North Carolina Newspapers

Volume XXIV. Number 49
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Many a local citizen got snowed in, as did Professor William
Soule of Wake Forest College. Professor Soule, son-in-law of Will
Wall of the “Harricane” section of Wake County, rode this mule to
college—a distance of three miles—every day this week. Milton
Brannon got essentially the same treatment, being hauled to town
by a tractor for medical attention after he fell Sunday, breaking a rib.
Town Board Passes Ordinance
In Attempt to End Fire Hazards
As a direct result of the fire which damaged Lucas Milling
Company last Thursday afternoon, the meeting of the Zebulon
Board of Commissioners was concerned with measures designed
to prevent fires in the future. Mayor R. H. Bridgers presided at
New Fire Truck Comes
All Painted in Red
With Three Spotlights
After a wait of over a year, Zeb
ulon’s new fire truck, with bril
liant red paint and a piercing si
ren, arrived Tuesday from Char
lotte, where it was serviced after
its trip via train from the Mack
truck factory in New York. Fire
Chief Willie B. Hopkins imme
diately took charge of the truck
and, under the direction of the
factory representative, learned
the secrets of the array of valves,
handles, and guages.
The new truck, which costs
around $7,000, will replace the
antique “Calamity Kate,” which
has caused more tempers to flare
during its service with the town
than any other piece of equip
Equipped with a centrifugal
pump with a 700 gallon per minute
capacity, the machine will sup
ply water for two or more hoses
at any desired pressure. It car
ries a reservoir with 200 gallons
of water, a 50 foot ladder, axes,
electric lanterns, and 150 feet of
1 1-2 inch hose for use with
small fires.
Standard equipment also in
cludes the electric siren, which
means no more cranking for
Worth Hinton, three spotlights,
and an ignition system which op
erates off both the battery and a
magneto. The cyclinders are each
equipped with two spark plugs.
Fire Chief Hopkins announced
that the fire department will be
reorganized and drills conducted
to familiarize the firemen with the
new equipment. No unauthorized
persons wil be allowed to handle
any of the equipment, and drivers
will be designated to manage the
the meeting, which was attended
by Commissioners R. Vance
Brown, Howard Beck, Bob Saw
yer, and Barrie Davis, and Fire
Chief Willie B. Hopkins.
On motion by Barrie Davis, the
Board unanimously passed a new
ordinance requiring every business
in the Zebulon fire zone to have
a fire extinguisher in the build
ing ready for immediate use.
In the discussion on the motion,
it was brought out that Lucas
Milling Company had an extin
guisher in the building, but when
needed, it failed to work. To pre
vent another such occasion, Chief
Hopkins will make frequent in
spections of all fire extinguishers.
The fire chief was also direct
ed to inspect all buildings in the
fire district and see that fire
menaces are eliminated. The
commissioners promised he would
have their complete support in
any action he thought necessary
to eliminate fire hazards.
Two new fire hydrants will be
installed on Arendell Avenue as
soon as the weather moderates.
The clerk brought a message to
the commissioners from Dr. L. M.
Massey, who offered to resell to
the Town of Zebulon the lot on
Arendell Avenue across from the
Western Auto Associate Store for
the original purchase price plus
$75 spent for leveling the ground.
The commissioners voted to re
purchase the lot for the $550 which
Dr. Massey had paid the town for
the deed.
Ginning Report
Census report shows that 5614
bales of cotton were ginned in
Wake County Jan. 16, from the
crop of 1947 prior to Jan. 16 as
compared with 4995 bales for the
crop of 1946.
Zebulon, N. C., Friday, January 30, 1948
Heavy Snow Blankets Zebulon;
County Disaster Policy Changes
Local Man Is Given
Responsible Position
On County Committee
A change in policy in the handl
ing of one-family fires whereby
the Disaster Committee of the
Wake County Red Cross Chapter
will provide a survey service was
discussed at a luncheon meeting of
the committee recently.
Formerly the Disaster Commit
tee was not called on in cases in
volving one-family fires, such
cases being serviced directly by
the Home Service division of the
With the change in policy For
rest Shuford, disaster committee
chairman, announced an expan
sion in the survey sum-commit
tee which expanded so as to pro
vide membership on it of indi
viduals from the Major commun
ity centers of the county.
This committee is made up of
W. B. Hopkins, Zebulon; D. M.
Spence, Fuquay Springs; J. D.
■ Powell, Apex; Paul K. Banks,
Garner; L. A. Dowd, Knightdale;
R. E. Richardson, Wendell; H. L.
Miller, Wake Forest; C. L. Bed
dingfield, Cary; Mayor P. D.
Snipes, Earl Johnson, Wyatt Tay
lor, Leßoy Allen, R. D. Beam, of
The survey service in the case
of one-family fires is to determ
ine the “immediate emergency
needs” of the victims and to pro
vide coordination of community,
church, Red Cross and other
agency efforts, to meet those
needs. It will work in close co
operation with the Home Ser
vice Division.
The Disaster Committee also
reviewed its pre-arranged plans
to meet any major disaster which
might strike in this area. Direct
ing his remarks to Mayor Snipes,
Chairman Shuford assured the
group that the committee is “well
organized to meet any emergency
which might come up.”
Dr. Robert L. McGee, chapter
medical aide and also head of the
medical division of the Disaster
Committee, reported his group as
being organized so as to rush doc
tors and nurses,” almost on a
moments notice to any section of
the country, should the need
Telephone Company
Finds Building Lot
For Central Office
A lot has been found for Zebu
lon’s new telephone building, an
nounced Edwin A. Clement, dis
trict manager of Southern Bell
Telephone & Telegraph Company.
Present plans call for the com
pletion of the building by the mid
dle of the year, at which time ad
ditional equipment will be added
to the town’s present system and
the huge demand for telephones
Even if there were room in the
present location above Zebulon
Grocery, the telephone company
could not add more equipment be
cause the floors of the second floor
are not strong enough to hold
added weight.
On file at the Raleigh office are
over a hundred applications for
telephones which cannot be filled.
When the new exchange is com
pleted, it will have facilities for
hundreds of additional numbers.
When the fire siren blasts
at noon each Saturday, don’t
rush down to the fire station
expecting to ride the new
truck. Chief Willie B. Hop
kins is just making a weekly
check on the siren to see it’s
working in good order.
Sometimes eager little
birds attempt to build nests
in the siren on the water
tank, and Chief Hopkins
said that the weekly wail at
noon each Saturday will dis
courage them.
Boy Scouts to Journey
To Court of Honor
Next Monday Night
The Zebulon Boy Scouts will go
to Raleigh Monday night, February
9, to attend the Occoneechee Coun
cil Court of Honor. The Honor
Court was postponed from the reg
j ular time because of the heavy
snow of last weekend. Four local
Scouts will be presented awards.
During the month of February
j the Scouts will continue to work
on the First Aid Merit Badge,
i Scouts Bill Brantley and James
Debnam will supervise much of
the study.
Until the weather moderates,
Troop 40 will hold its regular
meetings in the basement of the
Zebulon Baptist Church. At the
next meeting the overnight camp
ing date for February will be de
Scouts who plan to take part in
the intensive summer camping
program are warned that they
must take part in as many of the
early ovrenight camps as possible.
The preliminary camps will give
the needed skill for weekend trips
when warmer weather arrives.
Street Machine Works
Day Helping Wendell
With street traffic at a stand
still because of the heavy snow I
during the weekend, the Town of j
Wendell asked for help Monday in
clearing the snow from its city
streets, saying that only two
streets were open that afternoon.
On Tuesday morning the Zebulon
road machine was dispatched to
assist the neighboring town and
spent the entire day clearing the
Wendell streets.
This was a return favor for the
assistance the Wendell Fire De
partment gave last Thursday in
extinguishing the blaze at Lucas
Milling Company. At that time
the Wendell truck came imme
diately over the slippery roads and
stayed until the local fire was
under control.
Mail Delivery Time
Changed for Sundays
Sunday mail for Zebulon is now
delivered at 1:30 in the afternoon
rather than at 8:30 a. m. as has
been the case in the past. The can
celling of passenger service on the
Norfolk Southern is the cause.
Postmaster M. J. Sexton an
nounced that the new time be
came effective February 1. No
other changes in mail delivery
time are expected.
Theo. Davis Sons, Publishers
Trains, Automobiles
Find Going Rough;
Road Crews Stay Busy
The heaviest snow in fifteen
years swept down on Zebulon Sat
urday night after 36 hours of sleet
had prepared the way, and all rail
and highway transportation came
to a halt for over a day. The
snow, which measured nearly 18
inches deep early Sunday morning,
piled up to six feet deep in drifts.
Highway workers had main
roads usuable by Sunday evening,
| but freezing temperatures kept
them in dangerous condition until
Transportation was varied while
! the snow blocked roads. It varied
from tractors to the mule Charles
Horton rode into town.
Mail deliveries were cancelled
Sunday, but local deliveries re
turned to normal Monday. It
! was late in the week before the
; rural carriers could go over their
entire routes.
Unusual was the fact that while
eight inches of snow fell in Ral
eigh and nine in Wake Forest,
18 inches covered the ground in
Zebulon at the close of the storm.
Snow piled heavy on the roof
of Bernard’s Warehouse No. 2 in
Wendell caused the roof to cave in
at one end Saturday night.
Snow had to be shoveled off the
tops of Zebulon business buildings.
It stopped up the drains and the
water had no way to leave the
roof tops.
In the country it took plenty
of cooperation to make out. Jim
I Moss of Route 4 built a snow plow
and dragged it into town behind
his mules, clearing away large
enough for an automobile. On the
north side of town, Millard Duke
and his son, Mayon, worked
through Monday clearing away
over the roads near Hopkins Cross
By Monday Willie B. Hopkins
and Ray Gainey, assisted by Rob
ert Dawson and the highway de
partment, had the streets of Zeb
ulon clear enough for cars, but it
was Wednesday before traffic was
Pictures Taken Today
For Special Feature
In This Newspaper
Hurry! Hurry! You haven’t
much time to lose. Five p.m. to
night is the deadline! This ap
peal is made to local mothers. No,
there’s not a sale. The Zebulon
Record just wants pictures of ev
ery child in the community for
publication in this newspaper as
previously announced and the only
way we can get them is through
the mothers’ cooperation in bring
ing their children to the Woman’s
Club Building to be photographed
before the deadline tonight.
Mothers needn’t fear that their
children won’t pose, because a visit
to the special studio proved that
no matter how contrary baby is
acting, he ends up having his pic
ture taken.
The first hundred years are the
hardest, they say, but the photog
raphers who are photographing
the children have found it doesn’t
take quite that long to get used
to the rumpus and riot of chil
dren. They have been photograph
ing kiddies for years and know
just how to handle them whether
—See PICTURES, Page 6

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