North Carolina Newspapers

    I Monday, Dec, 7, 1925
ggH , •«
J& Merchants
H Long ago you learned
fl that by giving
||| more than they expected
Hf was a good way to get
HI .their trade. You must
■ I carry a balanced _ stock.
|l| We must produce an un
-9 failing standard of fine
9 workmanship. The dain
tiest silk fabric from your
|H store or a heavy fur coat
|!| can safely be refreshed by
||9 Bob’s. Recommend us,
Phone 787
■Handsomely Engraved Visiting Cards,
■ 100 for from $2.35 to $4.00, includ
■ ing plate. From old plate, $1.50
I per 100. Times-ITribtine office, ts.;
| Twenty tons of water is' a burden !
[that ftnudrrds ofthousunds of Ameri
[can farm women must carry from
[the well to tin* house every yea/.
-Ike. MARTVft.
- i ■■ aw abwci. we. , j
'T'pop The amouhJTof 'W' if Y&depfewf vomPsh But rop I'vlaStfr'ro wctTV7a'
»s&!ck f ssfesy j
NcfrewoosHtb } ThvownbpwrTf«e f WNsiWiWfiMSLAND
i H &%*ssr
Jh\ r f
- y ’ •?* '>?k i ' •••’•.• ••• H
ton can keep. the telephone from
disturbing you by failing to pay the
bill for a couple of i pout be.
Tbe good die young, especialy the'
good turkeys.
We knew a man cnee who got o
mad at his .neighbor he gave his
Ultle boy a drum for Christmas.
A debate was held by radio , re
cent lyr What a tine way to argue
with someone you can’t whip.
Tlie.stingest man is with us again
this year. Has some Red Cross Seals
he saved from last Christmas.
; (Copyright. 1923, Net Service. Ine.)
How Husband Can Even Scored Mf»h
I>oew your wife give you Christmas
‘gifts” such as vacuum cleaners, elec,
trie irons, dining room' curtains, and
so forth?
Wives do that sort of thing, yotj
know, seme of. them even charge the
gifts to the husbands' accounts.
Yet, history does not record a hus
band hardy enough to retaliate by
presenting hits better half with n hu
midor, a smoking jacket, or a shot
| *»n. V
Xow, however, (his eliauce has come.
H. 11. Jewett, president of the Paige-
Jowett Cotor Car Company, points
out the way:
Giye your wife a ear for Cbristmns!
She'll be overjoyed, of i-ourse; inch
dentally, youll get lots of pleasure
and comfort out of it yourself.
But be sure to pick a car that is
1 to steer, simple to control, and
above all. one with positive braking—
•because, to maintain (teace, you will
have to let.the wife drive the ear
: onee in a while.
j In eight games of tbe past season
the Dartmouth football team scored
:!40 points, or an average of 42.5 per
■* » i'*
NBA Service Writer
i \ Washington, Decf oL—The r*mith
> soniap Institution* report tor Che
. last fiscal year, just out. Id a weighty
■’ volume —menally weighty, that is to
say; its avoirdupois Isn’t so cry eon.- i
i siderable
i* • •
For itißlance, “Tjie Electrical
. Structure of Master,” by Professor
, Ernest Rutherford, M.A., D.Sc., L.L.
D„ Ffe... D-, F.BA, FJLA.A.,
8., M.8.X.8 (and then some), ain’t I
. exactly twhat one would ick us a
bedtime story for children—t bough'
i it; might put ’em to sleep, at that.
A Vacuum containing hard upon
> two billions of gag molecules to the
Cubic inch doesn't seem like a vet/
■ tmn vacuum, but Dr. W- W. Whit
• oey saga it’s the thinnest anybody
I every has been able to produce. Xo
wonder “The Vacuum—There’s
I Something in It” was tbe little Dr.
! Whitney chose for bis article.
• a, s
According to R. L. Junes of the
! American elephoue and'
t Company’s research laboratories,
’’Simple eomputatitms show that if
I we could have a minion persons talk
,l tag steadily, nnd cenvert the energy
, i of the voire vibrations into heat, they
I I would have to talk, an hour and a
half to make a cup of tea.” ./
• * -t
This just goes to siiow that even
■ scientist*- make mistakes. Who
hasn’t seen a mere minute and a
half's talk between only two .persons,
! over one of Jones’ phones, genu-rate
1 beat enough to burn, out the cou
■ nection! But in the main the Smith
i sopian’s book is perfectly accurate,
with lot* of nice pictures taken at
the Rock Creek zoo, and plenty of
good reading matter, if you’re
l erudite enought to know what it's
I about.
"" ' ~
"Deab Editor —Who is tbe mean-,
cst man in town?”
Answer—The fellow who' refuses '
to contribute to the Christmas
Empty Stocking fund.
“Dear Editor—When i* a man a
Answer—When he is unselfish and
i ,oves his fellow-mam. 8110 k an one
ban a reserve seat ticket to tbe
Glory Land.
"Dear Editor—When a person has
a bad cold is he sick ‘of it or 'with'
) Answer—Both. And he wHI “give”'
it to every other eprsun he lueses or
\ with whom lie comes in close cop
She—Why didn't you take me out
to dinner last night?
He—Circumstances over which I
had no control prevented me.
She—That's a long name for your
Down in Louisiana there was 011 old
man and his wife sitting outside their
house when a funeral procession pass
ed. The ( old man was comfortable,
seat« 4 iu a chair that was tilted with
its back to the street, his feet very
comfortably fixed ou the sill of the
"I think that's the funtral-of Old
Man W iliams,” said his wife.
"Reckon it’s the biggest oeei. arnnt-d
here in a bug time, ain’t it, Cur
“A pretty gboil-sized one. Bud,” his
wife replied. _
"I sure would like to see it, ’.said
Old Bud. “Just any luck to be facing
the wrong way.”
New Gateway to West For Produets
of the South.
Knoxville. Tenn., Dee. it. —111 con
nection with its new John Sevier ter
minal, located six miles eust of Knox
ville, the Southern Railway system j
has established a transfer station-)
which is now the clearing House for
package freight moving from Virginia,
Carolina and East Tennesee territory I
to the west and southwest, and is [
greatly expediting the movement of 1
Jnnuufncturcd products and mercliun- j
disc from the South.
John Sevier tranfer has capacity !
-v Hand ing 120 ears per day audtj'
is now loudiug an average of 500(1
cars imt week. Kreigiit for the west!
is loaded to this transfer whore‘solid
curs are made up for a. large number
of iHiiuts including Cincinnati, Louis
ville, East St. Louis. Memphis, Xew
Or.eans. Oleveliilwl, Detroit, ludiun
rpo’.is, Chicago, XHiinenpoas-St. I’au'
Kansas City, Springfield, JIo., and
Cheyenne, Wyo.
For Chicago, proper'ears are loaded:
to move via four different routes
vhile, to insure the prompt movement
f freight for p ints beyond, cars arr
oaded to three leading transfer sta
tions in the Chicagtr territory. Sim
t’arly ears are loaded for direct de-’ <
livery to three north branch lines at
Cincinnati, as ''well ns to the Mouth
-ru’s own freight house, and to two
western line, at East Bt. Louis.
A great volume of freight is now
being loaded direct to John Sevier
which was formerly .bandied at the
Southern's transfers .at Spencer. X.
C , Hayne, S. and Inman, Ga. As
a result back-liauling and indirect
movement have been eliminated And j
the movement generally accelerated.!
' _j. i
‘‘Holly,” the favorite dec-ration for!
Christmas, should really be “holy." I
It was accounted snered.
*•*?-!— 1~‘- '! jtsjgw 'tytSL-yj
An Ideal Investment For
- Christmas Fund I I
If you hare a Christmas Savings Fund to apply §
against the purchase of a Ford car or otherwise 111
are in a position t» make a down payment at |
this time of approximately 259 t of tnepurchase
price, you can get immediate delivery of a Ford 111,
car—have it for Christmas morning. Ij»
And what an investment! i! | y
With your Ford car will come a new interest ■»!
inlife—fot the entire family. Think of thehours TOIIRINfi PAR
out-of-doors! A wider circle of friendships!
The Ford Toucißg. Cai, widx close-fitting cur- .
tains that give protection from any weather, C f II ■■ ■
is an exceptional value. If you prefer a closed *r Mln ■
> car, the Tudor Sgdan is ideal for family use.
See these cars today at the nearest Authorized
Ford Dealer. And invest your savings right! yf Runabout - f 260 •
*'■■■> Coupe - - 520
’Satai s.
Cloted cart In color.
Demountable rims
and starter extra on
open cart.
BSjHRnK : j| X t All poets f. ». h. Detroit J,
W if'iail;! Htl Y L\ ... ...
\ wr \ VOMBKr v s
Blinded By Booze Found at a Big
St.inly County Heralil.
| That even the dumb annuals are '
! opi>csed to the enforcement of the
Volstead Law, nems established by a
tale which Col. George Reynolds wats
telling to the Xew*-Herald reporter,
ahd a number of others, thin morn
ing. Col-Reynolds had just returned
from a visit to his brother-in-law,
Mr. Clem Dowd, whose homo is
located in Montgomery county, near
Candor, the peach town- The story
goes somewhat along this line: Sev
eral nights ago tthe herd of cattle
ranging in Mr. Dowd's large pasture
failed to come up, as was the usudl
. custom. Mr. Dowd thought strange
of it but made 110 si>eeial investiga
tiion. I.ate in the afternoon of the
next day the herd, wabbled up the
'lane and into the bam yard. Mr.
Dowd noticed that they looked
“down in the mouth" apd - ’ seemed
just about "petered out;** Closer fe»-
vrstigation disclosed that one of the
-cows was blind as a bat. However,
the cattle soon recovered from their
apparent drowsiness. A night or two
later, they again failed to come up.
As was the case the time before,
they cume sneaking in late the fol
lowing afternoon.* Mr. Dowd saw
aotlier cow w*» blind and that those
having their little bit of vision left,
“looked like they didn’t give a rap.
The owner of the pasture and the
herd of cattle, decided the time had
come .for him to investigate the con
duct of his cows, so he carefully sur
i *<nouo bigfj BoSiH il j
r?R. joNes ! f
j 130 3700 33 T Pt<£ i
i | M^ c^^ d r J.
excuse for _ a
■ avert AB anoomgd mirth !ii - J
veyed the territory embracO! in hie
large posture, and found a big sulL (
| A drain from it emptied in to a ]
pool.* The tracks of the cows showed i 1
that they had been imbibing from the i ]
“fountain of youth,” and that ex- 'i
'plained the whole situation. The next \ 1
day the still was moved, and three ]
days Inter the dry officers visited !i
that, territory and got the still. Mr. \ 1
Dowd’s two cows are still bliind and 1 1
the others "don’t feel like anything '
much,” since their long debauch. i 1
“It seems to effect cows about the e
same as it does men. They just will
stay out ,at night where they drink 5
it,” says Col. Reynolds. jj
Two Men Who Cannot Help. *
Dearborn Weekly.
Mr. Wiggam says that in the pres
ent world crisis there are two types '•
of men who cennot help very much. *
One is the optimist who believes ;
that you can take a sow's ear and *
make it into a silk purse by deep. =
The other type is 'tne pessimist,! f
"tio, confronted with a choice of twoj !
evils, takes them both.
Os the two, however, the pessimist, >
not without advantage. He walks |j
cautiously at least, and with his eyes |
open. He at least asks questions, jj
He may be a pessimist but he is *
an inquiring pessimist. An inquir- I
ing mind is a safer mind to follow j
than a Blind that accepts everything. I
with a gulp and a smile. j ?
The surprises and dnwppouitnients "
in store for the optimist are usually '
very sad. Hut the surprises and dis
appointments of the pessimist are al- i j
ways good and glad.
I ® Now
j Caromal Kid San- 1
I Patent and Satin and all the popular lea the and fabrics are here !., *
B with strap or the Step-in I’uuips. •■;
Our stock is most complete now and priced to meet your ap- y |
p ” v - $3.95 *» $8.50* ■
T7S 2WT: I'I'SES"SgIif ag»g7 3 '%
jl Chowder for your hens , \S9
I I .Cow Chow for your cows S
i Omolin for your horses and mules X
! Pig Chow for your hogs #|a
Hay and Straw, 5
We carry groceries of most anything to eat ,
PHONE 122 i ‘ W
| Wanted: 100 Fat Turkeys and 200 j
Fat Hens
Will pay 2o cents per pound for Turkeys and IBc |j
fj per pound for hens. We advise you to sell now before ■
-.{ the market is glutted. This offer good to Friday noon,
|| December 11th only. j
None wanted after we get the above number. ‘First §
| Come, First Served.” j
C. H. BARRIER & GO. [1
Light Plants and Batteries
and Shallow Well Pumps for Direct or Alter
nating' current and Washing Machines for Direct or Al- \
ternating Current.
R. H. OWEN, Agent
j -.Phone 669 Concord, N. C. ’ | |
—— . —=l.—-• - I . I
'Mjf "WHITE"
- Rrv Sewing Machine Event
There are Many Features distinctively “White” that make |
it superior to other Rotary Sewing Machines. Sale Date De- ’&
cember Ith to 12th. Phone 16 For call at our store for Free ‘
Out of the High Rent District *3
Concord Kannapolis Mooresville China Grome
"I ' ' ' * r S " ' rj
Alemite Lubricating Service
I .We do not use any Lubricants .except Alemite Trans- 1 j
s mission, Differential and Chaste lubricants, one which
lows the easy shifting of gears even in Zero weather, and K i
I i greatly reduces friction. | j
Get alcohol in your radiator before it freezes. ■ i 'Jm
| ,< Gas, Oil, Tires, Tubes, Accessories, Car Washing, f*.Bl
|| Tire Changing |
■ r
Sd. ZZ X T. ”1 iITTrX”"" :rrrTiT:vr~. t

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