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Goodman, who is un dergoing treatment nt the Bndin Hos p'tal, is improving now. She expects to be home in a week or ten days. According to a deed filed Thursday Mrs. Addie E. Foil and Mrs. Pearl Boger Lafferty have sold their inter ests in prooerty in Xo. 8 township to L. E. Boger for $15,000. Q. E. Smith, city engineer, reports tiiat numbers for all houses in the city have been purehased by the eity ami will be put on as soon as they arrive. It probably will be a month before the numbers are received, Mr. Smith explained, so the numbering will not be started now. A water carnival, starring wild an imals of the deep and other features, will be staged at the Y. M. C. A. ti night at 7 :30 o'clock. The pro gram has been arranged so as to be of interest to adults as well as chil dren, and a large crowd is expected to be on hand for the event. Xo official weather bureau is main tained in Concord but it is known that temperatures here climbed over the 100-degree mark Thursday. Sev eral persons reported temperatures of 100 in t'iieir homes and it is said that in the business district the mercury touched the 105-degree mark during the afternoon. Kannapolis got revenge on Fayette ville Thursday by winning the first game of the series in Kannapolis. The two teams will play again today and tomorrow. Quite a number of local fans went tf> Kannapolis to see the game Thursday and anoiher large con tingent will see the games today and tomorrow. Police officers of the city reported this morning that no cases were docketed for trial in recorder's court this afternoon, therefore no session of the court will be held. It was thought earlier in the week that it would be necessary to hold court this after noon but nothing has developed, ac cording to the officers. R. O. Walters and Dr. T. X. Spencer are spending the day in Ral eigh. going to file capital for a bus hearing. Mr. Walter is connected with the management of a bus line which wants one schedule daily be tween Charlotte and Greensboro, and Dr. Spencer attended the hearing as a representative of the Concord Cham ber of Commerce. •T. A. Walker has been given the contract by the city to patch a.num ber of street gutters in the city. The gutters to be repaired have become worn by heavy traffic and are being tourn out and replaced by new con crete. Several gutters on East De pot street near the square were re paired Thursday under rtie direction of Mr. Walker. Pittsburgh increased its lead in the Xational League Thursday by defeat ing Brooklyn while New York was losing to Chicago. In the American League Washington took the lead by winning while Philadelphia was los ing again to St. Louis. In the South Atlantic Charlotte lost its fourth straight game, being defeated by Greenville 8 to 1. j Colored persons returning from the swimming pool south of Concord are quieter now, police officers say. Sev eral negroes were pulled for speeding while returning from the pool and this seems to have had good effect on others, for during the past several days drivers of cars coming into the eity from the pool have been careful to observe the speed law and to make no noise. Sought Pay For Sinning Piladelphia Record. Like most religions pepole, Jeffer son Davis Lawson, of No- 3620 Fil bert street, admits that it is a sin to violate the Third Commandment. The commission of sin, according to LawsoD. lessons bis chance ot en tering heaven and attaining to ce lestial grace, and, in consequence he feels that he should be compensated in hard cash here on earth whenever he works o* Sunday. Lawson appeared before Judge in "Poor Mkcfs Court” last night to complain against Wil ley Kelly, of No. 3532 Warren street a contractor, who, he alleged, owed him sls for doing a Sunday job. He received $5 per day on week days, but because it was a s«o to work on Sun day it was agreed between him and Kelley that he should received sls to soothe his conscience for working on the Lord’s day. Judge MacXeille, it appeared did not think much of Lawson’s ethics and told him so frankly. "You ad mit that you were committing a sin. and yet you were willing to commit the sin for extra money,” said the judge. "I don't think you are en titeld to the money.” A young wife went into a grocer’s shop and said: "I bought .three or four hams here a month or so ago, and they were fine. Have you any more of them?” “Yea, ma’am,” replied the grocer, “there are 10 of those hams hanging up there now ” “Well if they're off the same pig. Ml take three of them.” said the customer, Al—What’s a tetrahedron? Bert—You mean an icosahedron? Al No, a tetrahedron. Bert—Well wouldn't you like to know what on icosahedron la? THE CONCORD DAILY TRIBUNE COLE'S COUNSEL PROTESTS? Reported as Opposing Special Term of Richmond Court Asked by Judge t McElroy and Solicitor Phillips. Raleigh. Aug. 20.—Governor Mc- Lean’s office today received a request for a special term of Richmond coun ty criminal court for the trial of W. B. Cole, millionaire cotton manufac turer, charged with the Slaying of Bill Ormond. This request was made by Judge T. A. McElroy and Solicitor Donald Phillips, and September 21st was suggested as the date. Private Secretary C. H. England said the request would be held for action by the governor upon his re turn to the capital next week. Only two weeks’ notice is neceosary for calling the special tend, Mr. Eng land said, so that the matter can be deferred until t'.ie governor returns. One of the attorneys for Cole was - said today to have filed a protest • witli the governor’s office against a • special term. The regular criminal session of Richmond county court , will convene October sth. j It has been regarded as likely that the defense would seek a continuance } until the January criminal session. It is reported that it may also ask for a ventire drawn from outside Rich • mond county. ’ In submitting the formal request ' for the special court, Judge McElroy ' and Solicitor Phillips assigned as the i reason the crowded condition of the • criminal docket, which now has some t 150 cases. To try the Cole case at the regular term in October would so congest the work of the court as to throw practically all the cases now ' S>n the docket over toMhe next orimi ’ nal session, which does not convene , until January. I' ' ' NOBODY LOVES YOU. It is impossible to get anywhere if 1 you are a erab. Nobody loves you. To be successful you must have a I kindly, lovable disposition. You can not have this with an unhealthy liver nd stomach. They don’t go together. 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Gibson Drug Store The Rexall Store IIHIHIIHHHHmiIHHHIHHUHIIIHHMII CONCORD COTTON MARKET FRIDAY, AUGUST 21, 1025 Cotton .24 Cotton Seed . .45 CONCORD PRODUCE MARKKT~ (Corrected Weekly by Cline & Mooee) Figures named represent prices paid for prodace on the market: Eggs .35 Com $1.35 Sweet Potatoes 1,75 Turkeys .25 to .80 Onions $1.50 Peas $3.00 Batter .80 Country Ham Ls 180 Country Shoulder _ .20 i Country Sides .20 Yeung Chickens .25 , Hens 18 Irish Potatoes .$1.25 Despite the protest made by on* member of the Cole defense counsel > against a special session, it was not t anticipated here that counsel will for mally register opposition as the date - recommended for the special session t is only two weeks ahead of the regu • lar term and any move for, coptinu . ing the trial likely will be made bo - fore the court. f The Raleigh post of the American ■ Legion, if railed upon, probably would make a contribution to a fund for the employment of an attorney to aid in the prosecution of Cole, Paul Hul- I fish, post commander, said tonight. • The post, however, has no plans for - taking action of the kind by itself, as it lacks the funds, Mr. HulfhtU • said. Local legionnaires arc keenly ■ interested in the case, nevertheless. ■ While not enrolled as a member of the . local )>ost, young Ormond was an ex > service man and was well known among the Legion men here. 1 Let Justice Be Served. Rocky Mount Telegram. Down in Rockingham Saturday a wealthy and prominent citizen walked up to a poor incapacitated ex-service man and without a word of comment poured three bullets into his body, causing death instantly. The wealthy citizen was later ar rested and lodged in jail where at present he is being held without bond on a murder charge. Hut, according tot dispatches from Rockingham in the morning papers, his cell is being "fitted up” so that lie will be “comfortable 1 ’ and be will await trial in a "specially furnished cell.’’ Just why, in the name of justice, should he have a ‘‘specially. , furnished celt"? The cell which is good enough for one prisoner should be good enough for another, wenlth, environment and prominence notwithstanding. If the tables had been turned and the ex service man had killed the wealthy manufacturer we wonder if there' would have been any additional com forts placed in his cell. Already the. effects of wealth are making themselves felt, it seems, in the course of the administration of justice. We are wondering how far these influences and effects will go when the cast actually somes to trial. North Carolina lias seen one badly tasting case in the trial of Dr. Pea cock. We are not condemning either the wealthy manufacturer or his vic tim, but are merely expressing the *io|>c that the ends of justice will be served and that the prestige and op- K. OF P. NOTICE Regular meeting Concord Ixidge No. .Il K. of I\ Friday evening at S o'clock. A cordial welcome to all members and visitors. K. E. PEELE, C.C. 3000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 I HAVOLINE OIL Is More Than Oil. It is POWER ij We Are Now Ready to Supply You; With HAVOLINE Mutual 00 Company! 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