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    ■ •
RTednesday Nov. IS, 192?
■_oUCl ETV 1
’* <'® r Ha GoM«n Links.
/• * dpli K hff u»y pn
jfrtiinkl the Golden Links Mission*
3>f Society of Forest Hill Methodist
hurc-h at a ean social Monday night
_ 'it tier home on North Union street.
, Each member was naked to brink n
• “ in of Jelly or preserves which will be
• mt to the Children’s Home at' Win
-5' J on-Salem.
Each year at Thanksgiving the So
j ety sends a box to the Home.
Misses Nancy Allred and Ruth
ao *f led tlie guests in several inter
ting contests, after which the liost
' S, assisted by Mrs. B. F. Allred, ser
' d delicious hot chocolate and sand
„ichcs. The members present were!
r. and Mrs, Fink, Rev. and Mrs. T.
' 7 Higgins. Mrs. Allred, Mrs. A. .1.
' oasimer, Mrs, W. T. Linker, Mrs. S.
r , Howell. Misses Grace Forest, Irene
ither, Mnry Ella Cochran. Pauline
mes, Then-Morrison, Maude Miller,
race Miller, Nancy Allred, Ruth
tt V *oaf. Margaret Melchor, Pearl
• et brock and .Lora Troutman.
Entertains at Birthday Party.
Rita Margaret Wallace, little dangh
jer of My. and Mrs. Troy Wallace,
/' ntertained twelve of her playmates
P* ’u<-*ay afternoon in celebration of
■J crAjnrd birthday. The little folks
njoydr ’•games indoors and out-of
"" oors, after which they were invited
0 • nto the dining room, which was dee
,l rated itt pink. In the centre of the
*“ able- was the big white birthday cake
rith its three little pink candles burn
** ig. Ice cream and cakes and fruit
' v -ere served to the guests.
Mrs. Odell Honors Miss Crowell.
“ Mrs. A. O. Oddi was hostess at a
:j " autifnl luncheon at her home here
londay, complimenting Miss Ruth
■' roweli. of Charlotte,’whose marriage
' i Joseph Leighton Choate, also of
• harlotte. will take place this evening.
' The table was covered with cx
lisitc lace and in the center was a
' iver basket of bride roses and lilies
' F the valley. Silver candlesticks
1 fid white tapers.
Places were laid for Miss- Crowell.
4 liss Helen Crowell, Miss Martha
4 roweli, Miss Willie Choate, Miss
''F liaabeth Burns, Miss Margaret
tland, Mrs. Reynolds CuthbertHon,
“ Irs. Rhyne Cannon, Mrs. Yates Ed
’• erton, Mrs. Preston Andrews, all of
, Charlotte; Mrs. James McFarlnnd,
f Dalton, Ga., and Mrs. Joseph P.
'agan, of Atlanta.
Jttle Miss Edith Furr Entertains.
On Saturday evening, November
J 4, little Miss Edith Furr entertain
'da number of her little friends at a
■ ' lirthday party from 2 till 4 o'clock.
‘ 'he occasion was her ninth birthdny
" nniversary. Those present were:
iarah and Alma Auten, Minnie Bell,
.ourse and Machel Matiney, Bessie
ml Lenord Farrigat, Martha, Oll'e
nd Clifford Petrea, Leugenia and
Idlth Littley Margaret Abrigal and
arie Shinn.
After many games were played they
.irehed into the dining room, where
e ndwiches, cake, pickles, fruit and
f - ndies were served. The table was
•*' stily decorated with beautiful out
were. The little hostess received’
7 feral nice and useful presents. All
t wishing her many more happy
; ft Inlays. ONE PRESENT.
■ Apply Vicks at bedtime,
“ rubbing it well in. Then
spread on thickly and
cover with hot flannel.
Arrange bed-clothes so
vapors will be inhaled.
¥ Vapoßub
| Ovr IT torn*, Jm U—d Ymt*
li "
I Sold By
kJB Day Phaar MO
I ] Night PhoM SOO-IMI
W. B. Bruton has gone to New
York, where he was called on ac
count of the illness of his brother, Er
nest Bruton.
• •
Fred Patterson, of Philadelphia, ar
rived in Concord Tuesday evening to
spend some time in the city nt the
home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
John K. Patterson.
• • •
Mrs. J. C. Wadsworth and Mrs. J.
Lindsay Ross nre spending today in
• • f
| Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Morrison, of
Wallace. N. 0.. are visiting at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morri
son, in the county
• • N
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Wadsworth and
Mrs. J| Lindsay Ross spent Tuesday
in Salisbury visiting friends.
• • *
Mrs. S. W. Rankin and two chil
dren left Tuesday for Washington,
where they will spend the winter with
I)r. S. W. Rankin, who is taking a
course in that city.'
m • •
Hiss Helen Brown and Mrs. Julius
Fisher were visitors in Charlotte and
Gastonia Tuesday.
Rev. H. S. Bentield and daughter.
Ophelia, and Rev. J. G. Bentield, of
Lenoir, are spending several days in
Concord as the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. R. F. Moore.
• * «
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Musgrove, and !
Leigh Colyer, of Charlotte Martin 1
Mcßae and William Benett, of Wades
boro, Miss Helen Misenheimer, of
Winston, and Mrs. A. A. Edgeworth,
of Monroe, have arrived in the city to
take part in the Wilkinson-Green wed
ding tonight.
PameU.Minnish Wedding Announced.
The following announcements have
been received in the city:
Mrs. William C. Parnell
announces the marriage
of her daughter
Sarah Frances
i to
Mr Victor Benton Minish
On Thursday, July the sixteenth ,
1 ’ nineteen hundred twenty-five
York, South Carolina.
At home
| DO East Depet Street
Concord, N. C.
The wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Min
ish comes as a distinct surprise to
! many friends of the bride in the
. city.
After a wedding trip, they will re
turn to Concord where they will make
their home for the present.
Mrs. Minish is a very popular
young woman, having held a position
. with the Cannon Lumber Company
. since her graduation at Kings Busi
| ness College Mr. Minish bolds a re
| sponsible position with the Bagby
E eetrical CotflJtany of Charlotte.
Attending Crowell-Choat Wedding.
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Patterson,
I Miss Helen Patterson, Kay and Fred
, Patterson. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Wag
; oner and Mr; and Mrs. A. G. Odell
I are attending the wedding of Jtliss
[ Ruth Crowell to Joseph L. Cheat in
■ Charlotte this evening.
Mr. K. L. Craven Honored.
I Mr. and Mrs, L. A. Weddington en
tertained at their home on South
Union street Tuesday at noon at a
: dinner given in honor of K. L. Craven
who was celebrating his Slst birth
day anniversary.
Those present were: Mr. and Mrs.
Craven, Mr. and Mrs. Weddington
and children, Mr. and Mrs, Ernest
Porter and Mr. and Brs. B. R. Craven
and son.
Giving ’Possum Supper This Evening.
Sam W. Eddleman is giving a 'pos
sum supper this evening at the Caro
lina Case for the employees of the
Reid Motor Company and invited
guests. The opossums were caught
by Mr. Eddleman himself, who is
one of the foremost of the local hunt
ers in this lino.
Gives Dinner to- Sunday School Class.
C. A. Cannon was host Tuesday
evening at his home on North l , nion
street at a dinner, given in honor of
the ’captains and lieutennnts of the
men's Bible class of the First Pres
byterian Church. Mr. Cannon is
president of the class.
Entertained Bridal Party Tuesday
Miss Margaret Miller was hostess
at a party at her home on South
Spring street Tuesday evening, com
plimentary to Miss Virginia Wilkin
son, who is to be married to William
Stowe Green this evening at St. James
Lutheran Church.
Onl ythe bridal party was present.
A wedding cake was cut at the con
clusion of an evening spent in-danc
i »»r
Those present were: Miss Virginia
Wilkinson, Miss Lois Crowell, Miss
Margie MeKachern, Mrs. E. C. Tuck
er, Miss Lenna Tucker, Eb White,
Stowe Green, Miles Wolff, Ernest
Bsbinson, Max Warlick, all of Cop
cord, and Miss Nell Green, of .Gas
tonia, Mr. and Mrs, Lewis Musgrove
and Leigh Colyer, of/Charlotte, Wil
liam Beanett, Martin Mcßae, of
Wadesboro, Miss Helen Misenheimer,
of Winston, Miss Winifred Gnann, of
Savannah, and Mrs. A. A. Edgeworth,
of Monroe. »-. •
Mad Dog at Salisbury Creates Ex
Salisbury, Nov. 17.—A mad dog
running at large created pome ex
citement here early tonight. It bit
a child of H. A. Rouser and also bit
Judge B. B. Miller. Then going to
tltf center of the business section, ,11
bit Paul Henry just as officers who
were hunting the animal came up.
Policeman J. W. Keeler Shot and
killed the dog. One shot from the
officer’s, gun glanced and lodged in
the neck of Mrs. H. E. Kimball, of
Spencer, who was passing by. Hie
injury to Mrs. Kimball was only
A Oet.Tege.hcr Meeting of All the I
Members of the Chapter.
The American Legion Auxiliary
kept “open house" Tuesday evening. i
The occasion was a get-together
meeting of all the members of the !
chapter. The meeting was held in
the d’ning room of the Y. M. C. A
This room was beautifully decorated
in red and white chrysanthemums
with the American flag givep special'
prominence. At a long table extend
k ing full length of this spacious room
every member of the Auxiliary bui
three was seated. This table, with
its snow white cloth sparkling silver
ami profuse decorations in red. white
and blue, chrysanthemums and agent
tmn being used, was indeed a thing
of beauty” and certainly "joy was nn
confined," as the happy crowd par
took of tlie elegant three-course din
ner prepared by Mrs. R. E. Riden
lionr. Mrs. W. D. Pemberton acted as
tostmistress, and nfter a few word;
of affectionate greeting, she told us
something of the work of the organi
zation during tlie first years of its,
existence and then introduced Miss
Maude Brown, the president, who
very entertainingly told of the work
done last year and gave us the plans
for the new year. Since the prime
object of tlie organization is the care
of the nurses in Ward 1 at Oteen,
the announcement that a radio for
these dear women was to be our
Ohristmns present to them, was re
ceived with great joy and enthusiasm.
And our chief concern now is to raise
tlie money for making possible this
splendid gift.
Mrs. Uidenliour was next introduc
ed and gave us first-hand information
! from ithe nurses’ ward, since it had
been her privilege to visit them. So
vividly did she describe the condi
tions that that in our own hearts we
each pledged anew our loyalty to these
good women who have made such a
sacrifice for their country and us.
As a fitting close to this lovely meet
ing Miss Brown very feelingly express
ed her thanks for the loyal support
given her in making this hapj y oc
casion possible. MEMBER.
Getting Ready to Prepare to Try
Rank Officers.
R. R. Clark in Greensboro News.
Incidentally it is noticed that they
are beginning to prepare to get ready
to make an effort to start the trial
of the officers of tlie defunct Peoples'
Bank of Salisbury. The bank was
closed in June, 1923, and the indict
ments were returned in January, 1024.
It may be proper to express the hope
that there will be no undue baste in
rushing the defendants to trial near
, two years after they were indicted.
They nre, or were, prominent citi
zens, highly connected politically.
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Rev. W .D. Spinx Chooses as His
Subject, “Faith and Prayer."
Charlotte. Nov. IT.—(4>)—Choosing
as his subject, “Faith and Conduct".
Rev. W. D. Spinx. pastor of Brown
Memorial Baptist Church, of Winston- j
talem, delivering the auiiunl sermon i
before the Baptist Rtate convention 1
here tonight, declared that faitli ]
moulds conduct and character, that i
’he Christian fail'll of many today is 1
haken, and uncertain and submitted 1
i “faith which we believe will keep
he soul steadfast and serene amid ‘
troubled waters.”
The three articles in the faith sub- 1
mitted by the minister were: "The
supreme value of the immortal soul"; i
"Tlie superior dignity and mission of
the Chi]nil of Jesus Christ" r and “the
supernatural ministry of the Holy
Taking as his text 1 Corinthians
15:55, the speaker 'reviewed Paul’s
otters to the Corinthians, and dje
clared that throughout “the apostle
deals with faith nnd conduct as re
'ated to the church, rearfling tlie cli
max of his arguments, warnings, ap
peals, and instructions in the words
which he take for our text: ‘■There
fore beloved brethren, be ye steadfast,
uumovable, always abounding in the
work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye
know that your labor is not in vain
in the Lord." And the implication
runs throughout the fifteen chapters,
said the speaker, “that faith is the
foundation of conduct". . . . “Why,
chhraetcr and conduct,” he continued,
“are but an exposition of faith. What
I believe I am, I do, I practice.”
The minister gave as examples of
this declaration the character and con
duct of the apostle. Paul priof to his
conversion, and after. He also cited
the belief of the Germans before the
World War. “that they were com
missioned by heaven to eouguer the
world nnd dominated it by German
“Now, what shall we believe—what
must we believe if we are to be stead
fast, immovable nnd always abound
ing in the work of onr lord? I
think you will agree with me that we
are living in a day of great unrest,
a day of disturbing and demoralizing
agitation. Men's souls are being
tried sorely. The faith or belief of
many is being tested to its very foun
dation. Many, we fear, are discover
ing they have not the faith they once
theought they had—or what they took
to be faith, under the test of the
times in which we live, is resolving
itself into mere speculation They
have not that faith in then! breasts
; which made martyrs and saints. A
faith for which they could gladly sac
rifice their life blood—but not one
inch of conviction. They do riot have
a faith which produces a life stead
fast. unmovable, and abounding."
Referring to the three articles of
faith lie submitted, Mr. Spinx said
. that “by faith we do not mean opiniofi
’ or speculation, but a d&p, abiding, as
, suring convieticn, which is what the
author of Hebrews defines faith as
Os the first artie’es of faith, “the
supreme value of the immortal soulj”
the speaker said, “that tlie soul of
man is of supreme va’ue is admitted
by men in realms other than re
ligions,” and he thus defined the
1 soul:
“The center of the inner life—for
just as the heart is the seat and cen
ter of the emotions—the is the
seat and center of life itself. Our
self is our soul. We mean that which
we think Jesus means—that in man
which is capable of knowing God—of
fellowshipping with a holy God—of
enjoying God, of being rich toward
that which is in danger of being eter
nally separated from God.”
The effect of Bueh faith upon con
duct, said the minister, will result
in “characterizing it by a holy passion
' for the salvation of the lost souls of
men and women. And when any
church loses a holy passion for the
salvation of the lost—God pity that
Discussing the second article of
faith—the superior dignity and mis
sion of the church of Jesus Christ—he
said that the church’s “one outstand
ing and distinctive feature” is thut
“it is the one great agency through
which He operates and carries on His
. high purpose of grace for the world.
That lifts the church of Jesus Christ
in superiority in dignity,, and in mis
sion as far above any other institu
tion of earth conceived in the mind of
man as a glistening star in yon heav
en is far above a clod of eartiu”
Referring to the superior dignity
of the church, 'Mr. Spinx said there
were three things said of the church
that it would be “sheer blasphemy to
say of another institution: “God
bought the church with his own
blood”; Christ loved the church and
gave himself for it’;; and “God gave
Jesus to be head over all things to
the church, which is his body, the
fullness of him that filleth all in all.”
The church, he said, is superior in
her mission, for “her mission is that
of functioning as the living body of
Christ on earth.” And this faith, he
said, will affect conduct thus: “It
will characterise conduct by a bold
ness and aggressiveness that will an
swer every challenge of a great task
with a ready and full response, and
the challenge of every evil with sturdy
The minister concluded his sermon
with a discussion of his third article
of faith-r-“the supernatural ministry
of the Holy Spirit.” And he con
cluded his discussion of this' phase
of his sermon :
“Suppose we look sincerely to the
Holy Spirit to teach us —to comfort
us—to glorify God in us —how will
it affect conduct? It will affect it
in characterising it by a deep and' in
tense spirituality. And when a
church loses the glow and warmth of
deep and intense spirtuality God pity
that church —no matter how great
she may be in numbers or rich in
material resources.
“And do it brethren, with a faith
in the supreme value of the immortal
soul—leading to a holy passion for
the lost. With sincere faith—in the
superior dignity and mission of the
church of the living God—leading to
bold nos and ready response to the
challenge of every task—or of every
evil. Wit’a a faith in I lie super
natural ministry of the Holy Somt—-
leading ;to a deep and irftense spirt
ualky—we shall Is* steadfast, un
movable, always abounding —and our
I So All May Hav, it : j
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