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and. transmission
grekse. See" Covington.
Sto Mar^'w^
’ Chapte^Kannapolis, holds it* regular
,meetings on the first and third Mon
' dans of each month. Eastern Star
members cordially invited,-- 4-lt-c.
W»|U-Ladi« to Do Simple Neefffc
work at Home. Libral Pay. Ma
terial furnished. Addressed stami>ed
envelope brings particulars. Dixie
Terule Co., Atlanta, Ga. 4-lt-p.
nnllihm — Wanted—Good Line Tampa Ci
st to. Salary or commission. Full
Uige or sideiine. Send stamped, ad
dressed envelope. Hoyal Palm Cigar
‘ Co. Tampla Ea. 4-lt-p.
~ , - i
For Rent —Two Furnished Rooms With
bath. * 93 East Depot Street. Phone
369. 30-6 t-p.
Fresd, Ffeb, Roe Shad, Buck Shad and
: croakers. Phone 010 and otSir (. hns.
.. C. Graeber. 3-2 t-p.
Work. Rosina. Guttering. Re
pairing, phone 773. Arthur Eudy, 73
YMUill Street. 2-13 t-p.
Splendid New Hats—Hats $4.95, $3.95.
,tW dollars. Miss Braclien’s Bonnet
P Iffip. --3t~P
FJsh, Fish. Ye*. We Have Them.
’ Croakers, flounders, haddock, roe shad
j and buck sbnd. I’boue us. Ed M. Cook
Ufletnpany. 2-2 t-p.
tbr Saie—l 6-Room House on Vance I
'St., modern eonyenieuces: 1 practical
ly new 5-room house on Carolina ave
nue: 1 practically new 3-room house
oa Fink St., Modern conveniences; 2
new 4-room houses on Odell St., 15
Hnice vacant lots on Odell St. See D.
7A. McLaurin. Phone 433. 31-6 t-p.
Jacksonville Team Humbled. Glyfcg'lke
North Carolina Tram Chance to Cop
Southern TlHe. 'j
, Kannapolis volley ball team humbled
Jacksonville, holder of last year's title.
ih the first match of the Towel-Makers iu
(the Southern Championship meet at
Chattanooga Friday night, it being one of
rite hardest fought. sets ever staged iu
(Jpattanooga. according to reports receiv
ed by The Tribune this morning.
‘The Kannapolis team won the first
mime by the score of 15-13 : lost the sec
ond by an 11-15 count; but staged a
ctjme-back in the final match, and took
the set, winning the final game<t3-11.‘
"i This victory purs Kannapolis into the
semi-finals to be played this afternoon at
J.n'clOck. Chattanooga being- scheduled to
Utrnish the opposition. Chattanooga is
Mt; considered a serious contender and it
»JL freely predicted. according to th? rc
wrt. that Kannapolis will the
itgals tonight at 9 o'clock With Atlanta.
s.Tbe news of the elimination of Jack-
SjfiUewas received in Kannapolis with
eh, elation since Jacksonville won the
Southern chnnipiouship last year and was
«rn.>qijere(l one of the strongest contend
<Wls in this year's meet. Followers of the
ijeam are confident of the Kannapolis
team's ability to tome through with a
liSn tonight and take the Southern
f;'. At the Theatres.
'i The Pastime today is showing .fuck
Jjktxie in "The Sign of the Cactus." and
Wanda Wiley in "The Trouble Maker."
‘ Jack Perrin iu “Hidin' West," and a
comedy, “Step Fast." starring Jimmie
Adams, are the features being shown to
day at the Star.
• Chewing gum is all light in its place.
Which isn’t under a chair.
■j! - tu-' ■" - . '■= 1 ■ •“ 1 J'AfeJg
Is Going Big With Extra 1
Don’t Miss Bargains We
B ’ '
. -.J r»ci
; j 4,5 4r l
I mi ■*, PPVIiTI p k *
I I ■ ■■» fIKW la■ 1 I# I 1
Salesmen—Sell Bramnoor Men’s and.
women's Wft pee: emit. ; page- . wool, f
made-to-measure coate; from factory to
wearer. Big commissions, well ad
vertised, thousands of customers, full
or part time. Write for information.
Braemoor Coat Co., Inc. 128 Fifth
Aye,, N. X. City. 4-lt-p.
$10,000,000 Company Wants Man to Sell
Watkin’s Home Necessities in Concord. (
More than 150 used daily. Income
$33-50 weekly. Experience unnecessary. |
Write Dept. H-8 The J. R. Watkins)
Oompanv, 231 Johnson Ave.. Newnrk,
N. J. * 4-2 t-p.
Lost Between Charlotte and Wadeville
oft Thursday. April 2nd, tan leather
handbag containing various articles,
mostly, baby clothes. Finder please
notify Rev. L. Cook Campbell. Pine
tops. N. C. 3-2 t-p.
Choice Cuts of Lamb and Veal. Phone
510 and 525. Chns. C. Graeber.
3-2 t-p.
For Rent—One Good House. Close In.
Call Mrs. I». H. Lent*. 3-3 t-p.
S. C. Rhode Island Red, Eggs For Hatch
ing. SI.OO for 15. Jesse R. McClellan,
East Depot St. 31-ts-p..
Barred Rock Eggs For Hatching SI.OO
for 15. Mrs. H. A- Graeber, Phone
340. 3-3 t-p.
Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Big Lot F>*ty Ripe
thmatoes. Phone us. M, Cook Co.
3-2 t-p. . f ' '
For Sale—One Ford Coupe. 1923 Model;
one Willys-Knight touring: two Essgx
coacltes, one Buick touring, one Star
touring, one Essex touring. Concsyrd ,
Motor Company. 3,1 -si-p.
U 4-
Visiting Cards, For Geptlemen or Ladle*
or childtea, printodrtrom a beautiful
new type, Invitation Text, 50 for SI.OO,
or 100 for $1.'50. Work done on a few
hoqrs Dotiee. Times-Tribune Office.
50, $3.75. Times-Tribune office. /’
Miss King to Give Recital Wednesday.
The class in expression, which Miss
Ethel M. King Jpfcj conducted in Concord
duringfthty \viufer\j will give a recital on
Wednesday nigttt in the V gymnasium
iirstcart of in fTh* High Behoof Auditor
ium. as was planned originally. The rea
sou for the change is that the seats in
the auditorium are now being taken up
for repairing and the Auditorium will be
closed »U ÜB*r week. . . „
..About fifteen pupils.. are .exu.epled«,tft
take part iu tbe recital.
:. io.i >; • •• »• -«"t
Another Tragedy. , ~ ,
Stanly News-Herald.
Another deplorable- ' death*-Tft'om at
dynamite explosion hits shoeketl-’Htthdyt
idiunty. Werlnesday afternoon Mr. N:
X. Burris. of End.v community, r a
mighty good man and a splendid- farmer,
was killed when a premature-explosion
occurred on Ills farm. Tbe -Stanly News-
Herald (kies not' derive to' make -iflself
disggreeabie by repeating over and over
again and again the statement that
.dynamite is dangerous, but ns long as
, j human life is at stake. we. shall con
tinue to cry put a note of warning. We.
’ therefore, again repeat the statement
. tliat modern conveniences and invention
carry with them the necessity of modern
, precautions. There is no tise shutting
. our eyes to the foot—dynamite is dan
gerous, automobiles and other modern
' convenience arc dangerous when not
handled with most painstaking preeau
j tion.
1 Jean I)e Reszke Dies in Nice at Age
; of 75.
JI Nice France. April 3.—Jean do Rw
! zkp, World famous operatic artist, for
1 ' many years leading tenor at the Metro
'! piditan Ojiera House, New York, is
‘ '■ dead. He- was 75 years old.
Women are good looking but peculiar.
.[They waut their clothes all just alike
[only different.
I —i Mg,i ■,l a ■ , L » 1.1 ■ M, ■J. ■ epea—^|j
i ffl jAND ABOUT THE CITY —]j|
, ,
I - m it .
Glasses to Be Held in Charlotte April
Slid and Initiate Men in Rank of
pah. -
Local Pythians are making prepara
tions to attend the Rathbone Bible class
es to be held in Charlotte on April 21st
; for. the purpose ot initiSting candidates
, into the order and conferring on them the
‘ Rank of Page. A number of candidates
■ are expected to be present from Concord
and large numbers will attend from otb
!er surrounding towns and cities.
The text of the letter explaining the
Rathbone Bible classes is as follows:
Dear Brother Pythians:
Supreme Keeper of Records and Seals,
Harry M. Love, of Minneapolis. Minn.,
will make-an official visit to this Grand
Domain, during the week commencing
April 20th for the purpose of holding a
series of Rathbone Bible Classes.
Preliminary arrangements have already
been made for the holding of these class
es to open at the following places:
Monday, April 20th, at Marion.
Tuesday, April 21st, at Charlotte'
Wednesday. April 22, at Greensboro.
Thursday, April 33, at Rocky Mount at
10 A. M.
Friday. April 24, at Wilmiugion.
Lodges will be regularly opened at
each of these meetings, promptly at 7 :30
P. M,
Rathbone Bible Classes are held only
under the supervision of the Supreme
Keeper of Records and Seals, and a large
class of candidates are desired on each
of these dates for the eonfering of the
Rank of Page, such candidate being ob-
by -our Supreme Keeper op tiie
original Rjble diked by Julius Rathbone
at founding of this great Order in
AYa&ifcgton tl 1804.
is pdaßbh. only for ns to have a
w** t visithti-3) from our Supreme Keep-1
>er. tfea places for the holding of thes.
m eytings have tjieen selected, as far as I
possible, to allow a large number of out-
I-edges to take part and do their share
in making tbe classes a success.
It jgs«ti>ectedl that candidates foi
these occasions w|lUl>e procured an l pre
sented. not only Ywim. the laalge in the
city in which the Clusjs is lield. but all
I-edges within motoring distance are
earnestly urged and expected to get act
ively at work at on cl and see that their
l/idgc is duly represented with a num
ber of candidates lay Jjie'r plans for
attending in large uphtbers, ;
In addition to the conferring of the
Hank of Page an address will be made to
the assembled Pythians by Brother Love
4Umg.j\-itS p fiue mmiija,s-pro»ffipp, and.
an address by some well known Pythian
orator. '
This is an occasion that rarely comes
our hvay and it is sincerely hoped that
each'and ever lodge will fake .advantage
! i/f'tl}is opportunity.
atffrt S'Oiir Work no'W. at ofice. ahd let,
each Lodges^-ito f^Ji-riiarwia maWr.g
this a'big success in 4he:,advafice
uierit of ilVibianistn Jtivthis .IWtiaia. i;
) Fraternally.
.1). F. GILES. Grand (.'hanctd!-),-.
R. H. Sheiteu. District Manager, Ifgs
Been Uvy AH Interest of
It. H. RbClton, district manager- of tiu;
Oarolina Motor tsnb. finisiieil a weeite.
■stay in Concord tbi« ajteruteui and jaht
before leaving the city talked briery,With
a represeuatiye of The Tribune and Tin-
Times relative to th*.srorK he hiasdone
here, and outlined *»B»e of thfe things tlie
club plane to do’ m Hhe
Mr. Shelton catne to Concord early in
the week and duringjiis stay liera-jsigned
up 35 new members for the .-club he rep
resents. • "The week has beep a highly
satisfactory one.” My. Shettou statish
"and I wa*. given tine cooperation and
much consideration by every one.” My.
Shelton piano to visit every city in big
district at least once each month, and
in his of the club as out
-1 lined by, hiiii riKlll be carried out by va
rious coatmittWß appointed in eac h < ; i.ty.
. A branch of tiie Carolina: Motor Club
was Concord -.Monday by
i C., >V, Roberts, vice preskleirtWWl active
n\ai»agei".of ihV..otiani*a.tioui-Sfttt during
hW. stay here Mr. Shelton followed up
the preliminary work done by Mr. Hol)-
etiw at the organization of the local club
, Mr. was well pleased with the
ntfifiber of members secured during the
Emphasizing the fact that the Caro
lina Motor Club has as its chief aim
the interests of the motorists, Mr. Shel
ton pointed out some of tiie special work
the organization is pushing at present.
“We have service garages in practic
ally every city and town in North Caro
lina, and in some cities we have more
than one service garage." Mr. Shelton
said, pointing out further that these sta
trnns are always anxious and ready to
be of service to members of the club.
J "Tiie Carolina Motor (Tub today- is the
i second largest c’.ub of its kind in (he
1 United States,” the speaker continued,
| "and we are increasing the membership
I an average of about 500 members a
I month." j
I j Sometime in May, Mr. Shelton said, i
I tbe e'.ub will put on a "brake inspection 1
f campaign" in Concord, the speaker ex- ]
plaining tliat officials of the elub be- i
1 lieved such a campaign will be of great 1
! value to motorists. “Sometime ago Sec- ,
! retary Hoover said that 40 per cent, of i
i the 600.000 auto accidents in the United 1
States each year were due to defective [
brakes." Mr. Shelton explained, "and we
1 are puttiug on the campaign for the
purpose of bringing to the attention of
the people the necessity of:good brakes.
Many persons forget to have their brakes
inspected until it is too late. They
- forget the importance of this part of
tlieir car. In the campaign we hope to
K impress upon tbe motorist tbe absolute
S necessity of having his brakes inspected
regularly.” >
I Group Meetings of Lutheran Church.
II The various groups of flic Woman's
fj Missionary Society of St. James Luther
[] uo Church will meet as follows:
R] A. B. C. and I), at 3:30 Monday as-
K| ternoon: ,
K] Group A. with Mrs. S- A. Wolff. '
H Group B with Mr.. C. A. Sappeuficld. |
Ii Group C with Mrs. L. A. Thomas.
|] Group D with Mr*. H. B. Wilkinson.
P] Group E will meet in the Church on I
ijMdnday evening at S:3O with the regular
■J 11 All mcm/it-rs'arc urged to attend these
* , * V * *
Pt s'*;.'., v' , ... .. X
Hats off to Mis* Kathleen Craver.
We think she deserves every superlative
you gave her.
What a wonderful -girl she must be.
To win from her classmates such popu
The world has need of girls like this,
whose heacta are pure gold.
Wbo unto life’s vanities themselves have
not sold. ?
Girls with characters as spotless as the
new fallen snow,
Who wheu confronted by wrong, are al
ways ready to quickly and bravely
say "No." .jf
We believe in the girl of today.
She is the equal and even surpasses the
girl of any past age in every way.
O girls! you are living in a-, wonderful
country, at a wonderful time.
Rise grandly, to the occasion, autl make
your life and those you touch sub
Here’s hoping Miss 'Kathleen may culti
vate ami retain these superlatives
through life,
And make some worthy man an excellent
Anneta Umbergec Wins Medal in Annual
Recitation Contest.
Anneta I'mborger with the recitation
"The Down-Hill Road” won the Junior
Order Medal in the annual recitation con
test held Friday night at the High School
Auditorium. Tbe contest was given un
der the ausp ees of the local Junior Or
der No. 25.
The judges in the contest were Miss
Susan Schock. Mrs. W. L. Burns, and
J. B. Robertson. In addition to
the recitations, the High School Orches
tra and the Boys’ Glee Club rendered sev
eral selections.
The complete program was as follows;
Class Song—Seniors,
"March. Metropolitan Life” (Asi-her) —
High School Orchestra.
1. Why Scheffer Did Not Play—Rutb
2. The Soft Spot in B-600—Dorothy
BUck. . ,
3. The Sweet Ctrl Graduate —Maude
"War March of the Priests” from
Athaliu . (Mendelssohn^ —High School
4. The Down-HUI Road. —Anneta L’m
berger. •, •
‘ 5 Cherokee Rosetr-Cortlelia Ritchie,
i 0 Cigarette’s Ride and Death —Mil-
dred Props t.
"'•Bendemeer's Stream” (Tom Moore)
—Boy’s Glee Club. .
7 From a Far Country—V.’olet Tur
9 The Wounded" 'Canadian —Nancy
Lentz., ~ (Vi
i'Sweet Afeiody"' Walt* (Archer) —High
School (Orchestra.
Decision of judges.
Musk* at First Vmpbytrrian Church for
Sunday: itgril 5, 1925. i
|l4hi a.- m.— " 4
sugati: jStradello’si Prayer—‘A. Strad
eHoi, , T" ' - . 1
vwertoire: Jerusalem QRo«li4j(*i—Mrs. ;
,J. B. Wpqfiile. refcav - :
’ The sacraments of Buptisgr. and the
J-oi-d's;: will be at ;
ill service 1 '
At 5 p .in.,
g Pfttaut^-t'auri.
'} sing selections, from
"The fVtieifiiiou.- -oiie of Stainer’s gre«t T
est and beat .known works. It opens
with a .deserrptlun sis Gethsei
mane .and closes-, with His: tie*th im the
cross. Recitatives, «n aria and an ariosa
fironi tliesc yiarts will be sang. Miss
Luuise _ Morris, violinist, and R. C,
Crimks ypiU assist Mr. Goodman. .
.MRS. JOHN F. REED. Organist.
Important! Notice.
A meeting of thojjj&Miubers of the
.Prote.riiftirTJhgtpjsfi is edited
immediately after the morning worship
hpur, .tomorrow morning, April 5Uu Some
matters of great iinpprtaiiee will he tak
en: up and every metnber of the fehuveh
is asked to attend, i
DeatH «f[ Infant.
The three days old. infant son of Mr.
and Mrs. W. F. Edtlleman. of near Kan
napolis. was buried at- Center Grove E.
L. Church Marcb the 30th. Rev. E. K.
F. Roof conducted the funeral. The
child was born March 27th and died
: For Trimmed j
Spring Coats
; and Messes
; ; If your coat or dress with O
Jts fur trimming is spotted
and stained dull and soiled,
let us clean it for you. Our
method of cleaning will
make them look wonderful
ly new. J
m* i\« rounos
Dry Cleaning and Tailoring 8
wL 9
p. . ...... ti-_- :
the new]
ja/hhon/ in /koQj
fiWjjf/ At RutH-Kesler’s Open-
Two £2\- s ati „ * Starting Saturday For "* KWd,4s
liave selected witli Care and Pride jjKA
V many New Styles’ for Easter and the
opening of our Now Store, which is
one of the most modern in the State. For tte Mines /
in Blond, Satin and Patent g ee our Specials for our Opening
<- Saturday, April the 4th. All of the yagofijgytgf i
- Kesler
HILDA Shoe Store
In Patent and Satin Special Wen In Msrtß and
|| * | *; 9&t "*ff*-* ,v 4
> 31 South Union St. Concord Fftone. 116
- : . -T=i
— : ; u l_
i i < * uy« '>.7;* 1 i- 1 -—;y
<Jirjs Assailant Get*-. Six Months in!
;i-:’ 'prison. , ~
'Stanly News-Hontld.-a ,«r , i
Court convened foe,, the day’s work
at II :30 on Wednesday morning. The
Wheel* just begun to grind mid kept a
jpteudy turning ali day. The. largest
crowds are. attending court tain week
that have attended in this city for some
'time. Several races of much importance
came before the court and were of such
p nature that at times the crowded
court room was almost breathless as the
qumtiops were being sent, from the bar
to the. witness chair like an attack of a
rapid-lire machine gun-
The case of most importance of the
day waH that of Burt Bean, charged
with criminal assault, upon, a Stanly
county girl. The attorneys for the de
fendant fought hard for his acquital.
ami the prosecution fought harder for
his oonvietion. The jury returned their
verdict of guilty, and Hus Honor sen
tenced Bean to 6 months in the state
prison at hard labor, to wear stripes.
, More than fifty countries are expect
ed to be represented at the world oonve
licrn of the W. O. T. I’. to be held in
Edinburgh next June.
, i rjij so^but
’ I*al Moraa and Young Leonard; .ftifl
twor New Orleans lightweights, i haiie
berfi- signed to meet in n 15-round con
test before one of the clubs in the
Crescent City on April 10.
■ . li
•i 1 Come in today—or at your first opportunity—and cbpose your-needs' i
| from our maguifivent Special Showing of the Smartest Modes that we j
I have assembled with a view to please, the tawtesifof particular buyers, j r
8 and at the same time catering to ideas of economy. .. *t , . . ] 1
X JThc Nations best Footwear at y |SO
J -ipecot Valpoa at the, priye jtveryooe .qjust aMireeiatr. \
j . r| PgONE WfigßE YOU SAVE j ;
•- ~ s'-.-. * *33;
Saturday, April 4, 1025
'M£ ,-v
r;.* r " " - "■* —,
: > jlefor e the opening of the 18* Ten ;
jjaScdn the University of lowa' baaebull -
jteuin will make a quick trip South for.
I fames with Tnlaue and Louisiana State c
j Universities.

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