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Volume XXV.
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Committee Named for Local
Cancer Drive; Dangers Cited
By Mrs. Charles E. Flowers Sr.
No one knows, but is possi
ble that the funds received by the
American Cancer Society during
this April, cancer month, might
spell the defeat of cancer. If this
is possible, one out of eight peo
ple in Zebulon will not die of
cancer; if this is possible, ■82%
more people in the Zebulon com
munity will not die of cancer in
1980 as died in 1940.
But whether cancer is defeated
or not, your funds which are con
tributed to the Zebulon unit of the
American Cancer Society during
the week of April 19th-26th will
help make possible these things:
1. Make possible the enlarge
ment and the operation of cancer
diagnostic and treatment centers
in Raleigh, Greensboro, Winston-
Salem and Durham where people
of this community, regardless of
personal funds, may receive ex
aminations and treatment for can
2. Make possible an educa
tional program to the people of
this community and the nation on
cancer in order that people will
understand the disease and pre
sent themselves to clinics for
treatment and examination.
3. Establish and operate a state
hospital in North Carolina for the
immediate and terminal care of
cancer patients of this community
and this state.
4. Help to continue the loga
rithmic advance in cancer re
search which will make possible
Zebulon Merchants Agree to Close
Stores on Wednesday Afternoons
Zebulon merchants agreed this
week to close at 1:00 each Wed
nesday afternoon through the
summer months beginning April
14. The weekly closing follows
a custom of several years stand
ing, inaugurated to give employees
a half day off each week.
Store owners stated that they
were sure their customers would ■
cooperate wholeheartedly in the
half-holiday by making their j
Wednesday purchases in the !
morning. One grocery store is 1
Number 4.
\ the defenitive cure of cancer, as
1 penicillin has pneumonia.
During the month of April,
j The Zebulon Unit which was
organized last fall and is a per
| mant committee is composed of
the following:
Dr. Charles E. Flowers, Sr.; Mrs.
Ida Hall, County; Mrs. N. R. Gill,
Jr, Woman’s Club; Miss Mary
Lacy Palmer, Wakelon; Mr. Ves
ter Brantley, P. T. A.; and Mrs.
Charles E. Flowers, Chairman.
Sub-division: Mrs. Allen Pippin,
Mrs. Randolph Hendricks, Mrs.
Garland Richardson, Mrs. Norman
Screws, Mrs. Ralph Talton, Mrs.
D. D. Chamblee—Wakefield, Mrs
Ivan Hopkins—Hopkins Store,
Mrs. Howard Beck, Mrs. Preston
Smith, Mr. J. C. Debnan, and Miss
Sarah Eaton—Theater.
Scrap Paper Collection
Zebulon Cub Scouts will
complete their spring scrap
paper drive tomorrow after
noon, according to Cubmaster
Armstrong Cannady.
Local residents are request
ed to place contributions on
porches to facilitate collec
tion, for which Cordon Tem
ple has donated the use of his
planning to highlight the day by
advertising specials for Wednes
day morning only.
Plans are being discussed for a
recreation program for the sum
mer months, with a city league
to be formed for softball or vol
leyball. For two years before the
war a softball league was in op
eration with games played each
Wednesday. Carolina Power and
Light, headed by Ed Kitchings,
walked off with honors in the
Zebulon N. C., Friday, April 9, 1948
Wake Wins '4B Cotton Award;
Zebulon Man to Receive Trophy
Local Men Meet
With County Agent
In Alfalfa Discussion
The possibility of constructing
an alfalfa dehydrating plant in
Zebulon was thoroughly discussed
by John Reitzel, county agent, at
a meeting with fifteen Zebulon
men in the Carolina Power and
Light Company office. Reitzel de
scribed the future of alfalfa dehy
dration as excellent, and told of
visiting a Burlington plant similar
to the one proposed for Zebulon.
Before such a plant should be
started, the county agent said,
farmers should contract to grow
enough alfalfa to make the pro
ject profitable. Alfalfa is a mon
ey-making crop for farmers, he
said, and is a lazy man’s dream
requiring little work after the
first year.
To successfully operate a plant
here, the surrounding commun
ity should grow from 600 to 700
acres of alfalfa the first year.
Reitzel stated that he believed no
trouble would be encountered in
persuading farmers to devote this
amount of land to the crop.
In addition to alfalfa, the plant
could be used for curing sweet
Meeting with the county agent
; were C. V. Whitley, L. M. Massey,
J. K. Barrow, Ed Ellington, Arm
strong Cannady, P. O. Farmer, R.
H. Bridgers, Raleigh Alford, Ferd
Davis, Worth Hinton, Ashley
Murphy, Barrie Davis, -Tud Rob
ertson, R. Vance Brown, and Ed
Farm Bureau To Hear
Insurance Discussion
The workings of the Federal
Crop Insurance Corporation will
be explained to the members of
the Zebulon Farm Bureau at their
regular meeting Monday night at
8:00 in the Wakelon auditorium,
according to John Haughton Ihrie,
Jr., salesman for the corporation.
All members of the Bureau are
invited to bring any questions
they have for explanation by the
speaker. He will tell of the bene
fits of the program and of the
circumstances under which farm
ers can collect for crop damages.
Grading Completed
At Local Airstrip
Final grading has been com
pleted on the Zebulon air strip,
according to J. G. Bunn, propriet
or of the strip, and lespedeza has
been sown over, nearly the en
tire 2,200 feet of runway. When
the lespedeza begins to grow, Zeb
ulon will have one of the loveliest
fields anywhere in the state.
The east end of the strip is
graded so that passengers may
load directly into the airplanes
from automobiles, and a very
large parking area is provided for
both planes and automobiles.
A gala opening day program is
being planned, with an airshow
and visiting speakers. “We’ve got
just a little more work to do,”
said Milton Brannon, “and we’ll
be ready to show the folks what
a really nice airport we have for
Pictured is the Rev. Frederich
Koch, who Sunday will assume
his duties as pastor of St. Eugene’s
Catholic Church in Wendell. Mem
bers of his congregation from Zeb
ulon include Mrs. Norman Screws, |
Thomas Monk, Mr. and Mrs. A. D.
Antone, and Mr. and Mrs. Barkton
Father Koch also serves as editor
of the North Carolina Catholic, 1
official organ of the Raleigh dio- !
cese, which has been printed since
its founding in the Thee, Davis
Sons plant.
Johnson Committee
Named in Zebulon
Charles M. Johnson, candidate
for governor, announced simul
taneously with the naming of his
Wake County manager a group
of supporters who will serve the
county manager in advisory ca
Local men on this group are Dr.
L. M. Massey, J. K. Barrow, Sr.,
J. R. Sawyer, Avon Privett, J. Ral- 1
eigh Alford, and Bernice Bunn.
They had no statement to make !
concerning campaign plans yes- *
terday, but said that an announce
ment would be made prior to the
Repair Shop Opened
Bill Strickland has opened a
bicycle repair shop on Horton Ave. j
beside J. L. Stell Pressing Club.
He carries a line of bicycle repair ;
parts and offers expert work on
any cycle.
In addition to his bicycle work, I
he can make repairs on electric
irons, toasters, hot plates, and any
other electrical appliances.
Town Has Been Using Deep Wells
Alone as Water Supply for Weeks
Zebulon has been using well
water exclusively for the past
three weeks, Mayor R. H. Brid
gers told the Zebulon Board of
Commissioners at their regular
monthly meeting Monday night in
the town office. The mayor de
scribed the operation of the deep
wells as the “prettiest I’ve ever
seen” and said he was complete
ly satisfied with them.
Until the wells prove them
selves by satisfactory operation
through the dry summer months,
the water plant will be kept in
readiness for use at any time.
Theo. Davis Sons, Publishers
Oren D. Massey,
One Variety President,
To Get State Prize
Oren D. Massey of Zebulon, pres
ident of the Wake County One-
Variety Association, will receive a
trophy Monday in recognition of
Wake County’s 1947 cotton im
provement program being the best
in North Carolina.
The award will be made at 1:00
p.m. at a meeting of the Raleigh
Rotary Club. Lawrence Cooper,
state representative of the Atlantic
Cotton Association, will make the
presentation on behalf of his or
Counties which have previously
received the award are Halifax in
1942, Hoke in 1943, Polk in 1944,
and Edgecombe in 1945. No award
was made in 1946.
Wake scored 71 of a possible 100
points to take top honors in 1947.
Edgecombe placed second with 66
points, and Nash was third with 64
The Wake cotton improvement
program began in 1939 with a se
ries of community meetings on
varieties and production practices.
Two one-variety improvement
groups were formed and Coker 100
was chosen as the variety to be
Arrangements were made for se
curing foundation seed stocks and
the cotton ginners of the area
agreed to sample cotton for free
government classification. The
program has been continued and
now Wake County farmers are us
ing to a large extent the one-vari
ety plan of cotton production.
At least 95 per cent of the cotton
grown in the county is Coker 100
variety. The county is now se
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Dr. Massey Named
Trustee At Campbell
Dr. Leslie H. Cambell, Presi
dent of Cambell College, notified
Dr. L. M. Massey, that he was
elected to the Board of Trustees
of Cambell College, at a meeting
of the Executive Committee on
March 18, 1948.
Dr. Massey’s acceptance of this
honor and place of service to ed
ucation of the state, is dependant
upon whether it conflicts with
his membership on the General
Education Council, which serves
the six Baptist Colleges of the
State; Wake Forest, Meredith,
Mars Hill, Campbell, Wingate and
Town Clerk Willie B. Hopkins
was instructed to advise automo
bile owners in Zebulon to pur
chase city license tags or face a
| possible fine. There are a good
number of cars in Zebulon with
i out tags now, the Commissioners
were advised, and a check on
these will be made this week.
No important business was con
tracted at the meeting, which was
attended by Mayor Bridgers,
Commissioners Howard Beck, R.
Vance Brown, Norman Screws,
Bob Sawyer, Barrie Davis, and
Town Clerk W. B. Hopkins.

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