North Carolina Newspapers

    Thursday, July 9, 1925
South Atlantic League.
Won Lout PC.
Charlotte __ 46 24 .657
Spartanburg 44 26 .620
Macon 31) 31 .557
Asheville __ 34 36 \4BC
Augusta 184 37 .470 1
Greenville __ __3l 30 .443
Columbia „31 3!) .443
Knoxville __ 22 40 .310
Results Yesterday. i
Charlotte 13; Macon 8.
Spartauburg 7; Knoxville 6.
Columbia 0 j Augusta 5.
Asheville 8; Greenville 9.
American League.
Won Lost PC.
Washington __ ’ MSI 25 .671
Philadelphia „ _* 47 26 .644
Chicago 41 30 ‘{533
Detroit ... .30 30 .500
. St. Louis __ 33 40 437
New York 33 43 .434
Cleveland __ 34 45 .430
Boston 1 24 52 .316
During July and August . j
Smartest Styles * ' 1 Lowest Prices - 1
Why We Say “Buy Goodyears Now” j
Goodyear quality is at the peak—never so high as it is to- I
day! j
Goodyear prices are low—in many cases, way down below |
the prices asked for ordinary tires. ■
We think this is every tire-buyer’s opportunity. !
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Results Yesterday.
Washington 10; Chicago 2.
Cleveland 14-5; Philadelphia 3-7.
Detr.vt 5-8; Boston 0-2.
New York 6; St. Louis 4.
National League.
Won Lost PC. I
Pittsburgh 44 27 .620
New York 45 30\ .600.
Brooklyn 3B 37 ' .507
St. Ijouls 37 38 S .487 I
i Cincinnati _,34 38 .472
| PbiJndephia -s. 35 40 .467
Chicago 34 42 .447
Boston 31 45 .408
Results Yesterday.
St. Louis 5; Boston 4.
New York-Fittsburgh, rain.
Chicago-Brooklyn, rain.
, Clncinunti-Philadelphia. rain.
The annual Henley regatta costs be
tween $15,000 and $20,000, most of I
which is xuberibed by various rowing en
thusiasts. from nmong whom are elected
the committee and stewards who con
trol the famous aquatic event.
In and About the City
, j - )
\ All of the Participants Found Guilty and
'i Fined by the Court—One Defendant to
! the Chain Gang.
[' The affray which occurred early Mon
- day morning at the farm of Henry Wine
[ colt, near this city, was aired in police
court yesterday and all of the partici
i pants were found guilty.
Mr. Winecoff was fined S2O and his
son, Glenn Winecoff, was fined sls.
Hardy Brown, colored, was fined S2O and
his wife was fined sls.
Brooklyn BroVp, who struck Mr. Wine
ooff on the head with a gun, was charged
-; witfi fighting and with assault with a
[ I deadly weapon. He was sentenced to
• Iserve three months on the chain gang on
I eah count.
Glenn Winecoff told the court he was
attacked by the Brown family when he
went to the farm Monday morning. He
came to Concord for his father and when
; they returned they were attacked again, a
genernl fight ensuing when Henry Wine
coff took a gnn from Brooklyn Brown,
whom he believed was about to shoot
“House of Youth” Has Great Theme.
The actual greatness of a photo
drama can be measured only by the
theme upon which it is builded, and
“The Hourfe of Youth.” a Regal produc
tion, at the Concord theater, has for its
dramatic foundation a theme which
literally encompasses itself; life in its
I cease'ess turmoil of emotions interpreted
|by youth struggling to attain the ut
most in life—through love.
Mightily contributing to the tre
mendous appeal of the picture is the
magnificent performance of Jacqueline
liognn. the star player, as Corinna
Kndicott. Mi>« Logan progresses with
an artistieally irresistible sweep of in
tense iiower from n modern flapper to
; the world's woman, intensifying by her
Charming coquet tishness in the begin
, nrng of the picture her noise in its Inter
stages—both tbeQie oiql ..thespinn tnus
ljftjqg “The ,Hquse Lgv.*Youth" from
qmong the deinge .qfittfflpppor” pictures’
the height, of universal understanding;
t Si.'SgfwßW & supported by
Mhcrtlm liacflvi^forl 4 Vernon Steele,
Edwiti Booth Tilton and others.
i. C. Penney UompaWy Dpening 105 New
• • Stores. ■ \
Some day it may be said that “like a
blanket covers a bed .so, do J. C., Penney;
Company stores 1 cdttr the United iSfiatetU
Each year, the Nation-wide institution
of .which the local ,T. C. Penney Company
is a part, adds new towns to its already
long list. Announcement is made that
105 new stores are being opened by the
organization this year, making the large
family of 676 retail stores in nil. By
the time snow falls aga : n. there will be
J. C. Penney stores in every stnte of the
■Union except Delawnre, Florida, Rhode
sslanit and Vermont.
The large gains in the sales of the or
ganization so far this year, are indicative
of two-things; the continued prosper
<]kix conditions which prevail throughout
Mie country, and the fact that the stores
qf the institution are adequately ineetmg
|he demands of the people and rendering
a real service to them.
At the Theatres.
Florence Vidor and Edward Everett
Horton in “Marry Me” is at the Star
today. 1
Catherine Calvert and an all-star east
in “There’s Millions In It,” and a Maek
Sennet comedy, “The Lion and the,” are being shown today at the
Jaoqnajiqe {g>*an itr “House of Youth,”
and a Mack. Sennet coriiedy, “Skinners In .
Silk,” are at the Concord Theatre to
The Longueull Boating Club, of Mon
treal, which was organized in 1867 and
incoroparted in 102, is one of the oldest
rowing organizations in the Dominion.
Concord Cotton Mill Man Says HERB
JUICE Is Best Laxative He Ever
“Your HEKB JUICE has convinced
me beyond a doubt that it is truly a won
der worker and does give almost instant
relief in the most severe cases of stomach
and kidney trouble, and knowing from
experience what it will do, I gladly add
my name to help further its cause,” said
Mr. O. L. Broom, highly connected with
the Brown Cotton Mill, Concord N. C.
when he called to see the HEKB'JUICE
man a short time ago. “Before I com
menced using HERB JUICE,” continued
Mr. Broom, “I hud been a constant suf
ferer for a number of years with stomneh
and kidney troubles. I could not sleep
well at night on account of indigestion
pains and would have to be up several
times during the night because I was
bothered so much with my kidneys. This
broke me of my rest and sleep and I
would arise in the morning all worn out
and feeling worse than when I went to
bed. It is needless to say that I tried
many different kinds of medicities. But
never found any genuine relief until I
stated taking HERB (JUICE, which I
must admit is a truly wonder worker.
The first few doses relieved me of the
heavy burning feeling after eating and
now after using it for some time, I feel
as well as I ever did, bowels and kidneys
are regulated.'l sleep splendidly at night
nnd get up in the morning feeling fit and
ready for a hard days work. HERB
JUICE has improved my general condi
tion of health so much and restored my
health after other medicines had failed,
that I feel as thought it is my duty to
recommend It to other sufferers that they
too may know about it, take it, and be
benefitted in the same way. I expect to
keep a bottle in my home from now on,
SiSSLI. ,iml 8 jro»d laxative, it will be
HERB JUICE for me,' My wife
ta also using HERB JUICE with won
derful results and thinks it is the bbst
laxative and system builder on the mar
«'ICE Sat M MM STS? hU
j? try the «mt remedy which Is re
"uicts* m
•J ?! . J T.T'J|-L|Hi; 4 .'I II J. l. . ill L "1-I II 11 1 . Cl I •.a———-
Twilight League Will Give Diploma for
Beat Players.
I Kannapolis, July 9.—A diploma will
be presented each season to the p'.ayor
i in the Twilight League who is-named as
1 the most valuable for his season’s work.
It will take the place of the champion
ship button previously awarded.
' Aside from adopting the playing sched
ule for the last half of I!)25, the corn-
I mittee devoted its time to informal dis
cussion of what was best for the league.
The suggestion regarding the diploma
for the most valuable player emanated
from Lottie Fowler. Fowler, possessor
of many championship buttons, proposed
a diploma setting forth the work of a
Player and signed either by President
John S. Carpenter or. chairman of’ the
trophy commiriittee. >- The proposal was
adopted unanimously and in n few weeks
Fowler will have something to hang on
the walls of his country home, setting
forth his prowess in the 1922 season.
Schedule Given Out.
The following schedule was given and
approved by the committee:
July 9—At Midway vs. Bleachery.
July 14—At Cabarrus vs. BleatAiery.
July 14—At Cannon vs. Midway.
July 16—At Cabarrus vs. Midway.
July 16—At Cannon vs. Bleachery.
July 21—At Cannon vs. Cabarrus.
July 21—At Midway vs. Bleachery.
July 23—At Bleachery vs. Cabarrus.
July 23—At Midway vs. Cannon.
July 28—At Cabarrus vs. Midway.
July 28—At Cannon vs. Bleachery.
July 30—Open date.
July 30—At Bleachery vs. Midway.
August 4—Open date.
August 4—At Cabarrus vs. Cannon.
August 6—At Cabarrus vs. Bleachery.
August 6—At Cannon vs. Midway.
August 11—At Cannon vs. Cabarrus.
August 11—At Bleachery vs. Cannon.
August 13—r-At Cannon vs. Cabarrus.
August 13—At Midway vs. Bleachery.
First Part of Season Is a Success.
If the last half of the season js as
bright as. the first semester the Twiligbt
ers will enjoy the best year in .the league.
There iias been, on absence of contention
and (-rabbling that Js usually found in
amateur outfits and. thiw has made the
success that the loop , has enjoyed. Bob
bie Hinson, the official umpire,, has been
fnir and unbiased ip all games, and his
work has beep above criticism,.
Cannon Wins From Cabarrus.
-•Cannon topk the first gatne of the sec
l ~y* rpr i l l- ■- rM*
■r ' r«r ■
24 : ■■p - ™ Hr 26
+4 47 BB 4 ®
■jfi-l U-l U-rH 1
Here’s a new one for the baby. Num
ber 45 horizontal telle you what the
bab.vr does, although you've probably
been satiesfied to call it wailing
1 Snare.
4 Eucharist veteel.
7 Intellect.
10 Regarded.
13 Correlative of either.
15 To recede.
16 To accomplish.
17 Rental contract.
19 To allude.
21 Tempest.
23 Bruises.
24 To revolve.
25 High priest who trained Samuel.
>6l (indermineN.
29 Sharp explosive sound made by a
30 Inclination.
31 Also.
32 To put in poker.
34 A word of driving command.
>» Perish.
30 Person to whom « rift is maile.
•>* To twirl. T
40 Similar to swans. 1
42 Mohammedan jiohle.
44 ! Alleged- force producing hypnotism.
'45 ' To wail. 1 i
48 Sun god.
49 Rebuilders.
51 Action.
Queer Things That Tout Guardmen Do.
Quite outside .the fact that the men
of the United Slates Coast Guard Serv
ice are patrolmen of the sea and lake
coasts—standing ready by night and
day to perform heroic rescues—they
have many varied nnd picturesque duties
and responsibilities thrust upon them by
emergency. Here, according to The Meri
tor, are some of the curious services of
a human sort that the coast life savers
have rendered in the course of a season’s
Held overnight SIBO in gold for a
man at Tarpon Beach who was afraid
he might be robbed.
Rescued deer that had broken through
foe and, after giving it restorative treat
meat, let it go.
Prepared body of neighbor for burial,
built coffin, dug grave, and assisted at
, Took care of sick man, relieving night
ond half from Cabarrus yesterday after
noon by a score of 5 to 4, but they had
no cinch in doing so.
I A breath of inspiration came like a
I to tiie Cannons in the final racket
when “Rant” Harrison, peppery pilot of
, the winners, drove out a triple to center,
.starting a four rim spurt that defeated
the Cabs.
Kiser started on the mound for the
Harrison satellites but was relegated in
the third after his schallops were turned
into a volley of extra base hits. Fields,
hailing from the Cotton States League,
replaced him.
Harrison and Efird led the Cannon
offense while Sandie Fowler hit best and ,
starred afield for the losers.
Funderburk, Florida pro flasti, joined
the Cabs and played a creditable game
at second base.
Cabarrus 020 200 o—4 8 3
Cannon 000 010 4—5 71
8. Fowler and Hartis; Kiser, Fields
and Efird. Umpires: Upe. Hinson and
Smith. ■■■•> i
Standing, of the Twilight, j
Cannon:' L..1; 0 1.000
Cabarrus 0 1 i .000
Midway ..0 0 .000
Bleachery 0 0 .000
Officer Chapman Captures Man Wonted
In Virginia.
Officer Chapman, who last week cap
tured a liquor cache which federal agents
had been searching for many months, was
successful this week in bringing a law
breaker to justice.
For weeks authorities in Virginia have
been searching for a man named Henry
Johnson, captured with a car load of li
quor. but who made his escape and could
not be found. Notices of his escape were
sent out and the vigilant eye of Officer
Chapman detected him while working in
one of the local mills. He was sent
back to Virginia yesterday.
Personal Items.
Charles Owen, who has been confined
to his home for several days, is much
bettery today.
Charlie Briggs has returned from Rock
ingham, where he spent two weeks.
Charlie Maynard leaves tomorrow for
Durham,, where he will spend several
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Carpenter have
gone to Asheville, where they will be
joined by a party of people who .will mo
tor with them to Detroit, They, will
spend about two weeks in Detroit.
1 52 Female sbeep. •
53 Bottom of foot
1 Implement.
2 Measure of area.
3 Rational being.
4 Fit.
5 Hardly.
0 One in cards.
7 Rhymethie arrangement of sylla
S Hypothetical structural unit.
!) Portal.
11 Prophet.
12 Starchy root stock food.
14 Answered.
1(5 Plunderer.
15 Eagerly expecting.
20 Characteristic.
22 To mingle.
23 Tendon.
24 Mineral spring.
2(5 Sheltered.
28 Male child.
355 Followed.
35 Versifiers.
37 Slimy snaky fish (pi.).
30 To loathe.
40 World standard.
41 To flood,
43 Furyp ’
40 Indian of an important tribe.
47 Part of a most common verb.
40 Second note in scale.
50 Therefor.
Discovered third rail of electric rail
way hort-circuited and section of rail
destroyed; flagged approaching train.
Cut rope halter and saved horse
down in stall and about to cboke to
Furnished transportation to man
called home by sickness in family.
Removed store of vegetables from
neighbor’s cellar to prevent damage, due
to tides and rains.
Found man on beach who had been as
saulted and robbed; dressed his injuries
and gave him restoratives and food.
The man who makes many plans sel
dom puts any of them into execution.
The man of one plan may not be enter
taining socially, but he usually wins su
cess, and a successful man is always
good company.
- ‘ =
50-54 South Union Street, Concord. N. C.
Not a spotty service, hitting or missing your needs, as the
case may be, but always affording you the lowfest possible
prices consistent with quality and the market.
Superior Values
Always Here!
We don’t believe in spasmodic "sales,” but we do believe
in giving the most in value for each dollar you spend here.
And we believe in doing this every day in the year.
We Close Every Thursday Afternoon Until September Ist
The Mentor.
Few people realize the extent of the
ocean life-saving service of today. The
shores of all civilized nations are well .
protected, for the many thousand miles
of beach, rock, or cliff are guarded by
brave little life saving posts.
Great Britain has two hundred and
thirty such stations,, each with its life
boat manned by volunteers for the most
perilous service on earth. It costs $50,-
000 to build a modern motor life boat,
and every year the British people spend
over $1,000,000 to maintain the watch
■upon their shores. And the money.mark
you, comes from voluntary gifts; the
Roynl National Lifeboat Institution re
ceives no government assistance. In
ninety years the British service has saved
niore than fifty thousand lives at sea.
and is still the model for the life-saving
workers of (he world.
’ France has one hundred and ten life
boats, also manned by volunteers, who
have saved twenty thousand lives since
.18(55, giving aid to fifteen thousand ves
sels in distress.
Holland has forty-two stations on her
short but perilous coast, a station almost
every five' miles. These' are maintained’ ’
entirely by voluntary gifts, and they have
cheated Davy Jones of fifty thousand vic
tims since their inception in 1824. The
Germans were- a little late ip organizing, ■
but since 18(55 they have saved nearly
four thousand voyagers from deep-sea
graves, and they now operate one hun
dred and twenty-three lifeboats. Little
Denmark, always to the fore in humane
progress, operates no less (ban sixty-nine
stations, sending out the lifeboats which, ,
since 1852, have brought ashore some 1
nine thousand people in distress.
The United States has tremendous )
shores to guard—over ten thousand miles ■
of coast line. Much of it is a wild. 1
desolate country with few seaports and
a scanty population. And yet there is 1
: i
Are obtained wfifcn your garments are thoroughly dust
ed before Cleaned or pressed. We electrically dust all suits '
whether they be Dry Cleaned orfjuSt sent in for pressing
with our improved emdtric garment dusting machine.,
Dry Cleaning Department
Ritchie Hardware Co
r ■ -■. ■. .. '
no other coast in the worid-that offers
more hope to the sailor in distress. No
matter bow savagely the; hurricane may
I blow Or how thick the fog, no matter how
terrible the power of the seas that break
u lion the sand bar or the reef. Uncle
Sam will get him and put him safe
ashore if it is a human possibility to
do it.
In the year 1023 seven hundred and
. thirteen American vessels met with dis
aster on or near these coasts. (This
does not include river accidents «r>,
wrecks of foreign Ships). Some foun
dered in gales; some ran ashore; most of
them met with collisions. Twenty-six
thousand people were on board these
ships, but the lives of only eighty-six ,
were lost. That is the meaning, the
real human meaning, of the United
States Cpast Guard. ,
i. Ham Lewis Champions Frees.
Former U. S. Senator J. Hamilton
Lewis, in an address before the uni
versity public speakers’ ceunoil in
Chicago, said;
l “The laws of libel and slander, which
punish the newspaper or press' for
speaking the truth as to the wrongs of
the peppie and the corruptions of the
government, should promptly be abolish- ‘
“We need more liberty of speech and
press,” he said, “restrained only by laws'
tjiat punish malicious slander, and de
'liberate misrepresentation to achieve
ignoble ends.”
Danish Divorces Increase.
(By the Associated Press)
Copenhagen, Jufie 21.—Divorces in
Denmark increased more than 100 per
cent between 101(5 and 1!)23. according
to the latest statistics published.' In the
former year there were 017 and in the
latter 1.872. The majority -of the di
vorces followed matrimonial periods of
three to Jive yea re.

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