North Carolina Newspapers

W«SB»4-The Mrs. John M. ( o«k
in tilt- heart of the city.
house. See M, H. Sher
. 24-ts-p.
tlaiu> Fresh today. Get
Dove-Boat < '<».
■Bjesh Oilers Far Thanksgiving.
gSHKnxmr ylotir ortier early and be sure
|Hp getting' them. Rhone 510 anti
Obax. <'. (iraeber. 24-2t-)>.
('hirkrn. Oysters ar.d
Fresh and cured meats. Gurry
Kft Mabefy. V 24-2 t-p.
■£* Oysters. \\ holes ale and Retail.
HpPhone .'AO and 525. i'lms. »'. Grue-
J 24-2 t-p.
Style stiiHVu Sausage. Liver
small perk hams. Satii
■pry Grocery Co. 24-lt-p.
of "Fat Hens. AY. •). Glass ft
* 24-1 t-p.
Supply Large and Small Celery.
|B&gttlUv. " eranherries. caiilith-wer.
■ Mr. retard & Hairier. 24-1 t-p.
Hy One .if Our Fruit Cakes. Lip
■ tjiard ft‘Barrier. 24-1 t-p.
—pry Heater and Stove \\ mxl
stave length. W. F. Cannon.
Some f! 23-2 t-p.
Bthry. Lett ure and Cranberries. Dove-
Cuf 24-1 t-p. |
Hnit Cakp-—All Sizes. \\. .1. Glass I
■" & Son. 24-lt-p. J
Hhtr Your! Thanksgiving Dinner Call
Flumes 21 and 121. Dovc-Bosi
H.€o. 24-lt-p.
Lots For Sale—On Kannapo-
Hfilis Hoad, above undrrpu-.-. 7.1x222. J
■LPlimir 54! BY cr 441 \V. 23-3 t-p.
■See Is Fof Your Denatured Alcohol
lor radiators. Curl Motor Co.
■ 23-,lit-e.
■Fur Sale or Rent—One House on
Street. .1. S. Slwiffer.
i;2.'U. 22-2; -x.
Hp*r Sale—l»« Aeres of lanul Loeat-
H al 3 1-2 miles easi of Conecrd
H the Gold llill Road, s room liouse.
B -double barn and nut buildings. M.
■ L. Cline, Route 4. 22-4 t-p.
Kff Its Celery. Lettuce. Cranberries,
■ : bananas, lennu:-. ...auges and ap-
Bfcpiex. we have them. Also pork
Kit hams, sausage, snusr meat and pi
■menta ham. Fruit cakes. Rhone
■ 263. Fisher & Litaker. 23-2 t-p.
■Found —Sample Case. Owner Can !
■ get same by paying for lliis ad. and
BlsGßlling at home of .1.1). LI. Iscn
■L hour. North t'nion street. 21-ts.
■For Sale—“For Hire” Cards For Jit-
I neys, at Tribune-Times office. 10
K cents each. 17-ts. I
■Order Proprietor. Waiter anil Cus
* totner to Throw Hands Ip; (let
■ St:t«.
JgfeijPharlottn. N..v, 21. Police were
■e* fishing tonight for two fashion-'
Mr dressed bandits who staged a
■bold heidup Sunday night at 11:41
■wclockin the Little Ruck Case.
■Pry-on street.
At the point of rcc.-lvcrs. Jhe\
■add off one of the proprietors', a
■waiter and three euKtoiners. leoied
■he cash register of SI2S 1,, anil
■prickly made their getaway in auto
■tnobiles. “
customers including the two
Hgntlits. seated at tables in the case
■jrere munching sandwiciies I{. y|
■ White. one of the owners, of the rs-
Efird’s Beauty Parlor
It- - v \ .
K; Jt Mas Secured the Services of
rx MRS. LACY, of Richmond. Ya.
an operator of wide experience in all lines of
Beauty Culture
~ All ladies cordially invited to visit our
Beauty Parlor
yj Phone 880 For Appointment
£■ ~ )
HraL-_,& j&foV V v Y. ‘K-C ' j -V • .v
Efird’s Beauty Parlor
CHANGE. 24-2 t-p.
- For Keut—House Near the .lacfcwu
t Training School on National High
way. R. P. Arthurs. Harrisburg
Route 8, Phone 4812. 24-lt-p.
Let Fns Have Your Thanksgiving
’ orders —we have the goods. Lip-
I paixl & Barrier. 24-lt-p.
Firework* at Peek’s Place Near l n
p devpass on Kannapolis road. Can
dles. rockets and big boys.
‘' Extra Fancy Celery. Lettuce, Toina
' I toes and cranberries. W. .1. Glass
I ft Si n. 24-lt-p.
' i ..'use Received a Barrel of Fresh |
'j pickled pigs feet. Try a few i
i pounds with your next order. I’honc i
110 and 521 (’has. C. Graebee.
•j 24-2 t-p.
I Phone For Your Ford —its the Easiest
way. l.ippard ft Barrier. 24-lt-p.
Squash, Egg Plaid. Bell Peppers.
tomatoes, cauliflower, string beans,
spinach, onions, carrots, rhubarb
and greens. I>ove-Bost Co. 24-lt-p.
Lettuce. Celery, Cranberries. Pump
kins. Phones t>7t> amid (MSB. Sani
tary Grocery Co. 24-lt-p.
Pure Pork Sausage. Country Style.
Phone 510 and 525. ('has. C. Grae
j her. 24-2 t-p.
! Feindrtl Gootls Make a Good Thanks
giving tliuner. l>ove-Bost Co.
| 24-lt-p.
New Crop Extra Large Pecans Just
arrived. W. .J. Glass & Sou.
Lost—White and Black Spotted Dog,
j half feist, small ears, with right ear
I split. Notify Dunk Cook and get
| reward. Buffalo Street. 243 t-p.
For Sale—Ford Coupe in Good Oon
• ditiini. Inquire at Tribune Office.
For Sale — Eleven I’igs Decemlter 10
at W. O. Petrea s. 23-.'lt-p.
.Heated Furnished Rooms For Kent.
Desirable residential section, llione
501. D-ts-p.
Don't Forget that We Will Give 10
per cent, discount for east) with or
der for Kngraved Christmas Cards
received before December Ist. We
have in stock a beautiful new line
of these cards. Cull and see them.
Orders delivered within a few
hours after receipt. ts.
j .Wel-Bro I .id ion—For Pimples. Black.
heads, and all facial blemishes. At
all drug stores. 11-6-30 t-e.
For Sab"—One Duror Boar and Two
Duroc sows, three months old.
. Bure bred. C. S. Thompson. Route
I 3, Gold Hill. 21-41-p.
tablisbment. was in the case. George
Mi-Swain, a waiter was serving the
Suddenly the two whipping out
revolvers, sprang to. their fret. level
ing the weapons on the others and
shouted almost in concert: “Hands
Up.'" Ten -hands went up. The men
got away in an auto waiting outside
tile case.
An examination was proceeding- in
the class room.
Inspector: “Can any boy tell me
what rentes in like a lion a ml gees out
liko a lamb?"
Silence prevailed for a few min
utes. then a piping voice from tile
hack: ”(>ur landlord, when he gets the
back rent."
Is Constltutiouai Government at
Stake? This : s the subject of a lec
ture to be given in the 11. E. Church.
South, at Kannapolis Thursday eve
ning. November 211th, at 7:3t> by the
lion. Oliver \V. Stewart, of Chicago.
Hi. Mr. Step art is well known in all
parts of tlie country for his cease
less work in the cause of prohibition,
and continuous campaign in the cause
of Lajv Enforcement for the past four
years. His lecture in this city will
place the number well i«»st the 1300
mark that this veteran has given in
the cause of civil righteousness. He
\vas associated with the late Frank
Hanly. Ex-Governor of Illinois, when
the latter established tire National
Enquirer, HI years ago, to aid in the
passage of tltv 18th Amendment to
tile Co Hat it at ion. and of wh ; ch Mr.
Stewart is the present Editor. Mr.
Stewart makes a challenge to the
wets in iheir latest announcement,
that they expert to rapture control
of the next Congress.
Local men appearing on the pro
gram are Rev. .1. F. Moser and Rev.
IV. C. Jamison, both of Kannapolis,
will have charge of the meeting for
tlie evening. The public is invited to
meet Mr. Stewart.
Work Will Be Suspended in Sell olds
For Thairksgiviiig Day awl Rest
of W eek.
Public schools of Cone n d will close
tomorrow aftornoon for the remainder
of tlie week, tlie usual Thanksgiving
holidays to lie observed.
County schools will officially ob
serve Thanksgiving Day with a holi
day and onie of them will he closed
Friday also. Those school* which
close on Friday will teach an extra
day inter to make up for tlie holiday,
as the one day is all that is allowed
although teachers have tlie rght to
close Friday also if they can make up
tlie work at a later date.
A number of the teachers in tlie
city schools plan to spend the holidays
with home folks. They will return
in time to resume regular work Mon
day morning.
New York Mirror.
The stingiest person 1 know is a [
fellow who monopolizes a girl all ctr-1
iitng at a dance and bids her itflieu at j
tire subway entrance.
The stingiest person I know is a
lady who saves all undesirable gifts
and presents them to her friends at
< 'hristnnis.
The stingVst person I know is tlie
man who keeps his )my envelope oil i
Saturday niglii and tells his wife lie
lost it.
The stingiest person I know is a;
man nisi calls to see his girl friend
too late to take her to a theatre andt
suggests they go to tile movies.
The -tingiest person I know is at
man who goes to the theatre alone |
and brings home lie program to read j
to his wife.
Only a bundle of fagots.
Broken and twisted in turn:
Laid in p : lc for the lighter.
High and straight let it burn.
I can see the tine wood.
Made by tlie Master so keer-
Tortt in flic middle ami sever,si.
Twisted unfit to be seen.
Tims does life with her subjects
I. when its heart's sick and sore;
Each piece twisted and wasted.
AY it 1 1 so much of. promise before.
Broken by word and action,
Broken and misunderstood:
laiid on a heap at angles
Like so much kindling wood. <
Five Deeds Recorded Here Monday.
Five real estate transfers were re
corded at the court house Monday,
property in various parts e.f the coun
ty changing hands as a result of tlie
{transactions recorded. Tlie follow
ing deeds wore tiled:
Mrs. Minnie Ice Click to C. M.
Kiser for $2,500 property in No. 5
John Bradford to J. C. AleEaehern
for $1,200 property in No. 10 town
M. F. Teeter to Mrs Janie Lawiug
fe,r $1 Mil property in I’etrea Heights
J. R. McMakiu to Mrs. C. R, Hmitti
for $550 property in Harris addi
11. N. Thompson to C. E. Barger
for SB,OOO property in Kannapolis.
Sooth Carolina Makes Seleethnn of
Columbia, 8. C„ Noy^-23.—At. the
meeting of the corauviHee held in the
•late eapitol here this afternoon to
select South Carolina's five heroes
for the Stone Mouutain memorial,
the following names were selected w,
AVarte Hampton. Richard 11. An
derson, Joseph B. Kershuw. Stephen'
B. Lee ajid Mart Gary. T'.ie find
three names were chosen unanimously.
The Only museum in the world de
voted to the sport of skiing is located
at V rognersaetera, a short distance
from Oslo, the Norwegian capital.
Plans Maturing For the Third World
Friendriilp Trfl».—C» harms \. m.
C. A. Sends Three .Members.
Kannapolis, Nov. 24.—TlirVe boys
from Cabarrus county an' being con
sidered •as possible members of the
Third World Friendship Toui'. to be
conducted through ten foreign emvi
tries next summer under the auspites
of the National Council of tlie Young
Men's Christian Association, i: was
announced today by John S, Cariieu
ter. general secretary of the Cabar
rus Y. M. C. A. Forty boys from
nearly forty -tales will be accommo
dated this year, as against twenty
from eleven states in L!>2s.
The boys selected will be divided in
to two groups of twenty each, line
group, to be gone ten weeks, will sail,
from New York in June and visit
ten countries. The other, wli'e’i will
be away five weeks, will attend ,he
AYorld Y. M. C. A. tmnfcrenee at Hel
singfors, where two thousand pOfsoas
from about fifty countries three hun
dred of them boys under twnnty-oue,
wiil meet to discuss world problems.
"Efforts will be made to have the
tours as reprcsentat : ve as possible."
said Mr. Carpenter. "Four negro
bays will be included among the forty"
tourisms, and. if possible, one Ameri
eqn Indian. Tlie boys mas; be bt
high character and outstanding quali
ties of leadership. It is obvious, of
course, that many applicants of good
standing and eligibility w'i' have to
be rejected, since the size of each
group is limited."
The longer of the two tours, fail
ed the A-t tour, will leave New
on June 2<> and wiil return Septem
ber 1. A'isits to England. Belgium,
France. Germany. Holland. Sweden,
Finland, and Denmlfkk will be in
cluded. From July 31 to Angus' 7
the party will be at IMsingfors,
where, with members of the shorter
tour, they will camp with fcovs of for
eign countries and attend sue,- a! boys
It is expected that in many of the
countries visited prominent officials
will greet the American txyvs. This
past summer, the A'. \i. ('. A. pirty
was received by many officials, in
cluding !>r. Michael Haiuiseh. presi
dent of Austria, who presented each
boy with a large autographed photo
The chief idea of tlie AYorld Friend
ship Tours is "to promote a better
understanding among tlie nations of
tlie world, through introducing their
youth to one another before they have
reached tlie age where thoughtless
prejudice sets in, ' according t« J. A.
Aim Dis. of the national conned, who
has conducted tlie tours in the pasl.
George White's Scandals. >
flow would you like to bn the of
ficial ehpemakcr to four dozen
dainty ('ibderellns? Snell is the tin
'll 'tial position of one AA'eilington
AA'ard. of Devonshire. England, wlm
is now in America ministering to
the shoe needs of the famous beavity
chorus to lie seen with George
White's Sen Jala's of 1P24. coming to
the Charlotte Auditorium on Thanks
giving Day. Thursday. November 26.
niaCnee and night.
It is Ward's sole la-k to provide
tlm necessary footwear worn on the
stage by tlie feminine contingent of
the “Seaminis." And may be be
hasn't got some job. The exceedingly
high imiiort duty on the finislusV
.Englsh boot product is the direct
cause of his being in this country.
It is figured a big saving in foot
wear will be made by having tlie
unfinished product imported and
romfileted at AA’ard's plant in New
Aork. after which they are res hipped
to the members of the chorus, as
yceded, on tour
The George White feminine beau
ties require a specific type of danc
ing slipper that cannot be dtipli
rated in America, and owing to tlie
peculiar nature of their dance per
formances the girls need stipper re
placements at surprisingly frequent
intervals. AA'orking right hours a
(Lay. it takes Ward, who is a skilled
shoemaker of some twenty years or
more experience. approximately a
full month to turn out tlie requisite
four dozen jaiirs of dancing slippers
of the special design, with sizes and
construction varying according to the
indiv'dual measurements of the
youthfitt Iret.
The George AA’hite Scaagkils of
1924 will be iu two nets and thirty
lavish scenes. The costumes. Stage
decorations and curtains used ! in the
revue were made in Puri* ny Max
AA'ekly, from design* furnished bv
A Word of Appreciation.
To my many friends in the city, of
Concord and over that part qftCabar
rus county which I canvassed in the
recent Tribune-Times Automobile
Contest. T wish to express my s'ueerr
thunks. I appreciate more than I can
express, the interest each one of you
has shown in me besides giving me
your, subscriptions.
I feel that my largest reward not
the S2OO cash prize I have won, but
iu the large list of new friends I have
made.durjng this contest. And while
I am defeated so far as an automobile
is concerned, I aiu not defeated in the
larger and richer things, the acquisi
tions of friendships, for these will be
fresh, anti good when the automobile
is worn out and gone. And-this fact
helps to enable me to hold up my head
itiqi smile, and say "the will of the
Lord be done" in the face of defeat.
Concord.'X. Xuv. 24. 1925.
No measure taken by the new gov
ernment in Turkey can be regarded
• as helf so radical as the order for
the Turks to discard the fez for the
hat'of western Euriqm. For cen
turies, so iieartily have the Turks
hated the head covering of Europe
that a common way to accuse a Turk
of infidelity to Islam ha* been to nail
u lint to’ his door. „ „,
. \
Pletftre of Fir mam Shown in New
I York Made in Chicago, Dr. Prihce
Tells the Scientific American.
New York AA’orld. '
i Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, lecturing
on spiritualism in tiiis city once.
I showed hix audience a picture of L 2
tirenn n ity Cliicagt* against a back
ground of smoke under tlie impres
sion that lie was exhibiting u remark
able spirit photograph, writes Dr.
i Walter Franklin Prince. widely
t known investigator of supernatural
phenomena, in the current issue of
the Scientific American.
llr Prince, whose article. "My
Doubts Abi ut Spirit Photographs," is
itearrihed as a answer to
Conan Doyle's recent "The Case for
Spirit Photographs." explains that lie
is telling for the first time lmw the
fncted spiritualist was fooled by a
Adopted as Spirit Photograph.
“'A a lecture in New York," the
investigator writes, "Doyle showed a
picture of a dozen firemen who per
ished in a Chicago fire, thrown on a
bncKgiotmd of smoke from tlie burn*
ingt building. He admitted Fiat he
dull not know the history of tlie pic
ture but it looked so much like the
famous Cenotaph spirit
that lie adopted it.
“1 recognized it at once as a fake
mndc by a Chicago photographer to
show what eould be done. I saved
the lecturer from reiieating his blun
der Hml would not tell Flic story t|ow
had 1 >oyk‘ net be<*ome so bitter against
ttjipjiion sense caution anil w> «langer*
oi|{4 to the public wliicii thinks the in
ventor of an impossible fiction deter
tivf must himself b<» a deteetive.**
Dr Prince begins hi» article with
tlie t;item<«nt: **l do not deny that
thrtc are spirit photographs, but ‘hae
ma do"t»* of proncmncwl character/’
Attacks English Pietun.
H* attacks first w'uit Conan Iki.vle
has said is the most mnarkub’e spirit
photograph that lie ever has seen. It
was taken by two English boy medi
ums in a spiritualist ihurch in Eng
hmd. At the top is a male figure
with long beard and one liand extend
ed with fingers spread. Flanking
this are several small nude Child
form- The “octoplasm” lies about
thick y.
Tim mother of the photographers, a
medium, said the adult figure wa«!
that of St. John the Evangelist, who |
at times was her guide. Four ether
mothers recogpixed their c&ildrrn in
the four baby forms.
In National Gallery.
“,!>* liOndon spiritualists never
visit their national gallery T asks;
Dt*. .rrince. “There hung, ami I sup-,
pose hangs now. the original of the]
picture of *Bt. John* and the four i
recognized children, unmutiluted
Am I the first to j* that the upper two-fifths of
a print of Murillo's Holy Farn?H* i-s
whir’ ftirnisheil the basis of this
Wpipt photography V
"Tiie ‘Ht. Jehu* was meant by the
sos the Deity, the four j-eii*g-J
Mihltaju are the chertjbs com*-
in sm h pictures t\\V> and a half
centuries ago. the dove lips been blot
ted ont by •ectoplasm.' and the lower
halff of picture. <*ut away. l»ut
1 wiil mt dispute that is the best
spirit photograph ever.'*
l)r. Prince's article follows tests
made by the Scientific American of tlie
claims of many sjprit mediums, the
last one to l>e examined by the pub
lication's committee, of which Dr.
Prince was a member, being Mrs. E.
I. Crandon, more widely known as
“Margerly.** wife of a lloston physi-,
«ia n.
New York Mirror.
My girl frend aud 1 were in a •
theatre one evening when a young
fdlow entered and occupied glie seat
beside ine. He was handsome ami
soon I grew interested in him. With- i
in an hour. thinking I took my
friend-*!* arm. 1 sad : “Dotty, don't lcok
now. but isn't the feth>" beside me
ImndsoineV** Imagine my embarrass
ment when I had taken the fellow's
arm instead of the girl's.
< i 1
A frii’nil ill tile ntfii i' pi'CSi llted riiv
vitb a bottle of wine on the day the
bank examiner came to inciter! tlie
book*. Everybody was silent anil
working yery hard, when suddenly I
there runic a sound. "|iliqt," aud tlie!
Fork liitided on the desk of the sur-
Jirised examiner. It ttiok me quite
-■me time to emivi|iee tlie manager
that I was not to blame.
I, was in Manilla where street ears
u f -(divided iiito first ami see olid class
FirnGclais fare is six cents and see
.Midsriaxx five cents, (file marnitqc I
lmmed to my office w ith only a nickel
in my pocket. As I boarded the sec
ond class I discovered, to my horror.
tln*jt a Kiri I laid danced with Die
ni|{it before was Itcckonini; to me
feoß the first-class. I didn't have the
price ty join her.
Aly .boss absolutely- forbids. Die gil ls j
lo enter the lunchroom adjoining our
office during" 'W-incss Ibmre. One'
afternoon I tisik tlie opportunity, when
my boss left Die office, to go into the
luncheon room. Upon sitting at a ta
life I found my employer across the
tnlAe. *
Every night I place my money un
der my pillow. Yesterday l forgot
to take it when ’I was going to busi
iies*. I went to lunch at the iistiql
time, and when I went to imy my
check, I found that I lutd forgotten
to bring my mouey. The manager
compelled me to leave my gold watch
a- de|Kwit until I could return with
the money.
A friend of mine sold me two tlicu-
Ire tieltrlx for a benefit which wqs Jo
take Flnce iu the hear future. I ov
erlooked the date of Die performance
und took h friend to the theatre. Al
ter presenting tin- tickets, the door
■qau shouted. "What's this. These,
ticket* were for last night. " 1 neve,
felt more embarrassed. -
The western league magnates will
get together for their winter Kieet
i**,.»t Kguags on November
SI? - ; --V- - -3 7 '
Citizens Bank and Trust Company
< has lb W AHONKK. President C. L PRO PST. CaaMer
3j i —:* AF - GOODMAN, Vice President 110 VD BIGOERS Asst. r».M»
r □tag ■
Wit m. l; marsh e. c. barnhardt geo. l. patterson
p - *• stallings w. d. pemberton j. f. goodman
CHAS 't M N 1 SPENTER L ‘ UMBE^°c R NIBLOC 8 ' B wagoxeb
" We lend moneyon approved security. X
THE HOIvJe OF Ve receive deposits subject to check-
GOOD BANKING We iss u« Certificates of Deposit bearing four per cent
interest. _ .
•« ' ■ * : V
Prices cut 15 to ;?(> per cent, on everything. Card Tables $1.95. Bridge Lamps
$1.95 to $9.50. Floor Lamps worth $2W.Vh> to $25.00-going for $14.95 to $10'?,5. Smoke
Stands $1.45 to 6.95. Big Overstuffer Suites. Three pieces $124.50. All
Furniture reduced 20 per cent. Dining Room Suites Gut 50 per cent, All Rugs*and
Floor coverings reduced. Goods bought and paid -for during this sale can be left in
the store for future delivery at our risk. We have sold already several pieces to be de
livered Christmas. Come early and get first choice. -
Concord Furniture Co.
4V Prodigy
-• ,/ ■ j
/M j|k|» 'TH|||
Mm*, \ %
flr J
Miss Twohtg is ths
youngest coed in the University ot
Wisconsin. She's only 14. but she's
enrolled In the school ot music, hav
ing completed her grade school edu
cation ih five years and her high
-\6chool _worW In three.
4Hd*atlnhabitant —Yes. 1 was !(2
on my last birttylgy.
Stranger—And how about your
memory ? . '
Oldest Inhabitant—As good as the
day I was born. • > -
The Butterfly
The prettiest pattern of the
season is now in display for
yotir approval.
. AiCa to D Widths
$8.95 / -
Ruth-Kesler Shoe
So All May Have a
New Dress For Thanksgiving
A Great Sale of Dresses For Every Type of Woman
Priced at savings, and a scale range to gratify every
means of expenditure. In styles for every type of woman.
Flat crepe, crepe back satins, fancy faille." Plain georg
ette, lace and georgette and beaded georgette models
Long and short sleeves. Hifetrsnd low collars. Colors
include all that’s newest.
special $7,50 $9.95 $14.75 $19.75
and on
Chape! Hill, N.C.
Thursday, November 26th
MOITIIERS railway- system annoincks
Ticket* on sub- November 25th uud 26th. Final limit November
Special train wilt be operated Charlotte to Chapel Hill awl Return c»
»hown below:
1 -euve Charlotte at R-jJS J». \{ 1
Leave Concord November 25th at 1 SI:2S I*. m! !
Leave Salisbury November 25tti at 16-2 t) I*. M. !
Leave Lexington. November 25th at 10:45 C. M; !
Ix-ave Thpmusvllld, November 25th at 1 jj p jj‘ ]
Leave High Point. November 2611 iat Uj j f>’ j|. I
[’ Legve Greensboro. Nov. 26 at 2-50 i. m!
i Aa-rive Chapel Hid November 26th at. A. M
! Betjurfiiiig KperiaJ Train will leave Clmpell .Ilill TjOilin f» M. ’ Kb
[ veuibrr 26th, returning home morning of November 21th. f
I Spw ial Fulln»(U sleeping ears have been arranged mid mnr be oci h
pled at < ’lmpel Hill during tie- -liiy. . . . , >.
! Speeinl dining,ear arranged Minting breakfast, luncheon i»d srtcc'al
[ Turkey Dialler Noy, 26t!i.
For farther informal'on ami reservations cr.ll on any Sou*'re--u Rail
| way Agcut or address: It. li. GRAHAM.
!-- • invasion Passenger Agent, j
Li,;.-. / CharMte, NFC..’. - - j
Tuesday, Nov. 24, 1(525

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