v. x - -' 7 IND'KI'KN 13 Tvl T T IN" ALL THItnOS. Torm 9S.OO JEjr Yon : KY HEKXE. CliAVKX COUNTY, N. C, JI NK !(, 14. NO. U). VOL. VII. , ' v. T -i ... ; 4 The "CLIMAX" KINd OF Till: u -Iwo Ar" CalUT. ith Goi FtM, M CtiT. Ci 8iIlr "3 oi ffK p WAV - CardvaU kmm u..- . - r Ct VTb-I m4 AxiM nUitl Md fiata, aiiW Iron Ai. or I Sk.iad. mo Po Kol Ii. Joa-rJt urty iappli-J. M -M-hiatrT 4 MMbhM rutins at all j C. WHITTY, CRAVIIN STREET; KWHEIiN, N EONSTON, W. C, Annottae the Arrival of Their New Spring Goods, . . C0XSIST1SO OP A SPLENDID LINK OF ' : Ladies! Dress Goods, ' .Gchts,:Tbuth3 -and Boys' Clothing, ? oots, - Slioc3, , Hats, : ; Trunks, Valises, Etc., EtcV v ' - y A'New.. and Full Supply of . tAVc beg a generous public to come and ex- ... KJNOF -T11E CELJBDBATED PEARL BHIRT.' mmm Wfam & Co., . rGKO'CERIES, L Frui tSG b hi - AT SOUTH FROIIT STREET, NEWBERN, N. C. ' ' ' M ' I ' We arc not members of tlie Board oi Trade, nor have we ever been, and wo are -carrying the Largest and Kest Se!(Mted ' Stock of -Fancy and Staple Groceries rwr jdisplayed in the citv, consisting of the l.- ."it e 'lowingw ' : s '. 2S1Ufc Bs4 im tk WorM F'.our. ' V SO " Soatk Lake Floor. - 10O ' ' H TfJ Flow, - - 10 Tmritj For. r M t 8ftA Famiiv. 1 " SO " Smrtof Fu Kl-a-. ' J 25 , Jsomo Rift f ; 6i un. rrk. , 000 ft. Ft TWk, S4XM li. L.war Cleam. - - 000 Ik Scookwd Sboali r. 1250 rsJloo Molsow, Stt-ipk, SO bksU Latvi, i 10tWew Lawd. ' f . . &TVs Caaa Lar l 4O0O Ibsj. (koMnst (Kim i 'S 4 , 10OO IW. ekoeewl Crn-r7 H i '. '. r. " QOO fT!ow Vinegar, ) t" v ' 500 pllotM Cider, f " f , 14 HUkTaiU atlt, i too Wit sp. j - 20 craw Ksrwe CoJ-v, . V tOO nm rir anJ I rvkrr.. '... tiiteFtk ad Airer-:,-- Uriui;.- v ' S M btxim Bod, quarter, h!f 3 -.. . . ;q mtra rwkU in c'vv - -' 100 I s Raking Tow for, iiO UxmPIm ad Tw:-. T t WO.0OO Ustliaai aad Kme t eir. rr.A:. : x lHOrb. Locillanl aad i. 'i ,r . . : - 123 10 lUisiosv - I25toxa French aa 1 Aa-ncn'. Cir. : . - 14.0X FlotiJ and Jamil' 'Vt-.- 1000 Meswina Imoi:, Porto Rieo Cia. N it. " JOOOfb. Peeaaa, Filbxr--'- A'.-:' 2UOVoxsSevt4:k Herrtc-v Caanexl Peachea. Im-. I 1 A-ncil cvervthinir in ih' Knn'pTvlino. which we j j i i .VERY lowest livimr prfit. 'AVccarry a Full Line of Onitoctionrrv and Fancy Groceries, on which we ehanre a GROCER'S PROFIT ONLY. Wc solicit yOnlj the cash trade ' HUM UJU CVti UtJ COTTON PLOW IS COTTON l-TKl.l). 3 O a- per no C2 ? sr. 3 s a o HrJ c-j- 2 CD haw Prake' Pt Shmel- - 0ETT1NGER BROS. e ot i o n e r i es - (irnnTV ;U11 ( "Iltt'i nroixot' to -oil at tli r v Kv From ibr i omninluupri' Hrpori i ibr Rord or Ju.llccs. The tuxes levied At your met'iuij; ;m 1 -.' hvinfj 1 .'' on the ?1" 1 nation for county purposes ami O.S7." on the o!l pnxlueel the sum o d7,0vK l'rolil svliicli iitirr ile- iluctmt: the ShentVs oil! m : s ion of ." I't-r i . ::,:i: '-s:..ii- !" the I" r 1 1 ;e- oi the S.uk.nc fuml Ami the 1're.i.surer's roninii-vsioii. 'j : ivnt, on A mount in g to s'.iT.'M There was It it lor eiMin y ( 1 1 t h ; ,i m o: in t 1 7 per cell' ' m i viuti f Iu.ir.i.'.t.i 7 1 1 I I . iv I ti JAW. l'a lor current eipeiist-s. The levy for count purposes tor 1 n1 '4 was inereivsed by the bridge tax locats, makineit ? 1 on t he H valuation and shoiH.l yield.it lir theuAine time that ho was ie ehwiy colleeted about ? 4 l.KK.fH. ,-.jv!np . large salary, and the n;h- ft ii lio(Hd, however, tha: when the j chance for a large pension. The end of the fiscal year ih reached the Alabama Senator denies also that exponoe. after deducting the cost there is anv such thing as a p rece nt ( ItTDlOn! ridge, will be ome - what tH'forc es than t'.ios. of the year The t'ttniniissioners beg to call voor attention to the fact that the wirrent exuen-Hs of the county, by reason ot toe largo amount ex ivemi ed in maintaining the poor and ri-soners, are in exce.s of the sums collected therefor, and unless some remedy can lc "tuggested, by which delinquent can b made to pay ineir taxes, am: i ue money le.meu sally conceded to Ue ot national un on the property Inuight m by the porancc; that it is a great artery itninfy, a social tax lor that pur for trade and commence; or pas it mvso will have to be levied upon , some similar glowing tribute, those who do pay. 'Two startling novelties, however. This would be a moot umusf and j A nVer and harbor debate, ex intolejable bnnleJi upou the pa ing ,-iteti the Hons.'. Kepresentative jtorlioa of the jeople ami yet a Hewitt furnished one sensation b barden wbicli in reality they aic ' urging to reduce a New York ap Iteanng every year for there are propnatlon from j.Wiu.OOo to many persons in Craven county, .-,o,(XH). And .Mr. Ochiltree moved among them some well able to pay, that the entire amount of :.'.".00o. who have oot paid their taxes for for the improvement oftheGalres yearn, but who, shirking their re- ton harbor be stricken out, on the soui!4litiea to Nth county nd ground that it was useless. The State and preferring to taketheirel hairetl bachelor member from chances of being evicted by the Taxas grew sohnionc.il in his re Uw to paving an honest obligation, ' marks, and raised a laugh. Speak permit their propeity to be sold byimg of the money that had already the sheriff year after year, thereby been thrown away in the Galveston aiding to crush tueir more patriotic harbor, ho said the people there neighbor with a weight of taxation , had been fed upon a tropical fertil that would otherwise be unneces-1 jt v f promises, and a Saharic arid esAary. And yet it is a notorious itV of (erformauce. The House was fact that among those who pay ' s dazed bv these unheard requests, least aad whoso proxrty is often- , tuU at tjt jt refused to heed them, est old for a tax that could -j Finnllv it recovered its nerve find easily paid, are to I to found the took r Ochiltree at his given very men who clamor most about . word. Galveston no Appropriation, the unfitness of the officers ot the j.ater, it was whispered in explaua connty, and strive hardest to obtain ti0n, that the Texas city was only control of it nffaars. 1 letting go to get a better hold. That We are tanght by the fundameii- 81CI wants Congress to t ran for the. Ul law of the land that there shall management ot her harbor's channel . i . . . . i c .... , i . i be no taxation without representa-, tton;ifthat law eould le reversed anil made to read, no representa tion without taxation, and made to apply to delinquent tax-payers, in the opinion of the writer, the affairs of Craven county and of the State generally would be in a ranch more satisfactory eondition than they are. The expenw of maintaining the priners is, in a larpe measure. under the control)! tne .1 ustices oi the 1'eaee and the Mayor of this ; citv. In many instances warrants of arrest are issued upon the most frivolou-t complaints; complaints, which, 'f the Justice would stop a moment to consider, would not be entertained at all. Hut, acting m ilnubr from the very best motives, .he desire to vindicate the majet ot the law, and by pOQish ing offend ers. to Mi'.iserve the best interest of soeietv, as istK freijtieutly thecao for the i:ih.m! of the tax payers, in i'l ot ionn.romi.Mng the matter or refusing to entertain thechargi when there is really nothing m them tiut malice, a trial is had. and the result is generally a judgment for two or three dollar- rust, or ;m 1 .::.-: :n lit for tell totlnrts d.us. .' in i-xpi'iis.- r, the county oi i;r:y five cents per day ai.d '. i -uts t arnkey ter-.s. Iu man cases the prison. -r. ;uil' of alisoiutclv nothing but h;. n: i.j:!it to p.i the cu.-t ot hl ;ir re-. rr'.u. .uier '.mprisonmen; n jh to civ.it liar arai:i at liber ty , . i - ile , I i ' :. l'hi re how that I. ol eight tax a tn as : ree C. .s Nil e In tar b 'I 'Ii: M rh ; - : I. e . i . 1 -e :: . .i: . I . ! . ...,: ':. :. J i.e.- :iv. ,:,.,-, .::..;. i ; u : ' h ,i 1 .ic clc , I , : . -I :i J ' t t u '. 1 -peei! . n :, ; , ; r n . i . ai t" ' Ur lioii-c. .-he e- , tiM.e.l. ( :i. inn 111, tin' b.lliv near- ' v Lpt ..ut ol his cirriiic t'ur re- jo'ceinetit. tur he saw t in m i n rulin' Ofj thiui philosophers:" viiM.roN i. rn ii. .lime 1 l:h. 1 l. The I e moer.tt le meml'ers of Con gress lire nnxious to leave the ( ,lp Itol InM'ore the meeting of the N.l tiotuil Convention , it Chicago. They ik the Senate to concur in the vote of the IIoiie to .nljourn ('otl ress on the .iilth mt. Nobody suppixses. however, that the Senate will aree to this. The possibility is seouteil by some ir.euibers of both 1 louses, and the prevalent opinion in the Senate Ls that Congress t an not be remly to 'o be lore the last ot .Tuly. When ('onre- iiiiiiiu-il !rom Ch'ao to reunie it- le,.' ; 1 1 m a t e business, the Senate seieil Ik tltl of the perplexing Mexie.ui Veterans Tension bill, and the House attacked the formidable Kiver and 1 1 .ti b ir A ppropri.it ion . TheM' are still the pending ipies tions m each Houe. Senator Mnr ui likes this pension lull because it makes no diNenmin.it ion between oflicers and private.-. He holds that a soldier, ho fought in the ranks mantu y. i more en; itled to thi gratitude ot his country than the man who was earnini: honors idei:t in a uriision law. since uo two wars were ever fought for precisely the same reasons, or under the same eireu mst a nces. As the debate on the kiver and Harbor bill proceeds m t he House. each member comes to the support of his pet river. lb- contends tli.it the improvement ot the little stream, which may never have lu'en heard el beloie outside of his ( ongres.s:oiial district, is un:cr- . , . , from the arm v engineers to Capt. Eadd, who. it is said, is scheming to work through another jetty project, with millions in it. During the present session of Congress the House has passed bills providing for the forfeiture of seventy million acres of land gi.int ed to railroad companies. This land is in Oregon, Cali forniu. Ari zona. New Mexico. Texas. Indian Teintorv, Missouri, Arkansas, Mis- sj8.mppi, Alabam a ainl Louisiana, bb, of Indiana, Representative Cohl VAfi perhans been tli e nn st a i rre. sive anil earnest advocat.- in e ith House (if Congress of the doctrine that no railroad corpor.it ion shall be permitted to retain possession ot an acre of land to whn-h it has ,,, ,,,n,.sMv eaine. the tii.e. ire bls;ne-. t he r tell o'clock a. I n oi iler to rxpe 1 liill-c meets now m . i it 1 aiso hold night ses.-ioiis. leliiinl the Senate in woi k. that the Lit t f i I : is so tar tl Ii. session's y thinks .igauist It inigh be t he propose. 1 best to a,lo,ir:i ll i ii an e,;-e to !.e ho' II) e I ; i .11 excursli .!ru.li:e weat I.. : t line. Aboa spai f : los left. 1 then run oil a a pun -m e lipid h, as;:: a- lie, ri-.nl. w est r in a es - , I tram ot:.- i !a I letfe e . 1 ' ! 11 i -. , 1 ' e n ; s w r i i : '. . i ' h : a Vt Pun .i I il s. i mill I 'hn I . 1 !s kit. Nl: .,i A. Ii 1 !::. . ! I ! , .t I i (in. I', .it i. I 1 . r i '. : . : .1 l.t ..t.e : c . 1 1 -1 1 ' 1 ' ! ' ' I e -;i ; : ,-e.l. All a ph ici.iii l.e.-.l 'I''. : hci.-loic. IS t) whispel to the I ' . 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' th.it he iliH-sn't intend to e ii.u an I h i n . Ten chances to one the patient "ill 'bear. rhila. Call. KVTKS UMEMTKE. LI ' 1 1 f Itnmuner o I I. n v t 8 II ll Hinvlns V.X AI.FKKI) r.VASI. I' was summer at the pleasant tow n ot Kmston and a gay summer too. lor it had arrived early and the pleasure had been superb i'or weeks. Summer night balls and receptions followed each other in rapid succession and the ladies, with their attendant gallants, dashed about in their elegant bug gies, with the beautiful new harness of the horses shining respleudeutly in the warm June sun. At a short distance from the town was a long river, known as the "euse. The beautilul warm weather had lined its banks with green and budding trees of ditl'erent kinds, and the river, pronounced by the kuowing ones to be delightful for rowing, ot which all the young people of Kin-I sfoti were fond, was smooth and clear as crystal. The nights were brilliant with the refulgence of a; full moon and it was not long before ! a grand moonlight rowing party j was organized. li was at an entertainment at the house of Mrs. Claik that the whole atl'air was gotten up. Albert Hendricks, the best oarsman in the vicinity, was eager for it and a bevy of fair girls and boys in a comer of the drawing room held a i'mtitwiiI f-i offlc flu nrull niirnriflu t, .. o .i i iue i an an oeeu iiiiuuiue iiuu - were therefore quite satisfied to sit -i.,ti. still for a little while i ue j i ;t i i suouiii i.ihe pi. tee iu iuei i . .. . . i. ... i,: ..4- ! oay oi eeniiig as iiie Miojeci iui debate. Sallie M'aynard and Kate I. or. une thought it would be better to go in the djy time, but Dan Mills, 'Tom Walker, Irene Gray and Ilelleii liaiid clamored for the moon light; so the moonlight carried it. and the next evenin be clear and warm, it it should wa selected for the j ubi lee. Kate Loraine was the bright par ticular star of Kinston. In the tirst place, she was the daughter of a very refined and learned Pro fessor, and in the next place, she was as lieantiful ?w a dream and Dan Mills had long ago discovered j that she was exceedingly dear to; him. Kate was as sweet and inno-i cent as she w as handsome and ig- j uorant of the great attractions she ' no'sn.-c-nil I li.wl J vo o n nl noo to at home, had seen little of the n nvlil 'i n.l n-')i3 unli- t-mafif civfunn " She was a splendid conversational- island nothing pleased her more f, , . -M, uian iw uifci wiin uuic uuf w iui whom .-die could converse on sub jects which would puzzle many an old head. So much ior the principal character in my storv and now to continue. Not a cloud was in the sky when the sun rose the day after Mrs. Clark's party. The morning papers were seized upon by many eager eyes lor news of the weather and as they promised a clear but very warm day, a great bustle ensued among the young ladies of Kinston. The dry goods stores were ran sacked for trinimiDgs with which to adorn the dainty boating costumes, while gay colored ribbons were in demand to brighten up others left fru'ii fivt sen son. Ml these nren- it- ifi.nis ,-..r. CT-i.io.lilv .mn nl a t ll and w hen the ladies, attended by i J their respective escorts, reached ; ri...,,. ,i,..tin.,t;A ; ti,.. m-or.ir.rr I ...... ... .... Old Neiise never had a brighter, 1 1 a 1 ! 1 1 i-r party on his broad bosom. The moon had risen and tlie eve ning was almost as bright as noon day. 'The water was smooth as glass and the weather just suitable tor the amusement they were about -to engage in. It took a long time to lock in the boats. What pleasure there is holding a ladyr8 little baud in one's o n and gently lifting her. You place her in the boat aud in siriict her to reserve a little room tor oii, that you may be watted into heaven by sitting closer to her than ou ea r will in lite. All the eseolts seemed to enjoy this lifting and hand squeezing process and Dan Mills was so long busied in pLie.ng K ate Loraine in the boat, he o.ir-ni.-n weie about getting in -a' lei; t at t lie long delay. There was a ';;:;! contusion at the tirst ;ew s-i.'kj-s of the oarsmen, some 'I !C g.I Is be ng unable to steady once, required help leineii. w hich occa h .'.lid-squeeze. Lilt and Kate Loraine, at rent 'he, i.ur III t k hold of a pair ot a is the rowing themselves Is sera g t his, at las mil soon t he le I i ver in tin started were all wake ot r i owing they all a g 1 1 n at a ; Alt tllile 'Mil 1 1 a i I'"' ; , is ii.l a.i Well tl !l - eks. brought wolk tlle and talking. ' ist. Some n in '. a i - ii I ai. tha' ; ni Mi 1 low e i. in .ilit M:i! 1 1. III. ; i 1 1 1 Iv n- .ill I io. II. ill le.iil i.m-t e-elc-S iiy t ;: 1 1 mi iile. ,1 .Lm. 'out Ut Mil' 1 : r.i i n i ii g il into the iicli Jim in i witnes.-eil could not lie 1 "I n ; The lllSM ciLtcr to re rowers win ters, who iliandon their cunipanions in ilis- t hem and t in to the two foi l(')Will boats. w! j it-li contained Willis Hart the other ried Kate I. hold of the the race. . man, her c These two 1 and Sebie is the boat a-aine. who ayne and which car had taken 'ars intent on winning iid being a good oars :i. Hires weie favorable, mats now kept on. bo; h intent on winning, the one rowed by a lady, the other by a gentle man. 1 .Tim McDowell could easily h.e ; shot ahead of Kate Lor. line, i-.'t wanting to give he; i ! feigue.l bad manage. giving the l.uly the i ace. :!(! ne ic, f chance of being the victor, lint. ; nevertheless, so interested were j they that none of them saw the I danger ahead: therefore, before she had been w arned by any one on the I shore or any one from the boats, Kate was precipitated into the river, basing run into a snag with 'such force that the boat turned ; completely bottom upwards, .lust as this took place W illis turned to get a look at Kate and it was at j this moment he saw her -struggling i in the water. With a shout, he .sprang erect in his boat and called I to Dan Mills, w ho had been t'lkeu out of the water a little wet. but otherwise not hurt. Dan, looking up stream as he was called, saw the body of his favorite in the water and with almost supeiiiumau strength, he sprang into the river. ... . . . In Mm Tnp:innmii U n In the meantime. Kate was striving 1 10 keep he.r head above the water. useless; she was slowly . S'U k ill and now her whole lite rushes into her memory. She thiuks of home, of friends, and last, but not least, of Dan. Where is he! Will he not come to her assistance? She wishes to cry aloud, but the water rushing i..t i,..- ,.,,,ti. ..f, l,.,,.. . , . , , slowly sinks, she struggles, she knows no more. When she awakes she finds herself lying on the banks of the river surrounded by the whole party, who look with joy at her returning consciousness and on looking around die finds herself in the strong but Manly arms of Dan given orders to start for home.' and ..,t !,,t- ri,Ur .,11 .h,t - .,,i,in, i,f ill start, a sadd Liiv. i mi obtML, otnnni s, u i wiser party. liutDan takes full charge of Kate on their way dow n the river and in h 'ttle space of time he fondlv tells her the storv of his love. He j asks bt'r..a a recompense for the fv,nS he" ,er biU1'1 a:i,d heart ana with a look and ;i smile I that seems angelic, she whispers: "Dan, I am thine for life." In the future Dan thinks how he ; will relate to Kate and the children j the manner in which he won one of the most lovely of women for a wife. while Kate thinks only of the pres i ence of her beloved husband and i children and looks back with pleas : ure on the day when she was rescued grave. bv Dan from a waterv NEVIS FROM THE OLD WOULD London, June 17. Another eut ; break of Socialism is imminent a1 i Vienna. In consequence of the i murders of Herr Eisert. Inspector l.lllbeC'k ind Detective Block last vear, numireiis ot suspectea eon- spuaiois eie a iwiv .. ..... of them were released only alter thev had been escorted to the frontier and left there, with an in junction never to return to Austrian soil. Most of these exiles have gradually returned, however, and have become more and more bold in showing themselves, although aware that they were known to the authorities. A few days ago the chief of the imperial secret police issued an order that every one of these returned suspects should be arrested. A wholesale raid re sulted, and scores of men and wo men were captured iu Vienna atnl elsewhere. The prisoners were in ' taken beiore the magistrates in the localities where they were arrested, but were conveyed under guaid to various remote portions of the em pire, and the fate of some of them is a matter of mysterious conic--ture. These proceedings have caused much excitement at Vienna, and the Socialists there are op'-nh menacing the government i:h sanguinary reprisals. Several Kussian papers jus? ceived here contain editorial icl'-i-ences to the nomination by ihe KePlib'iican party of Mr. I'.I.une. The writers seem to consider t he election ot' Mr. Blaine almost a cei- rainty, Hon w ! henry admini: rrei.Me An-'.op and rxprc ith that seems ; o s live rospi e tha atisi Their IihlilH"' means -tiatioii in tin ahead t 'noble a L-ieiainl. Mill , I e ; :m lit le cealincn . I. : Fiance a. veibal for: .tclei: i:c!i ' - il 1- to lil-.i . 1 1 . ! M I - - An-'. I.l VI u ill :i t ; -ell- 1 1. i:' ( 1 1 -truer dm i . iieeli -el i,c I M i:i m cllf ( i !i:lt I 1 I pi.U I ol 1 Kill . him t lor sa hold II I ion .1 ! I i. Ml Dol ml ;.d ji'ohi lor him otherwise to to do so. Kl Ule.d. him m! ( tress, stopped to ai race was given ovei L-TATE NEWS Cleaned from our Kxclmnctps. I.umberton Thad. Jvev. of linbrsonia i : Mr. Aslmole Institute furnishes us the first cotton bloom of the season, plucked on the morn - ing of the Kith insf. And in a characteristic note he says he has some of the finest and some of the poorest cotton in the county. Asheville Daily Advance: Water - melon.- peaches, apples, souash and chci umbers are plentiful in this market ot present. - i ul pi os- throughout fiects ior big crops esrern -orcn uaroima was never j wneru tne test was to come off. They brighter at this season of the year did tlliK no ,Jouht to select a "good place Wheat and rye are coming in to s' atnrt il waa ainU(;inK to ?e the iip-ivv nnd corn mid -ill L-indc nf I varuJ,-v of opinions oil that important nea j,anu corn aim all Muds ot i point, and the readiness with which fruit and vegetables are looking 'one well situated would consent to well. move at the suggestion of someone who Durham Reporter: The Congres-1 oaFht th(:' had ?ound a beer place. , , ' ii "riv, I Moving and removing was the order of siona oanvass waxeth warm. The the day among the constantly increaa tnends of each aspirant are doiug ; ing crowd of spectators until the enr their best. Our new postoffice ! Kines arrived and their several positions arrangement is a thing of beauty , ta!jn- .. . , and a world of convenience. -1 Jav Glnt R00"- i , .,, , ,. , pied the right, the New Berne" the Durham county will go nearly solid centre and the Atlantics. "Elijah Ellis" for Gen. Scales for Governor. At! the left. The "Mary Alice," of Gold-, least seven eighths will be for him. I boro, declining to enter the competition, Once more upon the round of wa 8 withdrawn and driven to its Hmo tle.f ,l,l,,rl,trl r, ,t ; quarters. , r,i i" i ' """rl"i melon, has appeared upon our , ...... rw Wilmington Mar- We lP.lrn that- Mr. .Inhn PTnm- f,r. .. . .1- , V 1 i L T ueai iius ciiy, nan caniaioupes iu iiiriihci uu jiuuuat, ami iuai ue ex - pects to have melons in market by the first oi next week. Mr. O. ii f. i' ; ' , - , i , Queen streets, killed a rattlesnake in ms yard yesterday morning that j the fairness of the test should take measured two fee" in length andipkwe. had a rattle and a button. He was twhen everything was in readiness not very large, but dangerous. ! bIm!1? "iplied the l.1 n : and the black volumes of smoke mdi- Washington Yateh-Tower: Ed-! cated that steam would soon be raised: ainsiue ueirioes are au ocannsd the present, county govern ment the present county government. Very interesting. Parties living I ong the river shore report an un - usual scarcity of soft crabs this season. We have heard of the death of a very estimable vountr very young , iadv 3Iiss Marv 1.lri "l JJnill, whi few iich took place rather suddenly a u.j agu.- jii. ijuu. oinaii- 0 the. rfateJ PT his "isu potatoes iu me neui at per i , XT- 1,1 j' ,-. - -n oane . ne soi.i some ior ?J.oo per barrel in ew lork. Wo under - stand the crop is better here this season than it is at New Berne. We are glad to see this departure from the old svstem of firm in o- tnc old ssttm ot iarmiug. L.lizabetli City Hconommt: Corn j 70 cents a bushel with upward ten-' dencv. We suppose there will be ; , n - r n rri .! uo Agricultural Ia.r this fall That means on the down grade. Clams are plentiful in our market at oO cents a hundred. They are I extra exeellenteatingand digestible ! -,. , .i . if you haje the stomach of an , ostrich. Ihe committee in charge i of the Albemarle Kxhibit to the ' State Exposition met in the court . house, on Tuesdav with a full at-1 tendance. -At the normal school L'rof. ILiyhill, of Illinois, the elocu tionist, will teach elocution, V. M. Hinton. of South Mills, will teach penmanship and Maj. Bingham will lecture. A she boro Courier: Mr. J. C. Fuller, one of our most thrifty and ! progressive larmers, had a tew days ago i'OO bushels of corn three years old and 5(10 bushels two years old. The Chatham ladies have or ganized and are doing good Expo sition work. Their example is a good one. Mrs. B. B. Burns has placed upon onr table a potato weighing 1 pound and 7 ounces. We challenge anybody to .beat it. We ave sorry to learn that Mr. Frank Steed, of New Market town ship, met with the misfortune of having his house and all that he had consumed by lire last Monday. The house was occupied at the time by a tenant who also lost his propeity. The fire occurred about II' o'eluck in the day wheu no one wa- at tiie house. llaieigh Furimr tui'l Mrclmnir: ('apt. .1. J). Newsoine. who was a good soldier in the tirst company Irniii the State to enter the war, showed us the other day a splendid sample ot' raw silk of his own rais ing. He had some 700 cocoons this ear. and has .JO.oilf) eggs ready for next ear. The silk is a glossy yellow, and unwinds liom the cocoon like aiii lroin a ball. Mr. Xewsome constructed a small icel to wind the thread in hanks. 1; "hen sells for per jiuund. ( ol. 1-. A. ( Mils has the largest e collection ot 1 'o-t age stamps iily to be found in the Sim h. include all the American s. and a gicut variety of I'hev stam lorell' in. 1 iu- i al e oo wort 11 oi American sei :cs alone, and of t hem ate a cm iosity to aerii eyes. There Weie, tor nee. certain stamps issued tin ig i lie war t li lt ale t w o cuts olols j i i lisfS 1 e ml lie Iv a 'the tl hi iui I. size. 1 e Fresh tamp. ini 1 .Mi"s l-lleil I ( i I liicl I e- .i ill He ill I I . i : an. I he ll . I . . 1 e i 1 e 1 . i n 1 :. i ' I h lie mi in n d. i- ti.oi- . :iel. Mild 1 i; e him. u lm h.i.- 1 till ilMlll t m. in i;i pi opert.V 1 1 : : ii til: ,,s ii.l' ( ' II o:. Led. i. cliieii t Hi::. ed L.V t ii' was S:ion . i i iiat lo-r :! Mi niy. hen ic was iuerchiiiid in-. This point he I-'eder.il troop I he lii st to be bin w I Ml -in: Mill mil at once en tr-re crate service aim wu n m post till the close of. the war, Till; VISITISG PIRKJIE.1. The Parade and Tml. The several fire companies formed "WednesJay ,a procession.and the streets, an as namea in the programme, were j passed through. The display was grand ' ancl the citizens were out all along the line of march to get a view of the pageant. Three bands of music en- livened the march and swelled the crowd on the sidewalks with those who were ' too much entranced by the beautiful Rtrans floating through the air to think 1 of 'he and fatigue they were iiour the "wise and prudent" began to : assernble at the foot of Craven lrpt. The test was to be the flrs water thrown fifty feet from the nozzle fcrough , nny icei ui nose, maKing one nunarea ! teet trom the machine. The Wilmihg 1 n company selected Major Hall, ihe i New Berne, Robert Hancock, jr., and j the Atlantic, Major D. T. Carraway, to : De me juages. blanks were placed i across the street at the measured dis- ; tance' the crowd pressed back and a rep- i resentative of each comnany in position to uard the markB bo that no sliding of ; the planks or other interference with ; "uo uu wan wiuu, iurm iour minutes ana twenty-six seconds th Little Giant began to send forward a , 9even seconds, The first water thrown beyond the ; planks was so clearly that xfrom the !v Vilmington Engine, that no contention wmuever was naa over tne award. ; U!U tu li.fl,, (!!.. fJ i stream, the Wilmington aoys sent up a cneer inai was caugni up or oystanaers j Ar-L11 until tne welfcin rang. The colored driver, Nick, b&ame perfectly wild ; struani grabbins u member8 of the ; S11(.,.fissfiii mmmnr nn,l mui thnm vv UU I'U IU UOiaDUl , J USI1UU lUTUUlTU Lilt with enthusiasm, rushed through the i successful comoanv and tonsinp' thnm I about like toys. In fact it was thought I tha' h's namesake, Old Nick, would Jave hardly been more exCited hid he , have seen all four of these powerful ma- chines turning streams into the over heated precincts of his dominion. The Foreman of the Goldsboro Com- PaD CaP.t- La?lb' states that he did not enter into the competrtton for the. reagon that- he underst(pod thaf kaa agreed at the meeting of representatives the night before that inasmuch as the filst agreement for a test on the three points: first stream, greatest distance through two hundred aHoTiity fet of hosBi Kand then throuf?h flye iundred feet hd been abandoned, thatthere would oe no prize competed for, but only a trial of the engiDes; but after the engines were on tne spot a new agree ment was made between the New Berne and Wilmington companies to test oti the first water thrown fifty "feet from the nozzle through fifty feet of hose, and a.-i lie was not prepared for that, and in fact regarded it only a compe tition between the Elijah Ellis and Lit tle Uiant, he declined to sign the agree ment and ordered his engine to its quarters About three o'clock the four com panies, accompanied by a number of citizens, a host of ladies and a group of widowers, took the train for Morehead, where a Hupper was spread and the prizes awarded. The Editor is along and w ill give a full account of the "Res Gestae. NOTES ON THE PARADE. The new uniform added much to the appearance of the New Berne Company. A striking feature in the Atlantic turn out was a number of little fellows, the future firemen of New Berne. The best nair of horses in line were the Atlantics, though the Wilmington 's I are ipjite as line in appearance. j Ml the bands made good music, but : l 1 nn.:.l...I till 1 1 111 I lliou it. cicaiij trntiLicLi n. the premium. The Mary AJice. of Goldsboro. was the prettiest engine in the procession. Altogether the Goldsboro boys present the finest physique. The Wilmington's are more uniform in size, bnt thsy have no such physical giants as Parser and Carroll of the Goldsboro Company, Wood, Slover, Styron and Ellis of th Atlantics. and Pavie, Styron and War trrs of the New Berne Company. The New-Bern's had the old est engine in the line. AT MOREHEAD CITY. si.eL'lal to the J"IRNai. Delightful time. After supper a ban quet was hail aud the following toasts and re-ponses given: Our Guests, responded to bv J.W.Moore: Wilmington, by Mayor Hall: Goldsboro, by Capt. Lamb: New lierne. by Mayor Meadows: The Fire Department of North Carolina by John S. Manix : The Press, b II. S. Nunn, The Lades, bv A. W. Wood: The Fish eries, bv lieo." N. Ives; The Old North State, bv W. H. Oliver. Grand jollifi cation. ' The cutter Colftt.v is here, and the "tlii'iT's by invitation participated. Alter tin- "baixiuet the party re tir, .1 to the ball room, and Phil, ilollonl. in a neat little speech, pre-eiited. on the part of the lireiin-ii ol New- Ptne. to the Wilmington Steam I'ne Conmaiiv No. 1. n beautiful silver I pet . i:. .vhicli was received I (i. P.irmle. wiiii l'l II I'., .pi i N it. l)elil":lie .nil. ii t i on . - The i:. Di -late Jill,. 1 - 1 1. -in. i-, .lie It J Ml III I'llt IOII iiS K-ynol . it lee. I n hi v a '. 1 '- na 'i iippl ill-e. II 11 1 1 111 1 tl''.--. I .ei inaiietit i called t !ci l rnci l e i n ; o U e. Ullll A tier I i, Dr. i ha i nn '. :. 'IU 'I ll-l 1.- l -: i -. - ! I In i a.i.iii. in; 1. Th a in. i .-. .ii v.-i th- de, .e mail, on. dec rati'- pjrtv a cw 1 1 ! 1 .1 ..ii wt pi I le !.. I I.-I1C -I- -le .ll.,-t an I I line 1 1 hi i.tr.il : l. I are- i lh- I li nee t.. 1 .U-t.'l nn 1 1 1 "rm the cardinal in- of the part;. :e- and p"i n - m .'Aid 1 1 1 ii.l. .pled at S; . I a i n i - in at ed at ( ' i ni l n nn! i in 1 i . . ed I iv time and ;.-- A e I ! 1 1 -1 I'll I' delegate- 111 I g i'i 1 1 v e 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 at C ki i i g " ,- i ii a- a 1 1 i I'm i ng a n M in I a a - I , 1 .' ple-ellt I W "I III" I - pi.- . II. -.'lit I" 1 I ' ' ll w .iii.ai. Tie irti ..- ,1 .1 . a- a -t.ite-lliail- v. h" . iil- pn'.Ml'- ear. it l-a- . j I 1 ' 1 1 - t 1' i I ' I the I'll i 1 1 i . . .; t he 1 ieni' iir.it ic lui'i. a "" i ii.ii i .ii a- I 'reui i'-ni i, :,i "lie.- plaifollH ail ll I who-.' elect 1"I1 w ill Id ig p in in .In e lli.ll 11 lllll an il dale. - ,:i-fy the A ll. Tl mi I lo- e-t a-' a rat i"H- ' !'' pi. Mr. John W. adopt f th' ; .'-' - h . -il i 11 ' i yii r I w i- mi and platleinl. ( Hire-' ii 1 . in moving tic i. in in nl.' a .li u t in ,t. like VVebst"!'. gh tor hnlh candidate Ihe resolutions wer 111. lilt. .1 II 111 II I r.Tievve.l clieennK iuei the convention adjourned ami i iimeti enthusiasta. Ji J "" AYER'S PIL A lares proportion of Ilia l.i-;i. . ' uua bum an uifarliig result Iron, ,i, meut of. Uw sUmiacb, bawclt, i Area's C'atbabtic Fills act dm . v i tlteM ergaiM, atrf ar upmuiljr i ' (Bore tU dlteaiw canted tty tinor Nouwt, Including Constipation, .. Uoa, Dvspepala, XJalitclii, l. . an.! a boat of oilier ailments, i n- i, which tlioy art a sate, ur, iroi..s pleasant remmlr. Tkaxtenivc ur i i Ptlls by eialuent plijrslcians in r cul i tiee, shows auniatakably tlie entiiiini whioh tlieyvra beUl by Uia mcUicul i sion, vw,r-;:. , . These PiLts ara compounded of snbstanon only, and are absolutel y I . ealoiaal or auj Mliar Injurious liigrtii ,. A Snfferer fVom Headarlm w i i i . : " Area's PlLM are Invaluable t- . are my eonstant eoinpanion. 1 1 .. a sevuro sntforar from llvadHrlm, m l are tlie only tiling I ".,,. I i . for relief. One dose will jiickiv r bowels and free tny bead from i im. are the most etfeetlve and the c;.. - i i Jt hare ever found. It la a plrtuon n i. i 'speak in their praise, and I alwajs when oceosion oilers. ' W. U tACiK, ot W. rKl' Franklin fcu, HicUmond.N a., ,) uu ,i, i "I bare used Arm's Frit s in i les instaneea as reeommeixted 1 v have never known thrm to tail y m- the desired result. Weeonsixnt h I on baud at our borne, and ri; in pleasant, safe, and reliahle l.umiv i Kilt ltsriif S1A tUeyareiiiTMiu I -) J. X. llAl - Wexia, Texas, June IT, 18S2. The nV. Fbakcis B. Hahiowi v from Atlanta- Uo eayst "lor peet t, have been subject to r, from which. In spite of the n i ewee of various kinds, I sutiertsl i ineonreuienee, until some monc... began taking AviCK'a Vw.Xm. 'j ... v , entirely corrected the costive lmi-i. i bare vastly improved my general 1..-. . .. Ansa's OATHAitrro rati correri in. laritles of the twwels, stlmulato tbe , tlte and digestion, aud by their prompt thorough aotion give ton and vi.r tu i whole physical eoonoiny. . f" ' . '!'!?- rsBrAitEb t Dp. J,C.Ayer& Co., Lowell, r ';t, Sold by all Ih-UfrgiBts. YOUNG, OLD, AMD MIDDLE- All experience the nr.n l ; i benelicial ellccu oi Ayor3 Sarsa pa i -; : . Vilhlraii with Rore l"Tf. ' AGED. i Kara, or anv scrofulous oi llltic tnint, may be made bealihy abU . by its nee. -"? .-.. . '. , . SoW by all Drigglste ; (1, six bottlci for ! : Professional Card3. CHAS.; n,:BIt0T717, ATTOItSK Y-AT - I. A ' ' K1T AasTVILLEIV. ( . -v . Practices In thaConntlesof lnplln. I Craven., Jones anil Onslow. CollecMon of Claim a sponlftll j. Corresponutinoe solicited. ... n io P. H. PELLETIEI? , -Asttbrney-at-Tn a-.-. . 'j po&atocKkmi.uns. JV-''1' Coamly. K. Will practice In ths Courts f CarU-i i t, .r On h low and Cravea. - Rpeolai attentlnn given to the ceil.-, claims, aud sattUug aahUa of tle..-ie ' OOS, . ; .- , . Uii Win.'; t:' ciiAi 1 1 1": ; ATTOTiyEY AT LAV,', I'nictiaea In tlieOonrtaof Can. . 1 Hyii', JrLa, i.eoolr, Vamll'-' -eounllt-a : also In the United : New Berne. . , ' . ajCoAiectltn of eamPrT's ctivi m against vesoel a agMtr-l v Oinoe lour Uoors above asi....- i. . r- .. msra-Owtf -s .... , ' U-Mooaa.; '." 4-, f w. K. vi-. MODHE - &t CLAE KE , ATTORNEYS ' AT' L A . , 'New'Bcn-i, N. C. Will pntntlae in tha Ooorta'of Cnrtm. (. i . -. ven, Qreene, Hytla, juiMia, Leuolr, (u and FaiollcocounUea. Also In the Hnpreina Oortrt at KnlcliTi " ' the United States Courts at e i'ein m. i Kaleiirb. r - 4ta- Oolleotlng a spaolAlty. ' afr J 1 1 orokob V. STKorjro, ' I ; unit. . pan ii v, Rilelgh, N.O, ' . ' , . Klnaum. N. u STKONO & PEREY, . KIMSTOlf. w. c. ATTORNEYS COUNSELLORS IT Ir.V. Having ftnmed a copartnersri 1 p tor 1 1. practice of the law In Joueaeownty, wl 1 1 rwu Iarly attend tha courts of the same. 1 run , I attention paid tQ collections. mayl2-d4wtf - slTKONO A PERRY. 1 . , PHII.. HOI.LANP, JK ' . OWBlf H. OHIOJ HOLLAND & GUION, Attorneys at jLjiw, O.tlce on Craven St., two doors above Ivji.k k Will practice in the Coon tie f (Graven Jones, Onslow, Carteret, l"arolloo and Leuoir erompt attention paid to oouacuoiia. apt attention paid to as aprl-d.wlY. r. m. MCMMo.-va, ot-aataiTT KAJ1.Y. S I M MO NS & M ANLY, ATTOENEY3 AT LAW, , Will practice In the Courts a Craven, Jona, ormlow, Ourteret, Pamlico, lenolr and Uydo, and in the Federal Court at New Bern. , febSdAwl .. , . , .; DR. G. L. SHACKELFCBD,' . Surgeon I e n. t i t NEWBEEN, JT. a ' . ., Ulirp nn Middle street, over Mlas K Oar- niwav s Millinery Htore, oppoaita llaptlst Cliun-li Ten trin Practical BapaarteBX Nfp'JHtUwIy -, - - DR. sj. D. CLABK, IVEWSEBI. R. C. dtlice on Craven street, between-Pollock um.i iiroiui. aprl7-dwly ' Elizabeth Iron Works,' v'HArs. W. l'KTTIT, Prop.; . . jso. 282. 2H4 and 286 Water " street. NORFOL.lt, VA, M A M KACTl'KKB OF n -., '.' " KNGINE8, BOILERS.. Saw and GrUt Mill;l'v ,;' SUA FT INOS, r ;-j -ff'A' , ; 1 1 1 1 1 '.v h , II niAers ' Final ISGS AM) CASTINGS) Ol -. I.J... .very 1 (cMcriptiom l:i. l in i g A1J. WORK In aul7-dswljr . UVA) W. J. HARVEY, i n. Kit IIMOND ST.. f. . 1 ...! 17 s. I'OI RTH ST., . ' PIIILADKLPBU ' I -1 Mil.IslIKD 1858. Mnkn of l.riillomrn'l Ftne CUtSSl ( llooo, ,i. Mmn tr ilir Idlest Styles suasl BKV1 ii It A IJK. .' le n M.-tmrs. Ii. K. liryan, Oeo II. Il,licris, Ueo. A. OU Vr ; Ni'w Hei-ue. ;, ' i . M.ll olUltrd. ()H). W. J. HAKVIT V- in t.ii 1 1 1 1 r. 9j- (Irflrm I.J- ; 1A.U l Notice Extraordinary. w i. vui o 1 1., si.au. .1 .. . .ii' i ill. mi rte. - 1' en H.-1 let. tt'.eta M I.. O .... 1 1 .. M wra. n rJl fl. - -.llli'Vll. H. ?l H .-I i . , , i .-; i . a . . i PAIN and cure of HHJtf) ,1 I'l-i.M, etc 1 1 i s c.i lin t- nr.. nil K'd,und I knrrwttiejT mi h.Kiilr ( w I .. I'.M.MI.K'fl I'lunr, To. '.a -... a: 1. 1 1 hi ft'i'l i' ,;n"'v HUire, next door to in. ...in.-r ir rt .uiii Kr.nl and MUldlesia ;.. a.-.it-. ' . I' s.. A. - - M.s i ..-uu inn tin. I rnol and denelont Borla W o -r. i ;inirT Ali, and lep Hock Water, t Mian1; lone! ottea.H In antoke, and fincHi I',.'. o loeiitiw HAt.UIS Mlt'ttALI'tl 1..S. You a for auUerlim hunt'iM.jr, A ' '. 5s r

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