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This, That, and the Other
By Mrs. Theo. B. Davis
When I went to Virginia some
weeks ago because of the death of
my sister’s husband, I saw at the
funeral many friends whom I had
not seen for years before. Two
of my brothers told me that among
those present was a classmate of
girlhood days and he was anxious
to see me. After I was in the car
to leave the cemetery this friend
came hurrying toward us and my
brother waited for us to talk a
We said it was a pretty day,
though the morning had been cool.
We agreed that the weather had
been clry and spoke of how much
good rain would do. He wanted
to know whether his sister had
seen me that day and I said she
had. And then we told each other
In those remarks there is not
one thing worth remembering
hardly anything worth saying.
Certainly nothing to indicate that
the speakers had done all their
elementary school and some high
recitations in the same room, nor
that between them had existed a
keen rivalry to excell each other’s
grades. Yet I felt that our friend
ship had been renewed and the
ties of memory strengthened.
I used to think that in trans
planting seedlings they should be
rushed at top speed from the seed
bed to border, staying out of the
ground the very shortest time pos
sible. But I have had much bet
ter results from placing them in
water until they have taken up all
they can hold, then doing the re.
setting. The first of this week I
put out zinnias and African daisies
that had been in water thirty-six
hours; and, in spite of the dry
weather, no one of them wilted.
This is true for marigolds, cosmos,
snapdragons,, verbena every
thing I have tried and also for
small shrubs.
In a number of newspaper items
I have noticed something like this:
“He married the former Mary
By Carl E. Bjork
Now there was in the Big City
a very great factory over which
presided the Big Boy.
And this manager of many serv
ants did enter his exalted room of
The Plush Carpet and Brass Spit
toons on the first day of June in
the present year. And before him
upon his shining desk was a Great
Report prepared by many girls in
the Outer Office.
Then the Big Boy adjusteth his
glasses and scanneth the Report
for the month called May.
And suddenly he wrinkleth his
brow and rubbeth his eyes. For
The Chart of sales of the factories
wares had leaped and bounded in
ene marvelous way. And he buz
zeth the bells, and ringeth the
phones, and wireth the wireless.
And behold ere the sun goeth
onward to rest, that the exalted
room was filled with much smoke
and many men. For far and wide
had come the Big Board to consid
er the Upsurge in the sale of the
Product of this factory.
And the Big Boy could hold his
The Zebulon Record
Perd Davis Editor
Barrie Davis Publisher
Entered as second class matter June 26, 1925, at the post office
at Zebulon, North Carolina, under the act of March 3, 1879.
Subscription rate: $1.50 a year. Advertising rates on request
Blank.” Unless he married a wid
ow, he probably married Mary
Blank, who became Mrs. Dash and
the former whoever she had been.
That seems to complicate the
definition I’m trying for. It’s this
way: I don’t want anyone saying
my husband married the former
Bessie Farmer. He married me as
I was then, with no former about
it; just Bessie Farmer. However,
it may be said that I am now the
former, etc. . .
In connection with my name is
the deluge of campaign literature
I have been receiving from various
headquarters. Double what 1
ought to have on any account. This
is the reason:
Years ago, when I registered
here as a voter, they put my name
down in two books. One registrar
wrote it Mrs. Theodore B. Davis;
the other prefered my own name
with the prefix Mrs. Whenever I
go to they have to look me
up in two places by two names.
They’ve become used to it here
and the one who has the book
with Mrs. Theo. Davis in it calls
out to the other to hunt for Mrs.
Bessie Farmer Davis, so not much
time is lost.
Away from here it is different;
and whenever campaign secre
taries mail a communication to
Mrs. T. B. Davis, they send one
just like it to Mrs. B. F. Davis.
Maybe I should write them all to
save some stamps; but it is too lit
tle and too late to bother much
One more queer thing about
political campaigns is that so many
of the candidates choose such
young looking pictures for putting
in the newspapers and special lit
erature. Why, a few of them look
so boyish you’d almost wonder
whether they are old enough to be
trusted with the family’s weekly
grocery list, let alone affairs of
state. Seems to me it would be
better for them to loook fairly old
and wiser than youth gives the
right to appear.
Bjork's Tips
peace no longer but cleareth his
throat and speaketh thus, Fellow
Laborers of our vast enterprise,
the sale of Blue-Blood Aspirins
have taken an astounding rise
since May 29th. Surely our pro
duct will outstrip all other Aspir
ins including Soothing-Paradise
Aspirins, and we shall be The
Tops in our noble endeavor to re
lieve mankind, and increase our
And there speaketh forth one of
The Directors to the Big Boy, And
how doth this zip upward happen,
and to whom shall we give the
bonus if we do give such.
Now theree sitteth within the
exa’ted room a small man wear
ing a Five and Dime Necktie, Last
Year’s Suit, and a Pin-Stripe
Shirt. And he haileth from the dis
trict of Carolina.
Then the Big Boy did point his
finger which holdeth the diamond
to anyone who is interested in
cultivating feed. See Mrs. C.
M. Rhodes, Route 4, Zebulon.
The Zebulon Record
ring at this small man, and he
saith, The Rise cometh out of Dis
trict Carolina, and to Mr—ah—ah
—, anyway, to this brother goeth
the credit.
And several did exclaim, how
• was this done, my friend?
And The Carolina Manager did
meekly reply, Many are called but
few are chosen. And many did run
but only a few were elected. And
there was much weeping among
the pines from Dan to Beersheba
as the votes were counted. And
aspirins were needed much in
those days, thus Blue-Blood sold
; strongly, but I fear that others
sold as strongly too.
Then the Big Boy flicked his
ashes on the carpet, and with a
deep voice did say, Mr. Ah—ah—
| ah—, and all you brethren present,
learn thou a lesson. The more who
run, the rrtore will lose. And the
more who lose, the moi a will have
headaches. And the more head
aches, the more aspirin sold.
Therefore encourage the multi
tudes to seek high places.
And moreover he saith, Let us
draw up a resolution of praise
for our Carolina Manager who
dwelleth in such a state where,
many dream of being Govenor but j
only one admitteth it, and where;
many have learned so recently
that the campaign hurteth the
head as well as the purse.
And with this he did hit the
shining desk with his gavel, and
tossed the report in the waste
Birthday Party
Miss Nellie Mae Medlin enter
tained a number of friends at her
home at Zebulon, Route 1, on
May 22, the occasion being her
fifteenth birthday.
Spring flowers of all kinds were
used as decorations. Many games
and contests were played, with
all guests participating.
After presents were, opened, re
freshments were served to the
guests at this enjoyable affair.
Mrs. J. A. Strickland of St. Pe
tersburg, Fla., is visiting her sister,
Mrs. W. C. Campen, this week.
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Pearce and
daughter of Raleigh, have moved
to Zebulon. They will live with
Mr. Pearce’s mother and sister,
Mrs. Ollie W. Pearce and Miss
Mamie Brooks Pearce.
Friends will regret to know that
Earl Horton has been critically ill
from an attack of virus pneu
Dr. and Mrs. R. E. Earp of
Thanksgiving were callers in the
and feed grinding, come to
Tarpley’s Mill. We buy corn,
wheat, and soya beans. J. W.
Tarpley at Tarpley’s Mill. J 4.
w7m r bran nan]
Gulf Products
Sizes— 522 - 275 - 222
Prices— $42.50 - $30.00 - $25.00 :
; Located at Zebulon Airport ;
I Highway 264
2 Miles North of Zebulon
All Products Sold Wholesale
| Will Be C. O. D.
Winner of the big fishing con
test held during National Fisher
man’s Week was Sherman Mit
chell, of Zebulon, Route 3,
announced Haywood Jones, man
ager of the contest. Mitchell
caught the largest fish, a 5V2
pounder, with a hook in Clifton
Perry’s pond.
Mrs. Lionel Bunn won a prize
offered for the best string of fish,
Theo. Davis home Sunday after
Thurman Hepler was taken to
Duke Hospital, Durham, yesterday
for examination and treatment. He
has been seriously ill for over two
white icing. Eight pink lighted
candles topped the cake. Birth
day gifts were opened by the hon
oree at one end of the table and
FOR SALE Large size ice Cool
erator, in very good condition,
priced at $20.00. Mrs. Hannah
Liles, Zebulon. ltp
Z. N. Culpepper
equals a total of good work!
Modern Equipment Does Cleaning Best!
Worth Hinton, Prop.
-8 oz. Low Back Sanforized
OIL CLOTH- 52-69
New Designs and Colors
Special 44c yd.
Friday, May 28, 1948
bringing in one of the nicest
catches seen in this section.
The rules of the contest, which
was sponsored by the Zebulon
Drug Company, specified that fish
must have been caught with a
hook from local ponds or rivers.
The drug company featured a
special window display during the
week of the contest which drew
much attention to the Fisherman’s
Margaret’s Beauty Shop
Qualified Operators
Phone 2131
ipstairs Over Zebulon Drug Stoi*
Open All Night
Always Ready to Serve You

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