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That Part of- the Case
Against J. K. Deughtoo
Is Completed in Greens
boro Court.
. Frank Page, R. A. Dough-!
ton and R. G. Vaughan
' All Testified for the De-'
1 sense’s Character.
1 Greensboro, Dec. 19.—VP)—Wit
nesses are testifying in behalf of- J. ■
K. Doughton, former president of the
defunct Peoples National Bank, of
Salisbury, who is jointly being tried
in, United States court here wit'j J.
1). Norwood, former chairman of the
bank's directorate, including- Frank
Page, chairman of, the North Carolina
highway commission; K. A. Dough,-
toil, commissioner of revenue for
North Carolina; R. G. Vaughan, of
Greensboro, president of the Ameri
can Exchange National Bank. I
Colonel Frank B. Hcbgcod, of de
fense counsel, announced at 10 o'clock I
I'Jls morning that he was resting the 1
case for Mr. Doughton with exception I
■ of introduction of character witnesses, I
but Aubrey h. Brooks, counsel for
Mr. Norwood, later stated Mr. Nor
wood would take the stand in his own
behalf. I
Commissioner Page testified he had
known Doughton for about ten years,
that Houghton's character is good,
and that he (Doughton) is now gen
eral manager of tile Title Insurance
Company in which Mr. Page is in-j
terested. Mr. Vaughan said Mr.
Houghton's character is good, and that
he had known him for fifteen years.
Doughton Freed by Judge I
Greensboro, N. C., Dec. 19.— VP) —
“There is not evidence sufficient for
conviction, therefore I shall I
verdict of not guilty as to J. hT'
defum-t Peoples NattoiAU Bank of SiA 1
islrary, co-drfendnnt with J. I). Jfor- 1
wood, former chairman of the bank’s!
directorate; declared Judge H. H. \Vat- j
kins, of South-Carolina, after a pray
er for a. not guilty verdict made by
Coly. Frank P. liobguod, of defense
counsel, and over the opposition of
Thos. K. Harkins, Assistant U, 8.
District Attorney. ,
•> ' t
Former President of People’s Hank
Stand Up Well Undw Examina
Greensboro, Dec. 18—The govern
ment completed presentation of its
direct evidence today in western
North Carolina federal district court
here against J. K. Doughton aim J.
D. Norwood, charged 'with violation!
of the National banking laws.
Attorneys for Doughton immedi
ately placed him on the stand and
for two hours and three fourths he
related circumstances connected with
his employment by the People’s Na
tional Bank of Salisbury, ns presi
dent in September, 1921, and for the
period frolh then until the bank
closed on June 8, 1023.
District Attorney Frank A. ,L!n
ney completed cross-examination of
Mr- Doughton and the defense will
place other testimony before the
court Saturday. Norwood possibly to
go on the stand.
The former presidsht of the bajik
stood the examination of attorneys
well. He was calm, unhurried, an
swering readily. His attorneys held
him on the stand a little over two
hours, and the District Attorney
quizzed him a little over half an
Decision Soon in Nickle Plate Case.
Washington, Dec. 19. — VP) —A de
cision by the Interstate Commerce
* Commission in the Nickle'Plate merg
er caae before the end of Jarihary was
forecast today by Chairman McChord
after a conference with President
. Coolidge.
A charter has been issued by the
Secretary of State of North Caro
lina to the Cabarrus Lumber A Sup
ply Co., Kannapolis, with authorised
capital stock of SIOO,OOO and $1,900
subscribed by Lucy A. Brown and J.
It. both of Kannapolis and
Guy M. Beaver, of Concord.
V y
The Concord Daily Tribune
i '
’ lir m
Dr. William McGovern of London.
t» being sought in northern Peru by
» searching party that fears he has
pet some accident, He left London
■ bust August to explore South Amer-
I )ca and has not been heard from
| alnce Oct. 31.
* Washington. Dec. 19. — VP) — )K
Jfc Use of whiskey, brandy, rum or Sit
Ik gin after next February Ist in *
Hi the manufacture of medical prep-
Sk urations or flavoring extracts )k
Ik and syrups was forbidden today )kj
Ik by treasury order. Alcohol and Ik
Ik wines can be used instead for the Ik •
Ik purposes named. - *
* !K
Attorney General of Mississippi Want*
Gas Sold at 16 Cents P*r Gallon.
.tfnekson. Miss.. Dec. 19|— VP)— Fill-,
in* stations of Standard Oil Co., of I
Kentucky and tb# Tfxas Company!
were closed today in Mississippi pend-]
ing a hearing on an injunction 'obtain
ed ‘by Attorney General Knox yester-1
day' to require them to sell gasoline j
at HI cents a gallon including the
state tax of 3 cents.
Managers announced that they bad
received orders to close indefinitely
and that there would be no deliveries
of gasoline until after the hearing.
Small Craft Warned Against High
Winds Along Carolina Coast.
Washington. Dec. 19. — (A 1 )-— The
Weather Bureau today issued the fol
lowing storm warning:
“Advisory 10 A. M.. Northeast
Storm Warning ordered Jacksonville,
Fla., to Cape Hatteras, North Caro
lina. A disturbance centered south of
Pensocola will move rapidly north
eastward with increasing intensity.
Will cause increasing northeast and
east winds probably reaching gale
force this afternoon or tonight. Small
craft warnings displayed on Florida
coas) except in Jacksonville section.”
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Gifts to Duke University Not Sub
ject to Federal Tax.
Durham, Dec. 18.—According to a
statement made today by Dr, W. P.
Few, president of Duke University,
the gifts made to that institution by
the late James B. Duke will not be
subject to federal taxation. North
Carolina representatives, in Congress'
are now attempting to find some way
to prevent the collection ol Beveral
million dollars in federal taxes on
the moneys entrusted lrith the Duke
foundation but the money wWdi was
given to the local university whs given
directly and therefore not subject to
federal tax, it is said. Had a tax
been imposed upon this contribution
to the college it would have amounted
to several thousands of dollars.
In olden times it was believed
that at Christmas the sound of
church bells could be heard where
ever a church had stood, thought no
tracj remain. ,
jd F. Monk Asked to Re
sign From College Pub
lication Following Print
ing of Recent Article.
Described as Attack on
x “the Necking Evil.’—
Students Wanted Tim to
Stay at Work.
Davidson, N. C., Dec. 19. — VP) —
“Dim Morning.” described as an at
tack on “the necking evil” has been
the cause of a certain amount of con
sternation in the student body of Dav
idson College, following the publica
tion of the article in the Davidson Col
lege magazine.
This was learned, today when rejmrts
.were dffieially confirmed that <’. F.
Monk, editor of the student publica
tion, had been asked to resign by the
faculty several days ago. This move
was followed by a vote from the stu
dent body refusing to accept the res
ignation, wherewith faculty law was
shown supreme and the editor com
plied with the request.
President Martin, of the Institu
tion, said today when questioned about
the reports, “Tee, those are the facts.
The faculty of course maintains au
thority over the life of the students.”
The President described the article
as one not suited for youths of 10
or 17 years to read.
Will Get Annual Income of 332,-
000 From Estate of Jacob F.
Asheville, Dec. 18. Bequests
amounting to an annual income of
about $32,000 to North Carolina edu
cational institutions and emial to e
dowment ofc more than 3300.000 .for
these institutions Ovep a nreiefd. of
1® years’ were' left by Jacob -F. Alex
ander. prominent North Carolina
and Florida business man. who died
yesterday in St. Petersburg.
The deed of trust incorporating
the bequests was received today by
Rev. J. W. O’Harra of the Baptist
mission bonrd, under whose supervi
sion the schools endowed now op
erate. The total endowment includes
a lease for 99 years on a valuable
piece of St. Petersburg real estate
now bringing in about $32.Q00 an
nual income as Dr. Alexander's in
terest. T*e property is under option,
to be sold between 1937 and 1948 for
the sum of $1,190,000.
When the property is sold, the
schools benefiting by the bequests
will receive one-third 40) this total
amount, in addition to the income
now running.
The bequests from the income in
clude the following: Mars Hill col
lege, SIO,OOO a year; Alexander
schools, incorporated, at Union mills.
SIO,OOO a year; Baptist orphanage
a£ Tbomnsville, $2,000 a year; Boil
ing Springs academy, Boiling
Springs, $2,000, and the First Bap
tist and First Methodist churches of
Forest City, SI,OOO each.
The endowment becomes operative
January 1.-1927, and if there is any
remainder after the bequests are
made it is to go to Mr. Alexander’s
wife -and children.
The bequests to Mars Hill, accord
ing to Rev. Dr. O'Hara, will enable
that school to enter the souhern as
sociation of colleges, with the highest
The Alexander school is an insti
tution started only a short time ago
by Mr. Alexander, and is devoted to
the education of motherless boys and
Mr. Alexander was 60 years old
and bad been in falling health for
several months- He was formerly a
prominent cotton mill owner, lum
berman, and banker, being president
of the Alexander National bank at
St. Petersburg, trustee of the endow
Mr. Alexander's estate is estimat
ed to total $82,000,000.
Centre .Students Try to uet Presi
dent Fired.
Danville, Ky., Dec. 18.—Students
Os Centre college haVe signed a peti
tion asking the board of trustees to
remove Dr. R. Ames Montgomery,
the president, it became known here
today. There has been considerable
feeling against Dr- Montgomery's uu
friendy attitude toward football, it is
A few days ago President Mont
gomery caused to be printed a small
pamphlet, oh the front page of which
was a picture of Yimself. The front
page of about 100 of them were torn
off and placed face downward on the
floor around the front door of the
president's office.
It is reported the local alumni of
Centre are considering calling a
moss meeting of the friends of Cen
tre the early part of January to con
sider the situation. \ ,
As a beginaing toward the goal of
“the liquidation of illiteracy by
H 128,” the commissariat of Rusala
printed special primers and scattered
them broadcast over the country in
North Carolina’s Leading Small City Daily
As the Dogsffiring *
This unusual photograph, taken in France, shows an old-time deer hunt nearing itsTclimax. The dogs are ra«
ing along the bank to head off their quarry, which can be seen emerging from the river at the left after a low
'aw la.
Next Step in Case of Judge
George English Rests
With House Judiciary
Washington, Dec. 19.—VP)—Initia
tion of impeachment proceedings
against Federal Judge George W.
English, of the eastern Illinois dis
trict, as a result of charges of cor
ruption, rested today with the judi
ciary committee of the House.
A special House committee iu a re
port adopted last night, declared the
judge "guilty of high crimes and mil
demeanors requiring the interposition
of the constitutional powers ot tbe
House.” The committee readied its
conclusion after extensive hearings
during the summer in St. Louis, zrfiere
the charges against Judge English
More Than $04,000 Reported Yester
day and Remainder of Quarter
Million is in Sight.
Asheville, Dec. 18-—Buncombe
county went a long way towards its
goal of $250,000 for the Great
Smoky Mountains national park
fund today when, through its cam
paign team workers and special
gifts committee, an addition of $94,-
134.11 to the fund was reported. Os
this amount the” team workers
bought in $21,743.11, and the special
gifts committee through Don S.
Elias, city campaign chairman, re-
Itortcd $72;400,
, Although there is, needed approxi
mately $90,000 more to complete the
Asheville-Buneombe county quota,
Chairman Elias announced at to
day’s report luncheon at the ,George
Vanderbilt hotel that the special
gifts committee had in sight at least
another SIOO,OOO. To date $160,134
has been subscribed, according to the
totnls compiled at the close of the
The total subscribed today wns
■made up of the peunnies of negro
school children, of substantial sums
from merchants,' hotel managers and
business men of Asheville generally,
and was climaxed by the donation of
$15,000 from one realty company.
Virginia University Student Maga
zine Barred From Mails.
Lynchburg, Va., Dec. 18.—Post
master J. M. B. Lewis has notified
printers here of the Virginia Reel, a
publication of the University of Vir
ginia student body, • that no more
copies of the December number can
be sent through the Lynchburg post
office. Certain contents of the publi
cation, Postmaster Lewis said, vio
lates the postal regulations. He has
qent a copy of the publication to the
post office department at Washington
asking for instructions.
Most of the copies, it was said by
tbe publishers, have already been
The printers here announced this
afternoon that as soon as their at
tention was called to the offending
articles in the Virginia Reel they
had withdrawn copies from sales
Another Committee to Consider Muscle
Washington, Dec. 19. VP
House rules committee today decided
in favor of appointing a joint Con
gresional committee to make recom
mendations for disposal of the gov
ernment's Muscle Shoals property.
The committee directed Chairman
Snell and Representative Garrett of
Tennessee, the democratic leader, to
draft a resolution designed to carry
out this purpose, and to present the
resolution to the committee January
4th for consideration.
Fear Vessel Will Be Lost.
Washington, Dec. 19.— VP) —Fears
are entertained that the mine sweep
er Curlew which early this week ran
on a reef off the Atlantic coast off
Panama will be a total wreck.
Count Sonyu Otani, head of thi
Buddhist church of Japan, and
brother-in-law of the emperor, is mak
ing hia first visit to the United
Btatee. v
District of Columbia Court
*Refuses to Reconsider Its
Decision in Their Sev
eral Cases.
Washington. Dec. 19.— VP) —The
court of appeals of the District of Co
lumbia refused today to reconsider its
decision holding to be valid the brib
ery indictments against E. L. Doheny,
E. L. Doheny, Jr., and Albert B. Fail,
former Secretary' of the Interior.
The indictments which grew out of
j the naval oil leases, were quashed by
a lower court on the ground that au
agent of the Department of Justice
was in the grand jury room illegally.
The government appealed and the
court of appeals recently overruled the
lower court. Fall and the Dohenys
then asked for a rehearing, which was
It is still possible for them-to attack,
the indictments from otheiL angles ip
the lower -courts, or take tbe case,to
the Supreme Court of the United
New York Man. in Durham Wilhout
Funds, Arraigned in Court But Is
Turned Loose.
Durham, Dec. 18.—A white man
who said that his name was William
Green and that his home was in New
York, appeared in recorder's court:
here this morning to answer to a
charge of trespass in Connection wif i
his desire to secure n place to sleep
last night, and failing to find this
elsewhere, selected one of the pews in
St. Philips Episcopal Church.
The man declared that lie was on
his way to Florida and that lie was
without founds. Visiting the church
he found the door unlocked, and en
tered, curled up on one of the benches
and was fast asleep when the police
arrived on the scene. The rector re
fused to enter charges against the
man and he was alllowed to con
tinue on his way. Before depart
ing, however, the stranger suggested
that ■Che rector have cushions placed
upon the benches for the benefit of
others who might drop in at his
church for a nap.
The troubadour grasshopper is one
of the four or five insects capable of
making a noise. He has no voice. He
uses his hard wing cases as a sound
ing board, drawing the shank of his
leg across them and thus producing
his music. The Katydid and the
cricket are likewise noisy, but the
devil’s horse is silent.
House Passes Tax Reduction Law
And Refuses to Reconsider
Washington, Dee. 18.—A $325,000.-
000 Christmas gift to federal tax
payers—useful throughout the year—
was voted today by the House in pass
ing the tax reduction bill.
Bearing the indorsement of Presi
dent Coolidge as well as lenders of
both parties in the House, the non
partisan measure was directed to the
Senate for the more difficult part of
its legislative journey by a vote of
300 to 25.
Almost every member of the House
was on the floor as the bill, which
was the first introduced and was held
constantly before the house since the
opening day of the session, was called
up for passage. ,
As the last of more than 50 pro
posed amendments to the bill was
mowed down today by the usual over
whelming majority. Representative
Tilson, of Connecticut, the Republi
can leader, congratulated the House
on establishing a new record of
promptness in the consideration of an
important measure.
His words of compliment on the
non-partisan manner in which the
bill bad been acted upon had nlready
died, however, when Representative
Rainey, Democrat, Illinois, moved to
•eeoommit it with amendments on the
income tax and inheritance rates from
maximums of 20 to 25 per cent each.
For the second time during con
sideration of the bill, the House db
Accident Occurred When
Passenger Train No. 32,
of Pennsylvania System,
Was Derailed.
Altoona, Penn.. Dee. 19.— VP) —Ten
persons were injured, five of them se
riously, in Clio derailment of the Penn
sylvania passenger train Nog32, Pitts
burgh to Philadelphia, near Benning
ton, Hen miles west of here, early to
day. The injured were brought to a
hospital here.
Passengers said the entire train left
the track, and that thh engine and
■one car overturned ’and rolled down
an embankment. The injured includ
ed the engineer, firemnti and eight
passengers. They were brought to
Altoona in special train and tak£g to
tbe Altoona hospital.
Quiet in Today’s Initial Trading, Op
ening Being Steady at Unchanged
Prices to Advance.
New York. Dec. 19. —OP)—The cot
ton market was quiet in today’s initial
trading. Uncertainty ns to the show
ing of Monday’s ginning report, to
gether with the approach of the holi
days seemed to restrict business to
week-end evening up, and fluctua
tions wore correspondingly narrow.
The opening was steady at unchanged
prices to an increase of 3 points in
]n little trade buying and covering,
with March selling up to 18.88 and
May to 18.62 during early trading.
This bulge met realizing, combined
with a little southern hedging, but
the market held fairly steady during
the first half hour. Liverpool cables
said that tragic calling and specula
tive covering had absorbed iiedge sell
ing in that market, but that spinners
were apathetic and business in cot
ton cloth and yarns were restricted.
Cotton futures opened steady. Jan.
18.60; March 18.87; May 15.61; July
18.23; Oct. 17.90.
House Committe Declares Judge is
Guilty of Crimes.
Washington, Dec. 18.—A special
house committee tonight, adopted a
report declaring Federal Judge
George W. Fjiglish. of the eastern
Illinois distrim, to be "guilty of high
crimes, and misdemeanors requiring
interposition of the constitutional
powers of the house."
The findings of the committee will
be presented to the house tomorrow
and then referred to its judiciary
committee, to determine whether im
peachment proceedings shall be in
stituted against Judge English.
vided almost on party lines, 133 Dem
ocrats voting for the motion, which
was defeated 267 to 147.
Previously, some of those who op
posed the bill expressed in short
speeches dissatisfaction with it.
but as leaders pressed forward for a
vote, tile large majority of proponents
sat silent, expressing their views oc
casionally merely with cries of "vote."
The final vote was not reached un
tit after dark ami its passage less
than two weeks after introduction
sat a peace-time record in revenue
Those voting against the bill were:
Republican—Beck, of Wisconsin ;
Browne, Wisconsin; Cooper. Wiscon
sin; Frear, Wisconsin: Lamber, Wis
consin ; Mills, Wisconsin; Sinclair,
North Dakota; Schafer. Wisconsin;
Schneider, Wisconsin, and Voigt, Wis
Democrats—Colllins, of Mississippi;
Drane-, Florida; Green, Florida ; How
ard, Nebraska; Huddlestone, Ala
bama ; Moorehead, Nebraska, Rainey,
Illinois: Rahkin, Mississippi; Sab
bath, Illinois, and Sears, Florida.
Others—Bergen Wisconsin, and
Laguardia, New York, socialists;
Carss and Wefald, Minnesota, nde
Representative Allgood, Democrat
Alabama, was paired against the bill
with Representative Abemethy, Dem
ocrat, North Carolina, for it.
While the Industry Was
Less Active Than In Oc
tober, It Was More Ac
tive Than Last Year.
spindle hours
Not As Many Spindles
Were In Action Last
Month as In Month Be
fore, Report Shows.
Washington. Dec. 19.—(/P)—Cotton
spinning industry showed a slight drop
in tbg aggregate number of active spin
dle hours in November, as compared
with October, but they were consid
erably higher than year, the Census
Bureau today reported.
Active spindle hours for .November
numbered 7,833,71)2,613 or an aver
age of 207.000 hours per spindle in
place, compared with 7,001,670,019 or
an average of 210 in October this
year; and 1,123.950.034 or an average
of 188 in November last year.
Spinning spindles in plaee November
30 numbered 37.919.358 of which 32.-
892.324 were operated at some time
during the month ; compared with 37,-
005,330 and 32.425.206 in October this
year: and 37.845,140 fetid 31,789,-
876 in November last year.
Employes in Revenue Commissioner’s
Office Think Branch Offices Will Be
Raleigh. Dec. 18.—Revenue Com
missioner R. A. Doug'aton is not here
to speak for himself on the proposal
of Coleman W. Roberts, of Greens-,
boro, to recede from his proposal to
take the branch offices of the auto
mobile license department away; but
employes have no doubt that the
grand old man will stand by biff orig
in*! plans to put in a machine and
eliminate many . , *
Mr. Roberts came here several days
ago to see* Governor Doughtoft and
delivered somewhat on the subject.
He did not Chink the proposal work
able and said so. The machinery for
this work will cost about $25,000,
but it will be months before it can
be i*it into operation. Officials in
(he office think it will save that
amount in one year.
Ivelley A. Griee, president of the
t'nroiina Automotive Service Associa
tion, of Charlotte, does not think so.
He wrote a protesting letter to R.
A. Houghton, commissioner of' reve
nue, ami mailed copies of it to Gov
ernor McLean ; W. N. Everett, secre
tary of state, and Frank W. Page,
chairman of the highway commission.
He urges that the license distribut
tion be left to the Carolina Motor
Representative Tillman Says Court
Was. Organized Solely to "Get the
Washington, Dec. 19. —OP)—The
Mitchell court martial case came to
the Hour of the House for the first
time toilay 'when Representative Till
man. democrat, of Arkansas, charged
that the court was organized to "get
the Colonel" and that its verdict “in
sults free America."
"I call upon the granite-faced and
granite-souled President of this jus
tive-loVing nation." he said, "to miti
gate or quash this harsh sentence.”
The court's edict suspending the air
officer from rank and pay for five
years, because of his attack on gov
ernment aviation policies, Mr. Tillman
continued, was "shameless, unusual
and cruel.”
"They sought to affix a gag,” he
said, "and at the same time impover
ish him and his family. JLt seems that
in this trial the usual military pro
cedure was not allowed to take its
ordinary course.”
History of Federation of Women
Raleigh, Dec. 19. — UP) —A history
of the North Carolina Federation of
Women's Clubs has now been com
pleted, and has gone to the printers,
Mrs. Cornelia P. Jarman, chairman
of the publicity eonmiitte of the fed
eration, has announced. The book
j is expected to be ready for distribu
| tion on March Ist.
I Responsibility for the sale of the
books ha*s been placed upon the dis-.
I triet presidents, and a prize of $lO in
i gold has been offered the district pres-
I ident selling the greatest number of
the books by the time the Asheville
convention opens in May.
Santa Claus Comes.
Chinn Grove, Dec. 18.—Santa
Claus visited the Rowan County
Farm Life school this afternoon as
the first demonstration of Christmas
spirit for the section around China
Benjamin R. Watkins Dead.
Atlanta, Dec. 19.—C4*)—Benjamin
Jt. Watkins, president of a local real
estate company, and. one of the most
prominent real estate men in Georgia,
was found dead in his office early to
day with a bullet wound in his temple.
NO. 300
Man Who Served With a
President Wilson and §
on Peace Commission, is 1
Guest of the President. 'M §
visit causeTof iHI
Blieved It Has to Do With jl
Request From LeagtftlV
America Join in Planafjl
For Conference. ,Jj I
Washington, Dec. 19.—(/Pl-—Ool. E. ®
M. House, for years president WilsonV
confidential, ami appointed by him a II
member of the Versailles ponce come
mission, is a house guest of President
Coolidge at the White House. .
Unheralded by any public disc&gflM
ure of his plans, the Colonel arrived 4&L
in Washington last night, and by
vitation once to the Executive
Mansion. Today he visited Secretary- M
Kellogg at the State Diqwirtment. I
His sudden appearance and sugs ft
roundings that once were so familiar a
to him. and at a time when the Pre*- -iE
ident and Secretary of State are seek- M
ing advice an the league of nation* id- m
vitation to take part in a disarmament -m
meeting, caused something of a flat*
ter in official and diplomatic Washing* :*IB
ton. j
Under President Wilson’s appolntQU
ment. Col. House was the AmoricanSljJ
committee which drew up the leaa-ne
covenant at Versailles, and through J[
the acquaintances then formed as ft afl
result of more recent trips abroad, he
has kept, himself well informed
intricate details of the league’s opcr-'IM
ation. *
Laurel Park’s Head Purchases' Jfl
Scenic Scuth Carolina Property. . I
Hendersonville, Dec- 18. —One of L
the biggest real estate deals ever jf
consummated in the Carolina*'- whip;-ill
announced here when it became
known that H. Walter Fuller, presi- ®
dent of Laurel Park Estates, Tuo., 1
has purchased Caesar’s Head, Green- i M
ville county, South Carolina, from 5
the Paris Mountain-Caesar’s Head h
company, of Greenville.
Consideration was said to be ap
proximately a half million dollars,
and the area involved in the deal is i
said to be about 2.500 acres. The i
deal was handled by Jones McCrorcy, J
of H. (J. Love and company, Hender
sonville, and Parrish and flower, 1:
realtors, of Greenville. The an
nouncement of the deal was made j
through the new owner, and offi< tals
of the Paris Mountain-Caesarls Head \
company. , dS
Caesar's Head rises to an altitude t
of 3,227 feet and is the highest ac- *
feasible point in the state of South |
Carolina It has been a popular sum- $
liter resort for scores of South Caros
lina families for around 100 years.
Recent completion of a first-class
highway from Greenville to the Head
has made ft more easily accessible
and add<tl materially to its in- y
trinsie value as a resort center. I
Along with Chimney Hock. Caesar's
Head is probably the outstanding: 1
rock formation in the Blue Ridge
mountains, and is annually ’ visited
by thousands. The panoramic vie#. I
from the top is said to be unexcelled ,J]
by any in the country. Sal
War Chief Wilt Inspect Holding M
the South.
Washington. Dec. IS.—Secretary i
Davis will leave tomorrow on an in- •
spection trip of war department *
holdings in the south whfeh may ”
keep him away from Washington un
til after the holidays. His itinerary ":!
has not been definitely mapped out. *
but he will inspect particularly
tracts in Georgia and Florida which
might be disposed of ndvnntageaasly, |
Miners Ready to Confer. 1
Philadelphia, Dec. 19.—OP)—The
United Mine Workers today notified ;
the anthracite mayors and burgess** |
that they would resume negotiations
with the operators at Scranton next |
Monday, on condition fiat the peace ;/
proposal of Governor I’inchot would i
be the basis of discussion. _ . 1 j»
Will Participate In Conference.
Miseow, Dec. 19.— UP) —Soviet Rus
sia will accept the league of nations
invitation to participate in the inter- -*
national disarmament conference as 1
well as Pile world economic confer*
........ „„
Rain tonight and Sunday, somewhat >|j
warmer tonight. Increasing north $
east nnd east winds, probably reui't
"ig gal- gin. shifting to wsLJM

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