PAGE TWO PENNY COLUMN Round Dance at Kindley’s Mill Tuesday night, August 14th. Music by Baden orchestra. Scrjpe SI.OO. 9-4 t-p. Farm For Rent—James A. Overcash, Route 2, Kannapolis. 9-3 t-p. lost—Two Side Curtains tor Tent on road between Roberta Mill and Salis bury (on,old Salisbury Read). Find er notify H. C. Rosemifa. Route Three, Salisbury, and get reasonable reward. 0-lt-p. -> Fcr Sale—Fine Setter Pups. English and Llewellyn. R. F. Brinkley, 267 X, Kerr Street. 9-3 t-p. Lost—At Kindley Mill Swimming Pool Tuesday night, cameo pin. Reward. Finder return to owner of swimming pool. 8-2 t-p. Let I s Match Your Odd Coats With a pair, of pouts, $1.98 up. Concord Ar my and Navy Store. 6-0-p. Men’s Dress Suits *IO.OO up. Concord Army & Navy Store. 6-6 t-p. Six Room Two-Story House For Sale on St. Mary street. Apply to John A. Goodman, 39 St. Mary St. 6-6 t-p. Land Deeds, 5 Cents Each, at Times- Tnibnne Office. If You Have a Neighbor Who Is Not Tak , ing The Times, tell him about'our great ty days. -ts. REV. RICHARD BROWN DIES AT AGE OF 81 Lutheran Minister Had Served Since 1808. Salisbury, Aug. B.—Rev. Richard Lewis Brown, 81, died at his home near Christiania Church, this county. Tuesday evening following an illness that extruded over a number of years. The funeral was conducted from the home this afternoon. Surviving is the widow and eight children. 34 grand children and 15 great-grandchildren. Mr. Brown was one of the oldest ministers of the Southern Lutheran tihurch, liaviig been licensed to preach in VS6B. He served 13 churches in North Carolina during his long minis try. A community memorial service will be held for the late President Harding at First Methodist Church Friday af ternoon at 4 o'clock. An eulogy by Senator Overman will feature the ser vice. At His Inaugural, Now at Funeral. Washington, Aug. 8. —Then came a figure who was a reminder, too. of a gayer and happier day, Woodrow Wil son had come from the seclusion and quiet of the home where he bravely and patiently waits for his summons from the Creator, to show his respect and ease a genuine sorrow. Only a little while ago he rode over the same way with Warren Harding beside him, in the full bloom of vigorous life, about to take ~i S»n r——a, 19X4 Models Are the Finest Big-Sixes Studebaker Ever Built The enthusiasm with which the new 1924 Everything for which one can wish in model Studebaker cars have been received motoring convenience, comfort and utility locally is an indication of the reception they has been proyided—even to the extra disc have eitjoyed throughout the country. wheel with tire, tube and tire cover (two on No wonder. They are emphatically the most Sedan); handsome nickel-plated bumpers, compelling values Studebaker ever offered front and rear; large, roomy trunk; auto- • and the public knows that Studebaker has matic gasoline signal, and many other fea been a consistent leader, year after year, inthe tures. There is nothing more to buy. amount of intrinsic value per dollar invested. The prices of the Sedan and Coupe are The Big-Six Sedan and the Coupe are moderate because of Studebaker’s large pro finest cars that have ever borne the name duction, vast physical and financial resources; Studebaker. They provide all the perform- the manufacture of all vital parts in Stude ance, all the comfort, and all the depend- bakbr plants, and the accumulation of experi ability that any car will give— at a price ence and prestige gained through 71 years of that smaller producers cannot approach. building quality vehicles. 1924 MODELS AND PRICES-/, o. b. factory LIGHT-SIX SPECIAL-SIX BIG-SIX S-Pato., lir W. B„ 40 H. P S-Pan., 119' W. 8. , SO H. P. 7-Past., 126’ W. 8., SO H. P. Touring. $ 995 Touring $1350 Touring $1750 Roadster (3-Pra.) 975 Roadster (2-Pati.) i 1325 Speedster (5-Pass.) 1835 Coupe-Roadster(2-Pass.) 1225 Coupe (5-Pats.) 1975 Coupe (S-Pasa.) 2550 Sedan. 1550 Sedan 2050 [Sedan 2750 Terms to Meet Your Convenience ' ' * Big-Six 7-Passenger Sedan $2750 iH -/Bm ■ IWWj IfR 1924 Model HI ■l|||||JH : ■Hr Auto Supply & Repair Co / 1U East Corbin Street THIS IS A STUDEBAKER Yfe AR Dog Strayed—Brindle and White Female bull dog. Notify Central Filling Sta tion and get reward. 9-2 t-p. For Rent—One Five and One Sjx Room bungalow, new. .Light and water con nections. Daw Phone 80. Night i phone 682.1. 8-ts. For Sate—Good Sound Grit For Walks and driveways. Apply M. L. Furr. 150 Cedar street or Long's Filling Station. 8-2 t-p. Auction Sale of Household Furniture on Saturday, August 11th, at 2 o'clock, on Barbrick Street in rear of City Hall. 8-3 t-p. For Sale—Oak and Pine Lumber. Also 4- wood. P. I). Blackwelder. 5- Square Dance and Barbecue at Kindley’s Mill on Thursday night, August 7th. 7-3 t-c. Engraved Wedding Invitations. And announcements. The Times-Tdbune represents one of the best engravers in America. Adding Machine Paper, 20* Cents a Roll, 3 for 50 cents, at Times-Trib une Office. .* We Have the Most Beautiful Line of wedding invitations and aufiounee- Amevica. Times and Tribune Office. .up the burden he was laying down. Harding's consideration for the sick man beside him touched every heart and dimmed many eyes that day—it touched Woodrow Wilson’s heart as few tilings \ )>a<l. and today he came to pay It back and put his heart upon his sleeve. Lit j tie did anybody dream that Woodrow I Wilson would be helping lay, Warren Harding under the sod. but dentil had given a respite to the one and abruptly I' summoned the other. Sues Husband Who Opposes Mir Read ing Sunday Papers. New York Times. One nf he reasons advanced by Mrs. Clara I lap sen of 5.212 Sixth Avenue. Brooklyn, why she should be separated legally from George Oscar Hansen is that he objected t» her reading the Sunday newspaper, "a practice dear to her heart.” Mrs. Hansen applied yesterday to Supreme Court Justice Carswell. in Brooklyn, for alimony and counsel fees pending trial of her action. She chnrg-, ed also that her husband was a meni ; her—sis (lie "Holly Jumpers" and that he abandoned her. t "My wife does not have the faith in God that 1 think she should have." said Hansen in. his answer. "1 am a member of the Pentecostal Church. The mem bers of this church are not known as 'Holy Jumpers.' I do not approve es reading newspapers on Sunday, but I have never forbidden her to read tljem." STANDING OF THE CLUBS. South Atlantic League. Team Won Lost IV. Macon ...22 15 .595 Charlotte ,2x 16 .568 Spartanburg IP 15 .559 Augusta 16 17 .485 Greenville .■• 15 19 .441 Gastonia 12 23 .343 Results Yesterday. > Charlotte 1: Augusta 4. Macon 13; Gastonia 5. Spartanburg 5; Greenville 7. . American League. '' Team Won Lost PC. New York 68 34 .667 Cleveland 57 47 .587 St. Louis m 49 .520 Detroit 4S 49 .495 Chicago 48 52 .480 Washington ..45 54 .455 Philadelphia 44 56 .440 Boston .. .. 39 62 .386 Results Yesterday. St. Louis 4; New Y'ork 3. Cleveland-Washington, no game. Chicago 4: Philadelphia 3. Detroit 4-2; Boston 0-3. National League. Team Won Lost IX'. ' New York 69 36 .657 Pittsburgh 61 42 .592 Cincinnati 61 43 .387 Chicago 55 49 .529 Brooklyn 52 51 .005 St. I amis .. ~ ..53 53 .500 l Philadelphia 34 69 .330 | Boston 30 72 .294 Results Yesterday. | New York 3; SI. Louis 4, | Philadelphia 2: Chicago 4, Brooklyn 0-2; Pittsburgh 2'-5. Others not scheduled. Piedmont League. (Team Won Lost PC. ! Danville .. 19 11 .633 ! High Point .. " 15 1(1 .484 ! Winston-Salem 14 15 .483 i Greensboro 14 15 .483 Durham 14 16 .467 Raleigh 13 16 .448 FLATS to CENTS A MONTH. Collapse of .Mark Havoc With Herman Landlords. Xpw York Times. j I*nssengers who arrived yesterday from i Rremen on the North German . Lloyd ! iner Muenrhen. described the conditions jin German as approaching complete | chaos. There was a good deal of starva j tion. passengers said, especially among those who had invested in domestic securities and were getting their divi dends in paper mfirks. Gustave Van dor Loo a steel mrr j chant* of :{* l>rsbrosses Street, Mnuliat | tan who lias been traveling iu Germany ! for three months, said that the price of j <teol had skyroekeed since the o>eupa- j | tion of the Huhr. ‘I can t tell what' is going to happen in Germany.” he said, "tin' people don’t know themselves.” The landlords who art* forbidden by law to raise rents, be added, were in a Dad way. In some German cities he said, tenants are paying the equivalent ot ten cents a month in American money for an apartment. SHE CONCORD DAILY TRIBUNE rotary Meeting Memorial Service For Lite President Harding. Member of Rotary, Heidi at Weekly Meeting. , The*program at the regular meeting of the Rotary 'Club yesterday, due to the death of President Harding, was chang ed frorti boys’ wqrk program to a memo rial service for the late President, who was a member of Rotary. President Rankin -presided and, during roll call. Mr. William IK Odell, a new member of the Concord Club, was in troduced amid applause. 'Following committee reports, a mus ical program featured by a piano selec tion by Miss 1 ioroth Wolff, was ren dered. After the musical selections. Chairman Caswell introduced Itotariau F. C. Xiblock, who spoke op the life of President Harding. Mr. Niblock’s address was brief but particularly appropriate and his trib ute to the late President's Americanism, breadth of sympathetic understanding and love for human kind made a pro found impression. “ Mr. Seay, architect who designed the new high school building, was the guest of J. A. Cannon anil Mr. H. ts. Williams was the guest of F. ('. Xiblock. • Martin Verburg, Who lias been away on a vacation was present, and resumed his duties as "secretary. * King George of England is a radio fan. foiTconstipation """ -x Black-Draught Recommended by an Arkansas Fanner Who Has Used b, When Needed, for 25 Years: * Hatfield, Atk.-Mr. 0. W. Parsons, a well-known farmer on Route 1, this place, says: “I keep Bi^ck- Draught in my home all the time. It is the best all-around medicine I have ever found for the liver and for constipation. We began using it 25 or more years ago and have used it whenever needed since. 1 have never found any other medicine as good for constipation, and that was what I suffer ed with till I began using Black-Draught. Black-Draught corrected this condition, and now we use it for the liver and for indigestion—a tight and sluggish feeling after meals, for bad taste in the mouth and sour stomach. “My wife uses it for headache ana biliousness. It sets on our shelf and we don’t let it get out. It has been a great help to us. I believe a great deal ol sickness is caused by hurried eating and constipation, and Black-Draught, right, will correetthis condition.’' Get Thedford’s, the original and only genuine Blalk-Draught powdered liver medicine. Sold everywhere. NC-I3Q IK fljj liF~ Carefully balanced 'as an airplane propeller Jr i The propeller, which applies the power produced by the m - , motor, as finely balanced as human skill can make ' it. And the gasoline which produces the power should be Propeller* and motor* alike need . ’ e t i i balance to make the beat use just as carefully balanced. , of power. “Gas” for your cat • mint be balanced to make power “Standard”, the Balanced Gasoline, gives to your motor ample, flexible and cheap, the smoothest, steadiest, and most generous flow of power that skilled refining has yet produced. Instant storting; jQSSSX quick, snappy pick-ups; power that lifts you over the hills; > ftyMSqil long economical mileage; and always that even flow of ‘ n abundant power. That’s what “ Standard” A The Balanced Gasoline—gives you. . N . • You can’t appreciate the wonderful performance of a per fectly balanced cat until you’ve driven one. And you can’t know what balance in a gasoline means until you've HRiß|jNr - used “Standard”. At any pump bearing the red S. O. the Carolines at Char- M of quality. . ' " ’f 8 !?"- / SoW at hu “- 11 * ' i ■ dreds of pumps that STANDARD-OIL COMPANY t * ar tw%umrk ' ■. »(New Jersey) ■ * H. ‘STANDARD ® > The ! "Balanced. Qasoline m\ 3L. ,; . k K-i f B , ■ J| M MU. Trrxter. Ljerly, Barger and Holshouarr Reunion. A reunion of the ’t’rexler, Ljerly, Bar ger and Hdlshouser families wiH be liefil at the school building in- Rockwell on Thursday. August 16th. * The following programme will be rendered. Devotional Exercises —Condt£ed by the President. - Music. Address of Welcome—. David Ilolshous er. Response—C. A: Ilolshouser. Music. ' Election of Officers. Report of Historians. • Short talks by Rev. W. C. Lyerly, Prof, Trexler; l)r, H. A. M. Hol shmiser and others. Music. Address at 11:30 a. m.—Hon. J. Frank Hudson. Music. > Collection. Dinner 1 p. m. Social hour. •- Music Committee —Airs. Walter Peeler, Miss Juanita Hall. Table Committee—J. John Albert Trexler, I). Calvin Holslious- A hearty welcome to everybody. Come and bring well tilled baskets and enjoy the day as one hig family. Historians: C. A. Ilolshouser, Rev. W. ma a it Try This on Your Piano New Sheet Music—Latest Hits YES—WE HAVE NO ' BANNAS That Red [lead Girl Oh—Harold ' Carolina in the Morning Bambalina . • Barney Google Aggravating fapa You've got to sec mama ev ery Night. Cats Whiskers Snakes Hips Let's Be Lonesome together Will She Come From East Mister Gallagher and Mr. B , Shean D, Three O'clock in the Morn- *3 ing Golfing Blues Pack Up Your Sins and Go to the DeviJ. Musette* inc iThrge Shi]nnent of Party- Favors, lee Cups and Nov elties—something new in this line. C. Lyerly, ■ Thomas Barger, I)r. P. M. Trexler. (tffieereTYtev. H. A. Trexler, Pres.; Richfield; H. A. M. Holshouser, Sec., Rockwell,., Cabarrus County Club Encampment. The boys attd girls club encampment will he held 1 at Mt. Pleasant at the M. P. C. L dormitories beginning at 3 p. m. Monduy.-aAngust 13th. All persons at tending4Re expected to' be registered and assigned to rooms by 6 p. m. All the boys nnd girls are expected to provide Jneir own way p> the encamp ment, and bring along simplies enough to last four days. An interesting program has been pre pared fiir the camp, which the boys and girls are urged to attend, and a special program is being prepared by which the parents are invited to a picnic supper Thursday at 7 p in. We have also in vited (he Kiwanis and Rotary/ members and their wives and are planning for a bigger than we hud last year. We are counting on you being there. COUNTY AGENTS. New Company for City Chartered. The Secretary of State his issued a charter to the Southern Motor Service Company of this city, with an author ized capital stock of SIOO,OOO, and $9,000 subscribed. The incorporators are A. H. Jaryett and Frances L. Jnr rett, of Concord; W. C. Kellick, Char lotte, and L. F. Fuhrion. of Salisbury. Listen! If you want pamt, linseed oil and turpentine, see Yorke & Wadsworth Company. If you want the best Cedar Shingles see Yorke & Wadsworth Company. * / If you want Galvanized Roofing see Yorke & Wads worth Company. 4 If you want nails see Yorke & Wadsworth Co. > f you want the Best Autorrfobile Tires see Yorke & .Wadsworth Co. If you want Anything in Hardware See Yorke & Wads worth Co. ■ 1 4- Yorke & Wadsworth Company Thursday, August 9, 1923. OFFICERS F&R COM)IUOD • FAIR ARB SELECTED t M. C. Boxer-la President of Organiza tion That WiU Sponsor Colored Fair. The following are the officers for the Caberrus Count; Colored Fair, which will be held here in November: M. C. Boger, President. Nat Alexander, First Vice President. Silas White, Second Vice President. S. C. Boxer, Treasurer. J. D. Gordon, Secretary. Directors: M. C. Boxer. Frank Lytle, L. H. Handy, C. R. Johnson, S. C. Bo ger, Will Harris, Bill Pharr, John Shan kle, No. 1 township, R. G. Reid, No. 11 township. E. W. La wings, NOT 11 town ship, J. t>. Gordan, Waller Gilmer and W. D. Connor, The officers and directors of the fair are busy now making plans for the event, which will be held at the grounds of the Cabarrus County Fair Association. At The Theatres. Herbert Rawlinson is being shown again itoday at the Pastime in the Uni versal picture, “Fools and Riches.’’ At the Piedmont today Franklyn Far ming plays the leading role in the west ern feature “Gun-Shy.” , “Grang "Larceny,” featuring several - stars, is being offered again today at the Star. It is White House etiquette for the President to be served first at dinner. Propeller* and motots alike nged balance to make the best use of power. “Gas” for your cat must be balanced to make power itself ample, flexible and cheap.

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