V. . T ii n 'NEWS. BURLINGTON, N.: C. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14, 1900. NO. 27' THE GOEBEL; MURDER. j ' a,OOKl MERI0DB, iiH?r! Military rowrr Affala lit Complete (ontrl sf 4ne KaeaaUv Bulltiiug i 'wil MaiTum , Allow oiTll -mers ti liBitr In Order t Armt T . oaolRla 1ukro4i ' Wllh Being Ae - fMOrin the Ctoefcel liunlnK : - ln-A DeeUloM Irnliil Taylor 'ibe t lerinc Offleinla i-aplarea ty i Police In 1slnfftoit. ' i. Franklort, Ky.. March 10. The sllua tlon has reached a point of excitement to-day almost approaching that of the v etln-ing times . immediately- following" tbe assassination of Goebel.The.reln- statement of the "military power la . complete control of the State Execu-,-. tlve building and the refusal of tbe v) military authorities to allow the local police end civil officers to enter the " building-"f or the purpose of arresting Secretary of State Caleb Powers and , .. Captain John W., Davis, charged with ., being tccwsorles to the Goebel assas sination, ai.d the probability of a con . Wot .between the civil and military au : ., thoritles has me do the situation look ' -serious. : This morning City Marshal iichardsun applied at the executive V'tulldlns and demanded to be admitted -1, for the purpose of arresting' 'Powers . .and Davis, but was turned back and the warrants were then turned over to tSneriff Buter. The latter also presented - himself at the executive. building' and demanded admittance. He was referred by the ofticer In charge to Cglonel Mor ?v row, and tie latter being found, said: "I am sorry, Mr. Sheriff, but: it is - against Governor Taylor's orders to let any one Into the building to-day." - -. ! Eheriff Pnter then held a consultation . with County Attorney Polsgrove, Com-liionwealth's-Attornex Franklin and -.other officials. Meantime the police . force had been doubled and a "-detail i . guarded each of the ..entrances to tbe vv ! rotate-: house .grounds to prevent the men wanted from escaping. At the con ' ferenee between the officials It was de a.iycldcd that.the sheriff should summon a -large reserve force of deputies, "to be ailed Into ure in the event it waa de : !ded,tO: aLttjtipt to enter the building ;v' .. by force 1j jiiake the arrests, and In ;' . "pursuance f this, the sheriff swore la f.fty men, who were stationed In the neighborhood of the sheriff's office dur .. ing the afternoon. - - - . Sheriff fiuter made another attempt it ... ' to get an audience with Governor Tay ' lor this afternoon,, but was unsuccess- : r ful. The streets were fairly blocked with v people In-the Vicinity .of .the State - . i . House but there was no open demon . " stration, though it was evident that the populace Was on the side- of the civil - authorities. At S o'clock Sheriff" Suter, . , having failed to get any sort of un- deratanding-wlth the military authorl-'--';r ties as to the ai;rest of the parties, sub mltted the v ouontton ia Democratic m To get to Al Puriiiture aad Shoe House before their great big stock of Shoes are picked over too much. You know they are selling all their Shoes at " . ; v- v And they ' are . nice new ones too. They intend to go out of the r- " Shoe business and - ' - . , 11. - .'i,.; ,-..v. . ' ' - r li If you want to see the biggest and prettiest stocxr of .Furniture arid House Furnishing Goods r : - 1 1 'j li In Alamance Odunty, you can find it at ALJ FURNITUKE arid SkOB HOUSE, AL110IT L, DAVIS, Mgr.' - ; , -' Main Street, Burlington, N. O. -- "- ' "V' ,:.',---'."'!'- . .'.;.;:;;. '. i'Vii -.TT'- Governor BecRhanv fo decide" fo whp.t extent' the civil offlcers should go to gain admittance to the building for the purpose of making the arrests. . ' Secretary of State Powers and Cap tain Davis 'were slipped aboard a Chesapeake and Ohio-train at 8 o'clock and speeded toward Lexlngton.A squad of Boldiers, coming from the Gover nor's mansion at double-quick, caught the train just before it palled out. With them were Powers and Davis, dressed In soldiers' uniforms, and be fore the guard of deputy sheriffs be came aware of what -was going on tbe train left. . ' Lexington, Ky., -March 10. A - tele gram to Colonel Williams, commanding the Second . Kentucky Regiment of tlss State Guards,, came this afternoon in reference to moving the local troops under Governor Taylor's orders. Col onel Williams only. a.n hour before had left for Connellsvllle, Ind., and Captain C. W. Longmire; .who is In charge of three companies and the arms in the local armory, t under orders : of the Beckham administration, took Qfteen men to the armory and proposed to hold the arms against any orders from the Taylor administration. ., Captain Iongmtre is- now In charge and says he will resist any .attempt at moving the arms under Taylor's or ders. No clash Is expected here, be cause most of the' local mllltla are Beckham's sympathisers. ' The Taylor officials at Frankfort' were notified at once hf . Colonel. WUUan'.fi absence. - Lexington, Ky.. March 10. Almost with out warning tbe 'storm center of excite ment in the preEent .gubernatorial. Btpug ftie shifted to Lexington to-night, and un-: pni a late hour the town -was In an. up roar. The 8:40 Chesapeake and Ohio train from Frankfort bronpht with ..rt- in -.one car to themselves Secretary of State Cat leb .Powers, Captain John . Carta, Ca pltol Square policeman; -and Lieutenant P. B. Peake. -of Covington. Intelligence had pre ceded them that they were on their way to Lexington, and were-trying to make their eBcape." When the. train pulled into the de pot thd entire police force cf thin city, un der Chief John McD. Rose and BherliT Henry Bosworth,- with a large force of deputies, boardfd the train. On entering the coach, the officers found It contained about twenty-five soldiers With Powers and Pavls, the soldiers being under com mand, apparently, of 'Lieutenant Peake. Lieutenant Peaks sprang to his feet at once and eommand.the soldiers to clear the car,. In an instant twenty revolvers were drawn by the' officers, -and the were all leveled at Peake, who gamely tried to pull' his' own revolver, but, ns he drew It from the. scabbard, a policeman em-ashed him across the hand with his club .and then prevented what would have, undoubt edly resulted in. a tragedy. '. The sheriff commanded the conductor to cut -off the car, The conductor remon-. strated, stating that the' train carried United States mall, and the demand was then not pressed: ' A local attorney recognised Powers and also pointed out Davis. They were seized and hurried to jail. As the procession swept toward the Jull some peo?le started the report that there was to be a lynch ing, and soon the streets were . packed with- people, an enormous crowd gather ing about the jail. Dnvls, Powers - and Peake were hurried to the upper cells, but Peake was later releast-d on bond on a common warrant on t the charge of re sisting arrest. The Associated Press correspondent saw Lieutenant Peake in company with his attorney. But he refused absolulelv to Running say a woro. wt.e correspondent sought In terviews with powers and Davis, but the officers tefused-to permit, anyone to see them at that time. i .i'""".;-5'-"- '.-'-.- Davis and Powers were. both disguised. Both wore the ; regular -soldier -uniforms complete, even as to the leggings. Davis had shaved oft his moustache and goatee. tens of peace iw botch afbica. . . " ' i ' : . President Kruger Is Quoted as Seylng Ibut tbt tad of tht Vu Would - Com With la tbe Seat Beaith. : London,. March 9. From various quarters come signs of-the possibility of peace In South Africa being shortly within the bounds of practical politics. AU the dispatches from Lord Roberts headquarters, including; ' those Qf the commander-in-chief himself, Indicate that lack of a guiding spirit among; the Boers, and individual demoralization portending disintegration unless speed ily stemmed. - " ':X.t'.'3;-,;:-'. The flight of the burghers from Pop lar Grove, according, to all accounts, was wholly Inglorious.? jf" A Times dis patch from Poplar Grove under yes terday's date, goes so far as to assert that the rout of the Boers was so com plete that the submission of the Free Staters being demanded by the bur ghers by their unwilling President, and it Is expected that its submission will be made within a week. - 4 -: The correspondent adds:- "Probably the Boers' wisest course was flight, but It was most undignified, and is certain to produce consternation at Bloemfon tem. There Is a growing- outcry against any -further Identification of the Free State" lth the Transvaal's Interests." Dispatches from -thai Boer camp at Glencoe, via Lorenzo Marques, depict President Kruger as. donning a bando lier, seizing a rifle' and Inviting volun teers ta accompany him, as he wished to have a shot at the- enemy himself. President Kruger is also quoted as having declared In bis address to the troops that he "did not know wjiether arbitration or Intervention 'would end the struggle, but that .it would end quickly, within the ; next - month, he strongly believed." - Meanwhile the British are not stay ing their advance. - Lord Roberts has moved ten miles nearer; Bloemfontein, evidently with the View of seizing and utilising the railroad; polbly to reach the Free State" capital In three or four days, whence he may begin repairing the railroad southward, meeting the British advance from Cape Colony, which may be expected to be hastened as soon as general. White takes control. The British occupied Jamestown un opposed Thursday, March 8th, and the Boers are reported to be retreating be yond Allwal North, so that Cape Col ony Is practically clear of armed Boers. Reinforcements from Natal are going to Lord Roberts. General Warren's division and artillery have already been ordered to join the commander-in-chief so that the latter Is preparing for all eventualities, including possible desper ate opposition to bis crossing the Vaal river and the necessity of the siege of Pretoria, where thousands of natives are reported to be employed in. the con struction of defensive works, concern ing which such secrecy is maintained that no one is allowed to walk or drive on the outskirts of the town. FINE SHOES for These Shoes are. all Spring Heels, with outside tack stay, he vamp are golf" cut, quarters have fancy f xed stitching. All have solid leather Inner, Outer Soles and Counters, the colors are Black and Checolaie. Dont fail to see them. Mail orders solicited. JNO. R. FOSTER, CASH At E- E. WORKMAN, g Front Street, 1900 BARGAINS The Last Tear of the Century DAVIS FURNITURE CO. Will lead the Procession in tbe following points Largest Stock of Furniture in the Coun ty. Widest Range of Designs and Finish. 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