1 ASSOCIATED I DISPATCHES VOLUME XXV Rain Fails To Halt Fine Interest In Big Cabarrus Fair On The Second Day : FIREWORKS HtINEQ OUT DURING NIGHT ! B tit All Other. Features of RegularJProgtam Were Carried Out on Schedule Tilue. DOG SHOW NEW FEATURE TODAY • Usual Free Acts and Fire works Will Be Given To night, Starting at 6:30 O’clock. i Bain that fell practically through out the dayi failed to interrupt the regular program at the second day of the Cabarrus County Pair Wednes day, 'anil several thousand persons were on hand to witness this races and the free dots and to enjoy, other features provided at the fair grounds. The rain Wednesday was a con- ' timiation of the shower that started ''•Tuesday night, but faig officials took it with calm, realizing that such things are to be expected. Some persons remained at home with, the belief that the regular program of ac tivities would be intigypiptH). hut Dr. T. N. Spencer,: flffr secretary, kept ‘ fhtflgK moving throughout the day and the, free acts and races wept off on . time, The rain did nrit interfere with the exhibits'in the various buildings, and ■this fact undoubtedly accounted for the large attendance. Persons in ?. charge of the various exhibits dec’.artd the dttenilnncc "Throughout the day and night was unusually good. A new feat pro offered today gt th? fair grounds is the. dog s’lipW.'and the animals have drawn hundreds of per il, sons tp their exhibit hall. Some of the dogs were placed yesterdayygfter r-noon and the remainder this morning, —“ SStrSF year. As the titi&D I exhibition today i>nly, 'hundreds oft tWrAAhs have * forsaken other featim's! that will remain during tile | tfeek to pay favor- to'tbeit l ''canine favorite. The dog show is beihg-eon-[ ducted in the building that adjoins . the poultry' hbiutes. Another feature of the- day was a horse-shoe pitching contest, prizes of S2O being awarded to the three win ners. This Is the first •time such H contest has been Staged at the fafr and it created such'interest that it is certain to be retained on the program for next year- The contest, by' the way, brought - out some remarkable horse-shoe pitchers in the cOurtty, No attempt was made to sfiOw the fireworks last night and'the program planned for that time will be offered in conjunction with the regular pro grain set'’for the balance of the week. This means that the pyrotechnical displays tonight, tomorrow night and . Saturday night will be bigger than ever. . Winners in Poultry Announced. J. Ivey Cline, in charge of the poultry department at the fair, com pleted his premium list Wednesday, and thus gains, the 'distinction of be ing the first department manager to submit a list of winners. Mr. Simmons, of Charlotte, judge of the poultry, was outspoken in laud ing the birds entered for exhibition this year. The judge stated that he pad seen larger exhibits but few chickens that were better than some he handled here. He was especially struck with the Buff Rocks exhibited by Mr. Cline, and he also spoke a word of praise for the Reds, Plymouth Rocks and other breeds entered. He stated to friends that several Ply mouth Rock pullets he examined were among the bept he bad ever seen anywhere. Mr, Simmons also praised the fair management for the manner in which .the birds were shown. The coops are wide enough apart-to give the chickens plenty of air and at the same ' time the arrangement offers visitors •to the poultry building' sufficient walking spgie. Prizes, as announced by Mr. Cline, after the judge had made his decision, follow: .» ' V . -Anconas —First Young Pen and First Old Pen to W. H. Brafford. Buff Orpington—First Cock, First, Second snd Third Heps, First and y Second Cookrels, First and Second Pallets to W- H. Cline. Thfed Pullet to Mrs. H. D. Eudy. First Old I%n to S. 3. Montgom «y. Barred Rocks—Second Cockrel to Tom Strete. First Cockrel. First, Second and Third Pullet to McConn brothers. Buff Rocks—First, Second- and Third Cocke, First, Second and Third Hen*, First, Second and Third Cook grig, First, Second and Third Pul lets, First and Second Pens to J. Ivey Cline. ■ Blue Orpingtons—First . Cockrel, First and Second Hens, First and S«c rond Pullets and First Pen to Mrs. H. D. Eudy. , | Browi/ Leghorns—First Cock, First snd Second Pullets and First Young f'indian 1 * R B unMr , Duekß—First Pair] to J. R. McClellan. j ilfcx j. y The Concord Daily Tribune ♦ V. \ Pekin Ducks—Second Pair to Man ita I.itaker. Bronze Turkeys—First Old Pair to G. H. Walker. Second Old Pair and Third Young Pair tc Harold Dry. First Young Pair and Third Young Pair to G. E. Blackwelder. ■Second Young Pair to G. L. Black welder. Narragausett Turkeys—First' Old Pair jto Airs. H. D. Eudy. Second Old Pair to Guy Ketner. Burbon Turkeys—First Old Pair to Mrs. H. D. Eudy. White Leghorns—First. Second ami Third Hens and Third Old Pen to J. Ivey Cline. - First'Cock and Third Cockrel to Center Grove Poultry Farm. Second Cock and Second Cockrel to F. C. Overcash. First and Second Pullets and First Young Pen to J. G. Compton. Third Young Pen to A. T. Roger. Third Pulfct, and Second Young Pen to F. J, Barntiardt. Second Old Pen to W. H. Braf ford. White Rocks—First Cockrel. Sec ond Hen, Third Pullet .anil First Young Pen to C. C. Smith. First Hen to A. T. Roger. First and Second Pullets to C. J. A. Stirewalt. White Wyndottes—First, Second and Third Pullets, Second and Third Hens to Mrs. John Odder. First. Second and Third Cockrels. First Cock, First Hen and First Young Pen to R. D. Goodman. edumbtan - Wymlottes—First, Sec ond and Third Hens and-First Pdn to F. S. Goodman. Rhode Island Reds —First and Second Cockerels, Second and Third Pullets'to W. R. Robbins. Third Cockrel to Paris Kidd. First Cock to J. R. McClellan. First Pullet to W. J. Holshouser. Second Cock and Second Young Pen to W. H. Brafford. First Young Pan to* TL L. Maul-! den, , Third Young Pento J. Ivey Cline. I Games—First and Third Hens, Third Cockrel and First OW Pen to I. H. Miller. ' .Second and Third Cocks to J. M. , .First Cm*. Secuml ami Thud Pui- T*W TO*H, A. Goodmaa. First «hd Second Cockrels, First 1 Pallet,; Second Hen and Second Old I Pen to A. T. Roger. ‘Dark Cornish Game—Second Cock rel to Glenn. Cochrane. .Silver Chin pines—First arid Second Cockrelrf, and 'Second Hens. First, and Second Pullets and Fir«t Young Pen to Mia. H. D. Eudy. 1 Tlndons—Second Cock. Beh6nd and Third Hens to W. L. Cochran. Flrsf Hen and First and Second Pullets to Mrs. H. D. Eudy. Light Bramas —First and Second Capkrels, First and Second Hens. First and Second Pullets aud Second Young Pen to Mrs. H. D. Eudy. Jersey Black Giants—First Pullet to Mrs. M. D. EUdy. Red Caracas Pigeons—First and Second Pairs to William Teeter. Swiss Mondianes—First Pair to William Teeter. Buff Carneas—-First Pair to Wil liam Teeter. 1 White Kiggs—First Pair to J. R. McClellan. Buff Cochan, Bantams—Second Pair to Lawrence Kiser. Lakenneldgr—First, Second and Third Cockrels, First Pullet and First Young Pen to W. L. Cochran. Against Independent Labor Party. , Atlantic City, N. J., Oct. 15.—(A*)— The American Federation of Labor today voted at an animated debate against the formation of an independ ent labor party. President TV®. Green said there may come a time when it may be necessary to organize such, a party, but ft present labor's interests can. best be se'rved by supporting can didates friendly to labor. ‘ ’ . Bob Chew Verdict Upheld. St. Louis, Oct. 15.—OW—The Bth Circuit Court of Appeals today affirm ed the conviction of Bub Chew, found guilty in Federal Court at Little Bock, Ark., of using the. mails to defraud In promoting the Bob Chew Syndicate No. 2, in Eldorado, Ark., oil fields. at—LL-a—! '-LJUJgg Men Getting Better, Women Worse, Is Conclusion of Cardinal Hayes New .York, Oct. 15.—The modern man-la on his way hack to the altars | of worship, hut the modern woman is daily going more astray, said Cardinal Hayes today after he had blessed the Father Shealy memorial building, a retreat at Mount Maressa, Finger board road. Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island. The building, not quite com pleted, it being erected in honor of the founder of the retreat, who died two years ago. It will cost $125,- 000. After the cardinal had praised the men who made the retreat possible, lie said: > “We are gravely and sometimes, I might aay, sadly disturbed and anx ious about our good women, eapecially I our young women. Within a ahort , time there baa been a radical and rev olutionary upset of principles that has I eaten into the very home and that has desecrated the fireside, and ia still menacing the vary foundations of our • U .«./„■ -f ££**£********+> * FAIR PROGRAM. i Thursday •* 10:00 A. M. —Dog Show opens * I 'AO P. M.—2 :25 Trot. * & 2:17 pace * * 0:30 P. M.—Free Acts. * * Friday * * 1:30 P. M.—2:10 Trot. * * Special Pace. st * 6:30 P. Mi—Free Acts. 5K 7:4f> p. M.—Fireworks. . 3K Free Acts each afternoon be- kk * fore and during the races. $ * * ♦ ***#■*■*■******♦ WOULD BUY CLUB a- FOR “BIG TRAIN” Fans of Oklahoma Want Friends to Buy Baseball Club for Walter John son. Muskogee, Okla., Oct. 15.—0W —A movement to raise a fund among base ball fans of America for the purchase oPa baseball club "for Waiter Johnson, the “big train" of the Washington Senators, has been launched here. The plan originated with Claude ' Williferd, president of the Eastern 1 Oklahoma Playgrounds Association, and local business men. “A million fans give a million dol lars foe a baseball team for Walter’’ is the slogan of Williford's campaign. In less than an hour last night 55 lo cal men and women give $1 each to the fund. Williford, who is acting as trustee for the fund, recalls that after the 1924 world’s series Johnson express- I ed a desire to retire from active play i nnd attempt to buy a minor league I club. DEATH CLAIMS AGED SENATOR 8. M. RALSTON Passes Away at Indiana Home Aft* Long Ulqpaa—Jgad Ijerved as GeJ , emor. •'— l~ Indianapolis Oet. 14.—Samuel M. Ralston. United States senator ifrom 1 Indiana: died tonight at his country •home north of this city. . j ’ 1 He would have been 08 years Old December 1. T ' e Death camo to the statesman nt the place he loved' bent, “Hoosleri Home,” located just outside the city 1 imits of Indiannpolis. Immediate: members of the fnmily, who had been forewarned of the senator'*,-: condi tion, were- present.': •• Senator Ralston's death wnR pre ceded by a long illnes caused bv disease of thw kidneys. .He returned ■ from Washington last Moron In poor health. On September 5 his condition be came aggravated and he was ordered to bed by hits physicians. , His condition became alarming , early this month "When Uraemic poisoning developed and recently his life had hung by a slender thread. . " WESTERN N. C. CONFERENCE FAVORS UNIFICATION Votes 210 to 141 to Merge the Two Methodist Churches in “the United States. ■■•' Statesville, Oet. 15.— (A 3 )—Western North Carolina Conference of Metho ' dlst Episcopal Church, South, today • approved the unification proposal with the Methodist Episcopal Church by an unofficial vote of 210 to 141. The official tabulation will be an ' ncuneed tomorrow. i •' • • , j Injunction Dismissed. New Orleans, Oct. 15.- VfV— Fcder -1 al Judge Louis H. Burns today dis ' missed on the grounds that the court was Without jurisdiction the injunc tion proceedings filed by former Bish op Win. Montgomery Brown in which t he sought to enjoin the House of • Bishops of the Protestant Episcopal 1 Church of the United States of Am : erica, from deposing him. > —i • Seventy-seven farms are still under , cultivation within the city limits of St. Louis. society, civil, political, social and | moral. The church of God is really praying most earnestly that our good women may be saved from the disas ter that is impending. “Alongside of that there is the most promising sign of the time, and that is the men are coming back to the al tars. “Men are not only going to Mass on Sundays now, but on weekdays as Well. They are going to the sacra ments not merely once a year or twice a year, but monthly and weekly and many of them daily. "When our men realize their oppor tunities in that direction it .means nothing else but our salvation; it means the glory of ‘ God: it means the salvation of your own souls and the souls of others; it lqeana the safe ty of society; it means a guarantee to our American ideals of Use and of our goverauiaat." North Carolina’s Leading Small City Daily CONCORD, N. C„ THURSDAY; OCTOBER 15, 1925 Walter and) His Brother | PM pLJL SB : i {M >. i IB ■ Jt iMi Sf if wtS :. -jL j § w' gm mam iMiw mm > v tm [ jM I wiwf mm - f Here is Walter Johnson shakin*: liands with his brother, Leslie, ] Coffeyville. Ivas. It wa* taken just Before Walter started his second world series victory. Possibly Leslie slipßed Walter a good old Kansas rabbit's ] SOME FEATURES OF PROPOSED TAX LAW WILL BE RETIED Treasury Ready to Suggest Maximum Surtax: of 2Q Written In< • to Die Next Law. > OFFICIALS!ARB /HP • T.fr- STUDYING PLAN They Have; Not Agreed As to the Maximum Amount by, Which TaM Bill May* Be Redueed.» Washington, Oct- 15. — UP) —The Treasury js prepared to suggest to Congress, that a maximum surtax of 20 per eenL be written into the next tax law, but Secretary Mellon has been unable thus far to arrive at a fig ure which may be prwposed as the maximum amount by which the na, tion’s tax bill may i-be reduced. The Secretary and Under Secretary Wilson are figuring on how much the total tax receipts may be cut, ami are expected to have statistics ready when, the House Ways aild Means Commit tee on Monday begins consideration of a new bill. Both officials'will appear before the committee at that time. There has been no change in the Treasury's views with respect to elim ination of a number bf the miscellan eous taxes, nnd for repeal of the pub licity provision of the present law. The Treasury secretary is not pre pared at this time however, to give details of his ideas. He said today* that the Treasury would make no for mal reeomendntion, bat would con fine itself to pointing out to the com mittee-the possibilities of revision in sofar as they affect the volume of re ceipts by the government. Drastic Power Cut For Gastonia Plants. Gastonia, Oct. 14.—The shoriage of electric power has again been forcibly brought home to Gastonia industry when orders were issued putting lumber plants, foundries and some other industries on a part time operating schedule. Some of these concerns are meet ing the emergency by rigging up gasoline power plants from automo biles or tractors. Printing plants were at flr.-t in cluded in the order, but were later al lowed to resume operations under electric power- Conditions are drastic and lhe Curtailment process may extend to all industries ex'eept those which are absolutely necessary, it is said by authorities. Salisbury Woman Burned. Salisbury, Oct. 15.—(A s )—Mrs. Cur tis Moose, of this city, was seriously burned about the face and body this , morning when a 5-gallon oil can ex ploded in the kitchen of her home, set ting the house on fire. It is believed; she was in the act of starting n fire in the kitchen stove, when the acci dent occurred! i rt r—«— . . ; The fastest trip ever made by the i famous “pony express” across the ! plains to California' was with Presi*- ■ dent Lincoln’s inaugural address in ■ 1861. Du that occasion the riders ! covered a distance of 1,966 miles in seven days, seventeen hours. 4* f MORE TESTIMONY i TENDING TO SNOW i BROOKS' INSANITY! ! < Threats Said to Have Been J Made Against Defendant ' Said by the Witnesses to Have Affected Him. J BRYSON READY ! FOR DEFENDANT Witness Said Bryson Told J Him He Would Kill Brooks If Latter “Ever , Crossed His Path.” Hendersonville, Ote. 15.—OP)—Tlie 1 defense .xrored today in the trail of Bonny Brooks. barber shop proprie tor on trial in Superior Court here for his life, chaffed with the alleged murder of Sam Y. Bryson, former ' mayor of Hendersonville. Threats made by Bryson that he would kill Brooks if the latter “ever crossed his path” were testified to by witnesses for the/defense today. These threats when repeated to Brooks had , a marked effect upon him, witnesses i said, and at one time when he was told Bryson might kill him, Brooks broke down and began crying. , H. W. Hawkins, of Spartanburg, , S .C., testified that he saw Bryson at Spartanburg after he had left Hen dersonville, following these incidents. , when Brooks surprised him at Brooks' home in company with Mrs. Brooks. Bryson asked Hawkins what the news was from home, and Hawkins told him he had heard Brooks was not there, but. had sold his effects and had gone to Florida. “You have brought me good news,” Bryson replied, according to Hawkins’ testimony. Bryson then started to f’dttverse about the affair, but Haw kins, who was also a friend of Brooks, asked Bryson not to tell him his troubles, the witness said. With Our Advertisers. Bob’s Dry Cleaning Co. uses Von o-lin in cleaning garments—holds the color while it cleans. Fresh fish and oysters Friday and Saturday at Cabarrus Cash Grocery Co. Phone 571 W. Men’s Good blue chambray work shirts, 65c to 08 cents, at Efird’s. See ad. of A. A. Quality grain ferti liser in this paper. “Barriers Burned Away,” an epic of the great Chicago fire, at Warnet’s Concord Theatre today. See J. C. Penny Co.’g feature) shoe for boys, features style, value, low price. See ad. MacNider Now Assistant Secretary of War. Washington, Oct. 15.—(A*)—Han ford- MacNider, of Mason City, la., was appointed Assistant Secretary of War today. MacNider, who is a former com mander of the American Legion, suc ceeds Dwight F. Davis, who was ad vanced to the post of Secretary of War upon the resignation of Secre tary Weeks.* Virginia Conference Opposes Unifica tion. Richmond, Oct. 15. — (A") — The 143rd annual Virginia Methodist Conference i wen£ on record today, as opposed to the unification of the North and South branches of the Methodist Episcopal Church by a vote of JJO2 to 169. SECURITY PACT NOW | WILL GET SUPPORT Os GERMAN PEOPLE > Germany Officially States at Locarno Conference That Pact Will Be Sign ed Soon. POLISH DISPUTE ALSO SETTLED Clause Covering German- Polish Frontier Is In eluded in Final Draft of the Pact. Locarno, Switzerland. Oet. 15. —Ger- many today officially announced her adhesion to the Rhine pact of mutual guarantees, framed at the security con ference here, with the object of out lawing war. The pact will be signed by Germany. France and Belgium as the principal parties, and by Great Britain and Italy ns guarantors. A solution of the problem of the Polish-German arbitration treaty has practically been readied by enlarging the scope of the treaty to make it vir tually the same as the treaties between Germany and France, and Germany anil Belgium. This means that all possible disputes, even those arising out of frontier questions, must be sub mitted to arbitration. METHODIST CONFERENCE MEETS AT STATESVILLE Progress Reported in All the Acti vities of the Church. Statesvilld, Oct. 14—The leading fenture of the morning session was the reports of the eleven presiding elders. These indicate that this has been a year of fine progress through out the conference. Mnny new church buildings ’have been erected, more than two millions pf dollars having been expended or will be when those enterprises are finished. The Sunday school nnd Epworth League work has had marvelous growths, : and there hnve been many thousand'con verted nnd added to the Church on profession of faith. In spite of drought and curtailment of work in the center of industry the financial reports show the largest amount paid to ad. onuses in the history of the church. Rev. L. E- Todd, D.D.. secretary of the board of finance, delivered an ad dress before the conference in the interest of the superannuate fund that is being raised by the Southern church. This fund is to take care'of the worn-out preachers, and widow* and orphans of dead ministers and in to be ten million- dollars when com pete. A large number of ministers are referred to the Committee on • chn ferenoe relations tor the supernum erary and superannuate relations. A class of young ministers are elected to the office •of cider. At the first session Bis nop Denny put the conference in high gear ami never changed until the adjournment at noon, consequently much of the routine business was transacted this morning. The afternoon was given over to the anniversary of the board of temperance and social service, and Dr. W. P. King, of the North Georgia conference, delivered a most interesting and eloquent address on the Rule.” The night session waß given over to the consideration of the Sunday School interests of the conference. The Bishop asked Rev. TV. L. Sherrill, secretary of Che previous conference to call the rol. Two hun dred and thirt.vfour ministers arid forty-six laymen answered to the first call. Rev. TV. L. Sherrill was elected secretary for the thirty-first time. He nominated as nssitant secretary Rev. E. A. Cole, of Leaksville. On motion of Rev. A. TV. Plycr fraternal greetings were sent to the Presbyterian Synod now in session at Mooresvillcs Through Rev. D. M. Litaker, James Anderson, of this place, pre sented to Bishop Denny a gavel, the wood which was cut from chimney corner of the house in which Andrew Jackson was born. Rev. L. E. Todd, secretary of the j NOW OPEN I The 56th series in this old reliable building and loan ij and savings association wll open on October 3rd, 1925. j t The Officers and Stockholders invite each and every 1 person in Concord to take some shares in this series. E Running shares cost 25 cents per share per week. Prepaid shares cost $72.25 per share. I Each share is worth SIOO.OO at maturity. \ We have been maturing our stock in 328 weeks, j Tax return day is coming. "JUST REMEMBER THAT ALL STOCK WITH | US IS NON-TAXABLE.” START NOW . J CABARRUS COUNTY BUILDING LOAN AND SAVINGS ASSOCIATION 1 i l : Office in the Concord National Bank \ T* reran To Weigh Brains J|j||g|sM Mate Library This is Dr. Arthur MacDonald, of Washington, who wants to measure the heads of all congressmen. He . has a theory that he can determine the weight of a man’s brain by cer tain head measurements and he thinks congressmen will* be ideal foi! «• his experiments. THE COTTON MARKET Opened Firm Today at Advanee of 4 to 20 Points.—December Sold Up to 21.54. New Y'ork, Oct. 15. —W*) —The cot ton market opened firm today at ad vance of 4 to 20 points, In response to relatively steady Liverpool cables and reports of further heavy general | rains in t''ie South with prospects of a (Troii in temperature in the south west. December contracts sold up to 21.54 after the opening, j making net ad vances of 17 to 22 points on active positions, on trade buying and cover ing by seme of yesterday’s sellers. The advanee met a good deal of hedge selling. There also was some local selling on rumors of ’private crap es timates of .13,125.600 bales. Pricey were a fetv points off-train Aha beat at the end of the first hour. Cotton futures opened firm. - - 1 Oct: 21.45; Dee. 21.40; Jan. 20.68 1 March < 21.03; May 21.22. ’ CHU RCH BUSINESS IS GIVE?S AUnSNTIfIIX NOW General Conference of tbe Episcopal Church Resumes Business Sessions. >,'ew (>r,leans. Oct. IJ3.—(AO— I The , 48th triennial General, Conference of the Episcopal Church of the United States resumed its sessions here to day after having completed yesterday tbe most hnportaait business before; R, tbe election wf its Primate. i The new X’rimate, who tiow is the most Rev. Ethelbert Talbot, Bishop of Bethlehem* and will direct the ex ecutive and administrative divisions of thUThurch, as well as occupying the office of Primate which takes the place of the presiding bishop. . Bishop Murray was elected on the 15th ballot, after almost a full day of balloting by the House of Bishops on a list of eight nominees which was sleeted Tuesday. board of finance of the Southern Methodist Church, made a stirring address to the conference, giving a history of the progress of the cam paign to raise $10,000,000 for the superannuate preachers of the church. He stated that already sl,- ■ 700,000 had been in cash and that the campaign was still growing in interest. The od preachers and their dependents will be paid this year : more than $200,000 from ai sources. This includes the entire Southern church. The transfer of Rev. M. G. Ervin from the Northwest Conference was ■ announced, and he will be given ap pointment. in this conference. Rev. M. W- Mann, of the Charlotte dis trict, was located at his own re s I quest. THE TRIBUNE • ! PRINTS i TODAY’S NEWS TODAYS ======*** NO. 24»-y OPPORTUNITY DA!s|| ARE GOING FAST AUTO CAfftH i H Are You Taking Full Ady*| vantage of the Final Days of the First of the Biggest Votes ?"J |g ONLY THREE * I DAYS REMAIN!!! Monday, October 19th, at a Midnight Is The Crucial 1 Hour of the Greatest of i „ Gift Offers. ■ Opportunity days are going fast The Concord Tribune-Times automp*. -W*i bile and cash campaign. What ' you doing with them? Are you ing full advantage of the final days of the first period during time the greatest vote credit entire campaign is given on subßcS>HyMg> t ions to The Tribune or. The Ihjin Or are you overlooking one Iters IMsB? waiiing until later in tbe to get that one there? Those V&* .|E| procrasticnate now will be missing I|| among the list of winners on her 21st. Those who give their best j| attention to the work of paign in the next three days will the ones who have the chance of ning the big prizes. H After today there are only more working days in this filSt? WjjjE biggest vote period.- MidnightrWjjjSSj Monday. October 19 is the hour of this greatest of all gift bfiVwjWp; ever made in this 'part of Carolina. Is it hard to believe tIIStJJB automobiles can be won or lortr these three days? If you refusse tbcfjHji believe you will likely lost your iat one of them. If you the truth you enhance your oppor!tttife|®|| ity of being file owner of a $211&3p Buick Brougham or a sl6lO 81 baker Special Six Duplex Phaetbh, kpwE. a $1335 Hudson Coach or a' s9BB] Chevrolet Sedan on November ■ Anotlier question: WHAT YOU DOING TOWARD CLOSING; IT* THF. BUSINESS ON THOSE Wk MANY PROMISES OF Sl BSCBIR- « TIONS FOR THE FIRST PERIOD?'II TO GET THE NOW WILL MEAN I MANY MORE VOTES—AND THE ®| VOTES WIN--THAN IF YOU LB3p ; M THEM GO UNTIL LATER IN THE f CAMPAIGN. A PROMISE IS YAB- * TABLE ONLY WHEN FOLLOW- ■ ed up.. ....... cTfSgB ■ Nqw. just a word of advice. . agaiust letting an accumulates-. of I ~ calls pile up on you for the last few J hours of the period. Begin ,to NOW on that final fateful hour. Don't be oue of those who will il®| you just had a little more tit»e . ; yo#t yß| could have gotten them all. lmd almost s ; x weeks and yott etui Hj have three more days. If you IteedUjMj this advice now you will have aßtptif|lH| time to get all those you ha?e> in mind for the closing hour, of tltafftwaH period. "ftetali ■ Have you stopped to figure out what lEg one or two five year subscription*aMg would do for anyone in this campaign jH now? If new they would count about o® ONE MILLION YOTF.S. Five subscriptions can make new. leMefcaJHj in every district. Five year turns are not to be found growing by Eg the wayside. They must be planned B for and worked for. Everybody catt get one. maybe two and perhaps morel vfi They can mean the difference between an automobile prize or one of valu in the end. Get them KOEH when they count for the most.' .v£g|H Midnight of Monday, October 19tb, should be the time toward which ytnl lMg figure all things. Will it see you on Sj the road toward a ear of your on|H or will it find you following the of lesser resistance where little is at*-:nK eomplished? Decide this question for yourself. BUT DECIDE NOW ! S To Continue State Fair Througb Sat- .9 urday. I Raleigh, Oct. 15.— (A*) —A change Jl in the program of the State Fait here'-«M will run the fair through 11 o’clock Saturday night, officials announced. fl Heretofore it has been the rule for ® the fair to close, so far us most of the sfl exhibits are concerned, on Friday. This year, however, arrangements have been perfected whereby the fair will , continue through Saturday night. H Raluston Funeral Saturday. .>3 1 Indianapolis. Ind., Oct. 15. Funeral services will be held a< 2 ill. next Saturday at Lebanon, Ind., for jB U. S. Senator Samuel L. Raulston, ■ whose death occurred last night at Ms home here following a long illness. ThtelS Senator made his home in Lebanon many years before his election an Od?-jB ernor of Indiana in 1912. 1— Loggia SAT'S BEAR SAYS: - j Mostly cloudy tonight and FrldaSßi !'■ possibly showers in Bouth uorddMa 'I slightly cooler tonight and b* 3 east portion Friday. Moderate ittHH s ing winda.

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