PAGE EIGHT W: 11 i,k " d " , “““’fc B IBM nil B 1 iCaEsiEF ■ II BUCK’S OIL RANGE I > I . . . | Built-in oven, with glass door and heat indicator. I I White enameled high shelf. Three big giant burners !?f do the work of five. This is not a common oil stove but r fe an Oil Range built like a gas range. Looks like a gas r range and burns common coal oil, costing less than half |f as much to operate. Let us demonstrate this range to f Concord Furniture Co. t THE RELIABLE FURNITURE STORE | -■■ , , . ; . ifcoXiTTS^ ' j Coal prices the coming winter according to present pre- i ! dictions will be high enough to make the customers hot. ] | | don’t take chances. Get the right kind of heat from A. B. ] ||j POUNDS FAMOUS BRAND OF COAL. J THE RIGHT COAL FOR THE RIGHT PURPOSE ! A.B. POUNDS | ~ PHONE 244 OR 279 THE UNIVERSAL CAR | j! | In the old days horse traders matched their skill in an es- i iji fort to get advantage of the other. Such practices may 1 X still be used by some, but business of today has passed that j |i| stage and is done on the basis of revealed value plus a 1 i[i legitimate profit. I ]j| In the sale of Ford cars, we pledge ourselves unreserved- j || ly to represent every car, new or used, as it really is. If ' i i you have a used car to trade in, we will allow you its real ! | | worth on a new FORD, the car of known value. ] | REID MOTOR CO. CONORD, N. C. I WE KNOW WE KNOW FORDS j Gamut j GCeaati&j OicdPos Final Drastic and Lost Reducfionln Qoods Prices Smashed for Quick Action The Season’s Successful Dresses Unusually Low Priced 95c, $2.95, $3.50, $6.74 and $11.74 FISHER'S '.j Concord Daily Tribune :j| TIME OF CLOSING MAILS ■j J The time of the closing of mails at 3 1 the Concord postoffiee is as follows: , Northbound If! 136—X1 :00 P. M. if 36—10:00 A. M. 4 34 4:10 P. M. B 38— 8:30 P. M. 4 30—11:00 P. M. Southbound * 31V— 9 :30 A. M. :l 45 3 :30 P. M. * 135 S :00 P. M. ij 39—11:00 P. M. | LOCAL MENTION i • Misn Lillian Batte has had an op eration performed for the removal of her tonsils and adenoids. Mrs. Elam King entered the Char lotte Sanatoriufn Tuesday, where she will undergo treatment. The Board of Directors of the Y.' M. C. A. will hold a meeting tonight at the Y. All members are asked to be present. Mrs. Amos Davis, of Winnsboro, S. C., arrived in the eity Tuesday night to attend the funeral of Vadry Brown, her brother, According to a deed filed yesterday F. \V. Glass has sold to Lizzie and Odessa Atwell property in Petersburg, a Kannapolis suburb, for $260. Mrs. A. M. Turner, who has been ill for some time at her home on North Church street, is still reported as being in a serous condition. Misses .lennie and Kate Smith and Capt. Q. E. Smith today moved from the apartment over the Concord and Kannapolis Gas office to the K. O. S. Miller house on South t’nion street. J. C. Wadsworth, Jr., is able to be out again following a recent opera tion fur appendicitis. He has not yet resumed his duties with the Gib son Drug Store as he has not fully recuperated from the effects of the op eration. James Shaw, who was injured Wed nesday when he was struck by an au tomobile driven by Mrs. M. L. Marsh, was little improved today. It was said that lie passed a very restless night. He had his left leg broken jpst above the ankle. Mrs. I’. 1,. Barringer. Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Barringer and little son. Harold Ross. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Barringer and daughter, Helen, Miss l’earle Ross and Dennis Barringer, of Mt. Pleasant, attended the camp meeting at Bethel Sunday. j Manager Basinger of the Gibson Mill baseball team, carried his team to Cooleeniee this afternoon for a game with tlie team of that town. The Cooleeniee team defeated the locals here several weeks ago and the Gib- . son team is out for revenge today. i No session of the city police court i was held yesterday afternoon. Two ] defendants charged with speeding for feited their bonds, making it unnee- ( essary for a session of the court to be ] held. Officers this morning reported ( no new cases of importance during the l past two days. .T. H. Brown, county welfare offi- i eer, is showing improvement now from < an illness which began last week. Mr. I Brown became ill while at the county I jail on business and his condition for | several days was rather serious nl- | though he has responded nicely to l treatment this week. The whereabouts of N. A. Black welder, who disappeared last Satur day. continue to be a mystery to rel- , atives of this county. So far as is 1 known here no word has been receiv- | ed from Mr. Blaekwelder since he left i here last Saturday afternoon in a car 1 bearing a Tennessee license. A heavy rain fell in Mt. Pleasant ] last nigbt but there was no wind or I hail with it. Persons living in Mt. j Pleasant state that the wind and i hail seem to have gone no nearer 1 their home than Big CV>ld Water | Creek. Corn along the creek was I damaged by wind and hail, they re- j port. | Pittsburgh strengthened its lead in ] the National league yesterday by I defeating New York again while j Brooklyn was defeating- Cincinnati. | In the American League Philadelphia : won again from St. Louis, increasing | its lead while Washington was idle. New York won from Chicago and Bos ton defeated Detroit. A number of local golfers, headed by T. D. Maness, president of the Cabarrus County Country Club, went to Lexington this afternoon to take part in a golf tournament. The j Salisbury Country Club will be rep- ' resented in the tournament also, the , tournament to be the first staged at the Lexington club course. j SEVERE ELECTRICAL AND WIND STORM IN CITY | (Continued from Page One.) huge tree crashed to her home and was under tbe care of a physician for some time afterwards. On Loan street a power line pole • was practically blown from its foun dation and wires from the pole ig nited a tree, necessitating a call for the fire department. This street was ( covered with debris after the storm. , A chimney on the house occupied . by J. T. Fisher on East Depot street was demolished by tbe wind as was a chimney on the house on the same street occupied by Mrs. Patterson. D. F. Widenhouse, federal, dry agent, stopped to look at the latter chimney and while doing so saw the wind snatch part of the roof from the porch of his own home. Lightning struck a flue at the borne of Mrs. Ethel Griffin Black, on South Union street, ran down the flue and left its mark in the shape of a badly twisted stove-pipe. No one in the home was injured. Near the White-Parks Mill a bouse under construction was partially cov ertd with an old aiga. The wind THE CONCORD DAILY TRIBUNE snatched the sign in its grip and I hurled it agarnst the home of Leonard' Haruhardt, smashing several boards on the house and completely shatter . ing several window panes. Several window panes were blown from the Lentz house on North Church street and Mrs. Lindsey Ross, who oc cupies the bouse, reported that her front itorch furniture was swept from one side of the porch to the other ns though it were straw. A number of telephones in all parts of the city were put out of commission and falliug trees did so much damage to power lines that the city was in darkness for about two hours. Every avadable man was put to work on the lines and with the exception of a few homes the entire power service has been in Alteration today. The Concord Telephone Co. put a large force to work as soon ns the storm was over ami most of the phones damaged by the storm were in . operation again at an early hour this morning. Hail fell in some parts of the eity and county, carrying damage to the growing crops. R. C. Kenfield. superintendent of the street forces of the city, put his gang- to work clearing the streets as soou as the storm abated. Several trees which blocked traffic were clear ed away last night and others were removed early this morning. At the office of the Water & Light Board, it was reported that inter rupted service represented the great est damage done to the 1 lower service of the city. It is impossible yet to es timate the material damage, it was reported. On a vacant lot at the intersection of Barbrick and Spring streets a five-panel board of the Dixie Poster Co. was blown down and an adjoining sign was almost toppled by the wind. Jesse McClellan reports that on East Depot street a number of Eng lish sparrows were killed by hail dur ing the storm. A number of young sters who live on tbe street were seen ELKS NOTICE. There will be a regular meeting of Coneord Lodge No. 857 B. I*. O. Elks Thursday at 8:00 I*. M. QUINT E. SMITH. Ex. Ruler. By L. C. BARRINGER, Sec. ODD FELLOWS NOTICE. Meets every Thursday evening at 8 o'clock. J. D. WILLIAMS. N G. A. L. SHINN. Secretary. WIDENIIOUSE REUNION. The Widenhouse reunion will be held Thursday, August 20th, at ("en ter Grove Church. Adi connections of the Widenhouse family are cordial ly invited and expected to be present. THUS. WIDENHOUSE, 0-12-c. Chairman. ‘ KXXJOOOOOCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOC BEN HUR ] Ijl Perfume and Powder X Cline’s Pharmacy Phone 333 |! | Iji Is Your Daugh- !j| ter Prompt? i]i Give her an Elgin !| !]! watch and give it to her |i |i| with the explanation that || '!> it is given to help her to i| I]! learn the value of time ! ! |i| and of promptness. |! Easy terms if you wish. ' ! S. W. Preslar iji JEWELER ! ij! We Want Your Account IIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH FREE With each Tube of Palmolive Shaving Cream at only 85 cents we give one after shav ing Talc. Gibson Drug Store The Rexall Store CONCORD COTTON MARKET THURSDAY. AUGUST is, 1*35 Cotton .24 Cotton Seed ' .45 CONCORD PRODUCE M >KKrr~ (Corrected Weekly by Cline A Moose) Figures named represent prices paid for produce on the market: | Eggs -1 1 i jo Corn SIJS, Sweet Potatoes 1.75 Turkey* .25 to .30, Onions $1.50. Peas $3,00 Butter jo Country Ham * .30 Country Shoulder .201 Country Sides JO Young Chicken. -^5, Irish walking around with rtieir hands full of the sparrows which had been hilled while roosting in trees. The lightning struck the power line extending to the water pump station, the line being struck at a point near the station. For this reason the pumps in the etatiton could not be op erated and a water shortage in the reservoirs was feared. However, this line was repaired immediately, so file FANCY DRY GOODS .WOMEN’S WEAR ! C lf“ O(VATIOK-WIDE . /NSTimnoN- | Jlpnneyto # WX DEPARTMENT STORES 4M4 South Union Street. Concord, N. C. We Call It “The Melba” A Cut-Out Pump in Patent / \. / design signalise this f wJI W clever and stylish one- W strap pump for women. la. ' **i ■ I lIIWell made and finished HlYm * n P atent leather; military hCel th rUbber ***** * OW Patent Style-Leader For Present and Early Fall Wear Comfort, style, good /a\ materials, workmanship \ \ l and finish recommend this \ .7 s - V new smart pump to the K V Xj *sr seeker after real value, lfv • s \ Will Os patent leather; n»i tary heel with rubber tap. Low priced at—< A PORCH that harbors a Victrola, is a porch for joy and comfort. Let us equip your porch with music. KIDD-FRIX Music & Stationery Co. Is More Than Oil. It is POWER i We Are Now Ready to Supply You With HAVOLINE Mutual Oil Company PHONE 478 R. 1 For Light-Footed ( Comfort kT' S, You’ll find that the pleas ing little one-strap cut-out \ vamp as pictured here is simply ideal. Made of soft patent kid, it fits so smoothly, at the I \F |7 V 9 Q throat, instep ana ankle. It * 1 is a dandy comfortable shoe “the HOME OF good SHOES" * or K enera * summer wear. $5.00 <° $7.00 pumps could resume work. 1| At the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. I < A Cannon on North Union street.) lightning struck the side of the house r and set fire to a place on the wall of the sitting room. Almost imme diately afterward the flames were ex tinguished and no call was put in at the fire department. USE PEN NT COLUMN—IT PATS We feel sorry for , | your old Straw Hat n I > It’s an executive today—but it J I i will be executed tomorrow. —'si /tm | It’s holding down a responsible | I | position at the head of the i now—but it will be in the bread ® [ line within a few days \ j you spare time to see these ; i new headliners. ' 1 The new SCHOBLE light weight felt hats ai docked. The best looking Straw Hats in Concord are doome | You ve never seen anything like the new arrivals ft I Style you won t wait another minute if vou don’t wa i another day! $5.00 to SB.OO HOOVER’S, Inc “THE YOUNG MAN’S STORE” OOOOOOOOOOOO^OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQGOOC GAS, SIR? p^sir^plen^y^of greases and & other lui L. HOWARD'S FILLING S| • ■ “Service With a Smile’ — == — PHONE 880 Poverty Is Uncomfortable— But it is the only sure way of teaching a man how co sortable riches are. As most of us are in the poverty ck it is our ambition to become rich and the only sure w to achieve that is by constantly and consistently savit That is the purpose of a Savings Account. Start day and watch poverty flee away. CABARRUS SAVINGS BANK L Capital $400,000.00 Resources Over $3,000,000® /jfl II 'pßf m ] ill / 11 jjifj *' dig “J !|| |p| 0 I mjßpl !• 'iiSh I Make Your Summer Free From Ice Worrt Install Kelvinator electric refrigeration in yoi refrigerator and you can forget all about ice delii - ery this simuner. Kelvinator will keep your refrigerator much eofo and your foods much better and longer. When yc go visiting it will stay cold while you are got Kelvinator requires no time or attention and trouble free. It usually costs less to operate Kef nator than to buy ice. Phone or call lot detai Yorfce & Wadsworth Co. Kelvinator Th« Old**i Doaaiilt* EUsttk R(lfl|*m^M Thursday, August 13, 19|

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