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UkuUleLsdy with Yioltn. Cottar and Ukulele 1 PxJ Whiten** and Hit Orcheatra lam .
Frank Cramtl. Sauthera Raae—Fox Tret ■
My Sweetie Turned Me Down UkaUl. and l 19 ™ 10 PdlWhitHß.! .cd Hi* Ord«tr.
J >i T a n _. ~ F™* Cl uuatj How j You Tamght—Fox Tret with
k Boy’* Bert Friend u Hi* Mother withMaUTHa. 1 awalerfrain The Boom Orcherfr. W Chkajo I
yiohn. Caitar and Harmonica Vernon | Had Someone Else Before 1 Had Yoo-Fox Tret 19685 1H
Many, Many Year* Afo with Mol. Trio, Ffato* f rrfnUn The Benson Orchestra of Chicago
Cuttar and Harmonica Vemon DaßiartJ In the Heart of Hawaft-Walbi
The Midnight Waltz Elliott Shaw\ lwi]) . .. Hilo Havanan Orchestra
Only c Wearer of Dream* Edna Brown Levi* Janes; 1 My HonoWn Dream GW—Waki ***** *®
No. Sow irds Havanan Orchestra
ltayW«*M< I A “ ( "“‘2rS} 1%8 ° * WG^bß ™ Wn_F “ofiterN.rbr'.orch M tr,
°2£3 K^«l saaw-r_T». OI ™ N, ’ V,a * - "|'>“ »
r* N« B r kT ' * jiM 1 * 87 *' The Benson Orchestra es Chicago
« v u Ccam Avar Jane Greenl in By the Light of the Stan—Foe Trot
If Yon Hadn’t Cone Away Grate./ 19707 10 Jan Garber and His Orcfvatr.
„ ■ \ Seminal*—Fox Trot .(An Indian Love Song)
The Runaway Tran with Violin. CaiUw oral , Jan Garber and ilia Orchestra
Harmonica Vernon Dalhart\ 19Sg4 w „ . Yen-Fox TrJT X
The Chain Gang Song Orchtetr, of Chicn
Harmonica Tho Whole Worid u Dreaning of Lore-Foe Tret 19693 10
D.IHCS RECORDS The Benson Orchestra es Chicago
Teß R'e Mara!—Medley Tc! Tret (tram "Tell Me 1 The Melody That Made You Mine (C Friend- .
Mon”) Pant Whiteman and His Orchestra 1 .««, ... W. C Poll*) Piano Solo Frank Banta 1V —, ..
TVhy Do I Lora You! —Medley Fox Trot (from " l eli J My Sugar (Addy Britt—Jack Litdc) Piano Solo
Me More") Paul Whiteman and IBs Orchestral Frank Banta.
Pal of My Cradb Cays—Waltz with cecal refrain j Cress-Words Between Sweetie and Me—Fez Trot
Paul Whiteman and His Orchestraliocgn in Jan Gather and IBs Orchestra .mo, M
Ukulele Lady—Fox Trot with Mait Quartet J Who Lend Ton Best—Fox Trot with oocal refrain
Paul Whiteman and Hu Orchestral Jan Garber and His Orchestra.
Let Me Linger Longer in Your Arms—Fox Trot | My Sweetie Tamed Me Down—Fox Tret ’ |
coca! refrain Paul Whiteman and Hi* Orchestra!.—-, International Novelty Orchestral.a™ ..
Stepp in’ in Society—Fas Tret ( soe Smilt—Fax Trot with oocaj refrain J
Paul Whiteman and Hu Orchestral International Noreky Orchestra
Kidd-Frix Music & Stationery Co.
YOU meet Mr. Howard and Mr. Walters in a gathering.
Their names are to you but two of the many you hear.
A few days later you meet Mr. Howard again. And again.
He becomes a friend, perhaps an intimate in your social as well
as business life.
Mr. Howard’s name grows to mean a lot to you. Mr. Walters
is rarely seen again and soon forgotten.
In this newspaper are Other names—names of advertised
products. Day after day you see them. They are like old
friends—to be trusted. Their names mean economy, full value
and integrity.
jo£‘; U \ J
The unadvertised products—perhaps you see one in a store —
or in a friend’s home. Soon the name is forgotten—a stranger
about whom you know little.
F/ll your medicine closet, ypur pantry, your wardrobe with
products, whose names are guarantees of their integrity—adver
tised products. Like intimate friends—you, know what they are
and will do. <
• •
Read the newspaper advertisements to know the names that are
worth knowing in the market place
lps :' • ' . ‘ «
Americas League.
TV. L. PC.
Philadelphia 63 33 .656
Washington 62 3(1 .633
Chicago 55 47 .535)
St. Louis f 50 50 .500
Detroit 50 51 .405
New York 43 56 .434
Boston 2!) 71 .25)0.
Results Yesterday.
St. I.ouis 12; Boston 4.
Philadelphia 3 ; Chicago 2.
Detroit 3; Washington 2.
New York 3; Cleveland 2.
South Atlantic League.
W. L. PC.
Charlotte 00 31 .655)
Spartanburg 53 3!) .576
Macon 4!) 43 .533
Augusta 40 44 .527
Asheville 45 47 .485)
Greenville 43 40 .467
Columbia 30 52 .420
Knoxville 30 63 .323
Results Yesterday.
Knoxville 4; Hornets 3.
.Spartanburg 14; Mamn 0.
Greenville 6; Augusta 3.
Asheville 1; Columbia 0.
National League.
W. L. PC.
Pittsburgh 58 38 .004
New York 58 41 .586
Cincinnati 53 46 .535
Brook 48 46 .511
St. Louis 47 53 .470
Philadelphia 44 50 .468
Chicago 42 56 .420
Boston 41 00 .406
Results Yesterday.
Boston 3: Cincinnati 1.
Pittsburgh 3-3: Philadelphia 2-2.
St. Louis 7: New York 6.
Chicago 7; Brooklyn 4.
Rates Going Into Effect With Yester
day Assure Big Savings for Consumer.
The Southern Power Company is nn
noucing a reduction in eletric rates, in
effect with bill rendered September Ist.,
for August service. This reduction the
company announces applies to nil cities,
towns and villages served by the South
ern Power Company, and will effect n
saving annually of considerably more
than $200,000 for all customers through
out the territory. Reduction in top light
ing rate is from 9 to 8 cents per killi
watt hour.
Reduction in retail power rates at this
time is as striking as those in lighting
rates, affecting especially the smaller
users of power. In speaking of the new
rates a member of the company staff
said :
‘'These rate reductions, affecting prac
tically all the customers of the company,
follow closely a considerable reduction in
the rates for electricity for heating, cook
ing etc., announced a few weeks ago
when the old rate of 4 cents straight per
kilowatt hour > was reduced in schedule
under which, after payment of the mini
mum bill of $2, which included 50 kilo
watt hours of service, the rate started
at 3 1-2 cents for the second 50 kilowatt
hours with a rate of 3 cents per kilowatt
hour for all curt-dirt - ,above 100 kilowatt
The formal announcement of the re
ductions now being made effective
breathes a spirit of optimism regarding
the future of the- light ami power in
dustry and the part it is to play in in
dustry And in the home. Referring to the
decrease in revenue which must result
from the rate reduction. Vice-president
(‘has. I. Burkholder remarks:
“If this sacrifice of revenue should
temporally result in less than a reason
able rate of return for this part of our
service we feel that we can reasonably
expect that the deficiency will soon be
supplied through the increase in con
sumption of current which must result
from the large reductions in the cost of
service to the consumer.”
Then follows a forecast of the future
and this pledge to the thousands of cust
omers being and to be served by the Sou
thern Power Company iu the city.
“We believe that the great electrical
development of our country is yet in its
infancy, and that greater and more var
ied uses will be made of electricity in
homes and in factories.
“We wish to assure our patrons that
we are going about this greater develop
ment by maintaining at all times an
up-to-date and efficient service and by
giving to our customers from time to
time in the future as in the past their
full share of the advantages ami econo
mies that may be derived from the in
creased business.”
County Agent Rowell Showing ChOwazi
County Farmers How to Raise Hogs.
Edenton News. ?
Chowan county js . paying for corn
shipped in fully sixteen’ thousand dol
lars, which could be produced in the
county, states County Agent Rowell, in
a letter addressed to the farmer, and
he 'encloses' a schedule of the results of
twg., hog feeding demonstrations which
shoW that corn fed to hogs—in a scien
tific way—will produce $2.90 a bmdicl
for the corn grown.
When it is said that hogs do not pay
for their feed it is because the feeding
is hot, right or therhogs are not right.
In the' demonstrations It is shown , that
the hogs, scientifically fed, gained 3,795
pounds in 85 days, 1 0r,55 pounds per pig,
an average 1.5 pounds per day. with a
cost of a little over flye cents per pound,
showing a good profit when hogs are
selling, as at the present time at 14 cents
per pound live weight.
The postmaster of Atlanta, in deny
ing recently published reports, declared
in the Atlanta Constitution the other
day that less than 3,300 people had
moved from that city to Florida in the
past two years. It seems that he had
been quoted as saying that from 10,000
to 45,000 have left within the past year.
IW for it imondiaUly were rod-
X W dan, severa, colicky pains and
cramps in stomach and bowels,
deadly nanaas and weakening
diarrhoea. For children and
Taka it with yon whan yon travel.
Keep it always ia yaw tail.’
Gibson Drug Wore.
A- i . ' *00,4- 4i Ota c*
Wife of Commoner Will Begin Work
Immediately On Husband's Memories.
Miami. Fla.. Aug. 3.—Mrs. William
.Tannings Bryan arrived in Miami at noun I
today and was met at the station by
a party of friends from Coroanut Grove
including the Rev. Foster W. Taylor,
pastor of the Grove Temple C’jureh. and
F. A. Kent, a close friend of the family
who has been at the Bryan home during
the absence of the family.
Mrs. Bryan was bearing up bravely
after the strain of the tedious j rair.ey
from Washington. According to Rev.
Mr. Taylor who called during the as
lernoor. she seemed in a peaceful frame
of nind and apparently well composed
afier her week of sorrow.
Mrs. Bryan will begin immediately to
finish the memoirs of tier husband using
ns her material a wealth of notes which
Mr. Bryan had prepared for the work.
According to Rev. Mr. Taylor the auto
biography is to be called "The Son of
The Textile Outlook.
Charlotte Observer.
I Two weeks ago the Government sent
out a decidedly bearish re|>ort on the
cotton crop and out of this report the
cotton goods trade has profited, accord
ing to statement homed the past week
by The Textile" Woj-ld. That authority
indicates a marked strengthening in
I Moving to Larger
Our Battery and Generator Service Station has been
moved to the Reed building on E. Corbin St. Will operate
Garage for general repair at old location. You are invit
ed to call on us at our now location.
Bollinger Service Station |
Garage S. Church St. Battery Station E. Corbin St.. Ijli j
1 1 ||b > 6m had the
“She shouldn’t be so hard to enftik. How long have
you had her? Two years? Well, the magnets have
probably weakened. They call diem ‘permanent
; a magnets’ but that don’t mean they’ll last forever.
We’ll test these for you and recharge them if they
need it”. The experienced Fleet Boss knows that
poor starting is often blamed on the “gas” when as
a matter of fact it is the fault of the spark.
. Oil gets blamed for lots of things, too, that are not
its built. Take carbon, foninstance. Do you know
that often over 60% of the alleged carbon in your
cylinders is just plain road dirt? We know, because
we’ve had It analysed. Os course some oils leave
i more carbon than others. That is why it pays to
buythebestolL Ask for “Standard” by name. Have /
you tried our special brand for Ford cars only?
Easy start. Easy stop. Quiet bands.
[jpsiimai motor oil
■- —1
; -.1 ;: ■ .‘ . t.- „ • ..■ V. .. V ,V * . . . t'j . ■ . ' - ‘ - ■ ■ ", . . . . jll ■
prices on raw cotton, cotton yarns and
unfinished cotton goods. In tDe gray
goods market, it says, a large volume of
business was placed immediately fol
lowing publication of the report, and
volume has continued fair this, week on
the rise.
Prices on many gray goods construct
ions are up one-quarter to one-half cent
from those prevailing before the report.
A notable feature of the present situ
ation is the advances that have gone
into effect on brown sheetings, which
have been one of the most depressed
spots of the market and which have hith
erto failed to respond generally to up
ward movements.
Spring business continues light ns is
natural in view of raw material un
certainties. The trade is by no means
convinced that a crop considerably larger
than that indicated by the Government
report is impossible, but there is no
question about the safety of buying of
Shrewed mrchants bnvhbeem »
goods for deliveries into September.
Shrewed merchants believe that the turn
of the goods market for-this wear has
finally ben made, and that the second
half of the year will be considerable bet
ter than the first half for the industry
as a whole
The Tri-State and Middle Atlantic
leagues, "both new organizations this year,
have met with sneh success that their
permanency seems assured.
Tuesday, August 4, 1925
Well, I'll swear
I ain't got nothin'
Aain't had nothin'
Don't want nothing’
'Cept you.
I ain’t seen anybody,'
Ain't had anybody.
Ain't loved anybody,
That's true.
But if you'll love me,
I'll love you;
If you want money, tho’
I won’t do.
Never had nothing.
Don’t want nothing.
’Cause I ain't got nothing,
'Cept you.
Editor Appeals For Moral Code.
Frederick Peaker, editor of the School
master, and president of the British In
stitute of .Tournalists, has made an ap
peal for cleaner journalism in an ad
dress made before members of that insti
According to Peaker the most difficult
task confronting the newspaper of to
day. is keeping immoral news from file
eyes of the public. ,
The new park of the I,os Angeles Pa
cific Const league baseball club will have
7.000 box seats.

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