North Carolina Newspapers

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"VvK'pV.i. : Proprietors.
Termn $B.OO Fox- Tera
NO. 47.
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Can Afford to be without a
The Greatest Labor Saving- Implement of the Age.
It spread? even!-." in l un.:" -r;;,'.;. a., i- - : Ma:.-ir-. ' ' " -n S i. t :. ..
either broadcast -r in drills
Refer to the following farti:- r wl. ir ;-::. ' :.. v. s ' i. .. ' r
their superiority :
J. M. Manx, Uyde County. N. '.
Grs. R. R.i?M. Nwh rn. N. '.
J. L. Kuem, Newborn. N. t".
Wu. Dunn. Newborn, X. t".
J. L. Tcvker, Pitt County. N. C.
' J. C. WHITTY, Nowbern. N- C.
Agent also for Tennessee Farm W air on, "Ori 1 "' an. I "Uol.m-l" '::.I. !
Plows, "Champion' and "Granger" Tur:,:::j I''-.-:, ' (.:; ;i Plow.
The Best in Use, Harrows, Cultivators Castings, etc.
Com and see me. and remember a!o that NO WELL KKiU'LATKl'
FAMILY can afford to be without a GILHKUT FORCE PIMP.
At Reasonable Terms, Wholesale and Retail.
100 fcbla. Heavy Mess Pork.
100 bbls. Family Flour.
100 Boxes and Caddies Toba-co.
100 Tons of Ksvinit
25 bbls. Vinegar.
25 bbls. and half bbls. Lorillard's ScurT.
1,000 Doiens Coats' Spool Cotton.
1,000 Doiens Lion's Baiting lw b rS.
Etc.. Ere. E-. .
pi. Pell Ballance & Co.,
We are not members of the Board oi
Trade, nor have we ever been, and wo are
carrying the -Largest and lest Selected
. Stock of Fancy and Staple Groceries ever
displayed in the citv. consisting of the Un-
25 bbls. Best in the W.
r! l F
South Lake Fb
Tip Top Flour.
Purity Fiour,
Saratosa Fami!
' Saratoga Extra
Fb '!
25 James River Super.
5 bbls. Pork.
OtW lbs. Fat
:50l0 lbs. Lons Cb.-ar-.
.5006 lb? Smoked Shnubb r
1250 gallons Molas.-Svr
50 backets Lar i.
10 Tierces Lard.
25 Till Cans Lard.
4000 lbs. choicest Craa; (
1000 lbs. choicest Crearn r
500 gallons Vinegar,
500 gallom Cider.
250 bags Salt,
15 bbls. Table Sait.
100 boxes Soap.
40 bags Coffee.
20 gross Kssence C -T .
0O boxes Cakes r.r. 1 ( r.i
150 boxes French an 1 An
4i3 boxes Soda. ;uar:' : .
50 eaue.-i Piekl - ;;; z'.
- 100 ca.s,s lUk::.z V . : -
iho Lei.-' v:-.z ... : r.v - :
1(10, 000 Me-iiu;;; t:i ; i .i. ' .' - '
PJlXj lb? L .- !' :: : . i'.e. - . : . ' -
l :.- - i: . - ;.-.
l -j. ) - x - r- . : -- :
i o . i". -i i . : ' - 11
HUM) M --. , I. i
JiXh) I ' r : K i ' .
5''(M. - r .;.-. : . ;-... :
.'inne i r , :.
.And evervthiii.:' in i r . i -ml ('niilrr
tionerv lint whir1 1 wv -jii-t - t" ;it tin
VERY I'.wrM ; iil- i'i i li i .
Wo carrv a Full --I' "lili.-: ; iirry uml
Fanov linxM-ri.--. -n wh-ii u ci :t
We solicit nh' th'' -ii lr;n!''.
Conic ami m' u-.
l.l'.N I 11. s"i
r. i i ; i . i: r ; .
: i : ' i: i-r ii : - 1 ;-. i ! . : . i ; i in-'.v; m
in- ; I :i . 1 1- 1 a I r. -::
,:lr a::, tint t t ;u :ity in rrg.ul
t. ; in' !i-tr.-f ih,,i o ci iii i 1 . - 1 v al
s. il l ual !i i w i Ir' - a: : .-lit :') . I ; wa. -ni
it--s in a I; a i 1 a--' 'ii . a ca n
: i ' : r::: .'id laa ; i,a: 1..-: i a r - a
;:n :!: j; coj.l: ! : l -; i . ii w as a
ic-ial i:i . i i x i -1 vlic:i the !a-l
ui : la- ci,'lit I'a-r- n (,-! rir:c:i
n 1 1; I- i i.i 'it u a l i-.ii 1. a ! 1 1 1 1 1 ' I - ii ' i 1 1
a: h : in .. rr tin- r. .!). i:tn.
"Vn'i i i-im-iii ! n-r ;ln' '-nn'i!-.
I in'-ii'i bo uiiui . : : t'u 1 il I ilid
in''. .-: ; i - 1 n.i-t mi lirt ai ; ln-:r'."
"Tin-y weir iiy Ki!nl I-i i !i:i'. alal
t "i k mo o n v lu'i i'. 1 was i a i'
tun j.nnf in iniu-li "I s i i 1 1 t y
a : f ! a ai! r 1 1 1 -i i ln-I j '. I "an l i v w i a : i -i!i.-
tbi-y liavi- hi. -1 1 - iiniiiili--. Sli'.-'.V.l!:!-
l.'ii' I.i ll'Ilii i i . -1 ."..iiiiii."
1 - 1 J - X I s ,. riMlt.-.'""
"Di'Ilai-. I laiiiy."
"An.l y.ui w ill.'"
"1 wwh I cuiM. I.lbrl al a ln'
a 1 ii i w an co dt' pi n-niunoy is. lain
; .. ; : ! : 1 1 s s a' t ho on . 1 . .1' 1 1 io pi art or.
Siio wan's tho innin-y i'uv six
in. m ; i:
Aid .ai cainni'i nli!;;c her.'"
... I ui-li en!,!. I'.n; miii
can ."
I .im a banker, ami Icn.l ininic
nn Li'i'i'il socurity. Hut 1 caiiiint
allmil t give away .". ). "
A'oii do not doubt tbaf I'aimy
u.ll ret u in the nullify uheii -he
says nIh' will.'" asked Kato. in .-ur-
Pl Is,'.
I '.Viuibl not l'o so I II 1 1 0 . I'"'
sides, a nn-rc promise is. to a the
least, lllilnsilie.s like"
Fotn. you are surely joking. V.m
will not refuse Fanny or rather
i:ic!" exclaimed Kato. in dismay.
A practical joke, then." ho an
swoiod. coolly.
Which are alas mean and
ulgar," returned Kate, hotly.
I don't agree with you. They
aio amusing, if cleverly managed."
Tom bad risen, githeiingup his
letters and papers as be spoke. Ho
had not boon married long enough
to know whether to expect a soene.
and ho was anxious to got away.
l!ut Kate took his refusal coolly,
t hough she d id not hide her disap
pointment, d'om was rich, and
liberal enough with his money: but
ho was also habitually sharp in a
business matter, and not fond of
risks. Ho was afraid ho had offend
ed his wife, but ho could not help
it. She would constantly bo made
a dupe of by her friends, if they
found she had unlimited credit.
-Then you refuse to let me help
1'auny?" asked Kate, as she left the
'Certainly: uiib ss she gives
proper socuiiiy."
"Then it is ouh the seem it v oti
"Ve.-: and if ou will write "
"Pardon mo." interrupted Kate.
T could scarcely after all tho Ver
nons" kindness, write that I doubted
their honesty."
d'om Kirby said no more, but
went to his bank. Kate strolled
through the conservatory, fed her
birds, gave the neoessary house
hold orders, and sent woid to the
coachman at what hour she wanted
the carriage. Then she wrote a
long lettet to Fanny Vernon. Tom
Kirby would have been surprised if
ho had read the last half dozen
linos. Kate expressed regret at
not enclosing the desired cheque,
but promised to do so in a week.
Then she dressed to go out.
Her first visit was to her jeweler's
where she bought some trinkets,
laoked at sots of jewels, and ended
in ordering her diamonds to bo re
set in an antique stylo she fancied.
They wore to bo sent homo the
first ol the week, in time for a ball
that was to bo gieii. Then she
drove to her dressmaker's, and
wasted an hour or iiihio in looking
over fashions, before she ordered a
dress for tile coming ball.
"lb the way. madaine." she said,
as .she left . "1 have a n u . br f..: you
to till immediately. It is f,,r a
widow 's .1 1 ess. 1 1 il 1 1 j i -1 . ill - 1 II s!n ii t .
eVef thing Heeded lor the deepest
a Yrt ai l il v . " s,i:,l sii 1 1 1 1 1 ig in, id
ame. 'dt shall bo sent as soon as
possible. 1 shall be -lad to uive
s.itisl'.n-t ion. .is :; is ,,: f, i y ,.mi -
Mr. Kit by : - pel loetly v. eb."
si id Kite, gravely . '
Tom K 1 1 by w as glad to fni.l :
Kate had Ii '1 gi it t ell ihell little
troii'. e about the -.",.0011 i . . . i ; . ; m
i'a -c 1. Kite was ::i--, i : ; i : :. .;
s , ,--e: temp.-t.-.l v.:,. .- i.i- n; :
',-..' : h. : . He , i - .-; : 1 1 s .
ini'l'liau. and i.ot . 1 1 all pb-asi-. i .
w 1 ii -i i ii:- i-'.i-i U a : i ;: aiii , i - . 1 ; : , i : a
lady w ii,-.l ;,. see baa ,-n iai-:;a--s,
II" had a g 1 matr. ::'.'! s 1 1 1 . 1
he del lee .1! oy m. lb- l!,,,;! gb"
w..::,e:i i ::. p: . ,c' :e . : '. - . -by : :,
!"! II,.- 1 a ' " e.i: i.-'.s.i;. ss. ' !
p. '' .ag ia '.:
" ; ; - - sh,. d
d i
A -
leellllg !ln;i;! tempted P let hel'
ha ve t lie motley without any. 1 1
K ite u i-iv lelt 1 w idow. and Wei .
Hi sui-h i- ! ! etti i i y . be would like
her to l.e iielped by sonic oiu- w ho
Wo'iid ::: make :o..sti;-t .1 hiis.tiess
;:;.:::.! of the Km.
I I ile is my s, cut ity . ; tie w Hlow
aiisweied. ii ii el a - p; eg a ln.i!i
s it eh-. 1 sh,. ci ri led. am! handing
iiiiii a b-a. the I' i.e.- in w h'eh w.;s a
set of diamonds in antique setting.
Tom k"ew a goo.', deal o! diamonds,
and - : w at a g la. nee t ha t tlico we; e
woith in neb in ore than the loan
asked oil tin-Ill: but be disliked to
take po-sessii'ii ot them, a ml mi id s.
"I .1 III 10 it .ii eilst . illled to ' 1 o bil sj -i:ess
in this way." he said, hastily.
"Your note will be sut.ieietil . 1 ain
very sure you are just w hat yous.iv
you arc. and I am contented to run
t he risk."
Ale y i ui q ii i ' e sine that I a m
holiest ."' she ashed, .sinlllllg. "We
W iiiiioii ale seldom good Ii i a u a g . I s.
and I prefer y mi shi.ubl keep : . ;.
S. l Ti Mil lock ed the j cW els up i : i
his safe, and hid t ho y !
pors made out, io which the w idow
signed t he pl ot t v minie of Plaiicl.e
d'om did not mention the. widou
to Kate, chielly because she in ight
Ii". :e the recollect ion of his refusal
of t ile r.i. 000 to Fanny Vernon, and
Kate had. he acknowledged, be
haved exceedingly well about it.
She had not shown the least ill
will, so bo thought it best to keep
as oil' as possible from the sub
ject. nly once was Kato foolishly
wilful on the night ot Mrs. Hell's
ball. Her dross was perfect, but
sheielused Tom's request that she
should w ear her diamonds, on t he
plea that they would spoil the
clloct ol b.-r toilet te. Tom t nought
lOa . He I iked to see her wear t lie
Jewels: liked to kluov that he could
atVoid to give thciii to hoi. Kate
laughed oil this small disagreement
by promising to wear t he jew els at
the in-l ball. Hut this one wusthc
hist ot' the season.
It was a inoiniiig in August. I ke
windows weie wide open, but the
air was heavy with boat and the
odor of late summer tlowers. The
stock market was as heavy as the
ail', and d'om Kirby sat oer his
breakfast reading the advertise
ments of summer resorts. It was
difficult to tind exactly what he
wished, and so he proposed Sara
toga. Hut Kate objected. She
did not tool equal to the crowd, ami
the amount of dressing required.
She did not sceni interested in the
advertisement he lead out: indeed,
she w-as absorbed in the letter she
was reading. Suddenly d'om i e
called their bieakf.isr last lb-comber
w hen ho had refused to loan
Fanny Vernon s.l.niio. The sur
roundings were so entirely ditl'eront:
as widely separated as the beef
steak and omelet of the winter
breakfast was from the cool melons
and poaches of the summer meal.
Then ho remembered the fact that
the time had entirely arrived for
tho pretty widow to redeem her
diamonds; and ho wondered at his
forget fulness in proposing tole.ue
homo just then, lie did not care
to explain." even to
clerk, that he had diamonds as se
curity Iocke 1 up in the sale.
Suddenly" Kate looked up lioiii
her letter and said: "Tom, I with
draw my objection. I think the
Saratoga plan excellent."
"It does not make the smalie-t
difference. I am not strongly in
cliiied towards Sai'.itoga." said
Tom. coldly .
"Hut I am. Tho Hells ai e t hi i e.
and plenty ot people we know."
T cannot go for a couple ot
weeks, said d'om. eui t ly .
"Why. you said y oil wished to go
1 his W i ck ' '
"Hilt 1 lorgot a bil snies , e ilg.l ge-
meiit." interrupted Tom.
(h!" was Kate's only answei.
"K lie." asked d'om. sli spieii Ulsly .
why 1 1 1 d y i 1 1 . - h a 1 1 g t y o u i mind so
suddenly .' Was it s..!ne;Ii!!ig m
l'.ilin 's let le; .'"
-Why did oii s,, sii.j.h-i.U N-
111 t UI be !' ot 1 1 bl Is; ;iess ,-n .lgeU: . -1 1 ."
ask. d Kai. . -I i ; F.nn.y '- b :
i ec iil i ;"
"Askltlg .1 qllest , m .s , ..,s . : ."
loin said, e v.isi ve ,y .
"Well, then I'll e, H, less.
ii..; go ; . i Saratoga with,
diamonds. Htr "I i . ai : -e y
lot me have tla-m
11 . i e ' ; i g i i , . i : . . i i .
hele colli. 1 I h , e p:.t y.n
1 1 1 o 1 1 d s .' "
in v
. I
1 s e but III S i ' I
in." and K i-
i .1
s.i ooo
'..i.n y -.-in..
a in-' .-i t h
' U i ' 1 . 1 1
no. b I.-
he I. a.
Cat II i
'o! .. :
Milk, imtt. r. .Icr-ias ami a Model
Dairy. i
V... - sir.!. The twelve doctors setd from
Whib-a- (, a low days; F.ngland io the Iagvptim cholera
ago. the waiter had am pie . .ppor- ; (i is, ri(., , , Vr , s.-,-.t, , .,. m,,n t h .
iiiin'". ui seeing bow ioadilvtho;
!...!..:..! and graded cows oi' the ' ''-i i'liore-.- Inn. bug place
eoiiutrv respond in supplving milk m .Mani.ui.; is to W maiked l.,v
in gen'eious feeding. Seeing on , SlO.fHKi nmntimoiit.
j Dr. Henbow's bill of faro "milk and ; eoiton f'aetoiv w hi-h was
b-i-t,;- from our own da i ry ." and i l)ph,.d in t!ie Cotton -:.posb
kii'.ving iioin experience the tiue.tion building in Atlanta is 'now
qualities of his dairy, we strolled i miming i '.(' -pindles. omoloys a.
out about "milking time" to the ! Capi t a! . .f a H .' ' . a nd is liialiing
ibdry. which is sit u. itod about one ;l c-lean I''1 nor cent, on itsliisi
mile t'loin ( i i eeiisboro. and found year ot' act u.d'work.
the lr. superintending the milking- ... ,
of Hnrtv-livo eows. i:vervthing (lein;.; (-rant s physical C'oniii
:id tin- large stable presented t!,m ,s -,; ;!,: " t give his mends
a neat appearance.
The cattle are
milked twice a day. The milk is
drawn in largo, clean cans: then
eaiiaed to the large spring-house
and thence into a large swing churn.
driven l.v horse-nower. The butter
t re. ite.! to b:
than ono-nuartor
i mi ounce of salt t o i he poiin d .
nid thus none ot the finer and
' a ; "iii.r !c ... o u s aie iosr. it !
io bom the milk of hoalthv
i .1 s.-y grades ami common cows, only the sweetest feed, al-
reuniting with corn meal, cotton
seed meal, bay of the farm, and on-
silage, and they diink the. purest
water, and breathe the cleanest air
no can ied and brushed and
carel'ii'iiy bedded and are always
treated witli gentleness. Tho but
ter is made limn milk which is im
mediately lemoved from the stable,
though the stable is daily sprinkled
with gypsum and has no cellar un
der or near it. The butter is made
from oleum which has risen in loss.
than ."a! hours, in clean tins and a that among l.nnO doctors the annual
clean at Unisphere: it is granulated death rate ranges between 1.1 and
and v-oiked with the greatest care. .2.1. making a yearly loss of 1.S00
Tim cows, the tins, the milk, the physicians out of our HO.OOO. Hut
cicum. the salt, the butter, are all the supply is such as to remove all
kept clean and in an odorless at- causes of apprehension, for t he ntim
mosphere. ber of our medical graduates in
lM. Heiibow said: "Which are 1 S2 s:5 was : ; . : 1 7 . more t ban double
your best grades tor butter"" "The the estimated number of deaths.
Jerseys decidedly." They will WasiiiXuT--X. Feb. 11. -A dele
respond to feed l.eyond the amount catin r Apaohes from the San
of lood required to meet the waste r.n.,os ros,.lv.Atiu callc,! upon the
ol the !...ds. and w ill make this ex- e,,,,,,,,;,,; .,. r, susif...
tra reiuin m
suttor ius surcis as
the Slioithoru will make it in beef,
or the Ayrshire in milk. The Jersey
i . .i : '... 1 .... l... .1. ...1
ooiilg inoioiignoieu oan oo uoeuu-
1 1 1 1 in to transmit in breed
the good qualities ot' one parent, in
mans cases ol Sotn parents, ami
veiv'otien the best qualities of re- The latest thing inarisian mil
mote as well as immediate anees- linery is the cat adornment. Small
t,,rs. stuffed kittens are now fashionable
-Are there other leasons.'" "Yes: as the ornaments of the prevailing
the Mutter globules have a larger large-brimmed hats, and the eileet
average si.o in .U r-ev milk than in '( these tiny tigerish animals is
that of anv other breed: and in eon- striking. At present only one cat
sequence of their larger globules at a time is worn: but after a little
tin- cream rises quicker and hence while, when emboldened by success,
needs to bo exposed a much shorter a family group o4' cat and kittens
time to the air. so there is loss in- may be looked I'e.r.
jury from lei meui at ion . odors and An order was issued bv t ho Peun
diist. It also requires the use of sylvania Railroad Company to their
fewer tins and causes less labor, employees on Saturday forbidding
Tiie larger globules have a thinner the receiving of all perishable mat
envelope, and consequently churu ter or live stock as freight for daces
quicker, and have a more sprightly WPSt 0f Pittsburgh over the I'itts
tlior." burgh. Cincinnati and St. Louis
This thou, gentlemen of Lenoir Railroad, ami wi-.f of Cumberland
and Oreeiie. is your cow for the no- (,n the Haltimoreand Ohio Railroad,
fence distiiet. Kill or sell your except at the risk of the owners for
tea-cup eows, and buy a good Jersey, delay or loss. This order was
oiio of which is worth two dozen issued on account of the tloods.
razor-back fence-lifters. The Jersey, , ... ;f , ,
with vour abundant seed feed and . An ' -'I- 1 ; "lieu standing
cm meal, will stand more food, !o,au constituency, is said
siehl more milk and butter without
etting tat. will put the oil into her "J
bag rather than in her carcass, goes ll1;' v - '
,1, v a shorter period than anv other 1'1'e!1 a co fli n of him 1 his was tor-bu-ed.
('apt. Haldv Williams, of mled to London, but. unable to
Or.iiis ilie county, has one cow that !ni!rr,e ,"s V'v !l,tVk'r',U' lf 1,1 tlu'
( oiV.shoi ... one that gives thirty
two ,
io quails a; a milking; .ui. ,ioe
hem. at New Heine, ditto. Drink
i milking: Mr. Jot
me good milk and oat loss western
u k. I . Ii. Wai.kkk.
lli.w a lar.ii Ma Lamed.
A young man. says the mem-
tiatt -,-,-,. s. was very anxieiis to so-
eu; .-a piece ot propel iy w h le h w.s
furs. ile on mis a.lvantagoousturms.
lie w.-nt to con ter with a tnend
-.haw. is a ii-inker, and to inquire
wlatliei it would be prudent to
i.i. now the i.-quisite sum and pay
ill I e ii i . ; I i I ! s -, I 1 1 1 1 e 1 1 . S . I II I 1 . I . -
nig t ii
1 fe ss ,
lie si-, ,!!. be ..!.,.
"' ',,lr -"
. e nis; i : i s , a o m e 1 1 1 .
i to borrosv liom the
go enough t
anient, lay it strictly
aside, and t hen go al
aid hi- mend, -you must spend
eiaily nothing, bm must !;ve
il you! place. n must make a
o au.i drop m it all the nioiies
s .ui i e.-'-:s-e. 1 he s oung ma:, am
his Wile SV el! t bl ,1 Vols' t O SV I 'I k t'
, .;:,.w Ills ads ice. If it was tleee-
s.,i's ; , i d.t.e "li a lie. id ot bo h
:;' i al:d S.i!' llleV did So al
t.i-v. r g utiiie- !. Every pay meiii
. i
d t la- corn
il! ill
s ,e
,., ,,
1 1
'..Is I lie. 1 s 1 in a e
s cab il aboli: sii.-h
I.'.;'- n i . : i . 1 I i g ol.
lis; ray meat !!.
eii-eif hililseli be-
::a a so; Png fa'-.-,
ta-y in his hand.
, , 1 , n -
1 I
s el -
; l -
. 1 ii
'' :" r
. recovered t;om his tali on .-w
Year's day sufficiently to go out.
;'m i; is s..m no gets mite sleep,
: -f'"-' k,,i't -iko 'light and day by
tlie Pa,n nis '"ts.
The munieiiia! schools in Paris
are now visited regnlaily tw ice a
month by inspectors, who
also are requi red to at Tend in urgent
oases. It is hoped bv those means
to limit the spread of contagious
' diseases. There are 1 2(5 of these
t doctors, and they receive SlbO a
year each. Fob. 11. In the
second ice yacht race for the Dr.
Harron cup this morning, the start
ers were .Kolas. Icicle. .lack Frost,
dessie P.. and Flash. Jack Frost
won e;'i-ily. and. having thus won
the cup the second time, it will be
kept bv her owner. Archibald
The M,, !;,! K,
d estimates
day. They expressed themselves
as much pleased with their visit to
theCiulisle and Hampton Indian
' v v '
S(.,)(lK .,,,, s.,j(1 t(.v i;,re!idod te
devote their attention to agricul
ture. to have been interviewed bv an un-
lertaker as to his vo'e. Anxious to
; . ! . . i .s . .-1 ....- i . .
- oruuii cuamooror ins servanis to
allosv it in i he net her regions, ho had
it carted down to Lincoln's Inn.
, . . . , . . . .
I'lacod on did nttcdwiih shelves.
u " ' ''-
. let i or was leeeiillv admitted as
a will at Westmini.-ter. Md. The
,.;10 .v.,s -t.onglv contested. J.
,,,.m.v n..pp.- died intestate, and
m,,ed to about K!.-
()(,,, p;;... Ve;. Rve; s prosellted'i o
, (,,, t h-tter to iierself from
jp, in whiei. ho said: "Ann,
;l,-u.,. mv.b-atii sou ai,- to have
lo.OiKi.' d'i. is sou are to have. svi!l
,'. Ilo ill. Take o:,;e ol this letter
, o ; I 1 , , 1 O . S e . , t 1
mtll ins deal e. At:li. keep this to
som-sell." The puper Wa- deciaied
v tin- i .'. .' ! s to Se a t"! ger v.
The jiii v. a'.itl a i.n ilass" tlial.
deelileii it genuine. Issues SVele
,.,h,. tl, ,i. . c,,,,,, ,., t,-.
deieimiiie yvhetiier the loiter was a
, ,.t ., a, v , ,., . a nd t lie Coin t
decided it to bo sufficient f.-r a
Asli INii i . . l- es. i 1 . 1 ne
naie si; I,.,
IlilO'I's 11.
m in i : I ee. con
r. Cai.ieiiiii
S.d sba: s . .m
of Wis
1 Jonas.
Ill-- U l ow
,1 consm. - i s'e
d will leas e W ' -1;
fol .l.lci.s.a;. y!;s.
pi . Mel d to ( '. - . I ..
1 ,
I'el '"'
I '1
s i o e
' ae 1 '
.1 I
Libiiiitional (ncstioii. Lte.
Why should the State exorcise
control and supervision over edu
cat ion .'
What do you mean by tho Slated
Why is know ledge tin
right of man .'
Why is education the
uni voisal
tin i'oi'sal
e right to
interest and duty of man?
How is man's inalienable right to
liberty and the pursuit of
best secured:
Arc ignorant men fi ee men ?
Is ignorance a menace to free in
stitutions? What would you consider a suf
tlcient qualification for the exercise
of suffrage?
"What we're Thomas Jefbc lson's
views of the relation of education
1 to the welfare of the State ami the
happiness of the people?
What were the words of Presi
dent Goo. Washington in regard to
edueation. in his farewell address?
What distinguish, d jurist was
the author of the following senti
ment? '"The parent who sends his
son into (he world uneducated, do
I frauds the community of a lawful
i citizen and bequeaths to it a niiis
i ance."
Who was the author of t his sent i
mcnt? '-You will conler tho great
est benefit on your city, not
i by raising the roofs, but
I by exalting the souls of your
fellow-citizens: for il is better that
great souls should live in small
habitations, than that abject slaves
should burrow m great houses."
Would it do to leave the promo
tion of education to the operation
of the law of demand and supply?
Who uttered this sentiment "Let
the soldier be abroad if he svill, he
can do nothing in this age. there is
another personage abroad, a per
son less imposing, in the eyes ol
some insignificant. The school
master is abroad: and I trust to
him. armed with his primer, against
the soldier in full uniionn array."
.Much has been accomplished
within the past few years in both
method and matter. Is further re
form needed? and if so, who must
be the leading factoi ?
It is to be hoped that all teachers,
in Lenoir county svill go forward
and have their names e- rolled as
members of the Lenoir County
Teachers Association, at ,ts next
meeting. The white tenders not
only of Lenoir, but of adjoii. ng
counties, would fmd it greatly to
their advantage to join our a-so( :a
tion and attend every meeting, as
questions of vital importance to the
profession are there fully and ably
discussed, by teachers of high in
telleotual, moral and professional
The colored teachers of the coun
ty also organized by the election ol
olliccrs of excellent attainments. I
hope the colored teachers svill avail
themselves of this opportunity of
improvement. Let us not lorget
that, "wherever any portion of the
race is to be raised from the, degra
dation ot Ignorance, it must be done
through the power of w ise teaching
during the period of childhood and
youth." Hence, wo must pros ; !e
teachers adequate in numbers, in
learning, in capacity, and in skill
to the magnitude of Jdie work to bo
performed. We should ever bo.u
in mind that if the unedti vated
cannot be the judges of cultivaii n,
they cannot surely be leaders of '.
It has been said that "Properly to
conduct and control the humblcsi
school, demands more svisdom than
to rule a Si ate.
Very truly, etc.,
W. S. HlRI).
Seven Spiings. Feb. !, ISM.
K. of 1'.
locii ol' ili- ;rnnd LoiIjip -TIi c : ' r
!cr in a Flourishing, i'ond i 1 i o n .
Tiie (irand Lodge of the Knights of
Pythias of North 'arulina met at lmlM
a. in. in tlio new castle hll e,f ('enter
I .... I go. Nn. a. Crand Chancellor K. (i.
Ihtirell iiresiiling. witti the following
i.Iii.-ersi (J. P. C. J. L. if. Missillier:
i. V. ('.. W. T. He Howell; (J. P.. J. VV.
M, ,.,;.: h II. of K . It. T. Scuuliii: h
K. .f it. and S.. John I.. Du.ll.-v: C. M.
at A.. ,1. I '. Plewister: (f. 1. C. J. F.
t ' .I'lf's. f nil ' . ii.. I'.. M. I'.e. a-.
I-l ' 'UI.
The i -. -in 1 1 1 i t : e ... on ei'eileii! i li- having
n;iei'te-l the follow ing P. ( '' yvoiv ad
mitted and dulv obligated: A. Ilroail
I,,,,!, i -has. MeKiminnn. .1. M. Slier
wood. N" :h Ik Ii. Hi.eklairn. No. .
Washing!' .n i ill. No. 'J?.
Tl;- i ..('.. I ). H. i i. C's . I i. K. ,,! K
s. -i i.. M. .1 !h u.-ie an I re
ferred to a sp.-'-ial ' 'iiiiiiitiee for .l:-;ia-bution.
Tl'.e (i.e. introduced in very tints r;ng-t--i
in th" Supreme t 'liiuiee I lor of
Knights ui Pvthias. and requested him
I,, i.e.or tie- 1 nlgi- with his vi.-ws us to
t ! - -ndi; i oi: of tie- l,r m genend.
Ti." s-. 1 '- l'--phed ill il v. ry eol'ipl ill. el. -
t..ry an 1 nattering in. inn. r ;.s t-. i(j,.
-i .. i i ; i ii ..; ; le- r-l.-r. ;m-ln ling th
, - u- ; in r . ' k an i u:a : .aan i i l - ...n .
. speci..'.!y ti.-- 1 Ui.-r. v. ie. li h" s , s i-
i-. ni ail dir.- :i, lis ;e. a ..-iv
s i v. ,.- i i ae-ted t . . liipi 1 iy the n ii
w :.; : - -:. 1 k at tii-.-vt iiiig--o-ii'ii. I ait
'.x in.' :h .- :.. .-ssity .1 la- h aving
ui' . it- d. II V,s
, . l
-:.) i ir
-' .
- I P t il" Vi.ri- -US el, -, s
k . A i an in ! r:i; a i n , - ' ; n 1 , i i
-l.t tin l- i in -: i ! a, i v,.- ,.; the v,ui-
l" ! ;,ii'i. bi ;.-; t.iti-in.iit- a to
a liii':.- ;-.!il st.iti.iir.g of their
; : v -- e .n i all tie- report- wi i .-
- at i-l .I--: -I v. Tl, I , ran, I l.o.le..
1 : . i i i . -r i - i i ; ; .n . ;i ii -a:
1 :.. -lev -n - - o , . . -
i-i-n I liiinl-
Stoj. (he IJusiness. i
hi'Il'iili Jul liNAl, " He nn .ve the cause ,
nn. 1 the will di. appciir. ' is an
axiom ;ih old ;is true and as true as hi. :
and if the Cotton Kxciiange n liin : - is
are alive to the true interei-t of ail i at
tun gi . avei s. and we helieve thev are. I
they w ill steps to put il Ftop to the
purchase of t-t den c 'ti on . If A. liven
in town an.l olfers a kale of cotton at
the Kxchauge. le is oully inform. "1 1
. that cannot bell if. heeaio-e theiulKl
areagamsi ii. 'I his inar he al I i ihl;'
the grower of the cotton and the oiu of
tow n . peeukitor can each sell at (Iih I
. eon nlei s of 1 lie Kxchaiifje. I!ut Urister !
. Tilgl.nian anil iiny who ehoi"-e to i n I
I Kills'' "1 it can walk into any of the lint
I eoiton dealers anil sell it in small quan
I il lis u u 1 oe.t queslion as to his out oil
town speculators' or growers' autlior l '
to do so: a s illiiigne-s to take illicit I
over half the . rice the article comma .le
in r. ;iilar hands set ms to over il..-!
win le case. I
fl.e nun,!,, r if peisnns u l.o h,. !
scrap t t n to sell is hi,; .-reat. an, I lie- ;
numljer who deal in it is not prealer.
an.l it is useiefS to say that a bo.l vnfj
i men who on regulate and control the
sale of the entire piti luctiu n ef a lar-je
, tenilory of country antl at; jri t yat me;
Ihoiisands of bales, are p.nveiless to
regal. it.- and check if n-.t ent irel , dt- ,
stroy illegitimate dealings in a tow n the i
si.-- of this and in amount not exceed-'
1 ing a f iile ;i week.
Where there is a w ill there is a way I
and once the Exchange managers aie the public look to them t..j
i regulate this matter, we luivp but litlle !
; doubt they will take steps to stop the ',
i sale of .-.oei cotton and thereby mule I
rially tliininish the stealing of the f i nils I
I of holiest toil.
i M'liat Say Oaslon.'
; Fuhtoi: Jocunal: Shall Onslow rami- T
, ty be represented in the State Expo- I
sitiou next fall? If bo, in it not time see j
- were uji and douigr W hat K. L.
! Franks & Sons. C. Stephens. S. U. Tay
! lor. D. Sandlm & Son. L. W. Hargett &
I Sons. Sheriff Min i ill, brother and suns.
F. and John Thompson and sons. Cox
& Sons. Mills. Steed. Kooneo and every
body in the county to having a called
meeting and organize for work; and go
to work and show what we have and
what doV Col. Pardee lias blown
our horn for us. so let's stir up our Stat"
.aid county 'ride. We have fisli.oss
! rs. clams an 1 game of all sorts
'nn t be beat. Lime and marls in abund
ance. We rai.-e rice, corn, peas, tobac
co, cotton, oats, rye, wheat, potato, s
and any and nearly everything that i
good to eat drink and wear, which we
can prove if w o take the matter in hand
and go t . woik with a vim.
E. (i. J.
Kiit.!: JoriiNAi.; The time for)
cis liijr in t-eheilule H tiix has '
pr.Kse.1 iitnl in looking over one
e.innot help from liotieing how few ol
; 1 1 1 those w ho advertise to sell on eoni-j
missions Ket one dollar s worth of work
tn do. You are aware. Mr. I'M iter, '
we have many inei ehants w ho claim to '
he commission and wholesale mer !
eliants. Now we do not like to think i
they tin' commissions and f-iil to j
give them in. intentional I v , and in
l -1 . .v . ... . i ... i - l , i. T n. .
ui,m i . , . -1. l uit-ii i ib i. niej .tie ei.ui j iei leu ! Spi
to see i hi . I liferent he .dings, so I he e.x- ! da In
cuse liies do nfit know cannot be lais-'d K"nt
in !lu-:r heliiilf iind w :i 1 1 L-nnu- tlwc !
are f,.(j l-.onesi to neglect or try to shun
the t ix by making f ilse statement, but !
nevertheless, the stranger who sojourns
in our midst for a short time that is ,
prompted by curiosity to examine the !
register's books, must come to the con-j
ciusion that there is but very little
grain, cotton, or any other product sold i
here by any ore. especially if he is from .
a city i'f any size, either North or South.
Thiols the only city in tho knowledge
of the v. i iter where produce is sold un- :
less th.- . ity and State derived mnr !
benefit fr.,ni the sale. We write Miis'
for infoi mation and are in hop.-n juu
enn c. plain the secret.
,srns liiiiiiu.
Wnirii Oak. Jxi:s C"- nty. N. C, ;
February 12th. 1S-.1. j
KnrTOK Ji-UHNA l: I have read with i
pleasure the o: courarilng remarks from
your Jones emu' ty correspondent on
the interest tha'ahou-I'l ne taken by our
county in the i onroachirjg State Expo
sition, and I uaJTrrti J i k e to make the
following suggestion, : That the
counties of J mes. Onslow. J-ienoir.
( raven, ( al ien t. Pamlico and.any otirer.
enstern counties that may desire to join 1
in. secure in the fair grounds a certain
plot or space of ground of sufficient size
to place u pon it a build ing. bui lc ent i re
ly from llic shell rock taken from ihe
banks of the Trent river, and that this
building be used exclusively for the ex
hibit from i. ni' eastern counties The
building nf itself would attract the at
tention of every person visiting the ex
hibition. The r.uln . ads could welliilfurd
to transport the rock to Raleigh free of .
charge. J. .in -, '. , uiiity ought to give not
less than live hundred dollars besides
the dun;. lions would come from
many of her citizens. I for one will
cheerfully take one hundred dollars
worth of stock in the building if one of
tin- proper size a u-1 sty le is put u p. Can "t
yen. Mr. w like up ou r people to
'his great and important subjeot The
K ist sh.iiild have the proper representa
tion. ,i. ! let us join togvther and do it
a.-i e No time to be lost. HoWlloiS
('ri'h oiinty stand on this .jiii'M ion'.'
I ; u - . i f i , m y. iu .
Kati;i:n N. . ( ' .
Vhito Oak Items-
i: .. k
-i ..- ist i be marrie 1 next Thur.--h
il s bad.
ill", along old Wli I - i.ik t- -i
far as u e have he i . 1 fi oi n
I .-. ph I.Iixoli tilled I is appoint
cias--leader la-l ui.'lav at
All M
i.ighl .
n.ent i
i .i -..ii,.
b. -;.. .1,
M is-
.! -. ph
I" ,r.t.
1 .
-it ing M rs.
i- a pit
asalil isit.
i.ivji.r i - el' 1
ll'ipe she mav so
I II b
.n le
' 1 - . .lie
-r bachel
thal u-
t, ,1 i
p..rha - s w l.l -peak ol him tin- In XI
Mr. ..' ..- Mai ies .-;,ys that u .o-1-11. oil! I
i- a j.r- e:.t , I ia;-i ni e"i;--n Io a
, ' M. n; Mr. Mai le- i- ii g - ,i
liii iii i i.h 1 h;- opinion i- ua.itii soiin -thing.
M r. .1. W. I' l.v. ..i t'.,rt. ret , -n 1,1 v .
hut he ha- l.:i-lv
J. .ii.-- r,..- u ! r A .
Ill three T!ll! - Hi
a u eek . .an 1 I
n 1 : ;i !...:
1; mi r ii - - i b ii
i ' . i k 1 I I at I I . ' la
ai Mr. I'aii- il u
i i I . 1 1 1 ii
in.; "ol. U I. lie
i l -1 ' . . ' -ail.
I -in -h i litel
pi.- .iii!")i
Ml .1 N . 1 .-..-I!, ai. -I lie ale ..- ,,
g " '''.I'.- I IO .1.
.: l'o .- : . 1 .l..ii t k:. .w u b.-tb. i ,: i-
!.--!. . I - - 1 i il-lt e , J .,l,pe ,, k Th,-
N '- , ; tv . th. i'bi- i ;. -. , i i
j---: .; 1 -.-,':n-',.t i lli -a. 'I
Warren Lelaiid,
vOmni errrytKxly knows as th
manager of the
Largest Hotel Enterprises
or Amcric.i, says that while a, passenger from
WW York on board a ship going around Cap
Horn, in tho early days of emigration toOaV
ir riiia, he learned that one of the offloSTf of
th- rfsel had cured hi nine If, during to soy-R-
of an obstinate disease by the OOTOf
Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
Sl nre then Mr. Lklaxd has recommended
Avers Saks atarii-la In many sUulla
cases, and ho has never yet heard of t9 fail
lire tn effect a radical cure.
Some years ago one of Mr. Lklaxd'1 farm' s
laborers bruised his leg. Owing io the b4
state of his blood, an ugly srrofulous swelling
or lump npi-earcd on the Injured limb. Hor
rible itching of tho skin, with bornlng and
darting pains through the lamp, niade life
almost intolerable. The leg became BOf ...
inously enlarged, and running ulcers formed
discharging preat quantities of extremely
olfensivc matter. No treatment was of may
avail until the man, by Mr. I,ELAKDadiree- -tion,
was supplied with AY Kit's 8 A &S APA
RT 1. 1. A . which allayed the pain and Initattow, -healed
tho sores, removed (he swelling, and
completely restored tbo limb to ttse.
Mr. Leland has personally used
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
for Rhenmatiim, with entire success and,
after careful oliservation, declares that, la
bis hel;. f. there is uo medicine In the world
equal to i for theenre of Liver Dteordava,
fiout, th.- m c,tH or lilfclt livlns;. mXX
Itheiilii, erf, rruptlnuB, and all tlie
various fu. nig of Ml dlaaaoa.
all wbo may iliwirefcWM' L-Vldence 10 egira
s i&Ttaaafatr
to tho pxtriitinliiiary curcSJtf- pwi f
Avku'8 Saii.'. u'AiuiiA to MB bin mm
ally either at lilfl mammoth Ooun Hcdel
lng Branoli.or at the popular Lelaiid Hdllt
Kroatlway, 27lh and 2gih Streets, New Tork. '
Mr. I. eland's extensire knowledca of Jhe
good done by tfliifl nneqnalled mdiratmrof
blood poisons enables him to girt lnqalrsM
much valuable information.
Dr. J.C. Ayer A Co., Lowell, Matt.
Sold by all Druggists; tl, six feotttas for 9&,'
Professional Cards.
(OiCce opposite Qmston RnHu .
Nov.- HCIBC, N. C. '
Will prartlpe In the Countioa of Oroeno, li
ii"h , .kineH, ), Pumllcoand (Jrayn sjsvi -in
the ('. s. DlNlrlft Court.
Pruinpt ii1tetitl.n xalil to the collActlon Ol k
flaiins. aprlwlj.
Vttorney-rtt-Ijaw.' .
Jones Conmijr. If. -0
Will praollce In the Courts ef 1'arteret, Jones', ,
I llislmv iilul (.Yliveu. ,
SptTlal nttenlliiii given to the collection ol
is, .nid settling estate of deceased per- .
r. v. stk.iso. DAirrEb I. PnBT.
U ilelgh, N. C. Klnton,N. O
ICINSTOBr. w. c,
Unvlng formed a ropartnershlp for th
in iirtlcu of the lavi In Jonesouorat.y, will rt
larlv atu-nd lw court', ifie sauob. Prvmpt
attention pp.1.1 to collections. " -
niayli' .'lA-wtf ST HONG ft TERBT.
el- II.. Ilnl.l.A N I), Jll.
owiii h. rnosu
j t tofn ay ts h,V-j&W',i .
I' mire one door west of OlWW!TrioOe.)
Will practice In tho Counties of Cnnn
Jo i it s. i iiimIiiw, I 'arteret, Pamlico and Lfenoir
ri-nni.i ititei.tion imlil to collections
w . Nines-.
Will pi-acii. i In theCourtsof ("raven, Jonem,
i insii.-A , t ai i . i . i. I .. in I lci anil Ix-nolr, and lu
Un l eii.-iHl Cuii at New Bi rne. febOdtkwl)
Sur(;on Dentist
NEWBERN, N. C. ' '
II u imr li.i-aie.l pcrmaiionUylin Newnern, I
r. k j - . - ( -1 1 1 1 1 1 - tt-iiili-r in y lirotiMftlonal sei v ktest
to i in- puiilic. i mice on Middle street. In Pafc .
o i s. ,ii i untiling, opposite Haptlat Clinroh.' '
IV n lrnri Prarllral ElstrlfMS,
K'-pJs.l.v t ly
i i-:ntist,
orT.ce on 1'1-nven street, between Pollock
and l'roii.l orl7-dirly
Wholesale Liquor Dealer,
IV o. ill Konnokt Stinare,
!-. .... ii-l-il;.
,aoo .1.
l.-h.-.l l.'i
i; tended tt and' aatlsfac
MtnldtlwSni Elizabeth Iron Works,
II Ais. V 1MCTTIT, Prop.,
JMi. .-.. os.i and 28fl Water street,
M A M'l-'At Tl'HKli OF
Saw and Grist Mills,
I i 1 1 1'. !, I Iiuiojers,
-()!:: IS;.s AM) CASTINGS,
i II' 1 a cry I lescription.
.1, . -I. l e-eiiieM .,r Al.l, WtmjwW- -
Hand Sewed SHOES (Only),
o i ll ( A AI, STREET,
let. . i I r Mrrrl
i'o (liitiallr Km Ira Hotel.
! :. n. l.-r l.-et a HeclHlty.
ni i a .in pt nt lendtl U.
. a. it-M. n to Hit- following par-
- vv w . a i i uk siiweB of my make :
i ' K. S lover.
-..ii MaJ. Ii W lllirtt
W . K Patterson,
i , - I "l . , aim nn. tts wtira
1 1
i - I I . I 1 - 1 1 I- l . I ST...
G.iii Wholesale Commission Merchants,
W; Iiuington, Xol.
. . ; , , i , , 1 1 1 , sit le t .f Ti p e .
i - - - ... l-'it-li. I-.hixb, etc
O . li.lieu, lint !- .
. Hi... a .MMt r. WholeseJ
l ri..n.Min ltee,lera,
, . i., ai. In-i. oulfwly
(.Iin W..J. HARVEY
I IT -. I-'III Kill NT.,
I - i 1 I 1 1 I V,ll
i- - i., ..'. -ii,. i.', Flitr CdiIsm
i I tit. Latest Myles ksmI
el - I . . i ' . .
M - II. K . Ilrvan,
i l,.,n in, i ,f.i. A. Olive
t. i,., i.j I oiii iiei.
'.I .1. W. J. HAUVJuT
v I
I ' i i i 1 . - a i 1
- ' t :ne- 1 c.
W-V,,..V.. . . - A A -vU-S , ; -r-S

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