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    Tuesday, August ?, 1925
i&fany Materials
The ue'.vest haw are not alfmade ot
(One matei-iir, -but of secUona of dif
ferent colors and fabrics, and they
are very pleasant to look at. On this
hat, carried out In all black; there Is
to be found black satin, black velvet
and black moire. ""
Hint’s Daughters Meet.
The Stonewall Jackson ’ circle of the
King's Daughters met Monday evening at
the borne of Mrs. K. M. Cook on Bar
row street. Mrs. J. P. Cook opened
the meeting with a scripture lesson from
the epistle of James.
The treasurer reported a balance of
only $38.37. As the year ends in Octo
ber all dues not paid for this year will
sometime during August.
<^i> r families had been Visited by the
committedur’n g July. Clothes had been
given ons of these families while medical
attention; was given the other three. One
woman who has cancer, will be given aid
in order to have an operation. V
The circle was very glad to receive do
nations from three orders in the city
amounting to $25. This money will be
used in the Tiny Tim Fund, which is a
fund kept for the aid of crippled chil
; The visiting committee for August is I
composed of the following women; Mrs.
Z. A. Moore. Mrs. A. R. Howard and
Miss 111 ilia Boyd.
Mrs. C. A. Henry was gladly welcom
ed as a new member.
The meeting ndqourned to meet in Sep
tember with the Misses Boyd on North
Union street.
* To Give Dance Tonight.
1 sJiss Mildred Strode will be gnest of
honor at a dance which is to be given
tonight by Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Brown
at the Merchants and Manufacturers Club.
A number of the younger set have been
invited to attend.
Missionary Society Groups Meet.
Groups One aria Two of the Woman's
Missionary Society of Trinity Reformed
Church will meet Wednesday evening at
8 o’clock with Mrs. R. H. Patterson.
Better the naked truth than a bare
faced lie.
that make you so uncom
fortable in hot weather,
are better treated exter
nally—Rub over chest
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quently up nostrils—
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Night Phones MO-IML
'S'*. , . (
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Suther, of East
Avenue, Kannapolis, are spending a few
days in Washington. -
• • •
Mrs. John Suther and son, John D.
Suther, and Misses Mamie and Ruth
Cress . have . returned to their home in
No. 6 township after an extended visit
with M«a.’ Buther’s. daughter, Miss Thel
ma Suther. who is In summer school in
Boone. They, accompanied by Miss
Suther, motored to Elizabeth, Tenn., to
visit relatives and friends.
• * •
Friends of Lee Suther, of Kannapolis,
will be glad to learn that he is home from
the hospital. Mr. Suther was hurt in
the mill in Kannapolis last Saturday.
• • •
Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Boat left this'
morning for the western part of the state
where they will spend several days.
• • •
-Miss Lois Holshouser is spending the
week in Hickory with her aunts, Mrs.
J. L. Harkey and Mrs. (1. R. Warlick.
'• >
Miss Janie Foster, of Advent, is the
guest of Miss Edna Varner, on Kerr
* * •
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Roberts and
daughter ligve returned from Asheville,
where they spent the week-end.
• • •
George Prather and Clarence Simpson
are spending the week Chimney Rock.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Glass and children
spent Sunday at Rock Hill, S. C., with
• * •
Miss Ada Craven is leaving this after
noon for New York, where she will spend
some time on business.
• • «
Miss Alice Wall has returned so her
home after Visiting her aunt. Miss Lola
Wall, at Henrietta.
• • •
Miss Mattie Lee Cooley lias returned
from a week's vacation spent at Hender
• « •
Miss Roberta Pratt, for a number of
months employed as a nurse at the coun
ty health department, has gone to her
home in Raleigh. She recently resigned
from the health department here and will
go to a new position in New York on
the first of October.
• e •
Miss Mattie Taylor, of Winston-Salem,
is visiting Miss Adelaide Foil at her
home on North Union street.
* ♦ •
Mr. and Sirs. W. M. Fisher and Dr.
anil MriC W. H. Fisher will leave Thurs
day for Harrisonburg, Ya., where they
will visit for ten days.
Mr. and Mrs. George Litaker and chil
dren and W. H. Bradford have returned
to Concord after visiting relatives in Bay
City, Va.
* • •
Mr. and Mrs. J. W- Roberts and fam
ily, Mrs. Cress and Mr. Heglar have re
turned home after spending the week
end in Asheville and in other parts of
western North Carolina.
• • •
Prof. P. E. Wright, of the Lenoir-
Rhyne faculty, spent Monday in the city
wisiting friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Fowlkes, Miss
Maude Brown. and Mrs. Grace Brown
Sanders have returned from a two week
trip to New York.
* • •
Miss Bessie Strieker, of Washington,
D. C., is visiting her sister, Mrs. J. Ed.
Cline, on South Union street.
• • •
Miss Sarah Louis Cline, who has been
visit’ng her aunt. Mrs. W. J. Shuford,
of Hickory, lias gone with a party of
Hickory girls and boys on a week's
camping trip to Blowing Rock and Lin
• • •
Miss Pauline Cole and Miss Ethelyne
Fowler, of Durham; are visiting Mrs. R.
M. several days.
• * * " —‘W,
Dr. W. Y. Bayard, of New York City,
is siiending several weeks in the city
as pne guest of Dr. R. B. Rankin.
• • •
Dalton Kennedy, of Statesville, was
a visitor in Concord this morning.
A wedding of much interest to their
many friends is that of Miss Annie
Louise Watts and David Archie Moore,
which was solemnized Suturday, July
25th at 4 o'clock at the Poplar Tent
Church parsonage. The ceremony was
performed by Rev. Mr. Mclver.
Mrs. Moore is the eldest daughter of
Mr. and ills. W. W. Watts. Mr. Moore
is a son of Robert Moo're and hodls a re
sponsible position with the Brancord
Manufacturing Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Moore will make their
home with the former's family on Acad
emy Street.
To prevent freckles
Elizabeth Arden has created an
> exquisite finishing lotion,
to he dKd under powder.
’ ABthfcptfc" and 'aatringent; <
, «**ha'and the akin.
leaves a silky finish* flattering 1
i fa day or evening. Prevents
windbum, sunburn and frecklina.
I ' l ■
, Spanish Rachel, Ocm
*1.50. JZSO.
Gibson Drug Store
Digcuss Several Matters But Action Was
Not Taken on Them at Meeting.
Meeting at the court house here Mon
dsy in their regular August meeting,
members of the board of county com
missioners gave attention to a number
of routine matters, ’ discussed several
questions that were not of a routine na
ture but adjourned without taking ac
tion that would require entrance on the
minutes of the meeting.
Two matters were rather fully dis
cussed at the meeting—a compromise
with the town of Mt. Pleasant over the
1 amount of money it will pay for the
hard-surface road and widening Means
’ Street.
The county alleges, that Mt. Pleasant
, agreed to pay about $30,000 toward get
( ling hard-surface from Concord to Mt.
’ Pleasant. Later, says the complaint,
new town officials there refused to pay
this amount. This led to a suit anil
, now Mt. Pleasant wants to compromise
, for $20,000, the commissioners were told.
They declined to accept.
It was suggested in a petition pre
i sented to the board that the county give
i ten feet of its courthouse lawn to the
City of Concord so Means street can be
widgied. The board declined to do this,
1 or at least it did not go on record one
way or the other, which means it de
clined. It was pointed out at the meet
ing that ten feet of the property for
merly owned by Trinity Reformed Church
and now used for a garage, would be
taken also, the owner to" be paid by as
sessments secured from property owners
on the other side of the street who
would be benefitted by the wider street.
One commissioner explained that the
county did not want to give away its
property—the people's property—while
the man next to it was being paid for
The usual number of bills were pre
sented and ordered paid.
Rules and Regulations at the “Y” Pool.
The following rules have always been
in effect at the Y. M. C. A. during the
past two seasons;
1. Everybody must take a thorough
soap bath, cleaning thoroughly all parts
of the body. Soap is the only filing
that will remove dirt and perspiration.
2. Rinse off soap before going into
pool room.
3. Clean out passages of the nose
thoroughly by sniffing a small quantity
of water into the nostrils before enter
ing pool room.
4. No spitting in the pool. Places
are handy on the outer edges of pool
for this purpose. Do not use fiushp
step iff pool to spit in.
5. Do not throw any object into the
(i. Spectators will bo careful to re
main on spectators’ benches. Street
shoes carry germs and spectators, will
not be allowed so walk around the edges
of the pool.
7. No one who has an open sore,
scratch, boils, pimples which show signs
of irritation, or are very numerous, any
manner of skin disease, etc., will not be
be allowed to use swimming pool at any
8. No man or boy will be allowed
to use bathing suits or any manner of
supporter (except during public exhibi
tions). ‘ • 1
9. No one will be allowed to enter
the pool with any kind of bandage, ad
hesive plaster, etc., on person.
10. All persons using pool shall pre
sent a physical examination certificate
signed by family physician or by eouftty
health physician showing that they have
no disease of any kind that can be com
municated to others using pool. This
trill also prevent persons from aggravat
ing such diseases by entering pool, and
will protect persons who are sound and
who have right to use pool.
The “Y"' pool is a safe place to enjoy
a swim and Jo build up the body by this
splendid exercise. No roughness is ever
permitted, and one can swim with safety
from being ducked, dived upon, pushed
from the sides, etc. All boys' classes
are divided according to weight; girls by
ages, and men and women have special
classes in which there are no children.
Each class for boys- and girls meets three
times each week for -a one-hour period.
This is all the swimming that any young
person should indulge in. The senior
classes for men and women are numer- 1
ous altd are held at the hours suitable
to those who arc employed. Classes for
men are only supervised and no instruc
tion is given except to those' who request
it individually.
The chief aim of the “Y” in conduct
ing a pool is to give healthy recreation,
plenty of fun and exercise. The pool is
sanitary and any one contaminating same
in any manner will hf prosecuted. In
fringements of minor rales will be dealt
with by “Y” officials and public opinion.
* >
means a distinct increase in home
comfort and an improvement in
family health. It does not mean
any serious inconvenienoc or loss
of time or a big expenditure of
money if we do the work. Why
tot see us about it?
Office and Bbow Room 8B E. Corbin St.
Office Phono M4W
Klaa Meeting Results in Battle.
Westwood, Mass.', Aug. 3.—lnjury to
a dozen or more persons, the wrecking of
a farm- house ijj the Islington district
here and the arrest of three men for
Carrying concealed! weapons was the
aftermath of the Ku Klux Klan’s firft
attempt to hold a meeting in this dis
trict since.the State pplicC stopped sup
plying guards for Klnn gatherings.
The meeting in a field of the Boston-
Providence highway here, ended in a
rib which the police of three towns were
unable to quell. A mob of 500 anti-
Klan sympathizers and three scores
Klansmen staged a pitched battle with
fists, rocks and brick bats- Although
fir arms were in evidence no shots were
Most of the Klansinen escaped in their
onrs but a few were bottled up in the
house Stephen Rlsley. where they
huddled in the cellar while every win
dow and much of the furniture disinte
grated under a hail of rocks from the
Helps those who help themselves
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Make Your Summer
Free From Ice Worry,,
Install Kelvinator electric refrigeration in your
refrigerator and you can forget all about ice deliv
ery this summer.
Kelvinator will keep your refrigerator much colder
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To Cleon Up Rocky Ridge Cemetery.
We will clean off the cemetery at
Rocky Ridge Church August 14th. Those
wanting to pay money instead of work
ing, see Mr. Haste Hatley, of Concord,
Mr. Hall Sides, of Kannapolis. The
work is needed very badly.
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drinks in the best of condition.
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When You Start To Build T *
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i burn, even before completed, the Insurance will cover your H
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Liver Trouble Now a Known
Cause of Premature Old Age
Medical science knows that poison
ous waste in our bodies would actually
cause death in a few days if not
eliminated by Nature’s processes. Be
cause it destroys these deadly poisons,
the liver is our most important or
gan—the body’s wonderful purifier.
The liver prevents the formation of
body poisons that cause diseases of
the heart, kidneys, blood vessels and
are chiefly responsible for premature
old age.
When the liver becomes weak, the
poisons are sucked up by the blood
and health is broken down. Physi
cians know that the liver cannot be
regulated by drugs, but a safe Na
ture substance has been discovered
which will at once increase the vita!
bile supply. The discovery is puri
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Gjf from your druggist a package
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hours the poison toxins will be re
“Dioxol its especially recommended byl
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■ Blood purification will begin. Sal
: low skin will clear. You will feel
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i have found the cause of your ill
health. Dioxol tablets are harmless,
tasteless and cost less than two cents
These genuine ox gall tablets are
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under another name, refuse it. Ac
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