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    SaturcUy, Dec. 18,1825
\ r'4r
Those mules seem to have just come'
in from the orient, but they came by|
way of Purls. They aft of painted
y kid lined with flesh-colored satin the
shade of the pink floorers. Tho strops'
are of pink leather.. *
Legion Auxiliary to Meet.
The American Legion Auxiliary wili
hold its ,regular monthly meeting
Monday night at 7 ;3fl w|th Mrs. H.
E. Riderftour, Jr.
Miss Arrowroot to Cambridge for Hoi
Miss- Julia ylrrowood, a member of
the faculty of Central grammar school,
left Friday night, for Cambridge.
Mass., where she .will visit her sister,
Mrs. Latshaw. Dr. Latshaw is con
nected with the btireau of antbromet
rie research at Harvard University.
To Attend Party in Charlotte.
Mrs. A. V. Reece is entertaining
for her niece. Mary Louise Wads
worth. in Charlotte Tuesday. Among
the guests will be Misses Penelojie
Cannon. Mary Cannon. Anne Cannon
and""Kancy Cannon.
Has Party at Home on Marsh Street.
Miss Mary Cottrell Archibald en
tertained a number of her little friends
at a party this afternoon at 3 o’clock
at her home on Marsh street. The af
fair was given in libnor of M'ss Ar
chibald’s ninth birthday.
A coming Event.
The Uplift.
His local friends and scores
throughout the state are- interested
in the announcement issued from
Marion. N. C. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel
Edwards Hudgins have issued invita
tions to the marriage of their daugh
. ter, Sara, Josephine, to Judge John
’ w Montgomery Oglesby.
Mias Hudgics is a most attractive
and talented young woman . Judge
Oglesby, himself a conspicuously
strong character, a pleasing person
ality, and has made already a fine
record in the state's judicial
meat, is congratulated in the man
ner which fortune has in smi iug
upon him.
Xioltrscpower under the hood is not
so important as horsesense behind the
steering wt/bel.
Always call a physician.
"Until his arrival usa
“emergency” treatment
with Vicks. This does not
interfere with anything
. he may prescribe.
OtmtrmrnunMn u—d
I ! ■
| BoMS*
Day £bone 640
■ 11
Archie Earnhardt, arrived in Con
cord. Friday night from Gainsville,
Fla. to spend the holidays with home
• • •
Miaa Cottrell Sherrill arrived this
afternoon from Asheville to spend
several weeks with her parents, Mr.
and Mre. J. B. Sherrill.
Miss Penelope Cannon, a student in
Salem College, has returned from
school to spend the Christmas holidays
in the city wftb her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. A. Cannon, on North
• • •
Miss Annie Canon and Miss Nancy
Lee Canon have returned front Win
ston, where they are in school and
will spend the holidays with their
parents in Concord.
• * •
Mrs. Roberdeau Wheat, of Isling
ton, will arrive, in the city Monday to
spend the day in the .city as the guest
pf Mrs. W. H. Gibson.
*• ♦ •
Mrs. L. T. Hartsell. Jr., left Fri
day for the home of her parents in
Lancaster, 8. C„ where she will spend
the Christmas season.
* • *
Miss Margaret Virginia Ervin left
Friday for Kinston, where she will
spend several days visiting friends.
• « •
M'ss Catharine Goodman has re
turned from Hollins College, 'to spend
the Christmas vacation 'with her
mother, Mrs. J. F. Goodman.
■ # *
Miss Muriel Buhvinkle, a member
of the high school faculty, left today
for Gaston where she will spend
the Christmas holidays with her broth
er, Hon. A. 1., Buhvinkle.
• • •
Dick Richards and William Mc-
Auley left Friday for their respective
homes in Liberty Hill, 8. C., and Mt.
Gilead, N. C., where they will spend
the holidays visiting their parents.
-They are members of the high school
• • •
Miss Alice Yorke has returned from
Washington, D. C„ to spepd the holi
days in the city with her mother, Mrs.
A. R. Howard. Miss Yorke is in
school at Gunsten Hall.
• • •
Burnett Lewis will return from the
Episcopal High School a/f Alexandria.
Va., Sunday to spend the vacation in
the city with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. G. B. Lewie.
• • • x
Archie Snyder, who has been ip,
school at Wake Forest College, has
returned to his home here to spend
the holidays with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. Snyder.
* • »
Miss Grace Caldwell left today for
Washington State, where she will
spend some time visiting her sister.
• m «
Miss Dorothy Black and Miss Mary
Rebecca Day vault have returned from
North Carolina College to spend the
holidays with tfcirents in fjoncord.
They are spending the day in Char
Miss Maa Kluttz has returned from
North Carolina College, at Greensboro,
and will spend the Christmas vacation
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George
S. Kluttz.
• • •
Miss Clara Sullivan, a member of
the faculty at Mont Amoena Semi
nary, left today for her home in Lin
colnton. wbero she will spend the
Christmas vacation.
• • m
C..A. Plyler, who lias been working
for some time at Efird’s store, has
returned to Salisbury. .
• • •
Prof. J. Thompson Brown, of Win
throp College, Itook Hill, S. C„ is
■pending several days in Concord as
the guest of his brother, W. G.
Brown, on Georgia Avenue.
• • •
Tom Brown, a student at foe Uni
’versity. has returned to spend the
holidays with his parents, Mr. ami
Mrs. W. G. Brown.
% * *
Ed Misenhelmer, Jr., will return
Sunday from the I’niversity of Mary
land, to spend the holidays with his
Big lot fresh sweet "lakeland" Flor
ida oranges. sell box or at re
tail. They are all sound. Good and
sweet. The very highest grade fruit,
at reasonable price.
Our apples are the celebrated “Val
ley Cruises" Watauga county apples.
The different sixes in boxes. New
York State No. 1 Baldwin apples in
barrels. Our apples liave the Savor.
Th*f are cheap.
Brazil nuts, Califortra walnuts,
coeonuuts, layer, raisins, package rais
ins, dates, kgs. Big assortment of
candy. In fact everything good to
eat. See us or phone before you buy.
We deliver quick everywhere. _
N Cline & Moose
Bargain Bags
Friday and Saturday Only
A market bag with samples
and staple merchandise for 10
cents each! One to a customer.
Come early to be sure of getting
yours. Limited number to be
sold each day. '
Phone 833
parents in Concord.
• o •
Biilie Brown, son of Mr, and Mrs.
W. G. Brown, will return tonight to
spend the holidays with his parents.
He is in school at the University of
• • •
Miss Mary Elizabeth Blackwelder
has returned from Lenoir-Rhyne Col
lege to spend the holidays with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Black
Albemarle-Salisbury 30-Mile Paved
Hi zb war Assured.
Charlotte Observer, 19th.
Stanley eonnty refused to remain
in the somewhat uncomfortable po
sition in which it w*a placed by op
position to the projected state high
way from Albemarle to Salisbury,
and sent a delegation to W- C. Wil
kinson, state highway commissioner,
here yesterday announcing that the
movement was again triumphant in
Staniy 'and that the necessary bonds
would be sold next Tuesday.
What “went on’’ in Stanly was not
divulged, but ttye results indicated
that it was enough.
Mr. Wilkinson, after a trip west,
came back by a state highway com
mission meeting in Raleigh and said
on his arrival here Wednesday even
ing, before he had read his accumu
lated mail, that he had arranged to
let file Salisbury-Albemarle highway
contract in January. The next day
at his office he found a letter waiting
for him saying that Stanly county
was withdrawing from the agreement
to loan the state commission money
to build the Stanly county end of
the road, owing to opposition which
had sprung up.
The third day, which was yester
day, Commissioner Wilkinson re
ceived callers from Albemarle. They
were H. W. Quip, a member oi the
Stanly county board of commission
ers. and O. J. Sikes and R. L.
Brown, county attorneys, who
brought the news that the county,
after all, had arranged to “get in’’
on the atrangement. They wore
smiles of complete satisfaction and
the highway commissioner wore one,
What happened to the Stanly
county opposition was not discussed.
The new road is the longest single
paving project in project in the
sixth district for some time to come.
Rowan and Stanly counties are rais
ing the money through bond issues to
loan to the state commission in order
that the new road may be built be
fore it otherwise would be construct
ed. The monthly traffic census shows
that the proant highway No. boCi*'
one of the most traveled roads In
that territory. It is of top soil and
five-mile stretch of \v®ru as
phalt between Salisbury and Granite
Cuts Off Cabarrus-
The project replacing road will be
of standard 13 food asphalt or con
crete, following the 30 mile course
of the present road in a general
sense, but eliminating several had
curves, grades and railroad crossings.
It will swerve to the northeast some
what in the Gold Hill section,- avoid
ing passing over a projecting corner
of Cabarrus county, therefore mak
ing the road a Stanly-Rowau project’
The highway will pass through
Xew Loudon. Richfield, Misenheimer,
Gold Hill, Granite Quarry and a
number of smaller communities
along the Yadkin railroad line.
Contract in January.
The contract, which is to be let
some time in Junsury. will give
Rowan county paving on its entire
state highway system except for a
short piece of Route 80 leading to
ward llocksville. and will give Stan
ly paving on its two leading high
ways. jhat toward Charlotte and
that toward Salisbury. The later al
so has a iienetration treatment on
route 74 from Albemarle to Swift Is
land bridge. It is estimated that the
new road will be completed in early
State Pays Big Tax.
A report made public by the in
ternal bureau at Washington this
week shows that North Carolina’s
share of. the taxes for the fiscal year
1925 was $190,962,875.15 Only four
other states. New York. Pennsyl
vania. Illinois and Michigan led
North Carolina in the matter of
taxto paid to the federal government.
Ufffi 9NUUONS I 3M3 mi
Sutureyrajufl pa*
P»?snw t
- ’AmwgTo )njo d MI
mMO jw4o7 «a
I Hill
I Auditorium 1
Mat. Night Xroas-Smts Now
P| *T * l * >< fl, Ms
Cotton seed, "A'*s
Methodist Protestant Church.
(H. F.:Fogleman, Pastor)
Sunday school 9:46 a. m. Church
11 a. np and 7 p. m. Morning sub
ject. “A Christmas Message From
Ezekiel,” Evening sdbject. J’Respond
ing to God’s Call.” Christian En
deavor 6 p. m.
A. R. P. Church.
(M. R. Gibson, Pastor)
Sabbath school at 10 a. m., J. E.
MeClintoek superintendent. IVeach
ing at 11 a. m. and 7p. m. U. P.
C. U. at 6 p. m. meeting
at 7 :30 p. in. Wednesday.
' Central Methodist.
-(R. M. Courtney, Pastor)
Sunday school at 9:45 a. m., How
ard L. Collie superintendent. Preach
ins at, 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. by the
pastor. At the morning service the
pastor will discuss "The Incarnation'’ i
or “The Word Made Flesh.” At the
evening hour fflie subject willl be
“When Jeus Was Born.” .Therewill
be special Christmas music at each
of these services.
First Baptist.
(C. Herman Trublood. Pastor)
Sunday Bible school 9:45 a. m..
A. E. Harris superintendent. Regu
lar worship at 11 a. m. and 7 p-. m.
Pastor's morning subject, “Human
ity's Cradle of Hope.” Evening theme.
"Heavenly Music Upon Earthly
Ears.” The choir is expected to ren
der appropriate music at both hours i
of worship. Young men and women
of the church and their friends, not
alrendy active, age urged to attend
the B. Y. P. U. at 6p. m. This
is a live organization of consecrated
young people. Come, and see them
"do tilings." To all services the pub
lic is most cordially invited.
Kerr Street Methodist.
Sunday School at 9:45 a. m., F.
M. Sloop superintendent. Preaching \
at 11 a. m. Subject, “Job.” Preach
ing at-7 p. m. Subject, “Who’s Go
ing to Heaven and Who Will Be
There.” AH are cordially invited to
these services. ,
V. O. DUTTON, Pastor.
Epworth Methodist.
Sunday school 9 :45 a. in. Preach
ing at 11 a. in. and 7p. is. Senior
Epworth League 6 p. in. Prayer
service Wednesday 7 :15 p. m. Christ
mas entertainment Thursday 7:30 p.
J. M. VARNER, Pastor.
First Presbyterian.
(Jesse C. Rowan, Pastor)
Public worship and sermon at 11
o'clock. Text: "And she shall bring
forth a son A and thou slialt call his
name Jesus; for lie shall save bis peo
ple from their sins.” The Vesper
service at 5 o’clock p. m. will be a
Christmas service by the Sunday
school. A cordial welcome for all at
all services. ' ■„
Calvary Lutheran.
Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Chief
service, at 11 a. m. Annual election
of officers at close of serviee. Annual
every member canvass in the after
noon beginning at 2 o'clock. Light
Brigade at 5 p. m. Luther J
at 6 p. m. ‘'The Birth!
of Christ,” will be given in the church
Friday evening at 8 o’clock. The
public is cordially invited to all serv
ices in this church.
St. Andrews Lutheran.
Sunday schcml at 9 :45 a. m. Light
Brigade immediately after Sunday
school. Luther League at C p. in.
Vespers at 7 o’oloek. The pageant,
"The Light of Men,” willl be given
in the church Friday evening at 5:30.
The public is invited to all services
in this church. ’
Trinity Reformed.
(W. C. Lyerly, Pastor)
(Services in the East (Corbin Street
school building)
Sunday school assembles for wor
ship at 9:45 o'clock. J. O. Moose is
Superintendent. Childrens' division
assembles on the first floor. Services
at 1 a. in. and 7 p. m. sermon at 11
a. m. by the pastor, “The Message of
Peace and Goodwill.” Sermon at 7
p. m. by Missionary Frank L. Fes
perman. This congregation welcomes
MsGill Street Baptist
(J. R. Pentuff, Pastor)
Bible school 9 :30 a. m. Regular
serviee and sermon at 11 o'clock on
“The Sunny Side of Life.” Also at
7 o'clock, p. m. Subject. “A Man
With a Ring in His Nose.” B. Y.
r. U. 6 Everybody cordially wel
St. James Lutheran.
Sunday school at 9:45. F. R.
Shepherd superintendent. Men’s Bi
ble class in the BeH-Harris building
lon South Union Street. Chief Serv
ice at 11 a. m. Luther League at
U> p. in. Vespers at 7 . Special mu
sic at each service. This church wel
comes you.
Forest Hill Methodist.
,--'Sunday school 9:45 a.‘ m. Stone
wall T. Sherrill superintendent. A. Gi
Odell assistant superintendent. Morn
ng worship and sermon at 11 o'clock.
Evening worship and sermon at 7 p.
m. Subject, “The Methodist Church,
Faith, Origin and Gift.” Epworth
League devotional C p, m. Prayer
meeting Wednesday evening at 7:15.
You are welcome to all our services.
A contest to guess the number, of
cigarette boxes piled In the window
of a store in Lawrence, Maes., was
won by a man who had been totally
blind since birth. This man guessed
the exact number, i while -'.no, other
contestant eaipe Within' fbrty of the
correct figure. > Thq ; winner; made his j
calculation after he had been allowed
to feel the sise c# one of the boxes;
and had been told tie general dimen
sions of the pita. ’
First Baptist Church
Corner Spring and Grove Streets
A place of Inspiration and Christian Fellowship.
The pastor, C. Herman Trueblood, will preach Sunday:
11:00 A. M. ‘’Humanity’s Cradle of Hope."
7:00 P. M. "Heavenly Music Upon Earthly Ears.”
Cordial Invitation to all. <
SCARFS—Crepe de Chine, Georgette,
knitted in plain and bordered fringed
and hemmed TO $3.95
in a variety to suit every taste—Ve
nise, Irish, Filet, Shadow, in Collar,
Collar and Cuff Sets, Panels, Jabots,
and Sport sets 50c TO $5.95
FLOWERS—Worn on the'lapel or
shoulder are a smart fashion acces
sory. They are here in Roses, Chrys
anthemums, Garoenias and many oth
ers 35c “$1.95
Without the Penalty of High Price
For Your Boy or Girl
A Christmas gift for one
dollar that may some ![.»»tea
day be worth hundreds.
Y'OU can open an account
with us in any. name \ | >43 uM/k, A
by making a first deposit Wnv' u)
of one dollar or more. /
The bank book will be k
given to you for presenta
tion on Christmas Day. ■|| '
Your gift will be a permanent one, en
couraging additional deposits that will
grow with compound interest.
Citizens Bank
and Trust Company
Parks-Belk Beauty Shoppel
1 The modem woman no long- I
| er puts up her hair in un
sightly “curlers.” The per- VP/Pr '' ''
1 manent wave has become Nffifen
I universal. We employ the ) 2*[
‘ best method and our prices r S7.
“Our Methods Please” '-HAIR WAVF- I
Phone 892
Parks-Belk Beauty Shoppel
Southern Railway System
Reduced Round Trip Fares on the Straight Certificate
Plan to Atlanta, Ga.
4 Account of:
The Young Peoples/Missionary Convention, Southern
Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, Ga., December
29th, 30th, 31st, 1925
• Delegates should purchase one-way tickets going trip, securing cer
tificates from ticket agent. Certificates will bmhonored by ticket agent
for tickets returning at half fare, provided their are 250 delegates
present holding certificates.
Travel via Southern Railway.
Fine trains. Excellent schedules. Dining car service.
For further information, tickets and pullman reservations, call on any
Southern Railway Agent or address:
Ticket Agent Division Passenger Agent,
Concord, N. 0. 237 West Trade Street,
Charlotte, N. C.
< » ( “Let’s See!”
Or a tony travelling bag for his next trip.
Dad has worried about you since the nurse said ‘it’s a
Boy”—or “it’s a Girl,” and now we are even offering to
relieve you of the worry and all you have to do is co'fljl&Jn]
New Ties ' Gloves (Dress) If
Belts ,
Buckles Gloves (Driving)
Bath Robes Handkerchiefs
Browns-Cannon Co.
Where You Get Your Money’s Worth |
For Christmas f
We have them equipped right: Steel rims, Morrow.,
coaster brakes, U. S. Chain tires, heavy roller chain, sporty
handlebars, rustless spokes, and complete set tools.
A Bicycle For All Any Size I
We Will Be Open at Night Until After Christmas. * -
Ritchie Hardware Co.
PHONE 117 ... 1
We want to convince the pu blie that we expect to be of real ser- j
vice by supplying It with merchandise as low in price as when cotton 3
sold for 10c per pound. You wi 11 find here some of the surprises of
your life. You must see in order to appreciate tl»e Values we are of- !
sering in diamonds, watches, jew elry'. Everything is reduced in price. '
We can quote only a few prices:
White Gold Diamond Bar Pins $14.50
White Gold Bracelet Watches $7.50
Elgin Whit" Gold Bracelet Watches sis.7s
*75.00 Elgin White Gold Bracelet Watch *50.00
Gents’ White and Green Gold Elgin Watches *IB.OO
*2.50 Fountain Pens I *1.75
*IO.OO Fountain Pens x ,
Alarm Clocks ”__ u< gg
Ben Ben Alarm Clocks f *2.50
Christmas Gifts
We are showing a fine selection of gifts suitable for
men and women:
Men’s Hand Bags
Ladies’ Fitted Cases
Ladies’ Hat Boxes
Men’s and Women’s Silk Hosiery for Christmas Gifts,
k. ;
A Wonderful line of Neckwear.
Visit Our Store before making your selection. < J
.“''l a ‘'Hr.,

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