North Carolina Newspapers

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" ' .' W" J,.'V
; -..v , . , .:.- .'r -.!" -. ,&.,. wt . VS,
M. 1 1.
Term $B.bO Per "STo4
NO. 2G.
"""si'' . i i " , i.
Towers of
' -
CO f
' Mroli Cotton Gras : Crrr Cotton Giiv.., F" i. r ami ( .'udt n-cr-to
Cttwuww . Cot too Prea jtbe bit iq u.-h; i . Tmuo.-wrf
IIato,-k Tospinlon; 3iclkin Uttings and Ma-bia-ry Sappli.
Acnl fr Tjlor-llaafacrinj-
Grvtt M ills.
-,i " - A
,. "" f -
t71mnW Well-Ef Itl Family can aJord to b without a
Having JLtocclvetl
: ' 'in '": ' i, " v" -
GoodsV CIrfhlng, Boots and Shoes,
j IlV7JJJLlt0a.-LiJL -tnJ
, s : w ' .
I.Tgei Stock of Flour, Meats, Bugar, Coffee, Molasses,
r - Sjrajm, Snuff and Tobacco
J5tjT srssfBl t Xtt Bores. . Xr is stock :
50D Dairels Flour,
: t an avrrms ana Lioiasses.
.V4 ii si U Lnti e4S priots, aod will b sold at mo.
w CriCs: Buildlns. Middle Street, below South Front.
6ED'MTiTiEN & CO.,
h People's
Life Assurance Corap j
Issue roliclea oa'LlTes, piysble in Five Instalments, at
from 4 to 10 years interrals, according to the
ape of the Insured.
T premium arc palj trn th a.wraent p!in xs U u.ui'. :
Tij Us bot Cratar ie Life Ia-uranee. and enab'e :hc rr
i --.'.t dsriaf IuV It " prwnioallT a SaTinc Han't. :r.
; ; BiosUUj UMUt to b drawn at tho i-r.i ot rtam :-r -i,
W' sb ina rIlU rjall al ! -ath only, if ! r- i
Cirtraiart rih full ynrtwi)r futnishfd on appliati. ai
' Tl-Yr -iPOLirtEa MTlfd oo brat torni.H.
, National
V ICfc--Sr
I .rim in n t I i imk.
ft PUB MMlb miff1 t-v
, mo akooxms: k''l!nsfltAI
mm rsrW '
n4 la il tu, Mtet i mm utv
I staqi;
AA will ilililf SmO
rii i an mmm ttaa mt
b. " k te mmm
n m iMtlwnM mat f
.T..-., XI Will '
STlviVM EM.. i n i and noiLi:i;
.GeotU Cotton Gi:s, Yv tvis ! i:
j Lnnifii"L Cotton Gin. Self Frr.lcr and Comlcnscr,
Lnnixaa Cotton
FiUt4 wiih A.ljaub!.- S. i i - tr
- t'VV. I .tM'apJdi Jekl.w. lrkw rtrj low.
Strength !
.to. f -"-4
t Ct 'B
Company Kngincs, i;.nl,
Sw ind
ntid Opend tlxeii-
JLVUliViu i iiiu
i.t u.ui'. ::i hT Mutual
ct his
,-!. t.
Wire & Iron Co.
: T -oa n hbs i'Ur
1 to U VM-kt. m;T j rr to rvd c.
comrUista tr-.- ruii h..- nor.
ui ainsra soil r ..-m wi.
ii K i i i so--. '
W U-qinol M - "-v
Scai. k.s and Dr. Y
ir faces ci-st w.ird
RK will
and ap-
p-nntmont.s ar nuvle.
!: Mir'i, in this dir. -otu! thorn vet. as
I'.T.ITl' S
i'M n: nn'.v
tl:f r . !
ciil.u 'In-
II N li.ird tii keep
i lm- nf.i-.nii i- on
. ii ; ' id Ih
!itTi.'''iir "l ;i gieat
Mi' Kh.-tll i-xpivt tt)
.''f in NuvoiiiIht
;-..r.l in this State
Ii , i vi 1 1 f nie.!i! a
. tin! it : so let it
It, tuiif.
F'Ri't :lif c u.ti: r i r i I tfi'inN ,v
r ,!iili t in' stf am. r 'iiin e are
.in l.ntU to look lir a tin.-k trade
u lion tho fall tratlo full v opens. All
(. l.wse.s of goods are moderately
low and our people will have an op
portunity to lay in winter supplies
at prices calculated to encourage
large sales on the part of the mer -
chants who seem to have antici
pated them.
TnE cotton season seems to be
fairly ojen so far as onr informa
tion extends; this section will have
but little more than the last year's
yield. The nsnal state of affairs
exist, however, in that some who
bad good crops last year, will have
something lesa this, nnd some who
were behind last year will be some
what letter this, and in that way
an equitable distribution by dame
; tortune will be reached- Other
crops than cotton we learn are gen
erally better than last year, and so
ooi farmers have that ranch to en
courage them.
Since Tammany has declured for
Cleveland the boom for the ticket
has risen immensely, and the city
' of Kew Y'ork is ablaze with enthusi
asm. There was never a good
' reason to doubt the position which
that aged Democratic organization
would take, but still doubts had
been expressed and being more a
matter ol hope than expectation in
certain quarters the question of
i "how is Tammany goingl'was often
asked by persons who could have
answered it themselves quite as
well as the party interrogated. It
will be late when Tammany ignores
; the nomination of a regnlar Demo-
Erratic convention.
In all Presidential campaigns,
the first few weeks after the nom
inations are made by the contend
ing parties, much of the time is
consumed iu mere skirmishing.
Quite like two contending armies
Ihe sharpshooters are thrown to the
front aipJ the prominent officers
furnishes a target for the experts
at long range and sometimes serious
damage is done in the killing or
wounding of some of the great cap-1
( i V. N .
turn th
tains of the contending forces. But , "Kagontendment des tevi es.le lus
i ,,- ., j carora"' and a delicious assortment
when the main lines moe up and' ,. 1 . ,
. , . , , ' . of beau or peas, potatoes and as
the battle is fairly joined, the firing j paragTKS wiil tempt your activities
becomes general and the only aim . to renewed effort. Then '-Aloyan
is to damage the other by an indis-1 dogmatique du Prairie" with
criminate fusilade into the ranks of! "Pomrae do Terre." And it uoth
, .. . i .i i ing else interferes, the climax is
the opposite side, and the banner ,. ,.vi.,i,P, lj..
1 1 ' capped bv "I n ( ock.uoriiin f-inaks-
un.ler which they are moving and j perlAnum' t.t niatutmalis" with
the uniform they are wearing Is salad, and if it be so disguised as
the onlv wav in which the distinc-j to be a mystery, after awhile we
tion between friends and enemies1 convinced it was formerly a hen
.... I or a duck. Alter all this, served
is known or attempted to be recog- . f . , .
nized. Such has been the case in
the present campaign; the sharp
shooters save been busy, the great
captains have been hopefully leveled
at but with no wounds inflicted to
cause a removal from the field, nor
any deaths to cause the call of new
officers to command.
Some damaging -lnVi have lren
hurled at each i f : he great commander-',
l' ir a- er have only
aroused t he rank and tile of the
armn- and pi obably dra wu them
:nto a d 1 column lor tla- great
oiisl.v.ig'a on tin- foi;r:h ot Novem-
k upon ; lie
r leaders has
Notes, and
,muo :ng re-
ect o! retiec
1 out-tripped
as to cause
I'.id to arouse
1 kei't their
ol" e.U II ol
reuiain a- .
and a :
tion to
thel-a "
those 'A
, . ,
'.' -
, M rr... I. '.a a Mr
' l i. .- . t
uu;:.. - w lay
ri a. r i a-l I. ; a l i.
ii r- I it , h 1 .uu-
If it
-., , . .I i
a.t t.k."M.Kl to save Mainf . how
nil it take to rescue Iowa.
V.X H' VK, Aup. 1 '
Dear .Itrnai.: My addivs i-.
large, if not cosmoiMilita!). and will
give me scope and verge. I hope
all my letters have made safe voy
ages of the broad Atlantic. l-'or a
while there a could
not le avoided. That was unlor
tmiate, for 1 received a .Int UNAl.,
lu which you promised our 1 eadei s
a letter a week. Hut I have been
catclnug up. and believe 1 have
senr, you nearly, if not tjnue. that
many. 1'roni lnterlakcu 1 sent oii
two in one eueloie; and teel si te
iiilr possess much interes;. a
t i h about Uerne.
Uut my heading is geiieialihis
time, because my chat will not be
about travels. "Would you not like
to know something alwut a tourist's
j ever3- day fare!
I was strongly ail
vised to buy -'hotel coupons' tor
my journey. Mv adviser had just
retnrned from a European tour, and
his ejcoerienee endoiseil the com
1 fort atui cheapness of that plan;
for he said he was "fleeced" every
time ne where he could not use
"conpoDS. ' nils is a system oi
tickets, good for lodging aud board
at a large number of specified
hotels, aud costing from 2 to $2.50
per day. Another gentleman, of
experience, also iu travel, as strong
ly advised against the whole sys
tem, and claimed that any judicious
person could travel more cheaplj-.
I have tried both: very little of the
''hotel coupons," however, nud
don't want any more.
This differs from ours. In (Ireat
Britain, to a large extent, four
meals are taken daily. I?ut gen
erally a light breakfast; a lunch at
1 p. in.; and an elaborate meat and
vegetable dinner at f! p. m. is the
practice. In Paris many take only
two meals; "dejeuner" at 12 m., and
a large dinner at 7 or 8 p. m. The
traveler's plan should le to take a
simple breakfast at X a. m. of coffee,
chocolate or milk, bread and butter,
with honey or marmalade, which
will cost from twenty-five to thirty
seven cents; then catch somewhere
in his rambles a lunch for as much
more; and finish with the '-table d'
hotr"1 in the evening at sixty cents.
This is a grand institution. I
was told that a man would get up
hungry from it. Mark Twain said
that he knew some Americaus, who
said they had gotten enough; but
he also knew some Americans who
lied! If I had had the management
of Mr. Mark for a while, be would
have written differently! If a man
cannot enough in one or two hours
at a table from a dozen different
dishes, he deserves to be hungry.
Just think of one's opportunity for
gastronomic distinction. First al
ways an artistically folded napkin.
a gTeat mystery, holding a piece
of bread; then a plate of potage a
laKinkum Flnidaster i'neuuoteckie.
This is usually nothing to boast of,
but it helps to till. Then "Poisson
a la Chartreuse Poetic; or a "Sole
du Shonemaker;" and these fish are
good. "ow come Cotilbon Kricard
aise Sur Due de Broglie;" and like
ly enough it will be some elegant
veal with various Trench iuanipula-
Bless your soul, here follows
i)late with clean knive.
; and forks.
a regiment of desert marches up.
It may begin with simple icecream:
or as to-day with the most curious
omnium jatherum I ever saw, viz.;
a layer of cake, and then plums,
cherries, peaches and strawberries,
all cooked and served with sauce.
It was good too. Perhaps then
fruit, cakes or 'con lections ot variety:
and nuts and raisins. on may
think this a burlesque, but it is not
except in the outrageous names
these folks give to simple things. I
had such a dinner tins evening in
Lucerne, a the Hotel de St.Cot
thard. It cost (ill cents. Mow ran
it be turni.hed for the mniief So
three meals re-pectab
can le gotten gelierall
lor -jl .in to f 1 .'Jo. M
furnished rooms and -i
twii meals a da in l'.d::i
less than one dollar. W t
meals a day. . .ne wa- t al
at Hotel lMgon in P.
rooms and service wit In
for eight francs, or r 1 ."
When on coiidii','ed
iiartics the lunch costs
le (juality
i!i lhiiope
pa:t. got
i vice, and
burgh, for
go: t Ir. eo
ile ii' ln'tr
ins. w it h
till Cell t -
,i i;- pi'r.i- get lor L'o cen's. .1:;-: -a.i.iow
, e.en '"'" d.o.'eii rreiie'a woiii-.: make
-o;:,e gesT U! e. a 1 1 d 'I-'' ol; 1 t; I, go I -;
I hell o:o- C.l II -t e j ' ; II ' o .1 I '.oil '..!!: gel : e
'"" " ! :;i Pa; and til! up w.-u ;hat .:m.
a - o! '!:. aiel Take .1 gl.l ol .it 1 : I : : t . : "
e,,,t'.. too. I a 111 ' e ' e : I . i ; : -; . . 1 1
, u ;; ;.e -"''- i" ''i '
he! .1 . '. g N.-I'tl 111'.-..:: v ' '
: . : . . i . i : . o n , . . , .
ne, w :. w a- i ' lie . .;;. : ... .
- large :i : : o; . ..: a u,
;, e ; he ei tilts I ii "i ''en i .. : :.e .
1 i i o - - ii ; i ; - n e i i - -
" :'' : 1 ' -'':-: -: !
el eel 1 . . -ii I Toll 'a i ! 1 : (
'.:'. '. : : : : : ; . n i'. 1 : : . i ' o . o j . e : 1 .
I'm' i' .i 'r.r.iorl, al. I t--;- ii .;. 1 1
in 1 1 oe-. I . . ' li,i'.i tin' r-.j'f" ' 1: i !
i ' a 1 1 : . o : i i a k ile I 1 1 ' " i i ' I a 1 1
tlriN its and ! he u i;. -.'!' o: : 1 ,a'e
In" . '. kei'pcl - w v;,-'n i. t.i! ,fN
1'lie nl hot il.l 11 1 Ml') '
' I ; r t e ilia- lat a Ww II 1 11 i - oi
; ii.i: a tri i't-:oi'e us, .triil
u i o:i! p.tili.ii: iiM-il. la! cc
peroii ut'if eh. He, d , ii the -alllc
ha. ( 1 1 1 1 gcti ! Icm.i ii w a so inciiM'il
it the outiage, that he well, 1
wou t tell what he did: it was very
quiet, very; but it opened some
body's eyes, though not a word was
said. The fact is. the summer is
short, and money must be made in
a b: i f period. So every man, wo
man and chilli, well and lame, feels
the neces.-ity of being diligent in
feeling in strangers' pockets. Lit
tle children nm along, and let down
the peculiar iioiis for clogging the
carnage wheels as they go down
lull. That's the driver's business
of course and he is hired; but he is
-a-1 1 1 ' 1 1 ; for children to do his work,
and then they persecnte you by
running along and holding their
hats lor gilts. Everybody wants
to be paid lor h oking at you, and
I'tutcr-. will snatch away the
;ir-t iii. mile from the incautious
. r. I'.ut it is all very funny,
- ry sad tio. This is a poor
de m Switzerland. I must
is ne
on a letter about them; there
t space enough left here, and
been out shopping, Bro. Nunu,
must give in m3' experience,
'he present, adiew. I expected
to see the sun rise on Mt. Rigi to
morrow morning; but it stormed so
today that I give it up, and am
posting now to Copenhagen, and
will have to miss many charming
things. It is to be regretted after
one has come so far. But I have
had a glorious time, for which I am
so thankful, that there is no room
for complaint. I want to get home
now, and see all the folks. Since I
have been on the Continent, I have
missed tho JorRN'AL you have so
kindly been sending me. Hope
some will meet me in Denmark.
Adieu. L. C. Vass.
lltxv .Tlaitrrs Proerra at the Grounds,
l-'rom News and Observer.
Kockingliam county is to have a
neat anil attractive exhibit. Its
section is nearly completed.
Wake will have quite a handsome
department- It is near the engines
at the western portal, aud has a'
fine light. Mr. Fred. A. Watson, !
who has charge of the papering
aud general decoration, proposes to
do all with his usual good taste.
The Harris-Corliss engine, asi
bright as a dollar, is now swathed'
iu bandages like a mummy, so as'
to preserve its brilliancy for the
opening day.
The telegraph office is in the
southern aisle, nearly opposite the ;
exposition offices. The telegraph!
and telephone services will both be 1
In each hundred feet of spa,ce in
the halls there will 'e forty feet of
benches. These are for the comfort
and convenience of the public. The
ice water which is to be so liberally
furnished by the exposition com
pany will certainly be refreshing.
There will be large reservoirs of
ice water at each entrance.
The toilet rooms for the ladies are
being neatly fitted up. Careful i
servants will be in attendance.'
The ladies will be pleased that pro-;
visions have been made for their
The road to the exposition
grounds must certainly be put in
order. This is a matter of such
special importance as to interest;
every citien of Ealeigh who will
have to use the road. Convicts
ought to be put at work there at
once. No pnins ought to be spared
to have the work thoroughly aud
carefully dune. A reporter made a
careful examination of the road and
found dozens of bail places iu it.
The matter is called to the special
attention of tho exposition authori
ties and the people of Kaleigh.
The Raleigh and Gaston railroad
will make special preparations for
the transportation of passengers be
tween the exposition grounds aud
the city. The trains will be larger
th. lit usual and will run more fie
queiitlv. The depot accommoda
tions at 1 Iargett street station are
ceitaaily to be tine. The large
shed there will accommodate many'
pet.; de. There is a general belief
that this depot will be retained for
perm alien r use a passenger station.
It will certainly be gratifying if this
bea fact. A depot at the end of
I Iargett street possesses all the
ml vantages. It is nearer the city
and will save the railroad and its
pa-sengers much trouble. Hargett
street is practically level ami a far
better thoroughfare than Salisbury
st i ect can ever be made.
Co ii. Haw-Icy writes that he will
certainly be here during the expo
: t i i n.
iti ill;:;, (lovernor .1 arvis paid
a tu ;he exposition grounds.
I le p. i;d pa; ; a-nlar attention to the
S ; ile exhibit.
Tin- shelve- and cases in the
State exhibit arc all covered with
blue cloth.
Mr. Peter M. WiNon yesterday
-aid to a reporter that the experi
ence gained at Poston and Atlanta
u ill be of great value, and that the
e 111
a. lm
w;i; vp very pleasing ami
lv arranged. In the south
tie, coal ami
ate-, woods
cut and pol
me industry.
he ttirpell
.1 bv
li-t lllerv. all the
t- p'.Ue tiee. pine
; oil one immense
-: on another iron
iillMllal pioduets.
maiiti taet in ed pin
:trl o-r. e"c These
extend a d is
Tui he sou' ii , the
I -- . . . - i:: Mi. I . M . W .Noli
. . : i :'.: a:. .a,- ,.: ...!k. I"
., . -,i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 ::i nil' o'i
. .- r.- .- :;!:. He :!i .-top
, No; !,,;;v. .ooi ,...'.;. c! ..ioi t 't ward
, : i , ; e . i : : : . ie.- ft mn t Ii e c. i -t ei n
. . ! !hi Sf.Uc Ioi ' lie ile
: : ii. cat ii'!a .
e-ti iiia the kal-om i 0 l a ot the
;:.a;ii i a : o 1 1 1 1 : licg.lll. 'fill- will he
; -. -i.eil :ti a few day-.
loirlavr! I k ( 'o.. of I liirham, wiil
1 a e olie ol the ii.ost l'e 111 ,1 1 ka 1 ile
.11. tl ,lttl ;lCt IM- ot all the e Ii! ill s.
lia-ii i lepa it in en ! is 1 1 -1 r i hand--o';.e!y
lilted Up aild Ihe papermp.
j ' . 1 1 1 1 : 1 1 i r and g'eiiei al decoration
will he elaborate. .V machine
which makes sli.iiou cigaiettcs will
he show n. The design of the front
of the space ol this display is re
markably attractive.
(ireensboro and SurrouiuliiiLr Country.
CiitEEN.s;;i;, N.C., Sep tern- i
Per 1XS4. t
This is a pleasant lil tie pl,n-e.
named after General Nat han h-i
Greene, ot Revolutionary fame P
is located about two Jinih--. ea.-; of
the scene of I he ('aniens battle ol
j Guilford Court, llou-e. the most im
Iportant battle ever fought in the
'State and li e ii.i s" important to
t he A merica n cause! It was near
this place that Pne gallant Poli-h
General Ko-cuisko 1 1 ndei el sign . 1
service in planin g and executing
themasteih ie!:.,;; by v. hich tia
American a.-;n. -Meeiiel m cro.-..-ing
rhe J .:.'i. ..a ; li.sappointrag
Corn w a 11 is in hi- ; n n ' pa : ion of ! it
capture of Green".- io tcs.
Crin ford t o, inly, oi . Inch Gice.;
boio is the capital, was elected
from liowan and Orange, and was
so named in compliment to Lord
North, who was heir to the litle of
I Guilford. This section, with Kan
dolph and Rockingham, was set
' tied iu 1700, (ten vears before Guil
ford was elected) the south and
: west portions by Quakers from
'Pennsylvania and Nantucket, and
the north and east by Prosb teriaus
i and Baptists, and r he influx of im
migration has not materially dis
turbed these ecclesiastical divisions.
The principal and business street
in Greensboro, northeast from (he
railroad depot lias a number of
handsome stores of brick; the dry
goods trade is well represented and
i there are two wholesale houses in
that line. There is great room for
improvement, however, in flu
street. The grade might be im
proved, and in a rocky country like
this it is a matter of surprise to
strangers that it is not paved with
stone or macadamized. The street
west of the court house, though nar
row, Is beautifully shaded, and has
many pretty residences. Gen. A.
M. Scales, the Democratic candi
date for Governor, has a fine resi
dence surrouuded by beautiful
grounds at the southwest end of the
main street. On the opposite side
there is a well conducted commer
cial college. There are several
hotels here. The principal one is
the Ben bow House, kept by Dr.
Benbow.a member of the Society j
of Friends. It is well furnished
aud the Doctor spares no pains to
make his guests comfortable. One
of the special features of the house,
is, that passengers by train going
north or south are conveyed to the
hotel for meals and returned to the
train, all for the, small sum of lilty
Greensboro would have appeared
to better advantage had the site of
the city been southwest of the rail
road. No doubt in the course of
time that portion will be built up a
a large number of neat houses have
already been erected in that sic
The weather is now delightful.
The backbone of summer has been
broken and the recent rains have
benefitted the crops, and especially
has the travelling public appie
ciated the'moisture in allaying the
clouds of dust that have prevailed1
during the drought.
A few miles west of Greensboro
there is an extensive nursery, wheie
I saw thousands of choice varieties
of peach and apple trees, aud the
place is furnished with an ample
supply of water in case of drought.
This whole country needs com
peting lines of railroad to develop
it. It was a grave mistake when
the State paitcd with her interest
in the N. C. Railroad for a long
term of years. The corporation
now controlling considers the inter
est of Virginia more than that of
North Carolina. I was in one of
the local depots a short time ago
aud there saw ready for shipment a
large number of bales of domestics
and plaids, the products of North
Carolina mills, to points throughout
the Western and Souther n States.
Fruit is shipped iu large quantities,
but the prevailing rates of freight
are such as to discriminate against
the East and force the merchants
there to purchase the products of
our own State in a foreign market,
at more reasonable terms than they
can be obtained here.
The consolidation ot the A. .X N.
C. liailroad with the N. C. Railroad
would have been the wisest policy
for the State to pursue, and in order
to have separated the road from
political manipulations leased it to
a North Carolina syndicate, and if
there was not enterprise eo:-gi.
throughout the line of the inn.'; t'
have secured siulieient capital P-i
that purpose, why give it aw.i.
The Lord helps them that help
themselves." and a people that ;n
vites capital must manifest the :
faith in this proverb by t heir wol i-
and appreciating their own
roundings ami resomces with fbe
pluck and energy to go ahead: the
courage to set aside an element that
always comes to tin- I'loiit: with
theories, only to cud in failure, and
they will attract capital.
Greeli-boro has not as man. In
dustrie.- as oti
county, but tia
taut when a -a
t he popul.ii ion
', i i 1 1
pol t ,i 11 1
iiae tie
a i.i
i i .
With tie'
I ollt e 1.
and t he (
line. In
pa-s o Vi
car load -
: i a ,
i.-f i)
I o,:
'I ai U'linir.n
- i ; i 1. nn i
ea :
'.'1 ! a i
i i . i '
n I
'ii " .1 '' " ' ; '' ' '
1 1 Jin.- Wa-ii i,i a i .: i .
lieurtily .'ii'ii.rr it!! ! tii:.- h
is a -in e en i e I .a - . ,
kind. Dis. Iloltnes are ; ;: .- d :.-
t'icinen and -k 1 .led int. , '
their pi les-e m. We 1:1 - I r : l.
dorse tl e'li. ' a.'.' N. ,'.',.
Mr. Blaine is tr ing tu carry iitej--.ii
one shoulder and whiskey on the nth- r,
Onslow County Items-
No marriages as heard of, but Walter
Murrill says he is going to try it next
yer if not sooner.
liud C-.ij.ih says he can't get any of
the yruiHjj; ladies to come to see him if ic
is leap year. Perhaps your horse is too l':j;ih: Arab horses are not fit for
this country at all time:; get a slower
ur farmers -ire busy picking cotton,
:n;.l our politicians are busy election
eel ine. We have had no political speak
ing of int:'i i'f as yet in our county but
Major C. V,'. McClammy, Democratic
elector for third district, who spoke at
Richlands so I heard.
Mis- Nnrey Hurst, daughter of A. J.
Hurst, jr . lets frone to Kinston to attend
i be m-.xi :-es.-inn of that school: ami Miss
lata Harg-.r. daughter of Mrs. (,'.
aiul -i-ter to Mrs. F. J. 1'ulford (if
New Heine, has returned to S'llem to
c ii'.t.nue her studies in that institution.
ir friend from Ward's Mills forgives
tin editor of the Joi-hnai. for x scaring
him al tout Shriner" Vermifuge, aud
won't lode any more papers to keep
people from read ing them. It was only
a mistake, probably like it was when a
certain sweet pie was eaten some time
Considerable tickuess and some deaths
lately. Mr. James Woodward, son of
the late L. (I. Woodward of Richlands,
died at his residence Thursday of ty
phoid fever, ngod about 23 years: and
Mr. William Wilson, aged about "')
years, died at his home on New river a
few days ago. Mr. Wilson leaves a
wife ami several children.
fiig deer hunt Tuesday with us: about
sixteen guns were fired at deer and
only two killed. Mr. Lee Murrill and
father, Edward Murrill, were the lucky
ones. A. Lee. J. Holderfield, H. Smith, I
Ed. Murrill. Frank Melton and George ,
Ward, all good marksmen especially
the latter shot and missed their game. ,
All had excuses, of course some too
far and pome not far enough. i
On Wednesday- the convict camp, as
hss been every day lately, was visited
by the young ladies of this vicinity;
among them were Misses Ida and Laura
Sanderlin. accomplished daughters, of :
D. E. Sanderlin, Esq., and I tell you if ;
I had not been already married I would
have been tempted to steal some of the ;
handsome presents of flowers and "beau
catchers" presented to Capt. Mclver by
these young ladies.
Our schools at present are very scat-1
tering; our free scbools will commence
about the 1st of December iu this coun- i
ty, but we have a few good schools, and
only a few. going on now. At Rich-'
lands Mr. Frank Thompson, jr., has a i
good school, and at Swansboro Miss I and farm lands. Hut if any causes ex
Mattie Pearce is taaching. Miss Mattie list, the Board of Trade, Cotton Ex
is an old tMcher and a good one. Mr. j change, and all other butffciaes organi
Lon. Ilewett is teaching at Piney Green, ! zatious, and every individual who feels
and Mr. C. B. Frazelle has a good school i an interest in the progress and develop
in Stump Sound, which is about all we ment of our city and section, should
know of now
Ed. Franks and Cad Koonce keep on ,
bragging on their crops, but Jack Mur-1
rill can beat them fifty per cent on cot- j
ton and I expect on anything else but I
bragging. Cad is a good hand at almost
anything, especially watermelons. The
other dav Lewis Harget sent a large j
melon r.s a present to a certain man,
and Cad made a substitute in the shape
of a very small one. carried it all right 1
so he said, but the man found it out and
so did Harget, and now when Cad car- ;
l ies a present for any one he carries it
in his own name.
Fish at Swansboro are getting in their '
prime. The big seines are - all doing I
something in their line. Browns Inlet, j
Kogue Inlet, Cedar Voint, Haw kins'. ,
.Shelly Point and Mount Pleasant fisher-;
ies are all iu full blast, and you can get :
a mess of line mullets at either place at
any time from now until the 1st of No-
vember. The first named fishery is near!
Mr. Ii. G. Ward's, the watermel-
on who gave Capt. Hancock j
2;c. freight on a load of mel-1
ous and sold them for a cent apiece, ;
-nme time ago, was as mad as a March :
hare, and says, '"Pod bugget, don't
talk to me about melons any more."
Cleveland's l'rospccls.
Wilmington .slur.
The change that has taken place iu
rke prospects of Gov. Cleveland since
he ioi h of Aiinist is verv srreat. almost '
phenomenal. If the election had come
on then it is known to our friends that
we had the gravest fears that Cleveland
won! 1 be defeated. But the outlook is
very different now. It is positively
bright and growing brighter (-very day.
We sincerely believe that unless there
is a reaction before November unfavor
able to the Democracy that Cleveland
and Hendricks will be elected. New
'fork is all now. The 6''tr. Tam
many's organ, is out for the ticket since
Tammany wheeled into line. The out
look in the West is full of encourage
ment, and Indiana is safe we think. In
New Jersey and Connecticut wt- have a
u-ool showing.
i':ela .-ti.':':i ram s, lie! K.-;.
The lir.-t broad and manly confession
of the lcvolutionarv tendencies of the
contest that comes from a parly organ,
may be found in a leading editorial
fr.-m the Chicago Ili-r.O:-cnt copied in
today ".-paper. The Iuti r-(irt,i,i is one
of th" ablest and most earnest Republi
can organ-t ol the West, and it is hnally
force.,! to blurt out the truth, in the face
of an incompetent and im fricient Na
tional Committee and of the regulation
s pi
Tui-'-s of dependent organs,
if proclaiming Illinois as safe
publicans and painting the
I the campaign in glowing
for the
P l-ogr,
I'liiim t
i '
i till
'xi :
-)-'uiii is loreed lo pro
ami summon ihe party
ir.e measures tu halt the
is gravely threatening
a - -s m ( ilno. Illinois.
:. -;:i. and even Iowa
l: '
M 1: -a',
ami K.ia-
r " '
t ii:
'i a i
tt thi
the :
the I;
r'y organs
.tigii would
ii-.-ues and
cay ii
- -l.t-
.a-:-. b;ai;
.-iitarv : I i
lied the strirtly
-t Muarter of a
.o w s.
. that
n.l t!
e. lu a n
i i v
1 O
old i-.-ues h:
at new i-.-u
It to tia
'IU .
t'll'i ill
a i 1 1 a .
ill 11 ie
,';",( i ii il i
.-th. r-
.1 t
.ng Hi.
oik I
s ,'.'
,1,; ','.
''' ''
r . - - :
o oi
dealer i
It- e
of th
i ..... i
the ( itinpai'.
ruroliach ha
'.0 pound- ..I
, t.. 1,,- order.
oap ever sent P
Carol ina. At it
The following is an abstract of the
taxablea listed in Craven county for the
year 1884:
Acres of land. 314,911 S 577,912
Town lots 1,048,048
Horses. 1.063 61,143
Mules, 528 31,385
Jacks, 1 10
Jennies, 2 151
Goats, 440 743
Cattle. 5.753 34,553
Hog. 9.542 11,196
Sheep. 2.032 2,234
Farming utensils 108.786
Money on hand 47,785
Solvent credits 149,819
Stock in incorporated comp'ys 15.985
Other personal property 249,809
Total . .
Net income $15,498
Bank stock 30 915
White polls 984
Colored polls 1,084
Compared with last year we find a
shrinkage in values to the amount of
140,430. The shrinkage does not ap
pear to be ou any particular class of
taxabk s, but seems to be genaral. The
number of acres of land listed is 9,816
more than last year, yet the total valua
tion is $41,300 less; the valuation of
town lots is 818,050 less than last year;
the number of horses is three more thnn
last year, yet the valuation is $9,405
less: there are seven 'less mules listed,
but the value has decreased $3,588;
goats have more than doubled in both
number and valuation, being, it ap
pears, about the only profitable thing in
the county during the last year; cattle
have fallen off both in number and val
uation; hogs have decreased about one-
fourth, which is attributable to thechol
era: sheep have also decreased in num
ber. the dogs must be held responsible
lor this; there is a falling off in the val
uation of farming utensils of $5,138,
caused, no doubt, by the short crop lost
year; there is $8,023 less money report
ed on hand than last year, and $6,850
less solvent credits; under the bead of
all other personal property there ie a
railing on of i!l,te24, and ot Btock in in
corporated companies $13,577.
The shrinkage in farming utensils and
personal property is undoubtedly caused
by the short crop of last year. Many
I farmers were compelled to ran the old
I plow one year longer, and the old furni-
ture about the house and kitchen had to
be dusted off and made to answer until
times softened under the pressure of a
heavy crop and good prices.
But really we can Bee no cause for
depreciation in the value of town lot
come together, holding their interest in
common, and investigate tbe cause of
such depreciation and inquire what is
necessary to give the city an upward
These figures furnish food for reflec
tion to the business men of New Berne.
, We desire to call special attention to one
item, and that is the amount of bank
i btock listed. Is it possible that the city
of New Berne owns less than one-third
of its banking capital? True, if we
; haven't got the capital we are fortunate
i if some one else will put his money here,
j But where is the $50,000, money on
1 hand that is usually listed?
I There is one other thing we wish to
call attention to. It has been referred
to several times by the Journal since
we located in New Berne, and we in
tend to continually refer to it until
there is an alteration sortie way or
other. The number of white polls listed
in 1883 was 1.029, in 1884, 918, a falling
off of 45. The colored polls listed in
1883 was 1,078, in 1884, 1,084, a gain of
6. While there is a slight improvement
in the list of colored polls, still the list
is small when compared with the voting
population of that race. They list only
one hundred more polls than the whites
while they poll nearly double the votes.
This simply proves that a large number
of the colored people do not care enough
about taxes to even list, notwithstand
ing a lailure lo list is maae a misae-
meanor by law. This poll tax is applied
to the support of the poor and for edu
cational "purposes, and every able bodied
man within the prescribed age should
be made to pay it, or the poll tax fhould
be abolished. It is a matter that the
next Legislature should seriously con
sider. Provide more effectual means
for compelling persons to list their poll
tax and for collecting the same, or
abolish it entirely.
Democratic Meeting at Yanceboro.
According to previous notice, the
Democratic voters of township No. 1
assembled at Vanceboro on Saturday,
the 13th inst., for the purpose of ap
pointing delegates and to transact other
important business.
The meeting was organized by elect
ing (i. F. Lancaster chairman and G. J.
Dudley secretary.
On motion. Clement Manly, Esq.. of
New Berne, explained tbe object of the
The eonvention then proceeded to
elect four delegates to represent the
township in the ensuing county conven
tion. The following delegates were
elected, viz: J. J. Spier, A. H. Wil
liams. J. B. Gardner, and Aug. McAfity.
On motion, a committee of three was
appointed to draw up suitable resolu
tions inviting Senator Vance to speak
here during the present campaign.
H.uvev McLowhorn. W. A. Ewell and
J. Dudley composed said committee. 1
During the absence of the committee j
tla- meeting was very pleasantly enter-:
taint- 1 by -tirrmg speeches from Messrs. j
Frank Hancock and lieu. Ash, of New j
Berne. i
Mr. Charles Sutton, of the Greenback
I . l- I I...
pel s
illusion. asKi'U II1HI ai. aoiin .i.
j.ieksoii. their candidal!
for sberilf. be
allowed to speak.
Mr. Jackson came
a brief talk . ad vo
doe trine.
The c mi 111 i ttee '
which was granted,
forward and gave us
ailing ihe Ireenback ,
.ii rt-soluti Jis 1 1 pi irtetl
the f '1 lowing :
la-solved. That we. ihe Democrats of
Yanceboro assembled in ceaTeution. do
i epe,'t I ul I v ri"uest Senator Zeb Vance'
t.. -peak here the place lamel for him i
a r-uel, time as he ean make it conven
ient du ring the present campaign. We
tiank he would have a large crowd from
th" a I Joinai e- amt ie.
Sp. i c!.e lii'ina m it-muitil. 'lenient
M.oih . one of ( raven's favorites and
Pi',, nli-' 1 sons wa- called for. and he re--.oi.d.-rl
nobly. It being late in the
dav. his time was limited, so that he
e. .u 1.1 le t 'I iscuss any one of the great
of the day at length . but he cer
.ii i sketch them welland met the
iiilviiuced by the ( ireenback er so
!e that thev almost come to the
-ion that they would riitlier be
ie g. .ad old Democratic party and
ioe the great victory that await
November next. A ftel' the i lose
M n lv's sp'-ech a i levehmd and
i bib u a- orgai.i.'.ed wiih a hu ge
,p -1
: i i
. ' lie'
ail a n
a i; i .
I'-h He
1 . I.
D I.
lto.l'e writes, a poi m III the
,si a on " Hut ler and K.-'oi in. "
New ol k
Mr. I'' "Igt
Mr. hutlei
"Ah. isi
ill 11
vit he able to relm in
t I.
d an ad
passed, w retell.
mil ' r. as the
"No .loubt.
h. r 1 iilher l
loctor's daughter
replied a mean
a ipiaek.
only ineiiiber of ill" ( 'abinet who
d haul is dead. This will douut-
less prove a
warniug to other Cabinet
members who may
doing some work.
bav thought about
rox thi usi or
DO. To BUM th4 W-
, U ftntty, i to 4 t'HU ;
7 th.
. proper dott in task cate.
for ConaUpailoo, or Cottlrewan, to
remedy U bo effeetlv m im'l Pn.i .
The; insure regular .dally action, ol o
tore the bowel to boeltliy conduio.
For IndlffetioHtr Dyipopria, ivo -Pills
are liiraluaWeanil a mro euro.
Heart-burn, Im of Appetite, ra
Stomach, Flatnlanejr, Dlulna, Iie
ache, Mnmbaeu, Hausea, are all roiiuv .1
and eared by ATX' Tills.
Id Llrer Complaint, Billon DUorir,
aud Jaundice, Ateb's Pilm sbouM )
Siren la doea large enongU to excite i -liver
and bowels, and remove conr;
Al a pleattlng; medlaine in Us Spring, .
Film rj Unequalled. '
' trorme, ceased by 4 morbid enmi ti .1
the'We'elti are 'expelled by tkene rim
Ernptlons,' Skin .Diseases, ami I
tile resuUoJ Xndigwtlontor Count 'pm 1
eared by tbe rue of A yes's Piu-s.
Tor Cold, ek AYES' Pili.s r .
the rre, reniove Inflammatory .
nd allay the fever. ' , .; j" -
Fa Diarrhoea ana1 Dysentery, c;ui. ' ' -sadden
eolds, Indigestible food, etc, in
Pills are tbe true remedy.
Rbenmettnn, ' Goat, Nenraleln, n 1
Sciatica, often result frern digestive tl-- 1 ,
merit, or eolds, and disappear on rtme
tbe cans by tbe use of Area' ru i n.
Tnaaore, Dropsy, Sidney Com pit. I ..1 ,
and oiber disorder eansod by debilay r
obftrnation, are cored by A vri's Pru .
SappreesloSH .and Falrfnt Slrum na
tion, bare 'asi And ready rem'; In
- ' 'b jic : fMv Ml'. ... f
Foil' dlreetloas, In varlotu language, to
eompany eaoji package. . ' . ; .
Dr. J. C.' Ayer & Co.; Lowe ! 1,1'.::-.
: SoUbysJlDrnixUts.
Professional Cards.
AT T O It N Y - A T - t. A ,
travttfrsael In T.KeS Vsnntle. nrnimlln V , .
Craven, Jones and Onslow.
joiieoifon vi ijiaima a specially,
Oorraaipuo(leno aollclta. , n.arfwti
-t-ttiQrney'a t-TLt a w
Jeweei Conntjr. HI.
"Will practice to the Courts f Carteret, Junt a
unsiow ana unnt - -
Kpeclal attention siren to the oollpr-tlun i r
claims, and settling .estate ot d(x-i-ni-l 1 -sons.
. -, , v - itturlnii
Attends all the conrta held at New IVu.i.
North Carolina, o .
Particular attention: vatd ' to colli i
claims, anl conveyancing.
umvea Hiates uommiesioner. ,
BepkUtbeUWi. .. i v
L. J. Hoobbv , -. '.' .Vi'U. E. Cum. it.
New Berne, N. CL
Will. practise In the Couru of Oartort-t. Co.
ven, Greene. Hyde. Jones. Lnulr. Unmow
and Pamlioooouutles. .
Also In the Sunreiue Oonrt at KnloU-h m l
the United BUtes Couru at New heme ,n,l
ttaieiun. - t - - .
mr oonecting a speolalty, . ' .. apftdtrif
eitnitai v. BTROiro, ,-JP SAjrncL K. fmkiiy.
, Balelgb, N. C. Klnston, N. C
KiNarow, i. c.
Ravine v formed a eonartnenhln tnr ihe
practice of tbe law in Jones oonnty, will ri
larly attend theomirU of the sauic, i'r- n. 1 1
attention paid to oolloctlons,
mayialAwtf; ... . , r fcH'ttoNQ A FERUT.
., .. , ' '' ' -
PHIL. HOIXA1ID, 3. r. .. OWIIT B. tlCKiH
Attorneys ' . at ajiav,
OtHne on Craven St., two 4oors above Pellock
Will practice In the "Counties of (Yuvmi
Jones, Onslow, Carteret, Pamlico an4 Lenoir
iTompt attention paltl to oollecuona. -
apr-owiy. , .
- , . '.iii .i n- ,
r. M. 8IMMO.t8, . ..'''ManKrr MAHI.T.
. . y
Will practice In the Courts of Craven, Jrmer,
OnBlow, Carteret, Parolleo, Lienolr anil liyue,
and in the Federal Court at fiew Beroa.
febOdAwl , ... ..
DR. J. D. CLARK, v
SEWBEas, . c.
Office on Craven street, '-between Pollock .
and llroad. a- . a'prl7UlWl7
Surgeon Dentlnt
NEWBEUN, N.'a,"r:
t iitiee on Middle street, orer Miss Ket Oar i
in wav Millinery Htore, opposite Baptist ,.
I'lllirell. , ,--,V ' . -
Ten Yenr Practiced Exparienee, .''a'
sep'Hdawly . "
-V K
Agent and Bottler ;,'
v '";' ii
..-' . t
New Dcrnc, N. C
I'l.i- b. ei took preiniuniH at the CeB
'o v
i - i i n ml l.xhihuioii at Philadelphia and ,' '.,.
the Paris Kxposition, Keepe better tha Va.
;ui ..ther in warm climates, aud it th'".
I i , in. biui.l wherever known. ' '
I oi in kegs or crntoe. d ...-.' '.
Notice, Common, To AIL :
V'lO' N Iterel.y l veil tt) Hi) tllOSS thftt Wl. .'' .
I o .i i. Hi.- luxi Hie on Middle street and
la., ,M:tiit.. it ii. Hint i fn I ly ay mpatbl -w.i
n : lien, una niMi i ( ii i.i better luck ntxt
I I in i- In Hi.' i line i In v will be rnronslruot , ij "
1 1 1 1"
i.i. t .-..ii iin.i u'iii.i riK.r. Tsisaeve) for :
( It, tiiK tti- timoltlii't.i latitreisee. ICAe. .
Als... i Hd Wtirr, Olnsjer Ale.' 1
tit Hui lii very fine Mineral Wtr ,
iilwity in g .,..1 tstlltlll ltn todljHk. AlUtoieh
I t he lee II'ium- wui badly tlanutptlb) Are the
Ice didn't Uiirn up. - . . ,
I All know Kliere to And me. '
I y U PALMr'B.
- f J- t ' r
-5 r " f
'""- v-yj-..;.. : v

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