North Carolina Newspapers

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K. 0, SOT. t W84.
tbUa witl thi& bat 1t U to iliow I for the Democrat. With quiet,.,
then how lacttfy tby hv wapHl. ! earnest work. good. Roaml matter of
Theso Georgia farmers tloubtlena ' fact speheM, aach as that inflilc by
had good time for while; we cad Gov. JiBVia at Kington a few
tXMiglM how the frailri were j week ago, the.v are sure to win in
dtw to cbartb in new carriages t North Carolina, ami it i )i. n ..rt-
ExrosmoN xoYes.
Law for Farmers Hiring Farm Help.
Hieing Minors. A grefitmany
farm bands are minors, under the
age ot twetiry-oiu-. such person
T u V Ticrunw "Political AUioe
v ; th.kt for Pr'eAWeat
:i I VVilVwUrtt, Otpt. W. L.
: ktu . cf renaajt-muU, is com.
.;. ciuli l :t 6r. rridnc and i Tbr i- -f":ti2S..-4
II. ViTWUlS, ot New every Uhj..: c i.
wfk, f r Vw-PrtsWnt. Th At- firmer,,
withflae borssxs o." to we
eoliejs and he girU taught to
pisvr tbe piano; elm forget t dj; t lie
philo-'j'hT' .(ini' "i' a '" l."
oi now tin day "f fr n i u ; lu
have from
Wisrou si n . M u li
hp true t lo-re n ..
Ol' ('I l. KI. xMi's
ttn anil ( '
i li e: inn.
K, UlllO,
our en Me
. r 1 1
he lr
. law
la. "Jfot&laj" order, bat
.- "m lliinjj th rnenitxrrs of
, ; i-ry C i know, their eafldxlate
'. c t b. t .'ectcd Uiijtw. .
.c, mm lrtTl aotnetUiog on ' ytr, doctor, li.r.ik otH.-vr, editor or
ajjythiag el.e, jtlioold ! nudi iv,
and thi-1 i, fire iri.'ii yo ok.ikj.
As oou a a niii lfif:n to snil
fnor ibaa Iih im.oiue lit will ivoti
DO rubbing imxih , .mil jpin
prtatiug tint whielj diw.-t not ll.mj:
to him. Hut to the ;ico"iint ul the
Booej leuder:
ATLANTA, . AiU'us; Jt. -Tin-Uaitetl
States Court' .;rc tw-jjiuutnp
to Lake a new cLias ofamct, uamcly,
sails of big mony leading oompa
Biea OjpuiuC farmers ho have tvor
rowed njvoy oo longtime. A' thf
last terni there were several ol th'.
eaae fiearti .tun jaajcmt'Dii ran
dered for tlie .imouuti tjaiuied.
bibr 'In' i m i r .. ri
not f t i : tic k' : r.i:
K.ilfib, .ii.ii ; ii. ir
. StAt c w here c vri
hl.s xht!(il and
1 1 liout .i ii i :. ; . ii
Itut in
t.u I he
! i i - 1 1 " t n 1 1
ulrr.iiH N t
1 It ; l r i .i : . .i:
i th ( '.iroltn.i I
i ii ,i n ran fii i 1 N
pious .i;.ni:iMi
.i k i" i . 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 r . i , 1 1 .
God Work and Qnlrfc Work Now
Belnc Done.
Krom News and Ob(ir it
Kvery day ;i reporter ol th iSVtr
(iMi Oberver visits the grounds, and
every day finds something new to
.seo and fresh evidences of progress.
lit irnm Nearly all visitors, and there are
labilitv niany each day, enter at the eastern
door. The broad halls stretch away
in front and left and right, and the
building seems immense, but it is
oiilv niter one has made the errand1 i'.i .
... , ... . , , ; nou int
Harvest, without legal iv.iim, or
simply bceaiise he can '-it mole
The Flower Mission.
AmoDg the many noble charities
of the city of New York, the
'Flower Mission" is one of the
cannot make a contract, which will j most pleasing. Its object is to dis
be biudiug u;i n them, except for : tribute among the sick, in hospi
necessaiies. l',craiie ot tln'ir in- tals and in tenements, flowers,
experience in '!u- .sharp cuiiilics ol fruits, dainty articles of food, peri
business, the law rclixts f l.i in iniai odicals, newspapers, Christmas
the obligation of keeiiinir theii laesents for children, and other
I., ft-r lt Dr. hi L
T . : r. Tfos msc .aad Boform
, .f New Jer7 held State
:.::a at XsbarT r&rt oo
' list for' Ck parpove.o
i or crtcdmslfleiyier or
, t.r ?'.( rxUting yatkrasi co
! i r . iarti:. A rwolotioo
- .! red d-rclrin j It tttpropr
..'.'! tn lo cKOiw'oa of XAtioasJ
s, but d(Iriox "tkX. woold
' C.e coorM do their doty
:.rtuo whea the iasoee are
'. at tie ballot box. "A resold
i a adopted recoaiaxadiof
r.Tort be made throoh the
i-i's Chriatiaa Teaperaaee
. t : r a State (had to opes
" la every - araUabie
- ecUTlj ta Tacated aaloooa.
gaaine . temperaace. , Mea
. - rued to ttroof driat eaaaot
t rek short eff wtthoat ome-
: a a sabetitoie.. Mea who
- .,-utocaed to- --ireea' J
U a cid thfo g to taper off
. -.-;SAL ClU&MCXZft W FOL-
. "ICS.
JCUV U. SXSX.TC, !o the
t J. t tV-v hM a well "written
t i rtse II oral Character is
Mr. EiEtTX, If we BU
. i ou of the twoMlepab-
r , :r. vrs ot Coo sreaa who had
li IS7Q to rote against
;. r:A commbeioo bosioesa
-.: siast stealing- the
t Tildes. Ifb Irthe
.:t - we sow. hare tn
. . tLothia a proper
- cn thia mbject.
'v tie j-Toand that there
': lot two pohtkal par
:-, aa 1 there U bow ao
:e;i the Detnocratie
iVr.cja rtlea, tW. plal
v rM bt;h.skleadrw.
: i.-;..ticcU fxotn WhAtthe
!i n' twea and not from
y a . ' ', '.
: t d 5, r withhiuioa thie
r Is a real laaae be
. t o " pjrtit? npoo the
:tir. Tie IpabJiaias
'.--.J for prctctioa. the
t xr. T for rerenne. To
Irj'aaJ that aoj
v n pr.ct.s bat the
: L: which said tariff
tr-a: deal to do with
. a r-. i ! eiTect wponthe
I i ; ! e for proteo
; i !o fixed so as to shut
i evra;ietJUoa, with
. m, ail will brio; bat
f i; l for revenae
"' I sou to bring io a
r- o .: :e to pay the ex
f tcr.i:r.en aod to thw
: '.I ;? 1. j uidastry will be
I: U L-ne that there are
-crais who hold to the
'i i.Icj oo thai qaeatioa
' a: any BpQbZkaae
1 i tie Democratic Idea;
"- a d.t;"ac6 party base
' -v cf e:h party wiQ
. . :. oa the piriform
! c u : I j their cooreatiooa. -
we d cot agree with Mr.
' thai the es.'jr atrogjrie b
t; lo partte now ia to
-i.oa or th patronage
(OTt-f of the gorervBoeot,
; ciiia it U. true,. And
'. I tuere not be a strangle
f I-e pArty ia power wtO
. s'r-;z!e to keep, in; the
: i'.i strode to pet in. It
.: tha: the people abooJd
; u the party la power baa
corrnpt estrarafaat, and
la execotiog the laws, or
..t u;.i:e bal laws." it shoo Id
- ! out and anetber pot in.
. n.L'Mtae eooagh. Let the
. mqiire why it is that the
. t:.-a adffltntitrstloa cootio-
: j ; .'o cp niHioaa of mooey in
: i.'iry that the goreraueat
r.. t need. Let thea inquire
: t;.a land grants, eUr roete
. N aai ether Jobbery that baa
i r erpetrated epoa the people
f rt ' ; Xij.: tweaty year and see it
a .z-o woald not .be beneficial.
I. : them iareie the character
H-.i caaJidAt offered by the two
j zd jadeof their fltneiw.
Kl.VM ' N. Sept. -
UK. T i:r. V
1y I"nr TITf I . i . 1 Iii't tfll oa
in ni last put the lm - tn
tan;liii: ami himiI pii'lmg. Von
itre it i nil" a U u t in 1 1 1 1 -. a . The
boys vrere all suinnii'lied tn i nn.r in
atld hnld a ii 'li en t lull tn iniinin tte
eantlulates tnr the ihrteieht coiint
oftiees and haw a grand old love When the da arnved thes
were all on li and earl v ami prom pt I .
aouie coming m tlie dav before and
tour ol the .Ati eet around the
building that its sie is realized.
I'vrn visitor lioin a distance says
the building is iar largei and its
stle better than he thought before
he saw it.
Inside now t lungs are in a tangle.
1 here l et order in a ! I t h ; s r liaot ic
'i fusion. Kach set i it people woi ks
. -t l on a section lor .so:;., county
r iiiv.ite exhibits, regardless of
i i i body else.
I i i ii t, green pa 1 n
i n", are be gi 'i r '
ti rior ga .
I he Nort h l 'ai
cannot receive !
lis i ii k . so well
i on c. in con nect i
ic's. Gun. Hoke. the i
pi es'.deii t ot t he com pa ny . ha
ii. m !i personal attention
ngrtem. n.sit the.v wish to avoid
them ( 'mi.-eqncntly if the tanner
hires a ban 1, under twenty-one, to
work one year, or an v definite time.
hand leaves just before
things calculated to minister to
minds diseased, and cheer tlio des
olation of a prolonged illness.
There are similar societies in
Boston, Philadelphia, London,
Paris, arid, indeed, iu most of the
chief cities of Christendom. The
wages elsewhei c, the farmer cannot ; purpose of all is to brighten and
keep .my ot his back pay. or iii any ; cheer the lives of those who are
win get damages for the minor's doomed to suffering. Other organ
breach ot c -ntract. Tinier such ' izations provide the necessaries of
ciit i::ast;u ces the ininoi' will be en-: life: these endeavor to do some
thing more, and assist the icstora-
'I to
t ill
Ked paint, blue
11 tl
I l .i . ' o;
!..!, , ..,
1 I I 1 SO Ml
f i wi t h t he
si- for
i the
ike 1-
t mell IJ
tie ot t he
con 1 1 r rv.
oil;. One ot the
the State. Gen. H
finest business men in tin
Whatever he does he doe.
that be sure. Mr. W. K.
wlio has direct charge of the u .
has shown remarkable etieigy .
Much is due to
many ol tuem oetore ilay on the
nooeoftbem have defenses 1 morning of the convention. When
been made. The prospect is thai 1 the hour arrived Buttermilk Collins,
this term of Court will see a still j who is always lovely and serene,
greater nnnlwr of thee saits. but arose iu all of his majesty and
the nnaiber will be hunted for u . called the convwutiou to order,
hort tim to eome. a manv debts when it was foond the Ihi s were all
hare not begun to fall due and will 1 brimfull of patriotism, bad whisky, promptness
r. T., (ha I tfn'i:i! ri i7h tji sm . free loveism r-.uli- etlmt.s.
im jv t w v vi mi t-t- j v . s. r ? - ,
tost few days several new snita have , calism, devibsm, Mormouism and
been nlei in the Uuited States i the mowt ol the colored hands de
Court. The Freehold Ind and I mauding the right to marry white
Mortgage Company of London sues j wives if they wanted to do so. It
Walter A. Baaely, jr., of Greene was also found very soon that the
coootr. for 12.700. This indebted I large hall was tilled with demon
neM was created in Jane, 1832, t j spirits floating arouud on pinions into t he gi ounds and in front ofthe
whieh time the defendant borrowed j of fire and brimstone, rilling all t he main Im. Mn g d:ides. one branch
fllfiOO and gave his notee for tlie I hideous air with the pertumes of running right through i;. the other
principal and intereet. This money bad whisky and enss words, curving anumd by the m u liinery
wsa payable at tbe Corbia Bank ofThings, however went quite io'.ely shed and the Ixiilers. S-. there are
yew York, and by the terms of the I for sometime, wheu Liig Bundle, special fat ilities tor moving hoavy
agreement tbe oote were to be de- j letter kuown as the (Jonstiiutioual artices.
clared due at the pleasure of the i Law maker oi tbe 'eok, arose in all Yesterday two cars came in loaded
bolder iu case the interest was not I bis grandeur and for thirty minutes jt h the Forsyth county exhibit. A
paid within thirty days after it was ; louryti out sucn sluices ot eioipience repirter took a look at this and
hired at '
throw in ' t :
recovei :!.
ser lee.s .
'1 here '
v. ill; it's' .
dlell. Mr
li m 'egoi ii :
obligation :
their chi i ; ,
services .i
years old: ,:
out. they a:
until that
the t . 1 1 i r i ;
t wen' oi. .
he pa s s ; he
W h' illl thc
. ; nn ill ti ' line him at the
!. nr. :f he thinks he
' iow a rate, lie can
e coni ract entirely, atid
,i hi.s employ er what his
actually worth.
a ao' 'k r con -I' lei a 1 ion
' 'n i he hi; ing of eliil
' m. i i n ' I ha 1 1 ' he
Patents, being iiiider
o supioi t and cue for
n . a I e entitled to t lie; r
; 1 t hey a re t wen t one
: , 'I the cii Id i en work
e cut itled to t hen w ages
time. When thelefore
School Exhibition and Picnic.
Editor Jotjknal: We were
highly pleased to bo present at an
exhibition of the closing exercises
of a public school last Friday, th
Sejitembcr, at Deep Spring Chinch,
Jones county. The asM-mbh nut
about '.) o'clock, hail a liioion . ii ex
amination on the ai ii. -lis s' .idies
taught in eomii'i.u xhco!. The
children did adtnii a bly : Ironialiap
pearaiices they lme ieeti tr luu. t !
prepare for I'utare iim-fulness, anil,
may success crown their ; doi ts. At i
11 o'clock they gave an interesting!
entertainment of declamations and
compositions, which was an le.n r
to each one of them; I he exeicise:
continued until .12 o'clock. Then j
the ladies of the vicinity brought i
forward their well rilled baskets,
which was bountifully spread in the
church yard on a table which '
Hon of the body by exhilarating the I groaned beneath the- ponderou
heart and giving pleasant thoughts
to the mind.
At this flowery season of the
year the rooms ot the society iu
New York are open two mornings
in each week for the reception of
bouquets and baskets of nowers,
weight of the. good things of life.;
The invitation was then announced
to all to come and partake of the '
nourishments set before them.j
After the fragments were gathered
up, the whole crowd, with a few ex
ceptions, marched to Wilcox bridge,
om-nratlon Audited Abd Al
Iom ri) to the County Cooimla
J sioners of Craven County, " V. "
! state of North Carolina, ' ''' .-x '
i CVto'cn County. )i;''"
I. Jdsf.i'ii Nelson, Clerk of thefiaard
( f 'oinniimiionerg of Craveo county, do
ili.-i.l.v ceitify that the following, is a
1 1 i. i ai nii ni of iheamountsnd naturs '
rnniiiciiK.iiion audited by the Board '
of ( 'oniriiiHKioners of Crmren county to
tlie members thereof eeverslly, thenum- .
and the distance traveled attending the
meetings of the Board during tb period
commencing September.. 1st, 1888, end -ending
August 8l6t. 1884, as per records
of this office, to-wit: ,
James A. Bryan, chairman Board of .i
Commiimuniert. jy? .'
Twenty-fiye days attendance at ' v,
meetings of Board at 82 per day- f 50 00
Two days examining Treasurer Y . :
accounts at S3 per day 4 00 j
Attention to Poor House, signing , '
vouchers, etc 63 00
Absolutely Pure.
Tills powiler never vanes. A marvel o
purity, strength, mid wholesomeiiess. More
eeonoinioal 1 lian the ordinary klndB, and can-
nut lie sold in compel itlon wltli the mnltltude
which are at once conveyed to the ! about half a mile distant, and spent ,wrS
nospuais ruin distributed ny the i the remainder ot the pleasant alter- powdkikm
adies who visit the sick at their
hoines. Last year, two hundred
thousand boquets were thus given
noon in music and dancing and
boat-rowing lor those who did not
participate in the dance.
KHi Wall-st.. N. Y. novls-lydw
Executor's Sale.
I will ti-U for cash.
door m Winston, N. I '.
it the Court- House
on the TWENTY
hires a liainl under
Yesterday parts of the big Cor
liss engine, the luo horse-power one,
were t. .ken Irom the North Carolina
dejM't to the grounds. The wheels
of this engine are the larges' yet
seen here. The railway track runs
doe. ' The notes have interest cou
pona attached, like tbe coupons ou
bonds. It seems that in tbte par
tjcalar tbe f iOO of Interest became
doe .November 15, 1833, and was
aot paid. Tbe debt to the company
m secured bv a mortsrare ou 320
acreaof land in Greene county. As ! Eagle perched upon a liberty pole
the company ia a foreign corpora extending into tbe aerial regions of
tioo it has the nrivilece of bringing 1 more than 17,000 yards with the
tbe suit ia the Coited 8tates Court, tip of one wing resting on the east
which it baa done. The aoove suits 1 eru shore ol Maine, the other u;kui
make the hefinnioir of au era ot ! tue western contines of California,
iu uiuoo mcuij wiiwin i-iii""- marveled exceedingly at the grams
thenes and the immortal Clay to iUlj grasses. Forsvth will push all
rattle iu tlieir grares. The force of t;ie Cnunties close o'n this particular
his eloquence was terntic and m j0i, 0f the display. It is re
great it produced an earthquake ported that Chatham 'will make a
which was felt for several miles strong effort to take the lead in this
around, lie pictured the American respect. Chatham is very active
about her exhibit. The ladies there
natokl misery for the people of the
State. About three jears ago these
oonpaoies set op business in Geor
ri, . advertising noat extravagant
todocemcata to make farmers bor
row mooey. Thus on $3,000 worth
of property perbaM f 1,000 could b
borrowed, hrom tnis f l,uoo would
be lied acted 1200 by the agents for
eomai lesion, etc-, aod npou the
his beak seized upon the frozen
leks of the sterile mikI bleak
Alaska, and his tail wagging over
both the Atlantic and Pucitic and
wafting gentle xephyrs into the
faces of Sumatra and lliudoostau,
saying "peace aud good will on
earth to all men, especially to the
hands now here assembled.''
lieu Whittleld savs when they
are at work.
Mrs. .lackson, i i I'irtsboro. who
always exhibits mk Ii curious and
.leasing articles ;it ; he Ian-, will
have at the exposition a map (if
Chatham ct.uuty, made up I i
and eirth and chalk. The skill
shown in these is remaikable. and
the effect is very pleasing.
A plaster of pans or chalk view
ofthe State, in relief, would he a
cuiiosity and of real value. It would
show every elevation and depres
sion, on a scale, every stream, etc.
It would be in fact a bird's-e e view
ol the S;a'(. The department ot
agl iciiltuie shoidd li.'e one made,
to lie exhibited iu the geological
he a long and lonely sickness can form
ma have to pay them twice. I'n- the least idea of the solace which a
less the child has been enianci-, single fresh and fragrant liower
pated, tint is, has had his "tiiuw" ma3- sometimes convey ti a worn
given him. payment to him wiil not 1 and weary convalescent: still less
genet., !! j u-vent the parent from can we realize what a broken ' toy
collecting payment again. If the or two may be to a child confined
child talsely represents himself to to bed or to one room; particularly,
be of age, or emancipated, such if the toy is one which admits of
fraud will not prevent ihe parent i movement and change,
from collecting his wages, or the! We have known a poor little girl
value ot h:s -ci vil es. ! to pass several hours of each day
A child may become emancipated ! for months in playing with a toy
by agrccim n; betw een h i mself and : bureau of dolls' clothes, a bag of
parent, b the parent's casting him pieces, and two or thiee awful look
off to shut lor himseP, by i he ing dolls, the whole not worth
parent's ab-o-oi-ng to p uis nn- thirty cents. Every morning,
known, o: by , .e .m nt'.s becoming ' about ten o'clock, after the doctor
so poor as to be unabic to care for had been his rounds, and her
the child. Ii all of these cases the ; bandages had been adjusted for the
child becomes entitled to his wages, day, she would call for her bureau
may sin- !.,r them it necessary, and 1 and its accompanying treasures,
re.oi ; i he .'mount due him at t he . aud at once lose all sense of an un-
rate he i i. oi may throw up his happy lot in playing once more her
contract and i ecos or the act ual : inexhaustible drama.
value of Ins sei viccs. Their is a j The flowers and toys do good in
giowiug tendency among American I another way. Poverty and pain
C'Uiitsio favor children w ho are are not promoters oi good temper
dune to earn an honest and charity. Those who are
living for themselves. This ! afflicted often find it hard to under-
teudency is in keeping with the j stand how tlie "world," or "society,"
spirit of our tree institutions, and
I he child w ill generally be given
the right to his wages whenever
there is any show ol authority for ! this society lrequeutly assuages
n. The Courts of some of the ! feelings of that nature. One aged
S'ates have gone so far as to hold : sufferer said the other day as a
that whi le the parent permits his , beautiful bouquet of flowers was
i hild to g.. and hiie out bv himself. - placed near her bed,
ml to leceive Ins wages without! "Why, 1 didn't know any rich
objection, i has the parent then loses ' people cared enough for me to send
h:s l ights in ; i,e i u i-m isi-s. and pay- i me flowers. I would rather have
a i nt to the child discharges the - them than all your medicines."
ii. bt. Hie st .it iitos of some ofthe! Another incident of a similar na
v the society, besides fifty thous-i 1 have attended many exhibitions ' hunt ,iay of octoukk', 1884, the remainder
i - , r , , . . i in uie rfiminai instill. oi xne in-ie rt. w.
iud donations ot iruit and canned ' and picnics and 1 never saw the kino, consisting ,t one iron safe, ten shnres
vnmic fo Us iMiiiiY- tlieme vi'.s anv in tlie A IV. V. K&llroaU, seveD shares In
i ii i " i the New Iierne Cias Companv, and other artl
ueiiea, anil uoiii an .i iieai a ui e Liic cies oi property.
ones enjoyed it equally as! " '
meat, aud many wagon-loads of
he must see to it that i Christinas toys.
wages to the party to No person who has not suffered
belong; otherwise
About o o'clock the party dis
banded and returned to their re
spective place's of abode, well pleased
with the manner in which the day
was spent. Respectfully,
Votrk Ami.
Stonewall Items.
, Sept. u, ism.
Zach. Swindell has moved to Stone
wall and occupies tlie new house just
built by K. H. Baxter.
Steamer Elm City on her last trip
brought the largest cargo of freight for
this place she has ever brought before.
New goods are iibuudar.t.
Sickness has not abated but very little.
seplK wlw
Snow Hill, Greene Co., N. U.
Well furnished, and Table supplied with
liic me rani kct nnorcis.
sample rooms lor ciiiie.-.ercial travelers
telS-d.n-wtr Proprietor,
Meetino Board Commissioners,
Craven County, Sept. 13th, 1884
It appearing to the Board of Commis
sioners that there is not sufficient time
in which to make the necessary Regis
tration as rpnuired bv law. it is nrhv
Col. C. W. Jacobs died at hid place on ordered that the Voting Precinct estab-
s . ..l. T.-.l 1 1 :.i 1 ..... "
v.ruooe uk isirtuu rtnu v. ,i l ainni vy n3nea at Uover Station by the Uommis-
his sons to his home in Maryland for gionerB at their meeting, September 2d,
interment. 1884, is hereby abolished. Voters inter-
Mr. Thos. Miller and wife, who have i ested will govern themselves accord-
been on a visit to Mr. J. Ii. Quick, tlie j ingly.
father f Mrs. Miller, left us on steamer ; By order of the Bonrd.
as some stvlc it, can be so lndiffer
ent to tlieir misery, lhey grow
morose and bitter. The action of
ii-gulated the matter ture occurred recently. A beauti-
Scitcs lia(
b. pio:ding that unless the parent -l ful white lily was placed by one of
gii s in tin- vitinna certain time t he visitors in the hands of a man
in tin- i-MiiiwM-i that lie claims the , who was near his last hour, it
minor's wages, he loses right to gave him exquisite pleasure, and
them. In New Voik, notice must ! be said,
nominal ff 1,000 8 per rent Interest , reached this point of eternal bliss
had to be paid, and tbe money had they nominated a candidate for the
to bring in live years' interest, no House of Representatives and felt
atterwhether tbe bonowef wanted so gvnwl over it they went right on
it that lour or not. Tbe real in-1 and nomiuuted another, uud here
UrMtnaiitltll wr nL Harimr'ls where the devil cot loose. lien Vesterda -oine m i i laife and
got the money and lost it, tbe hor j further says it was all lbg nnndle's tine timbers arrived at the North be giveu within thirty days ol the ! "1 don t know the lady who sent
rower now find themselves in tbefAult; if he had kept hw tiy trap Carolina depot. The arrangement date of hiring. j it to me, but she will know me in
h ju.t nf atiirV. kn arlll mxrrilMU- c1oah1. or eveu bo tiled III) some of of lie ikiuiI Hill 1 ie sneh as t n sliow l-'ii'M Al'PRVTI('l--; ni .ren 1 i- . heaven by th is lily. ' 1 OUtli S Com-
lr pnabtbeni to the wall in the Fed hw eloquence aud tlauimed up some them m the rough and polished r ces are persons "bound" to another i'""'0"
era! Coart, to attend which ru any of the sluices he turned loose, we state, as they were exhibited at to learn a certain trade or business.
of (be victims will have to travel woukl Dot have had any trouble; lioston. i They are more common in theme
em !
100 -mile. .Tltoa within another but tbe Big Bnudte ami the Pope
few yeara there will be wituesed j ltb cume with their war paiut on,
wnoleeale eviction ot farmers, t determine! to liave a row, una they
with ceoeo . rivaling some of the got it.
Storiee coming from Ireland. Ben is using a mighty sight ol
'- 'cuss words about itandsasil they
ITUJiittSS OF THE CANTAB. !dou't iu tbev will have to
Aa election day draws nearer the .sleep with Dr. Pridgen a mouth iu
ean ruse prows warmer. The Na . sieao oi a ween, or ne win turn
lioual forte- are concentrating in ,oul 'e rwepuo icau party .
H a S I w if tm I f I I i i f t i. r
Ohio and West V,rgtol N where I mk CoUi he ia aIl40 ntv
ootM amee are expecting a uecisive , 0f some very bsd thints and has got
battle la tbe tr favor on tbe 4th of, to repent and go at once aud smell
October. What effect tbe elections under the Doctor's arms oi he will
1. 1 ... 1 1 n. i .t
ia. these State will hare on the j rkU' u U,A" ""
, , , Ito&itv he would vote for that old
great contest in ovember depends I id,;, ,nd fox hunter, Dau. Tay h.r.
Open circumstances that will de-, Rut Buttermilk is sharp; he did not
relop oa!y after tbe votes aremtend to do that, but whs only
counted and the smoke of tbe battle btdpiug tbe Pope to get Dun to run
la cleared away. U tbe Republi - " an 'pendent candidate. So
1 I rarju thrn lln prm it ptn .mis
caaaahoold succeed in both these trt i, ,n it ,, ,., i,,.
by good majorities Cleveland's setting 'em up.
chance will be greatly diminished. 1 Ren is now running the machine
If they both zo Pemocratic. m ttJIS county, and says it the wintt
BLAJ7tB'8 chMQces will hopeless
Oo the other hand, if the Republi
can hold Oh(o and the Democrats
The m ills uliul aNv.r. at the ' j-lianit-al trades than upon farms,
grounds, the buildings are becon. bl,t ,t,ie fovcrning them i-
ii.. r nay ... .i,.,ir , - .,.c i- eiiualiy apiilicablc to all kinds oi
tl ...u '!t..r ... ),.. I.r....v.. bllsilll
."f.-s ...... 14 ... ' . . . I II. UVIO.
of many hainmejs is heaio, trains t
lattle in and out every little while
altogether tin
The Hiddenlte fciems.
The new precious gem discovered,
a couple of Years ago in a mine
about fifty miles distant from
A bov nniv be bound out 1 ' ' ".ge acei , .i. v,-., mm Kiiunii a
ni,,,., a farm until he is 1 wentv-one ; luc ",uuu,lr LU uc a'u,o't
bv a written instrument. called ' qual to the diamond. It IS placed
scene is quite am-
t nt.
traih of the imrtv don't b
he'll be cussed it he don't
West Virginia the final result will
still be in d-ubt, and th remaining
two weeks of tbe canva.v will U
vigorows oo both aide.
Our State cauvsa, wuu u is of
far more interest to our people,
progressing in a wanner satisfac
tory to tbe Democrat. The West
Iweo pretty thoroughly can
vassed by both the candidates for
Governor and Lieutenant Governor
and they are now turning their
face-S East ir.ird. A serious accident
befell Gen. Stalks, the DemiH-ratic ;
candidate for Governor, while trav ,
ersiog tbe mountains a few days
ago so thai he w.v unable to meet
Dr. YOEK. at some of hi appoint
eients. Gov. .Iakis, however,!
met tbe Ioctor at Charlotte last
Saturday and conducted the dis
cussion ou the part of Gen. S ai Ks
and tlie Dennvrats -. : e l.- .sed
with the result.
Vhife the j-iin: .lis, i-icii. ..c
cording to rerts irom .u; Dem ,
rratic papers, h.vs ga-.n.-d votes tor'
Gen. S. ai.ks, an.! i; ;s the done
of that gentleman t!ii' :- ii -u'.d
eoutiiioe, we rind 1 1. uio. ; ., ; .
pers 10 tii K-i-st ;'. .niii
that tn in tli f vi-e : t.u-: :!.a:
the greatest vu-'-m, 'h.-
turn 'i ni
all out and they may go off and
start a Utile hell of their ow n.
Now,, Pen is a good one,
and the Doctor is a good one; can't
you ease off a little aud not put
them iu hell with the other niggers
when you get to be Governor. 1
like Ben and the Doctor both; in
is) fact, I have a right smart good feel
ing tor all the niggers, .mil now't jou, for old fnendship sake,
eae up a little and select a little
ciH-U-r pUc for tbem. 1 don't think
you ought to ! ko hard ou t he
naiuiH in-cause that greasv nigger ,
.John W illiamson hip'd ou out j
so bad. Suppose you just put .lohii ,
in hell and let all the balance go to
Hong Kong or to the mouth of
Chagres river. That will be bad
enough for them. But you must
h-t me keep Ben and the Doctor
Li re. 1 think you'll fa! ! . n h- e with
: hem on first sigh: .
Now Tre'oii must hold up a
Yesterday the big tn;'
in which tlie restaurant on the
Kuropeuu plan will be kept, ri lived
at the expiess office. In a lew days
it will be put up, neatly tiooicd and
furnished. The b.ll of fan-, iriff
of prices, will lie approved ,. the
exposition association.
Mention has been mailt- et t he
attr.u-tions of the W. T. Blackweh
i: Co. exhibit. We aie iiiloiimi!
that Mr. .Julian S. Can, ihe enter
prising president of Blackwell's
Durham Tobacco (.'ompany. ha
made out of bright leal tobacco a
ship floating upon a miniature ocean
and christened it "'The Golden
Belt," which will be shown tn con
nection with the exhibit of BLick
well's Durham Tobacco (.'ompany.
at the exposition. In t he distance,
un a bold promontory, is built a
lighthouse with a revolving light,
and near by stands the veritable
windmill .all the while going'., so
familiar to all visitors to "I'.rM'a
coast. As the "Golden ! b ! i " s,t : K
majestically along she is made to
play that o'd familiar tune so dear
to all Carolinians "Carol. i. a. Caro
lina, llciviii's Blessings Attend
Hei." To ;.i'. this required
ci iisuLerable forethought, since no
"Articles ol Apprenticeship,'' which ! LU. ,l "Vu u l"efeCUl' '1'
,,wt i... o,,r,.n...i l.,- t ... ,;,,,,r'" c vaiueou account ot its or guardian, or by ! , rc-iiy This gem is of a clear,
the minor with the written consent ! u 1 1 1 grass gieen tint, sparkles
ol his parent or guardian. an,i:'ea tlia'1' and is very hard,
n-ni i, 1 1, ..ii i..r.n..t: i,o,.i ,,,, ,,,. ! They vary when cut from a traction
until the
j.:, .,,,,1 ,m i.; j .., ... ,. ,,,:) ti, ui auaiat to auuui sii or seven
apprenticeship expires. If either j aud U.e demand for them at
party fails to live up to such ;lrtl. l- to ? loO for a karat stone is far
clohe becomes liable to the other neater than the supply, and it
for the damage so caused. Such i comes chl from Luroiji-, though
. I ni'iin- TT-rt o rliv or.' ATI c iti i n- Arl-
articles must conlorm to the local , 1 ,-' "-"""J iJVouua ".-un-
statute governing ihe matter, be iu
writing, aud under seal, must gen
erally be made in duplicate, and in
some States reeoided. It is the
duty ofthe masiei to instruct the
apprentice in all the kno v ledge of
the craft or business which he has
undertaken to teach him, to watch
over his conduct, give him good ad
vice, set him a good example, be
kind to him. employ him only in
the trade lie is to learn, and keep
all the covenants undei taken by
linn in the articles. It is said he
may moderately chastise him if nec
essary, but beie he should let his
moderation bo known. It is the
duly of the apprentice to obey the1
rn Usie ilea ler in the I
could Uiriiish a mas
ay eil tlie U ir . .o ;
111' i'lllchasi-.l the
time i ' i h J ...!., ! : ii.
and s,- . them in- ; . ' , . s
,'ci l.iinl. and has ..;v
e. press the Hi II sic box.
-(..-Ill,-:: Belt" is 1
lain. ched. only await:
1 II g o tin- I po- I t loll .
lilted S'ates "
IC bov ;, , is e
m.c. So Mr. !lls
notes to the (''lM
Ml New , oi k. the
ago to Sv. , T . T 1
reVi ived oy
and iio'.v tn,- "'
e.o1-. to 1 f ' he
t.g '; ,- t. :''
master's lawful
his property, p
learn ihe trail
t he ' CI m out . a
covenants :::,.!
the artlrle.'.
lor t bird
'.'ill iu
mo- e
or b
pel lo,
ol a m : ti
,i ken
v ag.
,s a
I: is
,11 to
each .-
I .' 11 . 1 s
ils-1. .'
is m
i- g
. txs.
Perhap sotne of Oor people will
rrn -.'-iber hearing or reading a lew
J'cjum of large capitalist going
'7t ia Georgia to toaa money to
t j rxners oa . kmg time, takin g
r;. rrigf 0 real estate for secnr party mcc tie sir a- a u
i'y. It ws eoa ide red greatljoint cinvw. i i.e arg-.a..
thtj for Georgia, aod many abases ; vanced by th.-v i.ip.-r i
were heaped Bpoo th legislators of; there m danger ,f
Mr trwn StAts for tnelr sbort si? ht bv ho!din: kin' I:
edss in making nsury laws aod we thmk .';). dug- r ;
thoa keeping capital out ofthe ruary than real. t.:i
r Lite, aad many wished that they to gran: to our coi.-.-i
Lad beea torn in Georgia. Bat rentv ::i their desire '
trosa ttxl accoant given below maiiy if the candidates i.n
cCthe Oeorgian beore they get the d;cns.stou with c
cc6 of (it .had of the money th "old mau" ::!.
w.fin will wish that thev never rrhar C bad better :
kjdheafer- Hi;t the s-.ily -rg':'; - 'ha' -
X3W Cflpplog" gireo below w diacossiou hoald b.' .LMinl nici I
i.tndcd"o by iVieod, and we pub- caas. :: draws a .-r -d t M il. lb
l5t It, not for th pwrpo of offer pubheau sneakers thu thev ..;U
j tdrice to" OUT farmers tiej ' noc otherwii get, i. one that ti e
hare taor advice from people tn- i Democrats ought to be .vsh nne l
Citap10' r-7 4 t8 y other - and it should be dropped.
c';.as oo th gtobe, ad wrympj The oatlook is really encouraging
..tile on the p. k ir n iggers t hey c
mean to do any harm, and a
t he m will vote for oil. but
don't like to vote lor a Deim
!!.:; but a.s v mi have .i bill ot
b 'T t he las' one ol t hem 1 n
poekef . t hey can't he 1 p t he IU s.
Iv.r I think they u more
g.-o.i ( hristians al'et th.-v I
!. -i'i-.I tor a 1 ::. ..crat like ou:
1 i ' I ante you again Ty : e . 1
. i s . u ; r . . ;,- .i n 1 1 in I ie v e m c
-ur- in loV .-.
( E i - U I'. v
1 d i i u '
on t
1 tut i,
u : l.i-..
a haiid
tio n in
lie ol
lit'.' lad
s. care lor
ii,:. i e.s's.
ess, sta
m all ihe
IV in in in
apptelii ice
he iuasi er
i; value ol
iieiit is in
ic duty of
iliquile ili-
a p pi i-ii t ice.
all el ueit V. !
. v en a n t on
J nel e a re
i eglllat 1' 'tis
i ; : ms ;,nd
.. . . i pt; : '! n
md New Jersey have bought them.
; W. E. Hidden, a young enthusias
tic student of theology and mineral
ogy, ot New Jersey, went down to
Western North Carolina some few
, years ago, and in his prospecting
tours over the mountains lounilthis
I now celebrated gem, which by a
I friend was named "Uuldenite."
! The stone seems to have made more
' impression in Europe than in this
country, judging by the demand
; the interest manifested. They are
found encysted in hard rocks that
: run in flat veins, thus evincing the
stability of the formation and iu
permanency. The gems are con
cealed in pockets inside of stones,
lining the sides, and have to be
crushed out. Hundreds of stones
may be crushed before a pocket is
found, and the number of gems in
each pocket, varies. Sometimes as
many as eight gems, varying in
size, are found iu a pocket that is,
ihere may be worth of gems or
1 .uhO worth in one pocket. Xcw
Orlntnx Ti ni's I) i nincrat.
Elm City Monday for their home in Cur
rituck county.
Freeman Small and Miss Penola Tingle
were married at 3 o'clock the 17th inst.,
at the residence of the bride's father,
Jno. Tingle, on upper Goose creek, Rev.
Alonza Holton officiating.
Cotton picking is getting pretty gen
eral. Pickers plentiful and weather all
could be asked. The crop of sweet po
tatoes in all parts of the county is re
ported excellent as well as extensive.
I learn that Col. C. W. Jacobs is quite
sick at his place on Goose Creek Island,
where he has been for some time super
intending the erection of a fine steam
saw mill on his extensive farm. Hope
he may soon recover and that his days
may be many in the land.
Mr. G. W. Lukins, of the firm of
Lukins & Co., Philadelphia, has been
with us for several days looking after
their interest as one of the preferred
creditors in the assignment made by
Mr. T. C. Hadder. It is the general
opinion that the business will be amica
bly settled, and Mr. Hadder will be
running his saw shortly. The com
munity sympathizes with Mr. Hadder
and wishes him well.
The Democrats of the county hold
their nominating convention next Satur
day, and many are the candidates. One
aspirant for Legislative honors has pro
mulgated his platform or otherwise his
ultimatum to the party. I will just say
to the aspirant, if he, by any hook or
crook, should get the nomination, thatl
know of my own knowledge 20 or 30
Democrats who will not support him, if
what they say can be relied on. and I
believe it can.
Our sheriff candidates, or a portion of
them, are doing a good deal of driving.
a. ti. Dowdy and Jas. vv. Dawpon have
each brought up a hind quarter and
hide. The 27th irist. is the day to get
the coon and go on. I hear some talk
of Frank P. Gatlin, a one-legged Con
federate 6oldier, by the people. He has
not been bush whacking eirher. And
some want Jas. M. Caroon for treasurer;
neither has he been driving. What I
have to say is hold a fair convention
clear of all rings, and let the people
have who they wish to vote for and all
will be well; otherwise, I am not able to
In (Jreat Luck.
Artist's Friend (pointing to a
sketch) "Sav, Harry, where did
you get thatf"
Harry " hv, got that out of
my head." i
Friend "Well, it's a lucky thing
for your head that you got it out." '
Harper's Bazar. 1
Holmes' Sure Cure Mouth Wash and j
Dentifrice is an infallible cure for Ulce- j
rated Sore Throat, Bleeding Gums. Sore j
Mouth and Ulcers. Cleans the Teeth j
and keeps the Gums healthy and puri-1
hes the breath. Prepared solely by
Drs. J. P. & W. E. HOLMES. Dentists.
102 Mulberry street. Macon Georgia.
For Kale by R, N. Duffy. New Berne. N.
C. and all Druggist's and Henti.-ts.
au20,l wi!inr
To anv who bus di-iase of throat
or lungs, we w ill seud proof that Piso's
Cure for Consumption has cured the
same c-aiipiaints in other cases. Ad
dress. E. T. IIa.IiIi.tine.
Warren, Pa.
set 4 d wlrn
Clerk Board Com.
Ordered fry the Board of Commission
ers of Craven county: That the VotiDg
Precinct in No. 9 Township, known as
ARNOLD STORE, is hereby abolished,
aud those voting heretofore nt Arnold
Store will vote at BROCK STORE.
Sept. 13. 1884. JOS. NELSON,
Be 14 dwlm Clerk Board Com.
Ordered by theBoard of Commission
ers of Craven county: That the Voting
Precinrt known as RED HOUSE Pre
cinct, No. 8th Township, be and is here
by changed to R. B. hLACKLEDOE'S
HOUSE at Camp Palmer, and will be
known as Camp Palmer Precinct.
Sept. 13, 18H4. JOS. NELSON,
ee!4 dwlm Clerk Board Com.
State of Noiitii Cahoi.ina, i
Craven County. J
Superior Court (.tftveu County.
T. A. f.ireen and others )
vs. j
Kliza W. KiKseJl and olhi rs. J
To Kllza W. iiissell midt!. W. McLean;
Take not c I har pursuant to Uie Judgment
rendered m it." above named action, the
propeil l-jf:riocd in VI i complaint wan of
fered tor hale tit ilie court hnin tn nald
county on tlie Jst day "f Ki ut mrwr,
when and wheje Hie h:ime wns bid off by
James A. lirynu foi the mi in oiTJoo. nnd that
amotion wid be made beloje Hih Honor J. L.
OndKer, Judir of naid cnin, at the court
honae in Tarooro, iu Kdfcoiuhe county, on
the i;.d day oi October, JSS(, to h;tvp wod sale
This Huh tender, IKS I.
Rep 12 d v. td Attorney lor i'lainl ifTa
Coal, Ooa!,
Hay, Hay,
Ice, Ice,
Wood, Woai
Total ioft 00
WK. O. Beojson, Commistioner. . ". "
Twenty-seven days attendance at ,"
meeting of Board at ?2 per day $54 00
Two days examining bill of coat .
(court bills..... 4 M"
Total $58 M
- T. H- Malubon, Commipioner. , '
Thirty day attendance at meet- - ; ;
ingsof Board at $2 per day ... . $S0 00 ; :
390 miles travel to meeting of ,
Board at 6c. per mile 19 50 ' '
Total $78.60
8, W. Latham, Commissioner.
Thirty dara attendance at meet- ?
inga of Board at $2 per daj .. . $0 00 '
Two days aiRninK v.u-liem aa
chairmnn pro teni 4 00v
Four daydfxaminini; hill ni ( .u
(court bill) . 00,
Mileage and ferriage ft 10
Total 877 10."
James W. Bmnr.K, (rmm,iiontr.t1''.
Twenty-four days attendance at '
meetings Board at $3 per da . 848 00
553 miles travel to meetings of
Board at 60. per mile 97 60 .
V' ' '. .
Total. ...875.80 ;
The Board' of Education was in se- -sion
six days, for which service the -
Board made no charge. ,.' .
I hereby certify that no unverified ac-' -counta
hare been aadiied by tbe Board.
Ia testimony whereof I hereunto sub- .
scribe my name, at office ia Newbero '
this 9th day of September, 1884 -.
Clerk Board CkMnmissionara,"
set6dw4w Craven County.
Brick, Brick.
- "1
Por sale lu, any qonttty at prices Co suit '
tlie tlim . .,,.....
Urlrlc have been nnmimil by gnod Masoiia
And prononnoed flrHt-rlHn. ,
Knmples can t- nee 11 m n.y uuire. Ordrs 1
InnaKdAwtf K K. JONES.
M. V. Std. W. M TBOKrSOU
Do this day dissolve co-pnrtnernhlp, Ht. -
Thompson retiring Tmrn the Arm ; Mr. HtreaT ' .
revnmltiK the rmipanslbllUlcs at the Bras
from rtnte hereof. ' ;
July 21nt,18W, , .
M B PU KEri, . f
epJdlw4t, W. M. THOMPHOM. ' '
Coal, Hay, Ice & Wood
i c 1: 11 o u s e ,
Near Foot of Middle street,
New Uerno, rv, CJ.
6T Call on us Lef ire purchasing else
where, jvlo dwly
1, ii-
ii 1 1 1 inn.
11. mli.
I I ,.
.1 ,
r : .- j
: li.-n.
aN an.
J 11 111 bo" D i n a in 11 ... ... , . ,
1 :.! I irirrs; il 11 m ni n in : !,. . .1 ;. i , ; , ,j ,
- : -1 11' from M. I'.uk . ,.
. :., - h. !::..:! -i' l' '. ' ',: -. ,' - ,
i- !.' -:i w.itli.i,' c:i!c:. - -.
- !' (.'i'.i'' I ni i''li'. m hi. ii . . .
- 1 . .fc(..iit v h.r -J, Ian :
, , li I - .- I. ... M ii llu- lift " : . ii . 1 - 1 1 -1 - . . -.
.ij-lt:.'. u. f !n- c jar. iii wi 1 u ' ' "
' :. jj'i 1 i. v. ' '.J . iu ' cl -i in -'. ' -v "
It li i .i'rf ai' I'icli ri.r.'.clii ii. ' ' ' '
1 1 ' ' - 1 . ' 1 -
ir-, u 1. 1 ii :i. 1 - k-r .1! i. 'ii . iiki' ' ,1
:,, :: ; :, 1, ii iii. .11 r i-r 1 11 : -' ! - :i .i ' ''' ' ' "
-: m. 1 ' 1 1 iui i .1 lire 1 : 1 1 ', V,r. i .' i '- i .' 1 : .. . -
' . . ' ! 1 1 1 1 ; 1 . 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 1 1; .1 1 : in- ( . r 1 ; 1 l 1 -.i . . i , , 1
- . I 1 v-.i I " llu- i 1 I i 1 1 1 1 1 1 : . 1 1 ; ! . 1 . : .
T. r ;i-;.::..:. .1 : i.c -iinw . .-'i1-.:. . i.i i.-v
. . .f ' r r . i r r i-1 1 ' (- ii. ii : 1 ' . : 1 ' I r- 11 - :, . -a . 1 ' - . - i - . :
II. .I'.'il. .' I-'.. '.ii'i'.i.l !-i- !.. w . -, ', ;,- I;,.;
V.. : iT-vrri) 1; 11. : . ; "" (:- .
ii-i' ; 1 1 r . ' m ' 1 1 ri.t' rank- : -1 r 1
" 4 - " ' ' I'. In 1
- :::' ' "'- " : ' 1 1 uyr ;,.,-:h: -
ii:i.i:iX--.V 1. 11" I- lmkv." "WI
. 1 . , .
-i .-
il 1VL
. . Yt I
I ..I I .
. U 1 1 1
I ic
in l'.
l .
it r
i i 11 ir 1 ai.ii I .
: t',!iir.i -i-n;
.. .Mi -.'.Min ;il
'A i ll.
.1 I II
I hi
A Naval ri'.i-apineiit.
1 In the iiinlst ot rnc culm e'cinciif
when the air was lurnl with .-eie.iin
iii- simt ana ouriiii ,-iieii.- rue
Aiiiiiiial, on boanl tiic Ainciic.ui -liii Invincible, hi aid a
mi llu- pi)i ! i 11 r.v a mi lei r at ihe sa uie
tiiiii a i-'lit .-hock. l!c called to
: !n- 1 1 tl.i 1 ' el ! 11 . 1 .-T ei :
W'a- that the Iliitish ram .-truck
1 ;-.
The ijiiarternia.-tci' saluted:
Ni'. sir." he -aid. --it was
1111 li-
li, mi
a .111
. Mi
A!! 1
"c A 1 1 1
1. sjiair.
I ". t wcni y
1 i.iv s.ilelv a
iii il. -u si. . . mi lei
wiili tiie ea 1 in uess
e knew i h 11 1 a ,' 1 ivu
ilMlte- the liiviii
I he hot tmn ul tin
-.- m-i
, i-ii-
t he clam
-.v.. !.!,; n Kv;
I rouble' li
I iv .
M ,-
-I i-li mi .
I think 1: a a cry . ,i
tlisl "f turnlr.i; Iu w if.- into
, f -.U - .-'. 1 ..
a puiar
11- 111 1 ; 1 n-r. 1
Main 111. 1. 1 u .1 :
IV, lliY deal:'
il all vmi r teeth ache .
pull them out at once." F'
a -ni
A.!!'! I
I At'.,
, Y. h..
!- t he 1
H e:i ief Than Danirli.
UTiai i- ihe heaviest th;nr in
; hi- ni id.'" a-ked y. ouiijr Sii.u ply ol
Mi-. I'l.e'.el. ill- 1 , 1 1: 1 1 1 1 . :is H.
1 : -ed a biscuit 111 his hand.
I -hi'iihl .-ay it was money."
Ah .'" inquired the 0ui11r man.
'i t--, bee, 1 u-e )n:i never -eelil
-::UX en-'Uh to 1 . 1 1 (- -u.'iiiien t to
i'i o::i boanl when it is due."
Mr. Shaii!y eats hi- biscuits now
without a-kiu any such conund
rums. A Ho; elc-s ( a-c.
W hat's the matter, eld fellow?
Vou look sick."
Ihisiness dm!:"
"Health bad.'"
-Yes. Dyspepsia. ''
That's too bad. Your(00k:Dg
is not verv good is il?"
lYife gone awavf
"0. Girl Las."'
Warren Leland,
I 1 li
l roiD
Having qoallned aa fixecntor of Um last
W ill uud '1'fSta.ment of Oabrtel Uard)ea. ',
dee d, ail p rsrma havlDH claims umlnU tba '-
decedent are heieby bonded to exhlMitba
name to me oa or oefore Uie Ut day of Benw .
lunihur lHttA
Aug aid, ism. , . :
UEO, . OONNEK. Execntor
au28w6t - . of Uabrlel Hardlwn. .
On Tiit FiTer, la Jones Conntjr, ForSj
. , . . .
I nffpr for sale tba OLIVER LAKDIIO V
FAHM, Hltoatedabovtslx miles below Tre V -ton.
the oountr sea.t of Junri nonntv. mma
about Ave miles above Pollokuvllle and '. '
within one mile or the new Quaker Wrutmt
-WU AIVM. II.DI, . .
steamers are passing to sad from Newbern, ,
mnoKsviiie ana lrenuiu two 10 four tuuoa , ,
every week. . I .
This Farm contains about One Hondrsd -
and Mnety Acres, half of which Is cleared
and under a good state of cultivation. It Is j :
in a good neighborhood and within one mile
of a good school and church Prtea ai,tM,
oaeh, and tbe balance In equal payments, i
For further Information addres v v . '
c. k. foy oo., ' - ,'i ' v
sppllwUn Newbern. C.
, : -:
Now under the management of THORHTOlf .'
BROS., Is prepared to furnish Board and - '.
Lodging at reasonable rates. .- -
IjIveby stables. ;
Horses and buggies constantly on hand for . :
transporting passengers to any neighboring
town. f '
Jy23 dwly
Henderson House, Middle street.
new uerne, st. vj, -
The Methodist Advance,1'4 .
(VOLUME V,) ' ,- '
An unofficial onmn of Boo thf rn MrlhodUm. v :
edited by Rev. W. M. Robey, D. U.. of Ut
y orth Carolina Oonferenre. ' .
In order better to meet tbe waste of tha .
people and to enlarge Its sphere of naefv ,
ueB, the price of the Advance has been , -' '
Reduced to One Dollar and Fifty Cents
A YEAR, (or eight months for one dollar) '
payable always Tn advance maklna It one of ? '.,
the cheapest papers In the rtauth. . ,t-. .
The ADVANn Is an Independent Journal . '
acknowledging aUeglance only to Houlbera -.
Methodism, but depending for favor entirely
on Its merits. It Is In harmony with all th ,-
official Journals of the Church and Is Indsbt V
ed tn them for mauy courtesies. It antago , -s .
nlsccs none of them, but seeks lo co-operale "
wit h them In giving to the people an unexv. ' t
eptuinabie literature. "
Sample copies furnished free on applies) '- .
tiou. Address ,
ini2tidJlwlni Qaldsboro, H. iX , " '
Latest Kofei EniGii;;
or (ioons,
( oasisi .ni.- nl
Dry til-:, (iriK-ci-ics. toots
Shoes, Hats and t aps, Na
lion-, vYo .daii.l Willow
x:i:'. ifra , Toliae
co, lid- . Cle .
V. I, , w. I . s. I I I II I- A !' f- : CAS
Ayer's SarsapailiL
mil .
I .- f, (no i
i'( I i i u I c.
f ' r II hriniii'ii i -
Goods at MACE'S
N ! !ii:i,(l VV ( (1ST,
' - ... i -1 a i ill , M il krl
, . i I.ii . i: sin, 1. of
'-s inicrc-J Revenue,
jcvu OJieimi: "
Datnlng Docembsr 1.1884; Cleslsf MaI.IUw
urmtt Tin ai sricas or Taa
United Slates Government.
Appropriated by the Geo end Ooyradi t.
Contributed by Uie Cltixans of Niif fTrlw.
(lOllt. til.' ClVlTt- Of l.i-
Flu-lllll. Si.t-c. 1-Ir-ij.l i-i-arinlis
fi.riHS in" Iii. .ml
W l.av,- M. I.; ;..A' - ;--
T-", t!i ,-xt;-ii a: y .-:i--:.
. x ill;
In ini;. Suit
111.1 1.11 111..
For Sale, Lease cr Rent
Appropriated by Mexico.
riatcd by lha SlUt ot Vt
n- vi-ai::i.:.a 1- s.
1.1'y t-itl.. r .-r. l.:s :;-,:iiir..tlIi
!s-up Iiraii -h. -r at tli-1 p ;-:i:-i
i:-i..i.l-.iay. LT: li rxi.-I j--.ii sir--.-.Mr.
l.i lash's eiu-ii.-ivij Kn
Koeii dune l-y Lhi? uiiequallcil t-radirat .r.,1
blood poisons ciialiles him lo -iv.- ; n :
iiiiiL-h valuable information.
1'Ilia'AKlIi) IIY
Dr. J.C.AyerA. Co., Lowell, Mass.
Sold by all Urufgists; c 1 , ix bottlus fo'
A bmcll Farm in Jones Co.,
six mile- li .in Trenton, s.x miles from
Pollocksx-ille. two miles from Trent
river, anil near the funious Quaker
Bridge rond.
Airily at ouce to
dw New Berne, N. C.
Appropriated by Uie City ot New Orissaa.
From $5000 to $25,000,"
Appropriated by Innumerable Btatt0 Cl4-ki
an J horfsigrn Countiiea 1 . ru
C.frv Stats) ir4 T-rritory tn tha Unian
'id nariy ii th L6tnm Watiaw as
CounUia af tha World.
Tha Blggtt Exhibit th Bl0gtt BMUfttp
Blg.ett Induatrlil EiwU la " '
tt or hi i nisiwj.
rr!.iriT?0Ka mm EziriBrn
ur bUBJmrrm thai twji
The cheapeat rmtea ol travel i
the annaia oi traaa poftalioo Mcarisi 6tt gk-
For miormatiom, addraM '- ' !
. - ,i"
- V.-
- -
Director Csasrs, W. L l o,
a. -
Maw QauAnafcar -
- -v; ---',.;

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