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When You Start to Build
H p- r Tlie right time to take cut insurance is when you start E
p building. Then if through any cause your building should I
J, burn, even before completed, the Insurance will cover |
J j'our loss. ~~ H
I* Fetzer & Yorke Insurance Agency |
Successors to Southern Loan and Trust Co. H
i V/V/xTLI-I Mortar Co,or* |
A Real Character \
$4.50 Value SPECIAL $3.45
This Extra Special Exactly As Illustrated ]i|
. | More Doll Value Than Any Other Store By Comparison \
]< Money to loan on Cabarrus County farms at FIVE ]!|
] j AND ONE-HALF PER CENT, interest pavavle Novem- ' |
I? ber of each year. No inspection fees. No life insurance X
!? required. Pre-payment privileges on any interest date. \ '
]< Write or phone for information. <
Thies-Smith Realty Company
No. 200 Com. Bldg., Charlotte, N. C. !
PHONES 3278 and 4415
rc lfou Can
Xmas DinmrxUnd Have Plenty
Os lime To Enjoy The Day !
Just install an Oriole Oven Heat z' .
Control Gas Range and your cook-
In some ways you ant'cipate / 'VABBKjj&HMA
Xmas—for it is a season of good j
cheer and cordiality. Ye; it is dreaded J?'" fiw
by many women because it means
a heap of work and worry. Pre
paring Xmas dinner is no easy task.
Everything from turkey and fruit
cake to mince pie must be just righv
This Whole Meal
j| -- | Aluminum Cooking Set
tt Is specially designed for
|1 ! a whole meal oven cooking and
L w consists of ona Oval Roaster
] \ (l7Vi , xl2 , *7y,»).two3qt.Con.
—i vex Pota with ring cover, one 1
, Qt. Convex pot with ring cover.
The pota are fitted with ring
Thisyearthoughyoucansurprise ZZZX'nJJX £
the family and your guests. You can tire set fits in a 16* ovin at one
give the finest dinner you ever time,
served, yet be fresh for the table and Ot thim free.
the day’s fun. Just install an Oriole Buy you j-range today.
Oven Heat Control Gas Range. , t
You’ll find cooking by time and
temperature a real relief. Always Vjl' IB P t WJ
perfect results. No worry. Less ' —^
’* time in the kitchen. Insure a won- |l4 , 4^3B^
derful Xmas day by installing an \ 1 If) X TflFi
Oriole Heat Control Range. V-W J ,
Far two weeks only we re conducting this special Xmas Sale. With each
Oriole Gas Range purchased you’ll get free the practical cooking set de
scribed deewhere in this ad. ACT NOW—only a LIMITED NUMBER.
BBS* •
z Concord Sc Kannapolis Gas Co.
Sale Ends December 23rd
y - - ■
J » *** /
, Concord Daily Tribune
I The time of the closing of mails at
I the Concord postofjjee is as follows:
I 130—41:00 P. M.
A. M.
34 4 :10 P. M.
38— 8:30 P. M.
30—11:00 P.-M.
! Southbound
v 30— 0 :30 A. M.
45—3:30 P.M. ,
135 8:00 P. M.
23—11.00 P. M. ,
L= I== J!
14:tie Laura .lane, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. B. 1.. Crowell, who has been
%ck for ijome time, is improving.
A ling pull, a strong puli, a pull
altogether for the county market in
Concord as one moans of a bigger, bet
ter Concord.
Mrs. Conrad Ilili and daughter.
Jane, have returned to their home
on Depot street from the Concord
Yvonne Burnt, the daughter of Dr.
and Mrs. Bunn, of Mt. Pleasant, is j
very ill at her home with bronchia 1 j
Much improvement is noted in the]
condition of Sonnie Boy. the son of i
Mr. and Mrs, C, IV. Jenkins, who has -
beeM ill with pneumonia for the past
ten days.
According to a deed tiled Thursday
M. F. Teeier has sold to J.'F. Newell,
trustee, property in No. 10 township I
for SI,OOO and other valuable consid
Our 1020 memorandum books arc
going fast now but we still have
enough for those subscribers who have
not received one. Call at this office
IMIW and Ret yottrs. |
The Woman’s Exchange will serve*
sandwiches, coffee and uake Saovday
afternoon and evening in its store on
Ncrtli I’liion street, formerly occu
pied by Duffy’s Hat Shop.
Police officers report only two eases !
for trial in recorder’s court this after- i
noon. One defendant is charged
with assault on a female and the
other is charged with passing a
worthless check, officers report. |
Just eleven more shopping days
before Christmas. It will he to your
advantage to visit local stores now
and secure the best of the large stocks
of goods offered. At present there
is a variety of good things to choose
C. L. Smith, who is auditing the
books of the county, expects to have
the work completed soon. Part of
his report will be incorporated in the
annual statement for the county, the
statement to be published in the near
i The Concord Y basketball team will
play Charlotte Y tonight in Charlotte.
Local followers of the game are not
-particularly optimistic as to the out
come. the Charlote team having one
l of the strongest uaints that it has had
i .in years, ,
I T, 11. Webb, of this city, has been ]
j appointed a member of the finance i
l committe of the North Carolina Rail- ]
l road, succeeding the late Major W. A. i
, Foil. Mr. Webb's appointment was 1
I announced in Raleigh Thursday by j
| Governor McLean.
I Police officers here have been ask- 1
I ed to locate IV. A. Lofton, said to be !
j an employe of a local mill. His motb-
I er died in Anderson. S. this week
i and relatives want him to return home.
I So far officers have been unable to
I find such a mail in Concord.
! Rough places in the pavement
where the base of the street had given
way at. the square were being re
pairted today. For weeks
traffic crossing the square had re
ceived a jolt as it hit in the depres- 1
sions which luid formed at this place. I*
L. V. Elliott, register of deeds for j
the county, is now preparing the an-i
nual county statement for Cabarrus. I
The law requires the statement to
be. prepared each year and published
in a county paper. The statement
will be published in The Times in the j
near future.
At their meeting in New York ;
Thursday owners of the teams on the
major leagues voted to close the sea- j
son on September 26th next year.
This is a week sooner than the usual
closing date, the change being made so
the world series can be started sooner .
to avoid Cold weather.
Rackiey. star quarterback forthe 1
Wake Forest football team 1 for the
past three years, has bee if elected
captain of the 1926 team. Rackiey
was chosen unanimously by coaches
and sports writers for the position
of quarterback on the mythical all- j
state team this year. i |
Miss Cara Harris, principal of the
Corbin Street Sehnol. reports that a
large audience was present for the
presentation of the play, “The Sea
sons,*' at the school Thursday eve
ning. The children taking part in
the p'ay were highly praised for the
work and the various numbers were
generously applauded.
Cotton ginnings for Cabarrus coun
ty up to December Ist were an
nounced Thursday by George W Lee,
county statistician. Vp to date, 12,-
929 bales 'have been ginned as com
pared with 11,578 bales of last year
to December Ist. This makes the
present ginnings only 400 bales short
of .tbe entire number of bales ginned
last year.
Rev. Dr. Kirk, of Baltimore, declin
ed a call to the Fifth Ayenoe Presby
terian Church of New York .City. In
the 117 years of tits history this is
the first time it* call has ever been de
clined. ' r -
“Read the Bible more and' talk less
■ about it.” was the sound advice of
fered by Mr. J. W. Bailey in his speech
before tfie Raleigh Religious Forum
’ recently.
r—" ■ »■■' h ■
[j <jUOnC*J2 GF.
/ { -IWo OWE
* 136 S. t’nion St.. Concord,tX. C,
Dear Santa Clans:
1 am a lit,;' hoy six yerrs old. I
go to school c\ cry day, and lik. my
teacher fine. 1 want you to bring me
a little train, a tout box. pair of
s’uater. A!"> 1 want you to hr >ig uio
■ i e nuU. trails -md candy.
Your little friend.
.67 E. Depot ’St.. Concord, N. j
Dour Old Santa Claus: j
First, Santa, 1 want to tell you
how 1 love you. I think you are the
sweetest man in the world, nnd again
1 want to thank you far ’ the nice
things you brought me last Chris; mas.
j I have also been a good li-.tV' girl ibis
year. lam ten years otit. ( war; a
Hilo doll, a bicycle, Teny Tiny school,
I fireworks, fruits and gaudy. B ing
] the doll with sweater and cap and ■
** boot t ecs. Santa Claus, as I am not
j in Greenville, S. C., please bring my
I doll to 07 E. Depot St., at Mrs. S E.
Suther’s, where 1 board. With ust
lets of love to,von. and lots of ki— s.
j 135 7. Corbin St.. Concord. N. ( . I
December 8, 1925.
Dear Santa Claus:
I see in Tiie Tribune that you are
ndvertisiftg. to the children to write
you and tell you what they warn for
I am 11 years old and
want you to bring me a pair of skates. I
a small doll, compact. And in my j
stocking I want you to put a Mg j
horn with notes. I will thank ,\ i. j
Your friend,
I’. S.—Do't forget.
139 E. Corbin St.. Coneord. N. <
December 8. 1925.
Dear Santa Claus:
| 1 am seven years old. I want a |
pair of long pants, and a vest and i
coat. 1 want some tireerackers, and j
some n gger chasers. In my stocking I
I want a great big horn that willVTnw'l
great big and loud. And a stocking j
full of candies, nuts, fruits and ev
I will thank you.
Your friend.
15 South Valley Street
Concord. N. Dec. 19, 1925
Dear Santa Clans:
lain a little girl ten years old. I I
want you to bring me a sewing tqa- 1
chine, a toy watch bracelet, a cradle,
hut don't bring me a doll because I
For Useful Christmas Gifts, to Give j|
Joy All the Year
19791—Jingle Rells i’ Shannon Quartet ||
The Quilting Party (Seeing Nelly Home) Shannon Quartet |
19i94 Silent Night. Hallowed, Night Shannon Quartet q
on the Listening Ear of Night Shannon Quartet l
19829 —Silent Night, Hallowed Night Victor Salon Orchestra j
Holy Night (Noel) f Adams) Victor Salon Orchestra,
19816—Christmas Fantasy t Part 1) Pipe Organ Mark Andrews J
‘'Christians Awake”—“lt Came !’non the Midnight Clear”— [
"Hark! the Herald Aitgelh Sing"—"O IJttle Town of Beth- ji
lehem" ] l
Christmas Fantasy—Part 11. Pipe Organ Mary Andrews 'j
"Joy to the World" —"Rod Rest Yell, Merry Gentlemen" — '
“The F : rst Noel"
16996—0 Come, All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fidelis) Trinity Choir 'r
Joy to the World (Handel) Trinity Choir l 1
19,823 Silent Night (Gruber) Elsie' Baker j
Hark: the Herald Angel* Sing Trinity Choir !
19833—Star of the East Trinity Choir i 1
Birthday of a K'ng < Trinity Choir
19464—Silent Night (Franz Umber) Pipe Organ Solo ..Mark Andrews |
O Coine, All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fidelis) Mary Andrews
35112—While Shepherds Watched Trinity Choir \ i
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear Trinity Choir !
35594—Angels From the Realms of Glory Trinity Choir 1
Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem Trinity Choir ]l|
3.>66l—Sing, Oh Heavens Victor Mixed Chorus
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear Victor Mixed Chorus
35712—Christmas Hymns and Carols —Fart 1 Trinity Choir ,]
t "Christians Awaks"—“Oh Little Town of Bethlehem"— ]
“God Rebt You, Merry Gentlemen"—"The First Noel”— ji
“Silent Night"
Christmas Hymns andiCarols —Part II Trin ; ty Choir
“Joy to the World" “The Angels and the Shepherds"—‘Calm
on the Listening Ear” —“We Three Kings of the Orient ji
Are"—“A Joyful Christmas Sbng”
] i 45519—H01y Night (Adams) I.uey Isabelle Marsh
I Silent Night. Holy Night (Gruber) Trinfity Choir j
55287 —The Star of Bethlehem Richard Crooks i
Open the Gates of tbe'Temple .... Richard Crooks ![
6208-r-Adeste Fidelis (with male chorus) in Latin -MqCarmaek
Lost Chord . --McCormack
35711—Santa Claus Visits tlnvChildren —Part 1 .Gilbert Girard ,
Santa Claus Visits the Children—Part II Gilbert Girard
35418—Gingerbread Boy Georgene Faulkner !
The Night Before Christmas i. Cora Mel Patten
35679—Santa Claus Tells About Hi® Toy Shop Gilbert G’rard
Santa Claus ‘Gives Away His Toys _ T _ Gilbert Girard .
Child’s Bubble Book—Garden of Verses. * ;
Bubble Book—Singing Games. A
■ s
fit ' V , w v X . fi
0 ) _. __. , 0 fi
o 1 ki r* B
concord, in* l.
'already have. ollo. Urn* mo n sow
l in* tjaokot. fruits, candies and nutk
of all kinds. From your friond
*1 , .MVRTLE watts.
j Conoord, X. , Dec 10, 1923.
: Hoar Santa;
i lam a littlo boy just fivo years old.
I want you to brin* mo a train, a
harp and a dancing noon, and lots of
shod thiii*s io out. 1 ■ want you to bo
*ood to all tlio littlo children ovory
wlioro. Your littlo friond.
j 1-1!) Ann St.
202 Robin Sr., conoord, X. ('.
December 10, 1925.
iDrtir Santa Claus:
1 am a littlo boy six yoars old. but
do not *o to school. 1 want you to
bring mo a littlo oar, train, gun, ami
a horn, and a littlo airplane, candy
and fruits and nuts of all kind.
Yours truly.
Mt. Pleasant. X. C.. l)oo. 10, 1925.
M.v Dear, Dear Santa Claus:
l’loaso bring me a doll, carriage,
tea set and stove. Do bring /fee a car.
train, and all kinds of canny, please.
Won't yon brihg me a doll that will
sleep; a piano and a toy victrola.
■v Your littlo friends,
15 South Valley Street
Concord. X. C„ Dec. 10, 1925
Dear Santa Claus:
lam a little boy six years old. I
go to school every day, and I like
Imy teacher well. Please bing me a
| model builder, a eowboy suit and a
cap pistol and caps. Please bring
me candies, nuts, und fruits.
Yours truly,
15 South Valley Street
Concord, X. C„ Dec. 10. 1025
I Dear Santa Claus:
1 want you to bring me a pair of
! shops, a box of handkerchiefs, a pock
j ctbook and a watch bracelet, candies,
i nuts and fruits of all kinds. So good
| live. From
An ambitious young man from Des
| M lines said :
j "I thing that the movjes I'll joines,
j And earn lots of jack."
But lie's still writing back
j To poor dad in Des Moines for his
| coines.
Wonderful New
Face Powder
A new French process powder that
is not affected by perspiration—will
not let an ugly Ahine come through;
stays on until you take it off; fine
and pure: makes the pores invisible;
| looks like beautiful natural skin:
gives a soft velvety complexion. Get
this new wonderful beauty powder
called Mello-glo. Porter Drug Co.
Rev. D. V. Price WUI Return* Paa- I
tor of'Mount Airy' Church- |j
Mount Airy. Dee. 'lo.—Uev. D. •
V. Price, of thin city, a snperannimt- I
,d member of the Western North jj
Carolina eonferenee. M. E. church. (
South, has by action of the hoard rtt I
stewards of Central Method lit]
clmnh and at the request of the (
pastor. Rkv. W. A. Newell, became l
a pastor of tlic church to be co-pas- ]
tor with Mr. Newell. ' iH
Rev. Mr. Newell feels that Rev. I
Mr. Price can do a work through ike ]
church by reason of his long ycsl- |
items' here amt his love for the pop- 1
pie and their love for him that no j
transient pastor can dm
‘ ■
l • -■. a- .'-■■■..'■jaga i
. 1
The Concord
.V ■. 4
, i
Has Opened a Retail bakery !
at No. 85 South Union Street ]
for the convenience of the \
public. You can get Hot Rolls j
of all kinds, Cinnamon Buns, i
Doughnuts, Cookies of all !
lpnds, Fruit, Pound and all ;
kinds of layer Cakes and Birth- 1
day and Wedding Cakes tO'or
der. •
\ Monty back without Quest lot
W| f y)i (Hunt 1 # Sahre and Soap), fell it
( at f f the treatment of Itch, Bcsems
IA Ringworm, Tetter or other itch
log chin dicesacc. Try thk
treatment at aur tick.
(Hunt’eSalvecndSoep).falllnr Jm, "“ffl
the treatment of Itclt. Kctemc. VuTl i
Ringworm,Tetteroeotheriteh* / If / /.
ing Ain diseaeee. Try (hit 1 /
treatment at our rick.
The best
IT ia Only human for a fu
neral director to feel sym
pathetic in the presence of
bereaved patrons. But it ia
real sympathy when he recog- j
nizes an obligation to see to it
that the highest character of j
burial equipment is furnished
at honest prices. Such a policy
has been responsible for the
success of this concern.
Typical of the burial equip
ment furnished by us is the •
Clark Grave Vault, recognised
as a leader in the vault indus
try, because it gives positive
and permanent protection.
Call 9—Day or Night
Who are the
Best People?
To read a list of our pa
trons would be to call the
names of those who are
prominent in Concord.
To meet them would be
| to see the best dressed
I people in town. ' Smart
i ness in style is not well
dressed unless the origi-
I nal shape and refreshed
appearance has been
| maintained by dry clean
|, ing regularly.
BO.■ Phone 787 ,
■ I
x ' No Shop Worn. Goods! ' |
Weary Buyers! j
* ’ MCrry faces greet \<>u at
The folks yqu
:irc nol sad c >’ ed or t * ra > vn
lipped. They are getting
ready for Christmas and -
; Gifts for men iij every nook—gay throngs Line every aisle •!
! but no crows feet line' the hsppy faces.
] | Come to Hoover’s Smile.
Merrily we roll along!
300060000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% I
The Right Coal For the Right Purpose
$ PHONE 244 OR 278 •
l ' |
;I s , j v ( . t >...« /
| For twenty-eight,years a factor in furthering the de-
I velopment of this vicinity' the CabarrtlS Savings Bapk
1 still e-xterids its constructive service and excellent facili- i
ties in the interest of progressive enterprise.
| CONCORD, &. C.
Our Product is Right—the Price Is Right—the Ser- j
vice is Right, and this paakes a combination Hnird to Beat.
You’ll neetl some Goal Soon. When you do, remem- |
her we are here to serve you With the Coal that stands
the gaff. • • . . - 1
Cline & Mlabery Coal Co.
PHONE 799 ~ | ,
“TtT- r
' * s sureljf a friend in need and
HP a friend indeed of every cook
1 jfnt match and in a few minutes
I B B steaming hot water will run
Office anti Show Room 88 E. Corbin St Office Phone 334 W
Comets ,
Japanese Nymphs
American Fantails
1 SmßhMs
yr* ; ■ • -,- '■ . ■ I
Friday, December 11, 1825
(Corrected WMkly by mine & Moom)
Figures named repreaent pricaa
| paid for product on chu market:
Sweet potatoes fI.BO
Turkeys ...
Onions ... *l.s* \
Fees 52.00
Butter .85
Country Hem M
Oeuntry Shoulder • .20
Or un try Sides 20
Young Chickens 2O
Heua ..... 15.
Irish Potatoes „ $1250
For fWe-TUr HRW Cards For JR. _
1 nays, at Tribune-Time, odke, I*4
eants eeeh. , ltrifc Ff

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