North Carolina Newspapers

Volume XXIV. Number 50.
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That object you see pictured
is the Peoples Bank & Trust Com
pany’s version of the piggy bank.
According to Cashier R. Vance
Brown, a child may obtain one by
depositing SI.OO in a savings ac
count. Then as rapidly as the
chromium-plated bank is filled,
it may be brought to the bank and
. Conservation Contest Is
Announced by Bankers
The State Finals of the 1948 Soil Conservation Speaking Con
test will tie held in Raleigh, March 26, when the nine district
winners will compete for $550 in Savings Bonds being offered
to the first, second and third -
place winners, according to J.
Frank Doggett, Extension Soil
Conservationist at State College.
Mr. Doggett stated that the dis
trict contests will be held on
March 19, which will be preced
ed by the county contests on
March 12, and the school con
tests, March 5.
More than 5,000 contestants are
expected to take part in the con
test, Mr. Doggett said, adding
that these contestants will come
from virtually every county in
the state. The contest is being
sponsored by the North Carolina
Bankers Association and is the
first time that high school stu
dents from every county have
been eligible to compete.
The first prize winner in the
State contest will receive S4OO in
U. S. Savings Bonds and an all
expense trip to the 1948 Annual
Meeting of the State Bankers As
sociation. The Bankers Associa
tion is furnishing S2OO of the first
prize. Warren S. Johnson of the
Peoples Bank and Trust Company
in Wilmington and president of
the N. C. Bankers Association, and ,
Gordon Hunter of the Peoples
Bank in Roxboro and chairman of
the agricultural committee of the
Bankers Association, are each
providing SIOO.
The second place winner will
receive a SIOO Savings Bond.
Runways Surveyed
For Zebulon Airport
Zebulon’s new airport will have
runways measuring a full 200
feet wide, according to J. G. Bunn.
This will meet all civil aeronau- i
tic requirements governing air
port runways, he said, and will ;
give Zebulon one of the few small
town fields which have runways
of this width.
Harold Duke surveyed the site
Tuesday of this week, and an
nounced that grading will begin ,
very soon. Nearly 100 feet of
tile will be required to adequate
ly drain the lower end of the field.
the money it contains added to
the original savings account.
“Using these banks is as good
a method as I know for teaching
a child thrift,” Brown said. “The
money draws interest, and every
young depositor is given a force
ful object lesson in the desirability
of saving money.”
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maSSm: - >
State Senator R. N. Simms, Jr.,
who recently announced his can
didacy for reelection as member of
the upper legislative body from
Wake County. Simms is a Ra
leigh attorney, and served in the
last war. In 1946 he defeated W.
G. Barnes, incumbent senator.
Less Soap Being Used in Zebulon
Soap sales in Zebulon stores are
e’xpected to fall off beginning this
week as the town’s second deep
well went into operation Wed
nesday morning. The two wells
now pumping make available a
supply of water sufficient for the
town’s normal consumption and
the water system is entirely inde
pendent of Little River and the
filtering plant, Mayor R. H. Bridg
ers said.
The effect on the housewife was
apparent immediately, with one
remarking last Wednesday night
that her washing had required less
than one-fourth the regular
amount of soap. She said this be
fore she found out it was alto
gether well water she was using.
When Mayor Bridgers and Town
Manager W. B. Hopkins cut in
the second well it brought into
Zebulon, N. C., Friday, February 20, 1948
R. N. Simms, Jr., '4B
Red Cross Chairman
For Rural Wake Area
Chairman E: A. Clement of the
1948 Red Cross fund campaign,
has announced the appointment
of Senator R. N. Simms, Jr., to
head up the County Division of
the drive which will be held
from March 8 to 22, inclusive.
Mr. Simms, one of the most
active members of the Wake
County Bar, will have the re
sponsibility of all of Wake Coun
ty outside of the Raleigh City
limits in giving every resident an
opportunity to contribute his or
her share.
In accepting the assignment,
Mr. Simms wrote, “As an ex-ser
viceman I have first hand knowl
edge of what the Red Cross
means in the life of all Ameri
“The Red Cross has been desig
nated by the U. S. Congress as
the official agency to assist ex
servicemen in the filing of
claims for pensions, insurance,
disability allowances and all
other governmental benefits.
These men must not be let down,
and they won’t be let down if
the people of Wake County re
sponds, as they have in the past,
to the call of Red Cross. I am
sure Wake County will not fail.”
Mr. Simms, a graduate of Wake
Forest College, is a past presi
dent of the Raleigh Jr. Chamber
of Commerce. He is a deacon of the
First Baptist Church and former
general superintendent of the
Sunday School of that church.
He is also a member of the Ki
wanis Club, the Chamber of Com
merce, American Legion, the
Wake County, State, and Ameri
can Bar Associations.
Funeral Services Held
For Mrs. A. A. Wells
Mrs. A. A. Wells, 48, died Tues
day night in Rex Hospital follow
ing several months of illness.
Funeral services were held from
the Zebulon Methodist Church
Thursday afternoon at 3 o’clock
conducted by the pastor, the Rev.
Paul Carruth, assisted by the Rev.
Carlton Mitchell. Burial was in
the Zebulon cemetery.
Surviving are six daughters,
Mrs. J. W. Hollowell of Williams
ton, Mrs. Lillian Lawson of Charl
eston, W. Va., Mrs. A. B. Terry of
Baltimore, Md., Mrs. J. H. Mc-
Cannon of Fayetteville, Jackie and
Glenda Fay Wells, both of the
home; two sons, Charles E. Wells,
and Amos A. Wells, Jr., of Zebu
reality one o fthe goals set by the
mayor in his campaign for election.
He expressed himself as more than
pleased with the first two wells,
and was confident that at last
Zebulon has a dependable inex
pensive source of water.
A third well, which will bring
the available water supply to
nearly 200 gallons per minute,
lacks only the electric motor be
fore it can be brought into opera
tion. The mayor stated that the
two operating wells furnish more
than enough water and the third
well is needed only in case of
For the next few weeks the fire
hydrants will be flushed twice
weekly in an effort to rid the
mains of the accumulation of dirt
left after years of using river wat
er. This will stir up a great deal
Telephone Official Has
’4B Red Cross Direction
Plans for the 1948 fund rais
ty Red Cross Chapter, which will
were announced by C. A. Dillon.
E. A. Clement, manager of the
Southern Bell Telephone & Tele
graph Company in this district,
who is serving as campaign chair
man of the Wake County Chap
ter of the American Red Cross in
Smith Leases Zebulon
Freezer Locker Plant;
Closing Dates Given
Preston Smith, lessee of the Co
lonial Frozen Foods freezer lock
er plant in Zebulon, announced
yesterday that the local locker
plant would be closed all day each
Wednesday for the next month in
order that an inventory of stored
foods might be made.
Prior to Smith’s taking over the
local freezer locker system, there
were reports of misplaced food
containers. During the next four
weeks an effort will be made to
get each person’s goods in the
right locker, Smith said.
“I feel that the people who have
patronized the local plant during
the past year will cooperate with 1
the present management in bring
ing meats to the lockers on days j
other than Wednesday,” Smith
continued, “if they know that we
are using that day to get their
storage in order.”
Don Johnson, Jr. of Wake For
est and Russell Broaddus of Ral
eigh, principal stockholders of Co
lonial Frozen Foods, Inc., leased
the Zebulon plant to Smith after
an absentee management failed to
prove satisfactory.
of mud and cause some inconven
ience. Housewives are warned to
check the water before washing
to avoid extra trouble.
After flushing of the hydrants
is completed, the mains and other
lines should be as clean as it is
possible to get them. With noth
ing but the pure well water enter
ing the mains, no further flushing
will be necessary.
Baptist Church
10:00—Sunday School
11:00 —Morning worship.
Sermon, “Our Heroic Heritage”
6:30—8. T. U.
7:3o—Evening Worship
Sermon, “Pilate and the Lust
for Power”
B:3o—Youth Fellowship
Theo. Davis Sons, Publishers
ing campaign of the Wake Coun
-1 be held March 8 to 22, inclusive,
, chapter chairman.
Edwin A. Clement, district
manager of the Southern Bell
Telephone and Telegraph Com
pany in Raleigh, will be general
chairman of the campaign.
“Chapter officers and directors,”
said Chairman Dillon in announc
ing the appointment of Mr. Cle
ment, “feel the community is par
ticularly fortunate in Mr. Cle
ment having been prevailed upon
to accept the post of drive chair
man. He has long been interest
ed in the work of the Red Cross
and knows, from first hand, the
importance of services rendered
by the Red Cross in community
Mr. Clement first became inti
mately associated with Red Cross
activities during the Mississippi
River flood of 1933 when he was
a part of the volunteer Disaster
Relief Force of the Red Cross,
working out of Memphis, Tenn.,
which was called upon to succor
thousands of families whose
homes were swept away by the
angry flood waters.
“Since that time,” he wrote
Chairman Dillon in accepting the
assignment of fund campaign, “I
have realized that in the Red
Cross, America and every com
munity of America, has standing
behind it, in the person of the
Red Cross, the greatest force in
the world for the relieving of suf
fering and the rehabilitation of
a stricken people when disaster
strikes. If the Red Cross did
nothing more than move in
when disaster strikes a commun
ity, it would more than justify
its existence. But, on the other
hand, disaster relief work is only
a part of its work.”
The 1948 quota, “figured out
on a minimum requirement ba-
I sis if Red Cross is to continue to
serve the community as the need
exists, “Chairman Dillon said, is
j $57,203.
Mrs. Frank Kemp Sings
At NCHC Convention
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kemp have
returned from the N. C. H. C. As
sociation meeting in Charlotte,
where Mrs. Kemp sang for an
open house which was given Sun
day night in the Hotel Charlotte.
She also sang for the convention
banquet and dance, accompanied
by Bill Koruff’s Orchestra.
Mrs. Kemp attended the classes
in hair shaping and styling con
ducted by Louis Suppa, New York
City artist.
Mrs. Kemp will sing at the
September convention of the As
sociation to be held in Asheville.
Wakelon Announces
Basketball Schedule
The Wakelon School basketball
team will play three games at the
local gymnasium next week in an
effort to make up a schedule cur
tailed by bad weather, Coach M.
A. Quick said last night.
Scheduled to play at Zebulon
are Cathedral Latin School of Ral
eigh on February 24, Wendell
High School on February 25, and
Rolesville High School on Febru
ary 27.
Both boys and girls teams will
play each night. Game time for
each first game is 7:30 p.m.

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