and was bur
)urham last Saturday. He
ved by his wife, formerly
Jlian Ferrall of Zebulon,
tughters, a son, all of Dur
vo brothers, A. G. Kemp of
and Ear] Kemp of Zebu
•ee sisters, Mrs. J. W. Hes
•s. E. R. Bunn and Mrs. J.
trane, all of Zebulon; two
others, Edward Kemp of
a and Worth Kemp of Zeb
a half sister, Miss Caraleigh
In addition to
Thursday s poper states that on
e first day of the opening of the
juor store in fyh’eigh an average
almost 200 eu; «. ® per hour
as made. Order , * aid to be
airly good. arrests
or drunkenness weiraSfflß*
From noon until
-day night 1793 customers paid
881.20 for 2125 bottles of whis
y handed over the counter by a
zen employees of the count*'.
Without forward a plane
mot fly, yet, with forward mo
il it can fly backward. Lindbergh
An airplane carrying thirteen
"sons fell into the sea about 20
les from the city of Colon in the
n»l Zone. It is thought that all
board were lost.
•own in Georgia managers of
C stores are said 1c be eom
ning that watermelons hurt
r business. It seems there is an
that melons and liquor should
be mixed and folks prefer itie
.gain Heads For
he Tobacco League
yton, Aug. 4—Richard Hoyle’*
drove in Pitcher Allen Green
the run which gave Wakelon
f decision over Clayton in a
n»g game this afternoon
wands, Elon College athlete
the visitors to three safeties. 1
pitched the routs for Wake
id did a good job of scatter- j
’layton’b niite safeties. Ed
made three hits. I
m has won six out of eight i
he has pitched this year and
; getting into his stride. Lev
dedness and perfect control <
He game.
1 started the winning run ou ;
County Begins Fight
To Stamp Out Syphilis
A revised system will be employ
ed for the five sales on the Wilson
tobacco market as it opens on Au
gust 26th.
Block sales will be counted at
6 o’clock A. M. following all sales
days, instead of at 8 o’cloek as
last year. However, to be entitled
to such count there must be left
unsold on the warehouse floor at
the closing hour at least 380 bas
* tobacco not over ten per
resale. If the
ave this
jinaining to
.u cne following day,
v * to
ref l ul *\ IRBY D. GILL
By the .. „ , ,|
housemen will ft UnS . elor at Uw -
from the Supervisor early each
morning, the exact time they will
receive a set of buyers, and can
advise their customers that they
may place their tobaccq on the
floor accordingly.
The slorm on Monday brought
had to Eagle Rock and adjacent
sections, damaging the tobacco on
some farms considerably.
On Monday night lightning
struck M. B. Chamblee’s home here
tearing a part of a chimney away.
During the same storm, lightning
struck the L. E. Long home, setting
fire to a bed, which was the occa
sion for calling out the fire de
Many who did not know light
ning had struck wondered how any
blaze could start in such a rain.
According to the number of cus
tomers who patronized the first A
BC store in Raleigh Thursday, they
must have been hanging around
with their tongues out since dawn
its way by hitting a single. He ad
vanced to second on an error, and
stole third.
Clayton went runless after the
opening inning, in which a walk to
Harnes, his stolen base, and Bing
Miller’s double produced the local’s
Manager Alton Strickland’s Wake
lon club pushed over the tying run
in the second, made by Jimmy
Smith and Green and Edwards
then started matching goose-eggs.
Score r b e
Wakelon 010 000 000 000 1 2 3 2
Clayton 100 000 000 000 0 1 9 2
Green and Narron; Edwards and
The General Assembly of 1937
enacted a law entitled, “An Act
Requiring the Examination of Do
mestic Servants.” In effect, it says
that all domestic servants, shall be
examined at least once each year,
and as often as the employer may
require. All servants employed, or
nuking application for employ-*
ment, shall furnish a certificate to
the employer from a reputable phy
sician, sertifying that such servant
has been examined within 2 weeks
from date of employment, and that
he or she is free from all conta
gious, infectious or communicable
diseases and showing the non-ex
istence of any venereal diesase
which might be transmitted. Such
certificate must show that a Was
sermann test or other approved
tests to diagnose venereal diseases
have been made and are negative.
This law to be effective, requires
l he observance of it by the people
* kho employ servants. It is highly
important to know that those who
Work for us are free of all commun
icablf diseases, such as. syphilis,
tuberculosis etc.
Syphilis, in its infectious stage, ir
dangerous to the public. The only
reason the syphilis is so prevalent
today is that it has not been dealt
with in an open and intelligent
manner. The time has come for ac
tion on the part of all concerned-
But this action must be well-direct
ed and well-understood that both
the employer and the employee
may not suffer. I mean by this
that, a person may have the dis
ease, as proved by a blood tes.t, but
with proper treatment can be made
safe for employment without dan
ger to those with whom he or she
associates. This is true of tubercu
losis. A person may have this dis
ease but with proper care and
treatment may become—and of
ten does—a cured or arrested type,
and is not necessarily dangerous to
associates. But we must recognize
the fact that these diseases, when
they exist, must be recognized and
dealt with according to the best
scientific knowledge available for
the welfare of the patient and the
people with whom he comes in con
We have in Raleigh two vener
eal disease clinics One operated at
Rex Hospital, as an out-patient
department, where the indigent
may go and receive treatment at
a nominal cost. The other clinic is
operated at St. Agnes Hospital,
as an out-patient department,
where people may go and receive
treatment at a nominal cost. In
other words, treatment is available
for all indigent cases of Raleigfh
and Wake County as a very small
cost, and can be secured free in
many instances. Clinic hours in
Rex Hospital for both white and
colored are as follows: Monday,
1:30 to 2:30 P. M.; treatment, Fri
day 1:30 to 2:30 P. M.; admission
charge of 25c, Clinic hours at St.
Agnes Hospital are from 11 A. M.
to 12 Noon each week day except
Saturday. Admission 26c. Each
treatment 60c
The Jong tailed kite flys lazily.
—Benjamin Franklin.
to * l 'n
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