h Burlington News. VOL.. XIII. BURLINGTON, N. C, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 7, 1900. NO. 28 EDITORIAL COMMENTS IPN' HfS mesaagn to Congress last December, President MoKin ley said, "Oar plain duty is to abolish all customs tariffs between the United States and Puerto Kico and give her free access to our mar kets," and the Secretary of War said that " the highest considerations of justice and right demands that this step betaken at once," and yet on last Wednesday by the vote and inflencq of the Republican party a tax ot 15 cents was put upon all ex ports from Puerto Rico to this coun try, thus doing away with the ree trade which even the President de clared should be, a few months ago. but afterwards " changed his mind All of this is the result of the influ ence of the sugar and tobacco trusts who wre afraid the imports of sugar would injure them! What right have we to deny free trade to a people over whom our flag floats oar proteges. Congressman Bailey in closing; Lis speech against the tax said : " Woen emotional statesmen were asking who would haul down the flag, I dared to say that I would take it down from any place where the constitution could not follow it Do you desire to present the anom aly of a government restrained by the constitution in one quarter of the globe and possessed of despotic pow er in the rest ot the world ? How long is the constitution to shield us and our children, if its protection is withheld from the humblest inhab itant? Let me borrow the words of Lincoln: "This repuolic cannot endure one-half free and one-half slave." We must be all citizens, or in time we will be all subjects. I did not want to assimilate these alien and inferior races and I pray God to deliver us from the task; But if you will take them they must share our destiny with us." The South has entered upon a period of cotton mill building which bids fair to continue for a long time to come. The industrial Ki'uMon of the South is on a solid founda'ion and is commanding wide attention on the part c f outside as well as lo cal capital, and she is destined to fee the manufacturing centre of the world. The South now has 5,774, 361 spindles, and it estimated that within the next ten years, if the pres ent rate continues she will have added 20 000,000, making a total of 25,774,361 spindles ten years hence In round numbers, it is said that there are 100,000,000 spind'ea now in the world. The South furnishes enough cotton to run 75,000;000 of these or three-fourths of all the spindles of the world, and yet has now, including all the mills now in course of construction only 6,000, 000 spindles. If the South should add 100 mill each year it would be a long time before she could consume all of her co'ton, and if she should ever reach that point, by that time the world will be demanding not the present 10,000,000 or 12.000,000 bales of cotton but probably 30,000,000 hnW. So we pee the field of cotton manufacture in the South is inex haustible. With care in the or ganization and management of mills there is no better field for invest ments, and one which will be more readily entered than the eotton mill business in the -South. Immense Sums of Mone In Cotton Manafaeture. The fencing up of eight thousand Boers by a force of five times their number and starving them into sub mission, was a great victory and ot course reflects great credit on Brit- lsn arms. Altnougn it was very much like drowning a rat in his hole, there is great, rejoicing -in England, and when Lord Roberts returns borne he will no doubt be the recip ient of diamond set swords and houses and lots galore. Durham Herald. Throw up you bat boys, 40 000 of uh Have whipped 5,UUU3 John Bull. No soul is desolate as long as there is a buman being tor wbom it ran feel, trust and reverence. Geo. Eliot. ORTH CAROLINA promises to " beat the world " in cotton mill building. Last week there were developments which attracted at tention to three, new mills (among many others) soon to be built in which about four or five million dol lars will be invested, and nearly all of it in North Carolina ntoney, too. One of these mills will be built in Durham and will cost about $500,- 000. Gen. Julian S. Carr ( who has done so much to build up his State industrially, 3ducationally and religi ously) is the principal stockholder, and other Durham gentlemen are in terested, but some of the stock was sold in New York, I bear. Another is the " Loray" mill in corporated last week, to be built at Gastonia by Messrs. Gaorge A Gray and others. The initial cap ital stock of this company is $1,- 000,000. The third one will be built at or near Statesville bv the Cooleemee Company, composed of North Caro linians, and it is said two or three millions will beinvested in thisplant. North Carolina already has more mills than any state in the union, and more looms and spindles than any S JUthern state. Chairman Simmons has completed and will send out this week to the various county chairmen the plan of organisation of Wbite Supremacy Clubs. - Mr. Simmons says that these elub will be organized throughout thenfltata. this year and by the middle of June he expects to see at least two thousand of these clubs in full blast in North Carolina. He predicts that before the election there will be such a coming together of the white people of North Caro" una in support of the amendment bp has not been in the State in any previous election. Wear-Resister Shoes $3.50 You Men can't buy a better Shoe for $3.50 than the "Wear-Resister" because its the best $3.50 Shoe on the market. All the new leathers, all the shapes. We are sole agents for the Celebrated Stacy, Adams &Co's Shoes for Men who want the very best. JNO. R. FOSTER, Burlington, N. C. P. S We sell the remainder of our DryGois below factorycost, until closed out. CASH t BUYS BARGAINS ! Many receive advice, only the wise profit, by it. Pnblius Syrus. As we advance in life we learn the limits of our abilities. Froude. At E- E. WORKMAN, m BURLINGTON, Front Street, g North Carolina. For the Next Feci Weeks 1900 In order to reduce Stock we will sell anything in our l.rge and complete line -J' .'A ' ,S31 ' ess We have the Lit st Styles in Men, Women and Children's Shoes, all Nici, Clean Stock. T TYTrT-i? -i Wc ofler Lace and Congress, Black and Tan, Leather and Cloth Lined All ItJCLI C5 in ail shape- of Toes. T-n W s vvi n 'c We have nice Vici Kid is Lace or Button, Patent Leather or 11 TtUIllLJlD. Kid Tip in the very latest toes. i These are shoes that came in the Store this winter. Let us show you how we intend to reduce prices. Men and Women's Shoes : Children's Shoes : $ 1.50 Shoes' no only . Ji.oo $ 1 7s Shoes, now only . . 1,15 100 " " . . . x.25 '5 ' !' 1 00 s " :: : . -. . 2.50 " " . . ' 1.75 i.eo " " . .70 4 00 . . . 2.75 .50 " "... .35J How can you resist such prices as these f Don't wait, but come early and get your choice. We make this great Reduction to make room for a large Stock of Furniture and House Furnishing Goods to be shipped soon. AL, . FURNITURE and SHOE HOUSE, ALMON Ii DAVIS, Mgr. Main Street, Burlington, N. C. The Last Year of the Century DAVIS FURNITURE CO.i Will lead the Procession in the following points . Largest Stock of Furniture in the Coun ty. Widest Range of Designs and Finish. Lowest Prices for Equal Values. Easiest Terms for Buyers. Only Exclusive Furni ture Store in the County, Full Stock al ways on hand. Goods, in loads, delivered to any of the mills in the county. We buy in large lots and upon the very lowest terms possible, An in spection of our new goods, and also, your patronage is solicited. J. L. JDAYIS, Manager. Ellis' Old Stana , Burlingtonv

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