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This, That, and
The Other
Below is given part of a letter
written me and of which I am
proud. The omitted sentences refer
to th s column.
“Here is a suggestion for your
use —it's how to conserve persim
mons. Take an ordinary cake box.
At the bottom place a layer of
sugar; on top of that a layer of
persimmons; on top of that a layer
of sugar, and so on until the box
is filled, and then on top of that
paraffin, in order to exclude the
air. Place the top on the box and
keep unopened for several months.
The result will be a delicious treat.
I have tried it with very fine re
“With cordial good wishes for
you and Mr. Davis, I beg you to
believe me
“Yours very sincerely,
I hope these directions will be
used by many. Personally, I like
my persimmons when they hang
frozen on the tree and can be
knocked off to fall with a soft
plop into snow on the ground. To
date it has been no snow, no 's m
mon with me; but I mean to con
serve a few and try them instead
of dates.
Doyle Family Goes
After Fortune
Mr. and Mrs. W. Id. Doyle and
two of their daughters, Misses
Phoebe and Lucile Doyle, of House
Creek township, Wise Doyle, Ad
dison Pearce and Alton Perry of
Zebulon, left Sunday for Kansas
where they hope to prove claim
to an estate of around half a mil
lion dollars. R. L. McMillan, local
attorney, left by train Thursday
to join the Doyles and aid in pros
ecuting the claim.
The estate was left by Patrick
Doyle who died some months ago
after accumulating an oil fortune
and without leaving any children,
it is believed that Patrick was a
brother of the late Millican Doyle
of Franklin county, progenitor of
the family now interested in the
estate. It is sa d that Millican had
a brother Patrick who went west
many years ago and was lost track
of by relatives in this state.
The Wake county folks have as
sembled a mass of documentary
and traditional evidence of the re
lationship and they believe that
they can substantiate their claim
to the estate.
First Snow
Os Season
Rain and hail began falling
shortly before midnight on Wed
nesday. Before five o’clock on
’rsday snow was mixed with the
and some sleet. Cold, raw air
to the discomfort and kept
he youngsters from rejoicing
le snowfall. Due to the wet
>f the ground, the flakes
as soon as they struck the
r pavement, only roofs and
devations showing the cov
>f white.
.. Godwin Gets
To 5 Year Term
Sina Pope Godwin, convict
»t week in Harnett county
of the murder of her third
nd two years ago, was sen-
I to a term of three to five
in state prison. This was her
1 trial, the first conviction
•ear having been reversed by
upreme court. Notice of ap
was given in this case, but
f’Vo t f Vwi onnool ****^
Baptist Young People Meet
At Hephzibah
The following group of churches
of Raleigh Baptist Association will
meet at Hephzibah Church Friday,
Dec. 3, at 7:30 p. m.: Zebulon, Wen
dell, Knightdale, Bethlehem, Cen
tral, Hephzibah. Th s is Group No.
2 of the Baptist Training Union
The theme for the program will
be “Do All to the Glory of God.’’
The devotional will be conducted
by Mrs. William H. Poole, wife of
the Knightdale pastor. Misses
Bailey and Kirk of Bethlehem will
furnish spec al music. Worth Al
len of Raleigh, associate president
of the B. T. V. Association, will be
on the program. The Hephzibah
Church will furnish a special in
music also. The Rev. Douglas M.
Branch of Youngsville will bring
the meet to an insp rational close
with an address, ‘‘Doing Training
Union Work to the Glory of God.’’
A big representation from all
churches in the district is expect
ed, and all Baptists are invited and
urged to attend.
Barbecue Supper
There will be a chicken barbecue
supper at Bethany Church log
cab n Friday night, Dec. 3, from 5
to 8:30. The public is cordially in
M s. W. J. Phillips.
The Northside Circle of the Bap
tist W. M. S. met on Monday with
Mrs. J. G. Kejgp hostess and Mrs.
C. V. Whitley in charge of the
Pastor Theo. Davis held special
Thanksgiving services at Union
Hope and Social Plans churches
last Sunday with a special offering
for the Orphanage from each.
In Remembrance
Another Conference year has
slipped by in about six months ap
The milestones fly by so fast j
that we do not care to count them, j
Again by the powers that be in our
church I am assigned to Zebulon-
Wendell field for another year’s
service. I was much gratified with
our annual report and am taking
th s method through your good
paper (for I have not seen a better
one of the kind) to thank our
W1 a w Uom'- n”d friends for giving us
asant and successful
dy were our own peo
thoughtful but mem-
Baptist church and
> likewise kind and
ttending many of our
ch we appreciate very
ly, we are giad that
church which, outnum
iree to one, is still will
e time and not conflict
hank you. Ours is a
d difficult task, yet es
* imperative to the bet
* our community. Let
resolve that during the
we will be more regular
ance and if necessary
tore sacrificial spirit to
a of the church,
onference several friends
embered us with stuff in
i as pork, potatoes, saus
>er and a turkey. These
re worth far more to us
ir intrinsic value,
most of the agents have
Recorder’s Court
We often wonder why the Book
says “money is the root of all
evil,” when one considers the ef
fects of drink. The last Recorder’s
Court did not have quite so many
cases of this sort as usual as one
may see by reading the proceed
ings. Any way, the record of what
the Court did Wednesday begins
and ends with this curse.
Jeff Perry was before Judge
Rhodes for forcible trespass. He
was charged with being drunk and
disorderly, all of which was proved
to the court’s satisfaction. His
dram cost him the expense of the
trial and he was put on probat on
for two years.
Early Perry was charged with
assault on a female. He told the
court the charge was correct, so
was given till January 1938 to con
sider and also for the court to de
:ide what it would do about it.
James W. Carroll was convicted
of drunken driving. He paid the
costs and was put on probation for
two years. Clerk Eugene Privette
did not say, but we presume he
also lost his driver’s 1 cense for a
time if he had any.
Donald Cox was before the judge
for assault on a female. The case
was “nol pressed with leave.’’
Onether Montague was provoked
by some one till he went after
him (or her) with a deadly weapon
or at least probable cause was
found, and he was bound over to
Superior Court under a $25.00 jus
tiffied bond.
rke and Hallie Richardson faced
the court charged with assault and
robbing. What they took and whom
they assaulted we do not know, but
they were bound over to Superior
Court under justified bonds of $25
K. C. Strother took an active
part in a very popular game of
chance called gambling, and got a
road sentence of 60 days. This was
suspended on payment of the costs.
R. A. Perry also tried his luck in
a similar way along with N. Y.
Wrh'ht. Each got the same final
result that Perry received “6O
days” which was suspended on pav
i ment of costs.
Ed Mills was found guilty of
ch selling in on Wake county’s
liquor monopoly and was fined $25.
He must also be of good behavior
for two years, which means for one
thing, that he must not compete
with the powers that be with boot
leg stuff.
Brought over from the last term
of court was the case of R. H. Man
gum who pleaded guilty to drunken
driving. He was sentenced to 60
days on the highways which was
suspended on payment of SSO and
the promoise to be of good behavior
for one year.
John Medlin, perhaps better
known as “fighting John”, had a
var ety of grievous charges against
him—profanity, resisting an of
ficer, being drunk and disorderly.
His sins against society and the
gotten by, you need not be afraid
to let me in should I raise an alarm
at your front door, I like to visit
“from house to house” as our dis
cipline directs.
Come to see us. We are right
proud now of our parsonage home,
and are trying to take care of your
property. May the Lord bless us as
pastor and people each to the oth
er. Merry Christmas and Happy
New Year.
Tom Sawyer
Wakelon Fri.
Tom Sawyer will be presented at
Wakelon on Friday night of this
week in the school auditorium. Pu
pils of the seventh grade will act
in the play, and its name assures
that it will be worthwhile. No
character created by Mark Twain
is so immortal as is Tom Sawyer,
unless it be his chum, Huckleberry
Finn. Admission to the play will
be 10c and 25c and proceeds will
be used for school projects. A good
attendance is earnestly hoped for.
The cast is trained and directed by
Mrs. Bunn and other faculty mem
City Refinances
Two Bond Issues
The city of Raleigh this week
refinanced two bond issues of $40,-
000 each, saving one and a quar
ter and one and a half per cent in
terest, and also “stringing out” for
a longer term the time of pay
Get Stills
Federal revenue men, led by Ma
jor J. C. Demosey, this week cap
tured two large stills in Granville
county not far from the Wake line.
One of the stills had an estimated
capacity of 600 gallons and the
other 200. Ne; rly ten thousand
gallons of mash, beer, and other
makings was destroyed.
Honor Roll
Below are the names of
those who come to the
RECORD offic; to pay sub
scriptions since the paper was
publish *d last week, and who
in appreciatior a'e placed
upon our Hono’ Roll.
Mrs. T. M. Conn.
E. R. Bunn
E. D. Martlr
Mrs. Fannie A. Jones
Mrs. J. B. Alford
Z. W. Chamblee
T. C. Pippin
J. C. Stalling's
Fred Hales
G. C. Hicks
T. G. Leonard
law were aired at the October term
of court, but he felt the penalty of
the law only at this term. The
judge had plenty of time to con
sider and meditate on John’s sin,
and here is the various require
ments made by the court for the
regulation of his life for days,
weeks, months and even years: 1.
He must avoid injurious or vicious
habits; 2. He must avoid persons
and places of disreputable or harm
ful character; 4. He must permit
the probation officer to vfcit his
home or elsewhere; 5. He must
work faithfully at some suitable
employment as far as possible; 0.
He must remain in a specified area
out of the town of Zebulon for a
period of two years.
Note: We do not know how just
this verdict is, but we happen to
know some other people who if
they had these regulations applied
to their daily walk it would benefit
both them and others. The judge
haid a “mouthful” when he laid
down these principles to guide a
wayfaring man into the paths at
rightness if not righteousness.

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