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Believed British and Ameri
can Ministers Have Had In
fluence In Sofia During
The Past Week.
Neighbors of Bulgaria Fear
Revolt Which Started
There Will Spread To Oth
er Nations.
(By the Associated- Press)
The situntion in Bulgaria as reflected
by- dispatches from Sofia a_nd outside
points is apparently calmer, a fact a
tributed in some foreign quarters to
counsels of moderation by the American
and British ministers. Bulgaria's neigh
bors. however, are in a state of nnxiety
which the Sofia authorities ascribe to. a
1 communist plot spread to their own ter
Roumania appears to have become fully
olive to the danger threatening the Bal
kans, Sofia advices 1 4 say, and is lending
Bulgaria every assistance, while Greece
maintains a more dr less neutral atti
Jugo Slavia's position is not so clear,
and a Berlin dispatch says the German
government circles emphasize the danger
of possible Jugo Slav intervention in Bul
garia, which they point but might easily
lend to another Balkan war.
Kmteoff Killed Himself.
Sofiin. April 25 (By the Associated -
Tress). —It is learned that Ivan Keneoff.
of the Bulgarian Communist party, who
was reported yesterday to have been shot
by the police, committed suicide. The act
occurred when the police demanded his
surrender after a search of his home,
where it was declared they found evi
dence of his connection with the commun
ist plot.
Deny Agrarian Leader Was Put To
Sofia, April 25, —The report that the
agrarian leader I’ruetkin and former war
minister Mouranieff had been put to
death is denied in semi-official. quarters.
It was stated both men attended yes
terdays inquiry into the Svtai Krai cath
edral bomb plot.
Building A New Modern Dairy Barn.
Salisbury, N. C„ April 25.-J-T. D.
Brown, one of the leading Guernsey cat
tle breeders of this Section, is building a
new dairy barn, modern in every respect,
said County Agent W. G. Yeager. Mr.
Brown, said Mr. Yeager, began- with
Guernsey cattle some years ago and by
careful selection, breeding and proper feed
ing he has increased his herd to where
he lias 12 of the finest registered Guern
sey-individuals to be found in the country.
In addition, he lias sold several head each
year to ]iay all expenses in connection
with handling the herd.
Colors of New Auto Tag.
Raleigh. N. C., April 25.—Orange and
black will be the color scheme of North
Carolina automobile license tags -> from
. June 30, 1925 to the corresponding date a
year hence. These tags will be the first
'selected under the new order of things,
that is, since the transfer of automobile
registration from the Department of State
to the Department ,of Revenue.
Orders have been placed for 420,000
tags this year. Some of them have arriv
ed. After June 30, all ears will have to
be equipped with new tag*, under the
Abandon Search Par Seamen.
(By (he Associated Press)
Halifax, N. 8., April 25.—Search for
the bodies of 38 Japanese seamen who
perished when the Japanese freighter
Raifuku Maru sank’lso miles southeast
of Sable Island Tuesday, was abandoned
today by the Domision government steam
ship Arleux.
The wood, Wire and Metal Lathers
International Union 's made up of 250
local unions having a total membership
of 9,000.
The National Federation of Post
office Clerks is credited with a mem
bership of 35,000.
I May First Is Tax Returning Time j
Why not invest your idle funds in prepaid building and |'
loan stock at $72.25 per share which is tax free? ]!
$300.00 of such income is exempt from Federal In- i]
come tax. !|
Books are now open for our May Series. Come in today \
and take out a few shares which will start you on the road j
to saving for that future home arid comfortable fireside.
Citizens Building & Loan Association
We Sell Prepaid Stock (Office in Citizens Bank)
German Helmets ;
r -. A
i L wSfc ' s
GERMANY sends us these
chapeaus as Its best sugges
tion for milady’s spring hats.
Above is a cerise cap made of
straw and ribbons.
. Below a gray cap decorated with
straw designs.
i *~ u - - 11 -
i Coroner’s Jury Failed to Find Whether
Deaths Were Accidental, Although the
Cause Was Given.
- (By the Associated Press!
London. April 25.—A cos-oner's fury
investigating the Bloomsbury “mystery
house" today returned a verdict that
’ Granville Cook and Sehvyn Foster, whose
lifeless bodies were found there about a
| month ago, died of asphyxiation caused
| by, escaping gas. The jury expressed no
| opinion ns to whether or not the deaths
’ were accidental.
In a gloomy old mansion built in a
, grave yard in the Bloomsbury section of
, London-, the bodies of Cook, 50, a poet
and inventor, and Foster, 21, son of a
wealthy family, were found dead under
cireumstances not satisfactorily explain
ed to the police.
Verdict Came In Case In Which He Was
j Charged With Killing Two Officers.
I (By (he Associated Press!
Blountxille, Tenn., April 25.—Kinnie
Wagner was found guilty of first degree
murder by a jury in Sullivan County, cir
cuit court here this morning in connection
with the deaths of Deputy sheriff Hubert
Webb and policeman John Smith, of
Kingsport on April 13.
The two members of a party of
five who sought to arrest Wagner on a
charge of murdering^a deputy, sheriff in
Mississippi on last Christmas I eve, were
shot to death when the yenoountered the
former circus rider near a river bank.
Another officer was seriously wounded,
but is expected to recover.
Court Martial For New «York Offiver.
(By the Associated Press)
Washington, April 25.—The general
court martial of the six officers charged
with violation of liquor laws with arrival
of transport Beaufort at Norfolk Feb.
24th, has been ordered to convene at the
naval operating base, Hampton Roads,
Va., at 10 o’clock Monday morning or as
soon thereafter as practicable.
Nearly one third of the world’s popu
lation are Buddhists.
Fourteen Men Trapped In Sil-.:
ver and Lead Mine in Wal
lace, Idaho, Fought Gas and
Flames With Success.
friends Teared
Men Were Trapped on 2,000
Foot Level But They Made
Way To 1,000 Foot Level
And Rang For Cage.
(By (lie Associated Press)
Wallace. Idaho. April 25.—Fourteen
miners who subdued a lire on tile 2,000
foot level of the Heel a silver and lead
mine at Burke, 7 miles from here, and es
caped by their own efforts late yesterday
qfjernoon after being trapped in the mine
more than 12 hours, are (he heroes of
After battling smoke andjflames several
hours the men- reached the main shaft i
. and ealmly rang for )the cage. They
were hoisted to the surface unharmed.
Acquitted in Federal Court Just as His
Wife Gives Birth to Daughter.
1 (By. (he Associated Press!
Great Fall*, Mont.. April 25 (By the
Associated Press). —Senator Burton K. ,
Wheeler, of Montana, late Vice Pres ! den- j
tinl candidate, and political storm center. ,
basked today in the double distilled sun- ’
shine of fortune.
As the Senator stood in federal court
here last right he received two messages (
simultaneously, oue his acquittal of a
charge of wrongfully using his senator- l
ini influence with the Interior Depart
ment, and the other, the announcement of
tlie birth of a daughter in Washington.
The verdict was returned -two hours
and 13 minutes after the jury had rotir
: ed to deliberate. One ballot was taken.
’ New York Sues 88 to Regain 100 Acres \
Shld to One Man.
New York. April 25.—Land whieh a j
State Legislature ordered auctioned 99 ]
" years ago is sought by the State of New ,
York in a suit filed today against 72
: individuals and 16 corporations, to re
‘ cover title. The property consists of ,
i more than 100 acres of waterfront land ,
I at City Island. ,
1 State Attorney General Ottinger al- ,
1 leges in his complaint that the land, for
merly the property ofthe State, was ,
taken out of the public domain for pur- ’
poxes other than public benelt and dis- ]
poeel to private interests was unauthor- j
i ized by law. Tile Legislature of 1826
- authorized the auction and in 1836
■ Elias J. Hunter purchased the land. ]
The Charlotte Auto Races. '
Charlotte, N. C., April 25.—Judging
► from the flood of reservations for seats at ,
the Memorial Day races on May 11, Char
* lotte will be visited by thousands of peo
ple from a dozen different states.
These facts were disclosed this week
‘ by the Charlotte speedway management.
‘ Hundreds of people hnve wired for
- .grandstand and box seats from distant
i cities, including cities as far as west as
- Fresno and Los Angeles, in California;
E (Detroit, Mich.; DallaS, Texas; New Or
leans, Miami, Washington and New - York.
E rthe delegation from California will in
i elude speedway officials from Culver City
i and Fresno, as well as automobile deal
’ 4rs and genuine dyed-in-the-wool race
‘ fans. There will be a large delegation
. froii* Indianapolis. Promoters of the
- Was|iington-Baltihiore speedway, soon to
be constructed, will be Charlotte visitors.
Osmond L. Barringer, general manager
of the Charlotte-speedway, announces that
the stalls in Grandstan “A” have been
! lowered three feet, thereby providing un
* impeded vision for holders of box seats.
' This will be a great improvement for
* the second speed classic in Charlotte.
e Score board improcenients are also be
-- ing*worked out. The timing devices this
8 year will be so perfected that there will
be no chance of confusing the ears, thereby
eliminating the possibility of dropping laps
and declaring the wrong driver as winner.
Two Baby Grand Pianos Are Airplane’s
Washington, D. C., April 23. —Two
baby grand pianos w - ere landed at Bol
ling Field here today by an 800-horse
power Sikorsky airplane, which brought
them from New York, along with six
The trip marked the first trial fight
of its kind of the General Airway Sys
tem, and the plane was piloted by Igor
I Sikorsy, its designer. The pianos w - ere
.brought by freight to a Washington
[ music store.
!| Oue of them later will go to a eom
* : munity centre in( which Mrs. Coolidge
| is interested.
I Carolina Team Home After Successful
M Trip.
U Chapel Hill, April 24.—The upiver
i sity’s baseball team returned today
j from one of the most victorious north
! ern invasions ever made by a Tar Heel
» athletic outfit. No formal celebration
j was staged to welcome back home the
i heroes with the bacon, but Coach Bill
' Fetzer, Manage)- Dick Thorpe and the
| 18 members ofthe squad are getting a
i hefty - handshake everywhere they ap
i pear. Caro'ina won nine of ten games!
played on the trip.
Mrs. Margaret Luke and M. A. L. I
Honeycutt, of No. 0 township, spent last
, Sunday in Davie county with relatives
and friends.
[$ .
* The sermon 4iy Itev. R. g. Arro- 38
* wood, pastor of McKinnon Presby- 38
terion church, will be, published in it)
i* the Monday evening editioq of The 38
1 38 Tribune. Mr. Arrmvood has recent- *
38 ly comic to Concord from Greensboro 38
1 38 where he held a pastorate for a 38
* number of years. His fgtVr former- *
38 iy was .head of a sehnol in Concord 38
38 on the cornei- pf Academy and 38
38 Spring streets and wax pastor of 38
38 Poplar Tent Presfcyterian clhfrch. 38
* *
♦ 38 38 38 38 38 38 38 38 38 38 38 383838^
■j —i. ii n y ■ .
Sheriff Howard, of Aiken County, South
Carolina, Killed by Negro Whose Home
cHe Was Searching, y
(By (he Associated Press)
Leesville, S. O:. April 25 Sheriff H.
H. Howard, of Alkwi County, wax shot
and instantly killetf by a negro named
Lowman. who was kjjlled lrmself by An
other officer today, - neiir Monetta, in
Aiken County.
The shooting took place when Sheriff
Howard and other officers went to Low
man's home in search for whiskey. Two
other negroes were wounded. Lowman
was killed by Deputy Sheriff Robinson.
Citizens Iff the community arc nrotiHcd
over the incident and more than 100
armed men are said, to have gone to the
Governor Takes Hand In Case.
Columbia, S. (?., April 25.—Sheriff
Howard, of Aiken county, was killed and
a deputy sheriff was wounded when officers
went to a negro house. near Monetta to
day to search for whiskey,, a report re
ceived at the office of Governor McLeod
said. Some negroes were also shot, the
report stated.
Governor McLeod has sent state con
stable T. J. Smyrle to the scene of the
tragedy and the sheriffs of Lorington and
Saluda counties, besides other officers, are
on their way there. Bloodhounds are
to be sent to be used if there is any need
for their services, it was announced at
Governor's office.
Adrienne- Morrison Bepuett To Leave Af
ter Getting Divorce and Alimony From
(By the Associated Press)
New York, April 25. —Adrianne Mor
rison Bennett, actress who yesterday
stood 13 minutes in court in obtaining a
divorce and .$50,000 alimony from Rich
ard Bene-tt, actor, sa’d she would go to
Paris in -two weeks to console her daugh
ter,' Barbara, who is ungervcil by re
hearsals for her drtri# "7n duet dances
with Maurice.
Barbara called her mother yesterday.
“Mother dear, I am so lonesome. Mau
rice is rehearsing me to death. I am un
nerved and tired to death. If you don’t
come I shall probably commit suicide. I
can’t endure this any longer-."
Barbara’s mother said that although
she did not take the suicide threat seri
ously she would leave the cast of “Love
For Love.'’ at Greenwich vijlage produc
tion and go to liher daughter.
Maurice is the profesional name of
Maurice Mouvet who obtained Miss Ben
uett as partner when Leonora Hughes
quit him to marry Carlos Basualdo, a
wealthy Argentinian.
Grand Jury Win Be Asked To Indict
Her For Murder «f Her Children.
(By the Associated Press)
Crown Point. Ind., April 25. —Indict-
ment against Mrs. Anna Cunnigham for
the confesed fatal poisoning of 3 of her
children will be' sought from Lake County
grand jury whieh meets here Monday, Au
gust A. Bremer, county prosecutor an
nounced today. The Cunningham case
will be the first placed before the grand
jury, Mr. Bremer said.
Mrs. Cunningham confessed that arsen
ic she fed her children on bread and but
ter sandwiches caused denths of Isabel,
Charles and Walter. Her husbaud and
a son died during the past six years, but
Mrs. Cunningham disclaimed responsibili
ty for those two deaths.
The Publishers See Coolidge in Talking
Moving Pictures.
Mr. Koenigsberg, who runs King Fea
tures, the International News Service,
and other enterprises of first aid to
publishers, gave a party in New York last
Tuesday night, and showed his guests
something new and wonderful.
President Coolidge was shown on the
screen in usual motion picture way, read
j ing from a manuscript.
As he read the audience heard the
President’s voice, which dozens of publish
ers at once recognized. And the picture
and voice were xynchronated perfectly.
Every gesture and tone fitted the words,
and it was absolutely and perfectly a
man talking on the screen, his voice heard
at the same time.
Senor Don Jorge Jofre Probably Will Lose
'(By the Associated Press)
Washington, April 25.—The efg sand
wich episode which recently landed Sen
or Don Jorge Jofre, of'the Bolivian leg
ation, in the police station, was formally
reported to the State Department today
by the police department and a change in
Don Jorge’s diplomatic career is regarded
as likely.
He pleaded diplomatic immunity after
he had forcibly fed a policeman who
found him passing around a bottle in a
President Gomez Not To Reeign.
(By the Associated Press)
Libeon, Portugal. April 25.—President
Gomez has consente dto withdraw his
; resignation. His action followed a visit I
to the palace of a delegation of members
lot Parliament which previously had re-!
Ijected the reaignation, and who begged
him to reconsider. j
A popular demonstration has been ar
ranged in honor of the President.
\ She’s Ozark Smile Girl
• . - thi
-pi,,,,, n - T" 1 ““
h > . k
ir- ; ■ ■ ' ■ : ■ .
wmmm ~
a mFWm
- % Bp
*Hi v ' j
1 j^nUn^Mri lllß T 1 ’ m dltors and engravers selected Susanna
; s-zsssirzssif? tv&ar aaa
. Opened Today at Decline of Bto 10 Points!
—July sold Off To 24:46
(By the Associated Press.)
■ New York, April 25. —The cotton mar
• ket opened today at a decline of 8 to 10
I points under further liquidation mid
local and southern selling inspired by
early reports of further rains in the South
west last night.
July sold off to 24:46 and October to
24:22 or 9 to 10 points net "lower, but
covering for the week end and trade
buying checked the decline. T.he market
1 rallied 15 to 20 points fro-m the lpwest
before the end of the firs hour.
Selling after the initial break probably
was restricted by prospects for clearing
and cooler weather in sowthwest over
Sunday and reports that the Ist May
■ notices in New Orleans were being taken
1 by spot intersts. ,
Cotton futures opened steady: May
24.15; July 24.48; October 24.22; De
cen)ber 24«5; Junvwry 24.18. '
He and Queen Mary Have Returned From
Mediterranean Trip.—King’s Health Is
i (By (he Associated Press)
London, April 25.—King George nud
. Queen Mary returning from their Medi
terranean trip, arrived at Victoria sta
tion this morning, both looking well.
1 They were greeted by the Duke and
. Duchess of York, Princess Mary, aud
i Viscount La-scelles, Prince Henry and
i Prince George and Prince Arthur of
Ca n naught.
The king and queen, drove to Bucking
ham Palace in an open carriage through
I streets lined with thousands of cheering
Start Work on Bell and Harris Funeral
Work has been started on the building
• on South Union street just across the
- Post Office which, when completed, will
! be occupied by Bell and Harris Co., as
- their new Funeral Home.
The building is to be 40 by 100 feet
> in dimensions. It is to be built two
1 stories high and will have a basement
in tlie rear where there is a declivity,
- the ground sloping away from the street.
- It will be a very handsome structure and
, will have a home-like appearance. The
1 front is to have o porch and at the
t side, will be a port-cochere.
Practically every modern convenience
will be installed in the building in order
to make it one of the most attractive
' in the city. Several months will be re
quired for completion.
With Our Advertisers.
Specials in Beautiful footwear, $3.45
to $7.50, at Parker's Shoe Store.
You will find W. J. Hethoox depend
able on all kinds of electrical work.
The J. C. Penney Co. believes the old
fashioned honest way of doing business is
still good.
The Purks-Relk Co. carries Cooper’s
underwear in regular, slims, stouts and
long stouts. They have also a big line
of straw hats from'B9 cents to $2.98.
The first attempt to regulate child
labor in China has just been made in
Shanghai where new ordinances are pro
posed to prohibit the employment of
children under twelve years of age and
to bar them from engaging in harardous,
Noted Evangelist and Bible Teacher
First Presbyterian Church
t Services on Sundays at 11:00 A. M. and 5:00 P. M.
On Week Days at 7:30 P. M.
Special Term Will Be Held at Carthage
For the Trial of Will Tyson, Charged
With Serious Crime.
(By the Axooclated Press)
Raleigh, April 25.—Governor McLean
lias ordered a special term of court at
Carthage openiug May II to try Will Ty
son. negro accused of attempting to at
tack a young white girl near Carthage
last Monday. The negro at present is
confined to the state prison for safe keep
The Governor also has indicated he will
call a special term of Burke county court
to convene at Morganton to try Arthur
Montague, negro, who was placed in the
state prison Inst night for safekeeping af
ter his arrest on a charge of attacking a
young inmate of the deaf and dumb insti
tute at Morganton. The attack is alleg
ed to have oceurred during Thursday
night the negro being captured early Fri
day morhing while asleep in the child’s
room. The negro had been employed as
a waiter in the dining room of the insti
Quota of Sixty Thousand Dollars Fhr
This State is Nearing Completion.
Lexington, April 24.—Legion head
quarters here reported further progress
and enthusiasm in raising North Caro
lina s $60,000 quota for the American
Legion endowment fund.
Telegram from Chairman John 8. Mc-
Donald and Poet Commander Paul B.
Hulfish, of Raleigh, brought tidings that
Raleighs quota of $5,150 was over
subeeribed today, with all donations in
cash. This puts Raleigh in the lead
with the amount of cash report. Win
ston-Salem came in with a further re
port of $7,900 in pledges and cash,
whieh is the largest amount yet report
ed. Legionnaire John Aiken, of Hickory,
wired a pledge of Hickory’s quota of
After compiling all returns up to the
present, State Commander Wade
Phillips and Adjutant Paul Noell esti
mate that $46,000 has been pledged and
collected to date from only 40 legion
post out of 90 where organization has
been made and drive expected to be put
Forgetful Husband Leaves Wife Be
Goldsboro, April 24.—What is cost
Rudolph Lamb, of the Clinton section,
$4 to get his wife back when he left
her in the city on a recent shopping ex
pedition, was revealed here today.
Lamb, according to reports, left his
rural home accompanied by his better
half, and when they reached the city he
stopped the mule and deposited his wife
on the sidewalk and told her to sit there
and wait his return.
An hour’s shopping found Lamb
1 weary and with a wagon filled with the
results of his purchasing, he drove on
1 home. Just as he reached his domicle he
discovered he had forgotten something,
and a careful cheek revealed that the
something was his wife. The Ford which
he was compelled to hire to go to town
in cost him $4.
In it’s extensive coal mining opera
tions Pennsylvania uses practically half
i of tlie country’s total production of per
tmissible explosives.
NO. 98
Former Chancellor Marx and
Yon Hindenburg Winding
Up Campaigns With the
Voting Tomorrow.
Friends of Candidates Are
Hopeful But Neither Will
Have Walk-over, It is Gen
erally Felt.
Rerlin, April 25 (By the Associated
Press). —Former Chancellor Marx, the
chojce of the Weimar coalition or republi
can bloc, and Field Marshal von Hinden
bm-g, champion of the parties of the unit
ed right, today were on the last stretch
of their race for the Presidency of the
German republic, with neither expected
to have a walkaway in tomorrow's poll
ing. Political, leaders say the result is
fully ns problematical as was the contest
betten (’has. Evans Hughes and Woodrow
AVlison in 1916.
Thermometer Reached 95 There With
Washington and Macon, Ga„ Register
ing ».
Washington, April 24.—Charlotte., N.
C ..with 96 degrees, topped the list of
cities in the eastern half of the country,
which, with the exception of the Atlantic
states from Maryland northward, swelter
ed again today under unseasonably high
Maximum temperature of 88 to 96
degrees, the highest of record so early
in the season, said the weaher bureau to
night, were registered at many stations
from the southern lake region southward
to the interior of the east gulf states!
Next to Charlotte came Washington,
D. C., Parkersburg, W. Va., and Macon
Ga.. with 94 degrees each.
Cooler weather is forecast for Tennes
see, Mississippi and portions of the Mid
dle Atlantic states by Sunday night., with
thundershowers Sunday or Sunday night,
for Tennessee, the interior of the East ,
Gulf states, the southern Appalachian re
gion arid the middle Atlantic states.
Comparatively cool weather prevailed
twday in the Atlantic states from Mary
land northward, but rising temperatures
are prediced for tomorrow.
AH Temperature Records Shattered At
Charlotte, April 24.—April temperature
records for the 47 years in which rec
ords have been kept in Charlotte were
broken today when the official thermo
meter registered 96 shortly after 3 p. m.
The average for the day was 84, or six
degrees above the normal average for
Cow Testing Association.
Gastonia, N. C., April 25.—The annual
meeting of the Mecklenburg-Gaston Cow
Testing Association was held in the office
of County Agent L. B. Altman. The
members were addressed by John A Arey,
dairy extension specialist of the North
Carolina State College, who pointed out
tbc- advantages of doing such official work
as is done by the organization. Mr. Alt
man said that the work done by mem
bers during the past year bad afforded
considerable information about how the
cows were producing. One /man sold
30 cows for beef when he learned how
little milk and cream they were actually
returning him. Practically every dairy
man reported from 3 to 4 animals sold to
the butcher as a result of the testing
A report alho was made showing that
over 100 tons of feed were bought co
operatively, saving more than $1(000 to
tlie members sharing in this pool.
Stanly Fanners In Good Shape.
Albemarle, N. C., April 25.—Farmers of
Stanly county are in better shape to begin
a crop and carry it through the season
than they have ever been, said O. H.
Phillips, county agent. The early spring,
with its seaijpnable weather, he said, has
aided farmers in getting their spring work
done, and farm work is two weeks in
advance of previous years. Dry weather,
however, has prevented some from turning
under their ml clover sods and has held
back to some extent the small grain
' crop. But Mr. Phillips estimated that
1 small grain will return the highest yields
secured in recent years.
Runners Will Be Absolved.
i (By the Associated Press)
i Omaha, Nebraska, April 25.—After a
distance telephone conversation today with
Kenneth L. Wilson, athletic director at
. Drake University. Des Moines, relative
E to the alleged exorbitant expense demand
. made by Hugo Quist, manager for Paavo
Nurmi and Willie Pitola. Finnish run
ning stars. G. P. Wendell, chairman of
5 the Mid-Western A. A. U. legislation com
. mittee, told the Associated Press that
Nurmi and Ritola “undoubtedly would be
absolved from any blame in the affair.”
General? fair tonight and Sunday; cow
tinued warm.

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