X 4 ' ' 1 s- 1" Tin; JOURNAL; r rrs-s c sr. a, jtjlt io. ism. SiiAToa llrVLXY, of Coonccti cut, who U to kliT th opening Mrtjs t& thV State Eipocitioo, ia nllrwof Riebmooil eooaty. North Carolina.' " ' Arrxa J1 the Ion jt pche and fitting: tL accon- bUJ of M Duui orer tad orer again, to do j m!c 0o.Frri Joa Pobtkb, tlia president retoes the bill and l.-.ive this Bsarh wroofvd man to be.ir the iojoatice bcapsxl apon him he change his politic or until the ovcraaint got into tbe hands of the Democratic party. Tn CumXASD boom for the no m initio ( Chlengo U tootewhat ca the way.- There, hi reaction tot B4TA.ro aa tb eooTeotioo nay jet set wUelj sad nominate him. The most foolish Ulea we bare jeea advanced U that BcTLia is thn mil availaUw caadHlate. We L.wdly think- be wooM carry a tingle Sinthern" State. TKi Peaoocrmta s'. vu!J aim ta pot nan in tbe : t tii At will eoanaad the respect an.J cin54nee ef the?r ewn party, an ! sot go to eaatia? Aboot for a r: tt to.stteh L9asTcted lpabit na. The experience with Gsxe- : ::t ulioaLJ not W woo , fcrjotten. las Teaehera , Aaeeaablr at V.'ajt!MTin d aria (the la two vaa a gmad sacceas. A ; ornijatioa wa affect- ', 1 we notice that a site baa !.--s t"n,!rJ then (be tbe rcctko . r ta.i.Sia?. .. The Jocks ax, from .' -j iht it was foooded, baa v uit'i aa sciiTe Interest in ' '.it etljcaUoo, rrer ready to lie ach fua.ore as wlI ad- a I wake eQcieat oof eoa- : i.-h-ci rytene, aad to eo :n;i trcbera ia tbe work of '. .is a p prirate a ad klgb grade : la pTfry neijchSorbood. It , : n -i brt i tealoua la tbe fa- v.. i It baa bo in tbe paat. . v ? ibi Teacher Aaaess bly - o dS, n g real good, hot we : th t it laawi totxspoo ;.,-!nnt lirm of boldiog mci.Tg. TWre are. many - .-.. b rof theeaaiwboeaaaos ; wma'Aln every sammer. . ri ax niauy. KtooBtaineert v 1 1 l ie tu gn cheap rates oceuaioaaliy. There ; u.-re drl;httal plaos for I'-. Teacbera . Aaaecably (: ?! rbad ' City, and we 1:5 tliy can sccore a i : all li rrwcting aboild tv. If they, aaat Bare f t'?t own," tbew'kta i the aMtJe sad one la v i U S t sic IS PCBUC SCHOOLS ' .- :. l Uw Udefectireia eoe : -. : p rricclar. Sec ZTSCO) ( .'., proTidts that, Se ,',.i:i be. taught la the - t !:ol except Spelling, "de I:ng. writio;, arithmetic, grxatmur, gwgrapby, aad ? ..rfj of the State sad. the I ' iVervl the School -'i cjiy taale special. ar- -.. . to allow ether branched ohj-t ot poUic- acbooia i tt chilvlren, that they 'r.e better citiaeaa.' aad --' j trenjtha the stability o ,; vt-rnaiat and aU to 'the s of i; pw4e. ."While the :;. enumerated: abore may . i:.lerl uf!lcJa( for citlten ' -jf t; tber U one breach lack . L.cwpo!d gira I be flaiebiag . i t j a covtaow school edara- an 1 th.U brnc3Ts TOCat. KrstC. v aLl that - the law '! chja eo ' as not : t aIIow roral siaai to be t - bat nioire" it to be taogbt - errry U acher of a pablie school. " . - .! not Kseaa by thl thai tbe -: ia! nerely derote a few . t io viaglag. bat that erery : -.iat for a teacher' a certificate vruve bia proflcieacy ia tbe r . 1. ::cta of rocal aaoaic, juat aa ' u' xi ia other branch, aod tball '- thaae- L the children under fare.. :r j part ef a ehildV edoi-attoa u yed more, by the child or it ; i.-raUor frtendaor tbeoocnmauttT t' n that af knowing how to ing I: U aa accomplish meat to U if - s rcl sad enjoyed by erery prsoa of food taeie, sail why ia it not just aa eaaeatial aa the ecudj o( gram oar or geography The noHWity ef it eaa be seeo at any of onr ct-un try charchea. The Binuter gpner a"y baa. to lead the Ringing, which ia a BkHt tnportaut wt ot the worship, and there ax e bu i fe w who joia hiaa. aad th that do .xe more apt to'Burder the ong th3D sing it eorrectly. They probably "liag with tbe spirit," bat not ith the caderstanding. So instead oi the sacred worda beiag dijwcourl ia "sweet melody and concord, we bear a somber of harsh, di.m-ord.int aoaada, rendering this, ooe of tbe moat enjoyable parte of tbe Acrv.re. aTmosi aa bearable. Fifteen muinifs 2 VOll to iirctto VOCill I TaosiQ oj a teacnr qauiaeo ro p ve it.Ia'ar paWic -Khool- ta-h . Jjy ..1H, in a few year. , remeJj" afl this, ami will bara a teailencj to elirace and re -Ca oar popte ia social and moral UcuUox. JetOS luro tbe child nn to ting, aod to flag eorrctlj. a 1 J . Wa voakl like to kaow bo 1 jj SC. 31. FtX 01 aarl F. D. WlJf3TO. i Uad o& hb$ abjert- We ka't wtuiC . s ' is an at th head of tb pablic tchooU lo Xortb Ca ro V. a :, -' bo- iti. 'not toad , ol Basic and doe not faTor teach ing tbe children bow to siog. It is DOt only ita tccouipliahmenc to uu dersUod rood moslc, but it prac tice l a health)' exercis for rhil drta, and i. indispensable to the acc-eoa of oar public sciiool.. NATIONAL DEKENSEJ. Congreaa ba. boen agitating : he question of National defenses and qaite au amootit of eloquent or.for hot forth from the liid monitors and coast defen' advocates, but aa yet wilh no perceptible effect on the balls of the imaginary eai nr.es. That our count defenses need strengthening is undoubted! true, and that oar nv is .-.'a.imetulh weak and ddapidtted is iiImi a l o t. and tbut it i- the duty of Congress togixe enrly and projHM Mttentionto the matter is lyond - 1 1 cjuestioii; bat to bave pro'r legisl.it ion w th ont U"p holes for j.dvs aad i miles on the government ii the i:ii;x rr.i!i: feature, and what concerns the people whose money will lie re qnired to foot the bills. Our f r t : fl cations xhonld le kept in gonl conditiou, with gocl arm.imenr. and it not on a war f.n.tmg, in such State of radines.s to (e gvoii put so ia c-s of the nt-eity fr it. When Fort M.icon wis taken is oessioo of by the Coii.'etIer;:es iti 1S?1, the arinameut and garrison waa a burlesque on roast ilefens"s. A few kl rusty gun, mounted on de'ayel carriages, and a tub cjttM?, eonsti;utel the arniament with which it wm flrmlv held gamut all invader by a solitary aargeant who ixxihl lx rem forced by an ged wife ia cae of attack from a superior fon. How many Other aloog tbe ixajt were on a similar war fuotiug we don't know, bat bave reusoo fo llieve there were everal. Neither do we know that any re in that helpless con dition now, bat have reaaon to be lievt tuer are or soon will ln if no teprt be takeu to produce different reaalta. There tor it woe Id seem that reaaooaMe ppropriAtmus for the latprorewnt of oar coast defenses and naval iwn-r woo Id Dot only te rirbt end prorer. bat woold . ... j , ' - ' "ne coeatry. WHU MULL BE ruSTMjLMTF.E.' Prompt attention to tbe delivery of mail and issuing postal and money order l polite, honest, ober and attentive oflbrr.s at the poelo&c is a matter that concerns eTerr eitiieii. II the Presuleut wiahe. to pot a ma., at the bead, ot . ,, tuv uuen in iuii cui wuu win give na each ervi.- and at the iine i siouary work of the Northern 1'res tine appoiat a ttaunch Kepnbbcan, , tn tvrian Church. pposite to tin ooe wlo ia a IiepuUicau f,-om ; at the 'abU- 19 Piof. Geo. M.u-lo.skic. ... j 1 . . I. I). . in the chair ol Natural Hi- principle and honest conviction , ... ., ,, " L 1 ,1. torv at I'linceton ( ollege. Stott a ooe who we believe will give gen , . . , . , eral tutttalaction to all cltc, he will appoint Hon. Oklam Ucnua. Lakr Bareaa. The 1 "resident ba-s just siguesl a bill prodding for the entablLshment Ol a if ttio&aJ Bureau of Lilwr as aa adjunct or the Department ot the Interior. Tb I is a measure 01 eooeitiecbble im.wrtance, and one!,, in i.r, ' w,. have s.'v which wjay be made fruitful iu re li borenn lut ,,u I dertbf dtreetioo of a competent ataa; yotwUhstanding the good wort dooe DJ aome of the State KMata Jir I IvA ei..vAA 1 1 .h.... ..v. ui ra ue room ior ue neiui emniov- Bentoi a auonai onace 01 me HUM kind. The activity of the' State bareaoa, fruitful anil valuable uttv, n icib (tuiiiriuiii oaeiurei. uorf hu.i n p noiu-fn esfebiuiheil in nil the Scares, and it U hard lo tell when ibry will l. ao that large neotnu. of the conn try reramn nnrpreoted. But Ten If th whole roautry wen eorerl by toral Ubor bureaus, it UithUn thtr, from the nature of the case, there would wanting that BOitr of aim and metlnvtl which woM b no-wary to gie the wbol botljr of ttlstn gathered a pmitire vaioe from a ceueral tvmt of Ttew, and to rr nder cmovrnieat and acrarat interpret.!. lioa of tiem from fltu-h a stand imm t . Thia ranch may be rnncet!ei! with oat at all detracting In ai the u-e folneaa of State labor bureau- A ' thia point it m.iv U t,H ;., rciork that th need of having authentic. 10 Conn a Hon rvardirg "te ' rn-o; Ulwr throe jchoiit the !;. 1- t . u:itr ia l"MriiD jt mtre and mo.- . ::r.;'ra tive. Ot late no tariff d .sc-i-.-;o:. ban bn carried on ai'tani" ca. 1 atant reference to the -x .i -e.- ,i:.i! jieoeral mmlition of r a: iion.el antl abroad, and no pro; m-i ;,.n n- i (tanling a tariff poi.cy ha.s I e.-n iait forward of late a it bout au .Liu-. on to its eflect on lilvor. Wi.iii ' condition of Ialor :.-..i:,e : .r ,:. utje-t of co'-.cer: : !iari1e! as an eb-n.e- ' :: T ! , Hon iffiv'ir; 'io- '.n that it is ,.f I gn ; :;..;.,:, , :- reliable lii.'rm.i . -n i '. a;- -'a-.- of lal-r !n re .,..:::. ':. t - , ,';,., And :u-t here ! ch i e f . 1 1 (Ti i n i ' id t!.e '" i ot n,.,' : g A national ia'mr luirea.: a , ;.;.(. ' success, and z ,i,g rl.e s' , - ,- anl oiher : n foi :n at . --i gr .,d it a .-lei.:-r5c a! ;e. 1": '.': - , that under 'he i a r : 1 1 1 . e 1 1 1 ' , , e ' : r . : i d ; v erte. I t.-om . - n: : .. - Chat oi tion and in lor in a' . labor a : terv-ts o parties the di rec of ! he co, danger t. tul pur; 'h:i h. i: g-,iari!e,l d : vr.a, i :. n r, 1 ia r i . - ) a : i'. poiT. 1 i : is Ui , :''li liurc.iii :n i .i.-' : in -i. ,n lr-iin r. t-1 .!)!;!! ' it partKia run si'lfi..: i. ':.-lai.ijj'.ni-il !' tii"-f m :;,' sti rj , r ; - : i g r, lilia't ; "ii ! .n.'li tin t.iritl ,1 ..h 'i.'n--. : Li.1; few y.iri !i.ic i-v, , A imiu !T ot the l'lu ' writ, inking us to '-iln'! the final e in worL 8 inliiir, aud s j k 1 1 dialog, epiloj; etc.," A e ajrreed to drop it to a limitt'd oxieut, for sbould we bo askexl to rvell glue gl, we would bave to protest. i 01 R ErROPEi.S LETTER. 'City of Home," i';ir Oncpnsdin'ii. Trl.in.l June LMr, Pvsi. lUllU Ji'l'BN.U.. A IT i-r :l most delightful voyage, heg"!'img at New i.rk. Ttli.Juiit. ui ,ie ne;ir- ing CO o. of (Jill I 1 t I..,,,' Id lrel.tr. 1 hope to polt OI i ' ocean . and 1 I . Iliellt . Ml -ea Ik-. It "cl.cd m ith . and U" at Cork, ha f hear' hi I I au i'-o.'i s'.ckness was pi : : t u I to thcT ilrck c t ik-1-j ' l.c: r are bound to land In!.! . h.'.oN as -u: i.r ..; i:,.r l" -.uu- -;iv .i :n" const ,ti ii-a!-. there. Kf e e! y 1 1 1 1 1 1 i n 1 pioud! : -i-a m e i: Vet we or! uu at e hit our , a We ii-fotned IkiU :h proiio a 'n 1 1, i '. i mi . A M ! K . 1 1 1 1 1 m i I! : lice h liom Mr. C. 1 1 Il lengti Sim rt' i U-ond ; bu i id'. : i g. the up e: sniok in stack e: i mile. S. our tn : 1 1--. when tin b Iveaut; ii'.u i ii r. k stic. t el n t e: n l.l.le. ell ', . 1 ii a i , -moke nea-ii! e . eveepr ' t a 1 He ! i I the 111 pi'.c 'let k. i ri 1 1 1 1 ; 1 1 : tiu'iu, "I'fi.ai.' ' . i " .ilni.it one e i an eail loi onr e e i i : tie.uix ale -o i t LI 1 Sllilies . 1 - ' I ' such eai'thl c.licl.iat 1"II-. I'lie elegant and ciiin 'h t e ai i i n genu u : -and lurnisiiing ol tin- -'eanoi I -.ImM not attempt to i!e- rilie. 1; IS I he Insist passiMitT'-r -'e.ili'.el 111 the w.'rlil. t n its ouiw.tr. i oage If rollout to New V'vk. 1 hear. l.'ilHI p.i--engcrs. We !iie be rween sk) an. I lotm. and are no means crowded. Almut :iiHi saloon passengers sit dow n a! once in an elegant dining room lor each meal. e s.ui dow n New Vork bay. pa! Staten Inland. Cones' Nlaml and manv t urret tc eastern look amal the -lop we o e r t a k e there is the i n ate nuz place Ulig of the worb ;eat ocean steamer- Kuniesia of fhe same bin-; one ol the Led Star Line and the Cer ni.tlii'-, all fir-t cla-s. I'.ut v. e tpiietlj, pass by evers t hin g and soon lea e them below the hon'Ui. ()nl the Alaska and (he Oregon are la-stcr tm.it.- th mi tins -even d i steamer. After dinner, which is dail at " p. m., we hcht a "praise service." .More than thirty clergymen are on board. We committed our-cie.-t h ,i nk. fully and lu full faith to the care of our Heavenly Father, God, m whose hand- j Arv the.se mighty waves ot gTeat deep. This was an eini i th ! nut'y appropriate st u i ,nd t hr 1 enjoy e He riimioritx of our com pan v wi of our uch services, which wi tpiently held. IK i t m r a v. Nmr we li"ik around and bein to make acquaintances. That turn, pleasant looking, grey whiskered gentleman, with his charming daughter 1- Hon. Jno. W. Foster, .Minister of the I'liited State- to Stiain. Over there is Lev. !r. l" l a tAl Hr"W l':"r'"' sha-n gentleman ol tr) inters; il he is at the head of the Foreign Mis j ..V . ... . . , ...... I him positive, moilest, staunch and genial. Hesule bim is a worthy wife; and I wish mine x a.s on this Bide. Hut I will not tarry to tell of Presidents of Colleges; agent of Kanng Brothers; parties ol gni- i under judicious guides for Kuropean j educational tours; ladies going 1 abroad to studv art, and the man it.il.tiT if ,c la tltA ll in.l'rii.ln lorrj n .,rj, vapr wnf,ri i.i,. 1 caught one of the D.Ibs e',terdas. ,r ,;.i....t. ..,;. L ;t a blo;n)n)K, pi et t v gi 1 1,' romantirai,T wrappe,!. L ' I ne j one ot the asthetic ,1. k ing m one of t lie a-st het n chairs. He explained what he was doing. His wife was away down in Alalmma, ami 1'0"0 miles ol the V f I an : t. cAhjr itBil liim Irmn li,.r- "o el set I i off tin' ( )n hiplHiard these gtay I whi-keieU I). li s I'm not a D.D. are marvelous tx'aux. -o many ot the.se titled gentlemen are aboard, that 1 am "ihx-torcd'' too iait I'm not uti-i and it is too much trouble to Iw constantly correcting people. So as it don't hurt, I'm getting n.-c to it s v i; 11 ATM. To d, ty w e had pre.lt i. I " g I :, morning by Lev. Hr. I'ratt I a .ii '. - ii ie. Ky.. a Southrm Pre t-rian. At night by IU-v. ;r. alx. the famous de1'! r.t:-er. tiie Sccretarv of Home M.-sion ! lie -bv Mc md -of the Me'lnxlist L North lie l- kin Ml Cab.. Here we ISCi W II pal Chun-!-., as Chaplain ( I" Lu a n i not ! : n w a : e i :. 'ed -k !gu h ' r .-. I in II h'Tia is roil g ing l r. ' r k -. v. t: - Ii n a .' 'in: a n - a: a ha-: h.u . , iu ii i m a -i kfti h i ii i n s. I'.-r 1 u in tin ni a ii ,''.! t, l inc.- i- art- liavin; a rii ai n, ; n , cry rf sH'i-f . u , t l . i i- t that i lni four times a tla Hreakf.ist at S a. in., lunch at p. m., uiuner at ; p. in. una supper at 1 pan. It requires person of 1 ! business capacity to attend well to these '"feeding" duties. 1 send you some ot our '"bills of fare," so that you can judge whether we are well j treated or not. 1-ur niv Dart. I i want to come back on this "City ol liorae. lor ma. She is a good enough boat I hope to get so much ex- perience and skill on this trip, that I will te readv to take charge of that party, r. IM 1 1 or. that on may get up next ear to vi-it liuropc and r.ilest inc. Of course you will pay all my expenses. nn: n n. 1 .e: ii ,e give you our run: June loth, noon, we had tiaveiied from New Voik. .'Vs.. mile-; liitli. Monday. o''o: 17th. Tuesday, Hmi: 1 st h, Wed nesday. oTO; r.tth. Thursday, .'is.,: L'oth. 1'iiday. .'i'.n i; j 1 -t . Saturday, i.o. a. o'.io. 'Total, L'Tln. Wr have lii'i -oiur" fog alter passing 'he 1' ii k- ol Newloundland. and began t meet me berg-; -o we tinned -athwart! tor ,-atety. Then we - time as we travel eastward, l or example, it i- now by my watch, .vi.a h 1 have not altered iliim New Heme time . 1 11 -1 noon, but by the -a:;.'- time per our longitude, it I l : i I p. Ill . ( r i ee ; i .' i '- ; o on ami dear friends. V" ' ' 'I Jinn, 1 .. ( . Y . !'. Oil Hiow Mead. Iivl.il.-I. ; : : ear basnet Light hon-e. Mill ( reek cm i narv. The commencement e.ercise I'loi. T. I'. Wynii's school c c iaetl on Tuesday niglit Willi aniiual entertainment. For a! 'a tl! i hi ee 1 101 11s we all enjo ed tun seL e ,!. '.' .. lMaloglles. speeches u ' oration- . negro farces, etc.. all ere rendered Weil. The elitcl la 11 m 1 ut closed a in id 1 01 id a 1 J , 1 . 1 1 1 . W ' Miesday, commencement ii i . a..- i "t all beautiful, buf notwith standing tlie showers, then was an a. ua-iise ci nwd upon the grouiitls lo o'clock, at which time the eeu;.-e- c :n ::.ent 11 !. Tluicwcle ii- i ttii.it ion ii-cited by the bos - anil Ifading i' the gills. They all .11 'pi it rd t in ;i, -el i - w 1 ' ii m, 11 ked ' 1 i-t 1 n c na , T'n n 1 'rot. I ). S. Koonce, 1 I Mi'iiii: 1 li 1 ' . c.iine foi wartl wilh a 'ew -clet t ami well timed leiuark aml lntioiluccd ( apt. W . T. L'. Hell, o! King's Mountain, the orator ot da . ( 'apt. l'.ell t lieu came foi -w.iid and paid a ery high compli ment to June.- county and to east ern North Carolina. lie said that the .lie M'liiinl .-.-tcm of Norlh Carol::; 1 was the only .-me way to edneaV ' ii people as a body. lie T-x j 1 . 1 1 1 , 1 the cau-e of our State being one among the lowest in the 1 1 u.-.i I :. : : a I ran k . Cause: On ly ol.e dollar allowed to each child J er .i:r:::i.'i It school purjioscs. He -aid til l' the a ctage a!.;e of the 1'i.l'lie - 1 ool hou-i - ia No;th C.wo li a a w a - n iy -'. I. I i e .-pok e o I t he geographical .-; r i: 1 1 1-ui alul the heal 1. 1 1: 1 lies- i No. ih arol : na: of its let ' :!e -oil; its i n h in ni l als; its beaut i tul sec m r ; and -a id w it ii a 1 1 ol -ics surrounding vi e .ue siiscep tii'lv to the highest moral and edu cational training. He said that education increased t he demand hr labor. Fxamples: Iyocomot ion, I'Miui- and spinning jennies, and al-o the higher the standard ol ed uc.i t ion. t he higher is the stand ard ot morals .unl the more indus-tiiii;.- .ie the people. To illus trate: The Jewish nation spun at Cimor, arc i u d u.-t rious and one was never known to beg. He spoke for an hour in that style which no one is so completely master of as him self plain, easy, and yet chaste ami pure. All who heaid him say thai of all the ctloits that they hac i er heard, this was the best. To try to given true synopsis of Ids add: ai.y in Mi II tier-, in ;d A a a .It Mr. -s would be presumption in 'lie. -o .-.uflice it to say that it uch a literary treat as we set : f ever, receive, only from that 1 1 the uu ui n t ai lis t ha t ri ngs his loiigue ot elmjuctice in our oil the speech t he pi i.cs w el e tied to the several classes. W. M. Koonce won the prize as be-: ;eiiman in school. W hy did you lo t give lis tiie Iiaines ot the ot::, : -ucce. till student--? Ll'. . I 1 i : . i . 1...-I. 1 ut not lea-t. was a c.uie i; g pit eiiti d to l'rot. Wy nn in t'ehalloi t he school children by Mi. L. 11. I'ellet ier. The cane was a I ilea ii ; dill gold in aded one iiinl was ple-intid. with a lew Well chosen and timely remaiks. alter which all re ii I lied 1 1 ' tin- t ai 'le - i: I on nliiiii ,i : 'eaiit : sa' :-!y few lie ieam . I w .1 - .1 It-pa. w a - .-plead to though a a- t hey .iiv o.c. There tiU.ated by 1 , cry thing w as a gala 1 1. t cat in :: 0 1 ; t- o : 1 ge crowd e thou-, lilt -I I It i -.- ll well all k- lil-. 11 1 o I' 1 1 I ! I . or Lo ir-da :, r ' n 1', i - n n : i. 1 " the a -t i t.iooi a: .too , Your i ' l'!lt .lll'l in .. a wi 'I II ai'er ; W rl I ( i : - u : ..ll. 1 : i, ' 1 ' J; i "t ai.. 1 i u-h was poll. ! : i. A, ,1 I'll. I III 1 '.1 ll'-. V. I , ' , ! I sparkled i i. ti'iit I a-; with t lie iug of the nullity waters. qui'c a time, amino eveinn tics. We can now have bread, Mr. Rand has proved himself all that the owner expected, Col. Benj. Askew and )'..!. Franks favor Butler for President, i Xt-trio politicians seem tilentilul. Hard on the white liads Lord North reminds us of his au- thority about three times a week anil ilisiais.scs .New lork politics m such a way that one would suppose Tominey a str.inger to think that he in earlv life had read a paper piiiiicu 111 .ew ioi k. ii is not j thought that Lord North will lie. chairman of the i ncorn ing board ot county commissioners, your Sim in on s, not wit list a ml ing. Cop- grass . Mr. Aaki'N. ( lianire tiio StiiM'tiic. l'.PiTi'U .It.cuNAi.: It is lar ii t' in i ne iiisposiiion oi inc wniei - find fault with any set o-' men. oi any corp oi at ion. cspcciaiiv ipoiation. especially w 1 1 n our timcti Delovetl ami lundi .-lan-tlered 'Mullet Load," without just cause. WiIlCov. Jarvis, Hon. C. C. ("nuk. Col. Whit foul or Maj. Gatlin. or the present managers of the A. cv N. ('. Lailioail inform the uiblic and the business men of La Grange, Kinston, New JJerne and Lealllo-.t why the Hurt l.'ern mall Is detained in Goldsboro 1' 4 hours, when by the delay of the Atl.iutic train at (ioldsboro 1 hour and ;i" minutes they would inaku close con nection with the northern mail ; i am, and the business men along the line of the A. oi N. C. Lailioad would gta their mail mat ter -1 hours sooner, lie-iilcs save to passengers who tome from the North, bound this way. the annoyance and ex-pen-e "t lay ing over in Goldsboro a day.' I! I he present schedule is urn Id the benefit of pleasure seek eis. or ill the interest of the Atlan tic lb tel. at Morehead City, we u;-h Mr. Gatlin would build iiiin a lailioail from the Yarboro House, in K ileigli. to the Atlantic, at More head City, anil allow the A.ci N. C. l; ulro.nl to be run in the interest of the luisiin -s community. The 1 1 am from the Not t h an i ve in Goldsboio at ."ill.", ,. in. and the A. .V N. C. trait, leaves there at bl'i p. in. My only delaying our train 1 hou r a ml .io in in ut cs, would get our mails from the noithern cities 1' i hours sooner. Tbe pics cut schedule is outrageous, and cer tainly ety detrimental to the busi ness men along our hue of road, and should be remedied at once. X. v. .Mi ! M.TON IK Ii Lb. July oth, LSS-L o.-l ng days of the scs- I u sion while the House ot 1 Jejireseu ! a five- wading for the Senate's consent to go, patiiotic members have been devoting the time to speech making on the question ot seaboaid defenses. On Monday and Tuesday the American eagle flapped his wings and kept ui an incessant screeching in that end of the Capitol, while the tail of the British lion got many a painful twi-t. Representative Iforr waved the star spangled banner furiously aud demanded money tor strong forts and big guns. What was the sense, he said, of the. Government wanting until war was upon it be fore it began to prepare lor it. He 'did not want this nation to insult another nation, but thought the lower to strike terrible blows wiuild of necessity lesseu the num ber of our antagonists. The Mich i igan member said there was such a thing as national character a sen sitiveness as to the honor and rep iiitatioii of our nation's conduct, : devout reverence for our national 'emblems, a feeling of sorrow at all national dishonor, and a sense of j delight at any tiling that adds new I luster to our nation's glory. To cultivate such feelings, lie main tained that national deeds must be constantly transpiring, national work.- lie engaged III. national mi -pio eineiits and national defenses ne grow ing. lie thought men could be careful of expenditures without oi ing mean. Jatfieiicss was no sure evidence of got d business judgment. He wanted future gen ii at ions to say that the policy adopted by the forty eighth Cou-gic-s w;u- conceived in a spirit of iiuc patriotism and can ied out with nigh wisdom. .Mr. S. S. Co followed with some milder ieiii. uks. lie hopi d the House eight strike a gi ldeu mean. He would not be guilty of extravagance.-, becair-e there was no immi nence ol war. Neither would he be deiel;et in regard to the proper de-lens,- i ; u. country. Mr. l-'iuiierty next took the floor and made a rousing speech, saying in conclusion, "You. the Kepresen- jtativcs of this great nation which j has never tinned its back to a foe. on ot the gallant t-oiith. and you ,,i i;,,. slutiiv North, let us close in rank- and a-.-ure the people li.lt a 'ii;ia;i aelliiuy iloesniit -: 'ii ih: i 1 1 a 1 1 ; i it I . Let us fortlly ;:; ' r i ena-;. and then we ean say t'ue '"uri- i 't the u o rid, ei line fii i:,'i "i; wiil fun I that every .-.put ui ::r -:! !i.il! he t he irrave of a hero a i i-i . i : lev. I in calm d.alia S!.,:,. ii:;! v wi I Ii i .e i tin- i:; --I- : ii - 1 : -: r. i -. Niivv. : : i' ; in "ii. ! lu- -l...-.v,-,l I in "I Mil, I j'l', . I - k i ' vas li'lfll "li.-! I mi - i l l r,l-!l! . " 1 ' 1 f ill, it lull I A , 1 " 'Ma- li ,., I , a-i:t- i,i'ii ii ah ; 1 1 1 w 1 1 'in,', t la -ii ia- Pie. -i'l, mi; ' " I- i a "ii : the IP u-e ; t o ; , , i - s i ; .,' ia-; "i r! ' m t. a- it Pol ter ii'liel'1 iiniiiedi.iteh ; 'el' Ills 1 1 1 j i (- ; !it- iiliji-et ions is iiiiiler.-tiniil - l r ait ir li-i: the decision of "ii to his advi.-ers sa inr id not iiivi-ii it siiflieient!' :;. til ion. The itetion of was peetcd with cheers Ueinocrats aud hisses ! lie .;:i I hat ii can : . the Ih liom Iroin the liepublicaus. Lihertj Enlightening the World. I Paris, July 1. The Bartholdi statue ot Liberty Enlightening the ! W 11 . . f 11 . .. 1 wuiiu as luiuuany jueseiueu iu the I'nitod States bv the. French , Government in the Gauthier work- shop to-day. Mr. L. P. Morton, L'nited States Minister to France, received the statue in the name of his Government. Prime Minister Perry sent a letter saying that he regretted that illness prevented him from assisting at a scene of I L anted btates Minister to France, irateriiity ueiween two greacrepuu - lies. In heart and soul he would i participate. M. de Lessens made a speech j He said France, under all Govern : ments, had always been a friend j and ally of America. America now realized that the Panama Canal was a work of universal in- ! terest. The statue would forever j pledge the bonds oi unity between j France and the great American ; people. Mr .Morton, iei)lying, thanked France, in the name of President ; Arthur and the American people, i tor the statue. He said he was 1 charged to assure M. de Lesseps, M. Ferry, and the French nation ; that the American people respond-, cd with all their hearts to the senti- . incuts ot friendship. The noble; gift which that friendship had die- tatcd would render the gratitude of, he American people still more pro-. loun.l and stronger. lie hoped, he , statue would remain tor all time an emblem ol the imperishable svm-1 pathies uniting both countries.' , Ancient England. ! People in search of sensation: could do no better than read up the ancient history of old Fngland. To I ! go back ages ago. before the channel ' 1 which now divides it from France! : was cut by the sea. and from when ' uli-if i 1 1 , wi fir 1 1 'i 1 r Kfin 1 1 mi l lir1 1 . ii .n , o ' ' ' v. . v. , had a firm foothold as far north as : the present John O'Groats house, is to meet with as strange a scene a in any romance. But even upon its uplands at present, along the Yorkshiiewolds and the southern downs, wonderful evidences may be found of the various races who have lived and died within its narrow insular boundaries. The graves of long headed men and broad-headed men, coming from where we know not, and being succeeded !y people whose names are lost in the midst of antiquity, give to the greatest ; part of Britain a cm ious interest to ; the archaeologist. Now add again, iu their search after truth, busy j antiquarians exhume the bones of : these well known tribes, pick up J bits of their drinking horns, of the j weapons they used, of the gold clasps to their flowing cloaks, or j one and another of the trifles of i their household existence. But. after all, speculation as to their! mode of lite, their thoughts, audi their faith is very much a mapping, out of the dark. Terhaps a few! thousand years hence, though it is difficult to believe it, some busy hands will exhume us, and wonder what icr did and what ice thought. This much, however is certain that when Rome was the empress of Eu rope, the a verge lloman citizeu could no more conceive the fact that the "'Seven hilled city" and its power could decay thau we at the preseut, moment can imagine a time when London will not be a dim memory, but a dreary and peopleless waste. Ex. Simply a Boy. To be a natural boy is to be a bt iug of pleasure. Unhappiuess he knows it not, save for a few mo ments when his father takes oc casion to frollick with him iu a rather rude manner by testiug the quality of a blight new shingle. This little game is soon over and the next on docket is to try the metal of his chum, who was station ed behind a tree making faces at hiin while his father was introduc ing the shingle. Still there is solid comfort in be ing a boy. He is full ol ideas and knows every little scheme for avoid-1 ing work. Send him on a quick errand and he is sure to find a lizard that needs killing or frogs that need stoning. But he is sure to come back alter you have given him up as drowned or killed in some way. Never send two boys together. It is a waste of breath and time. The hoy is naturally lucky in his ability to be always ou the go. He consid - ers himself fortunate if he has no more than three stumped toes on one foot, a splinter in the other, a soraiued tinirer. skmed nose and aj grain of sand in one e e. You cannot stop him from going. If he fails iu j one way he will go another. Some-; times he takes it wheel fashion i heels over hand. Leap frog is , another method he has of getting , over the ground lie is a natural j genius and; understands the art of j combining pleasure with business to ; perfection. 'are of more value than all the i One of his speeial desires is to precious stones in the world: I have ! have plenty of pockets iu his clothes. ' food and clothing too. Ami not j Not a one less than nine will satisfy . therefore as rich as the king''"' :him. In them run be found any-' "You r.te right.' said the king i thing from a small tack to half 'a with a laugh: -bat your greatest plow point. All kinds of green treasure is a contented heart : keep 1 unit is eagerly sought and devour- it so. and you will always be hap J ril. more e-pccially if it is from hisjpy. iii'iLiliiM'i's oreliaid. He is fond nfj - - -- in 11- f the blow: ing of biines :,' -inai! b ,,n, I c.'i. : f t I-.-! i ii'il t r ' 1 :ai ft ;l a, a- I ill ilUM '-. ."a ill tin i kfrii ui; ll li mini!- lii- -1 ; nr r; . ,na: ( HUM' ('"!' II. n a i he 111 a I ! rl' 1 1 ii ! 1 ! ! t'li '. r; i' i 'li ;di ;ii 1 i i: u l:r l.-lalai la-t t-'ll! 1 1 u .'" niiifT ma!) el his Irii'liil. iii;l:iiir. W'har maki-.- Waa' ii ai ( ' M-.l .1 W l. . ,, ,-ailM- -I ' 'in .-; ii U t-:, i , a i. il-. 1 K-!:fV.-." a is a vt-rv Mif ( , i l l-h talkt-r. j Ih it by the' letieelice 1 II ! ; 1 nili't'd . way ,i ,-(-i unit the t- i-n I in;. I lilV -i,.'' silt- is i-t; ht-i " fil illll ili; lii.-i-." A'. Two Coiivcr-ill i".: In -111111 "Wheie a:r ;. l- -inn inel .'" in Lt' 11 u' I i --. j 1 ! "ii't know ; Newpoj t. 1 t;u N' liere are j ' m!" .-Sarato'ii. 1 uc-s." In .llllv Meley oil lilt ! are you thiini: in this waste?" 'Spcndiiii;- the summer v Aunt Jane, who lives in that hut beyond the potato patch, r.ur what are you doing Lien1?"' "Visiting my Uncle -lake, wlto lives ia that shanty across the creek." The Cholera ;erm. There seems to be some reason to think that the cause of cholera has- . . n . i reanv ueen discovered, a germ. like that of consumption and uii.er diseases. Still, sure about it. it is not sale to be The Poll M.dl fin- zette savs : The hero of the hour at Merlin at present is J)r. Koch, the president of the German Cholera Commission, who lias just returned from India, where he has discovered the cholera ; germ. I In appearance he is described as : of medium heifhf very thin, with a spiiituclle stu- dent's face. His beard is brown but his hair is becoming grey , and this together with his glasses makes him seem lo be older than forty or forty-one y ears. He studied medicine at Gottin- gen, aud afterwards pursued his microscopic studies of bacteria' at Breslau. under Prof. Chn. Gehei- mer liath Koch has been known to the scientific world for me time as a conscientious and accurate observer, but to the non scient ilic world his name was unknown unt il his discovery of the cholera germ, It now promises to be as famous as that of Jeiincr or Harvey, . Fi,e tfl;U 01(1 M,.k e,liU Iutt.I11)el,lllce. This is the hie th.,r ()M Njck l)uil Mo,leI.ate (!nllkiu. Tllil5 Ls the (ue, tl,:U feeils t, firetl);U oli xjf.k ijj- Kll-U1 sel!ill This is the ax that cuts the wood that feeds the fire that Old Nick built. Love of money. This is the stone that grinds the a t hat cuts the wood that feeds the tire that Old Nick built. Public opinion. This is the sledge with its face of steel, that h,trv 1... , , .. 1 ... i a 1. .. . i n i in, uu- i. , , 1 1 1 , i hum l lie l a i that uts ilmwood that feeds the fire that Old Nick built. A temperance meeting. This is one of the blows that we quietly ion the sledge with its deal, face of steel that batters the stone that grinds the ax that cuts the wood that feeds the fire that Old Nick built. Temperance pledge. This is the smith thai works with a will to give the blow that we ouietlv deal to fashion the sledge with its face of steel that batters the stone that grinds the ax that cuts the wood that feeds the fire that Old Nick built. Eternal truth. This is the Spirit, so gentle and still, that nerves the smith to work with a will to give force to the blows which we quietly deal to fashion the sledge with its lace of steel that batters tbe stone that grinds the ax that cuts the wood that feeds the iire that Old Nick built. Selected. A Heroic Physician. At Formby, a pleasant suburb of Liverpool, Eichard Summer, the oldest local medical practitioner, died recently at the ripe age of eighty-six. Ilis name will always be remembered in connection with one of the most courageous aud suc cessful acts ever attempted. On a stormy night in December, 1833, a pilot-boat, containing twenty-two lives, struck on a bank within sight of those on shore, but too far dis tant for any help to reach them I Even the hardy fishermen feared to put out in it, until Mr. bummer, who was a man of splendid physique, six feet six inches in height, and of great strength, slung a bottle of rum round his neck, stripped off' his clothes, tied a sleuder line round his body, and plunged into the seething waves. He reached the vessel, poured some rum down the throat of each half dead man, and so heartened them up that when the boat arrived they were saved from a watery grave. He received the lioyal Humane Society's gold medal, and every token of esteem to their lives' end trom the men whom he had sp nobly rescued. London Lancet. The Contented Herd Boy In a flowery dell a herd boy kept his sheep; aud because his heart was ; joyous, he sang so loudly that the I surrounding hills echoed back his song. One morning, the king, wlio I was out ou a hunting expedition i spoke to him aud said: -Why are you so happy, dear little 1 one T - "Why should 1 not be f' he an ! swered, "our king is not richer than ! I." -Iudeed!'' said the king, "tell me of your great possession." The lad answerd: "The suu in the bright blue sky shines as brightly upon me as unou the king. The flowers upon the mountain and the grass iu the valley grow and bloom to gladden my sight as well as his. I would not take a hundred thotis- and t balers tor my hands ; my eyes On; .lu.-iah a m ' U i , . ' . iiuiiiia- li Mason, t 1 . l lio - j ,1 ' ' m ; . bt f in 11 la 111, : ..-.Hi.'.liOO iIi'.m','," "I.'i-lii-ii ; In in (jiiit Ait ; niir.-rh a iii.'" 1 i, - :.. :i;:t is. . i li !iii' i : ,11,'V lit re, it an. I iiii.-; a- a M 1 1 ! I a 1 1 1 1 i.'I'V I - I 111' 111- U 'l i. J iic ioai! (.'iti.l .'Inn. Whenever "i! hear .,) a .uddeii ;, N , (- ,,, 1 , , ,. (., ,j , j, ;; alula I u n oil the baiik. i.:: ,.'. a Main t a'-n hear ot t he ilia ii '-. ho v, .1 e- r-i.ni 'o ' tlie day jri nv iiaa.i aaii ti.i. cs his wa . .' ; through tilt ,'lixioiis cloud to de , posit ir. and show t he people a pi ool , of Iiis cuntiileiice in the s.innd.'iess ot i the bank. "f a mere was a ni.-i en a i -.n eii ia bank the other day. and this real good mail came to the front as usual, lie had .7. (( in greenbacks. j and he flourished, and smileij, and What 1 pushed and elbowed, and finally de '.tiren posited it. At leasf twenty anxious ! depositors were leassured by his ;h niv 1 action and walked out without ask ing lor their funds, but in the course of an hour the bank closed its doors busted. The real good man lost his $7,000, aud we are (glad of it. We like an innovation now aad tUcii. Where the Trouble Mas. 'There is no use talking,"' said Jenkins, "something's got to be done or i his count rv will goto wieck and ruin. I think the tanil ought to be reformed.'" "You are wrong thoic. Jenkins," replied Smith, "'the trouble r- we haven't half protection enough. Increase the duties say I." "There is Brown. We will a-k him what he thinks about the situa tion." "Well, gentlemen," responded Brown, whose wife had just present- ed him with the third pair of tw ins, "I haveu't giveu the matter very much consideration, but, so far an my own affairs are concerned, I attribute the unfortunate coudition to over production. Drake's Trav eler. He v, as 1. 1, 1 a Working Man. A few mornings ago a trump ap plied at a house in Austin Avenue I lor some breakfast. "Go into the back yard and chop ; up a few armfulls ot firewood, and . I'll give you 0111 "bi eakfast.'' "Well, if my Iccakf.ist is ready, I don't see whv I should work for it." "Ir will not be your breakfast until you cut mihih wood." "Cm wood! If you want any wood cut, you had better hire some poor i working man to do it. Yononght ' to know by my looks that I don't I work for my living. Giod morn- iing"" ' . - lu one of the news gills' schools, the inspector arrives to make an examination. "1 wish to have tbe best informed young lady come to the blackboard," he says solemnly. No one move-. "Then," says he gracefully, "1 - In aid like the pretti est one to come." They all stand up. Lc Fifaro. AYER'S Cherry Pectoral. No other com plaint; a i u bu iituiilious in tlicll attack aa those nH'ecting the tliront and Hirgfl: none so trifled with by the majority of utfer ers. The ordinary cough or cold, resulting perhaps from a trifling cr unconticious ex posure, is oftiin but the beginning of a lata sickness. Atr.'s Ciikiibv 1'f.ctorai. bus well proven its efficacy in a forty years fight -with throat and lung diseases, and should be taken in all cases without delay. A Terrible Cough Cured. ' In 1R57 I took a severecolil, which Hffected my lungs. I had a terrible conh, and passed night after night without sleep. The doctors gave me up. I tried Avek's CiuiKBV Pf.c tokal, which relieved my lungs, induced sleep, and afforded me the rent necessary for the recovery of my strength. By the continued use of the Pectohal, a perma nent cure was effected. I am now 6 years old, hle and hearty, and am satisfied your Chebrv Pectoral saved me. Horace FAiRnoOTiiEK." Rockingham, Vt., Juiy 15, lbi2. Croup A Mother's Trlbnt. While in the country last winter my little boy, three years old, was taken ill will, eronp; it seemed as if be would die from strangu lation. One of tbe family suggested the use of AvEH's Cherry Pectoral, a bottle of which was always kept in tbe bouse. This was tried in small and frequent doses, and to our delight in less than half an hour tbe little patient was breathing easily. The doc tor said that tlio Chkrrv PFi TOR.ir. bad saved my darling's life. Can you wonder at our gTatitude ? Siucerely yours, Mrs. Kmma Oednkv." 159 West 128tb St., New Vork, May 10, lf82. "I have nswl AVER'S Chekkv Peitoiia l in my family for several years, and ,io not hesitate to pronounce it 11, m most eflectnal remedy for coughs and colilsie have ever tried. A. .1. Crase." Lake Crystal, Minn.. March 13, llfi2. " I suffered for i ight yeim f : on, l'.ron bitis, and af tor trying main rcmnii. with no suc cess, 1 was cured bv the uw ot AVI it's i'hkr- BV 1'KITHB U.. " .lOHHi VV.lLI,h." I3yh:ilia, Miss., April 5, lvi". 'I cannot say enough in pwnse of AY!-11' Cinciinv Pectobal, relieving ua I do ibr.t but for its use I should long since bare ilied from lung troubles. K. IHuuDuJ." Palestine, Texas, April 22, 18H2. No case of an affection of the throat or lungs exists which cannot be greatly relievi J by the use of AVer's Chekkv Pectoral, and it will alicayt cure when the disease is not already beyond tbe control of medicine. PREPARED by Dr. J.C.Ayer&Co., Lowell, Mass. Sold bv all Druegists. Hog Cholera Remedy. THE undersigned has pu relinked the rlRht I,, mauuftirtiiie In Ni r'h Oro lina 1he ONLY KKMAlltli KfcMl-DY KOH HOU ('HilLtKA yet. dist-ovi red. First pre pared by an riiiinent pliysl'-lan after luor oughlv invcsi iti, ting tin- nature and eause o Hog C'ln lera '.r nvi ine K v-r. It ne.-tis only to he iritl tn prove its i.m i1:k and Is no bum bug. A rents Address. V. N si-A WI I.I,. M. 1)., je-.l, wim Si-vt-n springs, N. . li. 1JA1-HY, SUitOroN DKNTIST. Am prepared to d FirMt-ClaKs Work at the Lowest Pi ices. Hets of teeth from $15 (it) nr.. Hold fillings 81.50 up Amalgam 11 I 1 1 n gs. J1.IKJ Up. South Front Stirct. !Wr Craven. fehKw ebern. . '. ASA JONES, Middle Stxoet, Nowbern. N. C, L'KAI.EP IN Staph; a ij ;3 Fancy Dry Goods BlHiTS. SHOES. CLOTIIIM:. tit. Al'rnl for tlie I U A 1 N I S 1 . I H i iiln-til - And the rfleor-atei WnrnerV "uil ior Ctrtt. Trice 51."". A fnll liTip of ient', Lad lea" anil ('hiMrHii't. Ciiderwcnr, ieiits' 1 -inei), ( "1 lu Inh) PTid IHpe- Collars Hini rulJs., Silk and 1-1 n n Handle, chit (., ai 1 kind cf Uvnt', I,-niiMs' nnd ("h:l (IrenV Hf.v.i hm'1 MiM-him' Made Shoes, Kiib ht r .sits, iin Is and shoes. lndiefT (Jloaks ani Js r- Ik. .I'll1 . vtrvt h 'nt; usual v kept In a flrR' clu.81- 1 v m!k - t -i . ASA JONKf.. iil.-.wi Mni'iii n.ar l:i.tit (),ni-ci, ' CD rizaa o o "' ''A jl '''' A P ermaneiit Price Tin-: ote of Success!- 'In- far their liberal patroicir, in the func of Rtlongs- rs i ir n 1 '1 wonhl call tiie attention of those not lisving : at rate, i" Aunnlu Ciu - ahIa Das. r 1,.1-er "f :i five "tiini 1 1, t'a"U-:ii.'l pound ticket 11 ICE IN TON LOTS AT LOWEST POSSIBLE PBICES. Til'. Jlcpnt. Craven street "ii r-'ii frnin t i a. 111. t i 1 1 1 0 a.m E. w r si-jrynii. ii. Detroit OliHN Safes. Win, Hruains, siuui s uoi.1 cruuu. wits si uita tVSeod (or Cstslosue. Ik. i V Jl SI Absolutely Pure. Thin powdr never varir. A raarral af ' purity, itreDgUi, and wholrsomniMi, 14or v economlflSLl than the ortllnary kind, and aaii' , . not bo sold In competition wltii th roaltluin -of low tut, abort weight, alum or pnoaphskl ' powders. Hold on I7 It, nans. Kotal bms , PowouOo. 1(M W all-st.. N. Y DorlA4rdw Brock's Livery Stables Horses for Hire at aoy tinier- Day or Night. Also, Token und (trrd For OH ftcanu nt,o Term. . 1 "W. II. mat w6m miocii, ; KIN8TON. N, C- Dr.H.D.EUPa SURGEON a n -j :rTT!TJTl;T.: N. C. OperatlTB dontlstry a iwclalty. omup .' taira lu Oporm Honae 1 ,on't forget , For Sale. TEE BDARDIXB BOUSE FUPKITCRfi :-( ' . HENDEltSON llOUSK.'-, Fot sale 1HEAP. A Uo the privilege. tint' Iiik anid Hutiite. Apply t onr to j: ! j. w. KTicwArtT.;:, Found ! '''. ij'j, :,t '. A way In which to please our rUBtoinara' ' wit 2 . ':clL Iow JPricoH forCuHh', bl"h hna compared o to Increaa onr fitalt ' Hies for the croiumKliitloii f onr cui ' -ern.Hiul hai InaXieed u i, oil In the futara ' for vvhii KleM margin ilian -ver. In orUrr 40 ,.. con,)oe wllb and uuitrrH,-! onr nelgbuorlliS ojarktr'a. . t Wer-Mur to nuili,' ,, Kikobimi'vef -can ixt a oompcrlaon of ..oiU and prHwm. ' J. SLAUGHTER. Jr., & SBO' WHOLESALE AiVD hETAIL GtWTRS. v" KINHTON. N. ;, ' V ' important I s v J. L. HARTSFIELD, "A CX4.UCB IN C School Books ancf Stationer72l Coni'ectionerle, '. " Tobacco, Snuff, Cigars, OLASS & MAJQLICA WABK ;; - FAltCT OROCKRIKI, KTC. . , f. . J L HAUTHFIFJD ' Klmttou. Fb. 2Z.18K1. ' , DR. POLLOCK'S NO. 7, v TIIE GREAT SOUTHER!? ipEDY FOR U ; ('tires Neurlgl,BolatiA, ( ohr, Ilurna, Fmat HI 18, Coldi, laln Id Chest. Hide l-alu, Hot " 1 Throat. Toothache:. IMurrheo, Hilpo, llack ' Aobe, and all bodily pilnn, IV f i 'holers bita been cured often by Ino, 7 Ti ll wlf THE ELIZABETH CITY STATE NORMAL SCHOOL V- Will Open Jtitio 2ii. 1 H84. "1 - i , To continue for a Term ojj'our Wcekt.,' ' r Prof. Tlenry Honrlt, of I'eiin , the i-eU l.ralexf ; y Invttttite worker hM litti, rniiiuiril nfc ' I vik .", doctor" ol the school. v ' . Mrs. M Vliiliotn-y, of tbe Durban, Uratld : ' Hrbool. will conduct claim of oblliirm In I, KlnderKurtcn work, as applicable to ouaiitrjr ' , HcllOOlH. ' r Other teachers and lecturers will bsr-cm; '" ' ployed to give Instruction nn sjtak uo- jct. Ikiard mn be had at rates ranKlns; flrnm it 1150 to $4 xt week. Tsacirs sbould apply ''. to county snperlntendenU for t in ulars Inn particulars. For further in formation ns ply to the undersigned , . IW W. Kmnpilv.rlim'i, I Hr. J. N Hull, Treasursr. ' llotrd of Munngi is H H. Fowler, , 1 I W J. Orlffln, ' '. ',' 1 Hon. ( c. I'ikiI, , "' OrloS I, hirKKI', I'l inclpul. J unH-dwlm , EJsisc si Onssaaalsa he el. uracil no irmrti than n riirchlf . t, below Express Office will bo opn -,' ., 12 m. till 2 p.m., and from 5 till 7 p.m. , LODGE. ' r. R. WISICIC1JCH, U-T UiNt-rumrsMf o UUlf, Cloth. Wlroimtflr PBflt Dth. wiraomtsr Rsntftn. W1r Wrws, luMnc nsoo, Iron mtulliis, IMnsc IWviwrla, National Wire & Iron. Go iOTHMlUoS UUi ruas . :'?.Vv?';'.. '','. . i X

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